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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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israeli military forces of the latest egyptian i'm cutting understanding's to keep them honest peaceful without any violence it seems to me that the coming friday would be determined. whether we are going to witness an escalation in the military situation ordered would be under control and. it will continue as peaceful as it was expected. thank you very much. we move on the u.s. has renewed its calls for an end to the hostilities in yemen in a phone call with the saudi crown prince the u.s. secretary of state michael pompei has reiterated that warring parties need to hold talks to end the civil war some reports say at least one hundred fifty people were killed in the past twenty four hours street battles have brought chaos to residential areas in the main port city of data thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi emma rotty coalition is trying to seize control of the city from rebels mohamed atta is following that story for us
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from nearby djibouti mohammed this seems to be contradictory evidence or reports coming out here who these are saying what's going on is going on in industrial areas outside the city and yet hospital workers are talking to the news agencies saying no they're actually very close to the hospitals that's why people in who data are especially worried just in the past few days. yes indeed yes they are fighting washington's when you talk to different people but we have spoken to the international red cross officials who just told us that fighting is likely compline to this whole thing. and that is part of the city they talked about fighting taking place this morning clashes happening out on the alpha hold a hospital which is supported by the international red cross they say the hospital is still all pinned operating with minimal stuff and they have not had any of
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the fighting groups and think the hospital yet also in the south is the heart of this city fighting has been widely confined to a compound of the universities there where the fight is not safe to be putting us resistance they know what is a fake news and they there is not an option for them and their pro-government forces have also come on but i'm all sensitive they cut it out on the port. itself had been repulsed by those who fight is so a lot happening but the immediate concern is for the safety of the up to six hundred thousand people who are still in the city and they're increasing calls for a cease fire and as far as the six hundred thousand people are concerned see the world food program saying we want to double multiply by two what we do so far but the reality is if this fighting is going on as it's going on at the moment they
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can't even begin to think about doing that. no they can't because any little of this the rough from by the flight into the open ocean is of these vital holes and they say it's going to become less traffic for the people of yemen fourteen million people need to be fed to survive they are internally displaced people people who are living in districts and towns that have been caught all because of their air strikes destroying a bridges and infrastructure there are people who are already in the hospitals and in that it beats you can supplement feeding centers children. and they need these aid that is coming through the ports of the day and that's why it's being so i've been for the humanitarian community they've been giving out these really. these public outcry about the continued wish from all the fighting that's going on in the
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day that of the moment calling for an immediate cease fire but so far all i've seen talk ignored or schools thank you very much more political chaos in syria after the opposition parties decided to petition the country's supreme court to review the president's decision to call a snap election president city center triggered a major political crisis last month when he fired and replaced the prime minister dissolved parliament last week after his attempts to secure a majority for his party had failed and this has more now from colombo. all eyes on the building behind me the supreme court of sri lanka the highest court of this land where there have been more than ten petitions filed basically asking the court to declare that the president by three policy receive his decision to dissolve parliament at midnight on friday is in violation of the constitution now the key
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basis these petitions have been submitted is that the constitution basically requires the parliament to have completed four and a half years in office before the president can dissolve parliament unless two thirds of the parliament m.p.'s agree to doing so now that is way short a when the president dissolved parliament on friday basically we will one year and three months short of that deadline so these petitions calling for the president's decision to be declared void we've had a number of politicians coming up from this morning to listen and everybody waiting to see if the supreme court will give leave to proceed still to come here on al-jazeera demanding justice we're from survivors of ivory coast civil war. and from one of the poorest places in britain the united nation sends a team. i would happen.
