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on senate if you could take me around the continent. you don't have to set up your experiment and your experiment in the universe is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global. live from studio al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to these grades u.s. president. showed these murder and these broader ties to saudi arabia under scrutiny the senate republicans are demanding answers while democrats promise hearings once they take control of the house in january we'll have
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a live report from washington also on the grid on thai government protests in paris turned violent with police firing tear gas and water cannon the so-called yellow vest protest began as a campaign against rising fuel prices but have become a potentially serious challenge to president. and a showcase of democracy on china's doorstep the people of taiwan have voted in local elections dealing a blow to the ruling pro independence body. loomed over the vote as it regards taiwan as a renegade province so what will the results mean for future relations. social media in mourning the death of two syrian activists one of them became prominent through his use of american pop culture to highlight the war. connects of us during the show live on facebook. with the news. live on air and streaming online through youtube facebook live and
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that al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us to murder seems to have brought us republicans and democrats together key figures in both parties are demanding answers from president donald trump and questioning the president's remark to act on the journalists killing adam schiff is set to become the house intelligence committee's chairman early next year he is promising a deep dive into washington's ties with riyadh including hush oh geez death the war in yemen and the stability of the saudi royal family on the republican side key senators including foreign relations committee chairman bob corker are demanding answers from the administration as goes straight to our a serious political hand in washington d.c. patty the president in his statement a few days ago perhaps was hoping to move on from jamal khashoggi but it's clearly not going to happen anytime soon. exactly he's been sending the message since the first day we heard that jamal khashoggi had basically disappeared into the saudi
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saudi consulate every time he's asked about it the president gives the impression that ok he's decided it's time to move on well here's the problem for the president perhaps the crown prince of saudi arabia muhammad bin psalm on the president is just one branch of the u.s. government there are checks and balances there really haven't been for the last two years because the president's own party controlled both chambers of congress that changes on january third when democrats take over the house of representatives you're going to see a very aggressive investigation from the house intelligence committee led by adam schiff he has basically come out and said this doesn't it doesn't make sense that the president has seemed to go out of his way to try and find a reason not to punish saudi arabia for the killing of a journalist and you mentioned it's not going away this is a president that stories don't stick to because there's always another controversy around the corner but let's not forget jamal khashoggi was one of the intellectual
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elites in this town he was well respected he was a journalists journalists do have a role in setting the agenda this is not disappearing from the cable news networks it's not disappearing from the major newspapers or even the local newspapers this is not going to go away congress is going to determine show that it's not going away because it is become a democratic and republican talking point both political parties both chambers say something more needs to be done you know a question that a lot of our viewers of been wondering and asking patty is you know if u.s. lawmakers conclude that perhaps a presidency interests have influenced his judgment on the matter and other foreign policy issues like the war in yemen then walked. then you see the well it really actually depends ok there's a couple of things don't forget this is a president that's been under investigation basically since the beginning of his presidency with robert muller the special counsel he has been looking into this as
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well the congress has not been overseas overseeing this president in the way that they can so what the democrats now can do is they can get warrants they can trying to excuse me get subpoenas they can try and get his tax returns remember he's the only president in modern american history who hasn't released his tax returns which would basically show us where his interests are at the heart of the special counsel's probe is did he get money from foreign governments not just russia but they've been looking into according to reports saudi arabia the united arab emirates as well so if the congress starts to unravel and let's say the president has been lying when he says he has no interests of financial interests in saudi arabia then they could if they chose to if it was damaging enough and they thought that it improperly influenced foreign policy they could look to begin articles of impeachment that is something that seems unlikely given that the republicans still control the senate but i think it really depends on what is found but they're going to start looking and that's going to be
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a very new thing for this president thank you for that patty cohan live for us in washington d.c. now if president trump is under pressure from legislators so is tunisia's government activists are opposing the saudi crown prince proposed visit next week to choose his they want the government to cancel mohammed bin salman straight following his reported involvement in the shoji killing but by reports the cash shop government is warning protests could stop much needed financial aid from the kingdom. today's ian activists are calling for mass protests against a proposed visit by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman is on his first tour aboard since the killing of journalist. some tennesseans a worry his arrival could undermine their newfound freedom and liberties with. the crown prince is tainted by the killing of her late colleague jamal khashoggi and the arrest of dozens of saudi activists for these reasons we consider
