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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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right situation in saudi arabia progress on women's rights has been overshadowed by severe constriction of political space mass arrests of human rights defenders increased use of terrorist groups to political dissidents and continuing extensive use of the death penalty but most concerning is the murder of the mount. it was indicative i think of a greater willingness here to hold saudi arabia to account for a whole raft of issues that the international community is concerned about on the back of the matter of jamal khashoggi and the final report when it comes we very interesting to read indeed the u.s. is calling its latest sanctions against iran its toughest so far as iran is accused washed and of bullying tactics were back firing because the u.s. was in sasi isolated measures employment on monday talk is iran's oil and financial sector has said they were taking things slowly we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed but on oil we want to go
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a little bit slower because i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world this has nothing to do with the rent i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world so i'm not looking to be a great hero and bring it down to zero immediately i could get the iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market i don't want to lift oil prices iran's president says it will be business as usual despite the sanctions saying best ravi reports from tehran. one of the reasons president donald trump gave to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east. and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranians scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half a million square kilometers across the country. and as the missiles took flight on
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the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president to have was by only able to go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law and international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as racist as these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand i believe the sanction was. but that they couldn't sanction is not a. sudden need. some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you give me. you cannot expect the prize good though. simple price goes up
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iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the u.s. dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran's trust will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hamas and to iran and washington. still ahead here on out to sara makes a diplomatic push in search of new partners in the gulf region. from
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the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hollo we've still got some rain to come across parts of the middle east but not as bad as it has been recently across the eastern side of the mediterranean the heaviest showers they are making their way further east was east and parts of iraq now started to see some of that wet weather and it will be lively at times pushing into the western side of iran heavy enough for some localized flooding that will be almost inevitable got some showers to pushing up towards afghanistan pushing up to not pass are going to start into or took my stand into is back to stand a couple stays dry around nineteen celsius dry two in karate is that it to thirty three degrees it turns somewhat drive around the caspian sea still
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a few showers into the northwest of iran and some showers still in place there for that eastern and central side of iraq over the next few days it shows up with the showers for will see still affecting kuwait so that wet weather into northern parts of the gulf here in qatar we should say fog enjoyed temperatures around thirty one thirty two degrees over the next few days a little more cloud into central and northern parts of saudi arabia even more close to just around the gulf of aden and on the coastal fringes you might just catch wanted to use showers and chances and shower still in place just about northeastern parts of south africa that's not going into southern most than bake by the middle of the week. the winter sponsored by qatar. went online when you're looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sat if you could take me around the content way. you don't have to set up your experiment and your experiment in the universe this is
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a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation. and there again what you nonces there is a reminder of all top stories this hour donald trump says the media is treating tuesday's midterm election as a referendum on his presidency watching live pictures from the state of missouri where trump is holding his final rally of the day states as the site of a closely watched senate race. puts a republican candidate just really against the incumbent democratic rival he's
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speaking that right now on tuesday's election was the only two hundred thirty five seats in the house of representatives up for grabs along with more than a third of the senate. turkish media have reported that saudi officials sent to istanbul to investigate the disappearance of journalist to. focus instead on removing evidence of his murder a saudi team that arrived nine days after the show she was killed included a chemical expert and a toxicologist. and the u.s. says its latest sanctions against iran of the toughest so far but some of terrans leading business partners have got a waiver allowing them to import oil long is accused washington of bullying tactics of backfire and because the u.s. is in socially isolated. get more now on the u.s. midterm elections and with democrats hoping to win back control of at least the house and to try to thwart trump's agenda over the final two years of his four year term credit gupta has more on what's up for grabs the u.s.
