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it depends on who you speak to there is one school of thought that says the constitution which was amended the nineteenth amendment that was brought in by this government the government of my to the city say in a cold the powers of the president i mean they did indeed address the whole issue of the prime minister being sacked and he gave basically parliament the authority to act on the prime minister by moving the vote of no confidence being one of the only ways the prime minister could be removed but this move which the president by letter that he wrote to the committee said by virtue of the powers in the constitution that allows him to appoint the prime minister that he uses the same sort of powers to remove him so again it's about constitutional interpretations and things like that so even if one is to take this to the supreme court for a sort of arbitration or a decision again it's about time so that's the point it all depends on who you speak to and how they see it but nobody thinks of zero but often i just live in
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colombo a weather update next to an office here and then after weeks to lay people in afghanistan's kandahar province finally get to vote in parliament true election plus. i'm when haiyan palu indonesia where we'll tell you about a warning the government received years ago about some of the potential dangers of a large earthquake happening here and how it may influence the rebuild of this devastated city. from cool brisk knows in few minutes. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where here across europe over the next few days it is going to be quite wet particular down here towards the southern part of europe that's all due to the sick extent of fun a boundary that starts up here towards canadia makes its way across central europe
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and then down here towards spain now down along this front we do expect to see very heavy rain across the belly erik's as well as into northwestern parts of italy and that is where we could be seen some localized flooding as well so we're going to be watching that very very carefully behind this front it is going to be cooler take a look at the temperature there for eight degrees for you as a high temperature today we also have snow here across the higher elevations of the alps and then as we go towards sunday the snow stays across that region and the rain continues across much of the mediterranean so we will be watching this area very carefully and notice this area of spinning right here that is where that heavy rain is expected well for the northern part of africa that same system is also going to be affecting you as well across morocco and then across parts of algeria over the next few days and you can see here on the rain for abott you expect to see some rain as well across morocco and into the of the sahara we could also be seeing some rain there over towards tripoli what we're going to see more clouds in your forecast and we do expect to see
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a temperature of twenty nine and tunis at twenty seven. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. i'm a historian say for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative black even listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the story certainly to demand see buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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hello again this is al jazeera live from doha our top stories this hour saudi arabia has rejected a turkish demond to extradite eighteen suspects in the killing of jamal khashoggi the saudi foreign minister. said the men will be prosecuted in saudi arabia he described the response to the show she's murder as hysterical. israel has launched air strikes on more than eighty locations in gaza that it says a link to hamas a spokesman for the israeli military says the strikes were in response to rocket fire into israel. in the form of sri lankan prime minister has requested an emergency session of parliament after abruptly being sacked on friday rather with graham saying he was fired by president might follow sort of set up and replaced by former president mahinda rajapaksa a political trouble follows the collapse of the governing coalition. at least five people including two police officers have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in central afghanistan another twelve people were wounded
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after a check up blew up a government vehicle. police place police base in wardak province this is voting is underway in kandahar province after parliamentary elections that were pushed back by a week the delay came after a high level afghan general was killed in a taliban attack the day before polls would you to open the security situation in afghanistan has been tense following last weekend's parliamentary elections but now yell is a writer and political analyst he says that so far polling has been peaceful. the election is going on today in kandahar seventeen districts in one seventy polling stations yet know the situation is peaceful. this is the public participation is good and did no complaints yet the received about the technical issues publicly. more than expectations and it just
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happening seven days after the twenty two the election which to happen in the two provinces in afghanistan. only kandahar live because of the. last week the leadership and the police chief of kandahar this is it will be. just sixteen days after today. they have i think the other provinces ology the calculation and the counting of the working process is begin but kandahar to be clear with other provinces same is happening in the whole are going to sit in the us a man has been charged with sending mail bombs to high profile critics of donald trump fifty six year old says a sale was arrested in florida on friday but the f.b.i. warns that there could be more devices that have not yet been discovered those targets include the former president barack obama his vice president joe biden and trump's democratic opponent hillary clinton well the attempted bombings are