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his visit a provocation and an insult to the values of the tunisian revolution and our democracy tennessee i was the focal point of the pro-democracy protests in two thousand and eleven that galvanized the arab world and start of the revolution known as the arab spring lawyers and human rights activists in tunisia a mounting a legal challenge to stop the visit but that's unlikely to happen to cash strapped government is desperate for financial aid to tackle poverty instability and unemployment here government leaders are concerned protests might alienate saudi leaders at a critical moment for their. almost daily in the russian case have been gruesome twists turns accusations and political ramifications al-jazeera tony burke new details now what happened after the journalists walked into the
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saudi consulate in istanbul on october second. it was meant to be a new beginning for jamal khashoggi a new wife a new home and a new country but turkey was where he died an exiled journalist who dared to question and authoritarian leader his death in the saudi consulate in istanbul could so easily have been missed or even forgotten had it not been for the secret audio recordings from the scene no one really knows exactly how these recordings came about either the turkish security service it bugged the consulate or a consular official with a conscience recording them in the end it doesn't really matter what matters is that they expose the lies and deception surrounding this murder at first the denials are strong on october third the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond denied all knowledge of the killings saying mr casady disappeared after he left the consulate building a lock told with the eight his brother khaled bin salomon the saudi ambassador to the u.s. repeated the claim but on october the twelfth according to cia sources they reported
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that saudi crown prince asked jerrod krishna president trump son in law why the outrage because saudi was a dangerous islamist this anger the turkish authorities and that is when the audio recordings started to be leaked. on october thirteenth eleven days after mr casady was killed the turkish newspaper subba published details of the killing it said they came from a recording from his i watch that was sync to his i phone held by his turkish fiance outside the consulate the i watched part is perhaps not correct but the newspaper said the recording was of the journalist being tortured and then murdered this is when the picture and the response started to change with such a grim and irrefutable evidence it was difficult for this out and out culture of denial to continue and if you're over suspicious or cynical nature this is when you could believe that and agree narrative was beginning to take shape and an element of collusion was starting not just in saudi arabia on october the fifteenth
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president donald trump introduces the element of rogue killers maybe being responsible he repeated maybe two days later my comp a of the u.s. secretary of state was dispatched to riyadh where he stressed the strong alliance between the two countries and said we face our challenges together the past the day and tomorrow those challenges then got harder on october the seventeenth the turkish daily yeni shafiq printed more details about the killing revealing the concerns of the saudi consulate general in istanbul he asked the hit team to do it somewhere else the paper reports that he was told to shut up if he wanted to live back in saudi saudi arabia as noted began to change at this point on october the nineteenth the saudi attorney general said the journalist was killed during a fight on october the twenty first the saudi foreign minister adel algae of their followers president trumps line and says mr khashoggi was killed by a rogue elements and insisted the crown prince had nothing to do with it it's
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interesting to see who these rogue elements are according to the information available they include some of the most trusted members of mohamed bin salman's personal security team and a forensic expert and they acted under the orders of the deputy head of saudi intelligence in a country where the crown prince exercises such an bride. per hour it's unbelievable to sound that such a mission could have been undertaken without his knowledge on october the twenty second the saudis introduced a new version saying that it was an accident that mr kosofsky raised his voice the team panicked moved to restrain him and then had him in a choke hold in which he died on the same day this was dispelled by more audio revelations in the newspaper which revealed new recordings that mystic ashanti was either strangled with a belt or is fixated with a plastic bag after cia director gina hospital listened to the recordings in a visit to turkey saudi arabia changed its story once again on october the twenty fifth after more than three weeks of denials and implausible explanations the saudi
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attorney general finally admitted the murder it was premeditated he later and now to the death penalty for five of the team but with no further details and stressed that the crown prince was not implicated. on november the sixteenth the cia leak their findings with one official saying it was blindingly obvious who was responsible three days later more audio details released by her newspaper revealing just before the murder exactly how the hit team was going to commit the killing and who would do what the paper said the recordings also detailed nineteen phone calls that were made to riyadh after the killing including one in which the caller said tell the boss the deed is done on the same day habit turk online newspaper reveals more from the consulate audio recordings with mr khashoggi being grabbed a soon as he walked in and being called a traitor and the man who posed as his double to give the impression the journalist left the consulate saying it is spooky wearing the clothes of
