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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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these are allegations of the media's truth so first of all if parliament can get their hold hands on the documents you'll get a better view as to what this company alleges and at that point i suspect facebook will respond because they'll be some very serious allegations out there about it the world's oceans are immense covering seventy percent of our planet they give us half of the oxygen we breathe absorb a third of the carbon dioxide we pump out and provide livelihoods for more than three billion people while the world wildlife fund estimates ocean assets are worth at least twenty four trillion dollars and with the annual value of goods and services generated from oceans at around three to six trillion dollars analysts for costs that annual value will double by twenty thirty all that goes some way to explaining why more than four thousand delegates are meeting in nairobi right now looking at how to harness the oceans resources and grow what's described as the blue economy that's where katherine sawyer is joining us from where that conference
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is taking place so how important then is this conference catherine. quite important daryn as you mentioned i mean millions billions of people depend on these water resources pool their livelihood fishing transport and things like that in africa alone ninety percent of trade important exports is carried out by these so the delegates who are here are to come up with a free and want sort of a framework on how this a blue economy can be harnessed how it can be sustainable and how this water resources that are so important how they can be conserved and speaking about this joining us to speak about this is thomas to run that with the un agency for human settlement thank you very much i guess my question is that this conference is going to go on for three days what do you expect what do you hope to see to achieve at
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the end of the three day this conference these are very important in the sense that it creates awareness or on the connelly what it means to many people. it's. a discussion it's a question are around what the colony means to people that daily lives wherever they leave so we're hoping that we create awareness or also we hope that's so. what can be done to sustain the colony or what continue beneficial for me but also . the presence for or for people to control that is one of the issues that have come up in the involvement of local communities and the involvement of local authorities when it comes to the conservation efforts in this eco systems what do you make of that. particularly delighted to have you thought that local authorities if you will. produce content that are out of these discussions that is
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taking place around the economy the reason being that the world is their bananas in two tenths of the world's population it's years' time will be giving it an area and can cook in terms of cost of six. you might want another. fifteen or two thirds of the negative over ten million. a low cost and the pacific to do much more than when you look at other freshwater courtney's cities that i would question what it means for these cities and these cities at the same time that's where the economists up and. the production consumption text us and these cities and as such the they depend if you get much of the economy but also they have a role to play in that we call up to now it in these cities and towns if not it will work in this discussion and we're hoping that hoover thought it laying in my
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course again thank you thank you very much. and this is after three days commit mentality of going to be made it's going to be interesting to see what kind of commitment that may. and a lot of people are saying that they hope this is not just another the action. is going to be implemented not just by nation d.v.d. but as well. thank you. football to take place.
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hello again andy is here with us thank you so much daryn well south american football bosses will meet on choose day to decide where when or indeed if the second leg of the copper limited or is final can say place the game between argentinian seems river place and pocket juniors was postponed for a second time on sunday well this is the consonance most important club football competition and for the first time ever these fierce plan is aries rivals are meeting in the final the first leg of bach a stadium finished to draw the return game at river place ground was set to take place on saturday but was postponed after an attack on the pocket same bus and while on sunday mattress delayed again when organizers said the equal conditions bako were demanding it couldn't be guaranteed. reports from buenos aires. this time the argentine or thora has got the security right controlling
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a situation that the previous day had spiraled out of control. the pocket juniors team bus attacked and players injured running battles between police and fans and violence inside the stadium the south american football or thirty cami ball said the much would go ahead and three hours before the scheduled kick off they said it wouldn't and the stands for the second time in two days streamed out. i'm annoyed because we came to enjoy a party we were ready river were ready to play and because of a police failure to protect one bus seventy thousand fans are left with this twice i'm angry for those that came here from other countries other cities around argentina the river supporters who have had to return home because they can't spend another night here and have to go back to work. jr said their players after their boss was attacked were in no fit state to play either physically or psychologically
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and the prestigious. but the lord is should be awarded to them let him and who are clearly outages or turn to us to do and we ought to sporting disadvantage today and i believe the best for a bookcase to not play because we do not have the same conditions as a roofer. meet at the headquarters in the paraguayan capitalists on tuesday to decide where when and possibly if the game is to be replayed the copa libertadores final is still not over neither is the political fallout from saturday's violence with questions still being asked of the security forces river plate football club the south american football authorities and the wider arts and sciences sati the phrase it's only football has never really resonated here least of all now. what went wrong and who is to blame is still to be decided me more the fans as they so often are have been left indignant angry and confused as are all of us i don't get us out while argentina yet again is faced with
