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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it states are pushing japan and china closer shinzo abhi worries about the united states declining presence in the region while president xi jinping hopes that japan could help ease the impact of china's escalating trade war with the united states japan is looking at both the united states and china and trying to figure out what's the best balance between these two states japan's biggest trading partner today is china and that relationship will continue to be important but japan's security partner without comparison is the united states but the united states and japan also have many over at the institutions so in china japan's prime minister is having to perform a delicate balancing act adrian brown al jazeera beijing still ahead for you on the program thousands of migrants battle sickness and exhaustion as they march through mexico in hopes of entering the united states also. i'm wayne hay in palo
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indonesia where it's been almost a month since the earthquake and tsunami so many people are still missing tens of thousands are homeless and there's ongoing concern for the welfare of children the most vulnerable in the aftermath of a disaster. and for me no one championship meeting is out for the mexican ground train. hello there it's turning cooler now across in many parts of europe for a look at the satellite picture we can see the leading edge of that cool air is it digs its way down through more of europe we're seeing that turn to snow over the alps and still as it stretches down through spain it's giving some fairly heavy downpours but rids temperatures will be toppling as well say thirteen the maximum on saturday by sunday only eleven here so really quite cool for us london will be
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topping just around nine so chilly for us to be the exception is the southeast corner here we're clinging on to that warm air for as long as we can if you can rest up at around twenty four degrees now for the other side of the mediterranean there's been a fair amount of unsettled weather here as well and we're still seeing some of that over parts of morocco so riband looks rather grey and at times pretty wet during the day on saturday we've got another belt of cloud here that stretches way through parts about geria that will gradually thicken up as it works its way northward on sunday and then give some heavy downpours around the north coast about geria out gere's look like it's set to get some of that what weather to towards the east largely fine and dry the temperatures beginning to bounce back up in cairo after that dust storm for the central belt of africa plenty of dry weather to be found here but a few showers just around the coast of west africa and elsewhere that we some heavy downpours towards parts of go on.
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the cricket world isn't much fixing i mean you have to think why would you give me a go and guess then we didn't bring the media in the eye it would not be fair. al-jazeera is investigative unit reveals explosive new evidence documentary confirms the bible now is a very hard profile figure in much for an english court even though those. zero investigations cricket's much fix the manoa follows when the news breaks and the story buildings the fight against isis is still continuing in the desert when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news on air and online.
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welcome back with the news hour a look at the top stories istanbul's prosecutors demanded the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia over the killing of jon lester marcus shoji they are accused of premeditated murder pressure is mounting on to reveal the location of khashoggi body the turkish president called saudi explanations so far comical and childish and they are on the top story this hour u.s. prosecutors have charged fifty six year old says our sale to more than a dozen possible bombs was sent to high profile critics of president donald trump. well u.s. defense secretary jeh mattis has approved the deployment of war troops to the
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southern border to stop illegal immigration that's off the pentagon's and around two thousand troops earlier this year meanwhile central american migrants hoping to reach the us mexico border of session off on another cooling hundred kilometer track john heilemann is with the caravan in the state of chap us mexico. a slow moving stream of around four thousand five hundred people heading to the u.s. border it's unlikely they'll get there for another month or more. but they're marching these pictures the been a dominant factor in the run up to the u.s. midterm elections that's why many in the u.s. from the top down have speculated on who's behind the caravan of why it's coming now. president hernandez upon the earth. told me that the caravan that's now making its way through mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed. by venezuela. and we.
