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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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we know what needs to be done if you don't like them being lifelines how to seem a drag on al-jazeera. the death of jim on the show gee was an extrajudicial killing that's according to a senior u.n. official. sun has left saudi arabia for the u.s. and saudi prosecutors consider evidence the murder was premeditated. well i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up at least eighteen people mainly children have died after a school bus was swept away by flash flooding in jordan more parcel bombs found in the u.s. from blames what he calls fake news for creating anger in society. a
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top u.n. official says a saudi journalist was the victim of an extrajudicial killing that's been widespread international outrage over his shoulder is this who vanished after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul more than three weeks ago our diplomatic editor james bays joins us live now from the u.n. in new york so victim of an extrajudicial killing tell us what exactly she said. well this is coming from agnes cullum and who is the expert on this very issue her title is un special rapporteur on ex are you dish will summary or arbitrary executions it's worth me explaining what international law in u.n. terminology an extrajudicial killing is it's the killing of someone by a state taking place outside that state now she's been giving evidence for the
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third committee of the united nations it's part of the general assembly that deals with human rights issues and afterwards in the last hour she gave a news conference and i was pressing at the news conference of her view of saudi arabia's culpability and she's made a statement that certainly has not come from anyone at the u.n. before and that is that in her view as an expert on this issue a legal expert and a human rights expert that there were among these suspects that saudi arabia itself says that it is detaining the top fifteen suspects it has key members of of saudi arabia's elite so high in the system of saudi arabia that in her view it amounts to an extrajudicial killing by saudi arabia i followed up what if the king didn't know what if the crown prince didn't know and she said that doesn't
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matter if if these were so senior figures then they those figures amount to being saudi arabia and making saudi arabia culpable for this killing it's worth telling you when she spoke earlier on in that committee meeting here in the united nations saudi arabia objected to some of the things she said she said it was a gruesome killing the saudi representative who spoke said that she was inserting her own opinions in going beyond her remit but she's made it clear this is exactly the sort of case that is. the reason for her mandate within the united nations she's now calling for an independent and international investigation into what happened she says she has no doubt that saudi arabia and turkey may have some of the technical capabilities to do this but she says this is become such an important international case it needs to be investigated by an international body set up to
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investigate and james we are hoping to speak to agnes calmar the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions a little later in the program really interesting to see what she says for the moment james bays when thinking saudi arabia's attorney general's office says it's looking into the possibility that killing a was premeditated murder in the light of information received from a joint investigation with turkey saudi arabia initially said has walked out of its consulate in istanbul after visiting the building on october the second shall strafford has more now from istanbul. wearing traditional saudi dress jamal khashoggi mosque and red dye and depicting blood on his hands the message is clear these medium freedom activists human rights defenders turkish politicians and friends of the killed saudi journalist want. on this occasion and from this place where the spirit has been lost we clearly state that we do not
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and will not accept compromises in the case of his murder and that we will not silence any attempt to evade any criminal criminal from accountability and. we will follow only let them it means to achieve full justice for demand. democrats and i can assure that. as a friend of jamal khashoggi here we stand for his values is no longer standing alone but as many stand for democracy and freedom of expression and accountability in the muslim world. saudi arabia has described the killing of jamal khashoggi inside its consulate in istanbul as a mistake committed by rogue elements it is arrested eighteen men reportedly fifteen of whom were part of a team who the turkish government suspect came to turkey specifically to kill
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khashoggi they all reportedly left the country the day of the killing their work done. both turkey and saudi arabia are conducting their own investigations but turkish government sources told al jazeera that working together is proving more difficult. the sources said the saudis were denying access to turkish investigators to thaw really inspect a well in the garden of the saudi consul general zone. both the turkish and the saudi investigators have repeatedly stressed the importance of working together in this investigation but it's been two weeks since the joint invest conceived group was announced and turkey's foreign minister is suggesting that the saudis may not be keeping their word there. today smiley says the process is unfortunately dragged on because there are still questions that need to be answered for example these eighteen people why were they arrested who gave them orders these questions were
