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tv   The Soviet Scar  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the summit of e.u. leaders later this month and that if they didn't do that then the timetable for rex it would be off but as you heard from boris johnson there a former foreign secretary of the u.k. who resigned over the way the negotiations were going the leaks of what this draft tex contains has caused consternation across the board here is just one of the brics it's supporting conservative m.p.'s but the labor opposition party as well against dick is starmer said that given the shambolic negotiations so far it is unlikely that this is the right deal for britain jacob riis madhu's another prominent conservative bracks a tear said this would mean northern ireland being ruled by dublin this is really in century words here and what the prime minister to recently has been doing this evening is calling in selected members of the cabinet to brief them about the contents of the document that they will actually be talking about at two pm on weapons day when the full cabinet meets so as to try and head off the worst of the
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opposition but there is going to be considerable opposition to this and that's the problem for isn't every so often when it feels like there might be some sort of progress she has to rally everybody around but the reality is that there is opposition in parliament there is opposition within her own party what what happens now in the coming weeks great question and almost impossible to answer i mean let's not forget to recently the prime minister is in charge of a minority government a government is propped up by a party called the democratic unionist party and without them she has not enough to put legislation to the case and the issue of the northern ireland question in the bricks of negotiations has been crucial to this whole process that the d u p has not seen the text of the talk of this draft document yet so they're with the reserving their judgment on it but as you think about the d u p you think about labor you question whether the prime minister can actually get this deal this compromise deal of hers through parliament at all and if she can't we really are
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it's uncharted territory could well be bringing down the government could well be a general election within a matter of months thank you very much paul brennan. scilab voice on the program that peace be on the horizon possibly for maybe a renegade general for me if i have to commits to a un backed plan to bring stability to the north african country and. in california as authorities prepare for a rise in the death toll from the deadliest fires in the state's history. heller is still far to war in the austrian alps to get any snow and this area generally speaking is warm that should be by average however what's creeping in from the west which is largely rain has just come a bit further in than of recent days not behind it was still talked about fairly
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breezy weather an occasional wet and not particularly cold but we are moving this rain there right across poland into really the edge of what's been turning cold recently in western russia so it can start snow in ukraine probably spread down to remain near the following day the temp is degrees in bucharest you get rain robin snow but it's getting close to you on the higher ground and then this if you watch the circulation the black sea over the next week that is going to be pretty interesting so it means temperatures in some parts of europe are coming down but still it's early and up through hungary to austria remarkably warm and still dry and not quite a stormy as it has been the western side as his circulation which is way from portugal so given that looks fairly quiet in the western med there is still showers around in morocco in the forecast so when's a bit of cloud up with as well temperatures in the low twenty's the few showers we have seen running into some parts of egypt are going but the normally breeze means any twenty three in current.
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senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir hand search is still serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the keys to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir ham was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy.
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welcome back a quick to the top stories this hour palestinian armed groups have announced a cease fire with israel they issued a statement promising to abide by the egyptian brokered truce as long as israel does the same it brings to an end days of violence cross border violence which a threatened to send into war. a turkish newspapers published accurate x. rays of the suitcases carried by the saudi hit squad which is believed to have carried out a matter of jamal khashoggi an istanbul last month it comes as the white house national security adviser john bolton suggested apparent recordings do not link the saudi crown prince to the crime. and after months of negotiations the united kingdom and european union of finally reached a framework agreement for brics it cabinet ministers akari being briefed on the plan though it still needs approval on both the british and european sides. now to sri lanka where the supreme court has overruled the president's bid to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections in january the latest twist in
