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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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have complained to him about the dissolution of parliament about the elections that have been called for january two thousand and nineteen they said there's no constitutional provision to call an election basically the time when the men meant to sri lanka's constitution says that it's only after four and a half years of the parliament being completed that president seriously in a can dissolve parliament he's way earlier than that it's been three months before that four and a half. sort of completion of ten you know that he has gone ahead dissolved parliament and called a snap election so there is mixed reactions among people in this country and we'll let you hear from a few of them what they had to say. since . the little. one.
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i think. this is going to have taken a good ignition i had mine because this is my country and i want to shave my country simoneau what's the feeling there where do we head from here. basically now it's down to interpretation of the constitution and there are representations expected basically petitions to be presented to the supreme court looking at the legality of the constitutionality of the decisions that presents a decision has made now the supreme court would sit on monday where these motions or petitions would be submitted obviously it would take a little while before you have leave to proceed and these things are taken up before the supreme court and a decision is reached but in the meantime there are different views being expressed you have human rights activists saying that this is a gross violation of the constitution that it is
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a death knell for democracy that the president has disregarded the country's constitution and he's acting contrary to the spirit of the country the constitution and the changes that were brought in by him and his government in two thousand and fifteen to stop this very thing from happening so the next years the elections if they are allowed to go ahead and both parties whether they like it or not we'll have to move to that phase of competition peter thanks very much. at least thirty four people and known to being killed when suicide bombers carried out attacks in the somali capital mogadishu gunmen were attempting to take over a hotel in the city a warning some of the images and pull to judge reports may be disturbing. the car bombs exploded simultaneously near a hotel and a police department headquarters in the capital mogadishu one of the three bombs ripped apart a minibus victims' bodies were scattered on the street. i pulled many dead bodies
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from the burning cars one of the cars exploded next to a public transportation vehicle and there were many people in it including women and children but the number of casualties is unknown as bodies are still being pulled from the burning cars. witnesses say a gunman tried to storm the hof you know tell by blowing up at security wall security forces reportedly killed the gunman before they managed to enter the hotel i mean it was three huge explosions up to now we had am an ambulance carried thirteen wounded people and four dead bodies but we still don't know the exact number of dead it may be more than thirty times to say that from the armed group al-shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attack it's been trying to oust the un backed government for over a decade al shabaab has carried out deadly attacks against high profile targets including hotels and checkpoints in the capital and other cities. john al jazeera plans to mosul to come here on the news for you including in germany why
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a personal commemoration is taking precedence over large public events marking the end of world war one. we'll tell you how u.s. sanctions on iran are having an impact on the lebanese armed group hezbollah. and in the sports news p.c.'s rising tennis star gets mad but then gets even in the next gen semifinals with that story in about thirty minutes. to big wildfire. in the u.s. state of california have killed of these nine people and left thousands of others homeless one of the finest is in the northern part of the state now it's forced twenty seven thousand homes to be evacuated five of those who died were found in cars in the town of paradise which has been absolutely destroyed in the south of the state all residents in the beach city of malibu have been ordered to leave a state of emergency has been declared in the states as fourteen of the wildfires have been in causing widespread destruction rob reynolds has this report from
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ventura county. fire is ripping through southern california with high winds driving columns of flame and smoke from the mountains to the sea. tens of thousands of homes are threatened many have already been destroyed my friend's house is totally beyond i don't know but my you're fearful that your house will burn yes. ok yeah. very. residents of the wealthy seaside enclave of malibu are fleeing under a mandatory evacuation order the fires sprang up thursday night the source is still not known but intense wind gusts rapidly spread the blaze through bone dry chaparral and brush into communities how we got the bag and i said no i'm not going to remember going to have our what you think you became a good parent
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a huge tower of smoke rose thousands of meters into the sky and the smoke made air quality hazardous for people with respiratory problems california's acting governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast moving widespread blazes when you. half forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. in northern california the town of paradise turned to hell overnight these incredible pictures show a tornado of fire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old colton person field shot
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this cell phone video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made it to safety severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury at its worst robert oulds al-jazeera westlake village california. following events in california so i guess what we need is some rain are they going to get it and lower wind speeds as well are they going to get about that rain is off the cars in the uses of water all of california uses more water and if it gets any way surveys that have been it could signal the wind is the santa ana winds again that we're talking about it if you get a fire going in the santa ana winds blow down the something catalina valley in this case i think it is when they play for the nuts but you just go up on screen now this is the full cost of sunday i think saturday which is about to door is far and the winds if anything will be nothing you know i'm sure so there is
