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the sultan in istanbul was the kaleb of islam the leader of the muslim world. whichever side you were on there was a close bond with the calle of respect and loyalty for him across the arab world. and incident later in the war illustrated this clearly. the british captured seven hundred iraqi soldiers in one thousand nine hundred seventeen and sent them to egypt. the british offer to free the person as if they'd support an arab revolt against the ultimate led by sorry for saying of mecca but few iraqis accepted most were uneasy at the idea of challenging the kale of. books such as the one thousand nine hundred thirty eight work by george antonius the arab revolt exaggerated the support of shoddy hussein's one thousand nine hundred sixteen report against the ottomans and exaggerated and painted a very negative image of on him in
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a rule of four hundred years of ottoman rule and even many european colonialists tended to denigrate the ottoman past and to the point of referring to it as so despotic and backward that it almost welcomed the arrival of european colonialism. the ultimo army was also diverse in november nine hundred fourteen up to three hundred thousand of their troops were arabs from greater syria. of the army's nine most senior commanders two were all bamian two from the caucasus and two arab . and in politics saeed halim pasha the grand vizier all prime minister was from egypt. the british had to find a way to challenge this holy bond between the kaleb in istanbul and his loyal arab muslim citizens. they approached hussein bin ali the sheriff of mecca
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he was a descendent of the prophet muhammad leader of the hush my people and ruler of islam's most holy place. the british thought he alone could challenge the kayleigh from istanbul. but he would not be straightforward. on the eve of world war one most arabs were largely supportive of the ottoman empire. they regarded it as a protector of the an islamic identity in an era expanding european colonialism even many arab christians and jews especially after one thousand eight welcomed the liberal reforms and wrote glowingly hand out the these reforms and have these iraqi and rarely ever called for independence for the arab people. tonight in a way it was a significant here in this unfolding story that was when the new leaders of the
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committee of union and progress the young turks staged a coup removing sultan of dolphin meat the second from power. they started out in one thousand feet with a project of trying to. get there on the basis of course. but it is same time found themselves in the position of trying to defend it maintain them. against all reporting to actions and it is new nationalist a presence from within. when the young turks reconvened parliament they created optimism in the arab world but this soon turned to disillusionment. all they may not have intended it that they found themselves fighting to me in n.p.p. treat. from nine hundred eleven it's from. italy's in the nation only on once
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then came the balkan wars and then there came the great and did this change this chance phones the initial act of promising and bringing freedom to not peoples into one of the nineteen in. defeat in the balkans harden the young turks and they tighten their grip on their arab possessions. marking wars of one thousand nine hundred thirteen and catastrophe defeat and finally the action from what had been blocked alkaloids brought about and do not respond to jump in the development and education of turkish nationalists and also they became more and more dictatorial. the young turks had hoped to stay out of the war and ally themselves with britain and france but neither of these two countries would go against russia so they were not an option. besides the ultimate
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and germany had a history of friendship. vilhelm the second first visited istanbul in eight hundred eighty nine to befriend sultan. nine years later he landed a five on a state visit to the ultimate east. he made a ceremonial entry into jerusalem. and visited the tomb in damascus of salahuddin the famous mediƦval muslim oreo who defeated the crusaders. there was mass celebration when he announced the germany would pay for the renovation of his grave. the kaiser also declared his friendship of the world's three hundred million muslims and gained the nickname haji vilhelm
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so germany was a natural ally. but the young turks were also gambling that the european war might be over quickly. at the time there were theories and. prospect of voice in europe that in fact the civilized european powers would not fight each other for very long that this was a crisis but a cry for that might. come to an end funeral rather than later ultimately that there would be able to favor the alliance with germany which they had signed for seven years not necessarily protection but an alliance with germany that would help the ottoman state to consolidate its. its borders its institutions and to restrain from in this period under which they would have germany as an ally
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. however germany needed this deal as much as the ultimates. and. they were outnumbered on the ground in europe and could open new eastern fronts against russia and the british. the german general eric luden doff wrote that ultimate entry into the war enabled the central powers to soldier on for another two years otherwise the war might well have been over by nine hundred sixteen. this is the house in istanbul of n one pasha he led the secret negotiations with germany on behalf of the young turk or unionist government. here on the night of the first of august one thousand nine hundred fourteen he secured his treaty of alliance.
