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being from multilateralism to a strong alignment with washington this is brazil's foreign ministry its new boss will be a mid-level diplomats with no experience as embassador but whose main characteristic is historic support for the u.s. president and like not all and president trump the new foreign minister questions existence of climate change which he in fact describes as marxist dog. also not only not be going as far as donald trump who has withdrawn from the paris agreement but north and south america's two largest countries looks set to join forces to push a conservative foreign policy agenda throughout the globe she and human al-jazeera . thousands of people marched in spain to mark the un xah international day for the alarming the elimination of violence against women many of the demonstrators were angry about a court decision to downgrade rape charges against two men catherine stansell has
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more. the streets of the spanish capital filled with thousands of women making themselves heard they're calling for gender equality justice for victims of sexual assault and foreign and to violence and abuse. it was one of several demonstrations held in other european countries the need for a cultural shift and to encourage more women to speak out against abuse is what drove many here to attend but most of my friends there in those secret relationships they their boyfriends control them so much and they can not go with their friends and go outside or go to a party without them men and women have to work together to make these more the save button and go for travel for everything the march was particularly poignant for women here after a controversial decision by spanish judges on friday choose. men were cleared of
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rape the judges ruled their attack wasn't rape because even though the victim pleaded for her attackers to stop she didn't physically fight back they were sentenced to four and a half years in prison rapists usually get up to fifteen years the judge says that every night the three. no three one of them say if. the woman can send the other two they said that the the one do not consent but they're worth more then i think. also going to new patient why because it was not threaten the woman was no threat then the one who was not the numbers she did not receive violence. so at the end the dodgers decided that there wasn't abuse no the rape. sunday was international day for the elimination of violence against women u.n. secretary general antonio terrace said every woman and every girl has the right to a life free of violence spanish courts received more than one hundred sixty
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thousand complaints of violence against women last year a sixteen percent annual increase in spain we have a comprehensive compressions and no it gains in there based battles but only when he crap and by that by her marrow experiments six zero by humans it will grow three these for the also read is they are not measures there are no progress systems there now and they are mostly dressed for those women that are suffering. is excited by the names of all types. this year alone more than forty women in spain died in gender violence to fit these protesters there's still a long way to go catherine stansell al-jazeera still had on the al-jazeera news hour the sports news and will the match to decide south america's top club football team ever take place at stories coming up in just a few moments. everyone's
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idea of culture but a few thousand years. of grappling has made it onto a coveted heritage list. sued him or korean traditional wrestling is a fading sport in south korea until some twenty years ago it was the nation's most popular televised sport. champions were awarded golden ox trophies and a ticket to nationwide stardom but this year's largest student tournament had to be
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pushed back by a day just a week before the event as a sports national association could not secure a live broadcast lot with the country's public broadcaster for the finale despite dwindling interest at home unesco has put shoot him on the intangible cultural heritage list based on its two thousand year history and how the sport lives on to this day north and south korea submitted separate beds to have the sport recognised but following a year of unprecedented harmonious relations unesco pushed for them to be combined there is hope among the sports athletes that suit him could play a part in bringing the two sides even closer she. is a context board so if we compete with north korean athletes skin to skin i think it will help get the two koreas talking even more the main rule of saddam is simple if any part of your opponent's body above the knee touches the ground you when you
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start by holding onto your opponent's had a fabric belt and band you nest goes listing may help rebuild sit in his popularity the sport has been dying out in recent years ago only two professional teams are maintaining many teams lost their funding when sponsors pulled out after the one thousand nine hundred seven financial crisis. an estimated two to three thousand students below the age of eighteen are preparing to become south korea's next generation seed and wrestlers. still the traditional folk sport is losing its place in the hearts of the younger audience at home. olympics if the two koreas get to jointly host the summer olympics on twenty thirty two then we can try to include sort of as a demonstration sport at the games we are working on making that happen north and south korea may have been divided for the last six decades but inside the sandringham they speak the same language of saddam. al jazeera and south
