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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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it be it doesn't b.s. you get it to release the b.s. in this selfish way that's exactly what you girls widely denounced the nuclear agreement for mad women's' and you're out what she does regarding iran and that's the kind of policies of course it's totally opposed to what the french and the europeans so the world want to prove one to promote. the white house says president trump and the turkish president reject time have held discussions over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi they met on the sidelines of the world war one commemorations in paris and also says turkey has shed recordings of casualties last moments with several world leaders has more from istanbul. here yet they haven't released exactly whether or what they have agreed upon merriam however from our sources we have been told that. described his meeting
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with the turkish president as a positive one it was in one simply limited to the case will be it's that that was central to the discussion between the two leaders however they also spoke of other issues pertaining to relationship with the relationship between ankara and washington obviously as you mentioned there this comes off the backdrop of. prior to traveling to france saying that he had or his governments rather and security services had shared that evidence with their american counterparts therefore trying to force or maybe we encourage let's say the americans to take a stronger stance i am being told maybe that this stance will be publicized around about the g twenty summits when that takes place later but we're not quite sure exactly the details of it second these things are have been from the very beginning dealt with either with a lot of secrecy or through leaks and therefore what we've managed to ascertain is
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very difficult to say the least obviously aside from this. there has been other elements to the case not least how people have been viewing saudi policies in particular not only how they've gone off to dissidents both at home and abroad like jamal khashoggi but also how they've been undertaking this war in yemen which has gone on for several years and people have been using the spotlight that's been focused on saudi arabia to bring to light the case. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour but we do have to remember we are. a dire warning for people in california as the wildfires rage on. packing up and going home the latest developments in the push for peace on the korean peninsula and in sport the football game with the fans who couldn't get into the stadium as much a part of the story as those who did.
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it so that the war in yemen where at least sixty one people have been killed as fighting intensifies in the port city of data between forces backed by the coalition and the hutu rebels a group said the humanitarian crisis is dire as many caught in the conflict lack access to basic medical care the forces are trying to close in on the held areas in the east of the city all as a hoot the information minister actually defected seeking refuge in riyadh ahmed a dove is reporting from neighboring djibouti. fighting is going on on our list three front lines in and around the city of the in the eastern part of the city fighting is taking place on the streets of some of the residential neighborhoods hundreds of fighters pro-government have been supported by helicopters and so the air strikes on positions of the who the fighters who say to be putting up stiff resistance the stakes are high here the whole thing fighters north losing they that
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is going to be a major blow to them and it's exactly what the pro-government militias and the so the democratic coalition would want to see done that recovering that it kept shutting off the data from the whole of the fighters they may be a concern is for the safety of the people who are still living in the day the people who could not leave and flee when the fighting got close because of the roadblocks and the close rule to something done by the whole thing fighters there is also concern about what the fighting if it continues into the city will do to disrupt the vital services of the port of data where seventy percent of yemen's imports go through this is also where they are meant for the millions of starving yemenis goes through with us on skype now from washington will be a hurty as a former u.s. diplomat former deputy chief of mission in fact in yemen thank you for joining us
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this latest push for her data we've heard about how important the data is for so long do you think this is the serious one where they might actually take back control. this is a much more serious effort on the part of the arab coalition known previous tense there's been intensive aerial bombardment covering the advances of their forces on the ground clearly they have more forces stacked up around the city than they used to before and it seems they have a better command of for those forces which are diverse forces not normally unified there seems to have been sun gains and penetration result defensive lines south and north of the city that's important. at the same time these are not static fronts we're just talking about world war one
