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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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part series the big picture asks who's to blame. the lust for libya on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. will come on peter told me here in doha with our continuing coverage of turkey's revelations about the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. it all lou uniondale we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder. turkey's president says the killing of jamal khashoggi was planned days in advance as he demands more answers from saudi arabia. we have people over saudi arabia now we have top intelligence people in turkey.
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while the cia director is among officials from the u.s. on a fact finding mission three weeks after i shot she's dead inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. and the saudi foreign minister again promises the truth as pressure continues to mount on the kingdom. will this news will be dominated by coverage and analysis of the turkish presidential speech about the killing of jamal khashoggi the journalist died inside saudi arabia's istanbul consulate three weeks ago to the day the turkish president rushed up to the one addressed his ruling party about the murder for about thirty minutes in all hear the key points he declared it was premeditated murder that was planned days in advance which also included reconnaissance missions by the kill team to the forests or. around istanbul and also posed several questions to saudi
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arabia including why it had constantly change that story about what happened where are these remains and exactly who was involved he added that turkey doesn't doubt the credibility of king solomon but is demanding a full independent investigation and that the trial of the accused be held in turkey at the one also asked that everyone involved in the killing from top to bottom be held accountable he also said accusing some security operatives is not sufficient. union we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder so in the light of the current information we have everybody has the questions in their mind. here out of the questions so these fifteen people on the day of murder why did they come to. first of all we are very still looking for answers to this question these people who ordered them to come to certain
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we need an answer for that which is you know. why because you are gender of the builder of course the consulate general was not open for the investigation on the same day but so many days later why so many incredible explanations had been made despite the where is the there is the body of still nobody knows where the body is. it is alleged that the that body has been given to local corporator so who is this local corporator we need to know who that is. well developments are moving quickly this white house correspondent kimberly hellcats in washington jamal welsh oil is outside the consulate building in istanbul but first let's speak to sunoco sort of who's and what were your key takeaways from that thirty minute speech. and
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well peter had everybody expects it's a very very strong statement by president. colleagues and the politicians that i have been talking to a non-color i have been saying since sunday that they were expecting president dawn to reveal some extraordinary details of this investigation of this a preplanned murder actually but presidents are going gave a chronological order of what's happened which turkish and international media have been revealing since october two but a very important point from his speech that i got or he said that this is a political more murder so he thought of the name that and he said if there are any other countries involved in the political murder these countries should be identified and should be held accountable and responsible for this and other thing was very important he said you cannot put the blame on
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a few intelligence officers and get away with the responsibility of this murder and he pointed out that the crown prince mohammed bin so man here despite he said that he didn't have any doubt about the sincerity of the king of saudi arabia so from here you can understand that presidents are gone sees king solomon and the crown prince mohammad and so man as a difference reigns in the saudi royal family and this is actually seen by the diplomatic talks because president donald trump has been talking to the crown prince is the beginning and aired on has been speaking to the king sound month since the. beginning of this case of course one more thing he pointed to was that this part this murder was committed in the in general consulate of saudi arabia which is a saudi territory this is an this is in this in the borders of turkey so very and
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it is so turkey it will follow this case will chase after this according to international law and will do whatever it's necessary to reveal the truth no one should think that turkey will ever give up on chasing the truth and revealing the truth of this case these are very important lines but of course for sure we understand that. for instance presidential spokesperson ibrahim cullen gave a state it gave a speech yesterday and turkey's foreign minister had a speech today and present aired on repeat the same thing it is import it is an important step that saudi arabia admitted confessed this murder that happened inside the general counsel eight istanbul is so we can we can say that they're all right nicole diplomatic negotiations and talks on going between turkey and saudi arabia and the united states of course saudi arabia and turkey have been strong allies for decades and turkey doesn't want to rip up the relation
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immediately but turkey is asking for justice and health and the responsibles to be held accountable for this murder case peter as you say this in him he was talking very respectfully about king selma talking about him in very respectful terms does that mean that he's expecting the king to quote do the right thing if you will and by that does he does he expect seriously these eighteen people he was talking about to be extradited. well actually even though these people are expedited. i understand from our dance teachers that no one should be getting away with this murder because you can you can dismiss those people you can punish those people according to sharia or whatever law you have in your country but who gave the order of the smarter this is
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the question the president our don has been asking in his speech and this is a question that all we journalists have been asking since the beginning of. this appearance also he asked very is the body unless you find the body of jamal khashoggi this case is not closed and of course how he was murdered was and is a very important detail in this investigation this will this will impact the responsibilities of the perpetrator or perpetrators in a different way because they say jamal for sure died in a fistfight but it seems it's a very different situation but whoever whatever king solomon is going to say to president are gone will not change anything as long as the real person the real person who ordered this crime is reveals and has accountable for this sin and thanks very much let's go to trial who's outside the consulate building in istanbul
