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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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maybe something of a different but the same it wouldn't be because there are so many arguments sometimes people justifies human rights violations say because we're doing a counter-terrorist of policy or other countries say this is my sovereignity so you don't have to come and interfere with my this issue or others or say i have to feed the people first then i have to care for their political and civil rights and i do believe that the universal declaration and the human rights even if there would be no universal declaration. that exist i believe they're all in universal they're all in interdependent and you cannot choose ok i will do five and next year i will do other three and so on i mean you way be going gradually because every country don't have the money to sometimes insure everyone everything but you need to know that human beings deserve all the slides to be
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respected protected and promoted un high commissioner for human rights to show bustling thank you for talking to us to say thank you so much. they join one of the wilds most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course for crude and child soldiers and the have referred to exploitation of women and daughters of al shabab part of the radicalized serious on al jazeera. when old age back it can feel like the end. of the song it's a new beginning you want to look at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards al-jazeera wild tells inspirational stories every time. but as long
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as she's healthy she can produce and do thumping the. a new lease of life on algiers their. as the g. twenty summit gets underway in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a million leaflets but finds a friend. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up ukraine ups the ante and its growing confrontation with russia announcing a travel ban on russian men plus.
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a powerful earthquake shakes homes and tears up roads in the u.s. state of alaska and. yes people all the tools. why a positive person that was in favor of breaks it is now having doubts. all those stories coming up but fast some breaking news former u.s. president george h.w. bush has died at the age of ninety four he had been ill for some time al-jazeera looks back at the life of the forty first president of the united states. five months ago started this cruel war against kuwait tonight a battle has been joined with those words u.s. president george herbert walker bush staked
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a place in history his successful campaign to drive saddam hussein from kuwait was the one term president's most significant accomplishment the son of a wealthy republican u.s. senator bush served in the second world war and was elected to two terms in the u.s. congress in the one nine hundred sixty s. president richard nixon became bush's mentor appointing him in bassett or to the united nations in one nine hundred seventy i shall resign the presidency of nixon resigned in disgrace but bush a savvy political survivor became head of the cia in one thousand nine hundred eighty six after eight years as ronald reagan's vice president bush entered the white house in one nine hundred eighty nine after a savagely negative campaign less than a year after taking office bush sent troops to invade panama to overthrow manwell noriega a corrupt military ruler who had turned against the us sat him was worn over and over again the defining moment of bush's presidency came in august of one nine hundred ninety when iraqi tanks rolled into kuwait he ordered
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a massive military buildup consulted with allies and worked closely with the united nations. american forces flooded into saudi arabia and established bases a development that later was cited by osama bin laden to justify tax against the us . once underway the war did not last long iraqi forces fled kuwait in a panic to retreat but bush refused to order an advance toward baghdad opting not to topple saddam. in the aftermath of the war bush's popularity quickly began to fade one pledged change to define and haunt his reelection read my lips. that put broken and his chances hurt by a viable third party candidate he was defeated by bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred two. but before leaving office bush ordered one last military adventure
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invading somalia to end a famine that invasion sparked a guerrilla conflict with mounting u.s. casualties president clinton hastily pulled out the troops radicals came to believe america is afraid to fight. in retirement bush nurtured the political careers of his sons george w. and jeb but when george w. became president in two thousand he kept the elder bush at arm's length publicly making it clear he wasn't seeking his father's advice there bush's final years were devoted to charitable works teaming up with his former rival bill clinton to raise tens of millions of dollars for victims of the indian ocean tsunami and later katrina's out of office he was a much more popular president than his son honored by the u.s. navy with an aircraft carrier named after him. the word of the nation's highest civilian medal by president barack obama. in his final years he was occasionally hospitalized for breathing issues he told his granddaughter in
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a television interview he didn't fear death but spoke emotionally reading a letter to his family there may also be there ready when you are. there ready when you are. how many grandkids to watch. about it but. devoted. dad he said he didn't worry about his legacy that would be for others to take up and many of his actions in iraq somalia and saudi arabia had fateful consequences that unfolded years later the war is over with the benefit of hindsight historians will now debate how will george bush serve his nation and the world mike hanna now joins us by phone live from washington d.c. mike george bush well george h.w. bush was a force to be reckoned with what kind of reaction are we seeing in d.c.
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well this being the reaction is yes that this happened within the last few minutes that you just like doubts about the death of george h.w. bush but certainly there's going to be a deep sense of moaning in the nation's capital it was the president only one but a president who left with a great deal of respect and since his has continued with in the public through i'm going to leave to maintaining that degree of dignity the degree of intelligence that's clinton couldn't really is compared to what that subsequently happened and what are we likely to see happening over the course of the next few days mike and i believe he's been ill for some time this didn't come necessarily as a huge surprise. though it did not he has been ill he was diagnosed clock in since disease and he had the good comes the day after he put his wife
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barbara bush to wrist so that is a degree of sadness throughout the capital in terms of the fact that both george h. w. bush and his wife barbara bush have. died within the same period he clearly was ill for a long period of time but before he fell into the leg times the disease he comments about the current political process in which he said there was a lot of dignity he was a man who stayed out of the public limelight he was a man who did not comment on current political situations but he was a man who made the really clear is dislike of the way in which politics is now being played after he left the presidency mike
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having said that he was also a controversial figure he made some controversial decisions himself especially when it came to the u.s. foreign policy and i'm thinking here is as a rock and saddam hussein and how do you think that he's going to be remanded. well that's a very difficult question to answer because in a way yes the. first gulf war was a major part of his presidency and he did respond at that time in a particular way it was also the way in which he dealt with the live at least an issue for palestine israel for example he had a cheaper stuff can make a who was very aggressive in terms of pushing a different u.s. policy within that particular region it was the only time which a u.s.