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a man we killed twenty minutes ago when president trump declared his support for the saudi crown prince he said there was no direct proof against mohammed bin salmen on november the twenty second harriet made the strongest allegation against the crown prince stating that the cia has an order recording between mohamed bin selman and his brother in washington ordering mystica shah ji to be silenced it hasn't changed the mind of president donald trump it's business as usual with saudi arabia this terrible murder will be remembered for the lies and deception but also the day a u.s. president gave a pardon to a thanksgiving turkey and a virtual pardon to saudi crown prince tony berkeley al-jazeera istanbul. and don't forget to check out our spotlight page on al-jazeera dot com for all the latest developments on jamal murder investigation while you're on there watch this edition of inside story our discussion program which asks how much can donald trump shield mom and been silent saudi arabia's crown prince an interesting conversation
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between oracle and her guests watched the show by clicking on the show's tab at zero dot com and then inside story and as always knots of comments on the murder investigation one here from jamal story facebook comment which says jamal was a u.s. citizen and a journalist that makes it all of our business a question from an os also on facebook who says who asks rather is there any possibility of impeachment now that both sides are against the president president donald trump as explained earlier the republican party which president belongs who controls the senate so the likelihood of impeachment is very slim another comment from mahmoud on facebook says truth will be revealed at any cost. shortly khashoggi is made it the main culprit is mohammed bin simon u.s. support save m.b.'s until today thank you very much for all your comments you can keep coming get in touch with us using the hash tag eighteen use grid on all of our
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social media prop platforms the different ways to get in touch on your screen right now a genius great. the war in syria now and what is being called any men's loss for the country the death of prominent activists rights iris he ran an independent radio station in the last opposition stronghold of it live he was gunned down on friday along with his colleague how more junaid sour social media producer joins us now to tell us about the reactions or just show you these pictures here because this is both the journalists together and one on the right there is that it's very sad and he was a journalist from come from both and in the last the last rebel held areas syria calls it live and on his left there is. now both a now dead is not confirmed who killed them but reports indicate it was an armed group now faris engineers regularly risked their lives and shared videos with the rest of the world through social media and wrote it in particular was known for his satire to protest against the war he defied
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a music ban in late two years ago by playing out the sounds of birds and animals on his radio station instead. now his activism didn't sit well with either syria's government groups he survived several kidnaps and attempts on his life but it wasn't enough to keep him quiet and in twenty sixteen and our cards are affiliated group let him go after the public and media in his area called for his release now to form a estate agent became known for the banners he wrote in english in twenty two of just like this one here is a reference to martin luther and martin luther rather i have a dream and his post is also mocked the u.s. for its failure to protect syrians and often reference american pop culture like this one of obama here dressed as captain america now this protest was held on black friday back in twenty fifteen locals run a tongue in cheek black friday special limited offer calling on fighters to come to
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syria and fight for free land and sky as well no it's appeared last year the oslo freedom forum and spoke about acts of activism rather that he's always been part of . let's narrow thirtieth my name is right ferris i'm the journalist who shot this video it was very easy to get to this place and through this video report to you the sounds and images of the place but what was impossible to convey was the smell the smell of burned blood burns nature the smell of corpses and weapons the smell of fifty years of oppression and pain etched into my memory. no it's was quite an average person on twitter and this is how people found out what he was up to he posted this this was his last post on twitter back in september there and he said he was taking part in a demonstration with his sons as
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a picture there of his sons against the what would have been a government offensive against it now since his and deaths others have also been sharing their photos of him quite a lot of people that have known him and said they shot one of those his words as he wrote the bravest nonviolent man i ever met an immense loss of the cause of freedom in syria and beyond and obviously that was a picture of them together and also other people i can only he says it was more than an activist more than a revolutionary a friend a leader and more than a hearing and i want to share this picture here because this one is being shared a lot on social media is showing right in the middle their moods on the left and on the right he was another activist that was killed also quite known on the activists scene in syria and he was killed a couple of years ago as well so that's all three of them gone now and if you want to get in touch with us you know that it was used as a janie's grit sara thank you very much the war in syria may not make news in many
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countries that is a story we continue to cover here extensively here on al-jazeera we've got a special page dedicated to syria's war on our web site al-jazeera dot com with all the latest news zines analysis and opinion pieces. all right we want to take you now to paris france saying this is a scene right now near the shore in central paris police have fired tear gas and use water cannon against protests these are part of the so-called yellow vest protest as you can see many of the demonstrators wearing yellow vests the demonstrations began as a campaign against rising fuel prices and they've now morphed into a wider demonstration against the government of president emanuel mccoy in recent weeks at a news conference earlier on saturday the french interior minister. blamed the clashes the violence in paris today on far right extremists infiltrating the demonstrations has catherine stansell with more.