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a power struggle that began in my tree palace syria cena sacked the prime minister and replaced them with the former president rajapaksa the two hundred twenty five member parliament could meet as early as wednesday to decide which of the dueling pair it backs and its myth has more now from colombo this is a major blow for sri lanka's president supreme court saying that there is a case to be heard for arguments that he acted unconstitutionally in dissolving parliament and calling for new elections in january things have not been going a toll well for my three power series saina since he fired a prime minister running a single he refused to leave his office saying that was unconstitutional the president said well i've got the numbers in parliament i'll recall parliament improve our got the backing to replace shoot it seemed to never have the numbers in parliament so instead he went for this dissolution of parliament. here we have an independent and just judiciary. correctly interpreting the
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provisions and stipulations in the constitution. and abiding by all the legal norms and traditions look for more democracy justice and fairness most significantly powerman will now sit. on wednesday and m.p.'s will eventually get to vote on who they believe should be prime minister if they re endorse runnel wickremasinghe and he says he's got the numbers and he stays in the job and the official prime minister's residence out goes mahinda rajapaksa we only appointed controversially now we know at the end of october by the president and out with rajapaksa those all those cabinet ministers he appointed to take over those job. the two day summit on libya held in italy has come to an end with the un envoy for libya saying that general after is committed to an action plan to end seven years of fighting he and his rival pfizer saraj and other foreign powers indorse the plan after a conference in sicily jan hall has this report from atlanta. thirty countries
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attended this conference on libya's future both won't really matters took place among just a few for the first time in six months the country's two main power players met in the presence of their foreign backers renegade general wholly from halftone who controls libya's east is supported by egypt russia and france fires also rose heads the un and italian backed government in the capital tripoli the atmosphere was described as chordal leading u.n. envoy hassan salam made to declare the conference a success palermo will be remembered as a milestone in the common effort to help our young friends. have a clear path forward out of the situation. in which the country has slipped and. the measure of success here the apparent agreement of the
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parties and international leaders to follow the new un timeline it foresees and national conference taking place in libya to decide on a format for elections to take place by the middle of next year. we want to reassure and ensure six million libyan citizens men and women who wish to vote to decide their destiny and have stability with the united libya a stable libya looking forward to reach these goals libya is a friend we have been linked to for a long time what has emerged of substance from this conference then is a new u.n. action that picks up where many others have failed it provides what the u.n. envoy described as a clear path forward for libya it is a part of town which the libyans themselves not the international community must lead. but the timeline is tight you know resource rich country riven with often violent internal rivalries and with foreign powers backing
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opposite sides to serve their own conflicting interests the palermo conference saw no written commitments nothing signed the un envoy is a clear path forwards than appears to be based on little more than trust john a whole al-jazeera coloma italy we are human rights chief has called on bangladesh's government to help as st patrick more than two thousand rang the muslims to me michelle bush says there is still a lack of accountability in myanmar and we're telling the rangar would endanger their lives jim has one after cox is bizarre. a dire warning issued by the un high commissioner for human rights michelle by chalet who in a statement on tuesday said that the return of or hinder refugees to me and more would constitute a violation of international law and would put their lives and freedom at great risk this is just one more statement of great concern this been issued by
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a member of the you when at a very critical time here in bangladesh in the past few weeks it was announced by the government of bangladesh and the government of me and more that possibly thousands of refugees could be repatriated to me and more on thursday nov fifteenth there is still a lot of uncertainty here as to if that will actually happen members of bangladesh's government have have told us that nobody will be forced to go that the repatriation will only be voluntary but they have also told us that they are waiting to get the assessment of the un agency for refugees in the u n h c r u n h e r of course has said in the past several days that they do not recommend that this process be rushed they are very concerned because up until now there has been no mechanism that has been created that would guarantee the safety and security of roll him joe refugees once they were tiny to me and more so that's just part of this building concern of course in the refugee community here and proxies are we
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are hearing that there is a mounting sense of dread and terror that many refugees are being told their names are on the list that they could possibly be repeated and they are very worried about what that means for their future. firefighters in the northern california town of paradise fear they'll recover bodies from what's already the deadliest wildfire in the history of the u.s. forty two people have been killed and hundreds more are missing in this so-called campfire two hundred kilometers north of san francisco that's just one of several fires burning across the state in southern california firefighters are struggling to contain the woolsey fire so any kind to lives and left a trail of destruction at beach resorts including malibu winds are continuing to threaten areas from los angeles to san diego as does he has mall. in the forests of northern california night brings little responded and these firefighters have been working on multiple fronts and this is my first day on the fire it's been
