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tv   Chinas Prison Orphans  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 6:33am-7:00am +03

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crime on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every us. watching out in syria let's pick up the top stories for you right now. and say has
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given her first television interview more than three weeks after the saudi journalist murder in istanbul. in just was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she has rejected an invitation from president onil trump to visit the white house istanbul's prosecutor has demanded the extradition of eight hundred s. spec's from saudi arabia for the killing of her salto also mounting on riyadh to reveal the location of the chauffeur his body or his president calls saudi explanation so far comical and childish and a supporter of donald trump has been arrested on suspicion of sending at least thirteen pipe bombs to high profile critics of the u.s. president if he stays are say aqua's take it in the custody in florida earlier on friday morning all those parcel bombs in the u.s. joining us is michael fauntroy he's acting director of the ronald walters leadership and public policy center at howard university joins us from washington d.c. thank you so much for your time so a bit ago
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a reporter asked president trump if he would tone down his rhetoric and he specifically said no and also said he could tone it up if you wanted to is that a tacit admission a tacit acknowledgement that his rhetoric actually does have an effect on on his supporters whether he acknowledges it or not. i think that's as close as we're going to get to an admission from him the president has been very adroit in his inability to accept responsibility for his words the president has stated speaks and those words are carried all over the world and have great impact and certainly among his supporters here in the united states many of them are very fervent believers or what he has to say and he does not yet understand or more specifically acknowledge that those words do in fact move people into certain directions and what we see unfolding in florida is a prime example of that what do you make of one of his tweets he
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referenced the bomb stuff and put the word bomb in quotations what kind of message does that send well let me let me say first almost immediately after this story broke there were you know far right hyper conservative republicans in american politics in the public discourse who were saying that they thought this was a fake and they didn't see it as legitimate so i think the president may have been sort of reflecting some of what he already heard that regard and he certainly wants to believe that it's not true because again if he if it turns out that it is true and even today have a difficult time. expressing that this person was a supporter of his i think it shows that the president is unable and unwilling to accept what is true and doesn't want to believe it and will cast any message he can
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to try to deflect attention from him so and to be clear the department of justice specifically said today that this was not a hoax that this was real so we're just a few days out from the midterm elections how do you anticipate the democrats responding and how do you see this affecting. the campaigning and the election cycle when i think the importance of this can be seen in how quickly republican leaders around the country rush to microphones to condemn what was going on because they understood that this has the potential to solidify. candidate voters who had not yet sort of settled on who they were going to vote this is not the kind of thing that cuts well for republicans we won't begin to see for sure until later in the weekend perhaps early next week how all of the dust settles on this but in purely political terms and i understand this is much larger than just
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politics but in purely political terms the republicans have a real problem with the idea that one of their own who is a fervent supporter of the president is literally engaging in domestic terrorism and threatening important americans all over the country why is it so difficult. for the republicans to separate themselves from this man to fight it doesn't seem that hard it's not a hard choice to say you know we don't support what why are they walking trying to walk this line well i think you have to be careful i think they have to be somewhat careful here because they they have voters who are equally angry and hostile toward the clintons and the obama's and and george soros and joe biden and all the others who've been targeted here so they can't go all then. as you might expect that they should because they don't want to offend some of their own supporters and therein
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lies the real political box that some of them will find themselves further you know present trouble has not gone all in in terms of criticizing this and they don't want to run the president. i thank you so much for joining us from washington d.c. thank you my pleasure. the united nations says syria's blocking efforts to draft a new constitution that is key to ending the country's civil war but the outgoing un syria envoy stuff and then mr a has expressed hope that high level meetings in the coming weeks will lead to some sort of solution or diplomatic editor james reports. on a video link to the security council from beirut the man who's making one last push at the end of his four year mission for peace in syria special envoy stefan de mistura his efforts for most of this year have been narrowed to focus on getting a committee together to draw up a new constitution for syria mr de mistura travel to damascus in recent days
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because the syrian government has been repeatedly objecting to names on the list for the committee but when he met syrian deputy prime minister walid muallem things went backwards even further with the syrians now even questioning mr de mistura as of thirty to draw up the list we do have a theater challenge that. it is like danger to nowhere for your growth challenge for the coming week that caused from some council members directed not just to the syrian government but also to its russian ally and even russia has given the un and this council assurances it has proved too weak to deliver or it was all the cynical smic screen designed to dying ferret attention and energy while russia syria and iran prosecuted the military campaign western nations are
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hoping that the istanbul summit pressure can be put on president putin to force the syrian government to reengage with the united nations they want the constitutional committee to be formed before mr de mistura finishes in his job at the end of november james zira at the united nations the u.k. based charity oxfam has again called on the u.s. u.k. and other governments to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia which is leading a coalition against him and the rebels oxfam says one civilian has died every three hours since august or than five hundred to many were killed. in fighting between the saudi led coalition and the rebels between august first and october fifteenth and he blamed the war for a cholera epidemic which has killed two thousand people in the past eighteen months and yemen's economy it's in tatters spiraling inflation has halved and calms and nearly double the cost of feeding a family or more. doctors have told needs to buy