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already asked by our president but i am repeating them in order to remind you however jamal khashoggi body has not been found yet where is it they confessed to killing so why they are not saying where is it. saudi arabia says it doesn't snow where body is and has denied crown prince muhammad bin salma ordered the killing but on wednesday for the first time saudi prosecutors indicated that they are now investigating premeditated murder of the information received from the turkish investigators turkey's president received type to one sit on choose day that evidence gathered by the turkish side showed it was the victim of a savage murder. so more pressure from turkey raising the question again what more evidence to the turks have from a reported already a recording made inside the consulate on the day the khashoggi was killed just reference joins us live now from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul and
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that charles what other developments have there been in the investigation recently . suddenly today the big frustration for the they've been telling us is the fact that it seems as if the saudis had given the clearance full that. team to go inside the consul general's premises and that well agreement there on principle but certainly according to sources in the prosecutor general's prosecutor's office hey they telling us that the saudis are still dragging their feet in denying access to that well we understand that a sample of water was taken the first time the consul general's premises. was investigated was searched last week we've been told that the well water is down about six metre is six meters down they need to get to the bottom of that well which we've been told is over twenty meters deep so obviously they're having to use
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people with specialized skills who can do that even go down in that water and still really investigate that interestingly the the saudi sorry the turkish foreign minister as you heard in our report there putting more pressure on the saudis no not really much of a veiled accusation fairly safe to say that there is frustration from that that the saudis are cooperating enough in this investigation an interest only listing so won't james was saying there reporting from the u.n. with respect to any international investigation in the future. the turkish foreign minister commented today saying that carlie we do we do not have the intention to carry this to the international criminal court however. if the international courts all the institutions take a decision to carry this out we would share what information we have it is our
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responsibility to share this again an illustration of potential frustration that the turks are feeling and the amount of pressure they are putting on the saudis for full cooperation in this investigation charles fried food with the latest from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul charles thank you and now we can speak to agnes kalamata bay un special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary and arbitrary executions she joins us on skype from the united nations in new york radom thank you so much for joining us here on the al-jazeera now you have said the you believe that the killing of jamal khashoggi could be considered an extrajudicial killing just talk us through what makes you think that. well there are several elements as to what we know about the disappearance and the killings further look of the killings this is a consulate it's you know it's certainly
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a reprieve center t.v. of the state of saudi arabia the individuals present at the time of the disappearance and then the alledged killings where every present chief of the state subsequently over the last a few days at least the saudi authorities i've recognized that individuals at the highest level of the government or the structures of authority within the government where involved in the disappearance and the killings there were two weeks during which period the government of saudi arabia denied knowing anything about what had happened there for filling in their duty to provide and to undertake a thorough investigations all of those elements and the kate that the disappearance and now killing of mr jamal cash shogi that bear the all mark over an extrajudicial executions the investigation is obviously still
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ongoing and one of the big question marks is effectively who ordered the killing how far up it went in the saudi government big question mark is whether of course the crown prince mohammed bin salon was aware of it why do you think that that doesn't necessarily matter. i am not suggesting that she does not matter i am suggesting that what we do know already is sufficient to suggest very strongly that mr cash was a victim of an extrajudicial executions and that the saudi arabian government is amply kitted in one way or the other including because of its reluctance to undertake an investigation and the beginning of the allegations including according to what the turkish government is now saying because of its reluctance to provide informations so the responsibility of the government is directly involved it will
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be up to a thorough impartial proficiently investigation to determine how far up in the authorities of that government who is we will see early teammate decision maker but we haven't off right now to suggest to determine in fact that the government of saudi arabia ease response people and is implicated i mean you talk about a thorough impartial investigation obviously there is one now between the saudis and the turks but would that satisfy you what other kinds of investigations do you think perhaps we should see on this case. so i am not questioning the technical capacity of the turkish government so indeed of the saudi government to undertake an investigations what i am suggesting now ever is that given the context given what has happened over the last two weeks the
