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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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in west jerusalem with more on the story. very confident benjamin netanyahu addressing the israeli public saying that he would be assuming the post of the defense minister but also saying that that decision that he took when it came to a cease fire with hamas was the right one it was a difficult one but he said that the israeli public didn't know all the details of why these decisions are taken basically responding to the criticism that he's been getting from ministers it in his government of course the resignation of the door even also criticism from the education minister now actually bennett saying that he's gone soft calling this a left wing government so this was really a message to the israeli public to say keep your confidence in me i am still what is known as a many israeli seen him as mr security and i've done this for the security of the state of israel it is of course very much also political back and forth we are
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expecting to hear a press conference now just recently announced tomorrow morning that is from the after the bennett to see whether he'll be pulling out of this government if you does then it will collapse in early elections will be called that hasn't happened at the moment so that we're going to have to watch monday morning how things unfold people tell you that netanyahu was keen on early elections also because he's facing corruption allegations but not under these circumstances not when it comes to gaza so i think we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out in the next couple of days but many people will tell you even though this was perhaps an unpopular decision the ceasefire with have asked after firing four hundred sixty rockets at israel people will tell you when it comes to the polls he remains a popular prime minister and if there are new elections he more than likely will retain that post so lead for you on the program residents of mexico's border city of tijuana rally against thousands of central american asylum seekers who've arrived in hopes of entering the united states also. i'm catherine sawin
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a warehouse ensouled in tanzania i'll be telling you about last night crisis that has forced the government to step in and deploy the military to take charge. howlers the great australian bite is feeding in yet another frontal system there it is it looks a bit ragged it will have a definite effect on a sharp edge if it goes ahead of it there is of course coming out of the insight into areas late spring early summer thirty two in adelaide above average barre chord a long way in twenty eight in melbourne likewise sunny twenty roam the coast in sydney the hint tears is cloud producing the occasional thunderstorm in southern queens and i think more likely it's truck or showers it's fine in person for finding where all of west australia but with the breeze up from the south it's not
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very warm and there's the big change thirty two down to twenty now the fronts gone through cloud and a few showers useful ones if you're lucky as far east as victoria new south wales and it's clouding up disappointingly in most of new zealand as well of rugged clabber think of the scale of what we're looking at here and the feed i think is going to keep the rain potential staved on the southern alps rain further north it's rain rather than showers i suspect not particularly heavy just a bit persistent and disappointing especially around christchurch come tuesday and rain was the story in japan i think probably still will be cheering monday it is also ragged and slowly on its way out to reveal a sunday tuesday. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other
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stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. map just a quick look at top stories now u.s. president donald trump says he hasn't listened to recordings of the murder of saudi janis jamal khashoggi as they are too graphic u.s. government is expected to release
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a report into the writers killing on choose day. gammons who feeds say their halting drone and myside attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their yemeni allies and that benjamin netanyahu is importers coalition partners not to bring down the government he was speaking after hours of talks aimed at saving his ruling coalition has been left with a one seat majority in the knesset. now rescuers are continuing to search for thirteen hundred reported missing off to california's deadliest wildfires at least seventy six people have been confirmed dead so far ryan is expected to fall this week which would help to douse the flames but there is still also a risk of flooding within salumi has more from chico california. i'm standing outside the east avenue church in chico california which is opened its doors to serve as a shelter for people who are forced to evacuate because of the wildfires there's about two hundred fifty people staying here they say although the number has fluctuated
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a lot of people come in for food and maybe go and sleep in their car goes through the family a lot of elderly people here or people with medical need there was actually an outbreak of sickness earlier in the week they had to isolate some people who were dealing with norovirus potential norovirus lots of volunteers are helping medical personnel have come to the pastor of the church working twelve hour days to make sure that people have a place to sleep that people have food to eat restaurants have a point that donating food and water and so on it's very heartwarming situation to see the community pulling together here but it really highlights the challenges for this area with so many people in need of permanent housing and the question is how long volunteers are going to be able to stay in this and where these people are going to go once they can't stay here. now hundreds of people on the mexican border city of tijuana have been protesting against the arrival of asylum seekers from central america who are trying to cross into the united states chanting we are pro