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and wapato was a fan of everything german he spoke the language trained in military college there and admire the way chancellor auto von bismarck had modernized the state. they had enormous admiration for passion is for be spark in is and for the germans on that rick germany had to follow its own special path and it was envisioned as and it became a path in which the german military the german army played god to the nation and the state it was perceived and it really was true to a large extent that the german nation and the german state were called forth in a very strong sense by prussia and the pression army and this is what the spark in his was all about the union ists perceive themselves as poor showing
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a kind of pressure. path in the context of thought to manpower. i did it wasn't just the young turks who admired johnny some arabs were impressed by its achievements national unity military expansion scientific research and economic development. the lebanese white house layman thought he wrote a poem called a twentieth century book. while in a minute if he or she said told me to get to sit. down and feed and if you gave me an answer. lengthy would mean that i did it in the on. i seem to move for whom one looks to solve the problem for more status.
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in august one hundred fourteen and one person's treaty was still a secret. but in the second week of november came the formal ultimate entry into the war. and the grand mufti has called for muslims to join a jihad against the own powers fatah mosque in istanbul. it was a call for a holy war to old listenings including arabs who supported the canaan. the germans believed that this cold could undermine their enemies war efforts. there were millions of muslims in the british and french colonies where the germans hoped for mass uprisings. they launched a campaign to influence muslims fighting for the allies. it was led by german lawyer diplomat and ancient historian. of his obviously very dear to
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his heart because of his german pictures and so on. and his interest in the middle east but in a very specific way by eight hundred ninety nine. was it had a reputation as an experienced and really very well informed travel are. open haim was an adventurer and archaeologist but was also involved in planning the route of the ballon to baghdad railway. the german government wanted to build the line to compete with the british to give them access to oil and bring the region under stronger influence. nothing unusual about the fact that siemens who was then the director of the dogshit bank which was largely in charge of the financing of the border into baghdad really should contact him about
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the extension of the line from a low. to muzzle as fought that particular strange and he asked him if he would do some prospecting and advise them on what was the best route and he wrote about all the advantages that the best and most efficient relying to follow for the railroad and all the advantages that would accrue from following this route rather than that route. after troubleshooting for siemens at deutsche bank he'd made a historic archaeological discovery in northern syria in one thousand nine hundred nine. it was in a certain sense by accident that he made the greatest discovery of his career that you discovered tell how tough. because really what he was trying to do was do this prospecting on his own. an officially for the village of baghdad really and she
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did write he did write a brief to report and devoted many more pages of that they're poor to boot from a live put towards who'll then he did it to that he had discovered to tell how often. open haim returns to excavate often one thousand and eleven and discovered a city built in six thousand b.c. . the bell into baghdad will be took thirty seven years to complete by which time europe would be at war again. still to come the devastating impact of the war on greater syria and its people. we think about world war one we think about the british and french and the germans but really the ottoman empire suffered far more than any of the continental powers
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. the terrace. all effects of the ottoman repression of arab nationalists. delusions along the way. and a modern greek city and eight story of one of the founders of israel. and jordan centuries of ottoman all of this was mainly the jewish city it was called the jews the limb of the baltics. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is
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our strength. i mean his story is a for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's genin a space to avoid his generalists well one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work. paste as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter them and see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. had our winter is turkey and nasty has already been some early snow around the great lakes of the midwest and the upper midwest and it was caused by this thing here so a cold front stroll through the code has calmed unfortunate slighting trees the wind sets through southern california these santa ana winds which have been causing
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such trouble with the far as that's not going to help the weather itself was forty out of the sky will start comes as far south again as colorado denver's max minus one and that cold isn't just in colorado is that it can blow away south douses back to a max of ninety degrees you might even see some snow in northern texas you hang around for another day because you've got the shelf collecting of big sandstorms in the cold air coming down from the north and that's why for the snow has got where the sun is the maximum term should by day in minneapolis as an example is minus five just think back to weeks and weeks. south of all this it's quiet at the moment and the showers are dying down fairly rapidly with the lesser antilles the focus of fairly frequent daily show has greater antilles and brought back through kubrick's generally a fine looking picture we have got showers developing a spell of rain in mexico particularly yucatan and a focus may be on nicaragua and costa rica otherwise much of it is dry.
