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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 319  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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involvement of the crown prince in the murder of jamal khashoggi would obviously be a major blow to the trump administration's plans for the regions and its tactics and just to add as well so in the course of the day a number of senators insisting that the crown prince should be held accountable and his name should be added to those who have had sanctions wrapped against them by the u.s. treasury department indeed mike let's talk about democratic senator ben cardin saying i'm just quoting here i remain concerned that the administration is enabling the kingdom of saudi arabia in its effort to protect crown prince mohammed bin salon from accountability exactly what you said how is this playing out in the sort of the domestic audience in the u.s. because some senators are also talking about the fact that saudi arabia wasn't sanctioned after the nine eleven attacks where while the state was implicated in the attacks there was sort of they looted to the fact that some members of the saudi hierarchy might have supported al qaeda these sorts of issues in
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a reassuring their head seventeen years old. very much so it was the obama administration that to the fury of many in congress struck down attempts to hold saudi arabia responsibility for the deaths in nine eleven attack for the families attempting to take legal action against saudi figures because of those attacks bomber actually ruled that he vetoed any legislation that that was the case now since then there has been disquiet within congress both houses and on a bipartisan level about the war in yemen and the u.s. role in that particular war that was brewing before the murder of jamal khashoggi but with the murder of the journalist there has now been a goal of the nies to action within congress both houses to take action against saudi arabia it has truly been a major force within congress to actually get some action done and this act
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that would be in tabled in the senate in the senate in the course of the day certainly a result of the moves within congress to try and get some accountability starting with the war in yemen going even for as far back as you mentioned to nine eleven this is now all coming together in what is certainly the most bipartisan action that this congress has taken in many years for the movement. to through the evening there certainly in washington and things develop thank you. well keep your message to coalition says it's ordered a pause in the offensive against the rebels in yemen's main port city of data but the iran backed rebels have denied that hostilities have ended saying strikes in the around the city are continuing the u.n. has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if the port sustained heavy damage is the way the entry point for majority of food and aid into yemen saudi arabia's western allies including the u.s. are pushing for a cease fire ahead of another u.s.
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led. war from. the clash just happened in the suburbs off to haiti to solve but they were about a few kilometers away from the airport it was said to be offensive on the positions of pro-government fighters who have been receiving reinforcements overnight and these shelters are forty eight hour lull in the fighting in those must've bottles in the past twelve days and people have been given a rest for about forty eight hours before these recent clashes and this happens there are talks of peace talks resuming this time in sweden the so the lead coalition has confirmed that they have told their allies in yemen to stop targeting the positions on the fighting and as we go forward in the preparations of these talks we will see more clashes legalese. of both sides take to try to take more
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territory and come to the talks on a position of strength. well other top story that we're following is from europe and to reason may is standing firm as politicians from her own conservative party launched a bid to remove her as the british prime minister it's in response to her draft deval steele to withdraw britain from the european union for exit hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. and violates u.k. sovereignty by treaty northern ireland differently from england scotland and wales jonah hill explains from london. a prime minister in battled on multiple fronts but one determined to keep fighting i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and all our people by the media she was asked if she was in denial about the chances of her breaks it deal success you are in office but not in power said one journalist if there is
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a leadership contest will you contest it asked another swing and there was little support to be found in parliament broken promises failed to go see asians and abject capitulation to the e.u. it is therefore mathematically impossible to get this deal through the house of commons the choices like clear we stand up for the united kingdom the whole of the united kingdom the integrity of the united kingdom or we vote for our vassal state with the breakup of the united are your right to try. to resume a says she's doing her job and she believes she's doing the right thing for the country draft brigs a deal she insists protects jobs and gives the nation back control of its laws of its money and of its borders the alternative she warned leaving the e.u. with no deal is a part of deep and grave uncertainty but among those who resigned on thursday
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including two cabinet ministers and those who oppose the prime minister and her deal on the right of the conservative party there may soon be sufficient numbers to launch a leadership contest. that will go in but i'm not getting a timeframe what we need is a. third of the european union it is impossible to divide up the united kingdom it is impossible to agree to a situation where we have a perpetual customs union it is impossible to pay thirty nine billion pounds of taxpayers' money for a few promises for now to resume a carries on and her briggs's deal in theory at least moves to brussels next week with the approval of e.u. leaders its survival though and indeed hers are not assured jona whole al-jazeera london. politics stopped as treason day is in a tough spot at this station everything is possible. opposition is deafening in
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jeopardy where few stages away from general election the first thing is we're going to see whether she can survive these addresses that are now being sent by conservative m.p.'s if she manages to survive that process which is in no way guaranteed she did and she put it in front of parliament now at the moment there's no way parliament going to vote for that deal i mean she's not getting support from anywhere she's managed to find the sort of no man's land of spreading the u.k. away from the e.u. so much that remain as and soft boxes will never accept it and yet still keeping it from the mentally within a sort of eco system for tyrants and upsets the brits so there's no support there in parliament what happens when this thing falls down and that is something that we don't really know the answer to could be a general election it could be another referendum see if there was another result it could be no deal which is a march twenty ninth britain leaves the european union with no deal with nothing in place and that would be a really rather apocalyptic situation to be dealing with so whichever way you look
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it looks rather chaotic out of any maze deal was the compromise proposal now it wasn't a very good compromise it's pretty ugly stuff frankly but it was a compromise proposal as that pulls down the extremes of the debate rides on either side and the extremes are no deal on the back side or people's votes like a referendum on the remains side and it would have to be one of those two options or maybe a general election and these are the kind of things that suddenly come into play so at the moment look i think it's unlikely but it becomes more more likely with each passing day. well plenty go ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including thousands of writing of refugees protest plans to send them back to me and while. i was there brings you exclusive pictures of russian forces training the army of the central african republic in a forgotten conflict and install a bomb james moves up to fifteen the n.b.a.'s all time scoring list gets money in jordan it is sights.