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from flowing on in winds to an enchanting breeze. hello there it's a rather mild for many of us across europe but it's not drawing for all of us will still get a fair amount of cloud and a fair amount of rain in the western parts of europe here's the latest picture here that's working its way eastwards and as it does so it's bringing a fair amount of cloud and a few breaks of rain as well so for monday then it will be situated here and then gradually be pushing up towards the northeast as we head through the day. on tuesday so dragging plenty of cloud behind it but the most active rain we in the northern parts of arm up in here as it works its way into the cold air in the phone with eastern part of the map will see that turn to snow so moscow will be below freezing but elsewhere the temperatures are still hovering quite well we're looking at twelve degrees there in vienna and twelve for us in bucharest as well even for the west it's relatively mild for us in paris with
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a maximum temperature of around fourteen for the other side of the mediterranean the satellite picture is picking up this is a swelling area of cloud hair over parts of libya this one is gradually working its way eastwards there as we head through the next few days so a few areas of cloud there making their way through egypt as we head through tuesday mostly along that northern coast and as that one works its way east well more cloud being let in for the northwestern parts as well so the big gray at times are some of us in morocco and algeria but nothing too heavy rain wise. the weather sponsored by cattle peace. the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this time allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is that journalistic
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integrity and then in this case it was betrayed totally up from his own al-jazeera . welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from doha these are your headlines so far this hour israeli troops have killed seven palestinians including a hamas military commander to entering gaza as part of a special forces operation that's where the officer was also killed the u.s. has renewed its calls for an end to the hostilities in yemen there have been street battles between forces backed by the saudi iraqi coalition and who see rebels in the port city of data some reports say at least one hundred forty nine people have been killed in the past twenty four hours. trying to supreme court is hearing
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petitions by opposition parties challenging the president's decision to call a snap election president may three palace that triggered a major political crisis last month he fired and replaced the prime minister. thirty one people and confirmed as wildfires burn across the u.s. state of california more than two hundred people are missing and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in los angeles county rob reynolds reports now from oak village . when the fire ripped through the. as houses in open village it didn't leave much smoldering wreckage burned out vehicles a charred exercise bike seventeen houses were completely destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost people here are deeply grateful to their firefighters it just flared up and just went quick and those firemen god bless them stood on my parents' deck here and fought off the fire from their house the state of california
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is under siege from north to south high winds and bone dry trees and brush have fueled deadly wildfires this week california has experienced the most obvious of destructive fires that we've seen ants history over one hundred ninety six thousand acres burned. thousands of homes and dozens of lives lost everything depends on the wind a calm day can give firefighters a chance to contain the blazes but there are no calm days in the immediate forecast we have to keep understanding it better but we're in a new have normal and things. like this will be part of our future and this won't be the beginning it will be things like this and worse open village where lawn ornaments live for lauren amid the ashes was out of the fires direct path and would not have burned had it not been for the wind. people here tell us it was embers
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born on high winds from another fire perhaps a dozen kilometers away that started these houses a light wildfire makes no distinction between rich and poor famous or obscure all must flee before it's at vance we ran into hockey legend wayne gretzky outside his mansion near thousand oaks we evacuated last night about two am. and still my wife and i young kids and i came back here to check on the house. and yeah we were deathly scared and nervous like all citizens around here in open village weary firefighters were hosing down hot spots more than twenty four hours after the flames swept through people here are deeply traumatized you can see it on t.v. you can see it on social media but when you actually see it and smell it that
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words can't describe the devastation officials say the fires may take weeks to bring under control for those who live here it's already too late rob reynolds al-jazeera oak village california the memories of the last civil war in ivory coast remain role for many people seven years all fighting between supporters of rival presidents killed three thousand die for eons nicholas hack reports now from abidjan. he says he was driving home when a policeman pulled him over asking for identification. the officer told him his last name didn't sound ivorian enough to foreign and he was arrested. while in custody he says police spat in his face the beatings turned to torture human rights groups say three hundred fifty seven people arrested like him were killed that same day and dumped in mass graves seven years on debbie awaits justice something from
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the mother from. religious wanted from society we have not received justice their parents or the children of those mother does of these this did want to let us express all show on grievance but you can't erase the past. which started as a disputed presidential election in two thousand and eleven turned to a civil war between supporters of a new president alassane ouattara and all but bo who are fused to concede defeat. he wrapped up nationalist rhetorical calling ouattara and his supporters foreigners and enemy of the state. water as father is from neighboring turkey to faso ivory coast is home to many african migrants. human rights groups accused of ordering militia groups to attack water rights supporters targeting people who appear foreign gibby believes the bag those are behind the killings three thousand people were killed during the four month civil war. while i was on trial at the
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international criminal court in the netherlands his wife cmon was released from prison in august following the advice to granted by president ouattara which acquitted her of crimes against humanity. despite that the international criminal court is seeking her arrest it's a rare occasion to see inside her home receiving people publicly since her release from prison she's made only a handful of statements calling for peace and reconciliation it's a change of tone from the former first lady. president to our promise is justice for all but the work of the truth and reconciliation commission appears to be stalling after it published a report accusing the government of overlooking war crimes allegedly committed by what her supporters charges they deny the government says it gave soldiers who staged two mutinies last year twenty six thousand dollars each for supporting ouattara during the civil war no compensation has been paid to victims of murder
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torture and rape crimes which remain unpunished. in a very close to our other victims and no need to have that for us to find peace we need to recognize and forgive the crimes that we have all committed. and many victims like him want to see their attackers punished he says ivorian leaders over that to the dead and to their country still looking to heal its wounds of the past nicholas hawke al-jazeera. people are getting poorer in britain and the united nations is trying to find the un is visiting one town in particular j. wake on the english east coast from the. off a century ago jaye week was a thriving holiday resorts that was hard to imagine now for years this village on the east coast of england has been listed as one of the u.k.'s poorest places five thousand people have been left to work out how to live and almost complete
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isolation. danny has taken it upon himself to speak for the community he sets up the j. week happy club to define gesture of hope over diversity we need to help the younger people rob to take the wrong because there's no jobs they might not they might get into bad habits like it's like i'm going to be sore doing drugs or drinking but we can save these people like giving them opportunities everyone in every town has everywhere the restorers of the impacts of declining austerity john is an unemployed tie a fifth of the government is changing his benefits as part of a deeply controversial new system which leaves people without money for weeks on end john has food for three more days but we're going to do if you get post when sitting on a food. drive and friends and. feel about them not very well because it does not and rarely.