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a time to tackle them as far as you get to sunday and not on the screen the orange tongue you've got is the strongest winds that touching gale force they would a sunday and monday if the father still going to be blown up again brewed up again by these winds the states itself seems to be almost defined by whether the events over the past what almost a year that's what it feels like anyway i suppose it is if you depend on piped water from the wind to snow pack then that doesn't make you weather dependent but of course the fires are very much sorry ok we'll leave it there were many thanks. q. heavy rains have caused flash flooding across jordan leaving eleven people dead there tourists were forced to run for higher ground in petro the kingdom's ancient city and one of its most popular tourist destinations almost four thousand people fled the area and dozens of people were injured it's your initial rain began on friday afternoon. leaders from seventy countries are gathering in the french
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capital paris to mark the end of the first world war the us president is the latest leader to arrive he's met the french president emmanuel macro on lending donald trump sparked controversy by criticizing the level of european funding for nato. diplomatic editor james b. joins us live from paris so james one hundred years of clearly it would be a somber remembrance ceremony anyway but it has added resonance i guess because nobody is alive today who fought during the great war. absolutely peter i can remember twenty years ago doing the eightieth anniversary of the end of world war one of the commemorations then i was at many in gate in belgium and then surrounded by some very very old veterans of course they have all now died and passed on and this is an event that is beyond living
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memory but an event that is not being forgotten and with world leaders coming here to paris this weekend president trump has arrived here already and you can see his limousine behind me he's inside with president mark cross having a meeting we expect about eighty leaders from around the world to be here in paris for the weekend's events you get the sense that with this particular remembered stay there is a slightly more nuanced narrative james because you know they are talking about the irish dimension they are talking about the indian dimension the african dimension as well and yes we've heard those conversations before but they haven't been front and center in presidential and prime ministerial thinking as clearly as they are this year. yes and certainly we've seen president mackerel who's been doing a tour of some of the battlefields doing a tour with other leaders including african leaders trying to make
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a point of the scale of people who lost their lives from all over the world in a conflict which there are estimates of up to nineteen million people dying in those four years of war so i think that is definitely a change of focus in this one hundred year commemoration and people are remembering that great war with no sense of irony when it comes to that title the great war because it was different wasn't it because it changed the role of women it changed the role of chemical weapons you know it was the first time we'd seen chemical weapons used in that way and also it change the attitude towards say the people who ran the war the generals because they were safe away a long way away from the front lines from those trenches where so many people met a terrible end. yeah it was a very different war from everything that had gone before and of course didn't
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solve any of the problems because the world went to war then about twenty years later with the second world war interesting you mention chemical weapons because the first world war chemical weapons were a feature we just heard from president trump and president mark rohr and they've been talking again about chemical weapons one hundred years on being used in syria that is something that the world had thought was one of the things that had been a mark of progress with the convention all the countries of the world nearly all of them signing up to the chemical weapons convention and we've seen a real step backwards in what's happened in syria in the last few years on on that particular front chemical weapons james thanks so much we'll talk to later i'm sure in the meantime thank you. here's the head of the brussels office of open europe an independent policy think tank he joins us on skype from brussels welcome to news
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hour one hundred years on what's what's your reading of remembering the great war and analyzing for us if you can how europe has changed in the intervening ten decades. events or indirectly to the second world war. let's to the creation of the european union and european cooperation which worse from the mentally than the men from the mentally meant to. promote peace now when people say that they don't often explain how the e.u. contributes to peace well of course this is because you reduce the strain barriers between countries so when. countries treated each other they're much less likely to go to war so of course need to also deserve some credit for keeping the peace in
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europe off the second world war but the e.u. and you. agree. on mr lots of people who analyze these kind of things are saying what we're seeing today if we fast forward a hundred years is the rise of the so-called right wing we have seen the right rise cyclical and then go away in the last hundred years today however does that rise of the right wing feel different to you and your organization. i would describe it as the rise of authoritarianism which is taking many forms is not only rising in europe but across the world i would argue i suppose it's in avoidable but people forget certainly that since now what to do about it earlier in your program we could hear how emotional whole the president was calling
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for an e.u. army now i think that's absolutely the wrong approach. one of the reasons why there nationalism is on the rise is because people no longer want the e.u. project which is fundamentally very been minds excess for thing to be hijacked. yet again by attempts to concentrate more money and power at the central level so that absolutely the wrong with sponsors i think europe should go back to its core business should focus on where it is good assets which is to cram various traits and think if we had done that or sorbets it would not have happened but when you talk about just interrupt you for a second when you talk about the e.u. vision or dream or the narrative being benignly successful yes ok that's a given of course trade is always good because winston churchill identified this a people trade with each other they don't go to war against each other but is it