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midterms are held every two years between presidential elections and as seen as a nationwide referendum on whoever is in the white house this year it's no different donald trump isn't on the ballot but in many ways says he and his presidency are the main issues on voters' minds. so here's what's a stake in congress which is the country's legislature it splits between the house of representatives of the lower house and the senate which is the upper house in these elections all four hundred thirty five seats in the house are up for grabs the much number for a majority here is two hundred eighteen right now the republicans have an edge over the democrats with two hundred thirty six seats there are also six vacancies now the senate this time thirty five seats are being contested here the republicans have a slim majority most of the contests it sees democrats are trying to hold onto our interim friendly states and they need fifty one seats to take control of the senate
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the republicans need only fifty to retain their hold because vice-president mike pence can break a tie with this costing vote now the outcome of these bitten lections will decide policy and legislative agenda of the trump administration a democratic senate can also reject many of donald trump's nominees to the u.s. scolds and if they control either the house all the senate we can expect investigations of the trump administration to become both more numerous of. exiled we hear activists are urging the international community to take a hard line against china over its alleged crackdown on the as a minority in sin jang they'd been accused of master tension and discrimination a week and muslims in the region a.j. and brown reports. there are few more difficult places for foreign journalists to report from in china than shinji especially in. the provinces vast security and
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surveillance network is in overdrive as international criticism mounts over china's internment programme for ethnic muslim we goes and other groups officially chinese government officials insist they're providing free vocational training for those deemed vulnerable to islamic extremism. the day. but exiled leader activists say these centers are nothing less than reeducation camps were up to a million men and women are being held indefinitely without charge and a grand chinese government is doing that with the international repercussions so i believe that china would accelerate its start to wipe out the whole we were a nation if the world wouldn't be stronger harsher and china tire here a minute believes he'd be in
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a camp if he returned to shin jiang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang. the agent also a week or telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of women's contacts in israel sometimes the calls were taunting sure you're watching and it gives you that don't give it you or your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. that come later the implication was clear her fate was in their hands he said that one day you will need support one day you will need assistance from the chinese government if you go back to your homeland your family members your wives your daughter
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still are in. before him and left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again her last words to her father with these you're a bad person. with so many people missing in shin jang including his brother and sister i'm in is not sure if his wife and daughter are safe he also doesn't know for sure if they're still in a room she his wife divorced him just after he moved to the united states but he understands why marriage to him he says has made her a marked woman. adrian brown al-jazeera interim she. that protest saying cameron have kidnapped at least seventy nine high school students and three staff
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members were taken from a presbyterian boarding scones that have them and a mentor as part of the anger speaking region which has seen a surge in violence over the past year and on current night is the and present here freedom fighters is fighting for an independent state apart from the government just on my side to fight the french speaking machar seen colvin claim as a journalist and amanda he says he's had the stepsister taken the students into the bush. man invented a school in the eyes of so they're breaking and then took away some of the the children and as a brick and as the events are or their words in videos of some eleven to then have been are being dealt with by the groups asking them why they have to go to school whether know that they're fighting for independence and people are living in the bushes and some cannot find their parents and that they will have to stay with them in the bushes on. the war is over this group operates in various ways and in
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various functions and just last month i promised aunt an article actually that when they were this group of monsters and that kidnapping is becoming the new mothers apparently with the new cartridges for for the i'm group so they are not resort to kidnapping. more four four four four four economies for her around some done for political ends and a lot of. pentagon says a russian fighter jet has flown close to or buzz a u.s. navy plane over the black sea pilots and then to use it as a warning or to try to force other aircraft to change course the u.s. navy says the move was unprovoked russia says it prevented violation of its airspace it lasted twenty five minutes and happened in international airspace south of the ukraine and western russia the black sea is an area that has previously seen tension between russian and nato forces israel is attempting to
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bolster relations with some gulf arab states prime minister benjamin netanyahu is among a number of high ranking israeli officials to visit the region in recent weeks experts say policy alignment particularly on efforts to contain iran have emboldened both sides to go public with their recent talks honeyed reports. it was a picture does surprise some shocked others and left many wondering so. meeting and greeting israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his wife sarra the first visit by an israeli leader to a man in more than twenty years. perhaps this video reason is even more questions israel's minister of culture and education the grand mosque in abu dhabi. was visiting the emirate to see israel's winded jew two world championship host countries of international sporting events are obliged to include all participants
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regardless of their nationality israel has a lot of relations with some of the gulf states and other countries and arab countries and muslim countries which we don't know about. which citizen doesn't really know what's going on we know that there are connections we know that there is coordination specifically on issues of security regional security especially with the threat of iran and this has been going on for some turn there was no public condemnation from any of the regional countries except for mildly voiced concerns raised by some palestinian officials but with israel giving the impression that it's on its way to normalization with some of its arab neighbors how long that may take the question is where does that leave the palestinians they still support the arab initiative of two thousand and one in which normalization with all the arab states would come only after signing a peace deal with the palestinians since a takeover of the gaza strip in two thousand and seven relations between the hamas
