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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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as a leading supplier of weapons and military equipment to the kingdom international pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war and the un bresnan france the latest to call for a cessation of hostilities particularly around the port city of data saudi m.r.c. coalition is trying to retake it from the rebels local source says at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday one day reports of djibouti just across the red sea from yemen. fierce fighting on one of the front lines on the fringes of the port city of her data this is one of the largest bottle so far in the war in yemen for the whole of the fighters who control her data losing the strategic port is not an option and they are putting up a stiff resistance. we should have attempted another suicide attack but it failed we are advancing. despite earlier promises by this coalition and pro-government forces multiplied through bottles in some parts of the city the conflict was
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already and about face in one presidential area is told the city is lie and collected relentless bombardment to kill numerous fighters and this is the ultimate prize the pro-government alliance and their sody and their morality but because often the port of data a vital lifeline for millions of yemenis more than seventy percent of yemen's imports including u.n. aid comes through these dogs and. as you can see we're at the front line close to the port of her data right there in front of you in the next few days will be able to storm the port. the u.n. secretary general and tony harris is warning against any disruption to the port operations. it is of what. i think that now all the powers agreed that it must be ended i think that circumstances will allow it i hope to direct actors in the conflict in the stand and i hope that it happens as quickly as possible because if
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for example the port of her died is destroyed that would be catastrophic for the whole of yemen please call son to for the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians was to leave the city there now growing calls for a cease fire and peace talks between the warring parties in a sign the u.s. is finally losing patience with the war in the secretary of state mike pump created ated enough for all to the soda compris mohammed missile man i didn't need for cessation of hostilities pompei also i did all parties to come to the table to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict in a meeting in the city coupled with british foreign secretary jeremy hunt spoke of the need to build support for u.n. peace efforts both the fight and convince the bothersome sciatic of some of the loudest voices in the calls for ceasefire and could be a while before they agreed to peace talks mohamad the whole thing the needle of this supreme leader of lucidity console of the whole thing chris and lynn describe
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the call spy the united states and united kingdom to talk in an op ed in the washington post in the role that the united states stop the war a long time ago but has instead chosen to support its corrupt ally saudi arabia. djibouti to the head hair on al-jazeera and the victims as california's wildfires continue to burn out of control. can you feel the change yet possibly not be you soon will if you're in the states now not much evidence comes from space except this looking gray that's always a hint of something the white top you know that's always right and it's likely to be fairly heavy rain persistent i think the southeast corner of georgia done
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towards north of florida temps atlanta ten degrees that's what i mean by can you feel it yet these are next in terms of overlay the temperature background this is what you go to feel by day minus two in chicago minus five minneapolis eight in denver now the pacific coast is warm we have different problem here as you well know it's the fires in the weather's not anything to help the fact still strong winds down in southern california but for the majority of the us on counter winter's really setting in unless you're down in florida particularly down in miami right here early and quite sharp we see is a big showers recently the lesser antilles those showers are moving away and equally there's been some flooding in panama but the come straight in cloud the last twenty four hours has been in costa rica in the next day or so we'll still see showers nice round trees a small ol in the caribbean and i think some rain will reach predator rico but no george he seems to back further west nicaragua and especially central mexico.
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when you're watching and as their heads are on mind of our top stories this hour free palestine ians have been killed by israeli airstrikes on gaza you are one israeli has died and twenty nine have been injured i rockets fired from the gaza strip the violence follows a covert israeli military operation in gaza on sunday which killed a hamas military commander and six other palestinians. new york times is revealing more details about the recordings turkey shared on the killing of jamal of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi as one of the so-called kill team tells a superior and a phone call to quote tell your boss the mission was complete u.s. intelligence officials believe your boss referred to saudi crown prince mohammed. and international pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war and the u.n. bresnan france all the natives to call for an end to hostilities chicks around the port city of the data. coalition is trying to retake it from if the rebels.
