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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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carrying a large handgun shot the bouncer the security person was at the door of the bar and then. shot a young woman who was behind the reception counter at the bar whites and then apparently up to thirty rounds were fired off we see then pictures from the scene the college students comforting one another some people being treated with blood on their bodies being treated by medical personnel the thing of the gunman it said is known but we do know that the f.b.i.'s joint. terrorism task force is on its way to the scene quoting two f.b.i. spokesperson. and representatives from the u.s. bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms have also been dispatched we don't have any
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idea about the motive for the shooting this does of course represent the second mass shooting in a many weeks in the united states following the killing of eleven people at a synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania two weeks ago but this. incident in been cierra county california thousand oaks the suburban area movement area southern california we do not know yet what if any motive was behind this this criminal act i understand that information is hard to come by at this moment rob but has any information been released about think gunman himself. you know we have a couple of eyewitness descriptions that it was a person the male wearing a black clothing one of the college kids who was interviewed said he appeared to be
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short so we can't confirm. what exactly he his appearance was but we don't and we don't know whether he said anything or. spoke to any of the. people who survived or who were in the bar at the moment at the moment that the shooting took place so no we don't have his identity. we do know that he has been contained as the police spokesperson said in the bar and grill now whether that means that he's been placed under arrest or is has been shot and killed we don't know yet but the police are emphasizing that there is no threat to the surrounding community and that the gunman. is still inside the building where the shooting took place all right reynolds thank you for that
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update from california. now at the white house president donald trump has started being his cabinets so trump fired attorney general dr jeff sessions the announcement comes just a day off to his republican party and lost control of the house of representatives in this week's midterm elections although it increased its majority in the senate can really help it has more on a contentious day at the white house worried i said nothing that's enough it was supposed to be a news conference about the outcome of the midterm election sit down but it quickly turned into a testy exchange with reporters which included questions about the future of president donald trump's cabinet and the fate of his a battled attorney general jeff sessions and i'm very happy with most of my cabinet will look into that different people for different positions shortly after the president tweeted that his attorney general was out sessions writing in
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a letter to the president at your request i am submitting my resignation trumpets muse publicly about getting rid of sessions ever since the attorney general recused himself from the investigation into alleged ties between the truck campaign and the kremlin during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign sessions is replaced by matthew whitaker who will serve as acting attorney general whitaker is viewed as a trump loyalist and penned an op ed last year arguing the moeller probe was going too far he is now officially overseeing that same investigation or any attorney general whether this one or another one. should not be able to interfere with the mole or investigation in any way they should not be able to end it they should not be able to limit it right one of you know that i mean on monday trump said he wanted to take a softer tone but his post mid term news conference was his longest and arguably most contentious his press duration at times boiled over as he railed yet again at
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the media after he was asked repeatedly about the muller probe and should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person and i may actually have a question for you at once well a white house aide tried to take the microphone of a reporter another reporter asked about concerns over the rise of white nationalism that such a racist question the sessions firing in the fall of from the u.s. midterms comes as donald trump prepares to head to paris where he'll attend an event along with russian president vladimir putin on wednesday trying once again declined to directly criticize putin for his twenty fourteen addicks ation of crimea instead blaming it on former president barack obama can really help that al-jazeera the white house so mr sessions has been replaced as her hearing with a new acting attorney general that's forty nine year old matthew would occur he was
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appointed the u.s. attorney for iowa in two thousand and four by president george w. bush in that role he prosecuted white collar and drug trafficking crimes he held out office until two thousand and nine what a qur'an for the united states senate and twenty fourteen but lost the party's nomination he then worked as a conservative legal commentator for c.n.n. before being hired as jeff sessions chief of staff in october of last year and let's make the robert gucci he's the editor of the trump presidency journalism and democracy he's also a professor at lancaster university that is where he's joining us from thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera so now that sessions is outs matthew would occur isn't what will he do with the miller probe is he going to shut it down is he going to arraign it in or is he simply going to do nothing. well i think it's hard at this point to shut down the probe by saying it's over no more questions were done but i think the administration has shown that it works quite well in
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distraction and confusion and not answering questions directly or even asking direct questions and so i think it's going to be a lot of shuffling moving things around speeding up the probe and setting maybe a deadline for it to be fully completed but coming down with just a complete shutdown is. probably not going to do well with him now that there are stronger voices in the house but certainly they don't want it to go on much longer or to go much deeper yet and speaking of the house now that the democrats have control of the house what's their first priority of business for them do you think will they move forward on certain investigations when it comes to trump and if so which ones. in the midterm election they were very clear that health care was one of their main policies but they also did hint at moving forward with some investigations into donald trump's finances
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a potential affairs with russia surrounding the two thousand and sixteen election which is what that probe is looking into among other things. they certainly have also said something about maybe impeachment that's much that's much more difficult to do the question here is could the democrats use any wins that they got in this last election to set a foundation for a successful twenty twenty campaign against child bringing up issues of impeachment at this point and even investigations into him may not be getting some of those swing voters back on their side and what about when it comes to sort of for the benefit of our international audience here what impact has the democrats control the house likely to have on foreign policy or defense policy. well i think the democrats are going to try and hold to a notion of a global community supporting our allies in nato and supporting other initiatives