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and the static fronts there i expect more insurgency that takes the low warfare on the part of the whole thing is to keep harassing coalition troops as they enter the city so then is the who the resistance really strong sorry to interrupt is the hurt the resistance really strong because often i wonder and think well a saudi member of either coalition they've got a lot of military hardware at their disposal how is it that they haven't taken her better already. well i mean this is been forty years and the main thing has been that the saudis and there are these don't have any real forces on the ground they rely on mercenary forces wrong sudan and so on and then there are two or three different the yemeni factions in the south of yemen that are fighting that sometimes have different agendas so it's been
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a hard thing for the out of coalition to really coalesce and become an effective force despite all the advantages they have and no western hardware and a western intelligence by the way which is on their side well so. they do seem to have learned some lessons they do seem to have improved but this battle is not over yet let's talk about the humanitarian situation we must always address that some much talk about the aid that is supposed to come in through. there and what happens if the coalition gets full control over it i mean i wonder if things can actually get much worse humanitarian wise. well obviously i mean even before this last bush war for data yemen stands on the precipice of major officially declared famine half the population is already
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in dire need of sure so this battle can only make things worse and can only be the long what is already a humanitarian catastrophe and even if the coalition took today there completely now does not mean that the rest of yemen will have access to food and medicine which they so desperately need what has to happen is the war as and all fighting has to and and then you can have speeded development of humanitarian aid and start the long dry out for development assistance in the country so so much ahead is in the neighborhood from washington thank you so much for your time. aid agencies and medical specialists are warning the ebola outbreak in democratic republic of congo could spread across borders into neighboring
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countries it is the worst outbreak in the country's history with three hundred nineteen either confirmed or probable cases and a death toll of more than two hundred and start their tails more. this is the tenth ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo but this one is author the west and the wilds fast in a conflict zone. since twenty fourteen about two thousand people have been killed in northeast india in fighting between armed groups and now since august a record more than two hundred people there have died from the. democrat north keep we wanted to reprivatize has surpassed that of the first epidemic in b. or c. as history which occurred in one thousand nine hundred ninety six in buku in the province of a quarter we've been reporting the health ministry says medical teams in the area are attacked on average three to four times a week an unprecedented level of violence compared with previous outbreaks to
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medical agents with the congolese army was shot dead three weeks ago. fifteen people were killed and a dozen children abducted in subsequent attacks around the town if any the world health organization says it's become the outbreak epicenter because of what it calls a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust the outbreak is not under control and it's been. so large a number of haitian in the town of dany and we are very concerned about another town. where you have a million people and cases from a baby tribal area. and we are now worried that transmission that this he says is a window of opportunity a vaccination program has already reached some twenty five thousand people that even if you see senator levin all neighboring uganda has become the first in the
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well to administer a vaccine without an active outbreak targeting frontline health workers near the border really trying to harvest the vaccine as many people as possible about potential exposure to a bowl of ours because. the vaccine vaccines really seems to work the problem is it's challenging to access people because of you believe your area and it's hard to ensure that people who have had a possibly explore the worst actually know the access that oxy purely for safety reasons and borders here are porous these roads like this one in south sudan lead across sovereign frontiers and as people travel they give him the ability to travel with them. becomes something difficult that's good enough up to now we don't have any. kissel fevola even. states but if. there is any kids that entity to be very challenging tracing those people who comes through deport as well as as the death toll mounts in the d.r. see neighboring countries are watching closely the al-jazeera it is the world's
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most fortified border but now north and south korean troops over drawn from eleven god hosts along the edges of that demilitarized zone which divides their countries missteps are agreed at the recent into korean talks on the trees for the department john the two are also discussing demolishing all god posts along the d.m.z. almost two hundred of them all up the force now of robert kelly professor of political science at south korea's prison national university who told us this is the start of a long process. militarily it's not a particularly big deal right in the two koreas have large numbers of forward forces on the dalit rise and so these are only posts they're pretty small but it does sort of make the hair trigger a little bit less delicate and it does mean that there's a little bit less sort of immediate forward observation by the two sides so that's good it's something of a build down but it's mostly symbolic but that's what you would expect them
