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from to regions internationally he did get some of what he wanted in the un security council he basically got a. condemnation of russia's activities he had the ukrainian agenda for the meeting supported and the russian agenda rejected but i think there is also an awareness in kiev in the moments that. ukraine is not really high on donald trump's priority list when donald trump was asked about it on monday he said yeah we're kind of we don't like what's happening either way we hope that it gets straightened out it's but there was no condemnation of russia from donald trump and certainly in the u.n. security council and from my point the u.s. state secretary there is of ukraine to do its parts in kind of drawing
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down the tensions so the condemnation against you russia is not universal. balance live in moscow roy thank you. putting your head in the news hour and gloating happy to be home the british national released after being sentenced to life in prison by the u.a.e. well he has arrived in london. and the afghan president leaves behind protests in kabul poor peace conference in switzerland. and sport the chess champions that can't be separated saddam will have their story. a british ph d. research for jailed for spying in the united arab emirates has thanked the u.k. government for getting him home safely at the hedges landed in london on tuesday after flying from dubai he was sentenced to life imprisonment last week for after rather a five minute hearing before being pardoned on monday brennan has more from london
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. given the six month solve solitary confinement we understand that matthew hedges enjoyed while he was in the united arab emirates and then the bewildering speed with which he went from being sentenced to life in prison and last weeks are now setting foot back in london a free man it's not surprising that the family decided to make his return to the u.k. a very low key affair he landed at terminal five at london's heathrow airport and avoided the waiting media there instead the family have issued statements on the behalf of both matthew and his wife danielle and i can read snippets of them to you matthew statement is as follows i have not seen or read much of what's been written over the past few days but daniela tells me the support has been incredible thank you so much to the british embassy and the foreign office for their efforts in ensuring i arrived safely back home that his wife daniella to harder said i hope you can all understand that matter and i as well as his family really need some
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time to process everything that we've been through no one should ever have to go to have to go through what he did and it will take him time to heal and recover he was very overwhelmed and just to add to that the foreign secretary jeremy hunt has taken to social media to twitter and he said the following welcome home at hedges the whole country relieved and delighted to have you home and then thanks to the f c o team in the united arab emirates for all their tireless work behind the scenes so at the end of this what was a diplomatic crisis a happy ending the return home of matthew hedges and a face saving exercise on both sides the usa the insist that they had the evidence to prove that matthew hedges was a spy the british government insists that they saw no evidence to support that theory at all but nevertheless the two were able to compromise matthew hedges gets a pardon and he's now a free man. in future advocate afghanistan will be debated over the next two days
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at an international conference and geneva led by the afghan president bush afghani and the u.n. the u.s. and international partners will discuss how they can help bring stability to the country as peace talks of the taliban move forward charla bellus reports. as president ashraf ghani and chief executive of dillard dilla deposit kabul for geneva they lift behind this violent protests across the west of the city over the wrist of a local shia commander the disparate to prove they are in control and in geneva they will lay down what they have achieved with international money what afghanistan has to show the billions spent on security and i have a seventeen year is the sad news is that the afghan government will not have a stellar achievement the prison to do that and that's the thing we did on when sitting gated afghanistan i'm sure that could be a very difficult time for the often to show a tangible outcome for the law for the cost yes. well not tangible there is
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optimism around the prospect of peace talks between the taliban and the us became public six months ago and have gained momentum in recent weeks. foreign troops in your country what are your demands of course we want to be we go out and you. live in a free country that's starting to manage to need to go on a u.s. special envoy to afghanistan was announced in september to broker a deal. that met with all parties earlier this month were in very strong negotiations in afghanistan right now which a lot of people don't know about this may be the first but we are in very very strong negotiation in afghanistan we'll see what happens if something happens that would be a great thing the. president danny has largely been sidelined the taliban says they will only talk with the government after reaching an. with the us now on modern afghanistan how come the fall of all the afghans even militant groups are tired of
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fighting it is clear that these gatherings are pushing towards peace all afghans are supportive of this conference it will be better for the future of one side and i hope so it would be. for the peace talks with tell you one is. far away from the streets of kabul in geneva they will take stock of this reality they will debate how to give afghans a better life they will talk about peace and solidarity accountability and commitment woods that meanness will hear that they carry on aware it's a moment to miss them charlotte dallas al-jazeera t.v. last an hour is the u.s. when to terry and in afghanistan he says international funding for security is making a difference it's the international community's commitment to afghanistan. has been very clear in the past years and continues to be very clear. in the security
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sector one concrete example ensuring that there is a police force which is trained which functions police men and women across the country receiving their salaries that is something where there's been huge investment by the international community and that investment continues. as at that conference he joins us live from geneva so this two day conference world will be actual real decisions real actions happening here. well rasho this is not really a peace conference as such but rather a chance to take stock of how much progress the afghan government has made on. delivering on its pledges in recent years to the countries which are putting so much country so much money into the country but also aside from the big day
