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pro-government fighters and string a booby trap compound and then the massive explosion that all well let's bring in mohamed atta who's joining us from since you filed that report martin griffiths is now in four days what is he hoping to achieve there well generally. good for his visit to yemen is about getting a farm commitment from the warring parties not just to the talks but also a cease fire the feeling within the united nations and martin griffith theme is that there can be no talks that all succeed if there is no ceasefire both parties have intimated that they are willing to halt the hostilities but so far they have been sporadic clashes going on in the city something. the supply of aid to yemen and to those who need it most get if it's visit to the day is also about seeing for
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himself the damage done to humanitarian installations they've been particular about damage done to hospitals for a hospital for example which is run by the international red cross has got a fully fledged treatment center has got a fully fledged monmouth rishon treatment center and there are fears that the fighting around the might stop the activities of the vital hospital so he's being accompanied by live under the un humanitarian coordinator for yemen and they are seeing for themselves the extent of that and he's also going to meet commanders on the ground in the upcoming talks are quite crucial for yemen but how much momentum is there for them to one take place and secondly actually succeeds. well we are seeing the biggest diplomatic push in the past two years for
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a quick resolution to the conflict in yemen the united nations and the rest of the international community seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet they are exacting so much pressure not only on the parties who are fighting on the ground but also this. supports the pro-government alliance the feeling is for there to be a solution to the unraveling humanitarian situation that's affecting millions of lives the fight in cost to stop them foremost an invalid vital part of the day so everything seems set for peace talks early december in sweden but. the whole these are a bit hesitant about the whole thing but they have been given. the been given assurances that they will be able to leave the country and also to tom this is what if it is promising them including traveling with them if need be all right joe
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thank you still ahead on al-jazeera why opposition leaders in zimbabwe were forced to leave parliament and will millions more being spent in new york be enough to keep homeless students off the streets we're back in a moment. we've got a couple of tropical storms causing problems either side of the philippines now. one that will develop into a typhoon it'll push up into the northwest pacific and this one that we have here making its way towards vietnam will cause some flooding rains in the philippines the philippines just a couple of days ago the west weather will push across into central and southern parts. of vietnam as we go on through saturday really heavy downpours damaging
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winds brashly making the way further west was for sunday elsewhere across the region leaves a rash of showers heat of the day showers some lovely ones that just around us much for pushing up into the a peninsula some wet weather also course now started to push its way down into a good part of indonesia northern parts of australia could also see some lively showers really lively downpours recently down towards the southeast of australia just around tasmania pushing across into victoria southern parts of new south wales this developing area of low pressure well run over the tasman towards new zealand still quite a brisk wind coming in behind so the increased fire risk still in play here for many sixteen celsius for melbourne getting up to around twenty two twenty three there in sydney topping off a thirty degrees the brisbane. china has a serious shortage of women and
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a lot of. one on one east meets those desperately seeking any way they can an al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says it's unacceptable that the us presidency is turning a blind eye to the killing of. lois speaking after donald trump once again backed
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the saudi crown prince who has been accused of ordering the murder pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into an attack at the chinese consulate in karachi that killed two police officers a separatist group called the liberation army has claimed responsibility for the un special envoy to yemen has arrived in her day dr fighting slowed in the port city that's after martin griffiths met who feed rebel leader optimistic and hoofy in the capital sanaa over peace talks in sweden next month. we're now on our top story in saudi arabia has repeatedly denied that mohamed bin sandman was involved in any way with. murder but many in the saudi hit squad sent to istanbul have direct links with the crown prince victoria gate and he takes a closer look at those involved. the u.s. is imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials for their suspected involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi they include a fifteen man hit squad that travelled to turkey to carry out the operation so who
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made up this team and who did they report to let's start with abdel aziz matric who is believed to have been the coordinator of the operation he's a general in crown prince mohammed bin soundman security team next we have saddam hammett al sabaidee an expert in autopsies and a colonel in saudi arabia's interior ministry it's headed by prince abdullah zs bin sowed else out he reports directly to king solomon old the crown prince six members of the team that killed were part of the crown prince's security detail three others were members of the national guard and internal security force which protects the royal family it's led by prince khalid bin abdul aziz al muqrin and one was a member of the role saudi af or it's part of the ministry of defense which falls under the control of the crown prince the us is also impose sanctions on saudi tani