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the policy or the handing down the implementation of the policy because if your say hung garion you might vote for a quote or thorough terry and leader as some people say hungary has done in the last twelve months because the policy that has to be put in place has decided has been decided on hundreds of miles hundreds of kilometers west of where you live and if you live on the border between what was eastern europe and people wanting to get into your country you maybe feel that you don't have a choice. well i think all across the world to the former communist countries where the base for democracy is not so solid we can see a clamoring to try a bit of authoritarianism again and this is of course very very dangerous now i wouldn't blame the e.u. for that this is a very fundamental dynamic but what the european union can do is to not fuel the
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fire and a few years ago you countries decided to out vote central and eastern europe and force them to accept asylum seeker snow asylum and refugee policy is very since the fall of the everywhere so it's already very hard for national politicians to explain to people they have to welcome refugees but then some kind of a super national organization does that of course will backfire and what we've seen is that what a bomb in hungary. has indeed abused this. held a referendum on people if they actually want brussels to force. asylum seekers on to hungary so so these attempts to concentrate and centralized power do grand plans like you or army they always backfire and if there's one thing the european union as a policy level can do is to just stick to where it's good at its core business
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promoting traits scrapping protectionism and thereby promoting peace. thank you very much germany will be one of the few e.u. countries not holding world war one national remembrance ceremonies as dominic kane reports for many people that's the effects of the second world war which have defined how they commemorates their water it. for generations of people poppies in november have represented commemoration marking the millions of allied fallen from world war one but for a century the poppy has not been part of the german psyche now one artist wants to change that. is over due to him boy so internazionale dares to internationalize the symbol red poppies were the first thing to grow on the graves of fallen soldiers they are known as pioneer which grow back very quickly on churn
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to perth but they didn't just crawling wish graves are all of that. for many people it's images of trench warfare they think of when they reflect on the first world war yet this is just one side of a conflict which touched people across the globe it was the first time submarines were used in quantity giving the world the terms u. boat and unrestricted submarine warfare a concept which would sink nearly five thousand ships and kill more than fifteen thousand sailors commemorating its war there is something that democratic germany does in a song that more than two million people died fighting for imperial germany in the first world war and the aftereffects of that conflict helped shape the form germany would take over the course of the twentieth century. but many people believe it was germany's role in world war two which defines the way it remembers its fall and
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that the evil of national socialism was so all encompassing that few people consider the casualties of the first war now some historians say such a view overlooks the fact that defeat in november one thousand nine hundred eighteen was when human rights movements took hold in germany. have not made things of that moment and have not really a claim that for as maybe a positive moment and you start. for the republican for democracy in germany. in modern times it's not in berlin political leaders commemorate the dead of world war one but in the capitals of the countries that fought and eventually defeated the german empire so will it be on this into a dominant came out as era munich. a few moments rubble back with more weather from the us but also still ahead here on al-jazeera. i hope to god nobody else ends me
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any more greater i want control no more. another u.s. my shooting leads to calls for gun control but it's unclear whether congress is listening. and the sports teams the heat in miami will have action for me in the coming up in about fifteen twenty minutes. well of away from the fires in california the season has been changing rapidly elsewhere in the us this is the first snow of the season in detroit it's not really second to any great degree it was a little bit further west in wisconsin it was enough to close many roads and surprising at several centimeters again the first significance of what is i suppose
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the early winter and it stretches far southwest in the breast because we're not a huge amount on the ground in the basket but i gained enough to make it pretty certain that we're going into winter now these plunges from the arctic do happen as the cloud that brought out recently has come up here and is now the head of a system whose cold front of the words front of all these cold air is this one here so all this is pretty cold now the bit of good news potentially for northern california as that cold front which might bring a bit of rain you think but i think not so weakening me looking system the temperature regime is pretty obvious so max room by day chicago zero minneapolis minus five even washington is down to nine not too much when it's not much wind chill to think about nor is there much in the sky what snow has fallen is not going to be added to just yet give it a couple of days and we'll look a lot further south but for now i it's just the cold. the weather sponsored by the time race. this is the opportunity to understand
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a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave our. history has called it the great war in the second that assumes the declining onto an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes on al-jazeera when the news breaks on the story there it's the fight against isis is still continuing in the arm are desert when people need to be helped. and the story needs to be told by families in their status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on it and online.