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is the organizers call it the conference proper on wednesday tuesday or a chance to hear from many of the people who work in afghanistan to improve the lives of ordinary afghans for a bit more on that i'm joined by mohamed zakir stunning. executive director of the afghanistan institute for civil society we were just hearing a bit about the progress which the you're nama believes is being made but how would you assess how far the afghan government is delivering on its pledges thank you very much for the right that the books of conference. like we don't see that much progress our civil society organizations as people of understand that for example if you see corruption is increasing day by day in there isn't he said just. like in two thousand and sixteen we have gone communities paid three million bradys
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so it shows that the corruption is increasing and terms of poverty like like more than for the president of the communities living under the line of poverty in afghanistan and doesn't go in terms of conflict and peace. going to government have been you know trying but we don't see the. government progress as that much in terms of you know achieving the. objectives and you know. every day we are losing our community in civilian casualties increasing so. conflict is increasing the violation is increasing every day so we don't see that much progress in terms of you know even those benchmarks that the government of understand promise saying this isn't a pledging conference but later on tuesday we do expect the european union to announce half a billion dollars more finance financing for afghanistan is the money that's been
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pledged so far arriving and is it going in the right areas well. so for the money thank you very much for the question the money arrives to the. people of afghanistan is on track but civil society we are also expecting more accountability mechanism to make sure that the many is spent in the in the in the right track and as per the acquirement of community so we need more accountability mechanisms and just last. for you representing people who are outside of the capital do you think that your voices being heard in the why did the discussion about afghanistan's future thank you very much yes we that's why we are here as a civil society to represent the common message of civil society and ask the international community to support afghan people and push the government
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to really focus on those benchmarks to achieve achieve the goal of being is corruption and poverty thank you very much for your time well as i was saying go over the next two days a chance not just for the afghan government to talk about things that it is done and for people to to ask for more progress but also to hear from from some of the grassroots organizations who are working on areas like refugees on areas like women's participation in afghan society and all of these things we're hearing. which will be key to create stability in the country and to allow people to view afghanistan not just as a conflict zone but somewhere where there can be real partnership in future. engine even a dame thank you. the us president's former campaign chief paul metaphor has been accused of breaching his plea bargain with federal prosecutors by lying little
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counsel robert muller's investigation into suspected russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election says manhart lied to f.b.i. officers is expected to receive a lighter punishment for he had expected rather to receive that or cooperating with the investigation and put faces at least a decade in prison on ten charges ranging from financial fraud to conspiracy to obstruction of justice. thousands of jobs are set to go in the largest restructuring by u.s. carmaker general motors since two thousand and eight cents the financial crash that the plant closure of manufacturing plants and north america is a setback to president donald trump who promised to turn around the industry she says the layoffs will allow it to focus on electric and self driving cars reports estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures hires fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remainder front three workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio maryland in the u.s.
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and on terrier in canada production also you see said to as yet unnamed plants outside north america by the end of twenty nine team. they hire workers to spread not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are. obviously impacted show you know not only not only the folks that are working. in the parts applying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down a sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grew the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic
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downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days that these decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeing simply the lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a bloated old trump he said his corporate tax cuts would help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that car is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they better but something else that as
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a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to. nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions of manufacturing jobs two of the plants affected are in swing states that were key to trump's victory in twenty sixteen the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him is fraying she every time see. if you moments where there were ever ten us ahead on al-jazeera why the world's largest hospital ship has arrived in colombia. plus and support manchester united manager is getting ready to walk to the scenes. from cool brisk north in few months. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. we have huge extremes in the weather across australia at the
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moment fire and flood warnings in force across eastern parts of the country the fires have been raging across parts of northern and central queensland very very early to say the bushfires get sets quite this early in the season doesn't bode well and the forecast for the weekend is for horrendous conditions there's the side of the heat up into cannes the last couple of days temperatures have got to forty three forty two degrees celsius and you can see how that heat has been very much in place here come a little further south you can see we're looking at yellows down towards the southeast and that's where we've got problems with flooding got the still swirl of cloud pushing its way towards the eastern side of new south wales in particular two distinct areas of low pressure just rolling across the southeastern corner through victoria up towards sydney and around the sydney area actually over the next twenty four hours or so we could see maybe one hundred possibly even two hundred millimeters of rain coming down that will cause extensive flooding and widespread
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damage for some with some damaging winds coming through the winds at times could well touch ninety kilometers per hour but drier weather for the weekend. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. they join one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and mount help of us. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women the door to. part of the radicalized. tunnel just zero. zero where every.