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so jamal i mean the three main points so i guess he believes these eighteen people can and should be extradited he also wants to know what the local contact was and on top of that he's he's in no doubt at all september the twenty eighth that was when they started putting this together. indeed i mean the fact that decided to maybe start at the very beginning go of the sequence of events is telling in itself in the as we've seen through the timeliness of the leaks that have come before we've now seen him take ownership and fully say that turkey believes wholeheartedly that this was not an accident there was no plan in the beginning to extradite or to negotiate to the saudis have described its you choosing not terminal e.g. negotiate question she's returned to saudi arabia that this was a plan to kill him the fact that he mentioned that's of to september twentieth when the first entered at that concert and to try and apply for this paperwork that
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there was agents who were sent to specifically scout's house to areas you know. belgrade essentially their parks or forestation woodlands that in itself also was something important because the only reason why you would scouts a place like that if you were trying to essentially hide something in it if they were thinking of extraditing him or extraordinary rendition him out of the country there would be no need to scout the places so that was maybe a bit of an extreme form that was given through it but as we heard i mean the main part of his speech was essentially kind of together all that has been leaked sporadically over the past three weeks taking ownership of it so now saying this is the official narrative as described by the president of the turkish republic i.e. the highest authority in the country and saying what they're going to do about it i would say that when you look at the way in which that starts have been dealing with this from the very beginning the high expectation maybe that was given for i do want to come out so maybe somehow dramatically released this footage which
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interestingly enough peter he didn't mention once in his speech so whether there was that expectation for him to suddenly press play in the middle when all the world was watching really doesn't go in line with the way in which they have been dealing with this from the beginning sarky i'm just. dones that's it needs saudi arabia and it needs that stability and that's why he insisted on mentioning king solomon by name twice and chose the favorite title the custodian of the two holy mosques as he preferred to be known there obviously were missing any reference to crown prince mohammed bin said a man also saying that was the value of that and also value that king guy either the head of state that they will not allow for some sort of scapegoats to be used in order to save the skin so to speak of those who ordered it hinting go via the crown prince and maybe others within the royal family so when we look at how they've been dealing with this from the beginning it probably was naive for people
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to assume that there would be that you know cliffhanger moments and then suddenly pressing play on these audiotapes it seems particularly with this visit of the head of the cia that there is still a lot more negotiations to take place it seems to all now the turks haven't been able to find the consensus they would have like with the americans possibly even with other members of the your international community but most definitely there is still a lack of cooperation between the beyond an anchor on the fact that he called out the saudis on it by saying he wants to know who these collaborates as are shows that this much parole did coordination committee that they founded between the saudis and the charts isn't really coordinates and otherwise the saudis would have given up these local collaborators is this in effect jamal the first official comment we've had on the desk. i mean it seems like we've had a torrent of leak to leak to leak but we've never heard from anyone in
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a position of high responsibility either within the turkish police force or the criminal investigation or from the government. yeah i mean this well throughout we've had a couple of statements from the foreign ministry and others who are saying you know that we will get to the bottom of this we will reveal everything we will chase everybody down who is behind it but yes this is the first time that an official has come out and all of the narrative and said ok the narrative you guys have been hearing through the leaks that's we've been controlling over the past three weeks and giving to different. media outlets this is what's. believes it is important to note however al-jazeera through its own sources has been only been depending on those leaks so we have been able to ascertain facts through officials inside for example the attorney general's office so it hasn't simply been an issue of the turks controlling the narrative wholeheartedly as much as they have invested a lot to make sure that they do but having said that this would be the first time
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and is rather the first time that an official has come out and said ok to the world we believe this was preplanned we believe this was ordered by the highest level we believe that this wasn't an attempt to kidnap him the twins wrong but in fact was the intention was always to assassinate we are demanding more coordination from the from the this is a bit of commotion just outside the consulate sorry piece of it so it appears that some people may be off to this speech have. sold that they need to express themselves with regards to what has taken place so they've come to the barriers of the consulate there's a police car you're around i can hear a female voice so much of she's a cop. but denouncing what's. i think we've lost the line there. in istanbul we'll go back to him i guarantee in
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the next half hour or so let's go live to washington can be healthy as our correspondent kimberly before we get to the nitty gritty of siege in a hospital and the content of the speech similar to mislead translated at source into arabic and into english of clearly mr one was talking directly to the trumpet ministration as well. right and we have not had any reaction yet from the trumpet ministration but certainly we can look at some of the comments the president has made in the last twenty four hours and he continues to take a stance a cautious one of that that we have seen in recent days vacillating essentially between trying to kind of pacify his critics will at the same time criticizing those who he believes have rushed to judgment he did give an interview to a national newspaper here in the united states in the last twenty four hours where he said and even questioned some of the details that have been leaked out in turkey particularly with regard to the dismemberment and the reporting of
