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tv   Korean Lovers In Baghdad  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 6:32am-7:00am +03

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at the international criminal court the rest of the former warlords known as rambo is being hailed as a victory for ca our weak government but fighting between former muslim seneca fighters and armed christian groups continues to divide the country nicholas haq reports from bungie. putting up a fight and resisting arrest a member of parliament tom also known as rambo is head of the christian and a militia group in banking he's now being extradited to face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity done at the international criminal court. earlier he fired gunshots in parliament after the muslim president of the national assembly was voted out by mostly christian m.p.'s. this is the state of democracy in central african republic a coup few years ago led to violence but an elected government has been in power ever since the country remains divided both politicians and militia groups are accused of for mentoring sectarian violence tearing apart muslim and christian
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communities that once lived peacefully together. i spoke to legislators say your job is to pray my job is politics now as peacefully ensure that all who commit crimes of punished and the muslims can travel safely outside of their enclaves but the government in the un chose another path and look at the carnage. twelve thousand u.n. peacekeeping troops are trying to prevent the sectarian violence from turning into a genocide yet fighting between fourteen militia groups is intensifying caught in the middle of this escalating crisis are the people of central african republic we're just ten minutes away from the presidential palace the most secure place in this country gets the government has a very little control over this muslim neighborhood here militia groups are in charge of security in this comes at a cost to traders this is the aftermath of a drone attack that targeted a muslim select
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a fighter named general force in the popular muslim p.k. five market area of the capital six people were injured force was unscathed he's also wanted by the i.c.c. for war crimes and is now in hiding the u.n. would not confirm nor deny that it was behind this attack. earlier in an exclusive interview general force told al-jazeera he would defend himself at all cost you see this remark you love i am like everybody else i want peace all i want is peace for my country but if anyone including the u.n. wants to get me we will retaliate while the u.n. security council is debating the renewal of its peacekeeping mandate the rest of rambo a man many people here thought was invincible is a small victory for an elected government struggling to regain control of a divided nation. the. democratic republic of congo's health ministry has resumed efforts to contain an outbreak of ebola in the
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northeast all operations including vaccinations have been briefly suspended after health workers were attacked in the city of beni the country's facing its worst ever outbreak of ebola in two hundred people have died since early oldest. shrank as parliament has delayed a third no confidence vote against the president's choice of prime minister mahinda rajapaksa it's already passed to no confidence motions but rajapaksa is refusing to step aside president of syria saying it held an unsuccessful meeting of political leaders on sunday in an attempt to break the deadlock circe into controversially ousted and replaced former prime minister rana which are missing or four weeks ago but at smith reports from colombo. this session of sri lanka's parliament was over within minutes of it starting the session was adjourned there was no third vote of no confidence speaker story considered the first vote sufficient and then of the second vote he considered that even more than was necessary the president refused
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to accept both of those votes of no confidence but he said they were conducted according to procedure he was prepared to accept a third vote if it had been conducted according to procedure but it's not gone ahead to the parliament adjourned again this is beginning to become a legal battle between the courts various cases being filed in the courts of palm and he's not able it seems to decide who should be prime minister of sri lanka the government at the top of government run ill witnessing as he is still prime minister is staying in the official residence manner rajapaksa though is gazetted on the air on the official government document as being prime minister so he's carrying out the duties of prime minister palm and now might try and vote to strip some funding from the proper prime minister's office in a way to stop him exercising his powers but all of this political crisis this constitutional crisis being still hurting sri lanka's economy the rupee again at an all time low against the u.s.