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a journey of personal discovery about how the suv huge rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and then mourn your months they seem to inspire you know wars always been in your own people they are small algis there is time enough to me it's a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here in a loud voice live in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty
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that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to the people i'm in pairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. hello i'm down jordan in doha the program out of the top stories here on al-jazeera turkey's president has increased the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth
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about the murder of journalists. was a typo and says he shared audio recordings related to the killing with saudi arabia the u.s. france germany and the u.k. . it was a crucial moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabia against a backdrop of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure against the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill. he has somehow dominated the agenda of some of the meeting specifically the meeting between presidents donald trump and a man well they said that they wanted the saudis. to give more details about what happened to the saudi journalist the democratic republic of congo is calling its a boner outbreak the worst in its history the health ministry says that since
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august nearly two hundred people have died in two northeastern provinces armed groups are making it hard for health workers to bring help to patients at least twelve people have been killed as heavy rain caused flash flooding across jordan tourists are forced to run to higher ground in petra kingdom's ancient city and one of its most popular destinations. thousands of people are homeless in the u.s. state of california as wildfires continue to burn out of control two bodies were found in los angeles county where fires have destroyed one hundred fifty homes at least eleven people have been killed l.a. county officials say two hundred fifty thousand homes in the region are under evacuation orders. a landslide triggered by days of heavy rain in brazil has killed at least ten people rescuers are still searching for at least four people missing in the modern day be outside we have vision iraq eleven others were pulled out alive residents were advised to move to safer locations but some refused to leave. and thousands of italians of march against the government's plans to tighten immigration they're angry at
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a new decreed to restrict residents permits for asylum seekers and strip the citizenship of migrants convicted of terror offenses. looks like him to approve the order later this month all right turns the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after world war one through arab states and so much of africa. the chin is even wider one broadcast is looking at the ultimate stroll in the first world war. when istanbul entered the war in mid november nine hundred fourteen arab troops were forced to fight on both sides. for the ultimate ends and as conscripts for the european allies occupying egypt morocco algeria and gymnasia. hundreds of thousands died.
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egypt was still technically part of the ottoman empire but had been under british occupation since eight hundred eighty two. when the ultimate to the war britain declared a protective over egypt. the most populous arab country offered britain one million two hundred thousand recruits in different rooms during the war across three continents. five hundred thousand all of them died. ordinary arab people knew this war had little to do with them but were caught up in it. the jordanian capital amman was then in
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greater syria. malika went in search of what happened there. or show any of us a bath of a they here and already look at how to move out of that in a so that album yet a jew or a the novel from a war well unless you are a land and a how to be an ass at the corner where. i'll be there army if you give me on one hundred though that there are many here. in the hall at the end how to cut our own can be. and surely for sane was proved right the young took government appointed as governor of greater syria he acted ruthlessly against anyone suspected of arab nationalist sympathies. his nickname was all. the bloodshed. bad. turkey and of their. general better wily and. what can i feel like they don't feel
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as you are a little barry what kind of. kremlin are scary atlanta really must. be party. in late january nine hundred fifty. marched alterman troops from greater syria into the sinai peninsula. in february they tried to cross the suez canal east to west. but the british troops guarding the canal good tell the attacked and the ottomans withdrew but it was another just war love mary and you're going to just doesn't appear how it's a player during the war the moment are a couple holiday willingly is rich but i will probably not going to while i'm here you're over there. as jamal pasha and the ultimates face defeated sue is sheriff hussein's revolt was gaining momentum. the british who
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promised hussein and his family feud to control over a greater arab state in present day syria lebanon palestine and jordan. and the edge of the city to you by a little bit here but a lot of. us about how to walk out so god. would be a smart witty. thing about. it though wouldn't the money and of that well. i'd be about a. mile and with a lot of men. one would you be going to. burn with a. morning masonic which wouldn't. come home and.
