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tv   Journalism Is Not A Crime  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 4:00am-4:58am +03

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age there is this element of course which is very unpleasant i think we saw it with the photograph of her she really this is the son. being forced in to course to do to go and shake the hand of what some people say is the actual man responsible for his father's death i think the mom been so man he's a brazen young man and i think he feels at this stage that he can play this one out and that eventually he will get the kind of statement he needs from from the one who is a key player still from donald trump and other other players the british the french the germans are less or less important yeah i mean obviously it's the u.s. turkey really i mean you know we hear of this call apparently between one hundred and some men and the turkish president and i mean how does this all play out do you think the next few days one of the main pivotal points here well i think we need to see whether the one continues to play as captain mouse game the drip drip effect
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which simply means very effectively as me and of course he pretty much can now controls the turkish media there's over a thousand journalists in jail so they pretty much do what he wants them to do is there anything left to play out there maybe we just don't know what he said he's going to give us the naked truth he didn't do that what's what's interesting though is he he exonerated the king but it's been some on so he's still holding that one and there may be more that will come out but my sense is that he's kind of getting to the end of that game i think the push he saw an opportunity to perhaps marginalized. i think he's seen that opportunity rather slipping away so that he's now thinking what can i get out of the saudis of course the turkish economy is in fairly dire straits there's rampant inflation he needs the kind of money that the saudis could deliver so maybe that the high. the scenes and she was
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a don't trump has made it very clear he may not need the money the saudis bring but certainly likes it and the jobs as well. what do you think will develop there because he's using this sort of almost game show kind of language you know it's a terrible cover up the worst ever what do you think it goes from here for the u.s. will there again i think that. don't trump wants to keep on been some on in play i think he's probably looking at this guy as one of his contestants in the apprentice and thinking you know what you really screwed up this time i'm going to give you maybe one more opportunity i can almost hear that game playing played out in his mind i think that it's likely again that depending on how mamba been some plays the depending what the turks do there's every possibility that trump will be able to continue to support that someone so we're running out of time one word answer please do you think mohammed bin someone can survive all this i think so below from the gulf matters thank you. well still to come on the program the iraqi doctor is
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warning diseases like cholera are spreading through bass rosewater supplies isn't respond to news of a poor public services in the southern city a japanese journalist is freed after being kidnapped and held by armed groups in syria the street steve has. had over there we've got cool air this digging its way across europe now is the leading edge of it this huge area of cloud here that's also bringing us a fair amount of what weather to that system will continue eastwards there as we head through into thursday still some rather heavy downpours then over parts of russia and certainly not feeling that warm behind it yet more unsettled weather is working its way in from stockholm all the way through parts of poland there and as that works its way eastwards as we head through friday it will be breaking up but
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only to be replaced by yet more wet weather so generally the northern parts of europe now looking cooler moral some no really and fairly unsettled down towards the southeast it's cooler here for some of us to twenty one may in athens only nine in ankara and towards the west where we're at twenty one in madrid but there is a good deal of cloud here and that's also affecting us across the other side of the mediterranean as well so for thursday then the main focus of that system is in the western parts of morocco but it's working its way northward and service more of us america them will see that what where they come friday towards the east at laurie fine and dry first here twenty seven so fairly decent temperature wise they are but the temperatures are easing now in cairo a maximum just of twenty six is expected on friday it will feel a good deal cooler than it has been of late. survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for
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park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witness discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a thousand cuts on al jazeera. welcome back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin son month has spoken publicly for the first time about the killing of sunday
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journalist gemma shoji which she described this painful speaking in riyadh the crown prince insisted justice will prevail in the case and all culprits will be punished but it's been more than three weeks since ashaji was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have now been given permission to search a well inside the consulate. and the u.k. has announced its following the u.s. and revoking the visas of saudi officials suspected of being involved in the murder . u.s. president donald trump has strongly condemned the number of suspicious devices sent to prominent democrat politicians and liberal institutions speaking at the white house he said it was time to unite against such violence i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together. and send one very clear strong and mistake a bill message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no
