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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and. we have people over saudi arabia now we have top intelligence people in turkey we can see what we have. donald trump sends the head of the cia to turkey after saying he's not satisfied with saudi arabia's account of the killing of jamal khashoggi. spy trumps dissatisfaction is treasury secretary meets with crown prince mohammed bin in riyadh. and all eyes turn to roger talk about who won so to president prepares to reveal exactly what ankara says happened to jim out.
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sammy's a dan this is al jazeera live from so coming up celebrations in cameroon as president paul b. wins and. in just a few hours president. is expected to reveal exactly what to say happened to inside the saudi consulate in istanbul exactly three weeks ago separately the white house has dispatched the director of the cia to turkey to look into the vast again of the death of the saudi journalist the us president thinks killing was quote a plot gone iran. says he still don't satisfied with the saudi explanation. was killed during a fight. despite the furor over the killing u.s.
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treasury secretary stephen met with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell man in riyadh they discussed terrorism funding for the shoji case was also raised new can though is staying away along with a host of other big names from bin sound man's showpiece investment conference to start later choose day meanwhile in istanbul turkish investigators are waiting for permission to search a car found in a car park that belongs to the saudi consulate the turkish sources told al jazeera the saudi death squad filmed the killing and dismembering of jamal khashoggi in fall demolish they are reports. in this video released by turkish officials to an american news channel a saudi agent is seen exiting the consulate in istanbul dressed in the same clothes as murder journalists. the body double even sticks on a fake beard in a bid to fool police into thinking that's for sure she left the building he's later seen joking with his accomplice after completing his role in what seems to have
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been an elaborate assassination plan this is some of the latest information to be released by turkish officials who on monday vowed to go off to all those behind trees murder and the approach of the president from the beginning has been extremely clear nothing considering this incident remains a secret and legally the issue will be investigated until the end game and responsibility is to enlighten this incident in all its parts it's out of the question to escape from this president. is expected to speak on tuesday revealing all the details of what his party described as a monstrous operation. we're faced with a situation in which was a brutally planned a killing in efforts were made to cover it up when you look at it through this frame it's a very complicated murder the republic of turkey is an extremely trustworthy country it's a confident country it's a country that is working to back each allegation with a legal argument and legal evidence on monday police located
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a car registered to the saudi diplomatic mission hidden in a parking lot in istanbul they say c.c.t.v. footage shows another vehicle had followed it into the car park and then was loaded with objects from the diplomatic vehicle footage released to buy turkish media of papers and documents being burnt in the garden of the consulates the day off their trip to was killed further suspicious activity by saudi officials who have feigned innocence from the starts. the release of this latest information buy or forty's here cost even more doubts on the saudi narrative that the killing was a mistake by rogue elements everything released by turkey so far would indicate that this was a well thought out plan ordered by the kingdom's most senior leadership where the presidents are one will prove this on tuesday is yet to be seen. to stumble now sinan costello joins us live from ankara so from videos to claims of audio
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recordings expectations quite high ahead of the one speech. yes i mean as a first people let me say good morning from ontario expectations are very high not only among the public opinion or the politicians but also in the markets as well even even the financial markets are waiting for to hear are gone speech because because the everybody's curious about what the political outcome of this between saudi arabia and turkey is going to be actually on the diplomatic level it seems everything is all right because leaders are always in touch prisons are down speaks to king solomon and president trump speaks to mohamed bin sound on the from friends and they're seeing they say there is that cooperation between the state authorities in terms of the fs should jeanne meserve two investigations are underway you know
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one in istanbul and the other one is an independent investigation ongoing in saudi arabia but as the expectations are high if dawn doesn't deliver what he has flown is today it will be a very big disappointment especially for the journalists all around the world who has been waiting for you waiting waiting for the clearance of this incident when you look at the saudi rhetorical since the beginning they they they they had a systematic denial about the incident and finally it's through the international a media pressure they have to admit confess what's happened to jim out the shuki not only in details but at this they accept it's a he died in general consulate building in istanbul now don promise he is going to reveal every detail each detail that no one has ever heard and he says that this time i will speak in a very different way so what is that different way this is