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going for about three days now but i spent the first two to three days just dealing with the threat to my own home in my own community and then to come out here i mean this is the calling in the nearby town of chico some of the quarter million people forced to flee their homes across the state are now wondering what the future holds we will rebuild. one step at a time we were rebuild our home and we will be a part of rebuilding that town because it's a few happen and i think you guys so much everybody's been so wonderful just have to count our blessings. and not count the losses. that they have been so many losses this is what's left of paradise more than two hundred people a still missing investigators now combing through the debris and ashes of this incinerated town in a search some bodies have been found and gutted cause the flames moving faster than
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they could drive to my bow being brought in to help identify the dead but officials warn finding bodies could take weeks as of today an additional thirteen human remains have been recovered which brings the total number to forty two if i understand that makes this the deadliest fire in the history of the united states a wild land fire in history united states. south in los angeles county the hills are still smoky the fire here is only ten percent contained. in parts of malibu some residents are returning to the scorched slopes my neighbor's a c. my house was in for there will be here there's lots of. areas here on the bed been burned they came over here with water buckets and put out fires and i'm just very very grieved for them today but. others stayed to defend their own homes when the fire storm came over the hill here and there was about sixty mile an hour plus turn
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pitch black firestorm came over after that just run around and put out fires but not all the fires have been pushed out and with no rain forecast and strong winds still blowing there's nothing to stop them burning. al-jazeera the television news network c.n.n. is suing the trumpet ministration for taking away their correspondence white house press access jim acosta was banned after a heated exchange with donald trump last wednesday the white house says he acted inappropriately when a female member of staff attempted to take away his microphone c.n.n. is demanding the immediate return of acosta's press access saying his constitutional rights have been violated when it comes as trump as we launched his twitter attacks on his supposed ally french president emanuel lack on the two would seem to smooth over that differences during world war one commemorations in paris
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this weekend but trump has now mocked approval rating and hit out once again in his plans for a european army referencing french military defeats in the two world wars. now online retail giant amazon has announced a major shakeup of its operations its five billion dollars project includes the creation of two new headquarters in new york and virginia as well as fifty thousand new jobs but as kristen salumi reports from new york not everyone is celebrating. over lunch at the court square diner in new york's long island city local residents wonder how their rapidly growing neighborhood will absorb tens of thousands of more people now that amazon has announced plans to build a new headquarters here for soccer stadium one shot here at that new high rises an ongoing construction are already straining infrastructure in this once quiet neighborhood overlooking manhattan for. the online retail giant promised to bring more than five billion dollars in investment
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and up to fifty thousand jobs when it announced the search for what it h q two the seattle based company settled on two locations in the end this virginia suburb of washington d.c. in addition to new york after fierce competition among cities all around the country i did over a. part of grew anyway new york governor andrew cuomo once joked that he would change his name to amazon cuomo to win the lucrative deal i think it would be an economic asset for the entire state i've said to them personally i will do whatever i need to do to make it a reality i will personally get involved but besides this fancy promotional video exactly what incentives he offered the company remain a mystery and that has some watchdog groups worried we've seen that other cities and states are offering billions of dollars and the state has offered hundreds of millions to other companies in the past in similar situations and it also could be
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something that lasts many years if it's a property tax break it could be a decade or more so this is really something we feel the public has a right to know more about. new york announced a one hundred eighty million dollar investment to improve the area's overloaded subway system after amazon had expressed a preference for locations with access to mass transit as well as the potential to attract the most tech savvy employees you know muslims that you will i don't know if you should read the. local residents welcome the jobs but worry they're just being taken for a ride christian salumi al jazeera new york well more to everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com for comment analysis and video on demand you can also watch us live there by clicking on that little icon at the top right hand corner of your screen al-jazeera dot com.