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a bone saw being present in that consulate the president outright questioning whether or not the reporter asking that question knew that to be true the bottom line in all of this peter is that the president overall we know has had a series of phone calls he's had one with president aaron and one he's also had one with the saudi crown prince also the king he doesn't seem to feel that he's getting the full story so in terms of the details he believes that he is entitled to more information that information has been coming very slowly that he says that he wants to get to the bottom of it again that timeline though for getting to the bottom of it continues to move in terms of getting to it very soon now we have been told there have even been a request from the saudis to extend their investigation by up to a month something that the president says would be very much a long time one that he would not be comfortable with so overall the president appears to be now expressing some frustration well at the same time defending his
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cautious stance well let's stay with what mr trump's been saying kimberly for the next couple of minutes because listen listen i see earlier about sending top intelligence officials to turkey and to saudi arabia. a great group of the for the thirty right now and a great people the people in saudi arabia we will know very soon we have tremendous lead talented people that do this stuff very well they're coming back tonight tomorrow and i will not very soon and i am not satisfied with what i've heard can really difficult to remember the last time the head of the cia was sent to a country hof way around the planet from washington what she actually going to be doing. well certainly she is a longtime career and teligent officer now the head of the cia director and one thing i can tell you about donald trump is that he puts a lot of trust in his very close inner circle and presumably gina haskell is now
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among those that he counts as someone he can trust you have to remember might pompei of the former cia director now the secretary of state is another individual that the president is relying closely on so these are the people that the president trusts he sent them there because as we've been talking about the president doesn't feel he's getting the entire picture of the entire story and you have to remember donald trump has a particularly big ego when he feels like he is somebody is playing with him or not you know being upfront and right that is something that makes him a stream lee angry so it's not surprising then knowing donald trump that he is just patched his top people on the ground to try and get him the details that he feel he is not getting you have to remember the president was vocal about saying that he wanted audio intelligence you want a video intelligence we know that those were requests that were rejected at least initially whether that has changed we're still not sure but i suspect it hasn't and
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that's why he is sending his cia director he feels that he needs a complete picture in order to take next steps the steps that the world is pressuring the united states to take you have to remember that she was a u.s. resident despite being a saudi citizen so that's what makes this an issue for donald trump so there is pressure internationally there's pressure domestically the u.s. congress pressing pressing for donald trump to take sanctions and issue sanctions at the highest level of the saudi government but he feels that he can't until he has all the details and i suspect that's why jesus had a houseful the cia director is headed there now thanks very much. so. in that building in istanbul jamal we've reestablished communications with you. as the end of his thirty minute speech he was talking about taking a civil suit or a suit against the individuals that he wants extradited back that would be highly unusual. indeed but then again it was the m.o.
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that the turks use if you remember off the flipside of that was attacked by israel in two thousand and ten where a civil suits were laid out against the perpetrators of that's attack and it was leverage that's harks were able to use as they negotiated some sort of a resolution will be it's it took several years to do that whether that's the same type of thinking that's going through the president's mind we're not quite sure but it is something that they have used before as a tactic in terms of ensuring that there was still some sort of diplomatic relationship with their address raised but at the same time making sure that they don't lose their rights so to speak having said that this case is so much bigger in the sense that you're talking about so many other different elements so it's not the least obviously the very essence of international relations and what governs diplomatic missions the vienna convention not least when you're talking about
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economies that are and how it's struggling this saudi investment. conference is taking place at the same time today in division twenty thirty of crown prince mohammed bin said man and how so many massive companies of holdouts and disassociates of themselves will be it's temporarily in the in these days but this is so say to themselves from saudi in the saudi brand you're talking about those huge billion dollar deals that donald trump loses no opportunity to remind everybody about that he's signed between the be all and washington sort of these obviously come into play. but. he's still left the door open you could tell from both angles from the one perspective he didn't go off to the saudis all guns blazing like many people were hoping or thinking he would depending on where they sit on the political spectrum he said. that you still respected this saudi king the custodian of the two holy sites however that justice must be served on the
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other hand he did say that he would go off and the prosecutors will go off to everybody who is behind this from the bottom to the very top polluting maybe to the constant reference that these leaks have been having that there is a link with crown prince mohammed bin some money the fact that he didn't mention the crown prince's name also significant but as you were saying before peter the fact that early on didn't even make any reference to these all your evidence is that they've said they had is that maybe true pressure or convincing from the head of the cia who was here today is that because the sharks still don't want to show all their cards in what seems to be a prolonged poker game between different sides essentially calling each other's bluff from the beginning with the saudis saying well he wasn't inside the embassy till the psychs actually proving that he was and then saying ok we didn't kill him and then and then again that starts leaking more information we're not quite sure but definitely if people thought that three weeks on from jamal khashoggi going
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missing into the consulate that this case was going to be wrapped up they're wrong this looks like it's going to prolonging for quite a bit longer peter undoes in the jamal some people around the world were expecting a real headline grabbing speech from mr some people around the world were not looking for that they would have felt uncomfortable with that perhaps where are we now given the last sixty minutes of political developments in ankara where are we now with the inquiry we don't have in the public domain an audiotape we don't have a videotape we don't know the location of the body we don't know the whereabouts of these eighteen slash fifteen saudis or the local people that allegedly were helping them so the inquiry is heading where. that's a very good question i mean every day though the prosecutor general in the general's office do seem to widen the scope of what they are looking at is whether that's.