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a question mark this is what we are waiting for yesterday he held a cabinet meeting he. at the cabinet meeting and he asked for some inventive to saudi relations but of course it everything goes to depends on what the other countries like european countries the united states of america how they're going to react against and for not german it seems to have halted all say as to saudi arabia until everything is cleared up but how the case is going to clear up samir this is the most important thing the saudis saw it say that it is only it is a rogue. group in the government who did this without any information of the crown prince but on the other hand every evidence that we have been hearing from the official sources here the perpetrators the sequoyah team and everything seems to be pre-planned actually states planned because all those us as suspects have direct links most of them have direct links with the crown prince even though it is even
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the crown prince in a private office was called for four times in a couple of hours when jamal what should she was being murdered so now we will see whether saudi arabia is going to get away with this murder if it happens so probably are done is going to be very upset we are sure that he will not accept that everything happened out of mohammed. control parts and of course all of our from ankara thanks for. well as reported the head of the cia has been dispatched and joins a group of u.s. investigators already on the ground trying to determine the facts of the case donald trump has been talking to u.s. media outlets about the killing of the kahane explains. u.s. president donald trump hitting the campaign trail again he wants to talk about the upcoming election but. the questions keep coming back to this one what is the
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u.s. going to do after saudi arabia admitted to killing american resident and washington journalist jamal khashoggi the president making news announcing u.s. investigators are on the case over your. breakup of the turkey right now to great the people in saudi arabia are coming back to my car and i will not. i am not satisfied with whatever but he continued to stress the most important thing to him investment from saudi arabia even though he has grossly inflated the actual amounts his son in law and senior adviser jared kushner is also talking he's staked much of his work in the middle east on his close relationship with the crown prince mohammed bin so man he says coup shows he's killing seems to be a terrible situation but stressed other factors are important as well once we have all the facts then will make an assessment but again i think that our
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administration has made a lot of gains in our fight against terrorism we have to deal with the long term ideology. of extremism and saudi arabia is a critical partner in that at the same time the trying to administration sending messages of support with this meeting a picture tweeted out from the saudi foreign ministry of the u.s. treasury secretary steve minutia and meeting with the prince in the kingdom un day mixed messages and a sense of hesitation from the u.s. but the pressure is unrelenting this has stayed. in the headlines and a member of the royal prince's security team of saudi arabian officials changing their story about the fate of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi there are major developments also in the case i think is the longest the saudis continue to offer different explanations different stories as to what happened i think the story will continue to have a way because there there is no concrete answers that we're getting a relationship that will be put to the test in
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a short amount of time the president promising answers soon but action is less certain political gain al-jazeera washington. let's go live now to mike allen he's in washington d.c. with more of what's going on that is so let's start with the cia head of cia is in tokyo on the stand or on the way what sort of mission has she been given. well there's been no real information given out about gina hospital's movements the cia will not even confirm what flight she's on what time she's going to arrive and importantly what time is she going to return to report back to president trump one assumes that she's the senior part of the information the people that he says he's been sent out there in turkey and in saudi arabia he says he should have more details once a report back to him but president trump now characterizing this affair as what he calls a plot that's gone all right this is once again
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a piece of ambivalence on the part of the u.s. president in fact implying that there was no premeditated action here that it was some kind of mistake that went from the other piece of the problem with the trumpet ministrations clarity on the subject is the presence of the treasury secretary's steep new chin in riyadh he was due to go there to attend a terrorism conference he had pulled out of the economic forum that is taking place but they had the no meeting with the crown prince should chilled this came as a complete surprise and the first that was known about it was when the saudi foreign ministry tweeted out the picture showing a smiling treasury secretary with the crown prince so it's shows very clearly that while the president trumps it may say he's dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation so far he is still trying to keep a good book see strolled trying to maintain good strong relations with saudi arabia
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and with the crown prince in particular. mike out of there from washington d.c. . ali handled mohammed bin salmond social media and now more than half danny's one of the most powerful men in the saudi crown prince is in a circle that seems to be implicated in the killing of jim walsh is news agency says he was beamed into a room of the saudi consulate on skype where he hurled insults g. and at one point ordered his murder. was removed from his post as the advisor to the royal court to contain the fallout over which of jesus' death is ties to the crown prince a widely known he once tweeted he wouldn't do anything without his boss's approval well this includes leading an interrogation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri and the arrest of hundreds of saudi elite the forty year old has a reputation for cracking down on voices critical of the kingdom and the crown