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a wave of yellow in the french capital the anger fueled by a proposed tax rise. for the second successive weekend the so-called yellow vests created roadblocks and organized protests demanding that president emmanuel macross scrap the tax. riot police stopped thousands of demonstrators on the main avenue the shots how they say from breaking through a cordon protecting the palace the president's official residence. the price of diesel has risen by twenty three percent over the past year to about a dollar seventy one per liter. across decision to impose a further increase of six point five cents starting on the first of january is the final straw for many here who fall into the government takes everything from us
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they steal from us we have to pay for everything we are overtaxed and we hope that the protests will change things. the rising cost of fuel is going to trigger a civil war and i like most of the citizens we are already here but we are fed up with paying so much all the time for it's become the new normal but paying so much it's just not possible anymore. the president blames rising oil prices worldwide and says the tax is necessary for more investment in clean and renewable energy social media has primarily been used to mobilize the yellow fasts they say they have no leader or political affiliation police are concerned but far right extremists may infiltrate the demonstrations and provoke violence three thousand officers have been mobilized in paris. nearly three hundred thousand people took part in similar nationwide protests last sat. day two
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people were killed and hundreds injured in traffic accidents. france already has some of the highest road fuel taxes in europe a crown's vowing to face down any protests and press ahead with his policy no matter how unpopular caton stansell al jazeera. is a researcher at sound spoil university in paris he says people believe they have made many empty promises from the french president emmanuel markov announce the evolution it's the title of the book that him and them up call wrote during the campaign he was talking about repairing friends but also it did the promise of a big revolution in france the fiscal one who distributed who distribution and those people are actually joined by something which is income and they don't see the chance into daily lives they feel a lot of frustration they believe that they pay too much starts but at the same
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time they don't get enough and you know one very important part in france is a consultant to pay tax but we see since recently that the consultant to pay taxes for us is declining french people consider and many people consider that they have too many times when at the same time the public. expenditure goes don't of people are wondering why do a case of hysterics when they're no one's deficit reduction or less public expenditure ups it's a very very big and quite difficult question for him and you and michael and the protests against rising fuel prices are not just happening on mainland france have also been demonstrations on the island of reunion french territory in the indian ocean the government was forced to cancel frys close calls and suspend public transport earlier this week watch our report on our web site at al-jazeera dot com . now we're keeping a close eye on results coming in from a big day of voting in taiwan they've cast their ballots for midterm local
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elections and ten referendums so far it's been a big upset for the ruling pro independence party president syene wayne says she's stepping down as chairwoman of the party after a mayoral election defeat and everything from same sex marriage to changing the island's name from chinese taipei to taiwan in big sporting events has been put on the table so that's sure to have china keeping a close eye on these results to let's bring in adrian brown in taipei for so the results coming in how much of a setback for taiwan's leader. i think it's a real setback for zion women because remember the next presidential election here in taiwan is just over a year away and the fact that she's now basically resigned as chairwoman of her party is an indication that her power base hold over that party is now weakening let's also remember that the d.p.p.
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has lost control also of two of taiwan's biggest cities one of those cities counties showing in the south the d.p.p. has held for more than twenty years so that is a real real setback and what we've had today i think is very much a report card on president zine whens popularity and the verdict is not encouraging for her we've had a very very large voter turnout there were long lines at many of the polling stations i saw today and that's another reminder that this remains a vibrant and very free democracy the problem for zion when really is this that china has had it in for her ever since she was elected president in january two thousand and sixteen they suspect that her party is independence leaning and what really upsets them is shit is that she has refused to accept what's known as the one china policy a policy whereby she would accept that there is but one china and taiwan is
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a part of it but she has consistently and publicly refused to do that so as a result china has been tightening the noose around taiwan we've seen far fewer tourists coming from the mainland to visit taiwan a drop in fact of more than two million in the past two years taiwan's also been losing lots of diplomatic allies five in the last two years and that squeeze is continuing and i think possibly voters have decided that you know a d.p.p. government perhaps is too high a price to pay and behalf. they hope that this is a warning to her to perhaps you know show a bit more peace and to to china but i think probably you know the reverse is going to happen i think you're going to see a hardening of that it shoots within you know many of her supporters here she's had a very difficult job fully she has effectively had to sort of walk this tightrope for the past few years on the one hand she has to appease those supporters but on
