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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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now as you can see but that was one river overflowing because the amount of rain fell fairly rapidly and this is the the development area we've got warm air coming up from africa is already tucked into colder from behind the whole thing's been doing this all in often say for the last week that's the central near sardinia so that's rain and strong winds we'll see more of this and it's the same the last week has been the focus particularly the north this is a picture out of the northeast that happens and this is collected in water that's up against a dam now you don't expect to float down a river that ends in a dam just isn't done but the winds were such that an awful lot of these trees this is so few days ago were flattened obviously somewhat into the water this is pretty strong winds and the destructive really has been quite. but it was thirty six in the walls it's not anymore and i think we'll see in the next twenty four hours the sort of focus that runs again from sardinia the western side of the main leg of italy there currently the toe is it worst effect and even that appears to weaken
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what's coming in over spain and portugal in about twenty four hours we'll do the same again this thank you very much for still ahead on the day stay with us think of the new caledonia eighteen kilometers away on independence. the ringing of church bells as moving into the modern age and finishes the artistic gymnastics world championship action on the final day coming up. every reclaim new cycle brings a series of breaking stories. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most listening pounced on alex's era. november on al-jazeera. radicalised you
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a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites we'll look at the impact. when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera new sound these are our top stories thousands of iranians are marking the thirty ninth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before u.s. sanctions a back and forwards iran's leadership has played down the u.s. move though the commander of the revolutionary guard says will resist any sanctions turkish government media reporting more details on the sol the squad that murdered journalists. a month ago newspapers says his body was dismembered at the consulate and taken in five suitcases to the cell the council's president's nearby japan has frozen more than a billion dollars in aid to sri lanka as the country's political crisis deepens last week the president just left the prime minister and replaced him with a former president and he now faces a no confidence vote but it's being alleged that he's bribing nor makers to back him. record numbers of early voters have cast their ballots in the u.s.
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midterms pointing to the highest turnout in a midterm poll in decades more than thirty one million people have already cast their ballots the vote is seen as a referendum on president trump's policies democrats are hoping to win back the majority in congress when women are expected to play a crucial role in the elections the president's attempts to curtail abortion rights and more recently the appointment of a supreme court judge accused of sexual assault angered many many others still back the president and his party as our white house correspondent can really help it reports. one day after donald trump was sworn in as president hundreds of thousands of women gathered in cities across the united states to protest. almost two years have passed but the u.s. president has given them little reason to change their original judgment of a man many regard with revulsion his behavior and language at times has hardened
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their views. after his aide omarosa manigault newman was ousted from the white house called her a crazed crying lowlife and a dog after congresswoman maxine waters encouraged her supporters to harass trump administration officials they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant they're not going to be able to stop at a gas station called waters an extraordinarily low i.q. person. but nothing has polarized the country more along gender lines than the hearings for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh christine blas a ford accused trumps nominee of sexual assault when they were in high school truck cast doubt about her testimony mocking her recollection of the decades old event how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was it i don't know. toss attacks on women are
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nothing new and have been dismissed by his supporters ever since the release of a video in two thousand and sixteen threatened to derail his campaign. struck shrugged off the controversy and won the white house even today well a majority of us women still disapprove of trump at least a third still solidly approve of trump's presidency everybody makes mistakes in their life nobody's perfect but god. he's made his mistakes that everybody else who's human hands i think the simple way i do but i think you need someone like that in the office conservative women point to donald trump's historically low unemployment numbers that are rising wages well in office they say his appointment of a female press secretary and a significant number of female filled cabinet posts proves he's supportive of women in the workplace still the battle for the female vote isn't. republicans have released the sixty second advert aimed at winning over suburban college educated women voters clearly shows this demographic more than most is where conservative
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support is waning but notably trump never appears in the advert it's a signal even republicans realize the president remains toxic to many voters and in the fight to hang on for control of congress conservatives can't afford to lose a single female vote can really help get al-jazeera the white house now the targets of immigration rhetoric and thousands of central american law and swack north towards mexico city the group of mostly on the ruins is aiming to reach the united states and seek asylum monopod of the ports from mexico city. after weeks of walking thousands of pondering migrants in southern mexico have been told they'll have to walk some more they were promised free transportation to mexico city by the governor. but the offer was later withdrawn. well worn down they promised us something and didn't follow through we had faith in them because
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we're mothers with children. after hearing the government would no longer provide bus rides to mexico city many migrants grew impatient and started walking hundreds of others crowded atop passing trucks and hitch drives from anyone willing to drive the north. we don't have a choice but to risk our lives dangling from trucks our objective is to get there. in the united states along that soldiers have begun setting up barbed wire for the first wave of as many as fifteen thousand u.s. troops being deployed to the us mexico border under orders by president trump the government offered migrants an opportunity to stay in city where they would be given food and medical attention most of them however turned down the offer of a coming we're going to keep working we have to move forward no steps backward. despite repeated warnings from the u.s.