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that donald trump and others have been moving out of but again that's that's going to be hard for them to do and it's going to be behind the doors sort of negotiation about what international collaboration's are sceptical to republicans and to into trump in trying to bridge some of the divides that have created been created internationally but again doing so is going to raise. the terror against. an idea that's not america first that is the main objective of his administration and of his supporters writes a robber who she could to get your thoughts thanks for joining us on al-jazeera. on to more ahead on the news hour including the christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges in pakistan is freed from prison case sparked widespread protests more fighting reported around the yemeni city of data as the international community
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calls for peace talks for it build it like the football star gets public backing for his new stadium in miami the i will be here with the details a little later. but first aid agencies are calling the crisis in the central african republic one of the world's most neglected conflicts an elected government is now in power however the violence between armed groups continues it's forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes and this year alone nicolas hoch sent this report from a refugee camp and. it just arrived ulead displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the and then dig sick tarion violence in central african republic. some have their homes burnt to the ground others were chased from their villages by young men with machetes and guns among them are
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survivors of unspeakable violence. ten year olds to the his mother is dead her father is killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors. she hid in the bush with her uncle then tried to return to her village but the men kept coming back so she had again. there's no hiding from the violence we want the arms to go the violence to stop we just want peace this is silliness you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups under siege and unable to leave the camp is that they are held hostage protected by a few overstretched u.n. troops celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places and she took the microphone. will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home we put her questions to visiting secretary general of the norwegian refugee council young angle and i hope she will
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be able to go back to our house but the reality is that you know the big forces of the armed groups and the lack of intention from this national community is not go in her direction really in this situation for these people is really desperate outside of the camp and outside of where this small girl is there are three armed groups and they deny people returning to their homes among the people living in this refugee camp are armed men in hiding not only do they target the humanitarian workers that bring them health they also attack the people that live in this camp it seems that there is no safe space for people to skate from the violence. was searching for food when she was gang raped at gunpoint by a man she suspects are part of a christian armed group in the camp. they won't stop hurting girls here they think
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we're objects for them to take rape is just part of living here despite the trauma and the violence committed by adults where the christian or muslim children in this refugee camp sure a brief moment of unity in a country torn and looking for peace nicholas hawke al jazeera. and we can now speak to the secretary general at the norwegian refugee council he's joining us from car no that isn't the central african republic thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera we saw you in nicholas's a report touring some of the camps what have you seen inside the camps and what are the the things that people are lacking when i'm now in western central african republic it's one of the poorest most violent most neglected places on earth really all of the people in this community
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where i stand have been displaced by violence each and every family have family members killed in the most gruesome passion but then it's also as you may see. it in the hope because here we are building houses for people who where displaced and we do it for both communities christians muslims and this and east now and of peace here these people want to rebuild their lives but it's very hard to get funding for these projects really the central african republic is forgotten why is it that it's called one of the most neglected crises. well i asked myself i mean we're now in the heart of africa really it's it's it's a place that needs to be peaceful for the whole region to be peaceful it's also a place where there is diamond and precious metals that doesn't reach the people
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here need a method to marry here where the father was getting like sixty cents today a half a dollar per day was his income from selling firewood his biggest concern now was that his children would be kicked out of school because he couldn't pay the two and a half dollar per year per child for school of course we cannot continue to like that i beg i mean europe or the gulf countries north america japan those who have been generous donors told this part of the world to really stay the course this is a marathon to run together here in in the central african republic two years ago there were ten nominal purchase of political diplomatic economic development to humanitarian support to the central african republic that was in her model that
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seems to be forgotten now because really we're seeing a slow slide towards the abyss again there are too few islands of hope like this one and central african republic so what are organizations like yours then doing to keep the stories of the people in the central african republic in the public. well we're trying to i mean first and foremost to also save lives i mean we give food we help with water and sanitation we have a water pump here that prevents epidemic decease we give shelter to people who are living out in the bush admin of these fled into the bush and lived. under the trees one family two yes but more than that we're also going to build livelihoods and a collective future so many of the families here had occupied
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the houses of others who had fled to cameroon as some of the refugees try to come back to this area which is common in other areas we give house thing to those who were in those houses so then people can return home those supplies from elsewhere can come here and there is then hope for the communities to live together i think we have to build peace brick by brick literally here if we get resources and if there is a more coherent effort for peace that the include neighboring countries like jobs and sudan and cameroon and the congo's etc i'm optimistic for the future of central african republic if not. if it continues like now we may have another cat but let's make war around zones like this that could threaten the lives of millions all right again i grant we thank you very much for joining us from the
