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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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put forward felix is a caveat from the p.d.s. party the campaign against most unfairly the other opposition candidates and emanuel run is only shot three whose backs by the current president joseph kabila and a serious katherine sawyer has more on who the new candidate is. after his father and she said katie died in february last year felix she said cady to go over the reins of the largest opposition party the union for democracy and social progress. his father had come second in the twenty eleven presidential election and the young like to see katie hopes to copy two lies on that legacy and popularity styles himself and his father than favoring the same flack street cop. but unlike the old that she said katie who had decades of experience both in government and the opposition his son was until recently not in the thick of congress politics he lived in belgium for many as as
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a political newcomer some have criticised his lack of experience a coalition of the country's most prominent opposition leaders as high of a decided that he's best placed to win the general election to be held in december there are twenty one presidential candidates for the pass and to bit is a man moshe diary president joseph kabila successor it will be a single round contest opposition leaders and civil society groups have raised concern about an electronic voting system to be used for the first time in the country and the inclusion of some ten thousand soldiers who they say should be struck out because of irregularities they're worried that the election will not be free and fair at. forty six million congolese i expected to go to the paul's supporters of the opposition believe this is a chance for their leaders to show a united front after years of divisions and that he likes to say kennedy is a man to lead them to the catherine sawi al-jazeera. and still ahead on the
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program another walkouts in the sri lankan palm and his opponents of the newly appointed prime minister win control of a key on a metric resi. looks to revive it soil sets up for me the right. i don't see who is or has been contaminated by damage to boil while. hello the weather is largely set fair for central and southern parts of china at the moment a lot to the south of that though vietnam seeing some very nasty weather this latest tropical storm pushing towards central areas of vietnam to the north of that as you can see it is going to be dry little more cloud just building saturday on into sunday for southern parts of china can't rule out the possibility some wet
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weather pushing its way in here then as you can see northern areas of vietnam also turning increasingly wet in the process some weather to into southern areas of india for the showers there into sri lanka suspected might affect the cricket having said that in colombo lossie drive was sheltered here but the showers never really too far away you can see some of the areas of in the s.t.l. see some rather lively showers as we go on into sunday for the northeast and refine and dry smoke once again into new delhi temperatures at around twenty five celsius dry and five across the at around thirty one degrees try and find say thirty one celsius there for abu dhabi southern parts of the varian pencil peninsula generally set to look further north showers not too far from us here in cots that will make its way further south as we go on through sunday and lied to these further flooding there for kuwait and western iran. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as
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a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at all zero in the race but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is disgusting the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. again undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera turkish investigators analyzing the phone calls and movements of the suspects in the case of the murdered
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saudi journalist jamal. so the operation to kill him was planned twelve days in advance in the recordings a third voice is heard which security sources say might be the us of saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound on. suicide attackers have tried to storm the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi killing two policemen the separatist group the liberation army has claimed responsibility for the talk. have agreed to talks which could result in the united nations running the port of her data the ports is a vital lifeline for yemenis many of whom all starving due to a four year civil. a central african republic militia leader and politician has told the international criminal court he was beaten and tortured after his arrest last month alford yeah catawba also known as ron but has appeared at the hague for war crimes he was a senior leader of the mostly christian movement his fighters attacked was him
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seneca rebels back in twenty thirteen or chalons has the latest from the hague. well alfred's first appearance at the international criminal court here in the hague was short and procedural just thirty minutes or so long the three judges confirmed the suspects identity they also establish the language in which he is to understand proceedings as they are told and state outlines the charges against him he specifically accused of being involved in murder torture cruel treatments mutilation intentional attacks against the civilian population intentional attacks against buildings dedicated to religion in this mince of child soldiers and displacement of the civilian population this is a step of some significance for the central african republic it's the first time that anyone involved in the recent conflict has ended up here to face charges it's
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going to be some time before the actual trial proper gets underway the judge said that it wouldn't be until april thirtieth of two thousand and nineteen that things really will swing into full action here at the i.c.c. . guinea's government has deployed elites only battalions to patrol the capital conakry following a number of opposition led protests that i'm straight as unpaid wages on disc you should election results as nicholas hawke reports. discontent is spreading teachers left their classrooms swapping pens and paper for rocks and sticks protesting for better pay they joined a growing wave of discontent against president condé and his government civil servants want their unpaid wages trade unionist wanted to oil price hikes the opposition want the killing of protesters to stop the killing of the shelf and that
