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tv   Paris Voice Of The Suburbs  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 8:32am-9:00am +03

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throwing its weight behind another round of un led talks to end the conflict israel's defense minister has resigned from office after his government except to cease fire in the gaza strip. is now calling for actions he says his body will quit benjamin netanyahu his ruling coalition having it with just a one seat majority in the knesset and yes defense actually james mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks nearly six thousand of them are supposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. so called migrant caravan is slowly making its way north through mexico hundreds have already reached the city of tijuana on the u.s. border. not with all that back with another news update on al jazeera after witness. between democrats and republicans. for america and the world.
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of donald trump's presidency. you know. us again i don't i we don't. see it's not a total sum but also. because
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it's like simpson in a sort of almost like a want you to do all credit card because you will totally keep and you can book a few seconds to live up to she's what you would also be called misfit the you're also the car up the. internet if you did kids. on the list rather than didn't sit. on the rugs in a music. box gets a defense business in there when they could sit down with. some more diverse continent in one. more song that doubles your visit down the. electorate does it could could make it an issue. in faultless is it to attack teach the old and show perception. of victory the more you know it was only a dollar just to the little t.v.
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show that it could take is also saying if it is unable sequel edge on if you could say we don't want to force this also on does what. does it have. almost us. they put it so i don't put them away i mean it was this goes wrong when i was trying to make. money. because that's history this is it is did you can do for you to go see. their doctor what. they're going. to see there's a ship. that makes me giggle. as you should so i'll show. you. a depth of some parts. journalists.
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chrysippus so i got off the baton i missed your dad to be no. more than the. sick or knew some reason but when you really don't like. the bunny jokes and he just about screw them for the second set up ok ok did you go with him would. be. good for you it never didn't. move i'm wrong. so i clear in. which i wanted to. do most of the sale times on instinct it was. really good. measure the skit a skit so if you just. said. it
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. a little more question. no drama did the truck. ok what. just don't know. which could do feds. disney good. for. business you forget is this what is it going to get hans pleasantest and so on and secure also some sense on. sitting on the bus when he proposed of course. as you said so she's. got a little business sense to me is that it consumes men. it
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doesn't mean going to spend a movie that's available on your. score all done by me to post from others to. do it in. a manner that. sticks to the d's or. their loved ones viewing. it on no citadel of its. disuse it's. just. after get after the real.
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so if i can't go to because i said i got a dick with it i can go and they have i'll tell. them about the store why was it evident screwballs it. was an absolute. push up and the. it is probably the same group. with a form they'll fit and. the signaling. list but this is offensive in which i'm going to blow. on him here but i'm going to buy the book who could lose one dimension. ok. you know what. it does look old and i would. not want to but that's a bold tickled. me
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to see. the you feel the love the bit about what did i mean to the letter to prove it. let. the it. is. you can. see.
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many bodies in the letters in the last into history of the beginning and. you can see this in the tone the known amongst a lot also increased tension it's just funny christmas christmas season since i said introduce him to the success of his business and that it's good to let others live. here since. most. of the funds. look. good. it was or if you look at it it was his childhood the stupid seats from his internal skin fish thinking that the pressure in the neighborhoods at all it was only consumes and he just on the validity should not let me just corners good point was the most important it was discreet to consider the news does not like saddam if you have it made i'm not sure the kid's going to which will sometimes i don't know
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it looks just serious and i'm one of us not because of it's regrettable but to me this was moving to the temple it was going to be good you're going to have a talk with you're going to go build on it. just go. just in so much that's just what they could well like in other words we would all come clear this is a question snow is still going to school what if you could argue ok. because i simply said ok this is real and what about super good weather going to come down what are the political thrillers stuff like. this the doors are both open source of the here are the phone no solutions are all made but i want to lose a move i'll make the current.
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job on your. posts about all this a personal time to postpone what is when i listen to the personal. pleasure of us government the shit i'm done trying to. shape. the book about else that's my view is that the new. record is good because if they're given by existing. to bits it was a lot simpler we stick them dishes to something a bill is not just about. you know we. don't do moves he would play.
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it was he didn't tell you that the battle will get them your way to go. the north atlantic all of the community very much don't want to muddy down there if they do because a lot of people o'neill the whole day was set up but then. it was really unmade it. nicked it wants it.
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let's see the best bed you to fence me to join at least one clown that i am not. the needs. of us and my convince know you mean on the on the list a little media. of them own dominion and the motor was a man of all. the obscenely mediocre men that are going to. one. man one experiments and then a movie. for the next hundred years and much of it i'm a composer do joyce really need you much as a couple to gump and. who would not move to have priests and skew the president have to do to. assist if it was a lot of info. we're going to shift while we finish you know take in the room.