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a course of three injections to treat his daughter for diarrhea and inflammation but he can only afford one course because of soaring inflation and the collapse of again many we. don't want them should not. be for one injection cost two dollars now it's three dollars and sixty cents she needs three but they can only afford one we're suffering because of the high price of medicines and even children's milk prices have gone up in a crazy meaningless way. children end up in hospital because parents can't afford enough nutritional foods the cost of basics such as flour rice salt oil and sugar has nearly doubled since the war began three and a half years ago pharmacies are running out of medicine in the besieged port of the data the city got it about them some drug companies have increased prices by fifty to sixty percent and there was a radio price hike two or three months ago sales have dropped because patients are
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only buying a quarter of what they need and that affects their health. data is yemen's major port and controlled by hoofy rebels yemenis who live here are in the middle of a battle for control between the who things on the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting alongside yemeni government forces months of fighting a school severe shortages and soaring inflation that's compounding the nationwide humanitarian crisis. with guns and in the in their behinds the price of bread has doubled now if we have we ate and if we don't have we don't eat we don't ask for help from anyone we drink when we can afford to buy water if not well can we do that now my. were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing cost more than i just sold it for some of it and. save the children says ten
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million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues but it's my. former u.s. president barack obama has told voters to be aware of efforts to exploit america's racially divisive past obama speaking at a democratic rally in wisconsin in the run up to november as midterm elections urged people to vote and said they should ignore some politicians anti immigrant rhetoric i did a castro has more from milwaukee. the former president made no mention of the attempted bomb attacks which was a notable choice given that obama himself is among the list of prominent democrats who were the intended recipients of one of those packages obama however did talk about the politically charged and divisive atmosphere leading up to the u.s. midterm elections saying that this is a dangerous time in which civility needs to make a return i've got to believe that there are certain things that transcend party
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and that whatever your political background i'm hoping you think it's wrong to hear people spend years months vilifying people questioning their patriotism calling them enemies of the people and then suddenly you're concerned about civility. please. and by the way we don't need more mealy mouth elected officials who claim they're disappointed by this bad behavior but then don't do anything about the just go along with the if. we do the leaders will actually stand up for what's right for growth what's the purpose in the former president obama remains the democrats' biggest gun leading up to these elections he was here for the primary reason to campaign for the democratic candidates for the u.s. senate and for the governor's mansion in wisconsin both of those candidates are
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actually already leading in polls here but obama also took the opportunity to draw stark contrast between himself and donald trump telling voters that this was the time to take action and that these elections are the most important of their lifetimes it will be interesting to see how president donald trump responds to this later on this evening when he has a rally of his own. results to presidential candidates are wrapping up their campaigns before the runoff vote on sunday presidential candidate terrible sonora has seen his commanding lead over rival fernando all six percentage points in the past week fading hopes of a stunning turnaround for the leftist candidate a summer's been accused of making sexist racist and homophobic remarks teresa has more from rio de janeiro. we're hearing below the event held by the workers' party on the how about the workers' party presidential candidate is currently in northeastern brazil trying to gather as many votes as can that the stronghold of
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the workers' party there he attacked john you boys were not all saying the brazil doesn't deserve a president like him and that he's a threat to democracy on the other hand it was not extreme right candidate you see here in rio de janeiro he had asked the spoilers to remain quiet until be election day but he also attacked by that on twitter saying that he's being run by a man that is currently in prison referring to former president we've seen absolutely you are right now there's a twelve point difference between both candidates tonight who has lost around six points in the last polled and in the last few days he has moderated in a way he's discourse saying that for example there won't be a war with venezuela that he's ready to work with the united nations in the past he said that brazil would leave the organization saying that it's field with communist both candidates were supposed to have a debate this friday but it was canceled because one photo said that he won't
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attend that this is the first time that something like this happened since brazil return to democracy in one nine hundred eighty five. minister has made the first formal visit to china by a japanese leader and seven years. and she's been paying promised closer ties approved deals worth billions of dollars and they said they were will work towards peace on the korean. a red carpet welcome for a japanese prime minister in beijing would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago but now the leaders of asia's two most powerful economies are talking rather than threatening each other in discussions with china's premier league a chunk shinzo abbay said he wanted to lift relations to a new level to also find out from competition which co-operation relations between japan and china is in the process of entering a new era china is japan's biggest trading partner the volume of two way trade
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could grow even further given the number of business deal signed here this is a relationship marked by historical hostility and rivalry.


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