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a dilemma how to tackle its violent. one of cyrus well let's try make some sense of this now with our sports correspondent welling's lee for once the couple had global attention to this much of now complete chaos what happens next. this is a big problem for argentinian forwards a big problem for south american football and its governing body combo and a huge problem as well for fay for with that global interest you mention the spotlight was on argentina and this couldn't have gone worse really in now it's engine turns to power going on tuesday and that meeting of commodore what are they going to do about it well could they play the game in these circumstances we've applied stadium you think not they had to go and it certainly didn't work out the first time it was the right thing surely to postpone it the second time will they play it behind closed doors that is
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a strong option staying in business hours or staying in argentina at least would be a good way of keeping control of this alone of course would disappoint so many people in what time of day with that kick off a how do they fit in the shadows how do they work it would save a rights you'd have to say the option is there so not played at all and buckle could really find themselves if you have a play could find themselves in a lot of trouble hey this is a president three years ago where the teams played an earlier stage and that's when bucket found themselves in trouble pepper spray against the players of the opposition they were kicked out of the tournament with a plate got a place in the quarter finals so that you could find a situation here where the player find themselves disqualified and the tournament goes to buckle but there's no easy solution to this in the reputation of argentinean problems ends up in the gut. and leigh specifically what role do you think football's world governing body faith will have to play in all of this. for favors reputations or battering again on the saturday night because johnny in
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france say no the president was there in the stadium and there were reports not confirmed that he was part of a small committee with calm the ball the governing body actually trying to push through force the going to happen even though clearly there were players from bach that were distressed they were in a fit state supply kick of of course twice it looked like it was still going to happen when really that would have been not a fair situation that also that that hopefully of his reputation of course looking further ahead we've got a situation where argentina is about to be part of the twenty thirty world cup bid with power and you are going and that is now an issue of if it's are they willing as ever thanks so much for that really lodges in his greatest ever player does at least have something to smile about it's. diego maradona now kerching in mexico's second division his there are a string of just one their semifinal playoff they're now in sight of promotion to
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the country's top league. well in just their second season since joining north america's leading football league at l'anse united are in sight of winning the title they beat the new york red bulls three no in the first leg of the m.l.s. eastern conference finals and fans of more than seventy thousand fans of their home stadium atlanta taking the lead here through joseph masters just after the half hour mark of more goals followed after the bright this team ends when the city's first major professional sports title since one thousand nine hundred ninety five the return leg is coming up on first. no goals in the first leg of the western conference finals all in sims a hunter school in kansas city here falling down closest to a goal that effort from hawkeye the foreigner and in the second half they had a goal ruled out for offside as well the winners of the conference finals they need to be m.l.s. cup final and this. seven eighth's. now world champion and it is full on season in style by winning the abu dhabi drawn prix not our the finale runner driver nico
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holcomb burke would have been hoping for. but you if you look. at this. picture of the cover a couple. of holcomb back did eventually emerge from that crash on the first lap and wilson when so and so when his eleventh race of the season his fifth world title i think secured last month in mexico. i know next year is going to come back strong so i want to make sure i try and come back with it but i'm really grateful for the times. congrats and as he said i will try we will try and i think our whole team will try to come back stronger to make sure we give him a how to run into next year mcrae should be defending champions and hosts friends to win tennis's davis cup just the second time they've won the sport's biggest seen cycle it more than a decade after the first triumph all change in the davis cup next year the former being replaced by an eight seam country world cup starts want. this is we can from
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the dreams and it's just incredible incredible feeling to play like this in a final without dropping even one serving in three singles matches this is just incredible the level of tennis from i even today look up played the great mass first set was was really really tough just the probably one point they decided that i break and just extremely proud with with the men. ok sports throughout the day that his house looking for now tower and they thank you very much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera falling back to those with you in just a moment to watch more news coming your way stay with al-jazeera. once
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welcome now fear. dividing a nation. al-jazeera expose germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian the. how much money does a richer get those people who don't think it. didn't do it on german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. descend on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility war hotels tells dramatic stories about high cons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now dennis mccoy get an ad try special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace says their campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to
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a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that will be as the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al jazeera getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the brain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. a search is underway at two villages one hundred kilometers outside istanbul in the jamal has shoji murder investigation.
