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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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civilians are trapped by the fighting a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi and erratic coalition is trying to seize control of the city from the rebels the spokesman has told al-jazeera the fighting is only happening in an industrial area outside of the city kind of part of our number that a little. they say they've taken over the whole city but the battles are taking place outside of the data and everyone knows that the area of ikhwan target is ten kilometers away from the city with me but as i said the battles ahead outside. on what i know is following the story for us from across the red sea in djibouti somehow and what's the latest on the fighting. well hossam a cliff is fighting going on in our list three from inside and also on the outskirts of odds of cuts of. the south is some parts of the city fighting is going all in the compound of one of the univers does that all day is the pot of the fighting is
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going on according to residents in some of the streets of residential neighborhoods just moments ago we spoke to i.c.r.c. all fishel who are on the medical the. whole the hospital which is one of the main medical facilities in the day and their walk kolache is earlier on in the morning near the hospital but they say none of the combatants and the hospital in the hospital is operating with the minimum staff and it also some of the pro-government militia called palming they want a policy when they try for us hock that pulled off a day that which is of course the final place that they want to take from the fight as the ultimate prize in these volatile a place where they believe has been used by the whole history on themselves and also get supplies for the north stallholders of course they is concern about any
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destruction to the port with the u.n. secretary general antonio good tennis a moment ago and destruction of the port will be cut for yemen also concerned about the hundreds of thousands of people still living in the city as the strikes and the fighting intensifies so what implications does all this have for diplomatic efforts what will what's next on the diplomatic front. well efforts to bring the two parties in the conflict talks going all the un special envoy to yemen much english it's continuing with his efforts to try and break the ice and also. make it to agree to some sort of breaking consultations this is what they're calling it but the numerous calls that's we are
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hearing now for these talks and a cease fire coming from countries such as the united states and the united kingdom which many yemenis do not consider to be honest brokers because of their involvement and support for the so the whole issue of the united states has just talked about it fueling the aerial refueling hole so deep craft cutting out strikes on filthy positions and their country they are also been selling arms to them the u k s also talking to the sody government and finalizing details on an agreement to sell them forty eight. fighter jets and also all this is coming at a time when there is a lot of suspicion about how almost these two countries are with the leader of the supreme. council of all these writing in an op ed at the on the washington post
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this week. the united states can stop the war at any time he said but told and so support what he calls a corrupt ally. in djibouti. we're taking a closer look then why the battle for hard data is so important in june thousands of yemeni pro-government forces backed by saudi and amarok began their offensive to retake her data from the fight is the coastal city is where more than seventy percent of the country's food aid fuel and commercial goods enter the country aid groups say yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine putting thirteen million people at risk the un has postponed peace talks which were to begin this month unless nominee is a professor of political science at the university of waterloo in canada she says the saudi m a rotty coalition is trying to take control of her data before any peace talks. i
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think that's the strategy overall but of course it comes at an enormous cost of civilians in addition to your report it's important to point out that eighty percent of all food comes through the data similarily medicine this is a country that is pretty much import dependent on food so it is food scarcity and famine that we should be worried about because indeed this is the cost that's going to be paid by the average civilians for the retaking of the data i think the american system was very critical of the legislature was very critical of this war for several years now but never really had the new numbers to basically turn it over into some sort of sanctioning on set weapons sales to the saudis i think that's changed and now that you've seen the democrats take over one part of the legislature we're going to see i think a real criticism of that the kinds of hearings that they're going to be calling in is going to i think bring up a lot of ugly facts for many americans that they are very much complicit in this
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war through use refueling logistics intelligence you name it so i do think that this is mounting pressure and of course the death of a. definitely i think increased international where n'est on saudi foreign policy it is a really awful war it is not difficult to solve without doubt but the same time we have to find a way to solve this because really the many people have suffered far too much we have plenty more ahead on this news downstream lanka's supreme court hearing petitions challenging the president's decision to call snap election spots florida begins recounting votes in its senate and governor races off the results were too close to declare a winner and breaking collie collar barriers in school will tell you about the latest player inducted into the hockey hall of fame.