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legitimacy of that investigation does need an additional norle oversight and an internationally mandated to team of experts who will be at the lead today who will be allowed to review the evidence collected by turkey and by saudi arabia we'll be a very strong element of legitimacy and validation for those investigation i should also add that given the nature of the crime given the identity of the victim given the fact that the international community as prioritized the killing and the violence against journalist i think it tees particularly important in convent upon this international community to now act when he does your ports unity the turkish government has said we're ready to
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cooperate with an international team of investigators it is now up to the secretary general all to the security council all to the human rights. console to establish that team always a mandate to review zero evidence collected by the various entities involved in the investigations at national level and if you have floated this idea of a more international investigation with the international community playing a key part in it i have you had any resistance to that so far from the saudi government. well as so so far the saudi government has not responded to our demands for further information sun does not responded to our recommissioned for an international investigation agnes calamine un special rapporteur on extrajudicial summary and arbitrary
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executions madam thank you so much for having joined us here on al-jazeera. right well obviously a huge repercussions to the. story all over the world from the united nations we go now to the u.s. or at least another part of the u.s. and speak drugs there is she had breast cancer now she a we know that the cia director. actually went to turkey to talk to investigators there trying to get some idea of what was going on she then went back and reported the donald trump what came out of that meeting do we know. we don't know yet but in the last hour also the white house press secretary did tell journalists that we can expect some sort of statement in the coming hours following the d. brief from gina housefull the cia director as you said she went we understand she hugged the audience recordings that charles mentioned
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a little earlier which the turks say demonstrates the interrogation and murder of the shoji all along we've heard the u.s. administration say we're going to make up our own mind about this over the last several days we've heard that they were still in fact finding mode but when gina housefull returned when she do brief the administration some sort of decision some sort of some sort of clarity will be formed within the administration about what to do so now we'll wait for the statement see whether this now moves from a fact finding stage to a judgment stage and perhaps an action stage interestingly this thing to the un special rapporteur. i mean clearly we know what the what the u.s. administration thinks about international jurisdiction or oversight that they are they want nothing to do with that sort of thing the this is ministration they keep keeps on saying it will make up its own mind and act in its own time so now we wait we await the state but then we see whether the u.s. administration really means it and a suppose it's always worth remembering this is the story of one man that you know went into
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a consulate and then died and his family and we actually do have news that his son salah who was in saudi arabia and had been asked not to leave actually has left saudi arabia for the u.s. what more do we know. well just in the last hour reuters is reporting that jamal khashoggi and his family did arrive in washington d.c. perhaps on the two pm flights from saudi arabia there is a family home in the washington suburbs in mclean virginia so he is now apparently according to reuters he is now in washington d.c. he was under some sort of travel ban imposed by the by the saudis he does have u.s. saudi dual citizenship but we understand that his family according to reuters and now in the washington d.c. area chevron hansie with the latest from washington d.c. she have same cue now at least eighteen people most of them schoolchildren have died after flash flooding in jordan heavy rain caused the floods near the dead sea
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we're thirty seven children and seven teachers were on a school outing witnesses say the children were traveling on a bus to a resort area when it was swept into a valley by raging floodwaters. with pictures there a major rescue and search operation is underway israel has sent helicopters to assist. each other you have is a freelance journalist she joins us now on skype from the jordanian capital amman it sounds like a horrific story there what other details do we have. now. in jordan for this in principle eighteen people for four people were injured and the number can be increased and then make coming hours as the defense forces are still a little q one more children and people you know that cool but we're going in attrib near the big pete wentz last away of the bus. as i said security
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civil defense forces are trying to to risk you more people i mean we have been seeing around the world perhaps more of these cases of flash flooding but how common if at all is that in jordan. actually this is not a very common i mean this is one of the biggest disaster in maybe twelve years so civil defense forces old was give people warning and instructions but unfortunately the school in particular wasn't really committed to be the instructions on this is why i took percent of the jordanian government when i met said that an investigation would be opened about the accidental killing our below also canceled his visit to behave and because of the what if accident so i would say about this usually people know that so we knew since yesterday that we would we would have been. hesitant today but we were surprised that school bus went on
