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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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a very controversial decision how do you think and that's played us well it was controversial it's still controversial but i would depend that decision that he may win i think i know the reasons for one is that if we had overthrown saddam hussein we would be responsible for running and governing iraq for a long time that's what happened to his son he had to run iraq at a real way through saddam hussein his father thought that was an odd wise move and really it was the second is you want iraq to be a counterweight to we were on a saddam hussein when he was leader of iraq for a long time for me to be wrong and he was it was really counterweight between two major powers in the middle east when saddam said he was overthrown in iraq really not with art there was no real counter which we won except saudi arabia or way on so he wanted to preserve the iraqi regime essential to counter the power of the growing power of iran and when saddam hussein was eventually removed from power
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iran became much much more influential but i want to read you something that george bush sr said after the end of the cold war he spoke about a new weld order he said a new world order can imagine new era free of from the threat of terror stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace an era in which the nations of the wild east and west north and south can prosper and live in harmony a wild weather rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle what you think you would make of the world we live in today and the decisions being made in washington d.c. . well you don't have to guess too much both bushes look on their inside were critical of donald trump and his foreign policy of values and his legacy trumped repudiates that rule for the united states he doesn't really believe that the united states has to be the leader of the world or that we have to defend the world order it's very expensive it's very difficult and it has led to the wants of american losses so trump does not defend that or both of the bush's did that was really essential
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to do it as they lie on that now is i want to ask you do you know much about what we might be expecting with regard to funeral arrangements and who might be attending from the white house we don't buy george that will trump has never been an admirer of george h.w. bush george h.w. bush i'm pretty sure i never voted for the i think he indicated that he couldn't vote for donald trump because the two were very far in foreign policy about i don't know left from will attend or not it's a difficult decision for him if he does he'll be criticized he doesn't believe in more criticized he's a very different kind of president and represents a very different image of the republican party george h.w. bush and his son were an image of the republican party really of the tests that republican party doesn't exist anymore now that trump has taken it over and we don't know exactly how trump who play a role in
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a few more arrangements or in the discussion of the legacy of the first president bush bill schneider speaking to us that from washington d.c. thanks so much for your time and reflections though and so what can serve as a former white house aide to george bush sr he believes he'll be warmly or mended around the wild. i think it will be remembered very fondly very warmly for this tyrant office the only get one terrorist president of the united states but it was a time of stability for the united states and it will be critical with with whatever the persian gulf crisis with other with a loss of life and having a great humanitarian heart i don't think that he would be so pleased with with some of the things are headed the united states i don't think that he viewed pleased with some of the challenges the way some of the charities have been addressed by the current president i think you would have any difficulty. he wanted very much
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to bring people together again ever to try to brace really americans together and to make america a place that was welcome to the rest of the world so he was somebody for a world war two many many years ago but he for world war two i don't think he ever forgot experience and he wanted to see a world where there was less conflict and where people were more in harmony with each other so he was somebody who tried to great or if you were still president and all that he'd be at least was over some of what he sees and you know essex so what happened for instance in charlottesville a couple of last year i'll use going now i suppose he would not be pleased with that rule nobody would believe the response but i believe the worst form of i've found to be a great man so i. understand what it meant to lead the country and he did it
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in a very selfless way not at all so either talk about himself never always like to be kind of a behind the scenes look at the work that he did speak for itself certainly does about who will be remembered very warmly grip of the united states. in other news trade deals dancing and protests day one of this year's g. twenty summit had a toll leaders from the world's top economies are in argentina for the annual event but the topics dominating this year's discussions are in fact those not on the formal agenda latin america editor lucien human reports from one of their. leaders of the world's most powerful nations wrapped up day one of the g. twenty summit with the aside this is a theater a venue that helped mask some of the bitter disputes that divide them inaugurating the summit earlier host president. called for the spirit of the g. twenty to prevail it was founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine with the
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aim of setting global policy and achieving financial stability and it's expanded its agenda since the two thousand and eight crisis. we have the obligation to show the world the global challenges of global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone important issues are overshadowing the gathering like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond suspected of ordering the murder of saudi journalist. there is also trade not only the own goal in commercial standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement with the u.s. to replace nafta mexico and canada resist president donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient strong economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for