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just a quick recap of the top stories this hour palestinian armed groups including amounts of announced a cease fire with israel after an escalation in violence threaten to descend into full blown war they issued a joint statement promising to abide by the egyptian brokered truce as long as israel does the same it brings to an end days of cross border violence which began on sunday stephanie deca has more we're seeing residents of southern israel the border communities particularly as drop out protesting on the streets tonight they're blocking roads they're burning tires those around three to four hundred people there at the moment and they are saying that this cease fire is not they don't agree with it they don't think the bigger issues have been addressed at particular also because of that intense fire that happened over the last twenty four hours or so hit various homes the images on israeli television that were being broadcast yesterday something that we haven't seen for years so there's a lot of anger and i think that also indicates the pressures on the israeli prime minister. new developments in the case of murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi
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a turkish newspapers published x.-ray images of the suitcases carried by the saudi hit squad which carried out the killing in istanbul last month it comes as the white house national security adviser john bolton suggested a paranoia recordings don't link the saudi crown prince to the crime of the months of negotiations the united kingdom and european union and finally reached a framework one human from rex it cabinet ministers have been arriving at downing street where they're being briefed one to one by the prime minister on the contents of the deal but it will still need political approval on both the british and european sides she lanka's supreme court has overruled the president's bid to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections the latest twist in a power struggle that began when my trip policy or cena sacked the prime minister and replaced him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa and the un envoy for libya says general there is committed to
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a un action plan to end seven years of fighting libya's rival leaders and other foreign powers endorsed the plan off to a two day conference in sicily you're up to date with all of our top stories that will be more news at the top of the next hour i'll see you in about twenty five minutes time coming up next on al-jazeera it's the strain. ok. here in the stream today family planning what makes a topic so controversial in some african nations will explore the issue of family
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planning on the continent with the help of your comments and your questions so send them to us live on you tube or via twitter. reproductive health organizations in some african countries say they are improving maternal health and empowering women to have greater freedom in their lies decide when they want to have children one u.n. sponsored initiative has a target of getting one hundred twenty million women and girls particularly from africa to use contraceptives spawn twenty twenty family planning can refer to a wide range of services including sex education the promotion of ideas like child spacing greater access to birth control pills an implantable devices or even an elective sterilization procedures but not all africans and welcome family planning programs which are often funded by foreign governments and outside philanthropy groups in today we want to understand some of the challenges in promoting family
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planning ideas in african countries and joining us to discuss this is. she is a biomedical scientist based in birmingham u.k. she's also the founder of the organization culture of life africa in nairobi kenya and karen kasler because she is the host of the sex and sexuality pod cast the spread in philadelphia in the u.s. al. he's a professor of global health at drexel university and cameroon george wendt are the regional director of human life international welcome to the stream everyone i want to start in thank you thanks for being here looking forward to this conversation i want to take us first though to good golly rwanda where political leaders scientists policymakers and more are gathered for an international conference on family planning and one of those participant is simon cook he's the c.e.o. of marie stopes international one that's in india oh it provides contraception in countries around the world and here's what he told
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a stream about his work but for us it's not really a debate that we really focus on providing what a woman wants there's a huge unmet need for contraception in all of the countries where we operate. and we really rely on information and education counseling and then providing that method of contraception and we really leave the debate for others there are some that oppose contraception but that's really not the interest of the women that we serve. he says he provides what women want saying there's a need there when you make about. it's quite easy for simon to cook an english man who has had quite a lot of work done in africa with regards to contraception to be able to speak in this way but one thing i know for sure especially with the work of this particular organization my resource international is that they come to african villages and citizen perhaps arbonne areas they give contraceptives to women and they do not bother coming back to check women and you know do medical checks to know if there
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are things like side effects for them to deal with so just my resource particularly and some of the some of the other western organizations who do that work in africa living in their wake quite a lot of dummy's women quite a lot of women who don't now have it don't now have recourse to any kind of medical care with regards to side effects i mean we see things like blood clots we see things like you know weight gain depression also it's of things associated with contraception it's not enough to say you're breaking contraceptives to african women we want to know exactly what the backup plan is regards to things like health hazards that happen with contraceptives that are brought in by organizations like my research is international. as the task ahead i was going to say i do agree with certain aspects of what you're saying but with regards to healthcare we are in that in a lot of african countries where already suffering when it comes to health care so people are not don't have access. and even physically with regards to