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overshadowing campaigning ahead of next month's midterm elections this month some sorry current and previous presidents have used rallies to call for civility americans will vote for members of both chambers of congress as well as for governors in cities six of fifty states on the event the sixth. heidi joe castro has more. and hour before trump arrived at the republican rally in charlotte north carolina the crowd was already chanting against c.n.n. the. jennette work targeted by a florida man a trump supporter who tried to send more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail this week to the president's critics trump began his speech by condemning the attack political violence bus never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it ah. in recent days we've had
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a broader conversation about the tone and civility of our national dialogue everyone will benefit if we can in the politics of personal destruction. but then he returned to criticizing the media the media is constant unfair coverage the possibility. and negative attacks you know that only serves to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate. some has been crisscrossing the country to support republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections in two weeks americans will decide which party controls congress was with that at stake former u.s. president barack obama also held a rally friday to campaign for wisconsin democrats whatever your political
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background i'm hoping you think it's wrong to hear people spend years months vilifying people questioning their patriotism calling them enemies of the people. and then suddenly you're concerned about civility obama was another intended recipient of the pipe bombs he made no mention of it in his remarks but terence romney of wisconsin voter who waited in line to see the former president says trump is partly to blame for the violence i think that this whole thing up with this that his crazy talk is it enabled other grazie people has to do things as the dueling rallies from presidents present and past unfolded friday both men sharply diverged on immigration taxes and health care they laid out competing visions of america but agreed on one thing this election both claimed will be the
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most important one in a lifetime. castro al-jazeera milwaukee wisconsin the two remaining candidates in brazil's presidential runoff election have concluded campaigning efforts ahead of the vote on sunday a far right presidential candidate jiah votes a lot of has seen his command lead a commanding lead over rival for the fall by six percentage points over the past week from its founding hopes of a stunning turnaround for the leftist term that it's also known as per the cues to making sexist racist and homophobic remarks on zero so there's a book report from rio. we're here in rio the nato at an event held by the workers party on the about the workers' party presidential candidate is currently in northeastern brazil trying to gather as many votes that they can that the stronghold of the workers' party there he attacked john you boys were not all saying the brazil doesn't deserve a president like him and that he's
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a threat to democracy on the other hand it was not extreme right candidate he's here in rio de janeiro he has asked his followers to remain quiet until be election day but he also attacked by that on twitter saying that he's being run by a man that is currently in prison referring to former president we've seen as you laugh you are right now there's a twelve point difference between both candidates enjoyed war scenario has lost around six point fin the last polled and in the last few days he has moderated in a way his discourse saying that for example there won't be a war with venezuela that he's ready to work with the united nations in the past he said that brazil would leave the organization saying that it feels that with communists both candidates were supposed to have a debate this friday but it was canceled because one photo said that he won't attend that this is the first time that something like this happened since brazil returned to democracy in one nine hundred eighty five several thousand migrants and
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refugees heading north towards the u.s. border have turned down mexico's offer. for them to state on friday mexico's president and riko pena nieto announced a plan for those who apply for refugee status in the two southernmost states more than one thousand seven hundred migrants and refugees have already applied but others rejected the offer and so they continue their track towards the u.s. port au indonesia's government has declared an end to the emergency response phase after last month's earthquake and tsunami now the worst hit region is facing a public health crisis heavy monsoon rains are threatening to spread disease around two thousand and seventy seven people were killed in the disaster according to the most recent estimates by the united nations they only all those deaths were in the area of palu the u.n. says that one thousand and seventy five people remain missing or unaccounted for after entire neighborhoods were destroyed more than two hundred eleven thousand displaced people have been forced to live in settlements and camps across central