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place in the united states of america. well among the recipients were former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton whose package was intercepted on tuesday night at a facility close to her home in westchester new york former president barack obama who had a suspicious device sent to his home in washington d.c. in a package addressed to former cia director and c.n.n. contributor john brennan was sent to cnn's offices in the time warner building in new york which had to be evacuated liberal billionaire george soros who is a major cont'd contributor to democratic causes found the similar device at his new york compound on monday and it's being reported them across take representatives debbie western schultz of florida and maxine waters of california have also received suspicious packages chevron can see is in washington all these packages in
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quite a short period of time what else do we know about the she have. well we're particular getting some more information about those last two that that you just mentioned the to suspicious package that was addressed to representative maxine waters again was intercepted at a facility that processes mail for members of congress why didn't she go to maxine waters we still don't quite know what was in that package that packaged to debbie wasserman schultz and florida is quite interesting because in fact that package was initially addressed to form a attorney general eric holder who served in the obama administration the wrong address had been written on the envelope and the return address was the office of debbie wasserman schultz who's the former chair of the democratic national committee that's why she ended up receiving that package and there are reports of at least some of the other packages also had the same return address debbie wassermann schultz office democratic party official in florida house where the packages received by hillary clinton barack obama the secret service emphasizing there was never any danger of them receiving the packages again these were packages
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that had been discovered detected during a routine mail screening as potential explosive devices that screening happens well off site so they were never in any danger however as you mentioned george soros he did receive that pipe bomb in his his mailbox the package that was addressed to john brennan did arrive at the c.n.n. center in new york. as she had been the past obviously president trump has used some pretty colorful language even when he was on president when he was just campaigning he said he used to want to punch opponents in the face or rough up journalists once he said he paid the legal fees of someone else who did that now he's gonna change this tune as any now he's talking about you know there's no place in the usa for acts of threat of political violence that was all of this factoring into the wider debate about the current political discourse. and we have to stress we don't know who sent these packages we don't know what the motivation is but it doesn't take a great detective to realize that each one of these people is
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a major figure in the liberal establishment who opposes donald trump the it's going to consult as a big rally coming up in the next few hours tonight so we'll have to see whether he actually he turns things out a little bit because usually i just rather as he does the i'm just a few days ago he was talking about how much he loved the congressman who beat up a journalist from the guardian newspaper hillary clinton was speaking and she is like many of those in the liberal establishment how been talking about how i mean it's probably a little obliquely but they are talking about how these packages are a symptom of something that comes from the top. we are fine thanks to the men and women of the secret service. who intercepted. the package addressed to us long before it me its way to our home every day we are grateful for their service and commitment and obviously never say never more than today.
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but it is a troubling time isn't it. and it's a time of deep. divisions. and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. we also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same. this on social media though the divisions that both hillary clinton and all drug we're talking about seem to be further entrenched by the day's events the trending on twitter is mag obama as in make america great again boma donald trump's caps phrase is a campaign slogan that's from the left even though again we don't know who was responsible for these for these packages and that's incensed the right who anyway were already in there sort tweets and social media reflections on what happened
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today suggesting the whole thing was a false flag operation by democratic party operatives to try and address their voters ahead of the midterm elections coming up in the they are indeed she had with the latest from d.c. thank you. airstrikes by the saudi led coalition have targeted a farmer's market in yemen's one data province who the media say at least fifteen people were killed by the strikes which hit an outdoor fruit and vegetable market in beit jalla a key twenty others were injured yemeni officials say the sudden led coalition is preparing for a fresh assault on the rebel held port city of data a japanese journalist is safe and well in turkey after being freed from three years of captivity in syria jim pay a pseudo was initially kidnapped by fighters linked to al qaeda and subsequently held by the armed group. japan's government says no ransom was paid for you saw the safe return it also sank to turkey and qatar for aiding the freelance reporters
