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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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very subject that he's continued to downplay a factor that has continued to downplay has talked about bad land management being an issue moving forward most of the forest land however in california of course is federally controlled and federally owned so that's something that he was discussing with state officials but have a listen to what what he said while he was here. we have a manager in fact beginning and you're. really been up on a new and very well and gavin is good is going to be looking to gather quite a bit of money about five hundred million dollars in the farm bill for management and make and sell the far beyond this year with really managing five hundred million that will be in the farm bill we just put it in farm bill is moving along pretty rapidly for the great farmers but we have ave category and that's management and maintenance at the far three and four i want to thank you folks over there right there law enforcement great thank you. as
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a person behind you all around you does vos swathes of damage but many people were aware of all the survivors. forty thousand people remain under evacuation orders they had to leave their home many carrying little more than the clothes on their back maybe a few. pictures some medicine and many of them are staying with family they're staying in hotels they're staying in a makeshift camp that we saw earlier outside the wal-mart there were maybe one hundred or so tents pitched in mobile home station they are people are really in limbo right now trying to figure out what to do next and federal officials fame have now moved into the area and opened up shop there are shelters although they don't seem to be to have a populated right now there are shelters available a lot of people we've talked to had dogs and weren't able to bring them to shelters and so they were camping instead but fema and local officials are really
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encouraging people to contact as soon as possible because this is a state that really is short on housing to begin with and now you have all of these evacuees with no place to go and they're really concerned about their future some of them have lost their jobs as a result of this as well so there's a lot of uncertainty federal officials are here but they're warning that it's going to take a while to get through to everyone in terms of housing assistance employment assistance and so on so very very devastating situation a lot of money answered questions right now a lot of uncertainty for people in this area or of course in the thanks very much indeed chris and some of your reporting there from paradise in california. teen is defense ministry says in submarine which went missing with forty four crew on board a year ago imploded the news follows the discovery of the wreckage of the san juan exactly a year after it disappeared off the country's eastern coast to raise it but reports no one isn't. for
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a year and two days they walk into the same question where are the forty four loved ones the crew of this some kwan finally they have some answers but not closure just yet loss and we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the mrs from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected just say was the san juan we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and they said it was the san juan this and one was on a routine patrol before it went missing the crew reported water enter the snorkel area and cost shorts or quitting problems that provoked a fire and explosion was later detected submarines are built to be difficult to find it proved impossible for thirteen countries who joined the two week long search operation the argentine may be provoked anger and dismay among the crew's relatives by officially ending that search. contracted by the argentine government the u.s. company ocean infinity has combed the deaths for more than two months. on the first
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anniversary of the disaster that same evening remote ocean infinity's deep sea experts found an object of interest and sent down a robotic submarine to take a closer look at it positively identified the. resistant shell is in one pace but it's deformed and dented inside which was caused by external pressure of the hydrostatic column at nine hundred meters you know. the government says that now it's time to find out what happened. the president specifically told me that we had to find a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found a submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible. but the relatives one the judiciary to look into the current administration but also into the previous one the submarine was refurbished to the previous administration of former president cristina kirchner many are calling into
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an investigation of everyone involved in the process earlier this year the police raided several navy bases in saudi after the head of mi. an investigation into what happened because the relatives want to know why was it possible that water entered the snorkel area of the submarine which is what caused the fire for the cruise families closure will only come with accountability. i'll just read up on the site of. one protester has been killed and more than two hundred others injured during fuel tax protests that have blocked roads across france since the start of two thousand and eighteen prices have increased by as much as twenty percent the government introduced taxes to the price of fuel to reduce pollution and tackle climate change protesters say the taxes unfairly punish people who need their cars the park or reports from power. they are the