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if a possible sign from the capsule. jay-jay cycled past someone has given him an old gate he collects and sells bits of scrap metal to make ends meet it really is what passes for what. we have on my own age in the house for electric. whenever we need so we do it it and. made international news recently when it was misleadingly used in a campaign photo for donald trump warning of the effects of socialism on america since the photo the roads have been paved it's what passes for success here there are many right wing politicians and commentators who are absolutely livid that the united nations is here at all how dare the u.n. come to one of the richest countries in the world they say and lecture us like this but it is still a fact that the wealth gap in the u.k. is now enormous and poverty in places like j.
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week is both absolute and entrenched all this walk to the united nations on poverty and human rights certainly i've heard from a lot of people who are living pretty grim lives. a lot of misery in the country i think a lot of the statistics are pretty discouraging in terms of rough sleeping in child poverty in terms of at least talk about suicide and so on so there's obviously a lot of problems with the united nations will have left with an impression of a place which is proud almost nothing more than hope even if it has a profound sense of injustice but even if the united nations is listening it's not at all clear what the politicians just one hundred kilometers away in london have any idea about life here.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories israeli troops have killed seven palestinians in gaza including a hamas military commander and from the territory as part of a special forces operation an israeli officer was also killed while another was wounded in han eunice in southern gaza the israeli military says it intercepted three out of seventeen rockets fired from gaza after the operation the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short an official trip to france stephanie to. has more now from west jerusalem. the message from the israeli military establishment is that this seems to have been an intelligence operation it's an intelligence operation that went very wrong and also of course you know the timing of this is crucial because we've had these ongoing talks about a long term calm in gaza between israel and hamas for the first time we had palpable movement on the ground when it came to improving the lives of the people inside gaza the humanitarian situation there is that desperate levels the u.s.
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has renewed its call for an end to the hostilities in yemen there have been street battles between forces backed by the saudi iraqi coalition and the rebels in residential areas in the port city of her data some reports say at least one hundred forty nine people have been killed in the past twenty four hours sri lanka's opposition parties are petitioning the country's supreme court to review the president's decision to call a snap election the president may three pala said his sena triggered a major political crisis last month when he fired and replaced the prime minister dissolve parliament last week after his attempts to secure a majority for his policy have failed firefighters in california say they've only managed to contain ten percent of the fires burning in los angeles county at least thirty one people have died and more than two hundred a missing in the worst wildfire on record in the state hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes firefighters expect hot and windy weather conditions over the
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next three days those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the up front i will see you very soon. the un's man in charge of middle east and north africa has refugee crisis is that the end is still not in sight the world doesn't act like that in class or some other countries bottles or does not act like that and there ought to be a new order to make that contribution is better than sharing more with the i mean i was talks to al-jazeera he lost the house of representatives to the democrats in tuesday's midterm elections and on wednesday he fired his attorney general and stripped a white house reporter of his press pass is a troubled presidency entering a new and dangerous phase in this upfront special i'll ask one of the u.s. president's advisers.
