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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the way we presenting the state when they acted as he acted pointing the blame squarely at saudi arabia a un investigation says the killing of jamal khashoggi was an extrajudicial executions. but i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at least nineteen people were killed in flash floods in jordan most of the victims are students who were on a school trip. japan's prime minister hails one historic turning point for his country and china as the leaders of asia's two biggest economies forged close to
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close a time plus. i'm wayne hay in palo indonesia where it's been almost a month since the earthquake and tsunami so many people are still missing tens of thousands are homeless and there's ongoing concern for the welfare of children the most vulnerable in the aftermath of a disaster. the . saudi arabian journalist has shown she was the victim of an extrajudicial executions that's the assessment of the united nations special rapporteur on summary or arbitrary killings she's pointing the finger directly at the top level of the saudi leadership diplomatic as the james bays reports from new york. agnus color mark does a very specific role for the united nations and it covers exactly the crime committed in the saudi consulate in istanbul three weeks ago she is the special
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rapporteur on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions with regard to the gruesome executor of saudi johnnies jamal khashoggi i want to add my voice to that of my colleague david cave the un special rapporteur on freedom of expression. to call for an international investigation into this murder after she raised the case in the u.n. committee that deals with human rights the saudi representative said she was exceeding her remit right up there with us thinking my did a geisha wish like to denounce this statement by the special rapporteur we call on her not to exceed her mandate on extrajudicial executions gandhi do not give us any personal opinion in this official meeting thank you question but she later went further in
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a news conference the special rapporteur telling me she believes on current evidence saudi arabia as a state is culpable for the murder when where where do we stop the where do we begin where do we stop our construction of the state they where we preventing the state when they acted as he acted the state cannot twice sheets and for me to throw sponsor abilities so it doesn't matter whether the crown prince or the king say they didn't know of course it matters but that does not mean that the saudi state is not responsible. the special rapporteur has added her voice to the growing call for an international investigation but it's not clear how that will be launched the u.n. secretary general says he will only form a panel to investigate the case if he gets the referral from one of the main bodies of the un the security council the general assembly or the human rights council or from one of the countries concerned james. at the united nations. she's
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friends and activists have held a vigil for him demanding answers from saudi arabia they say the saudi crown prince has blood on his hands and insists that they will not accept any compromises in the case of his murder on this occasion and from this place where the spirit has been lost we clearly state that we do not and will not accept compromises in the case of his murder and that we will not keep silent on any attempt to evade any criminal criminal from accountability and one from. we will follow all legitimate means to achieve full justice for demand. eldest son has arrived in the us after being allowed to leave saudi arabia. has been had been banned from traveling outside the kingdom he was photographed meeting crown
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prince mohammed bin solomon on tuesday the photo opportunity was widely criticized as being insensitive evidence from the turkish investigation into how short g.'s death has links the killing to the office of the crown prince al-jazeera as mike hanna reports from washington. the u.s. state department has welcomed the saudi decision to lift the travel ban on to sochi and it's emerged that the secretary of state plate a major role in this decision it would appear the state department says set my pompei oprah up the issue. with the saudi leaders during his visit to riyadh so clearly the secretary of state playing a major role in that saudi decision to allow. to leave saudi arabia and come to the united states he is a dual u.s. and saudi citizen in the course of the day to president trump had his much awaited meeting with his director of the cia he's been talking about this for days saying
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that he needs to get the information in person to be able to take a decision on what to do next but there was only a single line statement coming from the white house confirming just that that me meeting had taken place more information came from the state department saying that the secretary of state might pompei o also took part in the discussions so it would appear president trump now has the information that he has been asking for now we wait to see what decision is taken on what the trumpet ministration does next a search and rescue operation is underway near the dead sea in jordan true at least nineteen people died in flash floods most of the victims were children on an outing organized by the school shown a palace reports. the headlights of risky vehicles illuminated a ravine on the date see. this searching for school children swept away in
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a flash flood on thursday. the sound of rushing water is drowned out by helicopters seen from israel as only she could hear the nominee we're doing everything we can everyone from the ministry of labor the ministry of interior civil defense down in the water and up in the mountain they won't be leaving the area until we know the fate of every student every citizen jordan has experienced heavy rains this week witnesses say the children were visiting popular hot springs inland from the did see and they were swept into a valley by a flashlight most of the children were under fourteen years old risk families picnicking at the holiday spot were among the date and injured and. when the flash floods came to this swept the students forty five kilometers from the hot springs to this valley which leads to the dead sea there were people who ended up in the sea water and there were people who managed to reach rocks and save themselves. jordan's prime minister tweeted this image of alyssa between