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sights and sounds of protest in the heart of the french capital there have been many demonstrations during president micron's leadership as he tries to introduce a raft of economic reforms where this new round of protests is different. around two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators took to the streets in more than two thousand protests nationwide this was bordeaux is main square. it began as a grassroots movement called the yellow vests a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel the movement's now gathering momentum. in northern france near cali they blocked roads as well as access to fuel depots paralyzing transport routes as a blockade in southeast from a driver accidentally hit and killed a woman demonstrator by simply i'm wearing this universe for
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a simple reason there are too many taxes in this fuel tax we simply cannot turn around we just keep getting taxed and we getting nothing back here in central paris there have been several pockets of protests and merging in different parts of the city similar tenuously such as here at the arc de triomphe have also been several somewhat valiant attempts to blockade the roads although here where people are doing is stopping cars to see exactly what people support what they are trying to do here is a difficult challenge for president of mine or macro on the one hand the house to show that he is allowing people the democratic right demonstrations like this or at the same time standing firm on his policies. that don't you government is listening to all the demonstrations and of course we must continue to answer the expectations of the french including those about their searches and your argument you know one thing is certain major interior ministry is very concerned and always be very concerned for the safety and well being of the people of politics from earlier in
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the week mccrum said he wanted to reconcile the french people with its leaders the government insists the price hikes and necessary to help reduce carbon emissions has offered some financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars but demonstrators say tank says should be imposed on big polluters like heavy industries not ordinary drivers but crumbs popularity has been for lng in recent months he can't afford to see it slide any further leave barca al-jazeera paris. there have been protests in athens on the anniversary of the nine hundred seventy three uprising against the military rule in greece around three hundred demonstrators threw petrol bombs and stones at police to gas was used to trying to suppress the crowd. a march was held to mark the forty fifth anniversary of the uprising. a number of cabinet ministers have told the u.k. prime minister to resign may there is more work to be done on her draft briggs deal lets him who's the leader of the house of commons is said to be having
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a group of ministers who want made to amend the agreement prime minister is set to meet leaders at a summit in brussels next week where the deal is due to be signed off may his face calls from within her own party to step down over the deal she reached on leaving the european union what i'm doing is working very hard to support the prime minister and getting the breaks it down at seventeen point four million people voted full and i think there's still the potential to improve on the clarification and on some of the say yes measures within it and that's what time helping to be able to help faith. still to come in the news asia pacific leaders talk trade in papua new guinea where the basket weavers are now using mobile apps plus. nine is the romeo and juliet of the east an ancient love story from persia it's reimagined in contemporary dance.
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and we find out why the crowd was unhappy with this tennis player after being roger federer will reveal. how after a ferry cross from the mediterranean for more a week or two so we're back to get more active largely because what's happening of the black sea this swirl of cloud what's coming out from the sas is bass developing something to the west there been a few big thunderstorms recently and they're still going on but what will happen is west the sides of the med go in spain will turn increasingly wet and windy and at the same time the courts have been down here secularization just south of greece snow north of greece on the high ground up through the balkans they have run you between sunday and monday they spread all the way northwards there is cold air now
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in central europe the temperature out best in vienna two degrees obese and snow on the astronaut's on the other southern house and as you correctly see east of hungary to crest at best two degrees so a bit of winter proper. now of course is usually an effect for this as the main effect we drop it awards at the recent side of libya but actually this cloud is spreading east with eastern mediterranean that would increasingly put advantage risk of more shows to the west of that lot of clout of our jiri of tunisia and of course that matter right in morocco and of north coast of algeria and tunisia. the meeting voice of the business world mostly expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you already joined a new market let's meet in turkey let's win together to expose november twenty
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first or the twenty fourth at sienna is dumble for details information on registration mostly at expo dot com to movie mates were brought in dead they don't want the members of the only team vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio a very difficult situation al jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio is final strongholds and we don't assume terse work we haven't asserted the storage so we're doing their lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera. coming. up.