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distance like how close these health care facilities are to them so already we're struggling with health care so i don't think that. bringing contraceptives into the country is a way to like them not checking back on us as a way that i don't find it a very strong argumentative point with regard it is actually quite a struggle argument especially because when you say that the women are coming in from you know solid white are coming from places where they don't have even access to doctors what happens today what happens to them when they end up with blood clots that could in fact be fatal and then we're going to die and there is absolutely no liability and then there is no legal course of action for african women they don't tell us who to sue but then when you come to europe a woman loses a contraceptive drug or device they are able to sue the drug company they are able to sue the pass and the health care professional who gave them to give it to them but maybe something to national particularly is leaving in their week lots and lots of women a trend that has absolutely no no course of little legal action we thought let's
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assume we did you went to so i was a little bit as i just want to go to the professor alex because he comes from the perspective of global how often we don't have. international in the conversation live so i actually want to ask professor what do you know about the duty of care to women who are receiving birth control in various african countries you would be at a name specific examples perhaps about bad care but what's the level of care after women have been given contraceptions consensus. to or to look at what issues that the room here in the first. stearns. i select. the issues if we talk about some of the sub let me start this is the point here is not. will it look at it as a comprehensive package and when you have an expected family planning program it
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should be able to address both the concerns of side effects and the potential by the firms that might come from the planning programs when properly integrated within the health service the liberal system will be able to address all of those there is a difference between that and making the point that indeed in many african countries we still struggle with whole health systems that are not able to meet the needs of the people and when you think about those for health the question is does family planning programs exacerbate those existing problems is this really helping to make a difference in helping women be able to achieve what the prosperous and the desire have zero so i would make the point that it is mother from the planning program responsibility primarily to ensure that we have effective health coverage it is the government's responsibility in the dust african countries to provide for
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adequate health focuses on care for their countries. if we bring in the issues of which organizations what is the responsibility i think within many in many settings in africa indeed the family planning programs to offer much better services and quality care to the women that receive refocuses these facilities than what you would get in a typical health facility in many second so i'm not really clear what the point is when the group said because the rat pack defect is unique and special africa that because of those women who want to develop a child they are. what is. good and should not be provided with the services i have you let me just bring into a internet comes a sanction i have from your perspective what is the need for family planning and birth control and these big programs coming into various african countries what is
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the need right now which. i am very very clear. is needed but whether it is funding the planning. delivered by the likes of marriage. plans for the ration. because basically what a lot of these are doing basically just pushing must marketing. services would stop women from conceiving. would stop the human person that of them from from republican plan what is very very clear to me is that this is not an isolation process or mentioned we should look at it a comprehensive package in the eyes of the family. a comprehensive package is one that ensures that the woman cannot conceive and that the child have
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no chance of survival and even if the chance of abortion is. even in countries where it is illegal i am talking. about a one country are not going to call the name of the country because. the. history of the life of marriage pushing encouraging contraception in countries where they we got. a lot of this country. what is just what is a particular what is so much. anyway. george you know i can respond to that isn't there and i want to make a difference here again between family planning contraception and abortion and these are all different things and i'm not sure that there are many countries in africa as judge indicated where family planning is inigo and when you think about
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family planning you've already on the score the fact that it should be a comprehensive package and within that comprehensive package i think it's wrong to give the impression that. that organizations that provide services to women pushing a particular agenda. and if i. run into that agenda is to respond to the unmet need that does exist in many of our countries and that is an agenda then it is something that we are already threatening to do it is not the companies that are the women that they want to design they want to be are in all that they are they are interested in the lane they're part of the next question is when you have those instances what do you do and if it's a family planning program should be able to provide such
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a woman with the opportunity and then when you come to that the question then is how to. so george i hear what you're saying that i actually want to bring in someone who might agree with you this is a tweet we got from the handle is african lives matter they say i've been traveling all over most of the remote parts of this continent zero information is given to our precious and priceless people there sometimes coerced into it african puppet governments working for and ferry us imperialists in goes to depopulate our continent so that's one person's view on family planning initiatives but i want to share with you someone else's you. is out of zambia and she explains that the government has taken away some detailed information in schools and so what's left when it comes to sex education is the very basics here's what she says