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a man's victoria college and the ministry of education showing they only had permission to go to as rock a two hour drive east of the did see whether that i mean there were many warnings from the metrological department. and that's why i really don't understand how this was indicates and in such a day. we did see is the lowest point on earth and prone to diddley floods in april taynton agents who were hiking in southern israel also. a few kilometers from the site a procession of ambulances pushed through crowds at southern shewn a hospital doctors treated more than forty patients. each time the doors opened relative schools hopeful. might reveal the thanks of those still missing ballots. japan's prime minister shinzo abbay says his country's relationship with
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china has reached a historic turning point in beijing the first japanese leader to visit in seven years the two countries have signed a series of trade agreements they will hold talks with china's president xi jinping in the coming hours despite growing trade ties in recent decades japan and china have had a strained relationship since the end of the second world war more now from our beijing correspondent adrian brown. the leaders of asia's two largest economies have agreed to basically put their differences aside to sit down and talk to one another as opposed to threatening each other which is what was happening not so long ago i think what has changed think what has changed the dynamic in the relationship is the election of president donald trump because both tokyo and beijing have been feeling the heat from the white house president from pursue also been threatening japan over its trade practices and of course tokyo is worried that president trumps america first policy could lead to a scaling back of the u.s.
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military presence in asia and i think the message from china's leaders to shinzo abi is going to be this you know china can be a stable alternative to the united states already the value of trade between these two countries stands at three hundred billion dollars and of course china remains japan's most important trading partner and you know shinzo r.b.a. is saying he wants to lift the relationship to a new level so the mood music so far appears to be quite positive all the rivalry between asia's two largest economy stretches back to the early years of the second world war generations of chinese have been taught about attacks by chinese troops most prominently the nanjing massacre of one nine hundred thirty seven the commemoration of war dead in japan remains an issue for many in china who consider the dead japanese soldiers to be war criminals the two countries also disagree about the sovereignty of islands in the east china sea which lie on huge oil and
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gas reserves japan is trying to develop an improved trade partnership with the us after the trumpet ministration pulled out of the transatlantic partnership china has been operating a free trade area for asian countries since twenty ten and is in currently embroiled in a trade war with the us let's get a view now from stephen nagi who's a senior associate professor. at the tokyo christin university he joins us now live via skype from the japanese capital good to have you with us stephen wanted to make that of this to be a parent warming in relations between china and japan who has the most to gain here . well i think what we should understand adrian that the warming the relationship says more about normalization of relations and what that means is that both countries would like to move their relations race relationship back to focusing on economics focusing on trade and to push aside some of the difficult political
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issues that really is a division between the two states who has the most to win this is very difficult question to ask but i think we can clearly understand that beijing is concerned about the sino u.s. relationship they're concerned about the trajectory of that relationship and they would like to it they're taking in economy and enemies approach and what i mean is that they'd like to put fires out within the region they'd like to warm relations with traditional rivals such as japan and concentrate the diplomatic efforts on the united states so where does this fit into this ongoing geo political and economic contest between china and the u.s. you're saying that japan is basically self protecting here. well japan is looking at both the united states and china and trying to figure out what's the best balance between these two states and as you and your segue mentioned depends biggest trading partner today is china and that relationship will continue to be
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important but japan's a security partner without comparison is the united states but the united states and japan also have many overlapping institutions and quote including a liberal democratic institutions including. a focus on freedom of press a focus on human rights and these are very important bonds between the two stakes so japan is trying to figure out how they can continue to have good relations with both of these states and at the same time play a role in ensuring that. a negative spiral inside the u.s. relations doesn't affect japan's trading relations and security partnership with us so what does china get out of this so the benefits purely economic. well china is looking for to take some of some of the heat off the off china japan plays a very important role in building norms within the region japan's trying to support
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something called the free and open in the pacific which focuses on rule based behavior in terms of trade but also in terms of maritime policy china feels that by warming relations with japan you can get more economic. you can forge a better economic relationship. it may be able to. use economic leaders to induce tokyo to put some distance between washington and tokyo but i think that's unlikely and last i think china is worried about its own economic slowdown and its economic slowdown is going to require more technological infusion from japan most lucky more f.b.i. foreign direct investment from japan and more trade which apparent. really good to talk to you so many thanks indeed steve nugget this city associate professor says my question. will get a weather update thanks to dan as thousands of people continue their journey north through mexico the u.s. says that it will send extra troops to its southern border but some americans are