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welcome to just joining us this is the al-jazeera news of live from the all this hour these are your headlines in a significant shift in its approach to the war in yemen the u.s. says it will no longer provide refueling for saudi and iraqi military planes involved in the conflict the u.s. defense secretary james marsters says the decision was made in riyadh after he was consulted it comes before a potentially divisive vote in the u.s. congress that should also next week. president. has dissolved parliament and declared a snap election for the fifth of january comes just hours after his party admitted it didn't have enough parliamentary support first designate. prime minister
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political turmoil has been heightened since the president sacked as prime minister last month. two big wildfires in california have killed at least nine people of the thousands of homeless five of those who died in cars in the northern town of paradise which has been completely destroyed in all residents in the southern city of malibu have been ordered to leave their home. the iranian banks group hezbollah based in lebanon is shifting how it finances its operations as u.s. sanctions on iraq come into effect not the trumpet ministrations decision to reimpose sanctions on tehran is aimed at curbing the country's influence in the middle east however the holder now reports from beirut as bala has been developing other sources of funding. it was another strategic win for iran when its allies met on the syrian iraqi border they created a land corridor connecting to her on to beirut iran's most valuable asset has been
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the lebanese armed group hezbollah its fighters helped keep the trans ally syrian president bashar assad in power the trumpet ministration wants to counter the islamic republic spreading influence and part of its strategy is to reimpose sanctions the first time the americans impose sanctions on iran or on hezbollah every now and then they impose a new batch of sanctions on on has hezbollah those through the international economic system they'd have. to use cash but it doesn't mean hezbollah is not facing financial pressure fundraising campaigns have intensified in recent years particularly since hezbollah joined what has been a costly war in syria donations have long been a source of revenue for the group its supporters who are from the muslim community believe it is a religious jew to share part of their earnings. i won't say that the sanctions will not. have an effect they will have an effect but we have the
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strength infrastructure and human resources to get through these difficulties because. hezbollah for some time now has reduced its expenses are not facing a financial crisis but taking precautionary measures they fear the targeting of ship businessmen and companies in lebanon and abroad but the u.s. has been targeting hezbollah's financial support networks in lebanon and globally sanctioning individuals and companies linked to the group serving as well as power will not be easy its military wing is stronger than the army it enjoys relative autonomy and its strongholds it provides social welfare services to its supporters in many ways it acts like a state hezbollah has been the most powerful player in lebanese politics the group and its allies now control parliament and have the final say in the makeup of the next government is definitely using state.
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resources in terms of. years ago they used the used institution. well first used to directly provide. the u.s. sanctions may be tougher than in the past but a more aggressive strategy may be needed to counter iran's influence that however with threaten lebanon stability senator bayh groups police in australia say the man behind what they're calling a terror incident in melbourne had links to he's been identified as. he crashed a car filled with gas cylinders in the city center on friday before killing a man and wounding two others charlie later died in hospital after being shot by the police. this individual does hold radical views and his passport was cancelled in two thousand and fifteen when i plan to travel to syria his brother was arrested with terrorism fences in november two thousand and seventeen by the victorian and
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he's currently on remand. for those offenses and since this says one on this individual he was there were a target of the j.c.t. in terms of investigations we undertake assessment was made that was he her held rhotic radicalised views he did not pose a threat or a license to the national security environment. now after two years of a violent war on drugs in the philippines thousands of people and much of the population live in fear of the police the policy has been personally driven by the president of the thirty who is now facing prosecution of the international criminal court and many families just want a proper investigation into the death of their loved ones. as this report from cebu in the central philippines. was. grief has come into the town police say five people were killed in what the police describes as the one time big
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time operation a raid that sweeps through communities for illicit drugs and other petty crimes. maybe i remembers how the police barged into their home at dawn looking for her husband he told me don't be afraid there are no drugs in our home they won't do anything. but and her children were made to crawl out of their home while her husband stayed inside the police then shot her husband dead. the police are reassures residents that operations here are meant to restore safety in very communities but that's not exactly what many people here feel they tell us they have never been more afraid the recent spate of killings here on scene in recent years. across the province drug related killings have gone up to cebu may be one of the most developed and populous cities in the vicinity it's region but police here say they will be relentless that's why the president called it drug war
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because even that will be. the police as the fight. and. sometimes we don't even know who the other side of the house in these houses are made all the materials that will it's going to penetrate if we fire our guns she admits many officers are now less willing to implement the government's so-called war on drugs that is because president to tear to is now halfway through his term and there could be legal repercussions once his steps down from office complaints against other government officials for crimes against humanity are now pending at the international criminal court police say almost five thousand people have been killed in drug related operations since they launched his war and drugs
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in two thousand and sixteen but the rights groups believe the number is much higher they promise to continue their investigation and say witnesses will soon be ready to testify. for some families that is the best they can hope for they say. their loved ones are gone and there won't be an end to their grief. province central philippines. saudi arabia's former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi prince turki al-faisal made the comments while addressing the international peace institute he added he expects saudi arabia will fully investigate the shell she's death and insists there was no cover up riyadh is under pressure from many countries including the united nations as one of the parties pressuring them as well to allow an independent inquiry the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it will never accept. foreign
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interference in that system as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to to base you gate horrific acts that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens so the kingdom. is not going to accept an international tribunals to look into. something that is saudi and the saudi judicial system is sound it is up it's running and. it will take its course. and the police in california are trying to work out what motivated the gunman behind the latest machine sitting in the u.s. twenty eight year old former marine walked into a crowded bar and shot dead twelve people he then killed himself when confronted.


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