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leadership in gaza and fact the henry miller have been frosty at best the palestinian legislative council hasn't convened for more than ten years crippling all political and economic life a stumbling block the palestinian factions haven't been able to bypass so far the unity is crucial to face challenges like trying to deal in these really ongoing settlement paula. see in the latest nation state law but reconciliation is further away there is real danger that this will turn into a session between ramallah and gaza and that is the worst that could happen the man visit is seen by many in israel as a signal that change could be coming the change of political weirdness that's going on there is real is not this inevitable adversary that actually could be an ally and a partner and that has existed at the levels for a long time but now it's starting to filter down to wider audience in
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these countries are not going to. open up embassies in jerusalem the day after tomorrow but i think they will explore ways of building relationships piece by piece that serves their national interest arab countries continue to say that resolving these really palestinian conflict we means the priority but it also seems that some countries are at least a willing to change the regional order but that that hamid al-jazeera in west jerusalem. now with al-jazeera these are the top stories donald trump has warned his supporters that the media is treating tuesday's midterm election as a referendum on his presidency as both republicans and democrats hold last minute rallies on the eve of the vote a live pictures now from missouri where trump is holding his third and final rally
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of the day so his decisive one of today's most closely watched races from someone who can party is trying to protect its majority and the senate and the house of representatives. you will be making a simple choice of vote for her republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. a vote for democrats is your goal to bring dish economic. crashing down very rapidly. the u.s. says as late as sanctions against iran are the toughest yet the measures implemented on monday target iran's oil and financial sectors but certain runs leading business partners have got a waiver allowing them to import oil iran has accused washington of bullying and says its tactics are backfiring because the internet was the us is internationally isolated turkish media reporting that saudi officials were sent to istanbul to
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remove evidence relating to the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi team was supposed to be in turkey to investigate the crime the nine man group included a chemical experts and a toxicologist the united nations human rights council is reviewing the actions of saudi arabia and its record on rights violations and saudi delegation is in geneva to face questions over the amongst other issues just in the council the delegation restated the kingdom's position that it's investigating the case and will prosecute those responsible for the killing. separatists in cameroon have kidnapped at least seventy nine high school students and three staff members taken from a boarding school in the city a bomb and in the west of the country the mender is part of the english speaking region which has seen a surge in violence over the past year an armed group known as the freedom fighters is fighting for an independent state apart from the government which is dominated by the french speaking majority. now with all the headlines i'll be back with
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more news here on al-jazeera that's after the stream stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter of three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century there are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. ok in your industry and i'm willing to be alive today can satire survive in a so called post truth era we chat with a panel of noted comedians about the power of political satire and while you're leaving your comments and questions of the chat take a look at this rant by at tempted to call satirist home for. the leftists responsible for this result because the left has now decided to any other opinion
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any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable we don't debate anymore because the left won the cultural war so if you're on the right you're a freak you're evil you're a racist you're stupid you are a basket of deplorable how do you think people are going to vote if you talk to them like that when is anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or or labeled so now if you're on the right or even against the prevailing view you are attacked for raising your opinion that's why people wait until they're in the voting booth no one's watching anymore there's no blame or shame or anything and you can finally say what you really think and that is a powerful thing the tories in charge brakes here and now from and all the polls were wrong all of them because when asked people can't admit what they think. looks that was more conflict issues television news reporter jonathan piet twenty sixteen commenting on the election of u.s. president donald trump was right it's inspired have racked up hundreds of thousands
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of views online making him a social media sensation while raising the ire of people across the political spectrum on both sides of the pond political satire has been traditionally used as a tool to punch against those in power a way to voice the concerns of marginalized groups who sometimes aren't given access to the public square. so one of the particular challenges of doing political satire right now when what's happening in the real world is sometimes more outlandish than any fictional news headline which would in the studio by telephone piii. tom walk in los angeles we have calum in california we have christina wall she's a comedian a writer and performance artist running for public office and in san francisco francesca freeman t.v. is also a comedian and correspondent for a. really good to have. scripting the bombs to come free and flowing at christina you could describe what you'll doing right now with political satire can you do that right international audience because right now
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absolutely specific space and yet assistance my campaign headquarters in chinatown . presented by art salon chinatowns of was presented by the art world and i'm not actually on tomorrow's ballot i'm just campaigning i realized after years of making spectacle theatres in guerrilla actions that i could no longer outdo the spectacle of real life politics and so i'm just going to bring my spectacle to where it's happening which is the political stage so at some point i will file and run for office but currently what i'm doing is giving campaign speech is shaking babies kissing. trying to stage indorsements i mean get doris minutes from white conservatives who normally probably would not endorse me and and just sort of stacking my deck and collecting bribes things like what your slogan. it's the name of my failed reality television pilot. makes it right i actually had
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pitched a reality t.v. show that tru t.v. picked up just so they paid for a pilot we could start when obama was president and we had to shoot it when trump was president and i started playing that shift for why everything about the persona that i had pitched then about this sort of naive self-centered activist conquering political apathy didn't it made sense when obama was president and then by the time we shot it in march. presidency it made no sense and or just everything just flipped upside itself and they turned down the pilot are now buying it for a season and so i mad out of what i really had ironing and they're ready to tell you we're going to see this before running for office shaking hands i had to write that down so that is your platform and i want to introduce our audience in case they're not familiar with your platform tom walker with this piece you're not going to play it because it's for the b.b.c.