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is wrong with fact. and international organizations that have stepped in to supplement or to provide services often have it because they are unable to talk about abortion or provide services and also talk about condom use so what has happened is there's a lot of youth in communities particularly those who have had sexual experiences often dramatic a lot of girls who have had you know the pregnancies in the in the teenage years have started creating kander started groups in order to provide a safe space for the younger ones in the community to be able to get the information that they need so cashew talks about the need still for a safe space for people who will want to access information and contraceptives can you talk about that need do you think that there's actually a significant need yes it's a very significant need and i think the one thing that we all collectively agree upon is that there is a lack of education and that's the reason why there's a lot of women who are not able to take action for some of the side effects that
4:35 am
are that cause long term side effects like you like you were saying about doing company so i think the thing that is the most important is to be able to create a comprehensive sexuality education in our school curriculum and to be able to give people the information that they need to for them to be able to make informed decisions about their bodies and what they want to do with their sexuality and their sexual reproductive health. there are kind of story writers guess if i'm if i may show this to you there are a couple of stories that headlines that cast sent to us to share with you there's one here in the november shocking report of fourteen thousand pregnant schoolchildren in one country another headline here teenage pregnancy becoming a national threat cast do you want to explain your you wanted us to share these with our guests well specifically just like i was saying there is a lack of comprehensive edge exceptionality education happening and so
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a lot of young girls are engaging in sexual activities some of it is not necessarily consensual some of it is statutory rape with people who are older than them it's just sexual abuse but they're not aware of what their different options are so a lot of young girls during the national examination time which is happening right now in kenya were hospitalized to give birth to their children some of which are still sitting there exams right now in the hospital having given birth and our health sector doesn't have any like viable solutions to be able to help our young girls so we need to be able to give them education and we need to be able to give them options with which they can make informed decisions about their body i believe that every woman should have a right to decide what it is that she wants to do with her body but based off of the information that she's given and that's what we're lacking if you are going to come i'm going to be sure and i think very often wonder wall question of
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education you've got because you've got some rotten worms there are going to be brought to your own are becomes an issue but we all know european. we have values we have. not deliberately exactly the same way the role of parents is very important nobody is talking anymore about what the rule of parent. education. and then over to the good. contract to evangelize on assertions such books. in the law schools in the law colleges even in primary school return but with the help. of organizations that think it will months board choice i beg to disagree and i know there are many would not argue with me. that you find by the way by the way which is something that you just agree that
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a woman body is her choice. i defy anyone who can say that it is a choice but i also agree that in the process of making the choices some of us human being comes into the picture they become two people with rights in the eyes of the law. and i think that because. you cannot be competent your body the fact that another human being or life rights laws because you want to enforce their own rights the rights of respected. judge i don't and i think it's really important that we do not get into the conversation an abortion as you say. around me because. it is important that we know that that woman gets pregnant simply because they want to expose on abortion and it doesn't matter what your law was a woman decides to do it doesn't matter what the law and we're going to do and we
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do it with the law is the. disability. professor down to discuss the question because that is no no. no i think i'm going to bring us back gas i'm going to bring you back because you are discussion that we can really i guess really the only reason i'm saying is because if you're watching this on t.v. or your phone is online you may think that we're trying to send to the conversation not a tour but when we're talking about abortion that we need an entire conversation by itself and we're talking about family planning birth control not specifically abortion with keeping that out of this particular conversation because so much to talk about this in turning us back here i want to bring in our community here with two points opposite sides of this debate the first who says i work with community clinics in one thousand and the simple fact is that adequate adequate information regarding the side effects and contradictions that most of these contraceptions
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contraceptives are not explained in plain terms to patients and clinics not something i've heard from our guests today but on the other hand this is i also talking to us from nigeria says there are radio shows sponsored by contraceptives companies and lagos and they give details on the various options available and the possible side effects and i learn from these radio programs we need more of it in northern nigeria though you're laughing there there's two sides of the bickering because it's absolutely not true you are putting something on the radio who has access to information you might get something out of a cable show well who has access to that information the fact remains that the hardest hit we've been we've been from communities where dave might not even have access to the might not even be able to you know go to the internet and find side if he had to have a cease and the continued. so the effect of what upsets me so much is the culture of impunity with which international organizations philanthropic organizations like bill and melinda gates foundation continue to deal with africa without having any
