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million population of the cia are intentional attack against buildings dedicated to religion the enlistments of children under the age of fifteen years to fights in the and movements deportation or forcible transfer of the civilian population basically you know in the in in the months of fighting that erupted in central african republic beginning in two thousand and twelve and going through still two thousand and fourteen there is still violence ongoing there but that was the main parts of it. yeah was a militia commander in the movements which had basically been brought together to push the mostly muslim seleka fighters out of the capital and it was in the aftermath of that counts are offensive really that there were alleged war crimes that place against the muslim population essentially
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collective punishment for what the anti balika feiss believes were. an attempt to oust the president's a successful attempt to oust the president at the time and this is therefore a first for central african republic to have a fight involved in that. conflict brought here to the international criminal court to face trial all right charles thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera will millions more be spent in new york can be enough to keep homeless students off the streets and back breaking work on the fields but rich with world war and white iran some from industry is thriving despite u.s. sanctions.
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the weather doesn't look too bad for japan over the next couple of days laws each ride with a high pressure dominating proceedings here so we'll be essentially set a laboratory of high pressure the moment it's just located around the korean peninsula but a little system making its way towards the yellow sea will bring some wet weather in sioux north korea some snow there into north korea as well also seeing some some of that wet weather as we got one into saturday before japan dicksee largely dry cold enough there would be eleven celsius there for tokay that sweeps through as we go on through sunday dry a brighter weather coming through in a tad warmer take at around fifteen celsius but some cherry rain will eventually push in for the early part of next week and not too much in the wash out right across central and southern parts of china still to the south of that where we got the main weather happening northeasterly wind pushing through you can see
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developing tropical system making its way towards the vietnam that's going to bring some flooding rains in here as we go on through the next few days a little more clout by sunday just making its way into southern parts of china but it should stay dry so there's a tropical storm that's making its way towards vietnam pushing through as we go on into sunday russia showers coming in behind with a lot of the showers from malaysia. investigating a mud by the in the military in one thousand one thousand nine. hundred steps takes us on a personal journey back to east timor recalling memories which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others. decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of indonesia's bloody retreat on
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al jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says it's unacceptable that the us president is turning a blind eye to the killing of. speaking after donald trump again backed the saudi crown prince who has been accused of ordering the murder pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into an attack at the chinese consulate in karachi that killed two police officers a separate there's a group called the balochistan liberation army has claimed responsibility a former militia leader in the central african republic has appeared before the international criminal court in the hague where he's accused of war crimes. also
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known as rambo faces war crime charges he was a senior leader within the mostly christian movement. the united arab emirates is reviewing a request for clemency from the family of a british student jailed for life for spying. for the u.k. has defended the judge's decision matthew had just was arrested a dubai airport and may while on a research trip for his university faces his family say he was forced to sign a confession in arabic which he doesn't understand paul brennan has more from london. the u.a.e. ambassador who's come out and first of all defended the integrity of the united arab emirates judicial system saying that that he had just was not convicted after some five minutes summary justice trial the three senior judges examined his case over the period of a month and found that the evidence against him was in the in the ambassador's words anyway compelling that said he said that on the u.a.e.
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law there was the possibility of a defendant to appeal against the sentence or be apply for clemency and it's he made it clear that the family of matthew hedges has now made that application and the government of the u.a.e. is looking at that location for clemency he didn't say which way it would go and this follows a whole flurry of diplomatic activity from the british side daniella to hard who was there when matthew hedges was sentenced to life imprisonment on weapons they met with the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt here in london on thursday came out with a far more formal reassured she seemed with the actions of the foreign secretary and the foreign secretary and self who had earlier in the day met with the. london tweeted as i follows i believe and trust the u.a.e. foreign minister that's in abu dhabi is working hard to resolve this situation a s a p and that's holly's with a statement from the foreign ministry in abu dhabi saying that they hoped an
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amicable solution could be found in sri lanka m.p.'s supporting the disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa have walked out of parliament for the second time this week they cuse the speaker of favoritism punches were thrown last week when m.p.'s passed a no confidence motion against rajapaksa both he and rana worker missing or who were sacked by the president last month say they are the lawful prime minister. president donald trump has threatened to close the border with mexico if his administration decides its neighbor has lost control of its side thousands of asylum seekers from central america are gathering in the mexican border. hoping to cross into the u.s. john holeman reports from there. the day starts with the battle to keep clean but it's hard when you're sleeping rough with five thousand three hundred other people got to try and get washed because it feels weird being dirty all the time.