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those things that they're investigating they have been investigating and only releasing information about it they by day or whether generally every day they are increasing so for example it starts it off with such so the consulate that it starts it off then it continued with such a consul general's home and then you started having stuff members being question then you had these vehicles that were found in the car park then you had these searches of the woodlands so there are still other elements i'm sure that would require some sort of investigation at least. excuse me not least the vehicle the diplomatic vehicle that still the turks don't have the authority to. search because they still enjoy diplomatic immunity as they are registered to the saudi consulates here but if you look at it from the perspective of who holds which cards right so you have the saudis in the sense that they have the main suspects there are with them the saudis also have the you would think theoretically the information of where the body or what remains of the body is that's is some sort of leverage
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because the saying goes there's no matter without a body and ultimately if you want to prove without doubt exactly what's happened surely some sort of also see reports or the remains of a body will help where is the turks allegedly have this recording possibly video recording of what's happened they definitely have a good case that they've built up with movements of different personalities as well as vehicles and so forth they have the let's say will be a tentative but trust of the international community and that most people are leading to the belief that this saudis were behind this and not only that that this was ordered by a higher level the question is who's going to make the other blink first in what will be decisive or will there be a deal struck where each walks away with what they currently hold in their hands and that's what people were waiting to find out from murder one speech but rather than actually giving us the nonsense of this is just the ladies that sue and on own
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time again whether this was always been the tactic of the targets who have played it pretty well from the beginning in terms of how they've divulge information throughout or whether that's a direct result of the head of the cia coming in maybe other international pressure we're not quite sure jamal for the moment many thanks we'll see just a little more president speech including his questions to saudi arabia. we have strong evidence that this was a premeditated murder in the light of the information we have everybody has questions here are the questions these fifteen people why did they come to the temple on the day of the murder who ordered them to come to turkey we need an answer why was the building of the consul general not open for investigation on the same day only after so many days why so many credible explanations whereas the body of jamal. nobody knows where the body is it is alleged that the body was given to
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a local cooperate or so who is the local operator we need to know who that is. well also monitoring that speech for us joining us on the set here and he's a professor of conflict resolution with the institute for graduate studies that speech was billed as the naked truth did it provides the naked truth i don't think so and i wonder very zen why this speech kim mind other than what many expected probably one good reason that we could think of as the arrival of the cia director the same day before the speech as the averted to turkey and the probably this had an impact on the way the direction that this is speech has taken to me this suggests that probably. that we enter the new stage of negotiations and the main player in this negotiations as turkey or the gun king solomon that he was mentioned . and with his favorite title of the custodian of the holy sites and also now the
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united states. or for that many questions were not during the speech what happened to the but the actually who was asking what happened to the body and while people were expecting him president of the ground to tell us what really happened to the body what happened with the order your recording or possibly the video recorder nothing was mentioned about that and i think that's one reason why. why this it's below expectations there with that that we had expected it must be significant though for you i would assume that you know how spoiled the cia boss was sent but she must also beat you know house bill wearing a state department body warm a gym i mean she's kind of got that clan thing but insulation she must have been talking to the state department about this and she's been sent there by donald trump to do a very specific job does donald trump want her to get that or do you are recording well that's all what has been said so far that the americans don't possess or
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you're recording or the video recording so and that's why probably the disappointment from the speech that nothing was said about this but this is actually the fact that she is arriving the day of the speech i think since a very strong powerful message that the negotiations with the with the saudis with king some one particular is continuing because the door it is the speech was below expectations and people expected more than this i think there were there are still very powerful messages that he's sent in this is the most important in my view is the people earning their mention of us which links and he mentioned that literally saying that they investigate this is preplanned and there should be accountability investigation from bought on to the ceiling by the ceiling and one could read this as he didn't think to come prince mohammed bin someone that was not mentioned that
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he did not mention his name in the spiritual wildly mentioning his father the king solomon so i think there are still very strong takeaways from this a speech in being here this is a speech that we will pursue this we will investigate and until we reach the holder toward about this about this case so there is a persistence there is a continue with the to this. to what he said today and i think this could be still only the beginning of other speeches that we can see in the future coming from. other senior officials one has lower league more information and talking more about this depending on how the negotiations that i link it to them to the main idea of mission to the building on the progress made in the negotiations in the. turkish government and the americans and king solomon so the more it seems it sounds to me