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hello this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back t. ball also coming up the british academic accused of spying and jailed for life in the u.a.e. is freed after a presidential pardon. and. rising tensions in the black sea after russia seizes three ukrainian naval boats near crimea and chaos and arrests at the us mexico border as people try to force their way into the united states. thank you for joining us turkish police investigating the murder of jamal searching to villages one hundred kilometers outside istanbul the remains of the saudi journalists haven't been found since he was killed inside the saudi consulate in
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istanbul last month let's go straight to mama drama who is outside the saudi consulate for us so what more are we hearing about this search what are turkish investigators looking for. yes fully. understand that this search today is a big. operation today they are searching those two villas and they are different from the village they searched about a month ago right after the crime so today they have brought drones and they have brought with sniffer dogs and they have drained away in one of the two villages to find out if the body has been dumped or parts of it have been dumped inside that well so it's a large operation today and apparently the turkish security or forty's have indications or new clues that may be a part of parts of that body have been dumped there but we're not sure they have
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not confirmed that one of these villas at least reportedly belongs to a saudi businessman and also the authorities established that one of the fifteen men who came here on october second one of them at least one had a phone connection with a person in that area so the authorities here are trying to once again investigate and the pressure is on them in terms of the in terms of finding the body because there has been a lot of. a lot of attempts and right there has been a lot of reports right on many sides from many sources conflicting the saudis saying that yes yes as you say i was going to come to that in fact on exams i had a number of points over the last month as to what happened to jamal khashoggi and how he was killed would be searched today at these two villages outside istanbul provide clues as to how he was killed. yes
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fully we we have been following this investigation for a while now and we have seen how it twisted and turned and how the focus their attention here and there there was a while when they thought that the saudis under international pressure would give exact information about the whereabouts of the body they you know it exactly somebody among those fifteen people was in charge of the disposition of the bodies so they were waiting for the saudis to get information about that there is complaints now among the turkish authorities that the saudis apparently are never going to do that today the turkish foreign minister criticized once again the level of cooperation from the saudi side and he said we demanded we asked for these things to be made clear to us among them the whereabouts of the body but that's not happening it seems so the turkish authorities are now refocusing again on the likelihood that probably they can find the body or parts of the body somewhere in
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you know the reports they have we have been hearing from them. talk about the possibility that the body was smuggled or parts of it were smuggled to understand that it was cut into pieces the saudis acknowledged that so the likelihood to find the whole body intact all in one place is very remote now but they're not giving up the fight they're not giving up the campaign or the search to find at least parts of the body and i think that before i finish they think that a lot has a lot. relies on that in terms of the investigation into the killing of some of hustles thank you so much mohammed via reporting there live from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul and in other news out of turkey a military helicopter has crashed in istanbul killing four soldiers onboard it came down in a residential area on the asian side of a stumble. the british academic jailed for life for spying in the united arab
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emirates has been released my feet had just received a presidential pardon as part of the u.s. national day celebrations his arrest while researching the u.a.e. security strategy threatened to relations with britain the president of the u.a.e. his highness. may god bless him yesterday has granted gracious clemency to seven hundred eighty five prisoners across the u.a.e. two more of the forty seventh anniversary of this great nation in response to a letter from the fourth in response to the letter from a family of mr hedges requesting clemency and in consideration of the historical relationship and close ties between the united arab emirates and the united kingdom his highness has decided to include mr matthew urges among the seven hundred eighty five prisoners released mr hedges will be permitted to leave the country once all