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he's a senior advisor to crown prince mohammed bin salomon and on mohammed al a table the saudi consul general in istanbul where he shows he was murdered he reports to the saudi foreign ministry which is led by adult. his department issued the passports used by the hit team to end to turkey the private jets they flew in from riyadh to istanbul and back which charted from a company owned by the saudi government. well the wife of a british academic jailed by the united arab emirates on spying charges has called for his life sentence to be reviewed and for him to be freed the u.a.e. denies matthew had his has been treated unfairly but also said it wanted an amicable solution with the u.k. britain's prime minister of tourism a has described the case is deeply disappointing. fear him shaping force after being handed a life sentence and then being made to leave was beyond heartbreaking we didn't
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even got to say goodbye. i really appreciate the foreign secretary faking the time to meet me at this crucial confidant and that flight he has assured me that he and his team are doing everything in their power to get my map free and return him home for me. this is not a party i can win alone and i think the foreign office and the british probably were now standing up for one of their seven. finance minister announced pay cuts on compensation for land one seized from white farmers as he presented the twenty nine thousand budget in parliament on thursday the economy collapsed after a land reform was carried out by longtime leader robert mugabe who was forced from office last year what's also reports from harare. before the budget speech could be presented opposition m.p.'s in parliament started protesting they refused to recognise innocent agogo as president insisting he stole elections in july some say
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they were beaten and injured by police who forced them out of the building. into but i mean what we're doing that. is really puzzled me for the m.d.c. we've been did not stand up for this because those us that remembers what people need to get out and about if you. are going to be using going to police referral to the government and to see that. eventually the country's finance minister would present to the budget for twenty one thousand he said all zimbabweans would have to tighten their belts as government implements austerity measures to turn around the economy before january twenty ninth. a five percent cut or. be effected for all senior position from principal directors. cruise in the equivalence up to. ministers and the pretty.
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other measures include retiring government civil servants over the age of sixty five removing ghost workers from the government's payroll and compensating white farmers whose land was seized during land reform the government has to repay billions of dollars in debt and introduce pro-business policies investors say they want guarantees that their assets will one day be seized by the states and their policies all remain consistent whenever monetary policies are announced the markets react so too does the bobbins while parliamentary proceedings were taking place some people were in feel king is filling up in case there are shortages again hollington mclean a says he knows it's going to be harder to rebuild his business because of cash what it is in banks he lost about ten thousand dollars worth of merchandise when a fire gutted this market last week all of this stuff little import from sort of.
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foreign currency and you can get foreign currency. but rebuilding an economy that was destroyed because the mismanagement and corruption joining robert mugabe's rule will be harder people are frustrated prices of basic commodities are more than tripled in a few weeks there is a shortage of foreign currency inflation keeps rising president promised he would do things differently to mugabe he's under pressure to deliver at a poor girl more and more impatient algis or her. a politician from the central african republic is due to face war crimes charges at the international criminal court. also known as rambo was a senior leader of the mostly christian movement its fighters attacked muslim seleka rebels who seized power in twenty thirteen yes that's has accused of killing civilians rape and recruiting child soldiers his extradition to the hague several
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days ago was the first from the central african republic. president donald trump has threatened to close the border with mexico if his administration decides its neighbor has lost control of its side thousands of asylum seekers from central america are gathering in the mexican border city of hoping to cross into the u.s. john heilemann reports from there. the day starts with the battle to keep clean but it's hard when you're sleeping rough with five thousand three hundred other people got to try and get washed because it feels weird being dirty all the time. easier said than done in the sports complex hardly turned into account privacy doesn't exist or even shelter up to some of the rainy season is just beginning and those who went up with that i'm going to have you know last night it was tough my blankets got wet so we had to go and stand where there's a roof and we didn't sleep all night. it's going to be that way for some
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time for this caravan of central americans they've got to team right up against the u.s. border but now they stuck nowhere to go and nothing to do. some brush up on the football skills others practice their poker faces or explore the small playground for the umpteenth time just the clothes washing area is busy so he's a phone charging station at fifty cents a go. in a passes the time with the daily concert for anyone who cares to listen to them and that it will be them also it's a way to forget the bad moments that we've gone through with all been suffering so it's a way to forget that stress. they were accused of the country laid on by the mexican navy and the buses going to a newly arranged job fair but the semblance of order can't last. this makeshift camp is almost full but you can see people are still arriving day me here soon