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administration was very forceful in terms of israel's action in palestinian territories and that was something that he may be remembered for a period of time in which the u.s. administration while come to be supporting israel also made very clear that it would not supported unreservedly so there is a mixed legacy of george h.w. bush part of that of goes always seen as somebody who was quick to go to nation's defense but part of whom also would take a step back and consider the wider ramifications such as rule of law such as the idea of an international order that should be followed he was a strong supporter of the united nations for example he did introduce ideas
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within u.s. policy that subsequently sell away particularly with regard as i say to the middle east mike hanna for us there in washington d.c. mike thanks so much we'll be hearing from him in the next few days about what happens next. trade deals dancing and protests day one of this year's g. twenty summit had it all leaders from the world's top economies are in argentina for the annual event but the topics dominating the discussions are in fact those not on the formal edge and latin america editor at lucy and human reports from when is aries. leaders of the world's most powerful nations wrapped up day one of the g. twenty summit with a gala when aside this is a cologne theater a venue that helped mask some of the bitter disputes that divide them inaugurating the summit earlier host president. called for the spirit of the g. twenty to prevail it was founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine with the
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aim of setting a global policy and achieving financial stability and its expanded its agenda since the two thousand and eight crisis. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges of global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone important issues are overshadowing the gathering like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond suspected of ordering the murder of saudi journalist. there is also trade not only the own goal in commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement with the u.s. to replace nafta mexico and canada resist president donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient strong economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for
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their families and their communities this summit is a historic event for argentina and an opportunity for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs. lots of good things. including military. but on the streets of putting aside his trump vilified as were all the summit leaders mainly left wing activists held a combative but peaceful protest the list of complaints is endless from the classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. loan to argentina which comes with calls for the belt tightening to the presence of the saudi crown prince these people here say they know that their voices will not
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be a prayer by the summit leaders but the point is to demonstrate that there are many caramel repudiation what some are calling a club of thieves and exploiting. at the down a president mike lee was literally moved to tears as the audience chanted argentina charging tina the hope is that the enthusiasm will spill over into day two so that the world's most powerful club can reach some agreement on pressing issues like trade gender equality and climate change. for they go home. to see inulin al jazeera would recite this. there's been a lot of attention at this year's g. twenty summit on the growing trade war between the u.s. and china president on one trump and china's xi jinping will meet on saturday they're trying to find common ground on trade so they can revoke tariffs that are hurting both economies from beijing china correspondent adrian brown tells us what it is what's at stake and what to expect. in beijing last november
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president donald trump appeared to be excited about a new friend and my feeling toward you is an incredibly warm one as we said there's great chemistry. and i think we're going to do tremendous things for both china and for the united states it was the last time trump met president xi jinping who won't be fooled again says one academic he didn't count on trump's volatility the fact that trump could be you know a love in roses one day and in the next day we know launch a trade war. there's not much love now both sides are almost five months into a trade war and if there's no breakthrough at this weekend's g. twenty summit in one of saris the trumpet ministration is set to raise taxes or more chinese goods including i phones which are designed in california but manufactured in china american consumers are likely to get a hit because if you look at the products always have
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a great deal of the products like a lot of make in china so if they post paris some of the costs are likely to be higher but trump's threats could be just part of the negotiating strategy the souring relationship loomed large at a recent gathering of asia pacific leaders in papua new guinea and in a tough lee worded speech a few weeks earlier the u.s. vice president mike pence portrayed china as the new enemy there are so many points of friction between china and the united states that it's hard to keep count trade taiwan the south china sea dispute north korea and of course human rights and for that reason say some analysts it's possible that any deal done this weekend will be limited and short lived. china's leader has several things in his favor the trump doesn't she doesn't have to worry about elections in less than two years or a free press to hold him to account the state media can pronounce it any way they
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want but trump needs to have something that he can show his base and say look we won this first trade war with china that means china has a lot of leeway because they don't really need to worry about what looks good what the optics are like but the trade war is undoubtedly affecting china the shanghai stock market is among the worst performing indexes in the world right now publicly china's leaders are hopeful a deal can be done this weekend but it's also clear their expectations are not high adrian brown al jazeera beijing. as we mentioned the standoff between ukraine and russia is one of the big issues on leaders minds at the g. twenty and ukraine's president has upped the ante in banning russian males between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering his country andrew symonds reports from kharkiv in one of the flashpoint border regions. this is the latest message sent from ukraine to russia via social media
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a miniature video packed with action drills said to be taking place nearly as all seemed intended to show off the cranes defensive capabilities. within your ground so of your joint forces operation is full of air defense weapons that are able to stop the aerial aggression of the russian federation. and as the live fire exercises were playing out on the world wide web president petro poroshenko decided to ban all russian mail policy holders aged between sixteen and sixty from coming in or going out of ukraine. just outside hockey here of one of the main board oppose any.


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