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britain's foreign secretary is traveling to saudi arabia. to talk about ending the war in yemen he'll also be discussing the killing of journalist. jeremy hunt is the first british minister to visit since the killing of the saudi consulate the stamp of the month ago when the king sandman and saudi crown prince mohammed the sound man his friends and family of jamal khashoggi have held a vigil in his memory in turkey his fiance a teach a change was among those at the gathering in stamboul shoji was killed by a saudi hit squad more than a month ago when he went in to the consulate to get paperwork concerning france about the fate of two saudi princes who have not been seen or heard from since being detained in saudi arabia ten months ago prince abdullah men bin muhammad has sowed and his son salmen were last seen entering the royal palace in january a letter has been released showing the french foreign ministry has been asked by
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the president's office to monitor the situation the younger prince known as the land is seen as a link between paris and riyadh and holds a diplomatic passport the princes are represented by a french lawyer who says they've been held without charge because of comments about crown prince mohammed bin men there were other is called on the us president donald trump who was known to all house his own mandate on the kingdom of saudi arabia to exercise pressure on the crown prince in order to release them i also requested the french president where it is more difficult since france hardly intervenes in such domestic issues however it was only the french president who he did my call and handed over the dossier to the foreign ministry to act and seek answers from the saudi authorities. well the new york times is reporting top saudi intelligence officials close to the crown prince discussed using private companies to assassinate iranian enemies it says inquiries were made to
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a small group of businessmen last year running but when it's part of a new york times which broke the story during these discussions some of them in belgium some of them in new york some of them in riyadh saudi operatives came to ask the businessmen do you also do kinetics meaning legal this is a nation and when the group of businessmen asked what exactly are you hoping that we will do it said we will not we would like to you to take out the really an official is the civic to mention the name of kassam saloon money the hand of the old good force of the r.g.c. the original iranian revolutionary guard the group of businessmen hesitated they wanted to consult a lawyer their lawyer flatly rejected the plan and said we're not going to do that but one of them george native with leading the group said the saudis there's a group of former s.a.'s former british special forces in london who might take the
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initiative now we don't know what with the end of that connection but we but the fact that all the saudis high ranking officials very close to to the crown prince have discussed it pitched their offer that. project to private business men suggests a total change of policy during the time of the crown prince. we're getting reports of an explosion in the afghan capital kabul that happened near a busy area in the city center police on the scene. confirm at least three people are dead and eight others are injured more on that story as and when we get it the blast took place near a protest by hundreds of has are those who are demanding action against release recent violence against them. because of. the ethnic and religious minority in afghanistan has been subject to generations of persecution last week the taliban
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launched an attack on two checkpoints manned by local pro-government forces in a province where many as are as there most of them belong to the shia branch of islam the taliban which are sunni have been accused of committing human rights violations against the group during their five year rule. a more political chaos in sri lanka opposition parties won the supreme court to review the president's snap election call the president made three part series saina fired and replaced the prime minister last month he dissolved parliament last week after his attempts to secure a majority for his party's failed we are live in the certain members from both sides made statements through the media and of various discussions that there will be a big clash sometimes leading to the death of a few when parliament is convened on the fourteenth if i permitted those incidents to happen by convening the parliament on the fourteenth without dissolving parliament it became apparent that those fights could have brought about
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a serious situation with these fires creating hardships on the population living in towns and villages across the country which is yours and mine i'm going out for nando's said joins us live now from colombo so no where we expecting this to go. right now the supreme court the building you see behind me there is a three judge bench headed by the chief justice that's hearing the fundamental rights petitions that have been submitted before the courts as of today monday now most of those petitions filed by political parties while there are some public interest petitions as well now the fundamental basis that these petitions have been filed is on the basis that the present by policy in a violated the country's constitution when he dissolved parliament on friday basically the amendment of the constitution of this country says that parliament cannot be dissolved less than four and