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that if there is complete as there is despoina the saudi leadership is a desponding king someone as pursuing accountability and having you know those who held responsible we held accountable that probably the americans would would continue to work with that level so i think the smart point is that he did not burn him bridges with the saudis that everything that he has and then there is no place for him to go she was and i think that's where why we endured with this stage that we should expect expecting more in the future thank you very much ok for just joining us you're watching the al-jazeera news arpita will be here in doha let's just recap what's been going on in the past sixty minutes the turkish president's speech about the killing of jamal how shocked she the journalist died inside saudi arabia's istanbul consulate three weeks ago today president the one addressing his ruling party about the murder for about thirty minutes now here are the main key
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points he declared it was premeditated murder that was planned days in advance which also included reconnaissance missions by the kill team to the forests around istanbul mr awad also posed several questions to saudi arabia including why it had constantly change that story about what happened where are these remains and exactly who was involved he added that turkey doesn't doubt the credibility of king solomon but is demanding. a full independent investigation and that the trial of the accused be held in turkey it's also asked that everyone involved in the killing from top to bottom be held accountable he also said accusing some security operatives is not sufficient let's bring in surrey dissonant mohammed who's in london for us mr musser it was that the speech from mr erdogan that you wanted to hear. no that's not what i wanted to hear but not shocked or surprised because of the van is the must of surprises so it sounded like
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a state of the national elation speech which is befitting for the vote i was asking myself in the way he had to will he mission that the jews and he showed them in the parliament doesn't look like or don't look like a head of state but it will be maybe it is fair. for scooter who may come just in a few hours or or days and presenting these things but the people did not need between the lies first of all the fact that the day so what advise you what the saudis and other diplomats are doing could be about the scouting of the area or of setting the box to stop meaning we know what to put it. in normal times maybe did not make any sense of this cult thing the question mark kept on file until that is thrust by then they conduct that to the case and concluded correctly with certainty that there is a limited planned murder that's number one secondly he said to king solomon which many people did not think probably i don't trust he said i i trust the koreans who
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was king solomon not mentioning anybody else that you trust him sending a message i trust you i still trust in you until now and then he mentioned you should act according to the mission. i know this that machete i mean if you will do not know in islam should i there's no immunity for president or kings or anybody not even for the prophet. everyone must pay the bill be tried can be tried and and prosecuted for whatever action he does and this is not right he says it is not from step shabbiness is it so telling him since you give him a signal if your son is involved done. you have to go to dispose him and put him on trial some or another so he's giving essentially using the leverage he has in his hand to give settlement an opportunity to correct the story now which they have been lying and to put further pressure he has asked about the body the body. what eleventh because the more that is admitted by all of you haven't bought these
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there's no need for a body that is most likely the body has been cut in pieces or possibly taken are disposed be forced through the airplane on their way except the head and the fingers who are supposed to be with the sentiment but if they come with that that would be showing the brutal vision of the whole action and make you mad mr man in b.s. even more more more and more condemned so he's really i don't think people are looking in the wrong angle to the coming of the cia chief this woman is a trusted person first and one of the top. us here and also the foreign minister because these are his men their situation itself the cia is of course still here until forced to him for the time being so he sent here the sending here of what do i did not say he said that you contact the. twenty fifth something to what he did mission the contact the second day in which he sent these videos and these they caught that there are that i assure you that from the highest places in all different office and is that going continuously like so she is there we are going
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to interrupt you there because it's getting into the territory just just let me hit the pause button for a second i don't think there's anything to begin to if we get into the territory of you saying donald trump is lying and using either the state department or the cia has the audiotape the videotapes that's very specifically very clearly your claims . but we do have your signal that for our viewers let's just back up a little bit you were talking about three main takeaway points that now he has to earn a lot of ground is happening very. point please he wants eighteen people extradited to turkey from saudi arabia you're talking about under the auspices of sharia law i get the point of course but the reality is those eighteen people are never going to be extradited are they you know is that. that's just putting pressure on. the kingside man to do that i think and get it disposed of his son changes politics