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the army has been deployed against the people the military are heavily armed this is in violation of our rights and the constitution. outnumbered and overwhelmed the police now patrol with an elite army battalion turning the capital into battlefield human rights groups accuse the president of using the military to fire live bullets at the people it's meant to defend hundreds have been injured and twenty killed including members of the security forces we are calling for is for. sure that this stops they should be no more death in the context of demonstrations in guinea and there are a number of ways. this can be done one is ensuring that the members of the security forces where they use excessive force are held to account that they are taken to brought to justice they should be also a clear message from the your thirty's but also from the political parties that violence should not be used during demonstrations including demonstrations of the
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imposition of the or the ruling party i mean they should be very clear that they're right that he's protected is the right to peaceful demonstration protests began in february over a contested local election and quickly spread the government accuse the opposition of using guerilla to. activists running street battles with armed men pitted against the security forces despite a ban on marches protests continue. they are trying to take part of the population hostage by militarizing the streets and they give the excuse that this is to maintain law and order has been in power since two thousand and ten opponents fear he wants to change the constitution in seek another mandate with elections scheduled for twenty twenty and growing popular resentment these protests may be just a glimpse of what lies ahead nicholas hawk al-jazeera. a million villages in south sudan water supplies contaminated by leaks from damaged oil wells the all
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facilities were heavily attacked during the five year civil war that some are being repaired and production is restarting to boost the oil dependent economy but has hit the morgan reports villages in the northern state of or away fear further damage to their health for more than seven years doctor's advice to make sure his daughter is never alone they couldn't figure out why she lost the ability to walk. she was growing up normally she started crying one night that her body was aching then over a few weeks she stopped walking i took her to so many doctors no one gave me a reason why this happened he isn't sure what affected his daughter's health but the end of a tour is she loses the tumor growing on her hand four years ago and it's become more painful lately the forty two year old blames drinking water from a source near an oil well the ability to let me first there was pain in my left
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hand then i got frequent headaches then the tumor appeared on my right hand i drink the water that's next to the oil well and i think that series and behind it. she's one of hundreds who live in villages near oil wells in growing state some were abruptly shut five years ago when rebel attacks destroyed facilities the shutdown are blamed for causing oil leak a just into water source his production is restarting and the damage is repaired oil revenue a council more than one thousand percent of south sudan's g.d.p. increased oil production it's a stronger economy for stocks but for those believe me to hold well unless you want to sources around the area there are concerns that one production where you want conference. the german aid organization sign of hope says leaks and damaged oil wells have contaminated the water supplies of more than have a million south sudanese the organisation says what i meant for drinking was found to contain heavy metals and oil production waste government leaders say they are looking to the operating companies to assure villages about their health concerns
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really what it is about they being because of their or your sector. this is affecting people from time to time in the community of better organised a government also a quarter of the companies that you are working or printing ruing is that in order to look at the needs of the people. the main operating company in the area the group the pioneer operating company are cheap ok he says it's aware of the health and science it is because of what's in the room on the street that they really want to where they might and so i just thought we were doing. that we should take in i am not only not only stuck in the water and then you don't hear about the people. villages such as ned who may never recover from her illness yet will just wants
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treatment for her tumor but to make her being go away people morgan are busier ruling south sudan. intra lawmakers opposed to the newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa have won control of a key committee which sets the parliament said gender the country's been in a political crisis since last month when the president abruptly fired prime minister run a wickramasinghe and replaced him with rajapaksa you know fernandes reports from colombia. another day and another war kiran because parliament this time for a committee a sort of an umbrella committee which oversees and does all the appointments for all the committees to select committees here in chile because parliament both sides back to prime minister minded rajapaksa and ousted prime minister brown and become a singer wanted to control that committee of selections now the speaker just at the outset of the parliament sitting this morning said that he was allocating five
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seats to the rajapaksa faction and seven obviously to the ousted prime minister the rajapaksa faction rejected that delegation the accuse a speaker of the biased and partial and then they staged a walk out of the chamber the speaker continued the proceedings had called for or basically what was different to recent days there was an electronic vote and the results of that electronic board the atsic prime minister garnered hundred and twenty one of the two hundred twenty five votes there by showing his majority it was symbolic in that the consumer was able to demonstrate basically the support he has in the house as you can see the business of parliament on the floor of the house progressing and it's basically a matter of who accepts these proceedings as being the official proceedings of the house. strong winds across australia as east coast to coast travel kael sound for