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i said to south asia bangladesh says its plan to begin repatriation of bringing refugees is on hold after officials couldn't find anyone willing to return to me and in one refugee camp thousands of working gather to protest and tell the world just how dangerous a prospect repatriation is for them but have a job soon as will. be driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered demanding justice and reminding the world just how much they suffered at the hands of me in mars' military. young women were raped even children were killed in front of their mothers children were slaughters my son was killed and so was my husband. on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was
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palpable. if you don't like wes so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty despite repeated calls from the united nations and numerous human rights groups not to begin implementing the plan it was unclear during most of thursday what bangladesh's government would decide emotions are of course running high these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and mark where horrific atrocities were committed against them and we must remember that the rangers are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. at one point the refugee relief and repatriation commission in bangladesh said it would help any refugee who wanted to return to me and more we are completely rady for the petition to proceed as planned so everything is said about listicle
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and other facilities are in place in camp twenty two lake police of the earth to deceive any if he she or gringo people who make come out while entirely to depart to the eight hours later though a delay to the plan was announced. the reason none of the refugees on the repatriation list were willing to go back. at the protest refugees told us what they feel they most deserve if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own none are returning at least for now which means even more uncertainty for around three quarters of a million refugees whose lives are already very much in limbo. at the put on refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the day. thirty police officers have
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been killed by a tele by the turk an easterner girl is the district police commander was once those who died on wednesday lights raid on police outpost in the far province at least seventeen taliban fighters were also killed in retaliate three air strikes as they fled with large amounts of weapons and ammunition the un has extended the mandate for its peacekeeping mission in central african republic for another love while security council members negotiate with the to prolong the deployment friends has presented a draft resolution that takes a bit recent russian efforts to negotiate peace deals in the cia our moscow has been sending military trainers and equipment to the government and dickless herc has been granted unprecedented access to the deep in the jungle on the grounds of the banned in palace of africa's last emperor. a russian operation is under way . mounts to russian fighters somewhere in ukraine others in syria
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or chechnya. now there in the central african republic training an army that has lost control of the country. they call this the story danielle x. has ties blood to me or not his real name says discipline is one of the problems sectarian violence fueled by militia groups has divided muslims and christians the russians are training men who once fought each other to unite for a government too weak to secure its own borders. sanctioned by u.n. arms embargo the army's ill equipped at the requests or president ouattara the security council approved imports of russian weapons last december now they are providing both arms and training launching an ambush on a building they call this the storms danya exercise. in a few short weeks they'll do this with live ammunition to put the soldiers under stress. now they go through scenarios like this on
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a daily basis trying to prepare me soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. here to help is valerie's ahead of the new special advisor to the president dispatched by moscow well the u.n. backed african union initiative has stalled russia together with sudan is trying to broker a peace deal between the fourteen active the little group. or frankly i forgot but the i am here is to avoid the blood she'd so i've traveled the country and meet with the various rebel leaders to get them around the table. in july three russian journalists were killed in car they claimed these russian instructors are in fact mercenaries working for a private security company called wagner's which has close ties to the crowd. so how tough denies these claims that i was about what wagner this is just an urban legend these are russian reservists nothing more. wherever they are twenty seven
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years after the fall of the soviet union the russians are stepping back in the heart of africa at a time when the west and notably france the former colonial powers retreating. with more weapons and instructors on the way this may be just the beginning nicholas hawk al-jazeera baringo the central african republic. if europeans former deputy intelligence chief has been arrested as part of a corruption cracked by the new government prime minister of the promise to weed out corrupt officials when he came to power in april since monday more than sixty top police and security personnel have been arrested suburb being accused of being behind a grenade attack or there were in june. the un says sudanese refugees in church are returning home more than fifteen years after war broke out in darfur so dolls' government insists coming back security has improved but aid agencies say the
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refugees have been forced to return because there's not enough food in the camps. from geneva in west awful. it's the first harvest. since he returned to his farm five months ago he left fourteen years ago to escape the darfur conflict in western sudan but he says life in refugee camps in chad became unbearable. the wife is a refugee in chad was hard there wasn't enough food and there wasn't enough water there was no way to earn a living again we couldn't bear it so we came back to our states abdulrahim is one of nearly three hundred thousand refugees who have returned from chad in the past three years the worst part.


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