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migrants not pro invaded as a protest as a government to prevent the asylum seekers from staying in the city alleging that street gang members are traveling with them i do joe castro is that one of the temper shelters in tijuana mexico. the days inside this shelter for central american asylum seekers are long and anxious that is what the people here have been telling me the women the children and young adults the men who have been resting here after more than a month on the road traveling from central america their main task is to wait because only a few are allowed to approach the u.s. port of entry a day to claim legal asylum so many know that. this sleeping in the open air is their near future for quite a while to come people have been passing the time playing with their children kids are playing with cardboard boxes. and just trying to find some work as well it's
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for the money they need to buy some food and sustain their families it's drastically different atmosphere outside the gates of the shelter where earlier in the day people from tijuana gather to protest the presence of these refugees they call them invaders they said that they were here and dangerous they'd seen videos of some few members of the caravan going past police barricades on their way north and they were concerned in fact a march of about three hundred some anti migrant protesters approached a mere meters away from the entrance of the shelter and were held back by police the tension in tijuana will only grow as more and more people of arrive in total the mayor here saying some ten thousand asylum seekers may be here in a city in a few days time. now florida's outgoing governor rick scott has been declared the
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winner of a hotly contested race for a seat in the u.s. senate a recount was awarded for the recent midterm vote between scott and democratic incumbent bill nelson election officials say the republican won just over fifty percent of the ballots with ten thousand more votes than his opponent using iraq now where at least five people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in the north of the country sixteen others were wounded in the blast which happened in the city of tikrit the explosion took place outside a restaurant security forces of close most of the city's roads and no group has yet claimed responsibility. well the u.s. envoy for peace talks with the afghan taliban says he's hoping for a peace deal by april. as had three days of talks in cattle where the taliban have a political office the taliban spokesman said talks are aimed at renewing the peace process and ending u.s. military involvement taliban controls almost half of afghanistan and frequently attacks security forces and government targets support of exploring the potential
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for reconciliation and peace. talking to all afghans all interested parties who are interested in a political settlement i know that the government of afghanistan wants us the tal on saying that they do not believe. that they can succeed militarily that they would like to see there are problems that remain resolved by peaceful means by political negotiations and i know that the international community particularly the united states on behalf of which i'm speaking also would like that on our person the prime minister has faced more criticism deal to withdraw the country from the european union domenic for the rights that message he resigned over the draft agreement said it was fatally flawed he says he'll continue to support
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a reason may be called on had to change course and demand more concessions from the e.u. may could face a leadership challenge in the next few days but insists attempts to oust how would be pointless but change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations any easier and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty for people and their jobs what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the negotiations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets to they will frustrate it. well to political developments in sri lanka where crucial talks to end the deadlock have failed president light republics are saying to chad a meeting of political leaders on sunday to try to stem a crisis that's gripped the nation for weeks failed to reach any breakthrough the turmoil began when syria saying the sacked as prime minister and replaced him to form a strongman mahinda rajapaksa column and has since passed to no confidence motions against rajapaksa but he is refusing to go for the first time in
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history leaders attending the apec summit have failed to agree on a final statement two days of talks at the asia pacific economic cooperation ended up being less about working together and more about individual statements under thomas reports from papa new guinea where the summit was held. international summits usually end with bland communiques not chaotic scenes and the prime minister being bundled out to conference room who that peter o'neill papua new guinea's prime minister had just been telling reporters about the success of the apec summit he'd been hosting and trying to leave without taking questions on its dramatic failure but leaders not been able to agree on even the plan this language for an agreement leader's statement the apec summit took place behind closed doors so why the failure to get all twenty one to agree i think your writing is alastair you are the reason not to be able to achieve
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a community where you have almost twenty one economies agreeing to the into all the issues that we have discussed and it is not the frustration but you know we all haitians summit thank managed to publish something even if it's pretty bland agrees they haven't this thought why not ised the problems that are now they were losing their discipline of prime minister chairman statement is not the same as a communique you must be disappointed there's been not going to there's been too much they've been in the past. maybe i'm so used to that with this in that area in fact there's been an agreed leader statement after every apec summit since one thousand nine hundred ninety three this is not the way i pick conferences are supposed to be aimed and this will be a huge disappointment to the hosts pap and you get particularly the prime minister . it was an argument over trade that caused the break down the trade disputes between the united states and china is so serious that apec leaders couldn't find any common ground they could put into words there are differing visions on
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particular elements in regards to trade and those prevented there from being full consensus on the communique document the leaders agreed to that instead of a traditional leaders decoration issue they would. leave it there and sort of in this chair. two. chairs state regional rivalry with clear leaders from australia new zealand japan and the united states announced millions of dollars to help bring reliable electricity to the majority of people in papua new guinea that scene as a way to counter the growing chinese investment and influence this principle space partnership signals our ongoing commitment to put our financial and our technical resources into connecting more households businesses and service providers across papa new guinea apec is normally a forum for consensus and cooperation on how to grow economies this use descended