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easier said than done in the sports complex hardly turned into account privacy doesn't exist or even shelter to some and the rainy season is just beginning and those who went up with that i'm going to have you know last night it was tough my blankets got wet so we had to go and stand where there's a roof and we didn't sleep all night. it's going to be that way for some time for this caravan of central americans they've got to take right up against the us buddha but now they stuck nowhere to go and nothing to do. some brush up on the football skills others practice their poker faces or explore the small playground for the umpteenth time. the clothes washing areas busy series of phone charging station fifty cents a go. in a passes the time with the daily concert for anyone who cares to listen to them and that it will be them also it's
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a way to forget the bad moments that we've gone through with all been suffering so it's a way to forget that stress. they were accused of the country laid on by the mexican navy and the buses going to a newly arranged job fair but the semblance of order can't last. this makeshift camp is almost full but you can see people are still arriving daily here saying there's going to be no space for anyone more. authority say the city can't deal with the influx any longer sometimes people believe the newcomers bring only crime problems. others do what they can to help get ok with it so you know i don't think we should lose our humanity at the end of the day where city of migrants and mexicans have had to cross as well into the us. that's what everyone here wants to get to the other side instead they're setting up for the long haul just a stone's throw away john holdren how does it or to be one of the u.n.
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special envoy to yemen has arrived in the port city of hadera after holding talks with the rebels in the capital sanaa pro-government forces backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition have been trying to seize for data from the rebels for months now mother though has more from nearby djibouti. martin griffiths visit to yemen generally is about establishing. channels with. he's very keen to see the purtiest committing themselves only to attending the talks but also a ceasefire in the port city of the day that his visit in the day that is mainly about the issue of. us on the ground but also about seeing for himself the extent of the damage recent fighting has done to humanitarian installations like hospitals some of whom have been damaged in the fighting some have been used as basis by the warning is accompanied by live under the un humanitarian
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coordinator for yemen and there will be some of the installations they're expected to visit according to sources is that al for a hospital which has got a fully fledged. three month which is being so many people and these fighting going on around the hospital which is run by the i.c.r.c. he will also visit the port which is a lifeline for millions of yemenis and the pool for peace talks continues everybody is. fully aware that come. to the conflict in the yemen humanitarian crisis if then more peace talks is with things seem to be headed at the moment. strong winds are fanning brush fires on the east coast of australia some homeowners have been advised to move to safety flights were cancelled sydney and melbourne airports stranding thousands of airline passengers
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and staying down under and people convicted of terrorism offenses could be stripped off their citizenship government leaders are looking at changing the law so that convicted terrorists lose their passport at the moment dual nationals can have their citizenship revoked new restrictions on the return of foreign fighters are also being considered. i like tronics giant samsung has apologized for the deaths of workers at its factories it settles a longstanding dispute that began when an employee died of leukaemia in two thousand and seven this c.e.o. kim kim admitted the company failed to provide a safe working environment and promised to comply with a compensation plan homelessness is a growing problem in new york city of the eight and a half million population one in one hundred twenty eight doesn't have a home including many families city leaders are spending extra money to try and
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keep children in classrooms christmas salumi reports. the thanksgiving holiday in the united states is traditionally a time to gather with family and feast on a tricky dinner with all the trimmings. all your family scientists a pagan that you bring home a turkey so we'll be giving each one of you guys a time to bring home to your family. it's an experience the staff at the research and service high school in brooklyn tries to replicate for its students thirty percent of whom are homeless students like lexus cologne who lives in a city provided hotel room and has a lot more than homework to worry about you know. focus and. think the way i want to clearly. i'm always thinking about how i'm going to get out this early when i'm going to nick. the school is in a neighborhood where like most of the city affordable housing is getting harder to find income levels have not kept pace with inflation helping to drive one hundred
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fourteen thousand students and their families into shelters or shared apartments part of the reason why i think students come to school is because they know they can get a meal here they know that they can get cleaning products here they know that they can get close here they know that this is a safe warm loving environment in which they can learn and forget about many of the problems that they face outside of school building. the school has a pantry from which students can select up to ten items a week in addition to a social worker who can help them with the issues of instability that can affect their education district wide the city has promised to add one hundred community qward neighbors to help students in transitional housing. students living in shelter have dismal scores in reading and math they're more likely than other students to be suspended in school teachers and school staff talk to us about the need for more social emotional support for students who are homeless in order for
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them to learn in the class or lexus feels he has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. look at this like. everybody knows i know everybody. i never went to a school. i actually like. but with so many homeless students in new york advocates say even more needs to be done to ensure they all have the same level of support to break the cycle of poverty cristen salumi al-jazeera new york the reimposition of u.s. sanctions on iranian oil exports are threatening various parts of iranian society but one business sector in particular believes it's virtually sanctioned troof samus ravi has the story. the men and women in this room take saffron very seriously at a conference hosted by the university of toronto experts are discussing risks and