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a trip like near the did see us or for me is a very uber freelance journalist joining us from amman thank you. now police in the u.s. are investigating more suspicious packages addressed a high profile critics of president donald trump one package was addressed to the actor robert de niro and one of his properties in new york has more. another day another shot of a crude bomb being carted away to be deactivated on thursday in. similar to this found at a business owned by actor robert de niro two more devices found in delaware addressed to former vice president joe biden the targets are a who's who of the president's critics the very people the president has personally attacked many say this is proof the president has gone too far this has come from trump trump has used to describe people who disagree with him as enemies of the
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people so people who support the other party are dangerous hateful crazy anti-american so it's very very hard to look at this and not lay a fair amount of the blame both squarely at the foot of donald trump but also what the other republicans who stood by for years let this happen at first donald trump to be conciliatory tone do you see how nice somebody. this is like i do you ever seen that it didn't last long he sent out a tweet just hours later blaming the mainstream media for the anger in the country his spokeswoman followed soon to the right an appropriate way to disown her people used on your network a number of times not only to describe the president but many people that work in this administration absolutely day in day out there is a negative tone ninety percent of the media attention around this president is negative despite historic job creation his supporters in the media when even further claiming both sides are to blame were and do not sit there and point to what the other team did to cause this we don't know the perpetrator we don't know
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the motivation that it was interesting because hillary clinton says we can't we can't step aside from hateful rhetoric and tell democrats have bullied their way she was talking about policy america is a country divided so much so that even an attempt to carry out the mass killing of the country's political opposition is now seen as something to debate petty calling al-jazeera washington. if he has appointed its first female president sally work is there was selected unanimously by the parliament in addis ababa it comes just a week after the prime minister appoint appointed a gender balanced cabinet in which half of the posts are held by women paul brennan reports. ethiopia's new president was warmly applauded into the parliament as the unanimous choice of the gathered assembly salberg zonday has the credentials and the credibility to give genuine weight to have presidency despite
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the role being largely ceremonial go into english and french as well as her native language she was born in addis ababa studied in france and has been an ambassador to france djibouti and senegal and most recent post is the un's top official of the african union. women's rights and peace are top of her priorities one. on one action the absence of peace mainly victimizes women during my presidency my main focus is to ensure peace by moving all ethiopian women peace loving men and all peoples of the world who love peace. change is underway ethiopia's reformist prime minister ahmed last week appointed a streamlined to twenty person cabinet in which half the posts are held by women including in charge of the defense ministry and the newly created ministry of peace she boise police and domestic security the new president is also
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a strong advocate for an end to religious ethnic and gender discrimination it is their prisoner shows. that motion every fiscal year two boys houses they are in the door houses. you know the guy the guidance of the government's activities for inquiry years so it's it's not just their morning i would say but from her speech this morning i also gathered that the president's office can become what you make of it the determination in her speech is quite quite impressive. so what becomes africa's only serving female head of state as president she's expected to serve two six year terms paul brennan al-jazeera former french president nicolas sarkozy has lost an appeal against the citizen to put him on trial over illegal campaign financing the case known as the big mainly an affair goes back to suppose his reelection push in two thousand and twelve he's accused of colluding with
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a public relations company to disguise the true cost of his campaign france sets limits on how much candidates can spend on election campaigns. the remains of soldiers from the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war has been have been found in that the militarized zone that separates north and south korea they're the first to be discovered since last month's summers in pyongyang when the leaders of both countries agreed to start the mining the area . has more now from seoul. south korea found two sets of soldier remains at an old battle site where fierce conflict took place towards the end of the one nine hundred fifty to fifty three korean war now you have to remember that this area was sealed off for more than sixty years when the korean war ended in an armistice not a peace treaty and this was sealed off as part of the demilitarized zone now last month the two defense ministers of the two countries finally agreed that they would jointly search this area of the d.m.z.