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as we've said and the democrats and the democrats. they offered no proof those in the caravan like tanya and his sister told us they weren't even aware of the u.s. elections yeah my mother loved them with them when migrating because of a lack of jobs because of the criminals not because of presidents or politics or anything like that the coming for a better future for us and our children. they say the caravan began with subgroups between those planning to head north when the news spread to home during t.v. others like yearly and his friends decide it's joy really quite the want to go there just yet i realize because of reports on the t.v. the carbon is already gone ahead but just before people and it got bigger and bigger so we came after it. but the home during government claims this man was the mastermind behind all of it former position congressman and long. term migrant activist twenty's he told us all he did was support the caravan on facebook
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conspiracy theories aren't necessary in this case he said the reality is simpler. it's not trump that organized this nor the democrats and not venezuela either it's hunger and poverty i'm proud of that long term problem is just one of many factors behind the movement a previous caravan earlier this year made people see the when they travelled together they were safer from gangs and also migration authorities here in mexico it also taught them that that way they didn't have to pay out fountains of dollars to people smugglers when you add all of that to the poverty violence and political dissatisfaction that many experienced back in honduras it's a powerful incentive to get out and to get out together. that could explain why this caravan is not the only one on the road to the u.s. and others are ready following hole in its heels john homan i was dizzy to chop us
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well and all the developments the former u.s. president barack obama has told voters to be aware of efforts to exploit america's racially divisive past to keep the status quo obama was speaking at a democratic rally in wisconsin in the run up to midterm elections in november he urged people to vote and said they should ignore some politicians anti immigrant rhetoric try to pit us against one another i'll tell you the no no everything be ok for just one for those folks you know look like you. they'll say whatever it takes to keep their stuff. to maintain their privileges even if it's not fair it's specially when it's not fair they like it that way even when it hurts the country. even want to put people at risk it's a cynical kind of politics but frankly sometimes it works. well i do joe castro was
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a rally in milwaukee and joins us live and obviously obama that to really rally democrats ahead of the midterms but what else was he seeking to do today. that's right mariyam we thought that he might address these attempted pipe bombings notably since he himself was among the list of prominent democrats who were targeted but interestingly enough former president obama chose not to discuss that topic exactly but he did talk around it he made about half of the speech about the the divisive rhetoric that is contributing to this atmosphere that maybe. the violence we've been seeing in the united states he said that it's ok for people to disagree but that it's important to have a rally a code in which to use to engage each other in the public arena half of that was about his speech it was the soaring hopeful rhetoric that he's been known for his
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presidency and the other half was just a good old fashioned stump speech that was his primary purpose of coming to wisconsin today he was campaigning on behalf of the democratic candidates for the senate and for the governor's mansion both of whom are leading in falls at the moment obama is really the democratic party's biggest gun still with these left the white house but the party has not really call us under new leadership and people here a few thousand waited in lines to see this president here in this high school gymnasium to see their former president and they were told that this is possibly the most consequential election of their lifetimes those are the words of obama it will be interesting to see how trump may address the same topics later on tonight when he has his own campaign rally mariyam and of course we were speaking about the caravan of migrants making their way to the us mexico border a big story there one that's being followed. all around the world of president
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obama saying that republican. criticism. is just fear mongering how receptive are people to that message that. interesting lee you know when i spoke with these attendees who were waiting in line to get in there out of four of them told me that immigration was their number one topic motivating their vote for this midterms which is interesting you know has been trump who says that the news of this caravan has been dominating the news cycle leading up to the midterms this isn't just two weeks and he has said that that that may be actually a gift to the republican party to campaign on using these tactics of as obama calls fear mongering but interestingly enough talking to the voters here in the democratic side they said that they are equally motivated because of that topical loan they said that these are refugees who are brave and in countering poverty and
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hardship to have this chance to enter the u.s. and it appears to me that they are equally motivated by this factor to go to the polls as their republican counterparts. all right thank you very much heidi joe castor there in milwaukee. to brazil now where the far right presidential candidate . in his commanding lead over rival fernando had done full six percentage points in the past week raising hopes of a possible turnaround for the leftist candidate brazilians go to the polls on sunday for a second round vote both now reports from rio de janeiro. there's a lot of uncertainty in brazil about what will happen in this country after sunday's election there is now a twelve point difference between both candidates balls thrown out over the last six points in the last few days something that has made him in a way to change his strategy and trying to show a more moderate tone in certain issues for example he said that brazil won't go to