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challenges to the industry rising market demand climate change and of course the one thing every iranian business worries about american sanctions. and i know that we are the main producer and exporter of safwan in the world there's no alternative sanctions have no impact on this industry the world needs so they need to buy our products by legal or illegal means was so to our products will be exported saffron doesn't need much water to grow so traders are encouraging farmers dealing with nearly a decade of drought to swap crops the farm to table process can be labor intensive delicate work but in the end it's a lucrative. ninety percent of iran saffron is exported and a q a gram can sell for around fifteen hundred dollars the spice is a key ingredient in cosmetics perf human food and medicine the international demand is high and people who wanted will usually find
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a way to get it. sellers say that makes u.s. sanctions a buyers problem. and. you know this year fortunately even sanctions have had an impact it's actually better because the price has gone up. packed into these little boxes is the culmination of hours of manual labor by dozens of people and that's why this sought after spice is so expensive so can safir on save or runs economy technically it is possible but there is a problem of scale iran does not make enough saffron accounts for less than one percent of iran's overall revenue from exports. still it's big business in small town iran and profits are up. and you know. though for some it can be backbreaking thankless work. the harvest season lasts only a month and pickers are out from dawn to dusk they say the minimum wage is not
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enough and they want a bigger share of growing profits to them what. we live in poverty we come here early in the morning and sometimes when i come home my child complains saying i don't see you we're not even off on fridays in the middle of winter when everyone sits next to a heater in this freezing cold with force to do this otherwise we wouldn't do it help. while the government has poured money into helping the saffron sector thrive the benefits have yet to trickle all the way down the same bus rob the old a zero four but the head the rear. our website al jazeera dot com there you'll find the day's top stories just had to al-jazeera dot com. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's foreign minister says it's
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unacceptable that the u.s. president as turning a blind eye to the killing of. speaking after donald trump once again backed the saudi crown prince who's been accused of ordering the murder. in the united arab emirates to begin his first trip abroad since. the saudi official news agency says it's part of a tour of a number of brother lee arab countries pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into an attack at the chinese consulate in karachi that killed two police officers a separatist group called the liberation army has claimed responsibility and in the northwest of the country children are among thirty five people killed by an explosion in a crowded market dozens were injured in or exotic districts and no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. there's also been a blast in neighboring afghanistan where at least ten people have been killed that attack happened in the city of khost at least twenty others were wounded when
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a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a military base a former militia leader in the central african republic has appeared before the international criminal court in the hague. also known as rambo faces war crimes charges he was a senior leader within the mostly christian and. the united arab emirates is reviewing a request for clemency from the family of a british student jailed for life for spying. defended the judge's decision. was arrested at dubai airport in may while on a research trip for his university thesis the u.n. special envoy to yemen has arrived in the port city of her day after holding talks with her with the rebels in the capital of. pro-government forces backed by the coalition have been trying to seize for data from the rebels for peace talks are planned for next month. strong winds are fanning fires on the east coast of
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australia some homeowners have been advised to move to safety flights were canceled at sydney and melbourne airports stranding thousands of airline passengers those are the latest headlines on inside story with laura is coming up next though with us. violated in prisons for demanding rights new reports highlights how activists stifled in saudi arabia is sexual abuse a weapon to silence women wanting freedom in conservative societies this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm noriko flowed electrocuted sexually harassed rights groups say women activists have been subjected to torture and assault in saudi jails the kingdom has been promising reform and will freedom for females but reports by amnesty international and human rights watch suggest if you speak out you can be looked up and abused the reports of ledge the women had difficulty walking and their hands shook uncontrollably off to interrogations one woman reportedly attempted suicide multiple times. unfortunately we don't have access to the prisons or to the detainees themselves so we are right now basing. our information on the reports that we've said and we are calling on the saudi
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authorities to investigate these reports in a very serious manner and transparent manner but also to take action and hold those who are responsible for these acts if they are very bight to account i have to say that while these reports have not been very fine they have come from three different sources and they are credible sources that we have but they also fits within a pattern that we have documented over the years so it's not specific to this group of detained activists. let's bring in our guests now and in stockholm via skype we have. a writer and a list who's worked as a journalist and saudi arabia and dublin. saudi human rights activists and via skype. a saudi political refugee now living in italy a very warm welcome to all of you know what really jumps out of this report all
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these reports for me was the treatment of these women in detention and the fact that they were sexually harassed just describe for us what was alleged to have happened to them. well i. mean. we were surprised i think many people who are hoping that the tragic fate of jamaah touchy when put pressure on the sunday reveals that that's when my little bit with me but now. i think this will probably now we know why. they're going no and it's question about their. will this thing that it's because they've been subjected to these higher firing and verify and treatment and torture sexual harassment i think the study regime avoided releasing them because they don't afford another scandal but also to show the sustenance nature of the saudi regime but also