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korea time for all the sports news with her during thank you so much south american football bosses will meet on choose state to decide whether when or if the second leg of the couple british tourists final can take place the game between argentinian teams river plate and rockets in years was postponed for a second time on sunday this is the continent's most important club football competition and for the first time ever these fearsome one osiris rivals are meeting in the final the first like bocas stadium finished in a two two draw the return game at river plate's ground was set to take place on saturday but was postponed after an attack on the boca team bus on sunday the match was delayed again when organizers set the conditions bokeh were demanding couldn't be guaranteed daniel swire reports from buenos aires. this time the argentine or thought he's got the security right controlling the situation that the previous day had spiraled out of control. the pocket to news team bus attacked and
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players injured running battles between police and ferns and violence inside the stadium the south american football or florida economy ball said the much would go ahead three hours before the scheduled kickoff they said it wouldn't and these fans for the second time in two days streamed out. i'm annoyed because we came to enjoy a party we were ready river were ready to play and because of a police failure to. protect one bus seventy thousand fans are left with this twice i'm angry for those that came here from other countries other cities around argentina the river supporters who have had to return home because they can't spend another night here and have to go back to work well could you new said the players after their boss was attacked were in no fit state to play either physically or psychologically and the prestigious. should be awarded to them that i mean we were clearly outages advantage yesterday and we ought to sporting disadvantage today and
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i believe the best for a bookcase to not play because we do not have the same conditions as a roofer. meet at the headquarters in the paraguayan capital on tuesday to decide where when and possibly if the game is to be replayed the copa libertadores final is still not over neither is the political fallout from saturday's violence with questions still being asked of the security forces river plate football club the south american football authorities and the wider. the phrase it's only football has never really resonated here least of all now. what went wrong and who is to blame is still to be decided to name all the fans as they so often all have been left indignant angry and confused. by argentina yet again is faced with a dilemma how to tackle its full violence. in their own one
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osiris. welling's london looking at what options there are for both teams making forward. the spotlight was on argentina and this could have gone worse really and now its engine turns to power going on tuesday and that meeting of commodore what are they going to do about it well could they play that game in these circumstances with a plate stadium you think not they had to go and it certainly didn't work out the first time it was the right thing surely to perspire at the second time will they play it behind closed doors that is a strong option staying in bonuses or staying in argentina would be a good way of keeping control of this a lot of cost would disappoint so many people what time and date with that kick off they how do they fit in the show jews how do they work it with saving whites you'd have to side the option is there so not played at all in boxes could really find themselves in river play could find themselves in a lot of trouble hey this is a president three years ago where the teams played an early age and that's when
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buckle found themselves in trouble pepper spray against the players of the opposition they were kicked out of the tournament with a plate got a place in the quarter finals so you could find a situation here where we have a play find themselves disqualified and it goes to bucket but there's no easy solution to this in the reputation of argentinian for presented up in the gutter. argentina's greatest ever player does at least have something to smile about. dear mary down is now coaching in mexico second division his door advice team has won their semifinal playoff and are now in sight of promotion to the country's top three. in just their second season since joining earth america's leading football league atlanta united are inside of winning the title they beat the new york red bulls three now in the first leg of the m.l.s. eastern conference finals more than seventy thousand fans at their home stadium
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atlanta took the lead through yourself martin and this just after the half hour mark to recall spa load after the break. well no goals in the first leg of the western conference finals portland timbers almost scored against sporting kansas city but fell short the winners of the conference finals in the m.l.s. cup final on december the. world champion lewis hamilton ended his f one season in style by winning the grand prix however it wasn't the finale runaway driver and nico holcomb very would have been hoping for. but you're ok if you look at. this. picture of the car but the company. did eventually emerge on harmed from this crash in the first lap hamilton went on to win his eleventh race of the season his fifth while title had been secured last month in mexico. and the next year is going to come back strong so going to make sure i try to come back with it but i'm really grateful for the. congrats he said i'll try we will try and i think i will
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hold the we'll try to come back stronger to make sure we give him a run in to the exterior and that's all your support for now be back with more later but for now it's back to you terry or i will see you later on thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera back in a moment much more news coming your way see you in a minute thanks for watching. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. little take you to those who love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about we're boarding now. on