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but i want to show our audience my problem with mansplaining this is jonathan pi this is your character and i bring this up because you got some pretty high praise for this in the form of brick interface himself noted comedienne and originator of the original office the u.k. version ricky says i just watched your bit on mansplaining brilliant brain raw analytical without forgetting to be funny i like to think that i could do something that's crafted and detailed if i had the patience and the energy is so. happy now and that's my next post to quote thank you very much. yeah i mean that particular bit i mean i must explain the jonathan part of the character i'm me you know we're lefties we're liberals but what i find with some of these days is that you know certainly in the u.k. and i've seen a little bit of it here i mean in the u.k. it's not so sure as a whole for now all of. on voters stupid and on trump voters stupid well one
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that's not true to tactically. not clever and three it's boring you know so what i try to do with pi is because he cares about the left in the liberal ideas he's trying to lie on the left just as much as he does the right by telling them where they're going wrong and they aren't going wrong you can tell that because of who's in the white house at the moment you know something went wrong along along the line you know. because john pike has it because. yeah i mean certainly with this thing about left i cared deeply about free speech which isn't very fashionable on the left these days certainly my country i think in america is under attack but what's interesting for me is the comedy world i'm very new to the comedy world i started off as an actor of all the art forms i've ever encountered and you wouldn't think it the comedy world is the most sense sorious the most sensitive i mean the attacks i've got from the comedy world just for standing up for the principle of free speech suddenly you're all right you're not so you're not see apologise it's bonkers to me so it makes me double down and go no this is this
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is you never going to win if you if you keep down that road as far as on. chest i just want to play a little clip from your questions down on some of the al-jazeera platforms so you would think that you had quite a conservative audience but then he's the material that nothing happened. geography and now americans are learning that the syrian civil war is arguably the seven layer dip of wars you've got your authoritarian your rebels your civilians your foreign superpowers your warring factions your stateless fighters topped off with a whole lot of misinformation in other words an amazing way out of. syria is about as easy to understand as a third grader trying to give you a synopsis of game of thrones ok so the assads are like the land if there is and the us is like the stars or maybe they're the target putin is when the bolton and joy is fake. and i'm thinking conservatives will see no to
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a big sea. yes i think well that is i mean that's an interesting thing that you noted there in terms of the way that news broke was born out of al-jazeera right and born out of an online platform that is really targeted at young people and so many so much of the language that young people are speaking i think ever since the daily show was going back really is through satire and through comedy they want to be informed but they don't want everything to be so serious i think tom's character speaks to that as well right whenever you break down this buttoned up newscaster i think that especially young people are going to listen much more than they would if you're if you're just over the top sincere so i think news broke set out to do that and i think to a lot we gain new fans i think so major plus people who are used to seeing let's say the syrian civil war only treated through the lens of being that buttoned up
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newscast which i think afterward so many years can get we all tune it out there's a way we bowl to now. what we think is like distasteful or you know something that is off color but then also we tune out things that are way too serious and sad so how do we get people to pay attention and i was our first attempt at talking about something so so grave christina. i think i just think we i see here which tom is saying about free speech is and their attack and i used to be someone who's like yeah let's just have at it let's just say whatever we want until. until people begin to take alex jones seriously and then act on those things or until someone does like oh man i've got to go shoot up a synagogue. because there's a god is helping these folks are going to go is responsible for his own actions
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donald trump didn't do that and i'm experienced and do that and also by alex jones now not being allowed a platform that he doesn't go away he goes underground but by suppressing an opinion you don't you don't you don't love alex jones as a performance artist yeah. i mean it's art is give us a performance i was a performance artist yeah i love it but i don't know what's admitting because it's shifting culture in a way that like who this is. now i think people civil rights people or people don't understand how human rights works and are making decisions. based on what they think that alex jones is telling them or showing up at a pizza parlor to to whatever people make their own decisions right they go because if you go shoot something up but where they're getting those orders from someone at the top or someone who is position as a story and there's nobody challenging them or their space that's challenging them that's not right then exactly and i think that's what has my question what's going