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prince online. now the hashimi is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he says the video evidence of the saudi crown prince is tough eyed will implicate the bin sound man in the killing of democracy. well i think a lot of it has to revolve revolves around exactly how jamal khashoggi was murdered the saudi narrative is that it was a brawl he died in a stranglehold and they sort of gave the body to a local collaborator the leaks from the turkish intelligence services suggested that he was killed very early after entering the consulate and then his body was dismembered so any evidence that suggests that the turkish narrative is the one that holds up and can be proven specifically with respect to this forensic expert who is an expert in autopsy and came to stumble with a bone saw anything along those lines that speaks to exactly how jamal was killed i
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think well you know determine which side has the stronger claim and it will shape events moving forward well the timing is basically. b.s. is the saudi crown prince his right hand man and his enforcer he's widely known to be the equivalent of a steve benen type figure within the inner circle of the saudi crown prince so the reuters report suggests that the skype. call that was made from assad into the interrogation room was picked up by turkish intelligence services and that's now in the hands of the turkish president so if the turkish president tomorrow reveals that. audiotape then i think it will directly implicate the saudi crown prince. there's been a chorus of condemnation and demands for a transparent inquiry into who should g.'s murder by leaders from around the world german chancellor angela merkel says the country will not export arms to saudi
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arabia until the facts behind what she called a monstrosity are clear canada too says it's prepared to hold a thirteen billion dollars arms deal if their weapons were misused i being more pressure on riyadh indonesia's president dr widodo is also demanding a transparent and thorough investigation as he met with the saudi foreign minister and britain's foreign minister says the saudi version that died in a fistfight is not credible jeremy hunt says anyone found responsible must be held fully accountable french court says it will proceed with an investigation against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond over the war in yemen a civil suit was filed by yemeni human rights group in the crown visited paris in april it accuses the defense minister of complicity in torture and other cruel treatment of yemeni civilians but also it also says attacks ordered by the crown prince of violated international law including an attack on
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a storage facility operated by the charity oxfam international in two thousand and fifteen. still ahead an al-jazeera united front donald trump hits the campaign trial for former rival ted cruz to win the heart of texas in the upcoming midterm elections. connecting the chinese mainland with hong kong the world's longest seed crossing bridge opens. from long flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze the. we've got yet more wet weather into parts of the middle east and looking rather disturbed once again clouding right making its way across iraq towards the caspian sea another area of damp weather also making its way through that eastern side of the mediterranean cyprus could see some showers some showers there possibility
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spilling out of turkey and on into syria central parts generally settled now that cloud push its way across sea caspian of course more in parts of iraq over towards afghanistan to push through was to go on into wednesday but he makes way for the next system actually was showers coming in here with the possibility of some localized flooding something to watch out for the flooding rains that we've had recently and have eased now still are a rumble of thunder rather at the moment stay but come tuesday thirty six celsius in the sunshine summer temperatures are going into what is stable notice and still a possibility of seeing some wetter weather into central and western parts of saudi arabia down towards the red sea gulf of aden as we go on through the next day also possibly see some rain see winds to mozambique over the next day i also want to show winds just feeding some cloud in here was a chance of seeing some drizzly downpours coming through with some wetter weather sunshine and showers there for some lively showers by midweek. the weather
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you're watching out you sirrah time to recap the headlines now the u.s. president thinks the saudi journalist murder was quote a plot gonna rock i don't trump sent the cia director to istanbul to investigate the killing of jobs in the saudi consulate to accuse president says he'll reveal details of his country's inquiry lengths from tuesday. broaches news agency reports that saudi crown prince mohammed bin top paid all constraints of the killing of two months according to the reports out there on the order of death after being beamed into a room of the saudi consulate on skype where he hurled insults at the germans. and pressure continues to mount on the kingdom from leaders around the world germany and canada say they're prepared to halt sports the u.k. and indonesia are also calling for transplants and thorough investigation. president donald trump has thrown his support behind an old rival in texas ahead of the u.s.