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lift the sanctions on qatar end the war in yemen change the whole politics stop prosecuting those symbol of the hood that stop lies fall for your son or your second post really a kingdom and bring an instability in the kingdom and that's the message and the as or the leverage to a lot anyway the leverage of it. is very clear you have followed how the leader is recovering nicely since the second or third day or of the or of the incident as they covered it very nicely and trump is not talking about anything to get you or turkey his or trying to appease turkey and then with a shoulder to get away with what he's done in the middle of the you know you're committed or that so hostile is just to cover up and fix something for your question or thought possibly not no pressure about that and he can tell her clearly let him have let the king of saudi arabia fix his situation in such a way that we all gain from his not exposed but he said a man is finished sanction seizure of qatar is off the wall in yemen is settled somehow and they stop interfering and supporting the kurdish the kurdish rebels in
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north syria that's the price he has for so your fight it's worth this company but it will go on if the facts would be exposed and the readers will be leaked sooner or later there's no escape from that ok i think what he did restored yes because we expected to see readers and so on we were like we're expecting the new star wars movie but the reality is that we're getting is we see how an enormous leverage. the gun has in his hand and he should use it some people were supplying this killer to man is murder so good in his right hand that is pretty meditative that's what we need understood is that you can talk in the run not most of what we've heard from mr erdogan in the past ninety minutes now some people were surprised that he was apparently politicizing it in a broad regional sense by delivering the speech to the party faithful as opposed to . getting his message out either via the the internal criminal investigation or just to the parliament building you've already hinted at this though he clearly
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knows he's a clever guy he clearly knows surely that there are a big tectonic plates at work here there's the question over saudi arabia's attitude towards. the arab spring when that kicked off we know that this is an established fact that riyadh is worried about the prospect of that kind of dissent on the streets and on top of that you've mentioned already the g.c.c. crisis the blockade of cattle there are massive forces at play here. absolutely absolutely and all the ground is dedicated indelicately these must forces will dispose of you your cunt if you'll go to war it was maybe of course you had monarchy go to some common biases where there was a general public end the support for the military regime in egypt and the quarter deck that mystic which your previous king of committed by called very thing and financing disposal of mohammed morsi that may change the situation but you are finished the station is the reality is finishing that he is finished if he doesn't
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do that i think. you can expect it will not do that i think and it will be still one of the up in fight between the princes and one of the not because he is in london is stand by and the american deep state is stand by for him hamad bin nayef and things will move quite ugly if sandman does not move to save at least not be in a monarchy for him and his family mohamed el masry thank you very much. well president during that speech also gave some details about how his country began the investigation including access to the crime scene. but you know it's like you know unsolved once the authority came from the kink then. prosecution stuff and the consul general bill didn't and it turned out that as if the consul general seemed to be not that tiresome in auto to the. beach because for some concept of the way he was handling this and the next day he of us heard from his duties so he
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went back to his country. ok let's bring in chris phillips in london for me head of the u.k. national counterterrorism security office chris welcome back to the news our program here on al-jazeera what if anything new did we learn from history about the investigation and the inquiry. well i think what it did it official eyes the story so far we've had leaks and we've had information coming out and coming directly from the president in his parliament that should mean something i didn't actually expect. video to be played in that speech it would have been unusual to do so that's what you need to keep below the surface if you want in order to question the suspects if they've got as an example audio of the people committing the murder then they will have been able to link that audio with the people so they will know exactly who that was so so if you're going to do a proper investigation you wouldn't you wouldn't broadcast this moment and not quite as other bits of this investigation that are quite interesting especially you
1:42 pm
know the if this doesn't been mentioned very very well that the guy that went the body double up went for a walk in the man's clothes i mean if he had the man's clothes on those clothes must have been taken off him probably before he was killed and this body i mean the body we're kind of convinced will give us the evidence of course it will of what happened in that in that room but the chances of us finding that if it's been dissected and broken up unfortunately are very low now so you don't need a body to have a murder that's for sure but of course it does give you some extra evidence that you'd want to take if you were going to get these people before a call and we know that that's very unlikely to happen the feeling up to the point where we got that speech today from mr one had been he will give that speech when they feel they've got everything in gathered that they need to get in gathered assuming that it's. idea is sound and valid does that then mean that the the
1:43 pm