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once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to when he's follows dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give deputies the hope of walking on al-jazeera. or watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now saudi arabia's crown prince is facing legal challenges and protests as he continues his first tour abroad since the murder of journalists from all. the expected in tunisia and later on tuesday but activists are asking the courts to keep them from entering the
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country. parliament has approved thirty days of martial law in response to russia opening fire on its navy the military will take over daily functions from wednesday in ten regions which are on the coast or border russia and a british academic jail for spying in the united arab emirates has thing. u.k. government for getting him home safely after you had just was sentenced to life in prison last week before being pardoned on monday. three more on the conferences first overseas trip since the death of jamal khashoggi he's expected in tunisia small shell is there sort of all what's expected to happen he's obviously not really being welcomed by many. well richelle this is a trip or this last leg of this very regional. element to his international trip russia has been cost under a lot of. secrecy but at least there's been very little information that's been
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given by the tunisian officials here what we expect is that it will be a very short trip where the crown prince will meet behind closed doors the presidents of tunisia to subsea it's will be one where journalists will not be allowed to enter obviously there won't be any formal press conference or anything of that sorts it does seem that it's a museum presidents at least in the presidency is keen to keep its. pretty tight sometimes of access to which there has been a lot of opposition not only from civil society but as well as other political parties within the tunisian political spectrum of received a view that the visit of the crown prince is an attempt to centrally punish his image as they've described it to us and that this should not be happening at the expense of tunisia which is still very much seen as probably one of the only kind of countries in the region that is moving towards some sort of democracy and
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freedom particularly it is a country that doesn't joy so a large extent sleep press and therefore. overseas at the top of it but also richelle they are very much i'm good with regards to the war on yemen the other rights issued and the fact that saudi arabia till today you hosts the ousted leader rather the. who was essentially removed from power because of the revolution is ending the idea and therefore they still very much view this out your policies as one that do not fall in line with chinese yes. thank you mom. or human rights watch has filed a complaint with argentina wants an investigation into crown prince rowling kaspersky is death to the cadmus an international human rights lawyer he joins us live via skype from london toby thank you so much for your time so is there something about argentina that makes this a a realistic endeavor. where i think there are two points which are important
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first of all the the universal jurisdiction laws in argentina i mean that's the laws that allow them to to prosecute individuals for crimes committed by the start of the jurisdiction so those laws are committed to to look into both the abduction torture murder of jamal khashoggi but also a massive human rights violations that have been committed by the saudis in yemen so technically they have the leverage framework in order to do that right of course the second important point is that mama been sent around is going to be in argentina for the g twenty. the requests shouldn't is whether there is political but it will in argentina to take this matter forward and it's their right. well that we don't know i think what we have seen recently is it is much more of
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a drive to say to lead accountability efforts in latin america. or anything you know argentina's own part makes them a candidate for ensuring that there is global justice and accountability so i think that there is certainly a push from the the prosecutorial thirty's to do that and of course they're operating at the moment on a request from human rights watch and of course there's plenty of evidence as far as yemen is concerned in order to do that but of course as might have been been summoned is attending the g twenty there's always a question of whether he would be afforded immunity to to attend or whether he would simply not attend the fair being arrested and i'm sure there are a lot of questions being asked but i think it's important it's important for them to to ensure that he he is a perfectly healthy character which will show his actions so about that that push.