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central african republic. now a pakistani christian woman acquitted of boss for me has been freed from prison the netherlands is now offering her temporary asylum. quit after eight years on death row sparked nationwide protests by hardliners local media say she's on the way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that would bar her from leaving pakistan bibi was convicted in twenty ten on charges of insulting the prophet muhammad after a dispute with muslim fellow farm workers come out haidar is joining us from islamabad so presumably. keeping her movements and her whereabouts secret for security reasons come out what more can you tell us about where she possibly could be and what her plans are. lead the moment this is a huge challenge for the government of pakistan because of the nature of this particular story. and what
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we're told today that yesterday a. court order which overturned our dead pan and. she would be released from prison and most on from where she would draw don't expect your leg off the destination of that day. and that of course led to some of the local media speculating that she had already left the country however we are told that the aircraft landed at the border. more secure and from there she was taken to an unidentified location the foreign ministry also issuing a statement the spokeswoman. for the foreign office saying that she was very much in the country and that she had not left pakistan also the information minister saying that they're going to sponsor britain for some of the media outlets to say that she had left the country however what we do know is the protective
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custody because the danger to her life. all right thank you in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour a vote counting is underway in madagascar that's where residents take from a crowded field of thirty six candidates for president. the storm clouds have gathered across a good part of new zealand had some very heavy rain was a had some violent winds battering a good part of the country that when the weather is now making its way further east was a hundred twenty millimeters of rain in twenty four hours just to the west of christ church there as you go through the next twenty four hours it should gradually clear
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through but take a look at friday's picture question gets up to around ten degrees celsius now bear in mind start of this week the temperatures getting up to twenty eight degrees so that really is something of a shock to the system the wet weather will make its way further east with cold enough to snow over the higher ground violent winds tending to ease down as we go on into the weekend so for sas day not too bad things starting to pick up christchurch thirteen degrees seventeen celsius there for all clear and you can follow that same area cloud right across the tasman into the eastern side of australia bright skies come back in behind high pressure in china so that will keep it nice unsettled and sunny across the southeast of australia's i think picking up quite nicely seventeen celsius in melbourne a little bit of cloud around twenty two degrees for sydney further west we're seeing temperatures getting up to twenty six celsius in perth and warming up nicely to the east coast. when a parent loses the child to
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a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what cool is to his daughter's day and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parent attend atomised a father's protista part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the. city. al-jazeera has correspondents living green the stories they tell. you serious food in world news.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour there are new developments in the murder case of suddenly journalism out of. turkey sources have told al-jazeera that hydro florek asset has been found in the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul investigators believe that his body may have been disposed off air police in california say i've got a man who opened fire inside a bar in the city of thousand oaks as dads at least eleven are injured emergency response teams are still on the scene. let's now speak to jeremy lewis he was last employed. by the borderline bar and grill where the incident happened he was
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a security guard and left on october the four forests he's joining us on the phone from the san francisco bear area jeremy lewis good to have you with us on al-jazeera someone who was employed at the bar where the shooting has taken place just give me your initial reaction to the developments there. just to clarify john. lewis go ahead. we have work in the morning and i had someone give me the article as far as i'm even sure a county can scan it and it shows that opening fire was like ten minutes prior to college on when to go to college and i have borderline. a grand. it's probably about five hundred kids anywhere from eighteen to thirty four years old and i was there for about five months i became very family oriented area very close
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with those that i worked with and some of the regulars that were there every single day. a lot of my coworkers and friends as i got to know them they were at and you want to vent which we've got a good shooting so a lot of them are going to be p.t.s. . those results are the first thing i had was kind of. getting had to go through a second time more empathetic i am thankful that i was not having to. be had been much if i would have been that security guard on duty and you know we're hearing that that security guard at the door was the been one of those who've been injured out of eleven people so far just give us an idea of what security would have been like on a night like college night where you say there must have been around five hundred or so people. ok the first night like it relatively have about nine security guards on. in uniform we're not on anything like that the most we have to deal with would be just bar fights overall which you very rarely happened thing happened that got
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jets flying we had. regulators that would step in and send us the hand. things like tonight we do our main goal is try to prevent under-age drinking to nothing to eat streams nothing in our wildest dreams would be never prepared for an active shooter coming in especially not having answers that what would be that. we. would be performed at pat downs i don't know if it got necessarily right up to that point. but nights like that would have a security guard at the door as he was would be at the very front as they're checking id for one security guard. been trained for a situation like this. if you're the guy that i heard of it was a good thing with sean he was a retired police officer i'm pretty sure i know you had a long course of background you've been to get forty. you've been doing security be
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said for about twenty five years so we've seen the best of them obviously all that he was trained to have a shooter come in directly through the door they saw probably set up a meeting where you walk up the stairs to the bar return to your right we get to the doors right where the cash register is and they shot and killed the cashier which i knew personally as a friend and then right next to him right next to her would have been the security guard which had been shot. like this no matter what kind of training they had always going to. say horrific situation still a very much a developing story for the time being john lewis we thank you for speaking to us from california. now pro-government forces in yemen say they've advanced closer to the rebel held port city of call data more than one hundred fifty people have been killed in the last three days as a military offensive against the whole thing is intensifies the leader of the filthy rebels has vowed never to surrender victoria gate and he has more.