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counting the cost breaking the rules italy wants to spend its way out of an economic slump but it's up to its eyes in debt big cryptocurrency and a rock star. find themselves behind bars counting the cost on our. lives in fear constantly looking over his shoulder. she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and. we can't let them in to mitigate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. the story of one of the
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most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage part of this case you get through your thick head first hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very her and her ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. a search is underway at outside part of the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. from a headquarters and. also ahead. ukraine's
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president intends to introduce martial law as tensions with russia. and the black. going home. buying in the united arab emirates gets a presidential pardon. hello turkish police investigating the murder of john searching to vote was one hundred kilometers outside istanbul the remains of the saudi journalist haven't been found since he was killed inside the saudi consulates in istanbul last month tony joining us from yellow where that search is taking place to tell us what you've been seeing
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. well there's been a fairly large search team here since ten o'clock monday morning they've brought sniffer dogs they've brought forensic experts they've also had the fire brigade here draining two wells on the property and we understand samples have been taken away this has come from the investigators department to stumble they discovered that there were phone records and a phone call was made to this from it's this house behind me this bit bill it's a very expensive villa we're told it's owned by a saudi national with links to the saudi crown prince according to the turkish prosecutor who released a statement he said that a phone call was made the day before most of the saudi was killed to the villa and in that conversation details were discussed about how to dispose of mystic a soldier's body now that's a day before so that shows the degree of planning now the prosecutor says this call was made by a saudi national called man soft man abu hussein now according to turkish media he
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is a left handed colonel in the saudi defense force again they say he has links to the crown prince and he is one of the fifteen of the so-called saudi hit squad who are under investigation and we understand being is being questioned in saudi arabia now the investigation really is can't come here it's been going nowhere in the last seven or eight weeks it took us authorities have been complaining that they don't have enough information and cooperation from the saudis but there are a couple of theories as to what happened to mr because saudis body no one is that he was killed dismembered and then his body was dissolved in chemicals and the other one is that he was dismembered and the body parts were put in black suitcases which were purchased at the grammars are in estable in the mortar on the morning of the murder and those bags they were taken out under diplomatic privilege out of the country those are the two theories now the prosecutor department and the turkish foreign minister are calling on the saudis to cooperate with the investigation they
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want to be able to question. the fifteen people who were being held and they say that's the only way of finding out exactly what happened to mr college because august body they want the name of a so-called collaborator who was supposed to help the saudis here and also it wasn't the saudi crown prince they want to know who was it that made the order and turkey has been calling for an international investigation tony to take place how much support is a getting on that. they are actually called for an international investigation this is a very delicate situation they have been saying they would cooperate if an international investigation was called for now there are certain parties i know the human rights groups like amnesty international have called for one of these but there's no great momentum at the moment i think the turkish authorities won't bring that somebody else will take over the mantle of calling for this investigation and setting it up because of course you know turkey could be held accountable for some
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of its own alleged human rights violations so i think it's a very delicate one this here but if an international investigation was launched was called for by the main players as it were then i think they would go along with it and they would be happy because they feel that is the only way the truth the ultimate truth will come out in this case all right tony brantley reporting from yellow i thank you. well meanwhile saudi arabia's crown prince is due in egypt as part of his first foreign tourist since the murder of journalist. mohamed bin said a man met the king of bahrain on sunday journalists in tunisia are demonstrating against binsted man's plans arrival on choose day activists have started a legal challenge to stop his visit because of their revulsion killing let's speak to his a senior researcher for the center for middle eastern and north african politics at free university of berlin that is where he is joining us from thanks very much for speaking to us so i suppose a lot of people saying that it's not really