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the other hand she can't risk provoking a confrontation a military confrontation with china thank you for that adrian brown in taipei for us there speaks more about this now to jay bruce jacobs who's a professor of asian languages at and studies at monash university and the author of damage then democratizing taiwan is via skype from taipei thank you very much for being with us so how do you think beijing is viewing these election results today in taiwan. i think beijing might be a little bit happy but i don't think the taiwan government of any stripe can expect any favors from beijing i mean beijing's understanding of history is of very political and it's non historical so to say that taiwan has been always been a part of china is just false history. and if we look at taiwan's history the only time a chinese government has ruled taiwan since since the beginning was in one hundred forty five to one hundred forty nine and that's when john kerry implemented
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a colonial government so beijing is is creating false history it in its claim to taiwan and what's really interesting is that these elections didn't have much to do with relations with china it was young people and older people voting to improve the economy and in many cases such as gulshan the city in the south it had been ruled by the democratic party progressive party for over twenty years and i think around the world you tend to find at least in democratic parties twenty years is quite a long range and often years just change for change's sake at that stage so to some extent it was a result because there was strong control of the key in some places but there was also as as your corresponds to just a report card on the central government and the central government has tended to be rather rather cautious and to some extent this is led the paralysis and i think this cause some concern to among voters could i ask a question can i ask
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a question from one of our viewers here an interesting one i think i face on facebook and elizabeth asks whether you can so china intentionally sabotaged president size presidency with these election results. there's been one of the arguments that the credit because of parties use but it's very hard to be sure and certainly china has interfered in many countries including my own country of australia but i don't think it actually changed the election results so how do you see the future relations between taiwan and beijing. that completely depends on how beijing acts beijing that says well we'll talk to our beijing which says we don't won't talk to you and not much that taiwan can do can really can change that so what taiwan can do is do as your correspondent suggested it can be careful it can do it can to try to avoid
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a war are but basically all this is in beijing's hands the other issue though which i think has not received much attention is that the government in beijing has tightened very hard on its own citizens and if beijing was to try to invade taiwan this would be a huge major military movement and taiwan and other places in the world would have . it would have early reports on this happening and it's quite possible if beijing really did try to invade taiwan that people in china would would uprise and possibly the c.c.p. government fall thank you so much for your insights very good to hear your thoughts on this jay bruce shake up from the notion of our city joining us now from taipei we appreciate your time and if you want to find out more about the tensions between beijing and taiwan watch this excellent documentary by our team of people in power taiwan spies lies and cross straits looks at increasing military and diplomatic pressures on taiwan from the people's republic of china to find it just click on
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the documentary stab at al-jazeera dot com and then people and power. there with a news great on al-jazeera if you're watching us on facebook coming up a story about why amazon work is in europe were holding black friday strikes and still ahead on the program serbia stops if these are free travel for iranians or take a look at what's next for migrants who are now stuck along the border with croatia . i am. going to welcome back where we. it's a very stormy conditions pushing across iraq and now those storms are in iran making their way down here towards the south and to saudi arabia some of the rain showers are going to be quite heavy here's an area of low pressure that we're talking about dealing with it and that is going to continue to make its way towards the east so the rain showers look like this anywhere from baghdad down towards quite city could be a problem on sunday up towards tehran even doha could be seeing
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a rain shower or two we think it's going to be mostly to the north though but we can't rule it out for the city and then as we go towards monday that system does push more towards the east and things out to the west clear out a little bit well here's that storm system a little bit further to the south exist showers not only for qatar but also for bahrain and parts of saudi arabia and then on monday those systems does push through parts of the and also into dubai what's left is some cooler conditions with see a cloudy day for you at about twenty two degrees and then very quickly down here towards the southern part of africa now looking too bad down here towards the south we're going to see him partly cloudy conditions for most locations with the difference in about thirty one a very warm day for you cape town at twenty one johannesburg at twenty seven and then as we go towards monday still relatively the same for much of the area but over here towards madagascar across the southeastern coast we are going to see these showers.
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impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of heightened nationalism in a country at war with itself. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukraine repression on al jazeera. fresh perspectives. possibilities. been a stand in is in. debates and discussions how can you trust them a lot about how can work again with a man like that she seems to be saying if all of us and we just don't know or care enough al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the land. only on al-jazeera.