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pro-government forces laid a ground offensive on his data which is being controlled by heathy rebels since twenty footie the supported by a saudi amorality coalition which is the bombing positions in the pool city the collateral damage has did significant the age group save the children says one of the pharmacies providing lifesaving supplies was damaged by an as strong a pro-government forces have taken control of a major road leading into the city but the leader of the rebels in yemen has vowed not to surrender though i gave a journey and i direct a call to all free men of our people to head for the fronts to defend the port city the battle isn't a small one it stretches two thousand kilometers along the red sea coast it's been a year since the saudi amorality coalition imposed an assay and land blockade on yemen the post city of her data was until now
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a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid the managed to get into the country but is the battle to control her data intensifies it's become almost impossible to get food supplies into yemen about two thousand one hundred people have reportedly fled their homes in the area close to the fighting she got a chair in agencies have consistently warned their protracted fighting inside her data city or any incident that interrupted port operations could set up for humanitarian catastrophe. hundreds of thousands of people who live in her day to face being trapped as fighting places in around them the u.s. and un have called for a cease fire we've been urging all parties to come to the table. and to recognize that there is no military victory that can be achieved in yemen and we continue to call for a solution of hostilities but that cool seems to be falling on deaf ears as both
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sides battle for control of her data the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine thirty million people address victoria gate and be algis their . vote counting has started in madagascar are after the presidential election the african island nation no less than thirty six candidates to choose from three of them former presidents but there are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying they weren't able to cast their ballots from either miller spoke to voters in the capital. a steady stream of people at polling stations across the capital. not isolated drawn is trying to cost a ballot. but without any luck she can't find a name on the voters' roll she says she'll continue searching but that means looking to dozens of lists. of course is frustrating but i will keep searching but
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if i don't find my name i would just have to wait to vote next time but many others are not as accepting one woman says she's angry because no one in a family can find their names leave quietly there are many problems people have cards without their address listed people are on the list but don't have voter cards and people who have voter cards are not on the list before the election twenty five political parties had formed a coalition to have electoral this reformed but the electoral commission refused and said the election would continue as planned. officials at the voting station say they haven't received all the electoral material they leave civil society organizations say they were similar problems in previous elections and they made recommendations to the electoral commission on how to fix them the stime round but say they were ignored. transparency international says this is worrying for madagascar's nine million voters but i will say one third of the people there
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live on the electoral list you should be on the electoral list have been dropped in some ways so it's really difficult for people to handle these. voters that have to choose between fifty six candidates but the race is really between just three of them all former presidents haiti. who won the twenty thirteen election marc ravalomanana returned from exile after two thousand and nine who ousted him and about to leave and who was appointed as transitional president after that dixon know when you voting is important to me because i want to see the work that has been done continue the unions and if the political leaders follow the rules it will be ok but there are too many candidates for the electoral commission says it will release final results in three weeks but it's possible they could be contested. al-jazeera antananarivo. sudan and the united states are moving ahead with
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negotiations to remove the african nation from the list of state sponsors of terrorism sudan has been on the list since one nine hundred ninety three when president obama about syria's government was accused of cell tiring armed groups including al qaeda leader osama bin laden removal of the list would help revive sudan's economy and improve its international relations last year sanctions were lifted but sudan was kept on the list alongside iran syria and north korea the sudan charge border as a trading hub for merchants and sudan's darfur state but the border which has been a point of tension between the two countries in the past is also a route for smuggling goods in and out of the country morgan more from west are for on the ball.


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