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offering a helping hand. and brazil tries to cut the spread of misinformation just days before a contentious presidential election. from dusky sunsets it's proving something. to summarize atop a nation metropolis. had over its tending cola now for many of us across europe the satellite picture is showing this area of cloud here that is the leading edge of the coalition and it's gradually going to force its way southwards as we head through the next couple of days so the temperatures will be steady dropping then london at eleven degrees at best as we had three friday by saturday we'll just be topping out at around eight by saturday here's that leading edge of that cool air it's all waycross the alps and across parts of spain as well so heavy downpours here even a fair amount of snow on the outs and everywhere to the north of it will be
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a good deal cooler than it has been to the south though generally still feeling fine and quite warm for many of us as well be caressed up at around twenty two degrees for the other side of the mediterranean we've got a fair amount of unsettled weather at the moment today you can see lots of cloud working its way across morocco currently that's giving some of us some heavy rain it's still going to be with us as we head through the day on friday so still expect some what weather and they'll be a few showers still lingering as we head through saturday the main focus of the system they will be pushing its way eastwards so over parts about syria there will also be a good deal of cloud a maybe a few spots of rain meanwhile for the east the temperatures have really dropped off for us in cairo we've had a sandstorm here twenty seven degrees will be our maximum for saturday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. when they're on line for humanity has been taken out of its goals if we're told you about the number on a spreadsheet or if you join us on sam i guarantee no one else has
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a back story like yours they say is a dialogue i'm just tired of seeing the negative stereotypes about native americans everyone has a voice this sort of thing that's got comments here questions i'll do my best to bring them into the cell to join the global conversation on how to zero. hello again the news this hour on al-jazeera the united nations special rapporteur on summary or arbitrary killings says that saudi arabian journalist. was the victim of an extrajudicial execution by plus column of says the information available on the show she's case points to the saudi state being responsible for the killing.
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rescuers continue to search shorelines around the dead sea in short not a flash flooding killed at least nineteen people most of them with children on an outing organized by the school really forty people were rescued off the helicopters divers were dispatched to the area but japan's prime minister shinzo albay says his country's ties with china of reached an historic turning point is on a three day visit to china that is due to meet with china's president xi jinping in the coming hours. three journalists have been released on bail in myanmar after the president intervenes the men work for the country's largest private newspaper were arrested earlier this month following the publication of a story. that alleged officials in yangon had mismanaged public funds they faced two years in prison. donald trump says that he's sending eight hundred u.s. troops to the southern border he wants them to stop thousands of people from
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entering the u.s. a seven thousand strong so-called migrant caravan has been walking north through central america for more than a week most to form a woman's uterus and guatemala and they say that trying to escape poverty and gang violence i was in a stronghold and reports now from the state of shop us in mexico. a slow moving stream of around four thousand five hundred people heading to the u.s. border it's unlikely they'll get there for another month or more. but then matson these pictures have been a dominant factor in the run up to the u.s. midterm elections that's why many in the u.s. from the top down have speculated on who's behind the caravan of whites coming now to president hernandez upon the earth. told me that the caravan this now making its way through mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed. by venezuela. and we. as as we've said and the democrats made and the democrats. they offered no proof
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those in the caravan like tanya and his sister told us they weren't even aware of the u.s. elections yet my mother load them with them when migrating because of a lack of jobs because of the criminals not because of presidents or politics or anything like that the coming for a better future for office and all children. they say the caravan began with groups between those planning to head north when the news spread to home during t.v. others like yearly and his friends decided to join billy crudup but i don't know that just yet i realize because of a report on the t.v. the carbon has already gone ahead but just beat deal so people and it got bigger and bigger city came off. but the one during government claimed this man was the mastermind behind all of it former opposition congressman and long term migrant activist twenty's he told us all he did was support the caravan on facebook
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conspiracy theories aren't necessary in this case he said the reality is simpler. it's not trump that organized this nor the democrats and not venezuela either it's hunger and poverty i'm proud of that long term problem is just one of many factors behind the movement a previous caravan earlier this year made people see the when they travelled together they were safe from gangs and also migration authorities here in mexico it also taught them that that way they didn't have to pay out fowls ins of dollars to people smugglers when you add all of that to the poverty violence and political dissatisfaction that many experienced back in honduras it's a powerful incentive to get out and to get out together. that could explain why this caravan is not the only one on the road to the u.s. and others are ready following hot in its heels john homan how does it a chop us the f.b.i. has sent teams to search mail sorting centers in the u.s.