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there's going to be no space for anyone more. authority say the city can't deal with the influx any longer sometimes people believe the newcomers bring only crime problems. others do with a county to help it ok with them slowly that even though i don't think we should lose our humanity at the end of the day we're a city of migrants and mexicans have had to cross as well into the us. that's what everyone here wants to get to be of the side instead they're setting up for the long haul just a stone's throw away john holden now does it up to one northern california has had its first significant rainfall in months helping to douse the douglas wildfire in the state's history the wet weather is expected to continue for several days people have been warned to prepare for flash flooding and mudslides homelessness is a growing problem in new york city of the eight and
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a half million population one in one hundred twenty eight doesn't have a whole including many families city leaders are spending extra money to try and keep children in costs christmas salumi reports. the thanksgiving holiday in the united states is traditionally a time to gather with family and feast on a trekkie dinner with all the trimmings. all your family scientists say that you bring home a turkey so we giving each twenty guys a take to bring home to your family. it's an experience the staff at the research and service high school in brooklyn tries to replicate for its students thirty percent of whom are homeless students like lexus cologne who lives in a city provided hotel room and has a lot more than homework to worry about this out of focus and. i think the way i want to clearly. i'm always thinking about how i'm going to get out of this plea when i'm going to nick. the school is in
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a neighborhood where like most of the city affordable housing is getting harder to find income levels have not kept pace with inflation helping to drive one hundred fourteen thousand students and their families into shelters or shared apartments part of the reason why i think students come to school is because they know they can get a meal here they know that they can get cleaning products here they know that they can get close here they know that this is a safe warm loving environment in which they can learn and forget about many of the problems that they face outside of school building the school has a pantry from which students can select up to ten items a week in addition to a social worker who can help them with the issues of instability that can affect their education district wide the city has promised to add one hundred community qward neighbors to help students in transitional housing. students living in shelter have dismal scores in reading and math they're more likely than other students to be suspended in school teachers and school staff talked to us about the
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need for more social emotional support for students who are homeless in order for them to learn in the class or lexus feels he has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. so i look at this like. i feel loved everybody knows me i know everybody. will feel the love i never i never went to school i had some i actually like my mom. but with so many homeless students in new york advocates say even more needs to be done to make sure they all have the same level of support to break the cycle of poverty kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says it's unacceptable that the u.s. president is turning
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a blind eye to the killing of. global speaking after donald trump once again backed the saudi crown prince who's been accused of ordering the murder when asked who should be held accountable trump said maybe the world's the hum of been sound man has arrived in the united arab emirates to begin his first trip abroad since jews murder the saudi official news agency says it's part of a tour of a number of brotherly arab countries. a separatist group in pakistan is claiming responsibility for a grenade i'm gonna attack near the chinese consulate in karachi three gunmen and two policemen are killed. an army which accuses china of exploiting resources says it carried out the assault. and in northwest pakistan children are among twenty five people killed by an explosion in a crowded market dozens were injured in or exhausted district it recently merged with the province after decades of direct rule from. no claim for sponsibility has
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been received the un special envoy to yemen has arrived in the contested port city of her days after holding talks with the rebels in the capital sanaa pro-government forces backed by the saudi emirates a coalition have been trying to seize the data from the rebels for months these talks are planned in sweden for next month a politician from the central african republic is due to face work crimes charges at the international criminal court. also known as rambo was a senior leader of the mostly christian answer about the movement its fighters attacked muslim seleka rebels who seized power in two thousand and thirteen. is accused of killing civilians rape and recruiting child soldiers his extradition to the hague several days ago was the first from the central african republic northern california has had its first significant rainfall a month's helping to douse the deadliest wildfire in the state's history the wet
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weather is expected to continue for several days and people have been warned to prepare for flash flooding and mudslides in some areas at least eighty people have died and more than five hundred others remain unaccounted for those are the headlines one to one is coming up next right here on al-jazeera. china could be facing a debt i suppose that's according to s. and p. global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and. that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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in china women are in short supply. millions more men than women. so when it comes time to marry the odds aren't good. it's estimated one in five men won't be able to find a bride a personal and also national disaster. i'm steve chowed on this episode of one of one east we meet the men resorting to drastic action to avoid a life alone. but. she has just come out of the mall her name is one five ice because she is one point five eight majors tool. in a few hours she will have