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steven rogers thanks for joining me up front president trump said that these midterm elections would be quote a referendum on him given the democrats won back control of the house of representatives after eight years and they won the house popular vote by seven percentage points nationwide the american people seem to reject him. well i have to dispute that because the president's party one key gubernatorial races in battleground states that are going to be very important we're talking about florida iowa ohio very important the twenty twenty alexion that's number one number two when president obama was in office he lost sixty three seats in a midterm clinton forty something seats president trump only about twenty three so the trend was always the president in power would lose seats but the key here and we can't miss this point was the united states senate that is what the republican party focused on because therein lies your control of bringing nominees in for the
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u.s. supreme. courts etc yes he definitely held on to the senate what's interesting though is he campaigned for senate candidates in wisconsin montana ohio pennsylvania all states he won in twenty sixteen and yet those candidates lost in every single one of those states and senate races you mentioned governors' races kansas his close ally kris kobach a state he won by twenty points stephen he lost i'm from. kansas where you learn some in politics and you know you it's very difficult to transfer the popularity and the voting public for one candidate to another so i would reject the fact that this was a repudiation of the president got a record of about himself stephen i didn't let me also get his response to these midterms was to fire his attorney general jeff sessions on on wednesday an attorney general he's been publicly attacking for months now because sessions didn't stop a special counsel investigation into the trumped campaign's alleged ties with
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russia even firing the attorney general of the united states for nakedly political reasons at best an abuse of power obstruction of justice look i've been in law enforcement my whole life the attorney general sessions he didn't do his job very well he was not aggressive he didn't go after the d.n.c. he didn't go after hillary clinton would all that we know about her and by the way he should have that mean session should have been up. front with the president about his conversations or his involvement somehow with russia which caused him to a recluse himself he wasn't honest with the president sort of president was patient and that was the time to say as he did it's funny that in defending the second you're basically admitting it was political you're saying he didn't go off to the president's opponents he didn't go off to the democrats which is not the job of an attorney general to just go off to the president's opponents if barack obama's election campaign was being investigated by the justice department for its ties to a foreign government and obama had then fired the attorney general the day after he lost crucial bit you know policy would have come up so wouldn't it how can you not
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see the hypocrisy hey stephen roach is he he did this wasn't a political move the attorney general just doesn't get it all he said he did go off to the democrats that's the definition of a liberal move well who who in who was involved think about this who was involved in that whole fiasco with the e-mails were clinton democrats are going to say now where was the republicans i would be telling you the same thing the attorney general did not do his job and that's why he is no longer attorney general this is a president who is also accused of running a quote racist nativist fear mongering midterm election campaign he ran a campaign video combining footage of an undocumented criminal who killed two cops with footage of central american migrants tearing down a fence rushing across the border as if they're all cop killers who the democrats want to let into the country an absolutely inflammatory so racist that even loyal folks news decided to pull it from the airwaves absolute nonsense declaring that as racists everything look a picture and words are ok you can't change what's going on there now you said i
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work with military intelligence and law enforcement you would be surprised what's coming across the border you've got children that are not with their parents you've got drug traffickers you've got people perhaps bringing weapons across the border that they're trying to divert the fact that the president is trying to protect this country and the fact that they complain about his term invasion it is an invasion all right it isn't it of. asian of an army i didn't even want to look at it just wanted invasion people asking for asylum is not an invasion by any definition of the word is a good and you were in the nation so you should know that well i do know that and i've got to tell you it's an invasion of people who should not be coming here other than come here legally and they all got seven hundred miles away even if they were invading their not very close to doing it any time soon one of the very well why don't our of one thing was a hoax to use donald trump there but he hasn't mentioned it since the election fox news channel you regularly appear to stop talking about the kind of funny that the caravan just disappeared from the headlines the morning off to the midterms how convenient i'll tell you how it disappeared from the headlines and by the way they
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could have got asylum in mexico and they turned it down it disappeared from the headlines because the mainstream media is making it disappear we find out that they're more interested in what just recently or running only think about the care of that's a child you are parents don't play with the mainstream well who controls who controls folks who controls the whole you are troubled rupert murdoch you tell me who controls the media you want to tell us about who you think control is going to get yeah the mainstream media are right the mainstream media is controlled by a lot of liberals and they are ready to control their nipples let me ask you this question to folks refused to run this ad you say it's not a racist at fox refused to run it the networks pulled it down you know who praised the caravan and called it a monster piece look at fox news were for whatever reason why their editorial board pulled it i don't know what as you know you the phrase the ad as a must a piece no don't do the film a grand wizard of the ku klux klan well called the adam muscle of i wonder what appealed to him about that non-racist ad david duke is