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to try to trace who's been sending bombs to high profile critics of president donald trump so far ten suspicious postle supreme found officer is pretty kohei in reports. another day another shot of a crude bomb being carted away to be deactivated on thursday in the loping pipe bomb similar to this founded a business owned by actor robert deniro two more devices found in delaware addressed to former vice president joe biden the targets are a who's who of the president's critics the very people the president has personally attacked many say this is proof the president has gone too far this has come from trump trump has used you know describe people who disagree with him as enemies of the people so people who support the other party are dangerous hateful crazy anti-american so it's very very hard to look at this and not lay a fair amount of the blame both squarely at the foot of donald trump but also what the other republicans who stood by for years let this happen at first donald trump
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took a conciliatory tone do you see how nice somebody. this is like i do you ever seen that it didn't last long he sent out a tweet just hours later blaming the mainstream media for the anger in the country his spokeswoman followed suit very. appropriately to disown her people used on your network a number of times not only to describe the president but to many people that work in this administration absolutely day in day out there is a negative tone ninety percent of the media attention around this president is negative despite historic job creation his supporters in the media when even further claiming both sides are to blame were and do not sit there and point to what the other team did to cause this we don't know the perpetrator we don't know the motivation that it was interesting because hillary clinton says we can't we can't step aside from hateful rhetoric and tell democrats have bullied their way she was talking about policy america is a country divided so much so that even an attempt to carry out the mass killing of
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the country's political opposition is now seen as something to debate petty calling al-jazeera washington. the u.s. is imposing new sanctions on the lebanese based group hezbollah donald trump signed the measure into law before attending events to mount the thirty fifth anniversary of the attack on the u.s. marine barracks in beirut two hundred forty one u.s. service personnel were killed in the bombing during lebanon's civil war the armed group islamic jihad claimed responsibility for that attack senior members of the group went on to join his bala. tens of thousands of people remain homeless on the internet as united of super ways eat a month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami many are trying to rebuild their lives but for children who lost their parents life remains a day to day struggle on the zeros way hey reports from part of. in the shadow of destruction some schools have reopened as much as possible given the scale of the
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earthquake and tsunami rebuilding classrooms will take a long time as well rebuilding the confidence of the children on the first day back after the disaster less than a third of students showed up at this school just outside the city of palu. many students have difficulty getting here the roads in the north are still cut off in many places some of them are also injured so maybe they're still too traumatized to come to school. for those who did attend the makeshift classroom offered a form of healing and a sense of togetherness. and i really wanted to go back to school i was waiting and waiting but i didn't hear any news about the school. there are many children who remain unaccounted for probably way more than the officially registered number of just over one hundred the children who have lost their parents or have been separated from immediate family members there's an increased risk of
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abuse or becoming victims of child trafficking is. the idea. of course we worry there could be trafficking cases especially if the children are still babies they can't say anything yet so confirming identities can only be done through the parents and people around them. social workers visit camps to try to educate people about the need to report details of children who may be in need almost a month on from the disaster they're still receiving tipoffs every day on this occasion they investigate a report of an eight year old boy seen in a nearby house they find that his aunt and uncle had been caring for him but he's now being taken to another city far away to stay with distant relatives this case highlights the challenges that social workers are facing in trying to find missing children they've been. to confirm some details about the boy whose entire immediate family is believed to have been killed in the disaster and are now recommending
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that he be brought back here to where he used to live but the point is that until now no one in an official capacity knew that he even existed. with community still in disarray it's a confusing scary time for the youngest survivors in some camps the government and aid groups of set up safe places the children to play and receive psychological support when given the opportunity to draw what they want they often choose houses perhaps reflecting on happy times and looking forward to their return wayne hey al jazeera palu indonesia election officials in brazil are trying to fight the spread of misinformation as the country nears its most polarizing presidential campaign in decades last week facebook was forced to remove dozens of links to false stories most of them targeted the campaign of the leftist candidate for. reports from rio