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their families and their communities this summit is a historic event for argentina and an opportunity for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promised the investment argentina so desperately needs. lots of good things. including military. but on the streets of put aside and trampled vilified as were all the summit leaders mainly left wing activists held a combative but peaceful protest the list of complaints is endless from the classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. loan to argentina which comes with calls for the belt tightening to the presence of the saudi crown prince these people here say they know that their voices will not be a hard by the summit leaders but the point is to demonstrate that there are many here
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who will repeat a what some are calling a club of b.s. and exploiting. at the down a president mike lee was literally moved to tears as the audience chanted argentina charging tina the hope is that the enthusiasm will spill over into day two so that the world's most powerful club can reach some agreement on pressing issues like trade gender equality and climate change this. troy they go home. you see in human al-jazeera when i say this. we also have alan session but as areas he looks more closely now at how muhammad has been received at the summit. there are diplomatic protocols so the saudi crown prince was welcome to the g. twenty but his diety won't be as full as normal the saudi foreign ministry quickly tweeting oh pictures of mohammed bin salman talking to other world leaders keen to
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show he's not been isolated or ignored the french president had a brief exchange at one point complaining in english that the crown prince doesn't listen to him i will listen of course he replied i think it was. his team says he raised the war in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi and he urged international experts to be part of the investigation into the journalist murder then there was the traditional picture of the leaders the so-called family four to the throne prince looked awkward as he took up a stance on the far right of the picture next to him was the head of state but the president of an international development bank he shook hands on the far left the turkish president that was not done by accident the still picture the closest the two men have come since the journalist murder donald trump has been talking with other sodium fish oils but away from the cameras and exchange with the current prince a friendly meeting said the saudis are quick greeting insisted the president. they
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become prince got one warm welcome and undiplomatic high five from russian president vladimir putin a man keen to capitalize on any fracture in u.s. so did relations. it may have been a gamble by saudi's crown prince to come here given the current international outrage over the murder of jamal khashoggi he's not been for us no like some predicted but the greetings by one notable exception have been business like the meetings short and to the point his economic strength seemingly more important than this come diplomatic difficulties among the protesters on the streets of eunice that is who is angry to see the saudi crown prince being welcomed by other world leaders they're. ready this young man has just committed an act of transnational state terrorism that we will look at the best and i'm going to punish him and it's terrible what's happening to the people of yemen in the hands of this plug dish to massage mystic an unspeakable dictatorship of saudi arabia it's even more shameful
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that our country welcomes my husband's online. many g. twenty gatherings instantly forgettable this will be remembered more for who was there than what was discussed and world leaders will always have this picture to remind. alan fischer al-jazeera at the g twenty. the standoff between ukraine and russia is one of the big issues on leaders' minds and ukraine's president has upped the ante banning russian males between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering his country andrew simmons reports from. in one of the flashpoint border regions. this is the latest message sent from ukraine to russia via social media a miniature video packed with action drills said to be taking place nearly as scene intended to show off the cranes defensive capabilities. that have been around serbia our joint forces operation is full of air defense weapons that are able to
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stop the aerial aggression of the russian federation. and as the live fire exercises were playing out on the world wide web president petro poroshenko decided to ban all russian mail holders aged between sixteen and sixty from coming in or going out of ukraine. just outside hockey here at one of the main border pose any seven hundred russians normally enter or leave the country every day. now the numbers are going down drastically with all the disruption that goes with it. brought me ukrainian he was supposed to be meeting my brother a russian national and his family they didn't let him in only the women. that man like many others have been involved in an important event a wedding border guards told people it was a funeral or a humanitarian emergency they'd have free passage. president poroshenko says the
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main purpose of the action is to prevent the russian military from harming private companies to and through the border to form pro russian squads to cause trouble. shortly after taking offensive action against russian nationals putting out this military video mess. just a little passive line on twitter. he told ukrainians there will be no mobilization of young people to flights or any restrictions on human rights as long as russia doesn't invade our territory and to simmons' out hockey ukraine. russia's foreign ministry says they'll avoid mirroring ukraine's travel ban. mr talking about retaliation is just terrifying because if anyone tries to retaliate to what's happening in kiev now it could lead to a crazy situation if we're talking about this on a national scale then quite simply it could lead to a meltdown. the u.s.