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for soldier remains and this happened on the sidelines of the third into korean summit between south korean president in and north korean leader kim jong and in pyongyang now south korea says the search for war remains must continue. those who it is assumed that there are more than ten thousand remains and it's deemed the area including the u.n. forces as well as south korean soldiers who were killed during the korean war. this is the first concrete outcome of the military agreement signed between the two countries back in september and another one is the disarming of the joint security area or at the truthful edge of punjab to be more exact and this is a very symbolic gesture to as this is the only area along the military demarcation line where soldiers from both sides face each other in close proximity fully armed and now starting from tomorrow they will be thirty five soldiers from each side but
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they will be no weapons and no guard posts. a ukrainian filmmaker who's been called russia's most famous prisoner has been awarded the top human rights prize all accent so has been jailed by russia on charges of plotting terrorism he's a fierce critic of the kremlin and openly condemned russia's annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen so he reports the. filmmaker writer and a symbol of defiance in ukraine like sense of may be hailed as a hero by those campaigning for the release of political prisoners in russia but it has cost him his freedom his arrest in twenty fourteen by russian security forces following an accession of crimea on charges of conspiring to commit terrorism catapulted his case to the world stage sent soft has always denied the charges yet he remains one of the most vocal opponents of the takeover of his native region by
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russia he served three years of a twenty year sentence the european parliament continues to call for his release. yes that. the prize has been awarded to him because of his courage and his determination the ukrainian filmmaker all extensive has become a symbol of the fights for the release of political prisoners in russia and all over the world. by granting him this award the european parliament would like to show their support to him and it's called. the. sense of is serving his sentence at a russian penal colony north of the arctic circle in may he began a hunger strike demanding old ukrainian political prisoners be freed but his health deteriorated and he ended his protest after one hundred forty five days to avoid being force fed by prison authorities but. the
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supporters have vowed to continue the fight and hope that this prize could further pressure russia to release him but most go has so far ignored any calls for his freedom or that of others sunny diagonal al jazeera. and now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a top u.n. official says the saudi journalist was the victim of an extrajudicial killing there's been widespread international outrage over the death of a shrug who vanished after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul more than three weeks ago. what we do know already is sufficient to suggest very strongly that mr cash was a victim of an extrajudicial executions and that the saudi arabian government is amply kit to in one way all the other including because of its reluctance to
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undertake an investigation and the beginning of the allegations including according to what took each government is now saying because of its reluctance to provide information. saudi arabia's attorney general's office says it's looking into the possibility that killing was premeditated murder in the light of information received from a joint investigation with turkey friends and colleagues of the show g have held a vigil for the journalists outside the saudi consulate in istanbul meanwhile the search for clues into his killing continues and demolished eldest son and his family have arrived in the u.s. from saudi arabia after having their travel ban lifted salau bin general has showed g. men met with the saudi king and crown prince in riyadh on tuesday in other news at least eighteen people most of them schoolchildren have died after flash flooding in jordan heavy rain caused the floods near the dead sea with thirty seven children and seven teachers were in the school outing witnesses say the children were
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travelling on a bus to a resort area where when it was swept into a valley by raging flood waters and major rescue and search operation is underway israel has said helicopters to assist the search. police in the u.s. are investigating more suspicious packages addressed the high profile critiques of president donald trump one package was addressed to the actor robert de niro one of his properties in new york two other parcels were sent to former u.s. vice president joe biden police say they are similar to mail bombs the liver to leading democrats and the c.n.n. our offices in new york over the last few days. well those are the top stories stay with us i'll have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's the screen thanks for watching but i.
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am for me ok enjoying the stream i say and rest is a james beard award winning chef mission in star restaurant talk and no new york times best selling author i'm really could be a chef and the restaurant is us to discuss his new book about providing meals and disaster relief to puerto rico and beyond have a question for him to leave it in the you tube chat as well get them into the conversation. my name a funny about him find i am a creepy filmmaker and writer pham northern manitoba and you are in the series. as in dress didn't want to just give food to people recovering from the impact of hurricane maria he wanted to give the best food in haste.


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