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i still says it was behind us so decided to attack in the afghan capital that killed six protesters. well members of the ethnic minority group has sala and are rallying for greater protection for that community following a number of attacks and such a guy name has mall oh the target was this group of protesters. but according to media reports afghan forces were able to stop a suicide bomber before he reached the demonstrators not before who detonated his explosives. they were earlier on monday there were calls for peace and protection in kabul we actually have raised our voice because we need security one security and it's disposability of the government. subjected to discrimination for generation of. the haze are a community wants to ensure its voices are heard after
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a series of attacks by the taliban since last week was almost word of five five days that jill would approach to be modest on and also there is going to. attack of taliban through. one hundred fifty people killed but there is no action taken. to look gunnison on the afghan forces have increased ground and air attacks against the taliban in two districts in the southeastern province of guys me the has are as a shiite minority group dominate the districts they've been fighting the taliban who are sunni muslims. this has raised fears of a spike in sectarian violence in the war weary country and concerns the government isn't doing enough it's not only. drive the whole suffered the same thing would become plain but it's of the country suffering the same thing every day with afghan
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security forces just paying a high price eroded to skew this country the afghan army chief says is already lost soldiers additional ground troops are being deployed to gaza new province and u.s. forces are assisting the offensive by air natasha going to al-jazeera. investigators in the northern california town of paradise have been searching for human remains in what's now the deadliest wildfire in the u.s. state's history at least forty two people died in the town and surrounding area when a huge fire swept through a day a mobile d.n.a. lab has been used to identify victims the town is home to twenty seven thousand people and has been largely destroyed the south of contains just fifteen percent of a huge fire in l.a. county two people have died veron around two hundred thousand residents have been forced from their homes and the season jennifer has this update from westlake
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village in los angeles county some of the evacuees here in southern california are being let back into their neighborhoods but have no homes to go back into you can see the damage here in this neighborhood this would have been two or three houses here in a community in westlake village which is just over the hill from malibu where this fire burned fourteen miles deep in twenty miles wide we know that there were two people who are confirmed dead in this particular fire here in southern california and to the north almost thirty others have been confirmed dead but there are still two hundred people missing in these fires across the state they've put up photos of them hoping that they'll check in but they do expect the death toll to rise as they begin to assess the damage the wind conditions in northern california are expected to die down over the next couple of days but in southern california and farther to the south near san diego they are expected to kick up and be even worse for three
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four or five days there are still eight thousand firefighters working on the front lines of these fires four hundred square miles still in flames so their work is far from done. britain's prime minister tourism a says her government is close to a proposed deal with the european union on brics it the process has been stalled over how to keep the irish border open after the u.k. quits the e.u. and by deep political divisions within the bush government and parliament speaking at the north met banquet in london she said negotiations are an intense stage to go see a sions for our departure are now in the endgame and we are working extremely hard through the night to make you progress on the remaining issues in the withdrawal agreement which are significant both sides want to reach an agreement but what we are negotiating is eventually ments the difficult and i do not shy away from that.
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is on a collision course with the european union after its budget for next year was rejected by brussels but says on a gay guy reports from rome the conflict could be playing into the hands of the euro skeptic leaders. it's your money you know has been running his bakery for two years business is good he says but it's a struggle making a living as a small business owner he pays more than sixty percent tax and sees little financial benefits but he says he loves what he does and will keep doing it his hope is that the government will stick to its word and take on the european union of its knees if we can call me. so. i think this government has the opportunity to relaunch not just in europe but in the world but if it were up to me and the e.u. refuses the proposal would force them to accept it. we can't bring down to them. his opinion is one of a growing number of those becoming increasingly anti you when the government tried
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to push forward a budget for next year that outlined a flat tax for companies and wealthier individuals and a basic income for the unemployed the european commission rejected it it said it would plunge italy's heavily indebted economy into a dangerous downward spiral that could impact the rest of the continent the government has remained defiant towards brussels and one of the reasons why is because it's profiting politically from the situation when the european commission rejected italy's fiscal plan it played right into the. far right and populist deputy prime ministers but there's been little thought for the consequences could lie ahead. italy's economy has been struggling with poor productivity for the past thirty years or worse and its prospects where all the economies have managed to rebound italy has been able to emerge from the rot