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dollar. rescuers in vietnam are searching for survivors after landslides killed at least thirteen people with four more missing heavy rains from tropical storm taraji caused hillsides to collapse close to the east coast resort city and not trying burying several villages around six hundred soldiers have been mobilized to help with the search and evacuations. police in haiti said least six people are being killed during protests in the capital port au prince there is traces of angry over the disappearance of billions of dollars linked to a public oil assistance programs ponson by venezuela the haitian senate investigation revealed at least fourteen former government officials were involved in the misuse of three point eight billion dollars. so ahead of the program is sports. in mexico.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. around four thousand people in guatemala have fled the latest eruption of the volcano of one of the most active in central america ten villages have been evacuated as the volcano erupts for the third time in five months one hundred ninety four people were killed in june. towards the capital city just thirty kilometers to the northeast. have a list now here's andy thanks so much lauren we're late sequel eyes are from virgil van dyke so the netherlands grab
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a spot of the european nations league finals the dutch needed a point against germany to qualify the expense of world champions france to goals in the last five minutes and hit back from it sunil deficit at city to draw enough for the netherlands to go through this tournament replaces the majority of international friendlies in europe portugal switzerland and england have also made it through the group stages and into next year's nation league finals that falls in event will be hosted by portugal in june the winners will be the inaugural nations league champions now the nations league doesn't come of the expense of the qualifying tournament for the twenty twenty european championships twenty teams will still progress to those finals from those games which kick off in march but the final four spots for the euros will come via a round of playoff games with country selected based on their performance in this nations league new zealand cricketers have pulled off an unlikely win against pakistan in one of the test cricket's closest ever finishes they won in opera dabi
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by just four runs pakistan were within thirty one runs of victory and had six wickets in hand then the collapse began started with this running mix up that saw some departing new zealand since i just sort of work it says pakistan imploded they were bowled out for one hundred and seventy van zyl and pulled off the narrowest test when their country's history. major league baseball be having so you're the first time in twenty nineteen the new york yankees and boston red sox will face off in london next summer as part of a syria commitments six thousand and nine world series when alex rodriguez visited london's twenty two olympic stadium to try to explain what u.k. fans have coming their way. it is huge just like having manchester united and liverpool coming down to yankee stadium. even made i don't follow soccer too much i would be thrilled i would be excited i would want to see the best of the best the brits are going to see the greatest two teams i think not only in baseball but in
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any sports franchises in all of sports they transcend in they've been going at each other for almost one hundred twenty years the red sox have been a juggernaut the last sixteen years before championships the yankees have been a juggernaut for the last hundred twenty years with twenty seven championships but only one of the last twenty so they're very hungry very thirsty it creates an incredible epic match well on sunday formula three drive a sphere flourish wrecked psychologizing of rice in macau you may remember these pictures of a cult barreling through the well thankfully the seventeen year old german is now expected to recover the accident left side with a spinal fracture but at the same principle says there is no fifth paralysis he spent nearly ten hours in surgery on monday a manager said he wanted streaming while he also hinted at a quick it's an answer rice. philadelphia eagles head coach paid us an insistence team can correct the mistakes that resulted in
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a record breaking defeats the eagles will base unfold see eight seven by the new orleans saints the worst ever loss suffered by reigning super while champion for the saints it was not stright win but the eagles well they're now in danger of missing out on the playoffs. i'm not playing up to my standards i think you get on the list everyone saying that but we know the guys we have we know the talent we have we know the chemistry we. just hasn't clicked out there all together. so at the end of the day all that really matters is the guys in that building the guys in the locker room and we all believe what i believe is never going to go anywhere the quit you'll never see is quit and so we're excited to get back to work this is fresh air i want to embarrassing one but like i said we got three games a couple of c's games ahead of us that really see where middle school former us secretary of state condoleezza rice has been forced to tightly unusual step of. the cell phone reports that she was about to become an n.f.l. coach there was speculation that rice was up for the job of taking over the cleveland browns rice is
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a long time fan of the browns that's probably her on leigh n.f.l. experience for us would be selected she would be the first female head coach in n.f.l. history while on facebook ross writes i love my browns and i know they will hire an experience courage to take us to the next level by the way i'm not ready to coach but i would like to see next season if the browns need ideas and notes on what i call for a prevent defense earlier we spoke a little at it's a black sports on line he says rice isn't a realistic and. the situation was that the browns owner was speaking about the coaching situation with the boreholes and pointed out that he was one of so one that was going to help the way and it didn't matter if there was a man or woman and mitch mcconnell he saw rise and a lot of people didn't take it seriously at first it so report came out that indeed the bay did play up to interview her but what my sources have been so as well as