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something like this that's really sensitive right that what they would start with small steps first and then work up the d.m.z. is pretty the developer a zone is pretty heavily militarized you are saying that mines and barbed wire and you know you've got north korean artillery and things like that i mean there's you know got american forces in south korean forces and so obvious to the south and so what the current government is looking to do is sort of continue to expand the sort of demilitarized space to sort of you know the mining has been mentioned removing barbed wire the no fly zone over the demilitarized zone has been expanded but a lot of that sort of depends on how these sort of small steps go the big really big thing would be if the two sides could actually start would draw forward based. forces right because the north korean artillery on the south koreans are really worried that if there's a war the north koreans would shell soul which is very close to the d.m.z. so that's really the big one but that's probably a couple years away bangladesh's main opposition coalition says it will contest the upcoming general election even though the ruling party refused to agree to a series of demands about the vote the leading party in that coalition the bangladesh nationalist party has boycotted two previous campaigns but says it will
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now take part in the election on december twenty third the ruling awami league rejected the opposition's demands to put a neutral government in place before the vote. with more from dr. a major breakthrough in de there's a sigh of relief among the mass population in bangladesh there's a lot of uncertainty whether they lection we're told they have now this announcement coming from the grand alliance along with the main opposition party bangladesh nationalist party would actually be a positive news for the population they want to have their choice of voting for the candidate of their choice they don't want to repeat of the two thousand and fourteen election which was marred with a lot of violence it was a walkover election now a lot of people we spoke to in the ground do still have some concern because the election will be held under the current gunmen and they can influence the election commission they say whether they'll be really a level playing field opposition didn't have enough time to prepare for the
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campaign now the opposition today declared that they want at least thirty day different of the election which is supposed to be held on december twenty third now the government say they don't have any objection to the different men for another thirty days but it will depend on the election commission to decide on that despite everything it was a strategic move bangladesh nationalist party specially could have lost its registration with the election commission for not participating the next election so by and large this would be a good news for the population it be. a break from done certainly the that the country was facing within the last two months. ok here's what we've got a head view on this news on. a mentor thomas in newcastle australia i'm on the deck of a ship that's going to be sent to the ship wrecks a vessel sunk in the second world war there are more than three thousand at the bottom of the south pacific ocean alone and they're leaking oil. and sport
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a slower than normal victory lap the new moto g.p. world champion. hallo there is snow on its way to afghanistan and beyond but to the west or been a significant sun the songs bringing rain as the season really shows itself in kuwait it's was the picture droned karl's roads washed away it's a familiar sight we've seen in jordan reasoned in israel kuwait city in iraq and in saudi arabia and elsewhere the full cost of monday is largely shower free for the most part they're not going to be completely absent see that bit of green not far away from the israeli border with jordan could produce more showers in the same sort of area in the next few days tuesday would suggest maybe the caucasus sees
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rather more in the way of rain and snow but then through azerbaijan iran the line down towards the gulf you'll notice the green reappears say for cross to showers and again it's an eastern saudi arabia through bahrain mostly cattle drifting up towards curat and across towards the west and south of iraq big downpours potential flash floods no big surprise except the number of them southern africa remains relatively quiet after the big downpours recently rancho bergen and some parts of mozambique while the forecast reflects what you see there generally fine with blue skies unless you're in mongolia. a journey of personal discovery about how the suv you drew has shaped the present day georgia if you devotion to your past you will never have a future in government buildings and then one you meant they seemed to inspire all
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the doors always been mean to show me your own people they are small algis there is time in a version of me it's a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar. the latest news as it breaks the world bank says arrival of many young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy with detailed coverage by turning back on by lateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies from around the world a big group of pro independents cannot command stormed the playstation but then stood on the side killing for place when he thought.