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some people to evacuate their homes winds gusting up to seventy kilometers an hour found bushfires across new south wales some homeowners were advised to move to safety in case they sprayed the wall in sydney or melbourne dozens of flights were canceled leaving thousands of passengers stranded. well when people think of syria sadly of course they think of the death and destruction caused by years of war there a new exhibition in doha emphasizes the rich heritage of the country as christian norman reports. on. how america captured in a golden light seen trees before it fell to eisele. painted in seventeen eighty five by french artist louis francois. this is the first known watercolor of the ancient syrian city pole mirrors distinctive tombs dominate the foreground. there were no other chin terrorists in this time anywhere in the works so it's
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a very particular type of of the area there outside the city in the valley of the tourists more than two hundred years later those two towers would disagree said to buy eisel what indeed art is to palin mayor was exactly what i saw sought to destroy. sculptures of diverse idols predating islam the third century was power mary's heyday trade was flourishing and people were wealthy this is a relic from that time it's part of a sick coffin so coffin and it most likely how the remains of someone important. in syria's rich heritage isn't limited to pal mera this is the you me out mosque in damascus which is more than one thousand years old. the german artists born find his captured at the grand building as well as syria's multi-faith society different kind of head that that they are wearing are like from different kind of religious
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trance damascus was also a center for going for the government church during the ottoman period. syria is often described as one of the cradles of civilization. at its heart is one of the oldest continuously. inhabited cities in the world but at last centuries of history in four years of fighting between rebels and the government the medieval masks sooks bath houses and the citadel all damaged or destroyed but some say not everything has gone we have the artifacts we have. items but what do we have as a culture it's quite hard to be destroyed. a culture put the to spy war that refuses to be forgotten. norman al jazeera doha. italy's famous leaning tower of pisa isn't leading so much anymore the fifty seven meter tower so slowly straightening thanks to engineering works carried out more than
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twenty years ago the tower began tilting during its construction in the twelfth century mainly because of soft ground and inadequate foundations in one thousand nine hundred tourist site was closed to the public for the first time in eight hundred years because of fears it would fall over. a stone to study. it was it's enough fundamentally we've positioned a series of pipes with which took away the soil from the opposite side of the leaning side of the tower with the missing soil under its base of a tower has reacted by straining our recovering the tilt and that is rejuvenating after all the years that it caused a little we enter each ingredient as it into which was we coming whirring sound you want to put. out a reminder at the top stories on al-jazeera turkish investigators analyzing the phone calls and movements of the suspects in the case of the murdered saudi journalist
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jamal who. so the operation to kill him was planned twelve days in advance in the recordings the third voice is heard which security sources say might be boss of saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon. well earlier turkey's foreign minister accused u.s. president donald trump of turning a blind eye to the murder. but it covers so do also suggest that the u.s. only wants to protect its own interests. job done there are a number of questions that have not been answered the whole world wants answers to those questions the explanations given by mr trump saying i will turn a blind are you whatever happens is only acceptable before everything else we have to remember that there was a life lost here. suicide attackers are trying to storm the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi three gunmen at least two policemen were killed a separatist group the but not just on liberation army has claimed responsibility. in a separate attack in northwest pakistan at least twenty five people including children
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were killed in an explosion in a crowded markets in the iraq side districts like site recently merged with kind of packed inquire province after decades of direct rule from islamabad. yemen's who the rebels have agreed to talks which could result in the united nations running the port of her data the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths made the announcement after speaking to the iran backed rebels the port is a vital lifeline for yemenis many of whom are starving due to four years of war saudi led coalition forces have been battling to take the data for months. a central african republic militia leader and politician has told the international criminal court he was beaten and tortured after his arrest last month. also known as rambo has appeared at the hague for war crimes he was a senior leader of the mostly christian and lack of movement whose fighters attacked muslim seleka rebels back in twenty thirteen record tom is accused of killing civilians rape and recruiting child soldiers he was arrested last month
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after a gun was fired in parliament during dispute between him and another m.p. . and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera radicalized youth is coming next stay with us. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and
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hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. the italian think a judge or a government that said that fascism never really went away. for me after that i was asked of us and it was our border between months markup of us some as a soft us. delegates are those who share also what you get out of me or some dumb as a positive mentalities one look what i. last saw you saw some cases ok soon case i thought it.