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statements from the browns and congolese arise that's simply just is not going to happen with the kind of a comment that was made in the wind and you know you know people kind of took it and ran with it but she would not be interviewing for the browns head coaching position that it doesn't mean that she may not interview for another point in your going to zation but it won't be for the head coaching but she's a lifelong browns. she's also worked with college football n.c.a.a. for a long period of time so yes connections a lot being kind of the reason rice is qualified for a lot of different things i don't believe she would be qualified to jump in will be a head coach. team options on a football legend diego maradona is doing his best to build same spirit his lights his club. ah ok i don't know now manages mexican seemed to drop us and here he is leading the post match celebrations after the latest victory his team
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are into the semifinals of mexico's second state playoffs and insights of promotion to the country's top. ok let's get back to lauren in london. thanks very much and when you can catch up any time at our website there just that is al jazeera that's it for me. i'll be back in a minute with another full round up thanks for watching. thirty five years we've had many proud moments around the world and in the sky and now starting from october twenty ninth churches airlines will be taking off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. on
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counting the cost the breaks its end game there's a complicated draw deal on the table we'll break it down and tell me what it means for people living in the u.k. and the e.u. plus why saudi arabia wants to slam the brakes on oil production. counting the cost on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. impoverished excluded and
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under attack. communities are paying the price of nationalism in a country at war with itself. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. you crave repression on al-jazeera. a top adviser to u.s. president donald trump defends his response to the murder jamal khashoggi saying the u.s. government is working to sanction those responsible. this is al jazeera live from london also coming off
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a bridge for yemen's peace talks as the government says it will take part in the un backed process and if the rebels promise to stop their drone and missile strikes. u.k. prime minister to resume a defense have bricks it plan as the best for jobs while the chief negotiator says the process has reached a key moment. for the global car industry's biggest superstars carlos ghosn is arrested over financial misconduct. and of a top adviser to donald trump has defended the us press. response to the murder of . the journalist was killed in saudi arabia's istanbul consulate last month and u.s. media say the cia has found the saudi crown prince responsible white house adviser kellyanne conway says the u.s. government has been moving fast to sanction those responsible a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. as us president to arnold
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trump welcome to the annual arrival of the white house christmas tree was the round that he said nothing about a forthcoming report into the death of journalist. who was murdered in the saudi consulate last month in turkey trump has promised repeatedly he would make a decision on whether to take tough action including sanctions against the highest levels of the saudi government and might go. a lot by monday we're going to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next we're going to be having a very full report over the next two days a top adviser denies he's delaying a decision wasn't really i think i disagree with he wasn't he's not reluctant and he's not slow moving that the president anything but slow moving vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pump a zero have both promised to trumpet ministration will insure all those responsible are held accountable twenty one saudi nationals have had visas revoked and last
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week the u.s. treasury sanctioned seventeen saudis in connection with the murder but none of those actions targeted the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell that despite the recently leaked cia conclusion that he ordered to use murder a top democratic senator is now calling on the trumpet ministration to make the cia assessment public one analyst says the white house is trying to buy time for the saudis and preserve the strategic u.s. saudi relationship in place for decades president trump understands. the relationship by providing rhetoric in support of the bilateral relationship and yet here we are involved congress is less patient there's a move underway in the senate to stop the sale of arms to saudi arabia for offensive purposes and permanently hold u.s. refueling planes from supporting the saudi led coalition in yemen it is sharply
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divided congress it's a rare bipartisan effort to pressure the trump white house to act kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house is going to have mike hanna in washington d.c. so they all wait to see this report to trump has talked about. well that's difficult to say we'll see it when we see it essentially yes resoldering can be how could species said repeatedly that he will make him be making some kind of statement the next day or the next week or the next two days now he says that he should be coming to some conclusion by tuesday or receiving the report by tuesday where the he makes that report public another question completely but what does appear to be the sequence of events is that the cia conclusion that the crown prince was responsible for corker showing his death was leaked to a large number of media outlets and what very much appeared to be a coordinated leak campaign. some surmised could be an attempt to bring pressure to