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midterm elections senator ted cruz ran for president in two thousand and sixteen but lost his party's nomination to trump. the two once cold each other lawyers for the value nice in their efforts of prevent the democrats and taking control of congress i think joe castro as well from houston. it says it donald trump's large defeat in the texas republican primary election two years ago never happened most republicans here now apparently love him these folks are great this is probably what will be. where are our friends. from the lone star state a special special place thank you very much for being here this is some record crowd sixteen thousand supporters filled the houston arena some having waited overnight to get in trump was the main draw they say even though the rally was to support the re-election of republican senator ted cruz cruz was the man who travels
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to trump and two thousand and sixteen winning the presidential primary in texas by seventeen points and that's and. you know that they can work well together. and. you know it's. now texas republicans are looking ahead at the mounting challenge posed by democrats trying to win majorities in congress long lines of early voters turned about polls in liberal leaning parts of the state monday voicing support for cruz his challenger democrat beto o'rourke the texas is a return to. the democrats want to see why not this year in decades to drive home republican support in this interesting run returned to the issue in the phrase. over seeing how bad it is how pathetic it is how bad our laws are they made a big mistake so as the carrier and look that is an assault on our country
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that's your story. and in that caravan you have some very bad people you have some very bad shape. and we can't let that happen to our country here you have this caravan of people that are coming here to bali you know with interest in the do that so i think that honestly is the response to that is that a quick. poll show that even before the immigration issue came to the fore cruz led a wark by a sizable margin chums rally is meant as a push to keep chris out of danger and for a president who revels being surrounded by his red blooded supporters and ego boost from this republican red state id joe castro al-jazeera houston texas. britain's prime minister told parliament brags that negotiations are ninety five percent complete but tourism a admits the issue of the irish border is yet to be resolved it's been no agreement
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on how to avoid customs checkpoints between ireland an e.u. member and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. trying to break the impasse prime minister may is indicated she could accept a longer post divorce transition period but that angered her program colleagues who fear being tied to the e.u. for years to come the back seat talks are not about my interests they are about the national interest and the interests of the whole of the united kingdom. serving serving our national interest well demand that we hold our nerves through these nasty ages of the negotiations the hardest part of all it will mean not giving in to those who want to stop brick sit with the politicians vote politicians telling the people they got it wrong the first time and should try again. and. it will mean focusing and it will mean focusing on the prize that lies before
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us. several palestinians protested in waters off northern guards are against israel's tightening of fishing zones protesters on boats were hit with tear gas near the maritime separation border with israel israel has cut gaza's fishing zone from sixteen to eleven kilometers in response to months long protests along the israeli gaza border fence the case of imprisoned al jazeera journalist mahmoud her sane was top of the agenda at a press summit in gambia the foreman banjul focused on attacks and violations against journalists in africa are saying has now been in prison in egypt for six hundred seventy two days despite not being charged participants called for him to be given access to medical treatment and legal rights she's been denied. africa's longest serving leader has won a seventh term in office cameron's frezza poll bere has been in power for thirty six years already opposition supporters say the action was rigged and security
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forces are higher lows in case of protests victoria gate and the reports. more than two weeks after the polls closed supreme court judges finally confirmed what many already suspected. yes thank africa's oldest president eighty five year old bull beer is celebrating yet another victory beer has dominated political life in cameroon since independence from france fifty eight years ago this win will see him extend his rule into his ninety's there is revered as a. this is a victory that has been hard won and to all cameroonians i would like to reiterate that the select will prosess the selection is one of the most exemplary elections in this country in a many years opposition supporters who tried their best to stop becoming president for a seventh time are angry but not surprised at the result even before polls closed
