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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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food and there wasn't enough water there was no way to earn a living we couldn't bear it so we came back to our studies abdur-rahim is one of nearly three hundred thousand refugees who have returned from chad in the past three years the war started in two thousand and three when ethnic tribes in darfur accused the sudanese government of marginalizing them the united nations estimates more than three hundred thousand people have been killed and three million displaced for those now returning home things are not the same. for the farms have been destroyed by cattle we have farms where the cattle eat everything we plant and nothing is being done about it my farm goes beyond the stream but i can't cross the stream there settlers there when you go there they'll stop you and so you can't access your own lands but the un refugee agency says more than three hundred thousand sudanese refugees remain in chad waiting for what they regard as the right condition to go home challenges in the aid sector in chad are driving more refugee families to return to darfur many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst started but as a living as refugees for more than
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a decade settling back into their own lives is not easy the governments of sudan and chad and the un refugee agency came to an agreement on repatriation but aid agencies say there are many issues that need to be addressed the key issue is. this loss. and the lack of access to basic services and the prospects for social economic integration if these are not addressed then return names have significant obstacles to be able to have the ability to rebuild their lives and their job away local authorities say they're working to address those obstacles and provide land for those who lost what they once had. for that limit a lot. we have a name precious plane to provide services to those who have returned to their villages we have located three thousand plots of land for the return of these and we'll build a center to provide them with health services educational services economic support
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for them to restart their lives abdur-rahim says he want to go back to chad and will continue to work on his farm ibrahim can only access part of his farm and wants the government to either find him a new plot or find a way to get all of his old one back he bought morgan al-jazeera janina west are for the un security council has voted to extend its peacekeeping mission in central african republic by a month and another vote to extend the mission by one year is expected soon as rarely been a moment of peace since the conflict began there five years ago alliance of muslim rebels rebels known as the celica overthrew president government in twenty thirteen a few months later rebel leader we showed dia was sworn in as interim president but he was forced to resign after fighting between the celica and christian fighters known as the ante bellum continued the un sent a peacekeeping force to support african union and french forces already there since
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then cease fires have been signed and violated all sides have been accused of war crimes the current president first. has little control over his country when arms embargo in place and fourteen militia groups fighting for control of the territory he's now called on russia for help under there is nicholas hackers been given unprecedented access to their military trainers in there and go south of the capital bangui. deep in the jungle on the grounds of the banned in palace of africa's last emperor. a russian operation is under way. mounts to russian fighters. somewhere in ukraine others in syria or chechnya. now there in the central african republic training an army that has lost control of the country. they call this the storm danielle excess ties blood to me are not his real name
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says discipline is one of the problems sectarian violence fueled by militia groups has divided muslims and christians the russians are training men who once fought each other to unite for government too weak to secure its own borders. sanctioned by u.n. arms embargo the army is ill equipped at the request of president ouattara the security council approved imports of russian weapons last december now they're providing both arms and training launching an ambush on a building they call this the storms danya exercise. in a few short weeks they'll do this with live ammunition to put the soldiers under stress. they go through scenarios like this on a daily basis trying to prepare me soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. here to help is valerie's ahead of the new special advisor to the president dispatched by moscow well the
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u.n. backed african union initiative has stalled russia together with sudan is trying to broker a peace deal between the fourteen active the little group. or i forgot but the i'm here is to avoid a blood she'd so i've traveled the country and meet with the various rebel leaders to get them around the table. in july three russian journalists were killed in car they claimed these russian instructors are in fact mercenaries working for a private security company called wagner's which has close ties to the crowd and. so how tough denies these claims close close of the eyes of a show of what wagner this is just an urban legend these are russian reservists nothing more than. whatever they are twenty seven years after the fall of the soviet union the russians are stepping back in the heart of africa at a time when the west and notably france the former colonial powers retreating. with
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more weapons and instructors on the way this may be just the beginning. nicholas hawk. the central african republic. still to come on the program a year on from zimbabwe's long time leader robert mugabe being forced from power we examine what's changed on the ground there. and the women's well twenty semifinals bowlby hits tell you how they did it in sports. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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is now you. forced from power in zimbabwe for decades rule came to an end to the minute she took over the streets of the capital harare three months after his successor. won a disputed election maybe people say little has changed. from harare. it's been a frustrating year for street vendors when robert mugabe was in power they were often allowed to sell in the center of harare but many are accused of operating illegally they've since been forced to the outskirts of the city part of president a muslim and a god was planned to restore order after thirty seven years on the god is wrong despite a lack of infrastructure here some still a faith when i got one knows what needs to be done to fix the struggling economy is for me speaking for myself. i'm a blank. as in the process. but others are disillusioned zimbabwe has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world and life is hard the poor say
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they are angry and frustrated they feel it's been a year and say nothing much has changed economically. when the army appeared on state television last year and confinement able to house arrest some people had high hopes things would change thousands masterminding the long time real estate down he eventually did as members of parliament with appearing to impeach him. opposition party leaders believe zimbabwean project into believing there would be real change they insist a faction in the rulings on appear party just wanted to grab power the former defense chief for instance constantino chewing gum is now one of two vice presidents we changed a person but forgot to change the system. a good take charge of the system are still in control and they only know one way of operating all the indicators that indicate progress are failing the economy is is failing inflation is bad. the post-election violence in august also raise concerns at least six people