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de janeiro. this fact checking agency is working nonstop in the days prior to the final round of brazil's presidential elections they're trying to detect false information that's being spread around the country christine a better value less says the volume of misinformation in this campaign has been unlike anything she's seen before usually elections in brazil it's a strong relation with television people usually usually vote on the candidate that has more time on the t.v. campaign and this is the first year that doesn't happen the candidate that had more time on t.v. didn't get that much force what we see this time is the presence of social media and the phone apps spreading a lot of choice for almost half of brazilians is said to be the messaging app what's up around one hundred and twenty million brazilians have access to this app
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because mobile service providers allow unlimited access to subscribers we're going to be some of the people who are fighting the misinformation campaign by the amount about we don't know and we are part of a network around the country who are not only detecting this information but hitting back with facts they send the information that they question that somehow think that might be false this energy to us we analyze and then we verify it and we send it back to then he was in the water so this is our main source of communication they create animations with very fight information so it's easy to read this is why we want to share this information videos are. short last week a local newspaper reported that companies had been hired to bulk transmit to what sub users messages attacking the leftist candidate in the race but a man who had that and alerting about the possibility of fraud in the lections and
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even though the extreme right candidate for not a. has denied any wrongdoing the federal electoral court are currently investigating the companies that could be behind the massive spam well study of emails we would love to have a radio and effective solution but in fact we do not have one big news is not new what is new in this election process is the speed of circulation and the fusion of this news which is really damaging what's up has already said it was taking measures to stop companies using its service to send out messages but for many the damage has already been done. it's good to have you with us. here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the united nations special rapporteur on summary or arbitrary killings says that the saudi
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journalist was the victim of an extrajudicial executions. says the information available on construction is case points to the saudi state being responsible for the killing. what we do know or read is sufficient to suggest very strongly that to me stella was a victim of an extrajudicial executions and that the saudi arabian government is amply kit to in one way all of the you know there including because of its reluctance to undertake an investigation and the beginning of the allegations including according to what took his government he's now saying because of its reluctance to provide information. japan's prime minister shinzo our bases his country's relationship with china has reached an historic turning point as the first japanese leader to visit beijing on a four visit in seven years the two countries of side a series of trade agreements despite growing trade ties in recent decades japan and china had
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a strained relationship since the end of the second world war rescuers have been searching shorelines around the dead sea in jordan after flash flooding killed at least nineteen people most of them were children on a school trip around forty people were rescued three journalists have been released on bail in manama after the president intervenes the men work for the country's largest private newspaper and were arrested earlier this month following the publication of a story alleging that officials and young on had mismanaged public funds they're facing two years in prison and have been released on bail. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after today's edition of the stream next. i mean his story is a for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing
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investigative work joining listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most he buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. for me ok i am enjoying the stream i say and rest is a james beard award winning chef de mission in. i know new york times best selling author. joins us to discuss his new book about providing meals on disaster relief to puerto rico and beyond i have a question for him to leave it in the ad will get them into the conversation. my name is funny about her and i am a creamy filmmaker and writer from northern manitoba and you erin.


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