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into squabbles over policies actions and words and donald trump wasn't even there andrew thomas al-jazeera port moresby. police chief from around the world have met in dubai to elect a new interpol president after formally the main hallway was detained in china they went missing while on a trip to china in september authorities there say he's being investigated for corruption but man's wife says his detention is for political reasons on the seventh of october we have been receiving the resignation of our former president mr manning from the people's republic of china the same day we have been receiving an official information from the ministry of public security of the people's republic of china. our former president is the man is not a delegate of the of of china or for the organization for interpol anymore which sounds a little technical but again that automatically leads to the fact according to our rules that he is not the president anymore our government ministers in tanzania
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have two hundred thousand tons of cash to nuts on their hands government or the country's entire crop to try an end to price dispute between farmers and traders even the army has been deployed while work as being sent home as catherine saw reports from. di ness number is have a sting the last of her cash not crop bad it's been a bad idea a disease or dries of food has men she's only managed to fill seven sacks instead of the usual forty on average to make matters worse the middle men offered to buy them at and acceptably low price that of course the government to intervene and buy tanzania's and hire a crop at a dollar and a half a kilo the government's also undertaken to process and sell it or. what they wanted to buy from us at a cost that will not get any returns we spend so much on fertilizes the way the government has intervened is good. the cash in us will end up in warehouses like
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this would be leased by the government officials here and military commanders are walking out logistics to make sure the process is smooth and there's enough room to store around two hundred thousand tons of nuts mill what you should be getting i want you see we want you the public to coordinate with the military we need strong young men to load the trucks. tanzania is one of the world's largest cash not producers and the major foreign exchange. president john mark foley has sacked some ministers and government workers for failing to deal with the matter price crisis this move by the government to buy up all the cash and nuts from families in the south is unprecedented the president has ordered the agriculture development bank to pay up and for the military to coordinate trucking the nuts to warehouses traders and
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middlemen are being left out at this time of the year processing plants such as this one should be busy preparing exports most have shut down in those still operating will soon. come twenty helps run the factory he says a fall in cash prices because of a subclass in the world market has made it difficult for traders to buy from the government set price. with close to some operations and laid off two hundred people next week when this process is done will have to send another two hundred home must be finished packaging the other one hundred will have to be some traders say they're ready to talk to the authorities and reach an agreement but for now the government is family in charge of what is tanzania's most important cash crops catherine al-jazeera to our south of tanzania.
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a quick look at the top stories this hour the u.s. president donald trump says he hasn't listened to recordings of the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi as they are too graphic the u.s. government is expected to release a report into the writers killing on cheers day media reports say the cia believes the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cylon is responsible. we have the tape i don't want to hear the tape no reason for me to hear the tape why don't i have been what i really want to hear richard because it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact residue the people should they said you really should there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that went out of the day and without having to what happened it was very violent very vicious and terrible in all the headlines this hour yemen's who's the rebels say they are holding drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and the yemeni allies a saudi m.r.c. led coalition has been battling the who these in the country's civil war but who
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fees have released a statement saying they are stopping their attacks and are ready for a broader ceasefire if the coalition quote wants peace much of the recent fighting is centered on the rebel controlled city of her data where most of yemen's food and medicine passes through benjamin netanyahu is employed as coalition partners not to bring down the government he was speaking after hours of talks aimed at saving his ruling coalition it's been left with a one seat majority in the knesset after hardliner of the door lieberman quit the government in protest at a truce agreed with hamas authorities are continuing to search for thirteen hundred people reported missing after california's deadliest wildfires at least seventy six people have been confirmed dead rain is expected to fall this week which could help to douse the flames but also brings the risk of flooding. a person's prime minister is faced more criticism of a deal to withdraw the country from the european union dominic rob the full of
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bricks that minister who resigned over the draft agreement said it was fatally flawed he urged her to change course and among more concessions from the e.u. . next we look at a young iraqi woman obsession with all things korean and how it's feel to dream of living in south korea that's coming up in with this. impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of hiking nationalism in a country but war with it so. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukrainian roma repression on al jazeera.
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