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a nice hair and eyes. she exists because there's a lack of women in china. for thirty five years more boys have been born here than girls. it's resulted in a severe gender imbalance that endangered is the country's stability. k'naan is china's most populated probably. at the same time it's the place with the fewest women. months we was born he is in the village of goings on. he's already over the normal i have marriage here in the countryside. but lang's we can't find a wife he still lives with his parents and others did it by hand i see
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a. good. let me send my new film i got an idea we are not having an alabama time has a lot. well we do. now have one hundred. and i and i'm sure. once we isn't the only one around here looking for a wife there are hundreds of so-called bachelor villages in the region each one full of single men desperately looking for women to marry. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine china introduced the one child policy it was meant to avoid overpopulation but in the countryside sounds a much more desirable because they can work in the fields. doing yeah yeah and that's one of course you often do you say are you. the guy are you nervous and when
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you are. well now. i want to. share. our thoughts about what you and your little crackers. and your house. these days doctors are not allowed to revealed agenda of the unborn baby but some still do this why did it with the hope of a bride. even today slogans like this extolling the benefits of girls are displayed around the village. but the preference for boys is a long and lasting tradition here they say that raising a girl is like cultivating someone else's field because a girl moves into her husband's bam often marriage. couples wish for a son to take care of them as they i age and to carry on the family night so girls
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continue to be aboard one hundred sixteen boys a boom every one hundred goes shit shivering they are turning off on. just a lot and on that yellow. that was at all. so that's a. lot of sway works in the fields and does occasional jobs so far no girl has considered him a good match so i asked him a woman are you bonded over the sense of the job i was or is he will feel i have made a dollar or seen as. i just don't have minima the value of therefore to their home in any way. i. stared about him. and you know but him home on earth to
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wear me out although he sed several batches from the village have gone abroad to maine ma vietnam the philippines or laos despond wives then you know what kind of are in the game the only one out there just say in the video my ram i am neutral on him. same as you and your trade some are to say how. in china men without wives a cold. which means dead branches the point there for. many try their luck in the city every day thousands of single men move to the pearl river delta in china south to the factory of the low. pia sixty thousand factories employ three to four million workers. the young people
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working here day in knox hospital so getting for this all makes in this factory which manufactures smartphones in modems all the workers are under thirty thousands of kilometers from their horns they toil on the assembly line the ice hours a day like shall young he's twenty four years old and comes from a bachelor village then link you yeah well you. sing in the ghetto. they will find that the only thing done to just nail them all. in the d.c. bomb. sequence in august and. they are going to need them all for a long time then go ahead and don't see behind. them and builds in a dingy again they go looking for someone down people saw. and then i asked him if you wish again the. couples come together and break up
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on the assembly line. once in a given month and. see how they get and then this. is the single. for a long time women were in the majority on the factory floors but that's changing. the lack of women has reached the pole river delta it's even affecting factory operations says dr e. executive. now you're right. it is a wonder she's shot so much and ending this fight. i'm going to shiver. yet you cannot say i'm young innocent down the street. and. you know. my i didn't. believe the size of them
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but. now i know that she knew me you know and that way. i know this and yet know that what you see. at. the end she said. only a bright smart phones help destruct the mail workers from their frustration and learnings . before you shall go on as life has consisted of going back and forth between the assembly line his dorm room and the canteen. but he still hasn't won the attention of a female colleague. cancelling you had they not get back.
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assaults and sexual wants are getting more frequent in the factories. and for what you. say now only tell what you. want most. yet. to come out of my. shell you'll make seven hundred dollars a month so he's nor the pool rich but he hopes one of these women give you a chance because he's a talented boss crippled one. he plays in the factories and he's one of the best clients sun don't. think you sound
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money in the pot you would owe you a new lease. on some months we're going. to keep about just you why you should then. you and me and. condos can on the down the bank. make it go. off and those. rates. some on a. team looking. oh you. shall not find myself because. i. went and bought that isis on full funding. which outcomes on.
