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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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bill overnight so a lot of americans are going to be waking up to this news of the passing of former president george h.w. bush but we did hear overnight from several people with tributes primarily number one his son george w. bush the former president as well in a statement that read in part he said george h.w. bush my father was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ever ask for this statement read in part the entire bush family is deep grateful for forty one's life and love for his compassion of those who have cared and prayed for him we've also heard from former president bill clinton as well who defeated bush in the one nine hundred ninety two presidential election he put out a statement that also read in part few americans have been or ever will be able to match president bush's record of service to the united states and the joy he took from it every day former president clinton said the statement also went on to say i
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am profoundly grateful for every minute i spent with president bush and i will always hold our friendship as one of my greatest gifts so there you hear it more state. tributes coming in and like i said is america really wakes up on this saturday morning there will be more tributes without a doubt for sure former head of state gave does that mean something approaching a state funeral or something smaller perhaps more respectful more family based i mean you know you saw it there about the clintons about bill clinton for so many years in the u.s. politics it's been the two dinnis days it was the clintons all the bushes. oh yeah make no doubt about it you really can't overstate enough the bush dynasty for decades. the political dynasty decades that permeated in this city the bush family spokesperson said that they will be releasing funeral details later but former presidents are granted a state funeral here in washington d.c.
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that normally last five days should they want it not all presidents have chosen or the family members of deceased presidents have chosen to have a state funeral most notably j.f.k. and ronald reagan did have state funerals here it's unclear if bush family will decide to do that or not we can tell you most likely his body will lay in state in the capitol rotunda but one thing is for sure he will be buried back in texas at the family where the family is from at his bush presidential library just outside of houston where his wife barbara bush is buried the wife of george bush they were married for forty two years interesting point though is will current president donald trump be invited or even attend the bush funeral wherever it's held that's a big question because as you probably can remember he was not invited and did not
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attend barbara bush's funeral earlier this year also did not attend senator john mccain's funeral as well he was not invited to that either big question will be if trump tens gabriel is on the line for us in washington thanks very much. we move on world leaders are preparing for day two of the g. twenty in argentina already the event to see in the u.s. mexico and canada signing a new trade accord but top of the agenda is the trade war between the u.s. and china in recent months they've imposed tariffs on each other's imports they've been too concerned about the impact on the global economy the u.s. president donald trump is expected to meet china's xi jinping another point of tension the naval confrontation between ukrainian and russian forces in the black sea and european leaders are considering new measures against russia during day one the spotlight was on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sell mom his alleged involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi saw him largely isolated by other leaders except the russian president vladimir putin whose prominent greeting in
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front of the world's cameras made its own headlines stories of who is in buenos aires beyond the photo opportunities what can they realistically achieve here. well it's difficult to know right now when is was a very intense first day for the g twenty summit and even though argentina has been working on a full agenda talking about inequality infrastructure among so many other issues the main focus has been on the relationship between the g twenty leaders the trade war between the united states in china the relations with the united states and the media but also the presence here of mohamed bin film and the treatment he would receive by the world leaders the handshake between him and blood the medical team did not go unnoticed for everyone here so it was a very intense day when there were thousands of people demonstrating also on the streets of argentina as government preventing them from reaching the area where the
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precedents are where there were three rings around the city so the protests happened very very far away and it ended with a gala as they call long theater where president michel he was moved to tears when people started chanting argentina argentina is very very difficult time in argentina with economic recession inflation and so many other things but the big question right now is whether the leaders here will be able to reach any type of an agreement a european leaders are saying that the united states is not being easy to deal with especially on issues like migration and time and change as far as all those other leaders are concerned series there when it comes to mohammed didn't solve the saudi crown prince ho toxic is he. well that's difficult to know but it was very interesting to watch the photo up to the family photo when it happened initially he was shaking hands with some of the world leaders but then he
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was on one side of that picture and on the other side is was president the person the turkish president they were very separate only hand shape he received from the head of the interim eric and bank at that point but later on the world attention came to when there was a big exchange between him and me and protean and later on a smile and that complicity i looked between him and president donald trump but it's difficult to know we initially when this summit began when there was lots of expectation about the truth to meant he would receive human rights organization and we're hoping in a way that some of the world leaders will give him the cold shoulder but that may not happen through thanks very much. well as we mentioned there's been a lot of focus on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol man's been received at the summits alan fischer takes a closer look. at our diplomatic protocols so the saudi crown prince was
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welcomed to the g twenty but his diary won't be as full as normal the saudi foreign ministry quickly tweeting oh pictures of mohammed bin salman talking to other world leaders keen to show he's not been isolated or ignored the french president had a brief exchange at one point complaining in english that the crown prince doesn't listen to him i will listen of course he replies. to. his team says he raised the war in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi and he urged international experts to be part of the investigation into the journalist murder then there was the traditional picture of the leaders the so-called family four to the throne prince looked awkward as he took up his stance on the far right of the picture next to him with a head of state but the president of an international development bank he shook hands on the far left the turkish president that was not done by accident the still
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picture the closest the two men have come since the journalist murder donald trump has been talking with other sodium fish oils but away from the cameras an exchange with the crown prince a friendly meeting said the saudis are quick greeting insisted the president. they become prince got one warm welcome and undiplomatic high five from russian president vladimir putin a man keen to capitalize on any fracture in u.s. so did relations. it may have been a gamble by saudi's crown prince to come here given the current international outrage over the murder of jamal khashoggi he's not been for his no like some predicted but the greetings by one notable exception have been business like the meetings short and to the point his economic strength seemingly more important than this current diplomatic difficulties among the protesters on the streets of eunice that is who is angry to see the saudi crown prince being welcomed by other world leaders. that already this young man has just committed an act of transnational
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state terrorism that he looked at us and they're going to punish him and it's terrible what's happening to the people of yemen in the hands of this blog there is to massage mystic an unspeakable dictatorship of saudi arabia it's even more shameful that our country welcomes my husband's online. many g. twenty gatherings instantly forgettable this will be remembered more for who was there than what was discussed and world leaders will always have this picture to remind. alan fischer al-jazeera at the g twenty and. the wall street journal says the saudi crown prince sent eleven messages to his closest adviser in the hours before and after the murder of jamal khashoggi the newspaper says it's in excerpts of the highly classified cia assessment including alleged comments from the crown prince that seemed to foreshadow the operation mohammed bin salmond's top aide tani oversaw the team which killed jamal khashoggi president says there's no direct evidence linking crown prince to the killing of the journalist the new u.n.