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release. doctors in the southern iraqi city of basra a worried that diseases like cholera might spread through the cities on usable water supply as risk canals are blocked by piles of rubbish and it's sanitation system has collapsed the norwegian refugee council is warning that nearly two hundred eighty thousand children could be affected by diarrhea and rashes matheson reports. basra is threaded with waterways along which trade has flowed for generations but not now. pictures from the norwegian refugee council show canals choked by garbage and beneath the piles of trash water is saturated with salt in their neighborhood then the second mission are shared the bin majority when the water first became salty my brother got poisoned he stayed in the hospital for two days there are too many cases of poisoning it's not only one or two thousands of people that poisoned. upstream dams in turkey syria and iran are blamed for
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reducing fresh water supplies to a trickle salt water from the gulf has been edging northwards for decades now bassos top water is on drink coble it can't even be used for washing schoolchildren and among tens of thousands of iraqis who fall in ill health and really was our schools have only one place with toilets we always ask the students to bring their own water from home because we had many poisoning cases i've dealt with five or six cases of extreme vomiting you should say because most of my friends can't come to school because of the salty water they have been poisoned some of them got a cheese skin and some of them got issues with their hair years of frustration with the struggling water an electrical supply is finally exploded in september. with days of deadly protests against government corruption which residents blame for the city's collapsing infrastructure and widespread unemployment despite a visit by high bedell of body the prime minister at the time and parliamentary
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promises that things would improve little seems to have changed doctors and aid agencies are worried that as the weather gets cooler the risk from water borne diseases such as cholera is rising in the coming days and in the coming weeks when the temperature will be between thirty two and thirty seven he's just very likely to get the will here we are expecting rates if nothing is done. to rehabilitate her and some additional assistance is. basra sits on top of much of iraq's oil wealth and peace in baghdad last year named the city iraq's economic capital but the people who live here say their water supply needs to stop poisoning them rob matheson al-jazeera. funerals have been held for two palestinians who were killed by israeli fire twenty two year old university students mohammad the shut up shot in the chest on israeli troops raided the village of time on early on
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wednesday morning and then gaza city mourners buried seventeen year old will pass it on who was shot in the head by israeli troops during a protest on the border on terms that. nato has called on russia to comply with a cold war era treaty which prohibits the production of nuclear and ballistic missiles or allies agree that the end of treaty is important and that's exactly why we are so concerned about the russian behavior. on our allies of course agreed with united states that the united states is in full compliance with the treaty but at the same time we state clearly that. the most plausible explanation is that russia now is in violation of the treaty. and therefore the challenge the problem is the russian behavior which we have seen over many years and it does been clearly stated that this cannot go on we cannot
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have a treaty between two parties which is all respected by one of them. dozens of refugees and migrants have clashed with bosnian police while trying to cross the border into neighboring croatia the migrants managed to surge through an initial police cordon before being stopped by a second barrier local media say several people were injured during the sky has thousands of migrants and been camping in northwestern wasilla hoping to cross into croatia by foot and onward to other countries thousands of central american migrants are continuing their march towards the u.s. border with plans to travel another seventy five kilometers north on wednesday john holeman is with the cut caravan in chap us southern mexico. they started walking at four o'clock in the morning to try and escape the intense heat of the day it rises to more than thirty degrees where we are in chapter south mexico and these are not just men but also women and children that have been traveling now for more than
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a week from honduras through guatemala and entering into mexico it's been very hard for them but they say that they've got to a point where they can't give up now i'm not stopping i'm continuing for years and want to build a future for my children and i've built this far and i'm not going back there's more than seven thousand people marching although you wouldn't guess that to look at the they've really dispersed along the motorway some people as well trying to catch rides as they head further north they're heading there they say because life is really unsustainable in their homeland for many of them that's on duress that country has an extreme poverty rate of more than forty percent of the population people saying that even when they can get jobs those jobs don't pay enough and when you add on top of that the level of criminality in that country and the extortion from criminal gangs that many people have to pay they say they just had little choice but to get out they still by our reckoning more than
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a month away from the united states border but already president trump ahead of the mid. term elections has unleashed some pretty furious rhetoric against them. with the ability to. take your camera it's very. very going to take you john take the camera go into the middle and you're going to find emissary you're going to find middle eastern you going to find everything and guess what we're not allowed to them in our car we want to say we've been with the caravan for almost a week now and not that it would indicate anything but we haven't seen evidence of anyone from the middle east or evidence of any sorts of terrorists here in the caravan what we have seen a lot of is not just men but also women children lots of families trying to get to the united states in search of a better life. now someone in the u.s.