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the chinese authorities of investigation the problem of gender imbalance there are thirty to forty million more men than women it's predicted that in five years one fifth of all chinese men won't be able to find a wife. leaving got married in two thousand and eight but then his wife disappeared three years he's driven aboard across china looking for. by just a student loan quitting but yeah. i do have them without which if i don't know. on the deal is in the family it's on the side of the windows out so i went out. of it in those it sounds odd to go on the back of him is out and bought the oldest. so not only that. she sent it in hot stella saloon but. lubing looked in all the police stations hospitals and funeral
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homes in the rage and he even offered a reward of almost ten thousand dollars all of his savings there's been no trace of her at all because nobody has been found he believes that she's being held prisoner in the mountains illness or that has. seen about. what was it doesn't quite make me and i did it for later. alison would say the members. of the elite. just before lose beings wife disappeared they had a daughter q teen. her mother's parents are raising her while her father keeps up his search for her mother. is seven years old. and in body. then you know.
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my. didn't jump to. the to. do with the sack the moment that he was. that wasn't my no way snap. can i ask how you know as a young. actor that passed back and actually. matt hit back on the only film i know a single scene that i get by cheaply. woman who. was she she indulges in she went on. to be hello. and. if you see. it. funny how do you know when to tell you it. doesn't come up as
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a pop gun play. it was all off back. to the. big searching the countryside on his own is no longer enough now he's putting his clothes on this playing card. the two of spades in a very special pack of cards. thirteen thousand kilometers away he's choosing on china's east coast. taxi drivers give out packs of cards to possums baraka i will very i got my mantle you know kind of the city are going to come out right now because of that corner gang is on the hook without any somebody there was an accidental shooting no churches want. other drivers from cantone in the south to dolly and in the north are also involved . they use their taxis to distribute the cards in villages they suspect might house
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abducted women and he'll look at religion i'm a. liar. what . religion your last dollar plays in your initial letters such a just read the letter that's how well a new model of what turned out will be another color. the council the idea of computer scientist shane hall. after reading about abduction cases he wanted to help first he launched a website to find them then came the idea of the cuts giving them a way to increase the search radius from them with acid and. i'm sure they're watching at what was your father tom wishes he said and i gave up a hill and she wanted to that it also should achieve its ip although she cannot comment on the two hour.
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every day shanghai receives anonymous messages from people who think they've seen the queen of hots for diamonds the families who report another missing person. he also helps parents of missing children. he's thirty thousand surge reports aboard the side of twenty women kidnapped by human traffickers. but the two of spades blew beings one is still missing. he has a headline died he didn't eat and then you do it and you know it was him you know. what are the authorities doing to stop the trafficking of women. not of the ministry of public security in beijing nor its regional branch is a willing to speak to us. but they did send us these videos. policeman
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conducting checks on a trying macario i thought i was on assignment in the countryside. and this vision of a crackdown in the you not region in the country south. it showed the arrest of several hundred tropicals among the two women who allegedly sold on the women these videos were probably made for child. tavi as evidence of the oath or he's doing everything they can to prevent women from being kidnapped. they even showed traffic as being interrogated i wasn't i wasn't that wasn't even that monitor all the time was a heartbeat and a long while. i was with you and i'll. just have to muster the face of the cause you're going to get which is a thing you should have done as you push up it's cool that she got off others are
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mostly all of all at home to that though i choose to monitor that level that sounds. as digital. tradition churlishly on an issue as friends of the. office should get. the ball in the last year the chinese police say they have saved thirty thousand women trafficking networks on top of every month traffickers can receive sentences of ten years in prison. the men who by the women can get sentences of three years. we meet up again with months with the bachelor from cannot miss shanghai train station. lonsway has been in indonesia for two months he isn't alone anymore on the phone with my. now. his wife is
6:41 pm
called line she's from an indonesian seaside village. she's riding on a train for the first time. to non-sweet bourse blind. to. the war. what hall was like that's all modern made new. i'm with you on what the what the oil. but. i think that newman may well be able to get what. he wants in that he would say. it's you know it's nothing to me it's and it's an amendment. and torture and so on and stand on top tennis and golf and. lonsway paid traffickers more than ten
6:42 pm
thousand dollars lies father received a part of that money for his daughter's hand in law i learned to be said manda read from watching chinese t.v. she is the fifth woman from her village to marry a chinese man who said you know i don't want. their. eyes or my mamma. does them all of the developers will chrysalis said to the wall or i was just. well you want. to. bring. before the. law doesn't know what cloud of life she will have in china she was told by the
6:43 pm
traffic the new husband is rich and she thinks she will have been easy a life then in indonesia. it's not easy. to get. to him. lie has arrived in gongs on the bachelor village. saw.