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this is the news. and these are the top stories the french president. tributes to the millions of. civilians who died in. it is from seventy countries around the one hundredth anniversary of the. sixty one people been killed during more fighting in the yemeni port city. between forces backed. rebels and the president. and held discussions on how to respond to the killing of journalist. recordings last moments with several world leaders. now the latest from the wildfires in california where firefighters say they are up against some of the toughest conditions they have ever faced as those fires continue the
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death toll it's now up at twenty five as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who have been forced to leave their homes the coastal community of malibu has been evacuated we have got rob reynolds with us now he's in westlake village los angeles county robin update from you. welcome all i'm standing at the edge of a bungalow community in a valley here in westlake village and as you can easily see behind me this place has been. seriously affected by the wildfires we're we're hearing that fourteen houses in this community alone were destroyed i'm just going to step out of the way so that our photographer can't see if you are we can show you some more detail on the scene the local residents here say that when the fire swept through from both sides the houses were fully engaged in fire when about
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a dozen firefighters appeared and they fought valiantly to save the remaining houses and they were successful in saving the bulk of the dwellings around here people had evacuated and so very fortunately there was no loss of life in this community betty the fire in southern california has now burned about thirty two thousand hectors two people are reported dead in malibu as a result of the fires and over one hundred houses well over one hundred houses we don't know the exact number have burned to the north the situation is much worse in the town of paradise twenty three people are now dead there are many more unaccounted for these people were killed by the fire as they dried for the most part to flee from their houses. but were but found that roads were blocked and many of them died in their cars so that is
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a much more deadly situation than the one here meanwhile thousands of firefighters from around california and other states as well as hundreds of law enforcement officials are all working furiously to try and contain these fires this is a job that they're well. trained to do but many are working without rest and that the conditions are described as extremely challenging not only that but many of these same people have experienced some effect in their own lives caused by this disaster and here is los angeles county sheriff's department official john benedict. i also just want to share with you i personally have been affected by this is well i've been evacuated twice so i totally understand that you know just the heartache and the stress that's involved in the evacuation process of
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trying to get back to your homes it's a it's a it's a process it's going to take sometimes a please please be patient with us and we're just concerned for the safety of yourselves the safety of the first responders and all the folks that are out there trying to get you safely back to your homes and safely back reunited with your families. rob it seems fairly calm way you are now wind wise because i know wind is there is a huge problem here what is the sort of full cost as far as that goes and is there any relief in sight. well it is the forecast unfortunately kemal is for the winds to really pick up and i can feel a breeze now but as we were driving up here from los angeles itself there were strong wind gusts i don't know exactly how many kilometers per hour but certainly heavy winds the forecast is for winds to blow today and into tuesday and one of the things that we haven't really talked about is the smoke the smoke just blankets
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valleys all over the place here and right here there is timbers still smoldering brush still smoldering a smell of burned plastic and very acrid so people are wearing respiratory gear like this but for people who are either elderly young children people with asthma or other kinds of respiratory problems this kind of wildfire smoke is particularly dangerous so people are being asked by health authorities to stay indoors if they possibly can in westlake village that's robert reynolds california wildfires thank you rob. on the u.s. side of florida is again at the center of an election battle a recount spin ordered in the races for governor and the u.s. senate republican candidates have a slight lead in both votes in the first count but there are also results on
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confirmed in georgia and arizona five days now after the midterm elections in washington d.c. for us gabriel and he's on down now he's monitoring what's going on in florida the latest from there gabriel. yeah the recount has begun in florida believe it or not and guess what can you imagine a recount in the state of florida if we harkens back to eighteen years ago in two thousand the presidential election between george w. bush and al gore of course florida went through that long recount there that ultimately bush won the state by less than six hundred votes and became the president the rest is history now we have another recount in florida this one as you mentioned between the senate and gov governor race there both republicans hold razor thin leads in both of those races but it's going to a recount and anything now can happen. the midterm elections are over but not in florida the race for governor and senate are still undecided too close to call so
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winners have not yet been announced in the senate race republican rick scott got fifty percent of the votes bill nelson the democratic incumbent forty nine point nine percent only fourteen thousand votes separate the two candidates out of over eight million cast in the state now both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of wrongdoing and it's gotten ugly i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people florida but the governor's race in florida is also headed for a recount with republican congressman ron dissent is at forty nine point six percent of the vote compared to andrew guillen's forty nine point one about a thirty six thousand vote difference we don't just get the opportunity to stop accounting votes because we don't like the direction in which the vote tally is heading that is not democratic and that certainly is not the american way and
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america we count every vote regardless of what the outcome may be broward county is florida's second biggest county home to nearly two million people many provisional ballots were counted late and dozens of rejected ballots mistakenly mixed with knowledge ones for u.s. president donald trump it's a personal he campaigned hard for the republicans in florida had them both holding razor thin leads trump insinuated without evidence the democrats are trying to stuff the ballot boxes and all of a sudden they're finding votes i mean after the election they're finding votes nelson rejected trump's claim votes are not being file and they're being counted the confusion has stirred outrage with protesters on both sides gathered outside the offices election officials are meeting to sort through the ballots this isn't the first time florida. has been at the center of an election controversy who can forget the florida recount between george w.