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has become an instant billionaire lottery officials have confirmed a winning mega millions ticket ticket which is worth nearly one point six billion dollars was sold in the state of south carolina the winner can choose between an immediate one off payment of nine hundred million dollars that's a lump sum payment or getting the full amount the one point six billion over twenty nine years it's the biggest alfre prize in the u.s. and just short of a world record and about you but i'd definitely go for the nine hundred million you never know in life. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin has spoken publicly for the first time about the killing of saudi journalist which he described as painful speaking in riyadh the crown prince insisted that justice will prevail and all culprits will be punished the princeton self is widely
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suspected of ordering the journalist though he denies all knowledge. first of all it is very painful to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it is a brutal attack but it's not acceptable investigations are happening and we will work with the turkish government to get results and the perpetrators will be brought to justice this would have to be done by any government undoubtedly cooperation between the turkish and saudi governments is good and we know a lot of people are trying to seize on this painful situation to create a rift between turkey and saudi arabia and i want to send a message you will never be able to do that as long as we have a king called so man bin up the losses of the crown prince called mohammed bin solomon in saudi arabia or the turkish president. well it's been more than three weeks since social g. was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigators have now been given permission to search a well in the consul general's garden turkish officials say the crown prince also
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spoke to turkey's president richard there the hunt their first conversation since the killing the two reportedly discussed how to quote shed light on the case. the white house has promised to find those responsible for sending suspected explosive devices to a number of high profile democratic politicians saying that these are quote terrorizing acts law enforcement officials the sky suspected explosives addressed to the homes of hillary and bill clinton and former president barack obama the time warner building in new york which is also home to c.n.n. was also evacuated after a bomb was found in a package. airstrikes by the saudi led coalition have targeted a farmer's market in yemen province who the media say at least fifteen people were killed by the strikes which hit an outdoor fruit and vegetable market in beit fakih twenty others where injured. those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour do stay with us coming up next it's the screen thanks for
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watching by. ok and i'm really good we are in the stream allegations of bias at one of the most selective colleges in the u.s. harvard university will look at an ongoing lawsuit and what the case could mean for the future of race pace university admissions policies you can share your thoughts with us through our live chat or via twitter.
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does harvard university discriminate against asian american applicants that is the question being asked in a law suit commonly being heard in a u.s. federal court the plaintiffs students for fair admissions says asian americans all held to a higher standard in the admissions process they argue that admissions offices scored academically qualified asian americans low and personality and character rankings harvard has denied any form of discrimination and defends its quite cheerio which it says uses race as one of many factors including academics juggle fee and social economic background so to what degree should race be a factor in college admissions and what else is at stake in the harvard case well joining us to discuss these issues in boston jangly a senior at harvard he's been assisting with the and he can spree for in support of affirmative action in harvard admissions and boston swanley co-founder of the asian american coalition for education that's a group that believes affirmative action discriminates against asian americans in
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new york part of the harvard asian american alumni alliance one of the harvard affiliated groups campaigning in support of affirmative action policies and in new haven connecticut roman khandahar a high school senior who was against affirmative action welcome everyone to the stream want to start with a voice from harvard this is kelly she's a student a junior at harvard university and here's what she had to say about this hot button issue. this isn't a case of potential discrimination this is a case of real discrimination these affirmative action policies are negatively impacting asian americans and unfairly treating them simply because of their race discrimination on college campuses isn't something new this is something that organizations such as the leadership institute campus or forum have been reporting on for years and this is communication is really happening right now as she of justice john roberts once said the only way to stop discrimination on the basis of
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race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race and that's exactly what affirmative action policies do right now in the only way to change that is to get rid of them they need strong perspective there from cali so break this down for us what is harvard's admission process and wider people like calley find it so problematic. i think the reason that some people have issues with it i mean the process is a holistic admissions process a whole person admissions process and i think that you know we've all i learned a lot about harvard's admissions process over the last few weeks and one of the things that we've learned is it it is how carefully the admissions office considers each person as an individual and and in terms of considering race it's only one factor among many many many factors i considered and we were told that it is it is only considered as a plus factor. for a candidate but we've seen many files of applicants now and what's clear is that
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admission is not at all determined by scores and grades it's determined by a full consideration of what the admissions office believes that students potential the potential to make the most of their education at harvard and to go on and and make a difference in the world with that education i want to show our audience a little bit of what it might be like to get into hospital how difficult it is to get into harvard have a look on my laptop this is what harvard college admissions and financial aid have that she shared with the general public and this is a profile of the middle class of twenty twenty to look at the applicants forty two thousand look who is admitting it or who will be admitting to two thousand it is incredibly difficult to get into harvard jangly you know one of the few people who managed to do that ad and you saw you had missions file and what was written on it what did you know from that. yes so i think the biggest thing i learned is that