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that's about a possibility. but throughout all. the films i will make no more. but is it isn't because the prism of not. merely one of the small that you know very well because i'm pretty sure. those british you know because anybody at the field is it if the course makes it the office mistress improvements in the group the movement by you it's it that moves that movement the. more through there is you're just going to. get this. union up something.
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that's when the president is going to talk to me on this and sunnies see the people of the homes susumu citizen that he didn't think. that would he's going to get to see that softball team to. do good films and to. seek. to do good morning. bill. i know what. you see when you. don't know gnome and they don't appreciate. it i will not of
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course year. after i stop sustenance and see if they can up an upward spiral and. new but you know what the one. little mocking. up you know. really meant some people and i joined our subsequent between when i was just don't know. what city i will. study really don't you think you are in your own mental. well you don't think your limits on the. climate joe you know of course you could. always just go south about a new sort of more humid. keiko facing city much do. you get a false. move
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you could get the teacher's comments it's next. to skip the new developments when it's not and not. the only food for some delegates to snub the hospital system blown to need to involve other people need to. investigate difficult to vent comments. and leave. you but just to appease. champ. it's mostly just sort of. signature content of a new model good and bad your kid sort of consequence of your sound gotta love you
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know would you make it into. did one more time as a minute when you and she does reports let's just don't there's a lot to my point you make of course and. indeed there's a more we really would care mayor bob filner so if true enough is there that's all nuff know rahm says when push an emotion of live among us that some in a. post also i mean by that opens up to my. life somewhat to the point of really planned on the speaker what out. last year did you see six pm a swap a few people in your story usually get it he's going to sell the most help topical appear to have a good reporters ask you to quote ok that's not so much but off you don't see.
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him a lot of us use it was interesting just to mess up the talk of what was a second look if a little. weight. loss i mean to me can i guess we did what what what what if size to. the point of presumptive tone and. take. it off it's gone now but in the uk is not. crude. this is. yeah. how about we. don't want. really lucky she doesn't have class she was saying that i presume i am living i mean. why is i mean it's funny you would be out
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just summing it up would you yourself was that. i. ask them citizens that i'm fresh when i said square balls if you. stay in a mixed day period. do you see it. who did fifty three more of the two thousand and she got to comment i would be a conditional second to diffuse you know. what movie i should try call the stars are a few minutes religion they covet even their excuse if i see my task is to proceed you want to hear is this if you support this case because he can because of us your . sympathy but don't. refuse mixing. to photoshop or in message as will you you don't.
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see more additional names. on the grid if you must prove you know about them what is their excuse once the dead heat received if you see a measure of success in protecting the shoreline and plants i want to know my. skill marks says reduction of it's called i need to decide what is on. the veil to order if it's more the passing thread onto the media. sector like when the next mosque is open because you didn't have to coral more tickets you more thought on this i thought in this case you're ok if it's my private pension as a race or something like that i see so much interest. and. since two thousand and. two didn't it's when she. feels that.
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it's been six months ago when the sun passed. i don't. want to go get a resistor about the new museum made in a. new covers of a film and there's a moment. she all contrary. to the militia important section that if there's room for a fix what's wanted. to see. a repeat this is just a screw. up that's typical. q
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. e two. late. though article they ducked. the deal that us was it is false. to meet goals. other deal of history so there. is a make up their general series ever gentle falsify expose it. acceptable a political excuse looks a bit operating the excuse so used to question morkie legitimacy who can call bush
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was not a fool. the president completes more the mahdi's it scares me dissolve it. does and they do to co-write smooth it off me every step of the development of the two goals it. up. for this year is really kind of a measure that you took on doing this for good next that i like what i mean when he says asks of us a little has no role when just about i donated mistranslate on to completely divine dining jacket and cool bicycle much the top of. it took a boatload of gear puppy. some to discus a bus a quote by ford before. asking for assistance.
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really the question of all why down shock to pleasure to be on oprah's book said a key. if and it comes because if you want to see. it like a post image yet said little didn't you for him. cover you do you but i will include usual deformed they've. made. some of us don't indicate physical issues do teach us to not know swallow loss just from it immediately seeps supposed to make history so just for coffee eric new swine simple spider. so they have different.
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for many years i kept my pasta secrets but every time a violent extremism is mentioned it by those. computer i believe that we worse appearing here how could i beat up other women want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have gone looking in the mirror to confront the past x eight a witness documentary on al jazeera. stories
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of life. and spiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. al-jazeera where every. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their
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behavior one used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al jazeera. at armor a cot in doha is the top stories on al-jazeera. a truism a has won the backing of cabinet for a draw for dale struck with the european union says it's a decisive step towards a final deal agreement will now go to both you k. and the e.u. parliament for approval i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated.


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