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on tom i mean i agree with christine and like i definitely here we are coming from i'm someone who believes that you don't have to just punch up i think that people blaming stephen colbert for you know and satirical news for the reason that like trump got elected that's obviously ridiculous i do believe in free speech but all speech actually isn't created equal unfortunately we don't live in a petri dish of life and politics and economics unfortunately the president's words have way more meaning and when. it says was it soros i don't know people say soros is paying for migrants to come across the border who knows like that actually matters more than my little you tube channel saying that you know millennia from like you know bait is then caviar like whatever there is so like i think that in theory just like libertarianism it's all good but in practice you get the koch brothers that it didn't but in practice donald trump is in the white house i mean
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and and on the trail to the white house it seemed impossible when he came out with those those awful remarks you know. makes considering you know all of that sort of stuff where you could i mean there were assholes absolutely absolutely and you go how can he possibly win the white house now and he did so there is a problem here there is that we have somehow donald trump we bred donald trump into that white house which perhaps twenty twenty five years ago when political discourse was perhaps a little bit more i mean look at what political discourse is you the left think everyone on the right is an all right nazi and everyone on the right things and from the left is a communist no fly mean that there is a discourse and imo that there isn't a school but it's just. i don't i mean we're here to talk about satire and comedy and i will say we need it to survive authoritarianism we need tom's work we
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need christina's work hopefully we need my work if we don't have political satire we won't get through this if we don't all and i think on the left and the right take ourselves less seriously while also pointing out the just brings in her pocket of the people in power and by by making fun of them an absurdist ways and smart ways in whatever ways we want to and we're not going to survive so in some ways it's more critical than ever and the field is way more crowded. but i always say listen. as it's hard to be a political comedy writer in twenty eight team because immigrants are not stealing our job was the president. so right on your point about. the performance art. scene that you are you there but i want to bring in our community here because they had so much to say on this topic and on that point you're making about how this can survive i want to bring in this from giordano nonny he's the writer and creator of something called juicy media and he writes it produces
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a series called honest government ads he impersonates the government and he makes ads about issues with the difference being that they are honest here he is. i think it's you know one of the reasons i created the series on this government is because a lot of the problems that we face today come from our governments these are the leaders that we put in place to act and. take action on things from climate change to corruption to closing of types of loopholes all the sort of stuff but they don't serve the people most of the part i'm not anti government person per se i want to see scum and so the series is as much of satire as an ambush. future christine i'm wondering what your take on that is especially because you are running for office well i'm running and then i am going to run and what i'm finding in this process is is is as much as you think it's as easy as like just run for
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dogcatcher it is very expensive to run a campaign and just to file in california you need to pay three percent of the first year's salary to run for governor that's about three thousand five hundred dollars so even if i'm running as a performance art piece that's a significant amount of money and then like someone like gavin newsom i think raise about fifty million dollars up to now so this is not something i can pull off and to get that money you got to get a lot of but and it's a very tricky dance that i'm learning just in trying to navigate what am i going to run for how will i do this without getting a sudden stroke at whole foods collecting signatures and you know like dirt and it's like yesterday i had trashed audience gavin newsome is a very well known politician from california please continue. yeah so it's so so i get very tricky to figure out how do i get indorsements and having to say the right
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thing to a union or association of nurses it's it's such a weird game. of building this army and that you can't just have this opinion as an artist anymore so a lot of this is me trying to negotiate what i used to believe in as an artist seeing how does it apply to me courting backers and it's very tricky i mean it's interesting a lot of people often say to me that one i find it really weird when they say oh you green with everything jonathan pony says you go well then you're mad but. will you run for office complete run for you know point for pm and sometimes they're not joking and you go i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't have a clue what to and i would have no desire to do it you know sometimes all sounds are is to me and i totally understand what you're trying to treat but such talk to me is just about looking at something from a different angle you know shining a mirror on something that you get things wrong to use hyperbole you go over the top of the idea of running for office called a motion and then we're off to. yeah it's