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and i welcome back a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. media are reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin ordered. to his temple to second president donald trump was briefed on the situation by the cia and his secretary of state california yet to comment on the situation but it stressed the importance of its relations. in california to assess the damage the number of people missing from it. in the state jumped more than one thousand. divisions between china and the united states overshadowing the asia pacific summit in papua new guinea chinese the dish easing painting took aim at u.s. protectionism while the us vice president mike pence said washington would not back
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down until beijing changed its ways to have imposed sanctions on each other's exports meanwhile thomas reports from port moresby in papua new guinea which is apex poorest member. hooping the events will send more trade that way. technology and international trade mean papua new guinea and we can sell their baskets to anyone in the world crystal q. developed an app to help and at this weekend's apec summit has been awarded a price for innovation so happy that you are looking at this i have a chance to utilize digital technology to hire men to develop and to. in a very simple people in the areas appeal to. the ambition of the asia pacific economic cooperation group is to foster better relations and smoother trade between the twenty one biggest economies of the pacific region combined they're worth more than hoff the world's total but papua new guinea's economy is the smallest of those in
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the apec group and there's obvious poverty in port moresby a city right now where security is tight most years the leaders of all apec countries attend its annual summit the u.s. president as leader of the biggest economy in the world is the star attraction but donald trump is skipping this year's event leaving china's president xi jinping as the leader in the spotlight and in his opening speech were clear criticisms of trump's trade policies so paul resorting to old practices such as protectionism and unilateralism will not resolve problems but add to the uncertainties in the global economy. other leaders including both australia's and malaysia has criticised terrorists too but the us vice president in port moresby in place of trump criticized china and mike pence had finley veiled warnings for countries tempted by chinese investment and loans do not except for and could compromise yourself to
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protect your interests preserve your independence the sea in apec stands for corporation but pence his speech seemed more about regional competition and rivalry economically and even militarily he announced the u.s. would join australia and papua new guinea in setting up a naval base here on pm jeez man a silent us has been there before obviously during world war two but to be back in this region and potentially partnering with a stranger and the injury on a permanent military facility in this part of the world very much a push back on some of that strategic movements in the region this weekend there are strongly in warships protecting port moresby and the cruise line where leaders gave their opening speeches this is the biggest events papua new guinea has ever hosted but without the us president it's not as major an event as its host had hoped for though donald trump isn't here his presence is being felt his
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protectionist policies and china's growing assertiveness are the twin contexts for this conference and the thomas out is there a port moresby papua new guinea. almost three thousand migrants who makes his border with california so he they do not feel welcome in the mexican city of tijuana most the most staying at the local sports complex sleepy all goes well the baseball field officials into one open the sports center the local shelters filled up earlier the city's mayor warned that the influx of central american migrants will continue for six months let's go straight to your customer who's in to one of the months go just on the border with the united states to tell us what's happening . next i'm actually right outside of that sports community center you were mentioning where some two thousand immigrants migrants have been sweeping the night there outside here now standing in a line because besides the comments from the mayor there that were
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demeaning of the migrants there has been an outpouring of volunteers also from the city who have come to show their support and they've actually brought in trucks that are allowing. seacrest to take showers there giving away food clothing so there really is a mixed response to having these people come in to see a want to now the reality is that this is just the tip of the spear of the caravan some two thousand eight hundred people arrived in the last few days from this we have a caravan but yet another one thousand five hundred or more are still expected to come on buses in the following days and that does certainly stress the resources that are available here and they may have to stay here for many days if not weeks if not months and the reason for that is although international law sanctions a person to make an asylum claim once they reach the country's borders the u.s. government is limiting how many people actually set foot on the u.s.
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daily to near trickle about thirty people a day and so these families with asylum seekers having trav. first the cons and then after a month on foot they're now to america's doorstep so they're being held back there putting their names on a wait list that is now at more than a thousand names long and it is going to take weeks if not months before they have a chance to submit their asylum claim there heidi thanks very much indeed for that how did you castro reporting that from the top. two former presidents of madagascar will face each other in next month's runoff election. came out on top in.


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