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the end now. the end . and now. the headlines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com the stories you're
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looking at on our website at number one least five people wounded in clashes in pakistan on friday after the rest of the t.l.p. chief old soul trendy not welcomed to nations protesting over the upcoming visit of . prince mohammed bin solomon at number three iran spies in hassani calling israel a cancerous tumor all those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. in the past year serbia has been the way out for people fleeing economic turmoil and political violence in iran but not belgrade has crap to the east of free travel for iranians after thousands of tourists reportedly never returned home they flew from tehran to the capital to the serbian capital rather with the promise of easy entry at the airport they then crossed the train a river into neighboring bosnia according to siree abel's foreign office all to get to go away shell which is
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a member of the european union serbia is now we impose visa restrictions but the journey to the e.u. has always been fraught with danger obvious errors david schaper reports from the town of bor nick on bosnia as border with croatia. or at night time patrolling by boston is border police the fast flowing waters of the river drain are the last barrier for the refugees the majority crossing it now are iranians the opposite banks in serbia are swept with infrared heat detectors and night scanning binoculars. but we use battery lamps rotating lights and vehicle headlamps to try and dissuade the migrants from crossing the border. but they are up against a highly experienced gangs of human traffickers making a fortune out of the refugees at this time of year the temperatures are dropping below zero and the waters are rising so the refugees are strapping together plastic bottles roping them together and using them as
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a raft in summer months they can simply wade across but now some of them are drowning their bodies swept onto the bosnian banks of the river which offered them such an illusory freedom. at a refugee camp outside sarajevo we met iranians who survived the perilous journey joining the pakistanis and afghans who thought it was near was just one step away from the freedom of western europe this iranian kurd didn't want to give us his name he says his brother was shot dead by special forces in iran fighting a growing protest movement he told us he wants a new life for his wife and children bosnia tries to give the refugees a humane welcome but it's a country without resources to cope with this new burden. in the last six months ninety percent of migrants came to us from serbia across the dreamer river with no documents we were worried about the large numbers of iranians coming because serbia
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introduced a visa free version with five flights weekly from iran so we had a huge influx some four thousand rainy and. back at the headquarters of the bosnian border police another influx of refugees but this time trying to get back into serbia this iraqi family managed to walk into savina but were handed back to cry out police who beat them up and force them back into bosnia smugglers have taken all their money we wrote. the bible and they here we three. you know no good to do. any of you have to wait inside the police station i talked to a group of iranians too afraid to appear on camera accountants electrical engineers fruit sellers they said the economy in iran was in a desperate state and feedom was being stifled among the credit card those i also met three were hidden gem muslims from me and ma their families at all being killed
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it took them fourteen months to reach the borders of the european union they too were beaten back with truncheons david chaytor al-jazeera for nick the abbas news border with serbia and i speak to julian a gun an option is the open society european policy institute and nonis is an advocacy on policies and migration and asylum she's eyes cut from brussels thank you very much for speaking to us since twenty seventeen many iranians have been able to enter the so free what do you think the impact of this new restriction will be on them now. well of course we'll see you know numbers of iranians coming through. but one must want to be aware of the fact that there is actually making it to europe with still quite few so there's been much the arrivals of about two thousand over the last couple of years and they've only slightly increased over the last three four months some fortunately that use desperate increase
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a desperate attempts to keep people seeking safety from reaching european union and working very effectively to stop people much in europe i was going to ask you about that the e.u. turkey deal of twenty fifteen was supposed to cut off the balkans route into europe has it work how many refugees and migrants are still using that particular route to try to make it to europe we often talk about the mediterranean route of course through north africa but what about the balkans wrote yesterday as a sort of mess in brussels of the balkans route is closed but in actual fact that isn't the case when the tukey deal struck thousands of people stranded and since then thousands more people have arrived so about twenty one thousand people have arrived to both this year which about ten thousand a stop there right now that's another estimated seventy eight thousand kids. and these are families traveling often with small children from countries like iran but also primary afghanistan iraq and further afield. and they're trying to reach
6:41 pm
europe without increasingly subjected to violence at the borders to. many of the refugees that we saw in david's report had hopes as you say to live somewhere else in europe so how do they adapt to to life in the balkans what sort of help do they receive if any. well that varies a lot from country to country serbia has a better structured system in bosnia there's almost no assistance from the state of our heels even though people are very welcoming i mean a little citizens because of what they passed through the bosnian war. there and years later the trash can chose as well as the u.n. agencies doing the best they can most people still living in makeshift camps and return to conditions is now starting to snow in those in that part of the world and the conditions are very very hot especially for families with children women and so on and europe is just turning a blind eye. as brussels and the member state capitals are concerned there is no
6:42 pm