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again harvard takes a very holistic perspective when admitting applicants rate so it's not just the grades and test scores that harvard is and it is to this and the other it should so from my own experience here as a undergraduate you have to call it the defining experience as in that we have a lot like really really smart students right ed it's also that they are like so cash and these are at the end so i think that harvard is right to take a holistic perspective when deciding whether or not. and i think that's really the biggest takeaway i learned from you i have machines file and you also pool how can the court understand what the application process of like what it's like to student and you go vin information what can you tell us about the information the court to help them understand the situation better just to look i talked a lot about my own personal experiences with diversity years so i come from
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a very white suburb of texas i grew up with that much diversity most of my students most of my peers were white ray and so after sort of my time here i really realized just how necessary crucial diversity is to my heart breaks if it hadn't been for a diverse your perspectives on the different people of color in my classes my experience here would be completely different in the worst way and so i think i just like really wanted to put it in that student perspective of why they are just diversity is so important why it actually is or do we want to show people. that discriminates against americans. my biggest issue with this case is that it is being brought by someone who or who has never been an advocate for the asian american community who has been fighting against race conscious admissions policies at multiple universities he's suing multiple universities he's taken the
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says the supreme court and failed twice and after he failed the last time in the fisher case he went out looking specifically for asian american applicants so the this case is about ending affirmative action and his only remedy that he seeks is for admissions to be completely race blind and i think what's really important to remember is that race blind is not race neutral you know this is a country that is not where race is a factor in so many parts of our lives especially in educational achievement and educational opportunity it factors in to the way that teachers and counselors look at you if factors into the kinds of schools you have the kinds of access you have to things like test prep that is why. you know race and ethnicity should be a factor that can be taken into account so exciting missions office to get you to the person that you mention it would have bloom he's
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a conservative activists and his aim is to get rid of affirmative action in the united states here he is talking to fox news in december have a listen. college administrators and bureaucrats and admissions officers are with the idea that your race should be used to help you or your race should be used to harm you in your admissions process racial preferences that favored whites back in the forty's fifty's sixty's and seventy's was wrong yet now racial preferences that favor african-americans and hispanics that's wrong as well you cannot you cannot remove the past discrimination with new discrimination and that's what colleges so our audience and people online as well have a lot to say about this is natasha who says give us a little reminder history lesson here if you will she says he funded fischer versus texas which is an affirmative action case which he lost then he turned to asian
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american plaintiffs he's never cared about racial discrimination this case is purely about dismantling affirmative action but it is americans as cover another person also weighing in on that same theme there and it's one i will give this to you. ed blum says he's suing harvard to fight racial discrimination but anti affirmative action crusaders like bloom never attack a legacy admissions which are effectively affirmative action programs for wealthy white kids we know what this is about not your cover i'm wondering what your take is on. you know all this use actually music representation i mean you act i mix and special interest groups if they go to a harbor trials at the boston federal court they would know the real situation i was there and actually the s f did fight against the missions asked to remove it emissions and x. admission that the original considers you are of them tight together in ten american states after they banned the so-called which is not to be or can be
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overmatched which was already. into the civil rights act one nine hundred sixty four title six so as it were boom and the s f a is using the radio at home an action to fight the fake action which is really just the nation and the currents that use mostly asian action because asian africans even though they are just five percent of the high school graduates in your. book you are often punished most of the american public use this suffer from the lowest acceptance rates so when people are at work skin cover without looking at the situation of americans being discriminated all over the country that means the real have a case they have nothing to so they have to pick on a legal consultant skin color and that is very simplistic and just not sounded so i hope some kind people are conditioned to asian americans since when this is their state of being discriminated against when the really just them are apparently safe people are happy right now so when the reason that i wanted to share with our audience a clip of edward blum was not for a skin color but also he's
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a very well known campaign against affirmative action and this goes back many many years so nothing about his color but definitely about his platform and what he's keen to do so do you mind that there's this collaboration between you and a activist who wants a family of action to go away not destiny concerned about asian americans and how they are being viewed by harvard application process but affirmative action for stop to end it is actually to claim that he's fighting against affirmative action because if you read his washington post. opinion he clearly said. it as based on firmly action and actually you don't have a for an action on the look out and the critique critique i would imagine there is not her actual act what do you really at the current ration. and the fish are to haze and there is no way to control how much carnage is used.