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a surprise that the crown prince is going to egypt. so the arabia and egypt are close allies and he has a represented with president c.c. but is there something to be said about the timing of this visit in the way. i think the timing of the visit is should be seen in the context of his general foreign tour which is taking him to many countries and then will eventually take him to argentina to attend the g. twenty summit including a very interesting planned meeting with president hu on so i think this whole forum to timed with the g twenty summit is a message of defiance i think from hamad bin salmond against international public opinion as we see as you report showed tunisia there is very popular anger so much popular anger at this visit in egypt although not as loud as in tunisia
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there is an international public opinion against saudi arabia and mohammed bissell man in particular by this visit i think is showing defiance and he's also making a clear statement that he has. is not going anywhere that his he's above the fray of the criminal interesting investigation into the murder of his shows again and that he is there to stay some of these formation as well as the if i was around him here to show that it's been it's business as usual for the crown prince despite the allegations that he could be linked somehow so the cost of the murder so do you think that he's going to succeed in selling that it's business as usual. well i think you succeeded already i don't think that is not still going to succeed there is a very clear. indorsement from president trump we see that is going to meet
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him in vienna he's been received. for motor separation in the countries that he's visiting i think he succeeded already and i think that saudi arabia has managed to handle this whole scandal in a way that contained a mixture of defiance and i'm sure. financial incentives to silence some of the critics abroad it's a very sad. conclusion to the murder of. my brother we thank you for speaking to us from berlin now ukraine's president has signed a decree detailing his plans to implement martial law for sixty days the decision will now be considered by the country's parliament it follows a naval class between ukrainian and russian forces in the black sea on sunday nato
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and the un security council are planning emergency meetings over the incident ukraine's president explained why he wants martial law to be introduced. martial law is introduced in order to strengthen ukraine's defense capabilities amid increasing aggression and according to international law duty called act of aggression by the russian federation martial law does not mean our refusal to resolve the issue of liberating ukrainian territory by political and diplomatic means we have intentions to keep at hearing to all international obligations including the minsk agreement well russell says it's now open the current straight to shipping traffic where it's allan's has more from moscow. well with russia on blocking the current straits it does seem that moscow is trying to draw down the temperature of this crisis at least when it comes to the possibility of further military clashes but you know the political and the diplomatic reverberations of
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this are still continuing this has been the worst engagement between russian and ukrainian military since the dark days of two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen the annexation of crimea in the worst of the fighting in eastern ukraine. so that we have a situation where ukraine is calling for a u.n. security council meeting it's getting that later on monday and it is also considering in its parliament the imposition of martial law this would have numerous impacts on the ukrainian body politic it would mean that you can hold elections we do have press the presidential elections actually coming up shuttle for the end of march you can change a constitution under martial law you can't remove senior politicians including the president you can't hold political rallies circular of the russian foreign minister is making much of this they're saying that that suggests that this whole thing was
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orchestrated by ukraine as a kind of provocation to allow petro poroshenko whose poll figures are not particularly good at the moment to consolidate his control over the country now ukraine of course is saying that this was all along a blatant act of aggression by russia russia has impounded ukrainian ships it has in its custody ukrainian military personnel blocked ukrainian access to the hours of c. which ukraine has a coastline on so you know there by agreement russia and ukraine share access to that body of water and ukraine is hoping that it can get as much support as possible from its international friends partners people in the united nations people in. nato people in the european union to back it up essentially on this and take it side against russia let's say to alexei her on who is a professor of politics at the kiev while academy he's joining us on skype from kiev thanks for speaking to us so we now know that the ukrainian president has
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indeed declared martial law for sixty days but why is it that he would want to do this now i mean during the height of the problems between russia and ukraine in twenty fourteen he didn't do so then. look because here you have for the first time you have an open air of aggression because previous of russian that because previously what the russians said the rational said we didn't is that they didn't have soldiers in green ears that there are no russian soldiers in the occupied own bus so it was a good night when he was a people it was a lie but nevertheless a national position was clear we do not we are not present in ukraine there is no what i actually saw just you can't which is not true but now you have seen that actually russia that they are after the ukrainians more or both sometimes they said that happened in utero what is this is again that.


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