blockage in the working relationship between the turks and the so the saudis and the americans has been lessened or cleared slightly because in effect as mr one saying we've got as much intel and information as we're going to get and we know it . no i don't think i don't actually think that's the case i think you had to come out and give the official version of qana what's happened i don't think he knows the whole story yet. it's by the sounds of it quite confident they doesn't but he'll know more than then he's given in this speech but of course the body is an interesting point the the local people who allegedly have disposed of the body you know that's probably unlikely to happen but at least it's throwing that back to the saudis what what is the ideal and that is that these people these eighteen people brought back to turkey investigated interviewed years in the tapes that they've got used in the video evidence the other bits and bobs that they've got in front of
1:44 pm
those people to get the full story we all know that's not going to happen but i think you've got to go down that route i think word against their own quite cleverly is that is attractive the whole world's media attention to his speech in his palm and today and what what will continue to happen is more leaks more information coming out as they ramp up the pressure on saudi arabia i don't know if you heard the last conversation we're having here in the news but our last guest mohamed el masry who is a saudi dissident he was accusing donald trump of lying i mean i'm not asking you to do the same thing but he was saying the white house has already heard the audiotapes how likely is that. i would have thought that certainly if these audiotapes exist and why would you say they did if they didn't that's let's be quite frank about that because at some stage we're going to have to police them and i would be very surprised if the u.s. government got access to those tapes where that don't trumpet them is another
1:45 pm
matter altogether but i think i think the key thing here is irgens actually holding on to the evidence he's is using it for maximum pressure and he'll release it bit by bit and what we all know needs to happen is these people come back from saudi arabia to be interviewed and and then the jury the court process happens but we were all pretty convinced that's not going to be the case and so other matters will play out and diplomatic. pressures will be brought to bear and perhaps at some stage in the future this will just all go away but it's not going to be for a long time i don't think you know how simple the cia boss is either in istanbul anchor or she's just about to land in the next couple of hours we suspect is she there as the cia boss is she there as a spy is she there as an investigating officer or is she there just to kind of get trump leverage into the situation so the trumpet ministration can kind of fast
1:46 pm
forward to the end of this because some people are saying that's basically what mr trump would like to do and that's why his treasury secretary steve has been in riyadh. well i certainly think the last is the favored option but she she is an investigator but she's not there to investigate them already got a mare absolutely no doubt and the u.s. will be working quite closely with the turks i imagine certainly on in the background and they may be surprised some of the information and evidence so we don't know exactly what's going on what i what i would say is that the u.s. have got of what the world has got a big big responsibility here to make sure there's some good comes out of this for months there and hopefully they they exert that in the right way you know christiane thank you well president in that address repeated earlier assertions from his country about the savagery of the killing of jamal khashoggi german. law
1:47 pm
she viewed you know you so far the evidence we have shows was murdered brutally such brutality cannot be covered up in any way it would hurt humankind's conscience we would like saudi authorities to show the same thing to to vittie to this murder that let's go back to my colleagues in ankara where that speech was delivered cinema clearly as far as mr erdogan is concerned september the twenty eighth was the date when they started putting this together and he's got a very definite robust interpretation of what he would undoubtedly say is the truth and that we assume is what we will hear repeated in the coming days. yes peter what prisons are gone has explained it was basically a chronological order of what's happened since the day jamal genter it's in turkey
1:48 pm
and how things developed afterwards and what he said actually wasn't that much different than what al jazeera has been reporting since the beginning as the story broke as a turkish journalist here i can i can say that one thing was very important and was actually leading his speech not only not only protecting jamal is rights also protecting turkey so when it's a rights came came out actually from his speech because he said despite the same murder was committed inside the consulate general consulate building it's it was in turkish is so very anti it was intrigued so we will be chasing this of course what he said about king salmon is very important as well as i have been stating for that is saying is for the last couple of days in during our lives mr donald trump's has always spoken spoken to mohamed bin sandman the crown prince on the other hand
1:49 pm
president are gone and kinks helmont have been in touch since the beginning of this case and just following this they are a form talks and diplomatic talks and saudi arabia admittedly that. was killed during a fist so-called fistfight inside the consulate so we should also understand that president are gone while saying he has no doubt about sincerity of king sound man he gives a message to king sound man take care of your son take care of the crown prince and please correct the situation and find out who the real perpetrator who who is the boss. of this murder so he actually gave an in direct way of message to king sound man but of course the way he. mentioned it he said it's a political murder if there are any other countries involved in this more dire murder they should be held accountable and they should be investigated as well what
1:50 pm
i understand he tried to avoid interfering in the judicial process because the investigation is still ongoing and still we have the basic problem is but it is nowhere no one was able to find a body there are some rumors and turkish media that this body was given to given to a turkish nationality person in salaamed when a saudi official was dressed up in jamal for shoot just close it but of course we have no evidence about that this is an option on the table this could have happened but as long as we don't have to mow his shook his body as long as the forensics do not have the chance to examine to or to do autopsy on his body and nothing will be cleared out i think that's the key point of this investigation i don't try to avoid the judicial part but he gave strong political messages as i understand as a journalist and he said turkey will not give up give up on chasing after this case