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in the process so the most vulnerable members of society often get made the scarecrow damage which is that and when you treat a whole group of people millions of people as just one type of person you are really doing justice to most of the. applicants the students are really tribal are just really struggling to. work out with their families or with there are so much it is really chevys you think this is a pipe chart have a look at this piped up we put it together using the statistics from harvard for their class of twenty twenty two admissions going to leave it on screen for a little while. have a look at this so the minority of students in terms of a broad will be white american students and then we can look at fifteen percent of african americans going to be in the class of twenty twenty two asian americans or twenty two percent a little over twenty two percent and we have
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a spandex at twelve percent and native americans at one point nineteen percent and then need to hawaii just a tiny tiny little seven point four percent there so looking asian americans twenty two percent of this class of twenty twenty two is that problematic is that a figure that you'll think this is for romance remains that problematic do you see anything in this point out that you're thinking this is not diversity that i'm seeing right here i was raised after i listen to roman roman hello come into the on the thank you ok so if we really want you to do what's been happening mystery. current the race based affirmative action is again feek affirmative action and it's important that we figure out a way to make it into race neutral what we see currently right now is not race neutral at all it is pure discrimination when we look at that i charge all we're looking at it's just a bunch of numbers you're just putting people into kreutz as and then we have certain number of people as this is in
4:37 am
a city we have certain number of people this in the city it's not what we want to look at what is a holistic review a holistic review is to make sure you look at someone in every way possible but when you look at the recent automatically create some sort of discrimination and we don't want that at all well joining a genie both sides with the applications process they want to stick with you john. so i don't i think maybe there's some like fundamental misunderstanding of what a horrific and vicious process dentist right so you're not imaging an applicant explosives leave because there was right we are taking and these are not other facets. you're not very improper you are not officer official i don't argue that you were never involved in the process you will i will not release the other i was not i will drag the crocodile and i as i have are just like anything else i'll let me just wants that i want to die not long i love trying to finish it still and then you can connect the same lie you have. to justice and so so i just i get up but the
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whole thing is about students and you can't say just a student just go ahead and that's when you come back and just again like from my experiences you're not in the africans just because they're black just because they're a different race race you're taking into consideration all these different factors like social economic status where they're from etc and likes want your earlier point about how race pace of ground action we should haves action based that's based on social economic economic status i don't think that's an adequate. replacement of race actually because that totally ignores the fact that racism still exists race still believe matters in how we live our lives right if you have a white african and you have a black african all of these are well these two people are still going to have very different experiences because institutional racism still exists except chop and if you look at the numbers all the people of color black and brown students might be more just for show or you have the actual number of white africans are part is
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going to be extremely more so in reality this is again only a party that is going to affect only one benefit. it's not a matter of when you think i don't bloom and s f it's not just do it for the americans but for all americans. especially the working class americans because right now when they use the racial. or income students and that's not fair i went to the court at boston federal court and i listened to the defense how they are justifying their racial consideration and everything they said about how i mean using pencils to practice. our african-american act and you know have certain kind of career goal and that isn't all that was evidence that used to justify racial concentration and. racial consideration it's all for the app you can just package the material that you from all there are even then even though that they'll
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consider recycle all that information is already in the applicants package all that is for me is there what they're not saying is that. it actually associate with the rich and then it's in the really i know you want to get in there but i want to play and then i want to bring in a couple of tweets around our community this really was brought up in my mind when i heard a couple of phrases from the swan this is in our bed by a member of our community this is the title affirmative action harvard doesn't hurt most asian americans because we more often go to community colleges and the idea behind this he writes in this tweet ryan says the main point of this op ed was always to emphasize how our community should remain dubious when folks like edward blum also best known for challenging voter rights laws claim that they suddenly and solely care about our success as a group but moving on from that point though keeping that in mind but moving on
4:41 am