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human rights chief has told al-jazeera it's time for the u.n. to investigate the death of jamal michel bashfully and speaking to our diplomatic editor james bay as for talks well just zero program. almost two months after jamal khashoggi was murdered and dismembered in the saudi consulate in istanbul the saudi and turkish investigations remained separate and seem to be going nowhere saudi arabia is refusing to hand over the suspects it's arrested and it hasn't given the turkish authorities any idea of the whereabouts of the journalist body now in an interview for talk to al-jazeera the new high commissioner for human rights michel bash away says the time has come for an international investigation weatherboard. is it time for the u.n. to set up an investigation i think it is time i mean i don't have that in my might monday i'll be the secretary general to do that well where i think they're looking
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at which are the best ways of doing it but i think they should be international and because we cannot do criminal investigation you need you need to be sure with all the mechanism that can that can do that i have asked the u.n. . to look forward to the best mechanism to quote you bought the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists currently at the g. twenty summit is sticking to his position that he won't act until he gets a referral from one of the un's major bodies the security council general assembly or human rights council and from one of the countries of the un we do need a legal mandate from a legislative body or and of course also a request or at least a request from from a member state that has not that has not come and just to be clear those conditions and requirements you've made those two requirements those are legal conditions or
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are they just things that the secretary general things he thinks he needs as political cover in case the saudi subjects sometimes had to give the u.n. it's hard to. separate the two it's the secretary general's positions and it remains it's worth recalling in twenty sixteen the previous secretary general put saudi arabia on a blacklist of countries that target children in conflict zones when the saudis threatened to pull the humanitarian funding to the u.n. the secretary general took them off the list the u.n. won't confirm whether it's received in the new threats from saudi arabia james out his era of the united nations. a british teenager has been placed in detention in egypt after taking a photograph of a military helicopter nineteen year old mohammad fasc up to him was detained on arrival at alexandria airport last week he was travelling from libya with a friend when he took the image from the window of the aircraft that he was sitting
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on board. police in paris are using tear gas so-called yellow vests protesting for a third successive saturday against fuel tax rises these pictures coming to us live from immediately adjacent to the on the trail to the top the shots of the same motorists are demanding the french president's emanuel scraps the new tax on diesel he's trying to promote green energy vehicles were torched. was blocked last weekend will keep across all the developments there and when they come to us now in a few moments we'll have the weather for you with mr rob but also still to come here on the news hour. i'm going to how in budapest where a right wing nationalist government is locked in battle with academic freedom and a whole society is losing out. also ahead alaska feels the force from a major earthquake. into a boxing's biggest stars weigh in ahead of their heavyweight title box in los
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angeles a little later joe will have all the build up to the wilder fury fights in sports in about twenty minutes. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. remember the holy fire in southern california burns in august september a violent fight of well it hasn't rained since of course you have the later foz this is the first evidence that the rain is falling all of the debris coming down just one gully in southern california the rain has now started in california as i'm sure you're aware because i think almost cold at the end of the fire season of course further inland the land is high and you get to arizona proper snow starts to fall this is flagstaff we start overnight the rain fell right into friday daytime
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and it started off nice and beautifully i suppose and gave the children first snow day friday day of school was about twenty five centimeters of snow on the ground that course now this sort of change of weather type has started it will carry home the cloud is moving eastwards good circulations you can see that suggest areas of low pressure there's more rain coming down the coast from northern california to the central valley now is snow inland and snow will be something of a story further east to have bit further north in the u.s. as well also probably going to waltz into the southern states into this little captured area here but of course comes against the existing cold and snow will fall from wyoming to the midwest for days to come. the weather sponsored by cat time east. because we're not as we should. rights being violated. and free to
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be stripped away. in the sand here anniversary of the wishes of the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights no where in the world is crime reforest be superior to benefits inside all. funding oh we'll fly we have been called. audits photos and traitors i was a good service not like the child was falling into the fuzz flowing real good into knots through. one man's fight for the rights of indigenous heritage a time to swim a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome
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if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera news our live from peter davi these are your headline stories so far the forty first president of the united states of america george h.w. bush has died at the age of ninety four he was president of the time of the first gulf war in one thousand nine hundred one and also the fall of communism in the old u.s.s.r. and across eastern europe flags flying at half mast at the white house. on the second and final day of the g. twenty in argentina the u.s. and chinese presidents discuss troops and trade a war between the world's two biggest economies. and live shots out of paris riot police in the french capital firing tear gas and using water cannon the so-called yellow vests protesters there rallying for a third consecutive weekend they're angry at the french president emanuel to increase the tax on diesel fuel he's going to scrap they want him to scrap that tax