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a half years into it unless two thirds of the two hundred twenty five members in parliament take a vote and decide to dissolve it so most of those petitions going on the basis that this decision by the president to dissolve parliament on friday is a violation of this country's constitution now fundamentally the constitution obviously has different provisions you have amendments you have sections that go under the president's kind of remit you have other things of the way the parliament works and things like that but fundamentally what most people find is that the manner in which this is done let's take a listen to what one of these petitioners had to say. as far as record certain words he has the right to dissolve parliament the man and the circumstances in which he does it is clearly stated in the constitution and he seems to have ignored it and he does since it's a full violation eight the president were to dissolve parliament and if that
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dissolution is within the first for an obvious then that can be done only after the parliament by a two thirds majority approves the resolution to that effect in this instance for enough years have not lapsed and parliament has not approved such a resolution. and therefore the condition president laid down in the constitution has not been followed and then president's act of dissolving parliament therefore is dull and white. all right. i just wanted to ask you as far as they did the the atmosphere right now in sri lanka. i mean all of this put it political chaos and uncertainty what are people saying there about what's going on between the prime minister and
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the president at the moment. cousin to be honest it's a real mixed reaction it just depends on who you speak to now right now outside parliament as you see behind me there are quite a few crowds in fact we had a contingent of policemen called out here because there are a few tense scenes supporters of the former prime minister and his party you know coming out in force to lend their support to some of these petitions. now but you do have other people read some interviews of people on the streets the other day and some of them saying yes given the sort of chaos this country had descended into that that was the best thing to do let this be the people speak however it is equally the problem is the uncertainty i mean this decision that started off with the president sacking the prime minister on to become a singer then again dissolving parliament essentially on friday midnight has thrown
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the country into a state of uncertainty these are uncharted waters we haven't had a dissolution of parliament of a constitutional crisis for a long time and many people say that it is undermining democratic institutions and it is undermining in terms of the strength of these institutions and democracy in sri lanka as i'm now finance is live for us there in colombo. agencies and medical specialists are warning be a bola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo could spread beyond its borders more than two hundred people have died in the country's worst ever outbreak more than three hundred confirmed and probable cases and statutary has. this is the tenth ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo but this one is also to the west and the wilds fast in a conflict zone. since twenty fourteen about two thousand people have been killed in northeast india in fighting between armed groups and now since august
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a record more than two hundred people there have died from the. demick in north kivu wanted to reprivatize has surpassed that of the first epidemic in d. or c. as history which occurred in one thousand nine hundred ninety six in buku in the province of a quarter to go with the health ministry says medical teams in the area are attacked on average three to four times a week an unprecedented level of violence compared with previous outbreaks to medical agents with the congolese army was shot dead three weeks ago. fifteen people were killed and a dozen children abducted in subsequent attacks around the town if any the world health organization says it's become the outbreak epicenter because of what it calls a toxic mix of violence and community mistrust the outbreak is not under control and it's been. so large a number of haitian in the town of dany and we are very concerned about another
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town. where you have a million people and cases from a tribal area. and we are now worried that transmission with. this he says is a window of opportunity a vaccination program has already reached some twenty five thousand. thousand people that you wanted to see senator levin was neighboring uganda has become the first in the wild to administer a vaccine without an active outbreak targeting frontline health workers near the border and really trying to harvest the vaccine as many people as possible without potential exposure to both of ours because the vaccines vaccines really seems to work the problem is it's challenging to access people because of you instability in the area and it's hard to ensure that people who have had a possible exposure were actually not accessed that are purely for safety reasons and borders here are porous these roads like this one in south sudan lead across
