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tv   Michelle Bachelet  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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hiv that's the highest level of testing ever for the city in that period the government is working to mean that by pointing to eighty ninety percent of south africans living with a side note that states and overseeing save lives but it also wants to see it haven't done so in the wake of the accident that among young women was that. while the number of young women with hiv has declined by twenty six percent compared to men women are three times more likely to be infected the government is rolling out a treatment called pre-exposure prophylaxis crypt to help curb the spread of hiv it's a way for people who don't have the disease but who are at substantial risk of getting it to prevent infection by taking a cold every day the small ball unit makes trips twice a week to the denuded suburb of cape town to give up the medication staf see about twenty people
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a week while she has been negative this patient does not want to be identified because she's afraid of being stigmatized. i have to pour friends i have sex with i use condoms but with one not with the other so i want to keep myself safe. the united nations says young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty four account for nearly two thirds of new infections young women are particularly vulnerable for each have infection for several reasons one is just physiologic. the cervix is not fully mature and it's more progress every infection at a younger age but also because of age disparate relationship so young women having sex with older men and not being empowered to make safe decisions capetown plans to roll out hiv aids self screening soon which the city says will expand easy access to testing this is part of a new initiative to maintain the awareness of
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a disease that continues to ravage countries like south africa from al-jazeera cape town. protesters angry at the price of fuel in france are preparing for another demonstration in the heart of paris more than two weeks down people dressed in yellow vests have taken over streets across the country demonstrator reports. every potential projectile was being removed from the shops elisei shop windows boarded up as paris prepared for yet another day of protests. the riots here last saturday were likened to a war scene four thousand police are being deployed to prevent them being repeated but the so-called yellow vest rebellion launched against hikes in fuel taxes is proving hard to control these pensioners with donning the iconic uniforms for the first time every driver in france is vaguely obliged to carry one in that car. it
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was president emmanuel macron though who was in their headlights for pushing through reforms without caring for ordinary people. on our crew. people believed in him because he was young but it's not true he's doing the same as the old politicians or even worse an opinion poll published this week shows that more than seventy percent of the french public support the yellow vest rebellion even the prime minister. says that they have something that should be heard important thing. but only one of them responded to his invitation for talks and left minutes later the reason for my told him i do not wish to pursue discussion because they did not allowed it to be filming this debate and this reflection will continue its approach s. which is not only crossing social boundaries in france but it's also spreading beyond its borders yellow vests have appeared in brussels and now square as far as
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the french island of re-union in the indian ocean. the movement was not born at a political position or that i'm a wide range of concerns it's allowed people to be part of it. president matt cries in argentina for the g. twenty but he cannot escape reminders of the spreading rebellion back home david chase to al-jazeera paris time for actual break you're not just iraq when we come back we find out who's taken the top prize at this year's world architecture festival plus. i'm george howell in budapest where a right wing nationalist government is locked in battle with academic freedom and a whole society is losing out on the investigations are on the way out the claims that men from afghanistan's football federation sexually abuse some of the women's national team pool have those details after the break on the status.
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in east pink's counties by the taj mahal. or is this some saints in the city of angels. are going to welcome back to international weather forecasts well here across parts of china most of the weather over the next few days is going to be across central and northern parts of china you can see the clouds right there on the satellite image your forecast down to the south not looking too bad we are picking up some rain showers here across vietnam and maybe the southeastern part of china before hong kong it's going to be partly cloudy conditions maybe a shower or two in the afternoon but it is going to be getting better as we go towards sunday twenty five degrees a pleasant day for you as well as over here towards taipei mostly sunny conditions in the forecast with about twenty nine as your high well as you make your way down towards the south a little bit most of the clouds are going to remain down here towards the south up towards parts of the philippines it is not looking too bad in your forecast here on saturday some clouds there but we don't expect to see any heavy rain across mindanao from manila it is going to be
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a day about thirty one degrees there on saturday pretty much the same on sunday maybe a few showers starting to come into play as we go into the end of the weekend down towards palo though heavy rain in your forecast the tempter there of about thirty degrees across parts of india mostly cloudy conditions across much of the region we don't see here on the satellite image but as we go towards parts of saturday and into the afternoon more clouds in the forecast there but for kolkata it is going to be a partly cloudy day with a temperature of about twenty nine degrees. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. the important thing if you are walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the hotter. the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners at the control of the hidden under control of the region around and that's why it was such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut
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holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories this hour the world's economic powers are in
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argentina for the g. twenty summit which is meant to focus on trade and climate change the u.s. mexico and canada have signed a new trade deal as president trump and china's media prepare for their trade talks on saturday. some it's been overshadowed by the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma who's appeared to be isolated he's been confronted by some leaders over the murder of saudi journalists. greeted by russia's president vladimir putin to stand up with ukraine is also a contentious issue. and ukraine's president has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty men from the country for a month ukraine imposed martial law in a number of provinces for thirty days after russia sees three ukrainian ships and twenty four sailors on sunday. now it's emerging as one of the largest cyber security breaches in history for the past four years hackers have been getting into the marriott hotel empire's guest reservation system and stealing the private data
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of as many as five hundred million guests well the hacking attacks brands in the starwood network including hotels sent regis sheraton and the westin all star was acquired by marriott in twenty sixteen no chains which carry marriott branding a threat and where the data that's been compromised includes passport numbers credit card details e-mails and mailing addresses but let's bring in martin libicki he's a visiting professor at the u.s. naval academy and the author of cyber terence and cyber war he joins us via skype from kensington in maryland the numbers of accounts involved in this hack are simply staggering aren't they over five hundred million users how big a breach is this martin. well the five hundred million users it would be just below the yahoo groups which in theory had three billion and it would be larger than the equifax rich which came in at about one hundred fifty million. it's very early in the incident there's a lot we don't know. but i happen to question have five hundred million people
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actually stated a starwood hotel. i mean it's it does seem like an extraordinary number but just to go back to the point you were making martyrdom and how does this compare then to other high profile breaches we've seen in recent years like yahoo sony and facebook and you know i mean just how big is this this one is pretty big and it's pretty big because it has a lot of non online data it's got credit cards it cuts it has passport cards it has addresses and phone numbers. this is one of the big ones clearly so so why aren't corporations learning from these attacks to strengthen their cyber defenses or can they in fact never be completely protected i think you know you're vast a very good question it's been five years this christmas and target was hacked. roughly about seventy million people had their credit card stolen and the c.e.o.