1:51 pm
until all all truth all naked truth is revealed is there a feeling behind the scenes there that mr and the way he's driven this in effect shamed. into changing the story changing the story change the story again because another day another version of how this man was killed. i think we've lost that line i don't think your voice sent him can you hear us is peter in doha here i'll give it one more go is there a feeling where you are sinning behind the scenes that mr erdogan on in effect shamed the saudis into getting so close to his truth the truth that he went through today in that speech. well of course yes
1:52 pm
i mean that there are cultural differences i mean what you're ashamed of in a western culture is different to what you're shamed of in an arab culture or any other middle eastern country but. in a coverage way. in a actually closed way in an in direct way he pointed out crown prince mohammed bin salman and he said you cannot get away this responsibility you cannot get away with the smirk just by putting the blame on some intelligence officials so. the saudi intelligence extradition or expedition will not be enough for turkey turkish officials are not going to be satisfied but of course it's for sure there are negotiations ongoing between saudi arabia and turkey including the united states but these the content of these negotiations are not clear yet so it's for shoot cherokees not willing to burn the bridges with saudi arabia but it's for sure
1:53 pm
turkey will chase after this until the real responsible person is punished or held accountable and responsible sinan thanks very much. well there has been a chorus of condemnation and demands for a transparent inquiry into her show she's murdered by leaders from around the world here's just a few of them the german chancellor angela merkel says her country will not export arms to saudi until the facts behind what she called a monstrosity a clear canada too says it's prepared to halt the thirteen billion dollar arms deal if their weapons were misused adding more pressure on riyadh at the end uneasy and president of the word order is also demanding a transparent and thorough investigation seen at the saudi foreign minister and the u.k.'s foreign minister and said the version that jamal khashoggi died in a fight is not credible jeremy hunt says anyone found responsible must be held fully accountable can only help with keeping us company from washington kimberly is
1:54 pm
there a certain sclerotic approach here as far as washington is concerned you've got gina housefull heading for turkey or she might have landed already we're not quite sure and you've got steve mission in riyadh he's in riyadh but he's not going to the investor conference. right and i think this is a great example of the president donald trump keeping his options open you have to remember donald trump has long defended his relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia because there are some significant u.s. interests there on the one hand you have not only the tremendous relationship when it comes to arms sales donald trump trying to keep those jobs keep the military industrial complex going but also this is really saudi arabia is the foundation of donald trump's middle east policy in terms of confronting iran which is a high priority for this president he's defended is recently as in the last twenty
1:55 pm
four hours when asked about sort of the shifting explanation about what happened to his shows he simply said that he has to remember that we have a very big picture we have to keep it all in mind what is donald trump talking about he's talking about the fact that he's got sanctions coming down against iran oil exports in the next month and he's counting on saudi arabia for that and to continue to work with him as this administration confronts what it sees as the destabilizing influence in the middle east and that is a rot so this is a very inconvenient story for the president the timing couldn't be worse not just because of the situation with the imminent sanctions against iran but also we are now two days away from voting day in the congressional midterm elections here in the united states so this is the kind of press the kind of scrutiny that the president doesn't need right now he wants to be talking about immigration he wants to be talking about the economy but instead the world has the spotlight on this
1:56 pm
white house in terms of how it's going to react is it going to take a stand is it going to say enough is enough we don't appreciate the shifting explanation the lack of facts we know the president has talked to the crown prince he's also talk. to the turkish president in the last forty eight hours he's trying to get more information he's trying to figure out next steps that's why he has his cia director gina haskell on the ground that's why he said his secretary of state in the last few days he's tried to get the information in the bigger picture because right now he has said very clearly that he's not satisfied with what he's heard so far in those telephone calls particularly with the saudi crown prince kimberly thanks very much ok if you're just joining us here on the news hour let's rewrite those pictures for you of the turkish president. delivering that keynote address to the a.k.p. that took place in the last ninety minutes it was basically his timeline his troops september the twenty eighth was when. initially went to the consulate building
1:57 pm
to have his paperwork checked he was told to go back on october the second three weeks ago today exactly three weeks ago today was when he died he was talking about people having had a look around the belgrade forests in that speech as well he said and then there was a team of fifteen people was flown in from saudi arabia at that point on october the second the fiance informed the relevant authorities that her fiance was missing he did not leave the building he basically broke offset in counterpoint with this timeline what happened he said into three main areas one the murder was preplanned to the saudi narrative also has to include the local people and he believes eighteen people should be extradited from saudi arabia to turkey laura's here i'll see you soon.
1:58 pm
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