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what i do assure you i have done or do. during one hundred fifteen. condemned dozens to death in beirut and damascus he sentenced hundreds to long jail times and sent thousands more into exile. it was less will settle magazine it was said stride of it all but as i've done behind come in visit blood yanni. cut the law loses a lot of weight. but the war did not just affect arab nationalists thousands of men were conscripted crops and livestock were requisitioned arabs
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suffered disastrously in egypt iraq and bill of the shah greater syria. you know when we think about world war one we think about the western front in the trenches and the british and french and the germans but really the ottoman empire suffered far more than any of the continental powers got nine percent of the german population died about eleven percent of the french population died but anywhere from between forty percent and twenty five percent of the artic population guy. then they'll disappear in mid to that as well. will tell. a load my general yani as well meghann is a doubling of the yolland of them than they. did the guardian when i became
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a. bad man and. now had a lot of well to be done. he said. no more you need to give me about. the i live job i'll be good to kill you bob you will e.d. hill a lot of. people saw. me and that khalil believe there is there are a hell of a lot. but. it was hell and not a lot i'm not. being. been emerging mean can be doing to me. would be a south that that there's a. yanni a lead. in said to be.
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around or i'll be your bottom because i have a bomb and they also says i would definitely like. that militia or diane more able . to answer that physical algebra i. see. muna enemy is lebanese she's over one hundred years old. the war also left its mark on her she still remembers how men used to hide or even dress up as women to avoid conscription. but her most painful memory is of the terrible famine. or.
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that you could. do. if you have not yet. but family was not the only holder the war inflicted on the arab world. let's start with mesopotamia or iraq with the arrival of six hundred thousand colonial soldiers so these soldiers coming in from for example to other port cities they're all carrying to see uses typhus cholera dysentery something called a wasting fever which was devastating for you to seizures and coma what a lot of people suffered without ever having gone front was contagious and casualty rate from epidemic is much higher than the casualty rate for being at the front of
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the front page that played a role especially as refugees fled from the front and mesopotamia and the caucasus in particular they brought with. us and the fleas on life support scary typhus and malaria was also a concern. on the battlefield however i'm to the surprise of the european powers the ultimate has proved a valuable german. they'd attack the british if this is cannot. defeat the deliberately in nine hundred fifty. the force the so. render of the indian expeditionary force in mesopotamia in one thousand nine hundred sixteen. they contain challis for sainz arab revolt along the his as railway line. and they forced the british
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to fight every step of the way in palestine in one thousand nine hundred eighteen. but ultimate military commanders also committed catastrophic errors. minister for war and government leader and what pasha sent tens of thousands of soldiers to fight the russians at such a complex in eastern anatolia during the winter of one nine hundred fourteen and early one nine hundred fifty. he wanted to regain territory lost to russia in eight hundred seventy eight. few of his troops had proper weapons or even boots to march him. as many as sixty thousand alterman troops died of whom two thirds are likely to have perished from frostbite and typhus rather than fighting the russians.
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the disaster and sad accommodation is still marked by local people. prayers as sad every friday for the third autumn an army. some of the older members of the community like this village elders recall a popular poem from the time it accuses anwar pasha of betraying his own men a betrayal they say that bordered on treason. wishing in years salgado bites it all to la la da. yellow gold ladder and shuttle to the. l. up washable a mile up not to be gay subject. pasha blamed the defeat on armenians who he claimed had sided with the russians. in april nine hundred fifteen the government rounded up two hundred fifty armenian
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intellectuals and community leaders in istanbul. armenian men were killed and army conscripts put into labor.


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