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says it will cut the number of troops at the mexican border from five thousand six hundred tour around four thousand but it plans to extend the deployment of those left until january on the other side of the border mexican or thirties have been moving asylum seekers from an overcrowded cell twenty one to a nearby events but heavy rain is hampering efforts to ensure everyone has enough food and shelter or castro has more from one of the camps and. u.s. helicopters have been buzzing the border between san diego and here to want to mexico even as the u.s. military says it is lowering the number of troops deployed to the border though it's tending their deployment until late january this is all happening as the central american asylum seekers who have been counting on this baseball field for more than two weeks are now packing up after two days of rain that turned these
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conditions unsanitary with outdoor bathrooms and people bathing exposed to the elements unable to keep their children dry the federal government of mexico has now opened an event center about fifteen minutes from here and is working to convince the last of these asylum seekers to board buses to go to that covered shelter that has not been an easy task though there are many here who are refusing to leave despite the conditions they say that because the u.s. border wall is so close their goal within sight that is the vision that drove them to walk more than a mile from their homes in central america to skate violence and poverty the vast majority of these seekers say they denounce the attempts to cross the border illegally they say they will wait even if it does take months or even more than a year to file their asylum claim with the u.s. authorities that wait is because the u.s. is accepting fewer than one hundred asylum claims
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a day leading to that day after day of struggling to get to the next for these a central american asylum seekers' a powerful earthquake has shaken the u.s. state of alaska causing widespread damage so far no casualties have been reported but off the shocks are still being felt al-jazeera got a report. this is the moments of a jewish quake struck alaska's largest city if you want to encourage courthouse stuff took. of a belief the desk's is building shook the magnitude seven quake left highways book called buildings damaged and thousands without power. to the ground is cracked the windows are shattered out and we peeked inside and though it looks like part of the silly came down to so far no casualties have been reported but the damage is widespread and officials have recorded at least forty aftershocks the good news at this point in time is we have not been made and we're serious injury or casualty be
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on the property casualty. but again we are just hours after a very significant earthquake the aftershocks are still continuing and law school is no stranger to worse quakes the most powerful quake in u.s. history nine hundred sixty four measuring a magnitude of nine point two the shoes are now assessing the damage with the state's governor making a disaster declaration as the cleanup continues and the gallic of al-jazeera. a white form a u.s. police officer has been charged with murder over the killing of her black neighbor and the guy goes shot botham jean in his home after mistaking it for her apartment in dallas texas she was initially booked for manslaughter prompting criticism the charge was too lenient a grand jury has now upgraded it to murder the marriott international hotel chain
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says it has been the victim of a major days a breach involving at starwood reservation database the hack may have affected some five hundred million guests marriott says the breach has been going on since twenty fourteen the hack could be one of the biggest on record exposing credit cards passport numbers and birth dates. former bosnian military commander not so r.h. has been acquitted of war crimes or it's led the defense of the besieged town of and was accused of killing three said prisoners the town fell to bosnian serb forces in one thousand nine hundred five who killed more than eight thousand bosnian men and boys or it was hailed a hero by bosnian muslims but denounced as the butcher of bosnia by many ethnic serbs. is sleeze foreign minister has summoned the egyptian ambassador to demand justice for those behind the med student julio regime and follows prosecutors in rome and now seeing plans to investigate members of egypt's secret service as suspects and his mete the cambridge graduate student disappeared in january twenty
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sixth his body was found the following month with signs of torture in the desert outside of cairo a british student is facing trial in egypt for taking a photograph of a military helicopter nineteen year old muhammad fathy. was detained on arrival at alexandria airport last week after taking the picture through a window of the plane he was on. family have called on the british government to secure his release countries in southern africa have made progress in fighting hiv and.


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