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sovereign frontiers and as people travel they give it the ability to travel with them tracing day becomes something difficult but good enough to know we don't have any. kissel few boileau even. states but you felt all any cues that entity to be very challenging tracing those people who comes through deport as well as as the death toll mounts in the d.r. see neighboring countries ching casey. al-jazeera. in a few moments so meteorologist steph coulter has the latest on heavy rain in the middle east also ahead though demanding justice we hear from survivors of ivory coast civil war the death toll mounts and hundreds of people are still missing as wildfires burn across california. and later in sports the shunts helped push lewis hamilton another long rethink.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the french autumn breeze in the city of la. hello there we've seen yet more heavy rain here in doha these are the pictures that we had yesterday was about thirty millimeters. of rain that we saw all together but it all came in the same half hour more or less and so we had a lot of water logged streets to deal with some places much deeper than others today there's also been some rain but it's been far more manageable only around five or six millimeters so far and you can see the cloud now is just brought us all latest rain just making its way across qatar at the moment little area of cloud also making its way towards the u.a.e. and that system doesn't look too impressive but it's going to give us some heavier rain as we head through the next few days i don't think it's going to be scented here in doha though it's gradually moving its way north would someone choose day is mostly across parts of saudi arabia then off to choose day into wednesday will see
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that system just push a little bit further towards the north and into kuwait and across into iran as well and it's from wednesday own words that rain really turns particularly heavy save to some of i think you eight and across parts of iran as we have through wednesday and into thursday it really does look very wet and there is likely to be a lot of flooding here elsewhere you can see lots of clouds towards the north as well so yes more wet weather here and for some of us in turkey and into syria they'll be a bit of snow over the mountains as well is turning colder and still very wet. there with sponsored by the time race. disease so stigmatized suffering and still sung by society people who strewn from the penley from delhi from their wife and then the other place in the war who can be done says the i'm no longer outcast sumit and community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat literacy in
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india lifelines ancient enemy. when the news breaks on the story bill the fight against isis is still continuing in the desert when people need to be home. and the story needs to be told by family status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you. and life. on it and online.
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again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour israeli troops have killed seven palestinians including a hamas military commander after entering gaza as part of a special forces operation israeli officer was also killed. the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities in yemen have been street battles between forces backed by the saudi and iraqi coalition of the rebels or city of data some reports say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed in the last twenty four hours. at least three people are dead and eight others are injured after a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul last took place in a protest by hundreds of people from the minority who are demanding action against recent violence against. at least thirty one people have now died as wildfires burn across the u.s. state of california more than two hundred people are missing and hundreds of homes
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have been destroyed in los angeles county rob reynolds reports from village. when the fire ripped through these houses in open village it didn't leave much smoldering wreckage burned out vehicles a charred exercise bike seventeen houses were completely destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost people here are deeply grateful to their firefighters it just flared up and just went quick and those firemen god bless them stood on my parents' deck here and fought off the fire from their house the state of california is under siege from north to south high winds and bone dry trees and brush have fueled deadly wildfires this week california has experienced the most devastated destructive fires that we've seen nance history over one hundred ninety six thousand acres burned. thousands of homes and dozens of lives lost
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everything depends on the wind a calm day can give firefighters a chance to contain the blazes but there are no calm days in the immediate forecast we have to keep understanding it better but we're in a new have normal and things. like this will be part of our future and this will be the beginning it will be things like this and worse open village where lawn ornaments live for lauren amid the ashes was out of the fires direct path and would not have burned had it not been for the wind. people here tell us it was embers born on high winds from another fire perhaps a dozen kilometers away that started these houses a light. wildfire makes no distinction between rich and poor famous or obscure all must flee before it's at vance we ran into hockey legend wayne gretzky outside his mansion near thousand oaks we evacuated last night at about two am. and
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still my wife and i young kids and i came back here to check on the house. and yeah we were deathly scared and nervous like all citizens around here in oak village weary firefighters were hosing down hot spots more than twenty four hours after the flames swept through people here are deeply traumatized you can see it on t.v. you can see it on social media but when you actually see it and smell it that words can't describe the devastation officials say the fires may take weeks to bring under control for those who live here it's already too late rob reynolds al-jazeera oak village california the memories of the last civil war and ivory coast remain rule for many seven years later fighting between supporters of rival