6:44 pm
she will live with her new husband's parents. lance we both go to the country on a family residence permit which lie will have to re new every year but she doesn't have a work permit. yet. how . to do this for the. contact. who leaves her a. not not not a happy. mom doesn't understand the local dialect. yeah every. now and them. you know i. gather you. figure out how you.
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live will probably never see indonesia or again. her in-laws sacrificed too much to risk escaping. through the town. but how many women will be burdened solved and how many men must live alone before tradition is legard. and the births of both boys and girls are accepted and celebrated with equal joy. china stopped the one child policy in twenty fifteen. couples and now allowed to
6:46 pm
have two children maybe it's time to remember another chinese saying women hold up half the sky. once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon one of many as follows dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. because when. the bright spot. and food are stripped away. by. the bishop lights above. the law. for human life is investigating a mud by the indonesian military in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. takes us
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on a personal journey back to east timor. which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others now and. she goes face to face with those responsible trail of mudda indonesia's bloody retreat. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha in martine denis coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's foreign minister lashes out at donald trump's response to the matter of democracy saying it means the u.s. president will turn a blind eye to the journalists killing no not so one. suicide attackers target china's consulate in karachi in pakistan three gunmen and two policemen are among those killed. the man known as ram the cutest of war crimes in the central african republic is set to appear before the international criminal court. the u.n. envoy to yemen is in the port city of a dater and his push for peace talks. that
6:50 pm
the u.s. is turning a blind eye and europe's not doing enough that stern his foreign minister and western leaders response to the murder of the saudi jenice jamal khashoggi may have lots of a so lou is a accusing them of protecting their own interests instead he specifically called out president trump the turning a blind dyed to the killing by refusing to take action against all involved. now this just hours after president trump made comments again supporting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man who denies he had a role in the. whether he did or whether he did he denies it vehemently his father denies it the king vehemently the cia doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can can pollute that maybe he did or maybe he did but there's no there was a other part of a false reporting because
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a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it well they didn't say that they said he might have done it that's a big difference but they are vehemently denying it. and the man at the center of it all molly bin solomon he's in the united arab emirates his first foreign trip since it is. right let's go live now to istanbul in turkey and our correspondent there mohammed val and mohammed you're outside the saudi consulate in istanbul where of course the murder actually took place it seems very much as though president trance refusal to acknowledge what much of the rest of the world is accepting and that is the role of the crown prince that this is causing a great deal of frustration if not anger in turkey. that's right this has been we have heard the statements today by the turkish foreign minister exactly commenting on this and saying that the u.s.
6:52 pm
president has shows in to turn a blind eye to the truth that to the facts that have been accumulated in the evidence that has been built by turkey over the last several weeks pointing the finger to mohammed the same man he did not mention how mr meant by name but he basically an e.t.a. to those positions that turkey have been has been talking about during the last several weeks and now it's like a peak of that anger by to keep with regard to the u.s. position and also not only the u.s. position but also the european position he said that those travel bans that have been announced by some european countries against the the suspects in this med a case are only cosmetic measures they're not going to do much by way of achieving justice for. we have seen also in these statements today that it took two directions one of them is this severe criticism to words western the western styles but also on the other hand when he talked about relations with saudi arabia he said
6:53 pm
that the relations are very good not very he said they are good between king said man and president of the one he said that he talked to him twice by by phone and he said that there is no nothing to prevent a meeting between president and crown prince mohammed bin said man on the margins of the g. twenty summit in argentina later this month so it looks like turkey is not willing to go into this bottle. alone with the with saudi arabia it is not willing to escalate diplomatically or politically or even economically with saudi arabia it is looking for an international approach starts in which the world is united in this in this situation against. perpetrators particularly because he he said we should not blame everyone for this murder in saudi arabia so he he is focusing on the side of justice the aspects of justice and the investigation also
6:54 pm
he said that there is pressure now on turkey to move this file to the un so that an international inquiry could be conducted mohammad val live in istanbul thank you very much the suicide attackers have tried to storm the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi three gunmen and at least two policemen were killed a separatist group known as the baluchistan liberation army has claimed responsibility that toward gays in the reports. the chinese consulate in karachi is cordoned off while security forces searched the area police say gunmen threw up to ten hand grenades at the compound as they tried unsuccessfully to storm the building they were stopped by security guards before they reached the consulate. two policemen who were on duty had been killed the attackers parked their car away from the consulate they were stopped from entering the building three attackers have been killed. and the separatist group the baluchistan liberation army said the