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bush and al gore in two thousand presidential race bush ultimately won florida by less than six hundred votes giving him the electoral college victory thus the presidency gabriel where else should we be looking which of the states as far as recounts go. georgia and arizona for sure let's look at arizona first come all that's a senate race that's still up in the air as well also very tight but unlike florida there's no recount going on in arizona it's just a matter of them still counting the absentee ballots these are mail in ballots for people arizona that might have been traveling or or away on election day so they voted by mail the democratic candidate there kristen and cinema is up by about last count about twenty five thousand votes but there are still tens of thousands of absentee ballots that are still being counted and then you look at georgia that's a governor's race there where the republican brian kemp has already declared
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victory but the state has said wait not so fast we still have a lot of votes we need to count and that's very tight races well the democratic candidate stacey abrams would be the first african-american or black woman to be the governor of the southern state of georgia so that's probably going to go on for several more days as well until georgia can get all of those ballots counted there as well also that's not a recount situation there that's just still counting the ballots that haven't all come in yet from absentee and mail and ballots and stuff like that so you can see there are still several very high profile races outside of florida as well where ballots are still being counted all these days after the midterm elections ok thank you for that update that's gabrielle is on in washington d.c. . and that was a pleasure to welcome bill schneider who had his ear a political analyst professor of public policy at george mason university he's in
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washington as well hi bill. eighteen years ago i wonder if your contemporaries the light from n.b.c. said florida florida florida any right on that little white board in the year two thousand is it a surprise that eighteen years later florida is still so close still so important or is that just the nature of the state well the fact that it's so close is not a surprise florida is the largest swing state and it it is very closely balanced between republicans and democrats they have a lot of retirees from florida that come from other states so it's very hard to predict how far it is going to vote but it is go eighteen years ago of course to determine the presidential election now the stakes are still high but not as high as they were eighteen years ago. what to tell me more about what it is i mean you talk about the demographics of florida is it just it just is such a diverse place as simple as that. lots and lots of immigrants some of whom were
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eligible to vote the minute they moved to florida from puerto rico puerto ricans are american citizens and if they come to florida as many did after the terrible storm in puerto rico seeking shelter all they have to do is register to vote they don't have to become citizens but it has a huge immigrant population some of those immigrants like cuban americans were initially republican voters and the problems in florida tend to be in south florida which is miami dade county palm beach and broward county that we just saw those are states those are counties in florida with large populations of new citizens and immigrants there are some bill and that includes the president who immediately jumped on the idea of vote if voter fraud or trying to steal an election it just seems very sort of convenient to jump on that sort of thing straight away whereas others say no no we're just counting the votes what do you think people jump straight away on that idea of there being fraud because that's one of the the
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central republican themes that democrats are trying to steal elections they argue that all the time there's always republicans before every election warning the democrats have schemes that they want to take to steal the election and most voters don't really know what's going on this is in florida and because the procedures are so complicated in the rules are so complicated let me tell you in the united states every state controls its own election even in national voting like president vice president the state controls its election and in florida and in many other states the rules of balloting are controlled by the counties there are sixty seven counties in florida so they have different rules in every one of them but americans believe very deeply in local control of elections and that's why these problems emerge just a quick thought bill finally on those other two states which gabriel referred to arizona and georgia those two races which are going to recounts as well. yes well georgia has a special problem because the candidate for governor of georgia which is subject to
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a recount the republican candidate is the secretary of state for the state of georgia he is in charge of the election and the option proceedings so democrats are instantly suspicious his opponent the democrat is an african-american woman so a lot of people are charging racism arizona is also a state with a lot of hispanic immigrants their election there appears to be very close i haven't heard many charges of fraud but what happened was in all three states florida georgia arizona the republican looked as if they were going to win on election day and that's why republicans are claiming that they actually won and the democrats are trying to steal the election also keep in mind most american many american states now have rules that allow people to vote for any reason they want ahead of time and those ballots come in by mail there except in several days after the election that's where the problem is often the rise with lots of uncounted ballots they don't arrive until after the election day is over.


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