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sulawesi province with large parts of the way the island still in ruins the focus is switching to rehabilitation and reconstruction the government says that it will look at the stability of the land before it decides where to rebuild is a serious way hey reports now from palo. symbols of pride and strength still flood amid vast wastelands of destruction it's been four weeks since the earthquake turned this suburb of power loose city into a muddy graveyard where many bodies are still buried when the earthquake struck these communities largely disappeared in a process called liquefaction when the earth beneath the surface turned to mud swallowing people and buildings it's an inhospitable landscape but as traumatized as survivors are some want to return to rebuild here even when they see that a hole in the ground is all that remains of their home. so i'm so terrified when i see this place my children said mom once the government clears
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up we should just move back in we don't have to build a permanent house we can just use word so i finally agreed i have to follow my children we don't have anywhere else to live so who just come back here. that may not be their decision to make though if the government goes ahead with a new master plan to rebuild the city. those that used to live in this suburb of and a neighboring community will be relocated the government says the ground is too unstable to rebuild here which it seems has always been the case since the disaster it's emerged that the government knew areas like this were particularly dangerous six years ago its own experts drew a map of city highlighting areas where there was a high risk of liquefaction occurring in an earthquake this was one of those so-called red zones where hundreds if not thousands of people died. local government leaders wouldn't give al-jazeera an interview experts say the map should
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now be studied very closely as part of rehabilitation which is expected to cost almost one point five billion dollars. to make a people or so a kind of like the buffer zone and green zone with the forest and things like that as well as for the monument for the people so the national learn something that. the people who lived here say they had never heard of liquefaction before the disaster there was no education about the danger of an ether holmes knowledge would have saved everyone but it may have saved some now the excavators have come to a standstill the search for the missing is over whatever this area becomes it will also remain a mass grave wayne hay al jazeera palu indonesia malaysia's former prime minister najib razak has admitted that things went wrong at one m. d. b. that's the investment fund from which he and his associates are accused of stealing
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billions of dollars but he was facing thirty eight charges of corruption and money laundering in an exclusive interview with zero one i want to east he denies any wrongdoing flora's louis reports from. one seemed untouchable son of a former prime minister who rose to power himself but he has since fallen from grace charged with corruption money laundering and criminal breach of trust over accusations of stealing billions from a state investment fund called one mt be more than six hundred eighty million dollars which the u.s. department of justice says can be traced back to one mt was deposited into not jobs bank account in an exclusive interview with al jazeera as one no one east not denies any wrongdoing. they kept on accusing me of receiving a huge sum of money but they forgot to mention that the bulk of the money was
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returned four months after the general election i mean there are six investigations going on around the world into corruption related to one named. what what does that tell you you know there were things that were in wrong in one name d.p. . world many yes fine let it not let let them do their work we want to know where the money's flow to who benefits it will really benefit from the whole one m.t.b. issue not jobs claims of innocence do not surprise analysts at the speed that he has repeatedly said even when he was in power i think that will likely be his main defense of it but probably the only difference is that the such feelings against it it was partly this feeling of anger that helped propel ninety three year old mahathir mohamad himself or former prime minister opposition politician back into
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office following a general election in may since taking power there has reopened investigations into one and. but not yet says the charges against him are part of a political vendetta you must realize that this current government you know when they were running for office they had already. made this political narrative. that they were going to take action against me not. done nothing wrong and has pleaded not guilty to all charges this trial is due to begin in february. has said that the trial will afford him an opportunity to clear his name florence. it is good to have you with us hello adrian filling in here and main news on al
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jazeera this hour the saudi foreign minister says the suspects in the jamal. will not be sent to turkey to be prosecuted and had requested for the extradition of the eighteen men. described the response to the killing as hysterical. on the. individuals who saudi nationals to detain. and they will be prosecuted in. the same forum the u.s. defense secretary james mattis said the murder of her is undermining regional stability the united states does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence mystica show good journalist through violence. vite failure of any one nation to adhere to international norms and the rule of law undermine regional stability at a time when it is needed most as president trump noted we're going to get to the bottom of it israeli airstrikes have hit more than eighty locations in gaza which