just a little bit i want to bring into this tweet this is from jim now who says spending my life conducting research on and teaching about asian americans has made me keenly aware of how race has shaped the experiences of the. americans and made more aware of how asian americans fit into the larger us racial landscape i don't buy charges of discrimination at i.v.s. asian americans many who are chinese american like me are unrolled at yale at a rate three times greater than their numbers in the population this is of inclusion so i bring that up genie because i wonder and what she's saying is there not a danger that there might actually be discrimination here that will be swept under the rug because of the larger issue of affirmative action. i think that it's important not only for the admissions office to be to be carefully monitoring their processes at all times i hope that the admissions office has very strong
4:42 am
training around implicit bias you know that's something we haven't quite discussed yet and there has been some evidence that there may be implicit bias that creeps into the process for instance when teachers and counselors write recommendations and how do you how do you work against against that i think that you know it again . there are i'm sure there are always ways for an admissions office to be improved and to guard against any kinds of discrimination i have to go back though and again challenge the assertion that edward bloom is pro affirmative action that is absolutely not true he is very much said he is against it and in terms of as jang mentioned socio economics if you know the research has shown that if you just try to admit based on socio economics you crease the diversity of the class dramatically so if you're going in that direction again that is a solution that is taking us back in time to becoming
4:43 am
a less diverse college community and and a society that is you know less educated around issues of diversity and you know one of the things that hardly tries to do that's filled leaders for all different communities and that means that they need to admit a class that that includes students from all those communities who are committed to those communities who have experience in those communities and are going to go on to serve those communities that include students from chinese american immigrant communities that includes students from vietnamese communities from south asian communities from bangladeshi american communities from puerto rico and american communities i mean this is why hard just trying to create diversity and. also this diversity benefits asian americans i mean the asian american students out of harvard and out colleges need to learn in their words our environment in our lives
4:44 am
so that they can go on to work in and lead this incredibly. you know diverse society that we live in that's becoming more and more diverse and i can't what universities like harvard is trying to do are trying to do is to you know build that leadership for the future ok so and i just want to say this one if i may let me let me share this with you this comes from kurt compeyson who is following the the court case that's happening right now regarding harvard and its application process and kirk says that it's they ating the harvard discrimination case on the stand mark hansen who previously worked university's office of institutional research and he sworn testimony hansen says asian americans are at a disadvantage in harvard's admission process and then the daily student magazine newspaper the hava crimson also says internal harvard review showed disadvantage for asian applicants nobody has spelled out in this conversation so far what
4:45 am
disadvantages swan can he say that for us in a sentence be very clear what are its racial stereotyping and regional bigotry and visual profiling the college admissions process not just wasted but for everybody i want to come to a margin you can't just point out how they are trying to bring in representing different communities but that's what he just profiling students of any additional are good enough to leave any racial group on the beach or groups they're not a community that's of their own as a new city i think of the fake government actually which is just looks for what's supremacy to perpetuate racism and look down at how just spiritual defeat and how you subjugate the white students at eight colleges i think that's really very problematic and just morally wrong it's a dynamic i tried mightily. and that i did not personally right now so that i like you sparked something there but i want to bring in our community member another harvard student this is daniel he sent us a bit comment on the way forward pushing this conversation
4:46 am
a bit ahead this is what he told the sting when he will talk about finding a solution to the alleged cap on asian americans and harvard admissions at first point out that it's not actually clear whether or not discrimination is actually happening that's still even tested in court but if it is i think it's much more likely that a solution would be found looking at other missions for rooms like athletic recruitment legacy admissions the dean's list and children faculty all of which have been shown to disproportionately favor white students over asian students and keeping in mind the harbor is still around halfway i think maybe cutting back on legacy and recruitment could do more to get at the heart of the problem rather than cutting back on affirmative action some people also think so second i'm in class work as an alternative by don't think that's viable at least on a loan given that race till her dramas uni america regardless of your class day in a sentence what do you make of your classmates thoughts there yeah so i mean i completely agree with all. right like social economics that is
4:47 am
a good replacement for action and the kinds of things i raise a specter actions trying to get at because they still matters and lives and as mentors to everybody. you know so when it comes to this i've always the same exact thing when we look back at history when we looked at race that's exactly what caused discrimination that's what's causing this rumination right now i want to go back to the topic of. we've got thirty seconds left so thank you so much i really appreciate your input for our conversation we will take it online and join your conversation and continue to watch this court case. talking about the application process for asian americans at harvard university so i swan ranjini and john thank you for being part of the conversation and i will see you online so i will continue to debate but we have to wrap up the shout thank you everybody take.