6:55 pm
three gunmen were it's members the groups angry at the same cool china pakistan economic corridor will a forty six billion dollars chinese investment which aims to connect the port of in southern pakistan to northwestern china via roads railways and pipelines the development promises to bring jobs but many people in baluchistan say china is exploiting pakistan's resources pakistani prime minister imran khan says the attack on the consulate was part of a conspiracy against economic cooperation between pakistan and china and the foreign minister also condemned the gunman. one attack a designated his suicide vest killing two policeman but police killed the other two attackers before they could enter the consulate premises we're glad that all the consulate staff of saif the government says chinese consulate staff have been moved to a safe location and that security forces have the area under control however they're
6:56 pm
braced for more attacks from people who feel china is transforming the impoverished region but not giving them a fair share of the benefits victoria gates and be there. pakistan's been a close ally of china since the one nine hundred fifty s. is all about is now the largest customer of chinese made weapons beijing has funded more than sixty billion dollars worth of infrastructure projects as part of the china pakistan economic corridor well the development seeks to connect western china with the seaport of garda which is in baluchistan province but since construction began chinese workers have been subjected to a number of attacks we can just tell he's a professor in the school of politics and international relations at cade is as army university he's joining us now via skype from islamabad thank you for talking to us so explain for us if you will then what exactly the people of this particular
6:57 pm
group of baluchistan has against the chinese presence in their province and in the country more generally. bloodstar liberation movement have always been fighting for separation of the blood to progress on and did things that this trailer park part of the army called it all because lincoln go out of order with the saying things are always it will be a glue between the blue star always and the desolate box on an international community so basically it's to be parked on horses and that's why they are touting china particularly economic legal because of course the chinese the pakistan government welcomes the investment being made by china particularly when it comes to this this project the one belt one road project from which pakistan is benefiting. yes correct that pakistan is one of the biggest beneficial because one better one road flagship project a child of pakistan economic order though it's one of the biggest investment and in
6:58 pm
that case if you see past our lax the investment and foreign direct investment was not coming but with the announcement of china pakistan economic ordered in two thousand and fifty they started with a forty six billion but now their projects are around six to billion us dollars pakistan is unable to make it clear you can build a squad or four but they are going to make it operational very soon so naturally it brings more prosperity or you can see jobs and everything to the last a developer eight years of start but lechery these developments are not acceptable to get tired horses of alcohol and that is one of the reason that they are targeted not only this time they were tagged try to target they were while the china caused it but there were also other targeted the workers of war working out chinese workers chinese and union all the exploded all these kind of things so they are they have been engaged to spoil it right and do you think that this is that this kind of incident which although this is perhaps the biggest fan many yes there have been
6:59 pm
other attacks on chinese workers in pakistan do you think that this will give china pause for thought in terms of proceeding with this project. i think that the chinese are weird since the very beginning when they are not just food that the project is not acceptable to get by force the box number and same type chinese are on regional and international so you do come pretty to my understanding is that in years court clerk of court able to get this project americans are not put there with this project the other you can say is take orders are not what they were with this project certainly not a real what are the challenges in this and if you see that immediately after the attack the chinese is also very constructive when they said that this carried out these kind of the activities that are not in a position to spoil our relations with pakistan and they can not you can see their disturbed and our resolve to assist but lord big care about our economic quoted or we continue with our effort and defy all these kind of the things that are just
7:00 pm
talking to us live from islamabad thank you very much well there's been another attack a separate attack in the northwestern part of pakistan an explosion in a crowded market this killed at least forty five people including children dozens were injured in the other at zion district now that recently merged with khyber pack and packed tomb qua province after decades of direct rule from islamabad say far there's been no claim of responsibility for that attack now to sri lanka where m.p.'s supposing that is easy prime minister rajapaksa have walked out of palm and for the second time this week they accuse the speaker of favoritism puncheons the turn last week when m.p.'s pass in a confidence motion against mr rajapaksa basi and run away condemn a singer who was sacked by the president last month say they are the lawful prime minister they got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including keeping a close eye from the sky.


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