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some alleged voting irregularities but cameron's constitutional council rejected all petitions calling for a rerun of the presidential election on the field goes into opposition. sure that the incumbent president did not win that election and that's why we will not recognize the result of proclaimed by the constitutional council. is re-election comes at a time when the country is already tense some voters weren't able to cast their ballots because of fighting in western cameroon english speakers that make up twenty percent of the population accuse the french dominated government of marginalised nation and some have taken up. their fight for independence has displaced more than two hundred thousand people in the last two years. with
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violence between rival parties to cool to the possibility the government has deployed troops in cities nationwide and banned opposition rallies government leaders say that's designed to protect people not intimidate them but opposition leaders aren't buying that they're encouraging cameroonians who feel cheated by the vote to go out and protest victoria there are. chinese president xi jinping has unveiled the world's longest sea bridge linking hong kong and macau to the chinese mainland hong kong's why macau bridge is part of a larger plan to bring together more than a dozen cities into a high tech hub it's been controversial in hong kong where residents a wary of attempts by beijing to restrict their autonomy it's also been criticized for its high cost and for endangering local wildlife so a clock has more from hong kong. this is certainly an extraordinary infrastructure project ten years in the making almost sixty kilometers long six point seven
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kilometers of tunnels and two manmade islands today with the official opening. tomorrow it will be open to the public and this bridge is designed to connect three major cities a jew high in china mainland china hong kong and macau and while there be a limited number of private vehicles allowed to take this bridge the main mode of transport will be shuttle buses and trucking companies. companies trucks. items from mainland china through to hong kong the airport and the port until now the main mode of transport has been ferries and a drive from here in hong kong to mainland china to do high has been about four hours that commute time will now be between thirty minutes and forty five minutes the bridge will be operated under the chinese rules you have to drive on the right hand side and the told in chinese currency this is also opened the bridge of this project with some criticism as he cites yet another attempt by china to encroach on
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hong kong's autonomy and undermine its so-called independence from mainland china. it's a road. but critics say that there are critics there are some people who support this project and china is very proud of this monumental infrastructure program and says it will integrate economically of southern china as well as hong kong and macau and tomorrow it will be open to the public. through some of the headlines here in the u.s. president thinks the saudi journalist murder was quote a plot. to send his cia director to istanbul to investigate the killing of jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate so he's president says he'll reveal details of his country's inquiry next room tuesday. and reuters news agency reports saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond's top aide orchestrated the killing of jim ussher
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object according to the reports out that ordered the killing after being beamed into a room of the saudi consulate on skype where he hurled insults at the journalist and pressure continues to mount on the kingdom from leaders around the world germany and canada say they're prepared to halt arms exports the u.k. and indonesia are also calling for a transparent and thorough investigation a french court says it will proceed with an investigation against saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond over the war in yemen a civil suit was filed by a human rights group and the crown prince visit paris back in april it accuses the defense minister of complicity in torture and other cruel treatment of yemeni civilians a lawsuit also says attacks by the crown prince of violated international law including an attack on a storage facility operated by the charity oxfam international in two thousand and fifteen president xi jinping of china has unveiled the world's largest sea
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bridge linking hong kong and macau to the chinese mainland the hong kong macao bridge is part of a larger plan to bring together more than a dozen cities and one high tech hub it's been controversial in hong kong though residents are wary of attempts by beijing to restrict their autonomy it's also been criticised over its high cost and for endangering local wildlife cameroonian president paul has won reelection by a landslide extending his thirty six year rule in opposition claims of voter fraud at eighty five b. is the oldest leader in subsaharan africa is this free now. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current
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affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. fairly ok and you know in the stream today will hollywood ever really properly represent muslims it's no secret that stereotypes and tropes of dominated u.s. popular culture for decades are times changing that a lot to discuss today and we want to hear from you so join our live conversation. so what do we have we have the terrorists the bumbling shake the salty belly darts or the good muslims versus the bad muslims so without a doubt all stereotypes that you've seen in your favor hollywood film or television program according to a new report hollywood illuminating one hundred years of muslim.


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