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presidents killed three thousand i've already ns and survivors of torture and rape are demanding justice while president long bad law is on trial at the international criminal court nicholas hawke reports from abidjan. he says he was driving home when a policeman pulled him over asking for identification of the officer told him his last name didn't sound ivorian enough to foreign and he was arrested. while in custody he says police spat in his face the beatings turned to torture human rights groups say three hundred fifty seven people arrested like him were killed that same day and dumped in mass graves seven years on gebbie awaits justice someplace on the other for. since we feel it's wonderful society we have not received justice their parents or the children of those mother does of these this did want to let us express all show on grievance but you can't erase the past. which started as
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a disputed presidential election in two thousand and eleven turned to a civil war between supporters of a new president alassane ouattara and all but bo who are fused to concede defeat. he wrapped up nationalist rhetorical calling ouattara and his supporters foreigners and enemy of the state. water as father is from neighboring turkey to faso ivory coast is home to many african migrants. human rights groups accused of ordering militia groups to attack water or supporters targeting people who appear foreign to be believed the bag those are behind the killings three thousand people were killed during the four months of a war. while little bug was on trial at the international criminal court in the netherlands his wife simone was released from prison in august following the advice to granted by president ouattara which acquitted her of crimes against humanity. despite that the international criminal court is seeking her arrest it's
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a rare occasion to see inside her home receiving people publicly since her release from prison she's made only a handful of statements calling for peace and reconciliation it's a change of tone from the former first lady. president to our promise is justice for all but the work of the truth and reconciliation commission appears to be stalling after it published a report accusing the government of overlooking war crimes allegedly committed by ouattara supporters charges they deny the government says it gave soldiers who staged two mutinies last year twenty six thousand dollars each for supporting what or during the civil war no compensation has been paid to victims of murder torture and rape crimes which remain unpunished. in a very close to our other victims and no one is up to dead to have that for us to find peace we need to recognize and forgive the crimes that we have committed. and
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many victims like him want to see their attackers punished he says ivorian leaders over that to the dead and to their country still looking to heal its wounds of the past nicholas hawke al-jazeera. are the leaders of germany and france have criticised the elections being held in rebel controlled eastern ukraine. illegal and illegitimate the government in kiev says the votes in donetsk are an attempt by russian backed separatists to legitimize their four year old be patient all ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict began. democratic republic of congo's main opposition leaders have picked veteran politician martin for you knew as their joint presidential candidate in the december general election for you know will have to beat emmanuel daddy president joseph kabila successor katherine sort reports. after days of intense negotiations with the democratic republic of congo's
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most prominent opposition politicians half baked this man martin for you to be their joint candidate in next month's election it was a compromise after those supporting felix to see katie leader of the largest opposition party and the tarka marry who came third in the twenty eleven presidential election failed to come to an agreement so here in geneva in a show of solidarity they settled on the man regarded as a more neutral candidate evolve this week that i didn't look at the we must respect the rule of the democratic game we are democrats we want to establish democracy we must begin by leading by example and we will do it we will support martin he's now our common candidate we must support him. martine for you lou went into politics in the one nine hundred ninety s. and has also been in the corporate world he's a fierce critic of president joseph kabila and was involved in reasoned protestants
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against the president stay in power beyond his time limits the religion is much of what he spoke to al-jazeera in july about his vision of values. i know of i love my people i love my country. walk i'm a walk on i'm hard worker. integrity and never dodge the money of orders and makes billions of expedience weaver. in this war exxon mobil there are twenty one presidential candidates but the clear frontrunner is emanuel said dari president joseph kabila successor it will be a single round contest some critics say for you would be a tough sell he's not well known beyond the capital kinshasa where he was born sixty two years ago is expected to be presented to opposition supporters in the coming week their leaders hope the coalition will hold their choice candidates will lead them to the three catherine saw. the poverty level is rising in
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britain and the united nations is trying to find out why it's investigating areas in the u.k. hardest hit by a decade of austerity one place is the town of jay work on england's east coast from there lawrence lee reports. half a century ago jaye week was a thriving holiday resort that is hard to imagine now for years this village on the east coast of england has been listed as one of the u.k.'s poorest places five thousand people have been left to work out how to live in almost complete isolation . danny has taken it upon himself to speak for the community he sets up the j. wick happy club the defined gesture of hope over diversity.


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