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a racist he has no place and no worry agree on ministration of the president we agree with the razor so why is it i'm a much well look at there are people that will praise things that complete for their own political agenda we can't control what people think and what they say but you don't hear the president of the united states making racist remarks at. some people are trying to leave really others to believe his own full belly up michael cohen who worked for trump for more than a decade has said that trump told him black people are too stupid to vote for me that's not a racist remark and you have the donald trump did you hear donald trump say that not michael cullen and i would say maybe so we're going to believe a guy that wants to cooperate with law enforcement they get a so i got a good chance at it defines us and i i've i've i've had people work for me for many years and you've got to be creeps and you don't think going on about george soros is rolled in a caravan that he had no role in at a time when george soros is being targeted by racists who support donald trump that's not racist anti-semitic in any way. at the end of the day when we were
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measuring the would a person is doing we have to we have to not listen so much to the media hype and just listen to the words coming out of their mouth and i think now listening to the president just one last question on the video it's not just racist in the eyes of many people it was completely false it was a lie the guy in the ad the cult killer was last allowed back into the country not on the democrats but on the george w. bush you know that don't you yes that's a fact that's a fact i want to point it was a light said the difficulty was again it was it wasn't because it was on their bush and it was on their obama on the other side clinton but that's not what the ad said said but as you know the i said well but it doesn't make it until two cups that's not true that's full doesn't make it a lie doesn't make it a lie the things people thought so you have to live he'd laugh and then he said he wanted to kill caught more cops yes democrat yes let him back into killed as cops know george w. bush let him back and you agree with me i'm not sure that's the facts but under the obama administration because of very liberal rules and regulations regarding
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immigration this guy was allowed to run free so you know what let's do agree on this they're all you agree with me on a lot of comedy and video was false to say the democrats let him back into the country when it was blood all about oh my god i can feel that all of us take a poll and i'm confused what you mean little he was let in on to george w. bush not on to the democrats a loss when i came in but he was a video is falls short of total times video defending was false. but he was allowed to run free on there are very different algorithms one of us in the video said the democrats let him in they didn't say they let him run free they said they let him in it was george w. bush who let him in last which he killed two cops one in the video say that i'm not going to look at i'm not going to argue that point with you and we both ended up with all those parties are responsible that's a different argument i'm asking about the whole city of it and just on this idea of kind of safety and security you're a former naval man you talk about migrants invading the us presumably you think donald trump wants to protect the us the attacks that we've seen in recent weeks in
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the us an attempt to bomb attacks on twelve people that donald trump targeted a massacre in a synagogue. shoot these attacks were not carried out by anyone who came in on a caravan whether they will homegrown american terrorists. absolutely ok but you're not you're not hearing about and in some. instances you're hearing about the trial child traffickers the children who are here to be sold to others drug. cartel a little feeling that i was wondering why don't trump sends troops to a border for a caravan seven hundred miles away for security purposes meanwhile in the u.s. domestic terrorists are killing jews in synagogues we don't hear so much outrage well protection from your polity on the i'll answer that question and it's the same answer that we try to find regarding chicago with the toughest gun laws in the country liberal democrat socialist policies of the strong this country there's no
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more rule of law because of whatever you know that liberty i mean i have no knowledge of anything i mean they are now in charge of the house but for the past two years trump is controlled every branch of government in those two years anti semitic attacks have gone up. because i have gone up anti muslim attacks have gone up on the number of white nationalist groups have gone up as you know as a former intelligence is that a coincidence that this all happened on donald trump look complete coincidence steven rogers and the number and the number of police officers have been. shops that have gone up so you can't blame president trump for all of the ills that are going on these are democrat socialist policies i know i know you socialist policies have led to an increase in neo i'll tell you what it is over the last two years. i'll tell you where the source was a lot of socialism since they have homes in the mail it was a trump it was a little oil develop trouble simple as you went to the rallies hot and he sent pipe bombs to twelve people who trump targeted by name these are nuts these are crazy enough to. work with and we look at we can't stop people
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from supporting the things we do we can't stop people who look at our t.v. stations that a lot of nuts watch us or you know that you can stop accepting violent hate filled things that are inciting these people if trump stop saying globalist stop blaming george soros for caravans stop talking about how he likes to reporters who were beaten up and stops talking about enemies of the people maybe some people wouldn't take those words and turn to violence as well amazingly of maxine waters eric holder and the rest of the democrat who is true would stop doing the same thing really ok if you want to me can you point to me a terrorist attack carried out by a supporter of maxine waters please well you know what the terrorist attack all right could be small or big i think going into a restaurant and you have your wife and kids there and quit a little of a eleven if you wish what i think would happen down seriously i think no no no i recall it if i'm not saying it's a queer sounds on raising it because because you're saying that what people are saying liberals need on sale.


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