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the military says a link to hamas the last general security headquarters was among the targets of israeli spokesman says the rocket fire was launched from gaza late on friday and has been continuing in recent. sure lanka's president has suspended parliament a day off to suddenly sacking the prime minister president said a sena run a with from seeing and replaced him with a former president mahinda rajapaksa the political turmoil follows the collapse of the governing coalition voting is underway in afghanistan's kandahar province off the parliamentary elections that were pushed back by a week delay came after a high level afghan general was killed in a taliban attack the day before polls were due to open the security situation in afghanistan has been tense following last weekend's poll reports indicate that so far voting in kandahar province is passing off peacefully. there's the headlines
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that he's continues here on out as they are off to the listening post next. he was made his prime minister the nine until these government was thrown out after scandals and allegations of corruption in an exclusive interview one on one east speaks with knowledge you present on al-jazeera. attacks across brazil people just for the sake of the presidential contest i.e. . and it seems. like that really. got me thinking like. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week joey had a ball so not only looks like a sure win for the presidency in brazil with a little help from whatsapp and his friends in the meat threatening behavior and the moscow newspaper that's learned to take threats against its journalists
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seriously the politician the british papers love to beat up on he has plans for the u.k. media and for me the story personally starts with nine eleven and friedman exposed the reputation of one of saudi arabia's defenders in the american media is amongst the casualties of the jamal khashoggi story we're going back to brazil this week where the second and final round of presidential elections takes place sunday the twenty eighth year but also not all victory seems all but see both so not only is a former paratrooper with an agenda straight out of the far right a penchant for rhetoric that's massaging this stick racist and threatening and a campaign that's been powered by social media most notably on whatsapp one confronted by reports the corporations have been spending big spreading misinformation on social media to help get him into office books are not all called the newspaper that broke that story the sound pollo fake news sound familiar among the networks in balsa not as corner is accords t.v.
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it's owned by a billionaire bishop a dear miss sado who. heads one of brazil's biggest evangelical churches journalists at headquarters have been ordered to keep their coverage of bowl so not all positive and to report on his leftist opponent from nando had died either naturally or negatively our starting point this week is the world's fifth most populous country brazil. in brazil it's never been easier to get information it's never been harder to sort fact from fiction and fake news fact checkers there are working overtime. is struck want to see you it's been brutal the volume is huge we have twenty four media outlets reproducing our fact checking work t.v. channel it's radio stations newspapers and websites we've managed to draw attention to the problem but we're under no illusions that we can stop it and make the truth
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overcome all the laws that to be told that it's over that boy i mean. much of the misinformation is happening on whatsapp which is the preeminent messaging platform in brazil more than half the population uses the service whatsapp is a political force there like no where outs. joey or both are not all into the campaign as an outsider from a small party knowing he could not count on coverage or advertising time on mainstream media outlets he and his supporters went all in on social media and it's paid off. according to an investigation published in brazil's most widely read newspaper disarm power also narrows whatsapp offensive has been secretly boost by several unnamed corporations those companies paid digital marketing firms experts at some of the dark arts of the web a total of three point two million dollars to push probe also not on messaging
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attacking his opponent had died with stories many. of which were made up. under brazilian electoral law such undisclosed corporate donations to a political campaign are illegal also nado called for your disarm palos investigation fake news of. you. in face market ourselves we run a full fact check on the story with sources who deal directly with the agencies responsible for sending these messages we concluded that there has been undeclared support from businesses for a presidential candidate and that is against electoral law in brazil this is been subverting the campaign. has denied all accusations after all if he admitted any wrongdoing he would be admitting to an electoral crime assuming known criminal silly question you know it's a question we cannot know for sure whether both or not all was aware about
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businessmen taking such action in his favor the fact is he has a tendency to do pete fake stories untruths that do the rounds on social media put instance in many interviews he mentions a book obviously the will of one that supposedly promoted homosexuality in brazilian schools during fire on the head that's time as education minister in reality this book had never been included in any school syllabus weakness. usually show your boss and i don't does not share fake material he leaves the bulk of that to others but he did share this image on twitter purportedly showing a death threat against him when it emerged that the picture was actually two years old had nothing to do with politics and had been photo shopped both are not all deleted. the formerly fringe politician finds himself well ahead in the polls despite rhetoric that once would have kept him out of the mainstream.