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for there actually to be. consequences accountability will they enter national community have to being creative in a ways such as this have to have to do things that maybe haven't been done before to push that. well the thing you have to look at is that the crime was committed in turkey and turkey as far as that. of the murder of jamal khashoggi is concerned so the crime was committed into a key tookie is being impeded by the side of the parties from prosecuting that case nobody has any confidence in the saudi authorities dealing with this not properly in their own countries so that doesn't need to be either a criminal case or civil case brought against those responsible side of the jurisdiction and there are of course an attempt being made to look at that no matter the other issue as far as the yemen or humanitarian crisis concerned or the
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side of the road and that is because saudi arabia is not a state party to the international criminal court neither is yemen so it doesn't have jurisdiction and the only way to refer that matters to them to screw a court is through the united nations security council and we would have to assume that either the united states or russia would would prevent that from happening and to protect the saudis so the likelihood of an open international criminal court looking into it is unlikely so again yes you have to be slightly more creative in how you would ensure a guarantee pity and generally that's through working with national prosecutorial authorities and legal groups such as our group that works for ensuring individuals are held accountable in national courts to happen i think your experts thank you
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thank you. the u.s. president has complicated teresa mayes efforts to garner parliamentary support for her that agreement donald trump a suggested the deal could hamper trade between the u.s. and u.k. theresa may says she's achieved the best horse steel possible so negative ones us live from london so tell us more about what donald trump's been saying. and as if it wasn't enough that prime minister may had faced that bar show of opposition from politicians in parliament on monday now she has this to contend with these comments from president trump say see that in effect that if she does insist on sort of maintaining those close links that it's going to be difficult but of course while this is been played down by the governments these sorts of comments there's no doubt about that this is a blow and effectively what president trump has done has handed over i mean ition
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to not just to reason may's political opponents but to opponents of the deal as well. sounds like a great deal but the you and i think we have to do this. i think we have to take a look at seriously whether or not the u.k. is allowed to trade because you know right now if you look at the deal they may not be able to trade with us and that would be a good thing. while president trump has of course come out and said similar statements before don't forget of course that in when he paid a visit to the u.k. over the summer he did state in a newspaper interview that if prime minister may would insist on maintaining closer relations with the european union than it would effectively kill off any deal or any potential deals with the united states now they did smooth over that. particularly harsh comments as they worked for prime minister may back then and
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let's not forget of course that while president trump has come out with these comments he has indeed instructed congress to have the talks with the u.k. next year but of course this is still hedging around the services and not necessarily goods which is what both parties are interested in the show right for us in london sonia thank you. central american asylum seekers have decided to return home after faithing tear gas at the u.s. border while the number giving up on their dreams others are just arriving or they're stretching resources and makeshift camps john home and as more of them say i want to. after protests on sunday that breached the u.s. border fence almost one hundred central americans with the pool to it from mexico but the disturbances also spoke to russia others in the caravan who decided to go to of their own accord bits can government trucks rolled out with those who'd had enough alex was among those waiting for the next ride home. if we jumped the wall
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they sailed the kick us out they don't want us here things get dangerous up to everything that happened yesterday so it's decided to go home but. for many sundays tear gas and police lines were reality check they know now just how hard it's going to be to get across and how much this u.s. administration wants to stop the few are equipped to wait for that loot change winter's coming but most have tents at best in this makeshift camp in. the cemetery conditions of rudimentary worsening local authorities worried about the threat of disease. when we offered this temporary shelter it was kind of three thousand five hundred people maximum and now we have more than five and a half thousand people and obviously deaths generating a risk of inflictions we could have problems with sickness and also with security. they can't wait for the caravan to go along with many others had to be one of the
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sun the central border crossing point is the busiest in the western hemisphere but the u.s. authorities have already shut it down a couple of times since the caravan arrived and locals worried that if i keep happening it's going to really hit the economy head. but even as some members of the caravan leave to one of the others it's just getting here the new arrivals have to sleep outside on the pavement the camps now completely full do you know it was cold and really uncomfortable for the children especially with the g. at west in the morning it's enough to make anyone give up but many of these people are fleeing from it poverty or violence they still aren't ready to go back. home and how does it. the un has released more than nine million dollars for humanitarian programs in venezuela and a bit to improve health care for women and children caught up in the economic crisis more than a million venezuelans have fled to neighboring colombia or many of them are now receiving free medical care or up at airports in the coastal city of. it's the
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world's largest hospital ship one of two the united states navy this batch is to offer free medical care with a crew of nine hundred doctors nurses and volunteers thank the u.s. in this confrontation in colombia is to provide health services to locals and migrants fleeing the crisis at home the migration crisis has certainly played a factor we are here to help the colombian government and there and there's obviously strained health care system. provide for all of those in need here and. hundreds of people lined up on the first day of service in a coastal city close to the border most of the care is offered on shore while surgeries done on the ship and the cup there's fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation rooms. many like these children had never seen a dentist before there's like
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a boy who arrived weeks ago from venezuela were desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from disparate tory problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there's nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it when a downturn has ravaged hospitals which shortages of drugs spec scenes and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the border. has increased like two thousand percent in a year it's on this i think we're almost the number one country in the world in the lobby and there's no way. the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of two stops the mission is making the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received over a million venezuelan migrants. u.s.
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government says the mission is a reflection of friendship and solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the business well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched its own medical ship to business well i think there's very few cases of purely altruistic actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft power but geopolitics count literal for people like a hundred in their family who are just happy for the care they finally received. allison that i'm just you know you are. the leader of a former.


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