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the formalities are complete thank you very much let's get reaction from london now and paul brennan is there for us so paul a pardon first now has been released when do we expect matthew had just to set foot in the u k. now then within a matter of hours it's about a seven hour flight from abu dhabi to london and in the last hour we've seen indications that matthew has has been released from detention although not yet set off on that journey back to the u.k. the reaction here in the u.k. to that news that came out in that news conference in abu dhabi this morning has been a mixture of relief and elation and clearly this had the risk of developing into a very serious diplomatic rift between these two qwest wrong allies the u.k. and the u.a.e. the foreign office here in london sticking very firmly it's believed that matthew had been the result of been arrested as the result of some kind of misunderstanding
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and the the wife of matthew had his being very forthright in her campaigning as well in recent weeks after a long period months of maintaining a kind of radio silence on suspects at the advice of the foreign office while they tried to for mass it channels before going public but so it's all it's all come in a real flurry of backwards and forwards diplomatic and ramping up the pressure to the point where with the national debt approaching on december second it was an opportune moment i think to draw a line under all of this as you say this case threatened relations between the u.k. any u.a.e. does this bring the matter to an end now is it all over. well he's not back yet so daniela to how they and her the wife of matthew had just in her statement said that it as far as she's concerned it were be over until he's back in her arms so obviously there's the actual leaving of the u.a.e. and the returning to the u.k. because you then there would be some kind of deep grief as well from his diplomatic
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supporters but also from his academic institution as well to work out what it is that he's going to be able to do from an academic point of view from now on and there is an interesting thing as well he's been pardoned as opposed to being cleared he hasn't been he hasn't overturned his conviction and so my suspicion is that this conviction is going to sit on his record and we'll see he's going to be in initially relieved to be home but there's a possibility that this issue may yet cause him problems further down the line as he tries to continue his studies paul brennan in london thank you. al-shabaab fighters in somalia saying they are responsible for killing a cleric in one thousand other people they died in an early morning car bomb and gun attack at a religious center in the city of cairo. the russian navy has reopened a shipping channel in the black sea where ukrainian sailors were shot and taken
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prisoner an emergency meeting of the un security council is scheduled in a few hours to discuss what ukraine is condemning as an act of aggression russian troops onix crimea from ukraine four years ago the latest tension was spotted in the care straight which connects the black sea with the sea of of ships use it to supply the ukrainian industrial city of mariupol on sunday russia used an oil tanker to block three ukrainian tugs entering the strait one of the tugs was rammed by a russian naval vessel shots were fired and the ships impounded several ukrainian sailors were wounded and at least twenty taken prisoner it rains president plans to ask his parliament to take action. martial laws introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities i meet increasing aggression and according to international law duty called act of aggression by the russian federation martial law does not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by
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political and diplomatic means we have intentions to keep hearing to all international obligations including the minsk agreement rory chalons has more now from moscow. well with russia on blocking the current straits it does seem that moscow is trying to draw down the temperature of this crisis at least when it comes to the possibility of further military clashes but you know the political and the diplomatic reverberations of this are still continuing this has been the worst engagement between russian and ukrainian military since the dark days of two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen the annexation of crimea in the worst of the fighting in eastern ukraine. so that we have a situation where ukraine is calling for a u.n. security council meeting it's getting that later on monday and it is also considering in its parliament the imposition of martial law this would have
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numerous impacts on the ukrainian body politic it would mean that you can hold elections we do have press the presidential elections actually coming up shuttle for the end of march you can't change a constitution under martial law you can't remove senior politicians including the president you can't hold political rallies circular of the russian foreign minister is making much of this they're saying that that suggests that this whole thing was orchestrated by ukraine as a kind of provocation to allow petro poroshenko whose poll figures are not particularly good at the moment to consolidate his control over the country now ukraine of course is saying that this was all along a blatant act of aggression by russia russia has impounded ukrainian ships it has in its custody ukrainian military personnel blocked ukrainian access to the hours of c. which ukraine has a coastline on so you know there by agreement russia and ukraine.


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