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a nightmare but it's it's the only way i could figure out how to address that because it would take to even by the time i would get to a stage to address what happened that day twitter got to the front. of you doing it to just yes first off because you know what i mean by that is you doing it to see what it's like to run for office to. say yeah yeah i've run and i would like to run to win and it's a process of learning how this works i mean i could be like the thousands of people who run as a joke or just to see their name on a ballot but i but i'm going to run as a performance artist i will bring my crazy paraphernalia with me wherever i speak i will. do you have a political agenda. i do i'm also testing out stump speeches made tendo right now is just a finish sewing the set and to get people to show up at my rallies christine and many times when my money best tomorrow. i was not tomorrow i'm not on the ballot tomorrow but i'm thinking that if everyone who listens in california writes me and
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is governor i can. be a surprise winner. let me just share with you some of francesca not francesca's what we've seen from texas where some of christina's work because i'm wondering are there any topics for political slant on that or two to boot to tackle and there's something on the you tube channel that just jumped out at me it's running. so we are now going to christina's radical crime school have a look have a listen hello young comrades. i'm going to show a picture this is my way of figuring out if you've been tainted by the patriarchy. let's show you that who do you think it is this is me me me me why there's just like this thing about white people that just makes me feel. like they're right there for all that i don't like walking into the pool and they just give me
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a desk and i'm just like so this guy was in the pool. with the moon walk out and look at this guy or a bad guy. do we think this is make a guess oh i don't know will do or who is he married to. yes. yes. yes donald does what are we going to. what do we know about him as. the president. how do we know about the current christina i think there's somebody in political saturates writing there but here's a question i. guess anything that's too touchy too sensitive to make fun of to make a political joke about running out of first. oh alas i want to begin to go the kids in that series this is this is more shot like
1:41 pm
a documentary of that day of need seeing if we could cram school is a nickname for a tutoring center an asian american community they get the because you're a little like cramming in all these subjects and so we thought what if we could cram them with social education in a day. and so. we're not we didn't put any of those reactions in their mouths and a lot of people are like you're indoctrinating the kids or us we created it because we felt like how do we teach kids to deal with the. rhetoric floating around now in the trump era and it's not to young because two of our producers were parents of one of the kids and i actually suggested that we do it because they live in ohio where she's one of the few asian girls there and. understanding that people are looking at her weird and she said see how things have changed in a sense the election. i was again i'll jump in and say that i mean i think you get doing online content you get a lot of responses i'm sure you guys both know and of course one of the biggest i
1:42 pm
think the biggest moment of this year in terms of political satire was michelle wolf's white house correspondent yeah speed right and her entire her monologue where she made fun of sarah huckabee sanders. but then you know her makeup right said she will burn lies or burn the truth and then use the like the ash to make a perfect smoky of course the media went absolutely insane and a little bit to tom's point about kind of the oversensitivity that and i don't i don't again it's one strand of and in this case it was actually much of mainstream media and liberal media that was like you've gone too far and i would actually say that a lot of mainstream media and specifically liberal media only says you've gone too far when you make fun of all women on the right making fun of women on the right is absolutely a no go zone so right wingers get to go crazy where you can say what let hillary
1:43 pm
clinton eight five babies this morning as she wed her lizard tail like that's a perfectly normal sentence. but if you. like the extended sushi if you haven't lived it and it's got a great way it's only a point of view that i want to weigh in here because our community is doing that so this is the gamer who's writing on you tube live the ability to humiliate the politicians is what makes political satire effective not sure you all would agree with that but that's one person's view so in talking about the role and the responsibility that saturates have maz jobrani famed comedian writes in the role of satire is to expose apocryphally and make fun of those in charge when they deserve being made fun of ricky gervais' has another thought on that he says it's only responsibility is not to break the law and cause actual harm the same as anyone and anything else in ideal world. told me that the question was can you go too far and is the subject and the simple answer is no i mean number one fun because of.