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single any single consequence so why doesn't it happen to anybody else especially the poorest among us who don't have this if they don't have access to that information and i come in because i think really really we need to be clear we are making here first of all when we think about family planning. we make a good point that women there are side effects almost every single drug that is sold in our countries for what american dition that you may face today all have side effects we have not going to close now all the promises and all that history will that is reinstalled so the point i'm making here is that are we going to start because there are thirty women should not use public money programs all the. women just as long as women at old wealthy are getting our duty that they could end up
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with a blood clot for example that could be fatal and that's what it was they decide and it's not been. down until then is that the international organization stance is that when we return to the point that we started the show where i think we've we've addressed this point very clearly from your two different perspectives what we haven't necessarily heard from are the voices of some women who are using contraception i want to play this for you this is a young woman she's seventeen years old she lives in northern nigeria and she actually has an id camp and she talked about the health services that she was given so that she was able to use birth control have a listen to. i decided to do family planning when it was introduced to me for the first time by the workers in the health facility at because. it has helped me to plan my life my children go to school because family planning has given me the structure to plan. that was to loot. and nigerian
4:43 am
teen cause we talked so much about the this really hot topic about whether they should be given birth control in various different african countries but there are some programs as some young people some older people who are finding it incredibly helpful can you talk to us about that the positive impact. well. i know that the discussion of around abortion is something that we're that would take a whole different episode but then a lot of the maternal mortality in hospitals and growing from according to some of the statistics from twenty sixteen till now a lot of the maternity mortality rates are really high because of on unsafe abortion and i feel like some of the positive aspects are just people are more educated and people can make more informed decisions about about family planning about whether they want to have children but more specifically targeted towards
4:44 am
young people because i feel like that's where all of the education should be targeted towards and would you i really do agree with you on some of the methods with which some of these medications and some of these contraceptions are introduced into our african country i agree that there they do come into a lot of them do come into the country without enough information for people to be able to make informed decisions but i feel like the way that in which we can tackle that is to be able to give people the information so they can make the decisions i hear what you're saying that i want to bring in one more voice this is kojo loco he's the deputy director for the challenge initiative and he speaking to us from take out the rwanda at that conference we mentioned earlier on family planning here's what he had to say twenty years ago when i started working there there was a lot of decision to was the idea from signing but as. the gravities for these folks and the was education around it families and communities embracing it it's
4:45 am
become a part of our life and that kind of opposition we don't see it like i saw two decades ago so i'm opposed to that thought that this is a foreign imposition this is front is just basic common sense and i think everybody is on being a fundamental human rights of families and communities to be able to have the number of children that they want to have and when they want to happen. so i just want our community to know of course that his project is led by the bill and melinda gates institute for population and reproductive health but he brings it back to the women and says this is what women want want they. yeah of course it does but let me just point out one thing the event he's speaking out he got the i c f b the international conference on family planning is an opposition that has been held in africa every other year except two years ago when it was held in indonesia it is usually sponsored by about twenty five organisations and he's thinking about it like this i need a national event but even it isn't because anyone can go to their website and say
4:46 am
what the sponsors it is big pharmaceutical companies that have come from the west it is a tropical music come from the west they're western organizations african countries . and has george has so much to talk about and we've done that in half an hour and we've only just scratched the surface thank you so much for coming on the show and talking about family planning and birth control as a controversial issue in some african countries appreciate your time and so watching everybody take out. the back. think this is fun for me you think i'm having fun explaining to you. is it her. and beat barack.
4:47 am
obama am i waiting for someone. just looking. the way.
4:48 am
a terminal journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are on the thread. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick look at the top stories for you now palestinian groups including how
4:49 am
massive announced a cease fire with israel after an escalation of violence threaten to descend into full blown war they issued a joint statement promising to abide by the egyptian brokered truce as long as israel does the say has been no official announcement from the israelis but to brings to an end days of cross border violence which sold seven palestinians killed in israeli air strikes and more than four hundred rockets and launched into israel stephanie deca has more from now all is in southern israel needs a border with gaza. it is holding for the moment but people we speak to do say that it is fragile and we're seeing two very different reactions one is out of gaza which is of celebrations on the streets and people there are really seeing this as a victory for them this is also how masses played it from the beginning after that botched special forces operation into gaza by israeli forces initially the mass was praising it as a victory because they say they managed to kill one israeli soldier but then they
4:50 am