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president that migrants will not be allowed to enter the country most say they have no intention of turning back now the next stop for these five thousand honduran migrants will be mexico city here they are expected to plead their cases to government officials. and transportation to the southern border of the united states although it could still be several weeks before they reach that point but. mexico city. now more than half the votes have been counted in the french territory of new caledonia where people have cost their ballot independence the last referendum thirty years ago ended in violence the territory is a strategic military. and the south pacific. and round the french government says it wants the process to be peaceful and fair french president mannion mccaughan says the majority of new caledonian who voted have chosen to remain part of france even though the official results have yet to be announced this is. voters were
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allowed to make a sobering choice with full knowledge of the facts on the relationship between new caledonia and friends today the majority of them expressed themselves for new caledonia to remain french i have to tell you how proud i am that we have finally passed this historic step together andrew thomas has been watching the vote from sydney if as looks likely you caledonians have voted to remain french well that would be a victory for those that said the new caledonia it was much better off economically as part of france france gives about one and a half billion dollars a year to its territory as about fifteen percent of new caledonia overall g.d.p. that would have been missed there was concern to an independent new caledonia would quickly fall under the sphere of influence of china china has an increasing footprint right across the pacific other countries other pacific island nations have a lot of chinese money in terms of aid projects and infrastructure and in return beijing expects political favors and there was concern that an independent new
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caledonia well it would become another target throughout all of this france and present macro was determined to stay neutral france would not have an official position it would be neutral in this referendum they did not want a situation as happened thirty years ago where those who were on the independent side of things lost the votes and then resorted to violence that was the last thing president macro wanted he'll be hoping everyone sees this process is there and if they have lost those on the independent side will take that loss peacefully. madagascar is going up for a presidential election the devotion will take place on the end the seventh thirty six candidates on the ballot three former presidents including the incumbent running but some of those running say weak campaign finance laws have given candidates and unfair advantage from the reports from the capital antananarivo. thousands of supporters have packed the stadium with former president terry. is
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holding his final election rally ahead of the polls next week and as you can see hundreds of little on streaming in the stage of holes at least twenty thousand people now he did step down just two months ago as they are constitutional prerequisite to stand in these elections but he also faced massive protests earlier this year when you're trying to change the constitution to prevent opposition members who it was issued members from a standing in the election a caretaker government was then formed and of course now the opposition members of course participating they include two other presidents that's marc ravalomanana and . they also held election rallies in the city about to leave at this very stage and that was just as full these candidates are promising very similar making very similar promises to people in malagasy saying that they will bring
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a better future all in all there are about thirty six candidates participating in the election of course three of them president. now with one of mexico's most and simmons criminals about to go on trial in the u.s. succession battles and broken out for control of. drug empire the trial hasn't stopped the sin the lower cartel from carrying on with its legal business john heilemann has the second of a three part series on the man known as el chapo. the impending. trial of plucking guzman the former king of mexico's criminal underworld might be stopping traffic in new york but back in his home state cinna lower things have simply moved all these camps proclaiming the wealth and fame of the man they call chapel used to be top sellers now they're almost gone so to the protests that called for his release. even in his organization the sin aloa cartel it's more or less business as usual
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after a vicious succession battle there are still tensions between his brother and sons they've gone back to doing what they could producing and distributing vast amounts of drugs. we asked a similar lower police chief why detaining mixed top criminal hasn't led to a cartel implosion. one of. the structure of the organization is linear it's not completely vertical the leadership of the chopper was already declining and he delegated functions to his lieutenants and they always he dealt with certain things . the sylow a cartel is made up of several factions and has always had more the one leader and chappell himself once told rolling stone magazine that the business is far bigger than just here my drug trafficking doesn't depend on one person it depends on a lot of people. the fact the cartels business continues doesn't mean that all chaplains heartland is free from violence the police remain on alert the homicide
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rate in sin a lower house full and but we're still talking about will them five murders and today i'm pleased specially in chappell's home minister polity. there are still problems. here some still remember him as a robin hood like figure who help the local economy if pulling for him in his upcoming trial. or how do i get that hopefully they can help him hopefully he gets out he hasn't done anything wrong he just worked in what he could do. he's a good man now chopper but others didn't even realize he was going on trial to be honest i didn't know i hear them heard about. reminded that even for the rich and powerful the will of who turns john home and now does it a sin lower and in the last part all the series on el chapo we'll look at how security has been ramped up and given his history of escaping from presence now and
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automated future where the robots have stolen our jobs as a modern concern and even the most traditional of professions can be vulnerable take church bell ringing in brush for example reports now on how recent expansion of the orthodox church has created a skills shortage has been filled by machines. a small modern church in a village outside st petersburg and people have gathered for a morning service for time immemorial russia's orthodox faithful have been called by bells rung by a person in yukito is not a human ringing it's a computer for a growing number of russian churches this makes a lot of sense. but there aren't many schools for bell ringers in russia and not many people study it that's why it's such a rare profession and so difficult to find a decent ring in every village can afford to have a star this is them allows good quality ringing in any church even in
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a small village like. the officially atheist communist years when many churches were closed and bells silenced by the uncertainties of the post soviet era but now the kremlin has settled on reestablishing religious faith as one of the country's principal identities sorry the russian orthodox church has been on a huge expansion drive in the past ten years the number of dioceses has doubled and ten thousand churches being built. it's exacerbated by human resource problem many more churches not enough ballerinas automated systems are an obvious solution but some people say they lack the soul and spirituality of the human touch like at this church school in moscow where featuring is are being trained. as robots will never replace a human so for me it was also discovered that each brain glory to father
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glory to song and when we prayed the same time. as i found out it's certainly something that requires skill ok i've just been given a brief lesson and what i've been told is my right hand controls the for hire bells by the left hand controls and middle bells and my foot down here trolls the boss about so let's give it a guy. has about rhythm as well. but it's not just small churches that are automating that sim petersburg's huge sin isaac's cathedral they say the mobile phone operated system has been a big help and a labor saver even though familiar technical problems can still occur. here is an example of how he isn't able to reach a network. i don't know why let's try again here you go
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a live example of when the mobile phone is out of scope. but even elektra enthusiastic say the ideal is to have more humans not more machines to reinforce this village priest father gives the computer a break and let's rip with an energetic one hundred percent organic church bell jam session a little better than my if it. will reach alan's al-jazeera russia. they have a false name still ahead on the news hour you bend to the six point lead and.


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