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a fax souped up on by anti e.u. politicians who lay the blame on the european union despite their reliance on it is . credibly dependent on europe the best companies thrive because they can export and most of the next ports are to the other european union countries so the moment you. bet on the collapse of the european union institutions it's going to be navigable the trade will collapse and so when they turn an economy if italy fails to cooperate then it would face sanctions and fines from the commission for the adding to its economic burden it's a gamble for the government one that it does not want to lose. al-jazeera rome. and other foreign powers have been gathering for a peace conference in sicily the summit aims to end seven years of fighting with so
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many competing interests peace and could prove. john a whole reports. the latest attempt to bring peace to libya picks up where many of those have failed with leaders and representatives from thirty countries gathering just across the mediterranean in palermo sicily one key goal here to get behind a new un led election timeline beginning early next year with a dialogue among libyans themselves to decide what kind of democracy they want we want to ask them clearly doing the national conference what kind of election do you want by the mentally presidential attack and what kind of law do we need because we don't have an all the house of representatives has been meeting all this summer. but it has been let's face it producing no go on the referendum producing no legislative level i think we need a white. representation. when nato bombs help rebel fighters to
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overthrow moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven it was far from the end of libya's troubles. seven years later the country is divided between warring militant groups and opposing political factions each claiming control of vast swathes of territory the peace conference in poland brings together libya's major opposing sides as well as some of the key foreign powers within fluence in the region so fires who heads the un backed government in and around tripoli will be joined by general. whose breakaway army holds much of the east battling for control of the south meanwhile are ethnic tribes and cross border criminal gangs while the un backs the tripoli government general haftar has the support of egypt and russia the united states is there to of course keen to bolster its influence in the
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resource rich north african country libya's difficulties are further complicated by the competing interests of european union rivals italy and france both have energy investments in the country and back opposite sides while france wants to stabilize the lawless south with its proximity to former french colonies in the hell italy wants an end to the flow of migrants across the mediterranean if all concerned can rally behind the new un plan that would be a minimal measure of success here but it would amount to little more than a contribution to the peace process still a long way from peace itself jonah hill al-jazeera palermo sicily. dozens of ethiopian government security agents have been arrested over a grenade attack on the prime minister in june it his attorney general says evidence points to security chiefs ordering the assassination attempt on abby ahmed two people died in the incident which is. political and economic reform since
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coming into power in april. amnesty international has stripped unsung suchi of of its highest honor the ambassador of conscience award rights group says it's been revoked because of her indifference to the atrocities committed by men must military against muslims so it she who is now the leader of men must government was given the prize in two thousand and nine when she was still under house arrest stanley the artist who created some of the twentieth century's biggest comic book characters has died at the age of ninety five fans have been paying paying tribute to his hollywood walk of fame star captain america spider-man and the x.-men a just a few of his creations which have become blockbuster films he was at the was the top writer of marvel comics in the one nine hundred sixty s. introduced sophisticated plots satire and even some philosophy.
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deal with al-jazeera these are our top stories three palestinians have been killed by israeli airstrikes on gaza meanwhile one israeli has died and twenty nine have been injured by rockets fired from the gaza strip the violence follows a covert israeli military operation in gaza on sunday which killed a hamas military commander and six al the palestinians seventy deca has more from israel's border with gaza. it is the biggest escalation between israel and hamas is the two thousand and fourteen war we have seen intense powers's of rockets outgoing into these border communities in israel there's also been heavy air strikes inside the gaza strip particularly in heavily populated areas including the building belonging to her masses a locks a t.v. now we know negotiations are ongoing behind the scenes particularly spearheaded by egypt also the united nations to try and deescalate the situation and new york
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times is revealing more details about the recordings turkey shed on the killing of saudi journalist. says one of the so-called kill team tells a superior in a phone call to quote tell your boss that the mission was complete u.s. intelligence officials believe the boss referred to saudi crown prince mohammed bin . investigates in the northern california and town of paradise have been searching for human remains and was now the deadliest fire in the u.s. state's history that these forty two people died in the town and surrounding area with a huge fire swept through on thursday a mobile d.n.a. lab is being used to identify victims the town is home to twenty seven thousand people has been largely destroyed for the self contained around fifteen percent of a huge fire in l.a. county. and social pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war to end u.n. britain and france of the latest a call for an end to hostilities particularly around the port city of data the
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m.r.c. coalition is trying to retake it from whose the rebels sources say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday. and libyan leaders are in a sleeve for a conference aimed at ending seven years of fighting elections june next month been canceled because of rising violence. as i had lines i'm back with more news on al-jazeera after witness. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior when used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera.
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