1:44 pm
course often says it happens all the time that we mistake the subject of a joke for the target of the joke and that is often a mistake so i didn't in the things should be should be out of bounds all right so i guess i accompany the times phone this fast we have less than one minute left for you to tell us where you are appearing next tom. i'm appearing to. have something that's written washington account of what it's called seven of nine in this ticket still available for both christina. i'm doing a show with undocumented immigrants at the dream resource center near macarthur park it's free it's at seven o'clock. i love we have working altis on the show for . the night at the punch line in san francisco pre-election in show and also nov fifteenth at the i thousand los angeles francheska christine todd thank you so much for sharing your thoughts your insights on political satire good
1:45 pm
to have here now before we go we want to leave you with a sneak peek of a new doc from our colleagues at witness takes us into the world of former refugee and current fashion model holy made in i travel to her home state of minnesota on friday for a screening and a discussion of the film that's now streaming at al-jazeera dot com. for a girl who was once a refugee she's now posing for strutting the runway i'm rocking the job this cannot be my life. i have never really felt it at all or in the world. and i've heard it all i've heard a lot if you're not i'm going with you're not american. and if i had i was so bad how they walk about. oh god i really i'd die it right there in. us one. but i've
1:46 pm
done this right. now i don't know both the day when the world wants to be like one thing or the other. and i think that in all like all groups somebody has to go out and be the first. hate violence revenge and increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent it sang. in a new series or it takes an unflinching new at the end of radicalised organizations to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideologies radicalise youth coming soon on al-jazeera.
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harvester. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment. on them very early you know disability yet. until three year old or year more people have a disability. and in normal weight the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean. revisited. i remember the first time i walked into the
1:48 pm
newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify. the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength. last minute rallies in the u.s. ahead of what's been described as one of the most divisive midterm elections and yet is. and it. is there a live from doha also coming up tucker's media suggests saudi arabia sends
1:49 pm
a team to raise evidence off the killing of journalists inside its consulate in istanbul. the u.s. says its latest sanctions against iran of the toughest so far but some of the iran's leading business problems have been exempted. and thousands of march in support of a new day appointed prime minister amanda rajapaksa as a political crisis deepens over his comeback. a divisive campaign in the united states is coming to an end with candidates on both sides encouraging their supporters to vote in tuesday's midterm elections all four hundred thirty five seats in the u.s. house of representatives are on the line along with one third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties see the votes as a referendum on donald trump and his presidency compazine spent monday traveling
1:50 pm
the country holding three not trolleys in an effort to turn out the vote. democrats immigration policies are extremely dangerous reckless and insane they support catch and release they want to free criminal elements they want no pro-tax use for american workers or taxpayers and they want totally open borders which means crime will pour into our country. illegal immigration of course our country more than one hundred billion dollars every year and that's before then the books of missouri indiana and wisconsin combined has gone out to all white house correspondent kimberly halkett in washington d.c. is a complete trump has held his final rally as lynch enjoys the people he brought up on stage. yeah it was really interesting because donald trump has been
1:51 pm
obviously listening to what the pundits have been saying in recent weeks matt is that it is suburban women who could essentially decide this election so what did he do well he brought some of the women that have been instrumental in his administration on stage it was certainly notable donald trump doesn't share the stage was just anybody but he brought up his daughter his press secretary and kellyanne conway who's also been a key white house aide an advisor not only in the white house but also in his campaign but certainly you are right when it comes to this election the turnout already has been very very strong some thirty six million people have already voted and democrats are hoping that that means that the blue wave that they've been hoping for democrats represented by the color blue in the united states that this could signal a takeover of the house of representatives. i refer. there hoping for what they call the blue wave workers. hope that voters will turn
1:52 pm
out on tuesday and vote overwhelmingly for democrats represented by the color blue in the midterm election to determine control of congress and send a message back and we're going to win the house of representatives we're going to win a whole shield governorship is she going to be huge for the united states of america . belief in a blue wave started last year in states like virginia a democratic candidate swept local elections and since it's traditional for the governing party to lose seats in a midterm congressional election u.s. president donald trump's republicans have an uphill battle in his final campaign day trump didn't mince words the democrat agenda is a socialist nightmare for our country. the republican agenda is the american dream and that's what we're doing with bringing back the american dream. democrats have reason to be optimistic young voters
1:53 pm