crisis in the western balkans there is no route and nothing has been done except trying to stop these people and this is the violence that is happening isn't happening in countries like bosnia primarily it's happening on the part of of the police forces of member states like creations living in it's your poor company now thank you so much julia for speaking to us we appreciate your insight into the studio to ghana is trying to open society europe joining us there from brussels and just to follow up on what julia was saying there i'd like to point you to this very interesting article on al-jazeera dot com on how the refugees who end up in bosnia are we ceasefire the local population messi had gone so explains how unlike in other european countries where protests against migrants and refugees have been taking place in recently as bosnians have been very welcoming and i've seen the arrival of refugees as a test of humanity because they've been in a similar situation in the early one nine hundred ninety s. when their country was ravaged by war read that article on our website at al-jazeera dot com. let's stay in europe for our next story and anger in spain
6:43 pm
after a court cleared two men of rape despite the victim begging them to stop the verdict is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding sex cases in the country sauer is back with us to talk to us about the reactions and why this has created so much anger in spain as you can imagine quite horrific and many women are horrified not just women but men so spanish court has cleared the two men she to no evidence they said the woman physically tried to resist the assault not people of course protested against that decision earlier this week as the unquote his nephew only received a four and a half year sentence for sexual abuse rather than rape and that's because spain consider ises sex without consent as a lesser offense now this comes on top of another high profile case known as the wolfpack trial which prompted large demonstrations in april five men were cleared of raping a teenage woman during the bull running festival in loma just like the latest
6:44 pm
ruling the men were cleared of rape charges now this case has pushed city administrators to keep doing more this year the city has released a free smartphone app for women to report cases of sexual assaults but many want to see changes as a policy level and urge the government to scrap the outdated rape laws now we've heard from monica acosta unst international's she says such verdicts are sending a message that real rape must involve physical violence. these separation of offenses is wrong it creates the wrong impression that only when violence exists only when we human. and react and only when women resist the act these is rape and this is wrong sex without consent is and rape and at the phoenicians of rape should say that in all european countries we had actually calling on the state to amend legislation on rape on the definition of
6:45 pm
rape to make sure that sex without consent is rape now thousands of people of course are venting online urging for gender justice more protests are expected across the country ahead of sunday's international day of violence against women and women are sharing the details for the march one of those people is lance tweeted she saying i do not want to wait until then it is an urgent it is urgent rather to act now and this is the poster that they've all been sharing now rights group equality now sent out a statement saying rape is a crime of violence and you shouldn't have to prove additional weiland to show rape most european countries still don't meekly recognise that sex without consent is rape i'm misty international reveals a vast majority of the recognise rape only when physical violence or threats or coersion is involved only seventy countries have consent based definitions of rape
6:46 pm
including u.k. belgium island in cyprus and one in twenty women over the age of fifteen have experienced rape that's according to the agency for fundamental rights. well if it's anything that you feel quite strongly about you know how to get in touch with us the hash tag aging is good sarah thank you very much for that let's take a look now some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour and yemen's internationally recognized government has rejected a u.n. offer to help manage the critical port of data it's the main entry point for aid for millions of young men is on the brink of famine and the u.n. special envoy to yemen visited the port city on friday and says who thief fighters agreed to discuss the proposal of the u.n. taking a supervisory role monograph it also said he's convinced who the rebels were ten political talks in sweden next month but it's important to be here because you're daters the center of gravity of this and it's here that we can begin that road people often ask me why we need to race to peace you know better than me that every
6:47 pm
day that lost in the search for peace means a day the children of yemeni children lose their lives as mom and i don't know as has more now from nearby djibouti. before he left some special envoy griffith expressed his happiness with how things went during his trip in yemen he said he was contented with consultations he had hard with his and those views were also expressed by the leader of the supreme revolutionary council of the those. who said that they were hopping with the steps the special envoy has taken so far and hope he will succeed in talks. with the government of the president of the rebel months but one thing that is proving controversial is the issue of a role for the e.u. and in the marriage went over the port of the day does something griffiths meant
6:48 pm
more strictly be for humanitarian purposes griffiths had announced on friday that he had gotten the go ahead to negotiations with the over a role for the u. and to ensure the aid coming through the port is coming in and getting to where it is needed the most but the government are almost hard to say suppose negotiations over the management of the port take place in their absence and they would not agree on the role for the. other port but also in the city which sort of shows the kind of what most for. the special envoy might have during talks with the government that is exiled in riyadh mohammad i do enjoy their parliamentary election is being held in bahrain which wide scope say is neither free nor fair the two main opposition groups are in taking part after and these voted earlier this year to effectively banned them as
6:49 pm
a second election since anti-government demonstrations began in two thousand and eleven i am the bahraini researcher at human rights watch she says political freedoms have evolved it since the arab spring. most opposition candidates are effectively disqualified from running in two thousand and sixteen parliament sorry not parliament to behave in your story to use forcibly closed and dissolved lanes the largest religious opposition movement or group i will fuck so all of its members are now banned from running for the elections and to run and twenty seventeen ahead in your authority is also forcibly dissolved the last secular party or group in the country and wired so all of its members also can't run for elections. and we were hoping that despite all of these issues that i had of the elections there would be some confidence building measures but unfortunately the repression in the country has continued unabated
6:50 pm