escalated by firing four hundred sixty rockets in the space of less than twenty four hours so the way that they are seeing it is a victory for them now on the other side we're seeing residents of southern israel the border communities particularly as derogate protesting on the streets tonight they're blocking roads they're burning tires is around three to four hundred people there at the moment and they are saying that this cease fire is not they don't agree with it they don't think the bigger issues have been addressed particular also because of that intense rocket fire that happened over the last twenty four hours or so hit various homes the images on israeli television that were being brought calls yesterday something that we haven't seen for years and it was my anger and i think that also indicates the pressures on the israeli prime minister that cabinet meeting today last it six hours the security cabinet because there are divisions within the cabinet both from his defense minister and the education minister who want a far more aggressive policy when it comes to dealing with hamas in gaza but at the
4:51 am
moment having said all that the ceasefire is holding we haven't seen any rockets out of gaza we haven't had any israeli air strikes negotiations continue between the mediators behind the scenes brokered by egypt we're going to have to wait and see how the next couple of days play out because as always in this region things are very unpredictable. well have been new developments in the case of mudded saudi journalist jamal khashoggi a turkish newspapers published x.-ray images of the suitcases belonging to the saudi hit squad which carried out the killing in istanbul last month it comes as the white house security advisor john bolton suggested apparent order recordings do not link the crown prince to the crime after months of negotiations the united kingdom and the european union have finally reached a framework agreement for brics it cabinet ministers have been arriving at downing street where being briefed one to one by prime minister to resign may on the contents of the deal but it will still leave political approval on both the british and the european sides for the first time in
4:52 am
a thousand years this place this parliament will not have a say over the law that govern this country it is a quite incredible state to because it will mean that we are having to accept rules and regulations from brussels over which we have lived say also these are to be on that set to prove to anybody who believes in democracy and all the headlines for like a supreme court has overruled the president's bid to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections in january this is the latest dramatic twist in a power struggle it began when my trip policy are saying a sack the prime minister and replace him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa the two hundred twenty five member parliament could meet as early as wednesday to decide which of the dealing path it backs and the united nations envoy for libya is saying that general had a five to or is committed to a u.n. action plan to end seventy as a fighting libya's rival leaders and other foreign powers endorse the plan after
4:53 am
a two day conference in sicily aimed at stabilizing the north african country well those are the top stories al-jazeera world is coming up next but there is always our web site for all the latest news and sports dot com is waning.
4:54 am
thanks to all of us now and on to chicago and i was in the in. my.
4:55 am
on the eighth of june nineteenth sixty eight and merican speech tribute to a remarkable politician the younger brother of former president john f. kennedy senator robert kennedy had been assassinated three days earlier in the back room of a los angeles hotel. sirhan b. charest her husband was arrested at the scene of the crime in what the los angeles police department the l.a.p.d. thought was an open and shut case. which i. and to prove that there was
4:56 am
a travesty of justice in one thousand sixty nine if search and trial were trying to prove that there was no way that he could have shocked a senator let alone killed a senator. my main job right now is putting the truth together that's her hand not sure robert can a second gunman did. he look at him he came to america in the late fifty's as a child as a refugee from palestine. he had quite a tough life growing up and then suddenly he's in the spotlight as the assassin the robert kennedy without remember anything that happened that night.
4:57 am
kennedy had authorized the selling of bombers to israel and that incensed him because he was from palestine and he felt the palestinians were getting a bad rap that's what his lawyers argued in the trial that he was so upset at that that he kind of snapped and went into a self-induced trance and and killed kennedy in a you know moment of rage. i believe that's her hand was a gentle person he had never done a violent thing in this life.
4:58 am
when he saw kennedy speak at an earlier event he said kennedy looked like a saint to him and. it's like this was a man whose politics really lined up with certain hands so it is a weird break for him to suddenly turn out to want to kill the guy who really is more sympathetic to his cause than any other politician on the american scene sirhan sirhan had no criminal record before robert kennedy's assassination. he wasn't involved in any political activity and the palestinian cause had no real traction in the us at the time despite the nine hundred sixty seven war i would think in terms of a case like this properly looking into it and properly looking at a guy who's still in prison and lee harvey oswald obviously was killed two days after the j.f.k. assassination james earl ray the alleged killer of martin luther king he died in the late ninety's so crn is still with us why not investigate his case properly and
4:59 am
while there's still time and we can do some something about it. in twenty seventeen u.s. president donald trump ordered the release of all documents relating to the assassination of john f. kennedy robert kennedy's older brother in one thousand nine hundred sixty three these files had remained classified since one thousand nine hundred sixty four. should anybody not. believe harvey oswald was arrested in dallas but was shot dead two days later live on t.v. and so never went to trial. sirhan sirhan was arrested at the scene of robert kennedy's shooting and sentenced to death in april one thousand nine hundred sixty nine commuted to life imprisonment three years later. but since the nine hundred seventy s. commentators and eyewitnesses have called for a new investigation and in twenty twelve the senator's son robert kennedy jr wrote
5:00 am
to the attorney general asking for new evidence to be considered in the case. al-jazeera has now examined the different theories about the assassination and the reasons behind calls for a new investigation into the conviction of her han nearly fifty years ago. quite right a lot of evidence was destroyed a lot of the evidence was scandalous or endless. in the case that they in any murder case through destroy evidence the way they. are around.


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