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lost his job and you would think that corporations would take a lot more care to figure out who's getting the databases apparently from what i understand it was only recently that mary out understood that it was getting an authorized accessors the some of the data that should have been. should have been much better protected than it was so i have to confess a lot of this is a mystery to me. so much that i mean what could the motive be behind this attack and what do the hackers do with all this information that they get. well it's been observed that very little of this information has made a toy in the criminal markets these people have been taking credit card numbers for instance for four years and yet nobody seems to have had their accounts looted as a result and that makes a lot of professionals believe that the folks who are interested in the data were not criminals but they were asked intelligence agencies and they were basically
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trying to do correlate the movements of people that they had information or with the hotel arrangements of these people ok try to find out for instance are whether two suspicious characters were in the same place at the same time all right so we have to leave it there martin the bikie thank you very much talking to are just the earth back to help another former bosnian military commander has been acquitted of war crimes during the one nine hundred ninety s. conflict he led the defense of the besieged town of sirte and was accused of killing three prisoners the town held the bosnian serb forces in one thousand nine hundred five who killed more than eight thousand bosnian men and boys all rich was hailed a hero by bosnian muslims but labelled at the butcher of bosnia and many ethnic serbs. now as british prime minister to resign may struggle to sell have brags that plan there's growing evidence that those who voted to leave the e.u. are changing their minds and that's leading to growing support for another referendum lawrence lee has this report from
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a swanzy in south wales. when wales voted in favor of leaving the european union it was seen as a protest vote against the british parliament but as an act of revenge it has backfired already a shiver went through south wales when this german car parts company recently announced it was moving to the constant because of bricks it's it will cost five hundred british jobs the workers are exactly the demographic which voted leave it seems many are now having second thoughts you get a feeling that people are. thinking about it more now than it would be for the referendum is the truth i don't think they realize the implications and they currently see in the mess that we're in at the moment trying to deal with the negotiations on the withdrawal agreement. on a totally i would say i think yes people are in second thoughts. the prime minister visited wales this week when she took office she talked about it being an opportunity to build
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a new economy that works for everyone somewhere that message got lost bits of south wales are among the poorest parts of the whole of the european union and when people here voted leave many said they expected the british government to step in and offer the same sort of financial support to them that the e.u. had previously done not only has that not happened it hasn't played any part at all in the debate about what post bracks it britain should look like. small as he had pinned its hopes on a hugely ambitious billion dollars scheme for a vast renewable energy projects in the bay it could have been a perfect example of a new economy for a poor part of the country but the government blocked it saying it didn't offer value for money local business groups say they've been offered no design no blueprint for how this will benefit them i think it's clear that their government in london very little intention of continuing the levels of investment that we've seen from. in this region or any other region around the way down here. in
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southwest wales we feel a long way from london a long way from her priorities this sense of bricks it betraying the people who voted for it is leading to polling suggesting that wales and other places like it's changing their minds those who want another referendum are delighted there's one thing we've learned over the last two years is that the european union are going to bend at the knees for the wishes of the british i think people in that they've been led down the garden path and they have the right to express their view if they do the right thing actually is to a more sensible. all the talk in westminster of staying in the customs union or ambitious trade deals with america means little in places like this they expected it to rebalance the british economy and they still waiting for someone to tell them how it will lawrence lee al-jazeera in south wales italy's foreign minister has some of the egyptian ambassador to demand justice for those behind the murder of
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italian student jewellery guinea it follows prosecutors in a romance and plans to investigate members of egypt's secret service as suspects in his murder a cambridge graduate student disappeared in january twenty sixth his body was found the following month with signs of torture in the desert outside of cairo for one of europe's top rated academic institutions sas is being forced to shut down that's after hungary's government refused to license the central european university critics say it's because right wing prime minister viktor orban wants to stop independent thought in the country general reports from the capital but a central europe was not colonized by for close to thirty years the central european university in budapest has dispensed world class degrees to students from more than one hundred countries but it is days in hungary are numbered.


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