a key demographic for the party city plan to show up in states like arizona florida georgia pennsylvania nevada and texas young people are registering in high numbers and in many states with big races a record number of americans have already gone to the polls an early voting who ever even heard of midterm that the president and his supporters are skeptical and have good reason to be. twenty sixteen many analysts predicted trump's democratic opponent hillary clinton would win the white house this year there are states and districts where the republicans are actually ahead in getting the early vote out so i think that's one indicator that there's no blue well not on the ballot donald trump has admitted this election is a referendum on his agenda and the results could be an indication of whether u.s. voters believe this controversy all bluster works. meanwhile here we go facebook looking first see old accounts heads of polling day was with us about
1:54 pm
yeah this is not an encouraging sign you remember the twenty sixteen u.s. election and the russian meddling that took place according to seventeen intelligence agencies is the foundation of a probe now by the special counsel robert muller as he looks into not only election interference but also possible collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign it certainly has undermined the president's efforts many democrats have never accepted the results of the election because they felt there was significant meddling well we're already getting reports from facebook that there is some evidence of election meddling that has occurred already with these congressional midterm elections facebook putting out a notice that they were contacted by law enforcement because of irregular what they called online activity linked to foreign entities essentially what facebook has done is it has removed these accounts thirty facebook eighty five instagram
1:55 pm
accounts they've blocked these accounts they say were linked to not only with the russian language but also the french language apparently these accounts were are in some ways talking about celebrities or even political debate centrally they say this is a really premature investigation given the fact of the timing that this comes out just hours before the polls open for election day for the midterm elections they felt it was important to alert the public about what was happening in the actions they've taken so far as it is just hours before the polls what's the atmosphere like there in the country how excited is it about this. it decided i is probably not the right word motivated on both sides definitely motivated anxious tense really the last two years in the united states have been a continuation of twenty sixteen it's almost like the campaign never ended and for many voters i think on the republican side seeing the house controlled by
1:56 pm
republicans which the polls seem to indicate won't be the case would be affirmation that the president's on the right track but for democrats they're looking to stall and haul donald trump's agenda they're looking to pick up seats again the polls seem to favor that the real things to watch will be the governors' races how that goes and also the action in the senate the republicans are expected to hold on to that if they don't this could really spell trouble for president donald trump is going to be fascinating kimberly for the moment thanks very much. grossman is director of the institute for public policy and social research at michigan state university he says polls currently suggest that there will be a more diverse mix of politicians off the. certainly going to be an increase in diversity in democratic representation in congress especially a lot more women are presented in the congressional delegation so we should see the
1:57 pm
new curses in diversity after the election well there is a secular increase and minority representation but it has taken a jump in the democratic party this year and the excitement and interest in female candidates is overwhelming in unprecedented and especially winning a whole bunch of our congressional primaries where it really does seem like women wanted representation. wouldn't you know that's and they want a bunch of democratic primaries but that nothing has happened really on the republican side the republicans are still mostly running white men at the knees now in texas media reported that saudi officials sent to istanbul to investigate the disappearance so jealous to. focus instead on reliving evidence of his mudda long days in the saudi team that arrived nine days off because she was killed was a chemical expert and a toxicologist national power reports from istanbul. another leak to the
1:58 pm
pro-government newspaper this time implicating two members of the official search and investigation team sent from saudi arabia nine days after his murder these banned a comment i bill as easily general be reported to be a chemical expert and hire me said to be a toxicologist are accused of trying to destroy evidence and cover up what happened they are reported to have been active in the consulate and the consul general's residence had of the turkish investigators being allowed into the buildings to start their own inquiry later a call was made for inquiries into reports of attempts to destroy this body in acid after it had been dismembered the call came from the turkish vice president who said the investigation would reach the highest levels. who gave the order for
1:59 pm
a murder to be committed on our soil we are searching for this answer it was more than a month after his murder his two sons have spoken for the first time. lives in saudi arabia and has to get permission to fly to the u.s. to be with the rest of his family or what we want. is to bring him back here with him and you know with his with the rest of his family in saudi arabia yes i talk to talk about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens. but you need to find somebody needs to find his body yes. i think that the sessions are going. to be hopeful about that. turkish officials
2:00 pm
fear they may never be able to find the remains of jamal which they believe was dissolved in acid something which is likely to prolong the agony of his family which has been hoping to bury him as soon as possible in saudi arabia. the u.s. is calling its latest sanctions against iran the toughest so far to iran has accused washington of bullying and says its tactics some backfiring because the u.s. and internationally isolated the measures implemented on monday targeting runs oil and financial sectors but president says they are taking things slowly we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed but on oil we want to go a little bit slower because i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world this has nothing to do with the rent i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world so i'm not looking to be a great hero and bring it down to zero immediately i could get the iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the.


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