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was a lever forgive me can. i say that back in general are for after all. i just said i welcome back want to talk we are going to walk not if you do is there shame on the one below mt us on the sabbath the difference that would make you. a gentleman looking for him when you're off let your face. shield or scar you know . but i'm with thoughtlessness. on a lot of lunch. well supported me in the film via the. wrong tone issue you know your god must be allowed to climb the hot. to chicago to not defective and i'm blue neck and i'm lou have. near. enough to say you have to. make me down the most of the gaza. and the highwayman as i would say the second
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most significant far right organisation of hungary many members of the of the organisation used to be members of of the police and of the army so there are members who are really trained. people are just. ok so. those on the trail. license number if you shake them on the shaft going to tell me then i'm just going on. as i don't really i will not a key to longevity not. experts assume that it could be a few hundred men who were part of the organization maximum probably a thousand people and the organisation of was formed by lustful thoughts who is one of the most significant figures of the hunger and far right. model of santa claus
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battle fix the actual columbo that much that what you mean they could do them out a lot look at the ticket that ought to go to it what i've got to get us through it because it was all settled by god some people biathlete me all that good number of them because you had what your site called value for something that will just leave the body dish well i mean that's out and they saw my daughter i'd be at the. really hungry there's one guy i can trust seems lost into the sky. i can say there is a fourth there's a war against my dreams. nowadays you can say whatever you want to accept if
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your heads are sexual if you're white and different appreciation. for your own fame i don't they say he's going to be the two of them are actually some of the cast you connect them. probably my idea. your plan as a number of well you know hot sauce hates has contacted the author and. i think the . scandal is going to keep him. on the input if you go you. know. as. long as i walk on. point to send them to me and in the end in the end sucked the better for them and they would win me and some way to be cautious when i'm given a. total yeah we sit in
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a portable. from the way. they brought them in when you tried out. and. i believe. they can you believe it. or. you are twenty five but your peers in the country. since mass immigration story we had. a bunch of clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture. well i should say some grading the us. is not comfortable with european culture.
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hold for a lot of ocean and a lot of. well you got there will be glad. he's out of us. now that's a tuesday yet if you thought. the . was. such a dramatic contrast to monday now the police instead of letting people on board the crimes stopping them from getting access to the station. by.
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then it would only get to see trash i wanted to be allowed one. day i was. just bought one item and might use it. as a feeling of you know. i think i got them what else would you always seem jenny it out magazine junkies at a meet and you've gained all taught the one all of the. last adult docs. would have the skittles. to buy a bottle and i don't want to bet on that ok but. shocking as that dog was not much more annoying this up. as a traditional suspicion of ethnic minorities that was the basis of official i'm
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getting bored that's. for a one hundred fourteen yes no. the fear of being swamped by foreign congress which is old feeling in old country is. especially in eastern europe as you know you know memories attached to patients and all that kind of thing is transmogrified into a myth. because of course nobody is threatening hungary we didn't have immigrants at all zero immigration but this is the one topic one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing. timing. because there are no refugees and migrants currently in hungary because they not in the country be torben had to kind of invent a new enemy in this new enemy became church.
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they spread the message that this church taught us wants to bring refugees and migrants to europe in order to destroy the continent to destroy a nation state to destroy the kind of the christian traditional cause for a few of. mr shadows is a very handy symbol because of course he was supporting human rights groups free higher education and such causes that are hated anyway. but it's a very easy to explain them all from from an ism to human rights from modern capitalism to its opposite to modern socialism by the figure of the demonic elusive inexplicable jew. but also there's a joke like. that before yesterday after.
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the dog on the foot of the light washing mr chester crouton as i did as a dad was a little. thoughtful look at you and. in addition to that because he loved. one of them doesn't get them bad man. i was all on huge that program young to sunny don't want to look at the shroom politically. nazionale is my son but off the other side of. the shammy bird left going i am come i was shot he fired he wanted to. kill me or just was accustomed. to go us was going to do what. he wants with the south african affairs because she says we can't take on this week that we don't know you have to
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quit. this. and what it has done of that lambada not one of us know that it's a chum mushroom. hawking i'll give one shit i should like young unborn yashmak or washing down all of my new no doubt each of them being out in the. really hard to. receive the truth we goes a lot of times you just don't know where to search for specific information. you just. need to simulate the lies or force things. i trust my friends i trust my family are just there front of i really don't trust strangers.


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