a lot of the opposition groups tend to be shut out but the government has imprisoned any human rights defenders and activists who pose any challenge to the authority of the ruling family no matter what their what their or sectarian background is so i wouldn't define it's an purely sectarian nature but of course due to. the nature of the ruling party and the majority being shut out most of the oppression has unfortunately been directed towards the shihab parties spain's prime minister says a deal has been reached over gibran star ahead of a crucial e.u. summit in brussels it paves the way for theresa may and even leaders to sign a final rexx a deal this weekend the spanish government threatened to veto breck said if the disputed territory was included in any future trade agreement without madrid's concert. if you're with us on facebook live coming up a story about the only nation in the world that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces and joe will be here with the spirit as young fans get
6:51 pm
ready for one of the biggest football matches in south american history. i am i. am. sure. henri's generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives a caravan is a fact helpful e-mail and a highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president trump cannot stop talking about the news the separate the spin for the facts the misinformation from the journalism the shock of a.b.c.'s reporting fight to leave the listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. i know people are talking about and finally thank you saturday night in argentina sees one of the world's biggest sporting rivalries takes center stage in the final of the copa the dawn as river plate and book of genius have never played each other for south american football's greatest prize and excitement is building to fever pitch and want to cite it so let's go straight there and talk to our correspondent daniel done you know looks like
6:53 pm
a party there already and just talk to us about the build up between these two rivals it's been quite spectacular. has and we're still something like four hours and fifty minutes or so away from kickoff to the absolutely huge i mean of course we had the first leg over in the uk a junior state about fourteen kilometers away from here over in that direction much of that very different parts of what osiris a much more rundown area socially much more difficult this is a much more affluent area in the north of one osiris but since that game two weeks ago which ended in a two two draw there's been analysing a bit of a pick and they became a part of the build up if anything it was pretty intense before that first leg before the second leg with the sun shining with sixty six thousand or even fans pairing to go into the stadium just a short distance away from here yet the intensity it's is quite something what are we expecting off to this game as you mentioned that the two teams are quite close
6:54 pm
geographically but no way fans at this game kmiec specs and some trouble later. that's always possible i think it will depend on the result if only the play to win there will be celebrations in the street which will get quite well close the probably fairly self-contained everything moves and i think you might have a very different story there is already a huge security. aeration here we had great difficulty even reaching this vault and we're about four or five blocks away from the river plate stadium roads have been blocked off there are police all over the place so they will certainly try to contain it though not will depend on moods they do tend to get quite will post their all bulk of the juniors fans around the city by so many of them wearing the bucket juniors shirts they eyes as i say as some distance away from here the authorities are trying to keep them separate but i guess i would have to say all doubt about that was old and how things pan out in the next few hours but the violence is certainly
6:55 pm
a possibility that you've been here throughout this mega classic how is that cooling it's what would it mean to the winners. absolutely everything i mean this is a told about the started in one to sixty you have never before had two teams from the same old story and that's all right richard. but in the folded across the aisle for the general i declare i heard the phrase i read where the wings are just winning the cup as i think it's fair to say i wrote a revote a k. out of five hundred that i just thought oh ok i've got it already all right i'm getting a way from those fireworks so we'll come back to a little bit later on my thanks very much. well this is having an impact far beyond one aside as this video on twitter is showing just how much the game means to young reply fans from around the world as they sing one of the club's anthems. and.
6:56 pm
for. me. as you've been hearing polls have closed and votes are being counted in taiwan one of the questions being asked in a referendum is whether or not the country sports team should change their name from chinese taipei back to taiwan that chinese taipei is actually the name of a country was chosen as a compromise to keep china from blocking taiwan's participation in events like at the olympics earlier we spoke with mitzi taking one of taiwan's top swimmers. for
6:57 pm
many taiwanese people including myself and especially in mind generation we see ourselves as how many people and we call our country taiwan and i believe many foreigners they know and they are aware of what taiwan where taiwan is and the taiwanese people are not the only people who are questioning the name of chinese taipei as chinese taipei this name is a degree to our country and chinese taipei cannot represent our country taiwan now he's one of the golden state's biggest stars but steph curry currently knows how to warry the worry is the n.b.a. champion was involved in a call crush on his way to training in oakland on friday no one was hurt when his porsche collided with two cars he waited in the rain for the police of a he gave his version of. peace will be back with more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now hundred acts of folly john i thank you very much for that that will do
6:58 pm
it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times a day is great from me for the back to the whole team thank you very much for watching live from our london new center next with lauren taylor here on al-jazeera stay with us. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. that will take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in
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award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about where boarding now. born in palestine under british rule. educated in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realized that he was the voice. of the people out there a world explores what made him an influential writer. and champion of the palestinian pools in the west and what's out of place. once welcome now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world which i feel more gentlemen and syrian. are
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much money does a richer get those people but don't think that it's been bought one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. pressure mounts on donald trump over the murder of jamal khashoggi democrats promised a full investigation into how the u.s. president has handled the case. and more entails is al-jazeera live from london also coming up french police use water cannon and tear gas to disperse protesters as aca erupts on the.


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