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i thought. it would be hard to believe. and in two thousand and sixteen when he voted to impeach former leftist president dilma rousseff he dedicated his vote to an intelligence officer who ran torture programs in the one nine hundred seventy s. among those tortured mistress just herself. in a campaign rice with misinformation social media companies have been slow to react over the past three months facebook has taken down hundreds of accounts and pages what it called a coordinated network built for so long division and spreading misinformation measures that appear to be too little and in the case of this election too like. the sinking of social media platforms keep saying they are neutral but this is
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false because their algorithms decide what content each person receives that makes them editors but they have never taken their responsibilities as editors seriously they announce partnerships with fact checking agencies and newspapers to look like they're doing something but it is completely ineffective the issue is the business of social media these platforms are fueled by hatred and anger and negative feelings that motivate people to engage in conversations and spend more time on the apps. that use. it is the facts that brazilians trust people who are close to them more than institutions like the media or the judiciary for example this campaign has taken place mainly on social media primarily on what people receive information from those who are close to them and believe these people are suspicious or so. and then there's the issue of polarization fake news appeals to people's emotions so if the content you receive is reinforcing your
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existing beliefs if it makes you feel confident that you are right you are most. inclined to believe it than something that contests or challenges your beliefs. having ascended to the front runner position via social media shy your boss or not or has since found backers on the mainstream something of course t.v. is brazil second biggest network it's owned by a dear miss sado who also heads a major evangelical church records has not officially endorsed both are not all on the air it didn't really have to macedo posted his endorsement of the candidate on facebook. ever since then must say those news outlets have given both a surplus of air time minus the tough questions they ask you suppose it's really though it is difficult it will show. you might want to hear. it even though you know the clear bias in coverage has prompted journalists under macedo is employed
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to leak stories of shameless favoritism to other news outlets like the online site the interest. if anything a court t.v. has always had direct interference from its owners but now the news room is really being forced to go against the stablish journalistic principles this morning on a radio station that belongs to them they interviewed both so now but only one journalist could ask questions the others had to stay quiet for using up in the shinsho at the end one of the journalists got up and said. this is. also i've written an article about journalists from headquarters all seven website who have told me that they're no longer publishing their names against any political reports the articles are all byline simply seven this is an absolutely clear sign that no want to headquarters wants to get their name dirty in this mud machine. down while longer star bishop jim a seder has a long history as
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a public figure and is shown the ability to get close to most. political parties he's a pragmatist if nothing else once upon a time he was close to the workers' party this time around he has found an ideological alliance with both sinatra we can see a clear proximity not around economic or political ideas but in matters of culture and the gym a sado will likely benefit from that partnership this precipices. media owners usually do when their chosen candidate takes power although show your boss or not or having run most of his campaign online may feel less indebted than most one more thing the brazilian media might consider as the former military man prepares for the presidency that torture chiefs both and i don't chose to honor that day in brasilia he didn't just have political activists as his victims he also ordered and oversaw the torture of news reporters are your boss are not oh does not mince his
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words but brazilian journalists will want to watch that. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers johannah joe a moscow paper known for pushing the journalistic boundaries in russia says that one of its reporters has been threatened what's the story at novi is yet well last week a funeral wreath was sent to the newspaper's office followed the next day by a basket with a severed head in it a touch were a couple of notes one of which read to novaya gazeta us t.v. editor greetings to you and corrupt cough another note said traitor to his country now the journalist being referred to in that note was the dumbest corrupt call what kind of work has been doing well you recently wrote an article on yevgeny a russian businessman indicted in washington for allegedly interfering in a two thousand and sixteen presidential election and he reported that precaution
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was twice to president putin go away by. ak orchestrated the killing of an opposition blogger based that story on interviews he says he did with one of the goats shin's former security aides west since disappeared now it's not surprising the newspaper takes threats against its journalists as real over the last eighteen years five of its reporters have been murdered ok moving on now to the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi last week we looked at how some prominent news forces in the western media have been called out for their pro saudi writing some news outlets starting to change their tune a little but the kingdom still has plenty of supporters on the airwaves who and where are they well richard for years pundits in the anglo-american media have talked up saudi arabia as a bastion of stability in the middle east which is debatable to say the least but following to show that he's killing most news outlets in the west have been more critical of crown prince mohammed bin solomon in particular and the u.s. saudi relationship in general.


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