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a telling point in the way how the regime treats women's rights activists that really is a country you know a tribal country and even though that there are gender violence in the country the trouble is because actually encourage brain men from touching and harassing women but now that these ethics morals are not partisan attacks or do we see what they can go so far as to sexually harass and abuse women's rights activist m i but when we're talking about sexual harassment here it says a human rights report this amounted to forced hugging and kissing of these women are most women around the world would find this a violation but tell us what more it might mean for a saudi woman in a very conservative society. appears you. are abusing their power and this is not the first time really i think and i grew up. in
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a sexual harassment in the station moving the women to nice. actually before and this is what most under reported language so you could harassment moves . nobody speaks about it. and we have seen it in the east and were twenty one in each of the media and into the court to say to some men who gang rape are going to give us a. court case we can be the quote the most moral to those ads which almost a great question of and then and she was right you know she was flogged and sued to prison and was a link or over there for the rape so yes a lot of women it's not your regular although in prison or even prison to have been sexually molested by all these religious police and agents you know
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a lot of people in power in which they are using their power. when there's it's still core to it wasn't very shocking that it comes to the media not that the link i reach ought to be. nice and all of this could have been moved as a chord or a saving for the soviet of this kind of object well she does wonder but fortunately . we're losing those women could be. more scandalous to so get over it is not done because of the sexual harassment but because also there are some statements of the relatives of a woman that maybe some of them have atsic leave her minutes there's a couple agents and civility it's ok. abdel aziz if you could just give us an idea of what sort of impact this treatment of women in detention is likely to have on these women for the rest of their lives and not added the women
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but on their families and their relatives. now you have to get the message that the saudi government is sending right here and that's not a new message the saudi government is trying to try is that. the saudi society they're trying to frighten them to silent so this kind of activities harm person or persons and the personal level it harmed their families and the tarmoh whole society we have thirty million saudis are hurled refugee under that man is. the king and his crown prince mohammed bin said man very sadly mr trump was talking and mr case and he said this so the money is good enough. and i ask if i says have enough money to buy enough for pence and open the embassy . and i have
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a country with that be ok to do business with them because what the saudi regime is doing is putting political activists we have to know this ladies who were tortured and abused they weren't even against the saudi routine they only asked for the right of driving so well they weren't three think that the problem koreans or the regime they were ok with the absolute monarchy so this kind of regime is sending a message saying any kind of change will be harshly punished and this kind of punishment will be and your families will be through sexual harassment will be through or through hanging them over the wall or upside down and through electric shocks the ladies can't walk anymore this is not the first time there is a. recorded report by a public figure in saudi arabia who was asked from the interior minister to do
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a report about torturing and saudi arabia. very pope also talked about sexual harassment to male prisoners threatening them to sexually harassed their families outside of the jail yeah so this is not just an issue against women it's against all detainees that are held in saudi arabia how unusual is it for women to be detained and facing this sort of treatment once a also of course when you talk about women need to look at them as defense which disagree with. the moment we talk about women in their regime and look at this and then the women like. but i think i think i think it's very difficult to generalize because you have a dramatic sense within the saudi leadership today you have some friends who are actually adopting the doctrine you are even with me read against me. so i asked at
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the briefing because they any despite the fact that those women have never expressed or demanded the fathers they only demanded everything. they've been targeted ought to be changed and they've been subjected to sexual harassment and torture so i think it's a message in need to everyone i know so many women because the regime the women they don't look at them from the perspective that their own millions demanding they see them as that radical political structure and now they also have seen them as a threat because when women mobilize you know. but i'm up they must in you know they my actually are imagination and public popular uprising for a further three months so i think i mean we have seen more of this.
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i mean since nineteen i seen the first wave so i get moments when the forty said i thought it would drive their car to end in the mud ending running the. first time they think me a crowd and there were cars to save file from the work that they did. and because of what happened and maybe in another oh or end the driving the answer two thousand and eleven changed from when you yourself were briefly detained i believe in two thousand and twelve for driving in saudi arabia do you think if you lived in saudi arabia now you would be amongst these detained women. absolutely i think not only because i'm a you know like to. see a minority who. is much harsher sentences as you have seen one of the detainees
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this. you should because she wants to the shia minority who acted once so yes definitely now unfortunately that is one of that to the recent arrests of one men even though we have a very short lest the most heinous influential one man activist and study to reveal the fact that. the people only know you know women are in prison think that this is their this is the only number all woman in prison but in reality there are enormous amounts to the school who are present that their families chose to stay local i'm not one to involve the media hoping that they will provide will help their case so they will least like me have seen people days ago i think ninety one of the and the little tips decided to bring out of the name of the person will
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then more than six months because when i say that states i am going to that it is not the case and more especially with the you know.


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