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protesting disputed results was shot and killed by soldiers a commission of inquiry is investigating why the army was deployed to disperse civilians and who gave the order the incident also raise concerns but the military's role in government. is in southern africa at least as. that is separate from the politics or the gun does not leave politics therefore that is the general and political tradition of this region this was one of the few firsts with the military says the keeping the presidency in fact the reality of the matter is that in control of the state but the priority for struggling zimbabweans is the economy when they were promised crippling casualties and create jobs a year later that still hasn't happened there had been times when supplies the basic commodities and fuel have won short the president says economic recovery will be a long and he will process what some people here say they don't want to hear how to
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al-jazeera had a. pause here now with all sport loren thank you very much roger federer has qualified for the semifinals of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london thanks to a straight sets win over kevin anderson the twenty time grand slam champion it came through six four six three while i understand still goes through though that's despite austria's dominant team giving himself an outside chance of reaching the final four earlier team thrashed kane misha corey in straight sets jefferies quiet not too happy about it he actually beat federer in his first group stage match but then lost convincingly to understand and now team six one six four the score to this year's french open runner up but both men are going home. it just went into the nature and wanted to show my real self again basically because two days ago this was really big and. not feeling good to play such. in front of such
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a big crowd and everything so i wanted to. do a much better game again today and that's what i did did some adjustments i tried to hire first serve percentage and. some things definitely paid off and of course i'm happy that i got there in. spain fell to a late defeat against croatia and pacts nights of your life in a sions league action across europe on thursday the spanish had beaten the world cup finalists six nil in their previous match bit more even in this one under a crime rich putting the croats ahead in zagreb spain level two minutes later three daniel said bios tinny advice struck again for the hosts before sergio ramos made it to two from the penalty spot but right at the end the advice scored against three two two currie. plenty of other nations like much as well world cup semifinalists belgium are on the winning side against iceland there are also home wins for greece and hungary while belarus and moldova or winners away from home
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bosnia and herzegovina draw in austria sees them promoted to league a egypt once in his ear face each other in africa cup of nations qualifying on friday house egypt are trying to overhaul their neighbors at the top of group j. although both teams have already qualified the ferries are three points behind the chin is ian's who've won all four games going into kick off in alexandria le bron james is closing in on michael jordan's points total as he moves up the n.b.a.'s all time scoring list le bron got a season high forty four points as his l.a. lakers beat the portland trail blazers one hundred twenty six to one hundred seventeen on wednesday that saw his him surpass format like a wilt chamberlain he now has thirty one thousand four hundred twenty five points in his fifteen year career now just eight hundred sixty seven short of jordan in fourth on the scoring list but still a way of cream up the bars record of more than thirty eight thousand. views on
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the rim get another green beans on my name is mentioned some of the groups on the but it is game. you know it was the rights of my hometown of rock of rome of all chrome so in this business it doesn't. well the bronze home town of a crown is just down the road from cleveland his former team the cavaliers continue to struggle without him as they lost to the washington wizards bradley beal scored twenty points and auto porter at age fifteen for the wizards and one hundred nine hundred ninety five victory the cavs have twelve losses only to win so far this season and the bottom of the eastern conference that makes them the worst in the n.b.a. right now india are through to the semifinals of the women's world t twenty taking place in the west indies thanks to an easy win over ireland on thursday but charlie rose was the top scorer with fifty one from fifty six for india to a sentence about after the irish won the toss in guyana indians posting one hundred forty five for six in their twenty overs in reply isabelle joyce top scored with
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thirty three but rather three wickets for twenty five runs helped restrict ireland to ninety three for eight of their overs india winning by fifty two runs at the providence stadium swank has cricketers have built a first innings lead over england in the second test data in candy so russian silver hits eighty five off one hundred seventy four balls this six coming off marine alley but the englishman got his revenge catching him out of idle rashid reaching three hundred thirty six all out a lead of forty six on england's first innings they were none for none at stumps. in the n.h.l. defending champions the washington capitals went down to the winnipeg jets on wednesday it was all square heading into the third period before ben shirat scored a decisive goal for the jets. karl connor then added an empty netter with a minute left to seal the three to one when it's the jets third in
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a row. elsewhere the chicago blackhawks snaps an eight game losing streak brant seabrook score the only goal of the game against the saloons blues while corey roll for it might twenty eight saves to end his first shutout in more than a year. oh i thought so we've got few right now back to end london. thanks very much and catch up any time met with all the news on our web site address that is al jazeera dot com that's it from made aren't any of us news more intimate. thirty five years we've had many proud moments around the world and in the sky
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and now starting from october twenty ninth churches share alliance will be checking off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. history has called it the great war in the final episode of the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our other oddities on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. the mate said it would project it they don't want them it was appointed to vaccinate his targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in. it's war against polio very different this is for al-jazeera the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio final strongholds. to terse work with her. lifeline the last drops on al-jazeera. saudi arabia seeks the death penalty for five suspects charged with the murder of
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three as the u.s. treasury announces sanctions against seventeen saudis for their alleged roles in the journalist's killing. unarmed taylor says al jazeera live from london also coming up. i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have says algis the right one for our country and people u.k. prime minister to resume a stand firm on her draft breaks it deal despite affaires backlash within her own administration. and a dash suspends plans to repatriate range refugees after failing to find any volunteers some say they'd rather.


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