4:48 am
divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the sixtieth wedding anniversary approaches own parents and locking horns rather than arms what about to
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go to. the door to leave and professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my fine back my mom part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century and they are look real war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to how does iraq south sudan is one of the last places on earth to harbor guinea worm
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disease a gruesome affliction that is affected millions over centuries to stand out in the world as the only country we do almost all the cases from the law it is a huge response with no vaccine and no cure could this disease be on the verge of extinction we know where the problem we know what needs to be done if it doesn't what the things lifelines how to slay a dragon on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown princess spoken publicly for the first time about the killing of saudi journalist jamal ashaji which he described as painful speaking in riyadh mohammed bin insisted that justice will prevail in the case and all culprits will be punished and. if it hadn't lived written to mr the first of all it
4:51 am
is very painful to all saudis it's painful to everyone in the world it is a brutal attack but it's not acceptable investigations are happening and we will work with the turkish government to get results and the perpetrators will be brought to justice. meanwhile french president emanuel in the qur'an has expressed outrage over this to saudi king cell line and said that he will back international sanctions over the killing it's been more than three weeks since ashaji was last seen at the saudi consulate in istanbul alan fisher has more now on the investigation to find his body. even the routine looks suspicious no. i say the consular residence in istanbul they were cleaning sewers it happens a few times a year this street was due but with turkish forensic teams searching everywhere possible for clues to locate jamal khashoggi his body this takes on a new significance it's now about trying to piece together a complex gruesome jigsaw with huge international implications you would think that
4:52 am
the whole effort would be to see that justice was done early seemed to be done at least to name the guilty parties but of course it's much more complicated than that because it involves a whole where relationship in this very complex region and also course the united states there is the car park in istanbul suburb or so the consular car was discovered it was searched turkish police found a computer and clothes but still don't know why it was here then there is the place where an alleged should you body double the clothes he was wearing when he left the consulate all done to suggest the right or left the building the turkish president says a saudi team came here to this forest a short drive from istanbul the day before jamal khashoggi died the suggestion they were looking for a place to dump a body the implication his death was premeditated and not the result of a fight that got out of hand. each and every day there seems to be new information
4:53 am
revealed or leaked the latest this was the car used for that mission in the forest caught by security cameras now an important part of the investigation but there's the feeling turkey's president goes far more than has been made public clearly the president of turkey is trying to use this incident to weaken. the saudi or apparent but. it's a dangerous game to play if he plays his cards as it were too rough for his to insist there are too forceful things could rebound so he's playing them still a little bit carefully the turks seem to know what happened in great detail who may have been responsible and we are no bringing them in front of a turkish court seems unlikely but they're pushing on with their inquiries and promise to soon share what they know with their allies and the rest of the world alan fischer al-jazeera istanbul u.s. president donald trump has strongly condemned the number of suspicious devices sent
4:54 am
to prominent democrat politicians including hillary clinton and barack obama speaking at the white house he said it was time to unite against such violence i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together . and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. russia has the scribe the us president's plan to develop new ballistic missiles as extremely dangerous donald trump says the u.s. will develop new intermediate range missiles unless russia and china agree to stop developments of their own russia says that will make the world a more dangerous place trump and russian president vladimir putin are expected to meet in paris next month i'll have more of that and all the other news stories in
4:55 am
half an hour stay with us though coming up next it's witness thanks for watching but i. eat. eat eat eat. eat eat eat eat eat.
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