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bear on president trump to release the details of that particular report but one must mention too that president trump in the past has been at odds with this intelligence agencies not only about the murder but also indeed about the issue of russian collusion where he denied the findings of his intelligence agencies that yes russia was involved in the twenty sixteen election so certainly this may not end here but the other bit of pressures coming from congress a number of members of congress except expressing the concern that president trump may be attempting to shield the crown prince from action and we've had the reports that the crown prince is actually heading to the g twenty in argentina at the end of the month would that be a suggestion that perhaps there is if there's a sense of saudi arabia has moved on from this and that they think they will they do have the crown prince shored up. well it's hard to read into that
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so bluntly but certainly the saudi arabian government has indicated that it believes the if is all but over it has indicted a number of those it holds responsible it says the death sentence may be imposed against at least five of those so there's very much a sense of moving on we've done our investigation it is complete now let's get on with the business at hand that appears to be very much what president trump once the crown prince is an absolutely vital aspect of president trumps foreign strategy with regard to the middle east with regard to iran so certainly president trump has made very clear his reluctance to impose any form of sanction against the saudi government as a whole and indeed against the crown prince in particular he stated repeatedly to he doesn't know whether the crown prince was responsible but he has been told by the crown prince and at least five occasions that no i have no responsibility in the murder whatsoever so we are in the situation where saudi arabia appears to be
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set on a course of business as usual the investigation is complete but president trump would appear to want that too but congress certainly does not mike hanna thank you very much indeed it's been announced as we said that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin son i will participate in the g. twenty summit in argentina at the end of the month and last week he was cleared by saudi prosecutors of any involvement in the murder of shoji and speaking publicly for the first time since the death of his father king solomon stressed he had full faith in the kingdom's justice system. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust of the judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and justice. also ensure that no penalties go unpunished. i mean more revelations in the turkish media about
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the murder including reports that nineteen calls were made and they stumble consulates to saudi arabia on the day of the incident has the latest from istanbul . the x. have still have a lot to reveal to the world and they still have a lot of ammunition for the total destruction of the saudi initiative the latest of that came today reported by two newspapers who had access to part of the recordings and new sections of the recordings that the turkish security authorities apparently have got. and that shows that the saudi narrative about the fact that the fifteen men who came here who were sent. to negotiate according to the saudi story to negotiate with the to return to saudi arabia that is not true according to these revelations they show that the moment he entered the consulate the consulate foreman received him there in section a the visas are
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normally processed and one of them grabbed his hand and pulled him to the section b. was the office of the concert is located and he. tried to this is that and told the man leave me alone who do you think you are and the response of the man who is said according to the recordings to be. one of this special advice special security aide to mohammed the same as the crown prince he shouted at him insulting him and he said traitor your day of reckoning has come and then they took him to the office of the consul and that's when the recording. revealed shouts and screaming and pain from torture cries. and that was apparently the beginning of the operation germany's to hang action against the people suspected of being involved in jamal khashoggi matter it's imposing travel bans on eighteen saudi nationals so they
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won't be allowed to enter the country or europe's border free schengen zone dominic cain has the latest from that in. two announcements from germinal forat is regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry has announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they are future signed agreements or current signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because the german almonds industry does exported considerable amount several many consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now kurt truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german government
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wants to see the chorus of concern and then criticism that came here in germany was equalled was was as it were followed suit by european authorities but now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has welcomed the hickeys decision to stop drone and missile strikes against the saudi led coalition that fighting is still being reported in the vital port city of data with the saudi led coalition you're watching ten as strikes on hootie positions manito reports from neighboring djibouti. these are the kind of the talks the whole to say will lead ballistic missiles fired into so that it be a from across the south of the border in. but i'll hold the president of the hold the supreme religious leader committee said we are mounted our initiatives by
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calling on the yemeni official forty's to stop the launching of missiles and drones . in the u.s. so the country's on the allies in yemen in order to stop and it just if occasion for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just an honorable peace if they really want peace for the people of the yemen. after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our missile and border attacks and therefore today steve imes to once again clarify our position.


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