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war with venezuela he also said that he would cooperate with the united nations on refugee issues on venezuelan refugee issues here in latin america in the past he had said that brazil would leave the united nations if you made it to the presidency because it feels that with communist so there's a big change of tone from joe you want to come out of here in rio and who have asked you followers to remain quiet prior to sunday's elections on the other hand the workers' party candidate. is in the northeastern part of the country trying to gather most more votes that's a stronghold of the workers party there were expected both candidates to attend would be very later today but if you can focus those votes for nat'l said that he won't attend them for many analysts they're saying that it will take a tsunami for you to also not or not to win this election even though this last days are crucial for sunday's vote. generals from north and south korea have agreed
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to completely destroyed twenty two god person on the heavily fortified border officials from both sides are trying to ease military tensions after their leaders held two historic summits this year eugene junger reports from seoul. the two koreas held general grade military talks at the northern side of the pond when john on friday this comes just one day after the two koreas and the us led un command a removed all fire arms and guard posts from within the same area. and it feels great to see with my very own eyes that the joint security area has really been de-militarized under the september nineteenth military agreement. friday's meeting as we saw there was carried out in the very positive atmosphere of clearly mirroring the more relaxed mood between the two koreas ever since the south korean president in and north korean leader kim jong un held their first summit at the
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truce village of public back in april and what's important here after friday's meeting is that the two bill a trace of the two careers are fully committed to implementing the military agreement that both sides signed back in september and friday the tear sides agreed to remove eleven guard posts each from within the demilitarized zone by the end of november two sides also confirmed that they will stop all hostile actions against each other starting from november first and also agreed that they will continue to work on mining the d.m.z. and searching for war remains looking for soldiers killed in action during the one nine hundred fifty two fifty three korean war there's a lot of progress being made between the two countries and there are concerns even within south korea though that this is happening very quickly although north korea is yet to show concrete steps of giving up its nuclear arms. tens of thousands of
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people remain homeless on the indonesian island of a month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami many are trying to rebuild their lives but for children who lost their parents life remains a daily struggle why in hey reports from palin. in the shadow of destruction some schools have reopened as much as possible given the scale of the earthquake and tsunami rebuilding classrooms will take a long time as well rebuilding the confidence of the children on the first day back after the disaster less than a third of students showed up at this school just outside the city of palu. many students have difficulty getting here the roads in the north are still cut off in many places some of them are also injured so maybe they're still too traumatized to come to school. for those who did attend the makeshift classroom offered a form of healing and a sense of togetherness. and i really wanted to go back to school i was
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waiting and waiting but i didn't hear any news about the school. there are many children who remain unaccounted for probably way more than the officially registered number of just over one hundred the children who have lost their parents or have been separated from immediate family members there's an increased risk of abuse or becoming victims of child trafficking is. of course we worry there could be trafficking cases especially if the children are still babies they can't say anything yet so confirming identities can only be done through the parents and people around them. social workers visit camps to try to educate people about the need to report details of children who may be in need almost a month on from the disaster still receiving tipoffs every day on this occasion they investigate a report of an eight year old boy in
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a nearby house they find that his aunt and uncle had been caring for him but he's now being taken to another city far away to stay with distant relatives this case highlights the challenges that social workers are facing in trying to find missing children they've been able to confirm some details about the boy whose entire immediate family is believed to have been killed in the disaster and are now recommending that he be brought back here to where he used to live but the point is that until now no one in an official capacity knew that he even existed. with communities still in disarray it's a confusing scary time for the youngest survivors in some camps the government and aid groups of set up safe places to children to play and receive psychological support when given the opportunity to draw what they want they often choose houses perhaps reflecting on happy times and looking forward to their return wain hey al
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jazeera palu indonesia. an investigation by the associated press the democratic republic of congo has uncovered hospitals routinely imprisoned patients who fail to pay their hospital bills the a.p. says it's a common practice in most hospitals and clinics in the couple of. many of the patients are healthy enough to be discharged but are not allowed to leave because they can't pay government has called the practice illegal. well saddam now it's been more than a year since u.s. trade and economic sanctions against the country were lifted but since then the economy has continued to struggle with cash shortages and banks and a soaring inflation rate in the morgan reports now from khartoum.


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