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and for more than two weeks the. blocked roads and protests across france they are said to be spreading to the belgian capital brussels this weekend as well inside france this is seen as posing one of the biggest and most sustained challenges to the relatively new french president he's been in office for a little under eighteen months more not for you just as soon as we can. today is the thirtieth anniversary of world aids day when world events highlights a global epidemic that's killed around thirty five million people since the early one nine hundred eighty s. some of the worst affected countries are in eastern and southern africa well most twenty million people are living with hiv but many countries are taking action with better treatment and education namibia has reduced its cases of new hiv infection by fifty percent over the past three years as were teeny has forty four percent less than hiv infections south africa's hiv infection rate has also gone down forty
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four percent and botswana is doing more testing which has led to a thirty percent reduction in new infections in the past two and a half he is countries in southern africa have made progress in fighting h.i.v. and full blown aids but still have the highest rates of the disease it's estimated that despite better treatment and education almost ten million young people in africa will be infected by the year twenty fifty from either miller reports now from cape town. on the thirtieth anniversary of world aids day this small church to raise awareness of the disease while people here are celebrating a decline in new infections they say it's not enough government statistics show that about seven point five million south africans are living with hiv that's one of the highest rates in the world everyone should be able to know there's a dress it's their health including bags. in the last year more than one million people in cape town have tested for hiv that's the highest level of testing ever
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for the city in that period of government is working to mean that by twenty points each night the same thoughts on african living with a side note that states and overseas things save lives but it also wants to see i haven't done so in the way that you would think that among young women what. while the number of young women with hiv has declined by twenty six percent compared to men women are three times more likely to be infected the government is rolling out a treatment called pre-exposure prophylaxis cripple to help curb the spread of hiv it's a way for people who don't have the disease but who are at substantial risk of getting it to prevent infection by taking a poll every day the small ball unit makes trips twice a week to the denuded suburb of cape town to give up the medication staff see about
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twenty people a week while she has been negative this patient does not want to be identified because she's afraid of being stigmatized. i have two poor friends i have sex with i use condoms but with one not with the other so i want to keep myself safe. the united nations says young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty four account for nearly two thirds of new infections young women are particularly vulnerable for each have infection for several reasons one is just physiologic. the cervix is not fully mature and it's more prone to friction at a younger age but also because of age just relationships so young women having sex with older men not being empowered to make safe decisions capetown plans to roll out hiv aids self screening suit which the city says will expand easy access to
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testing this is part of a new initiative to maintain the awareness of a disease that continues to ravage countries like south africa for me double or al jazeera cape town. a major university in hungary says has been forced to close down critics say the government's refusal to license the university in budapest that's owned by an american billionaire is part of efforts to silence dissent jonah hole reports from their. central europe was not colonized by for close to thirty years the central european university in budapest has dispensed world class degrees to students from more than one hundred countries but it's days in hungary are numbered . the hungaroring government started and all i was campaigning against liberal intellectuals in fact intellectuals are far of any stripe. and has been limiting economic freedom in state owned and state run universities for a long time see you as a private institution of the government's refusal to renew its legal certification
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means courses i'm moving to vienna but first by way of a protest campus outside parliament in this case is the court it's not quite the hungary an uprising all over again but they want people to know that their government is threatening to close a university only europeans. soil for the first time since world war two once this becomes true mythical here it becomes permissible anywhere anywhere in europe anywhere in the west that it will be a catastrophe for hungary and i just don't see what sort of a government were destroyed that so wise it's actress threat to them i suppose they don't want independent thought they don't want the use of hungary to be able to assess critically their propaganda so here is a grand european democracy and academic freedom side by side of course in political science would teach that they are mutually dependent on one another but here in hungary they're in mutual decline. the battle to save c.e.u. looks likely to be lost the latest defeat for hungary's beleaguered liberal forces
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opposed to prime minister viktor orban and his populist nationalist policies or ban has targeted not just free thought and speech but also immigration and foreign n.g.o.s his most recent election campaign was fronted by posters of hungary and born billionaire george soros with claims that soros plans to flood europe with illegal migrants and refugees the sea was founded and is funded by george soros and one of its alumni his government spokesman sultan coverage why now choose to go after this institution that source found and nobody is going after one particular institution as i mentioned to the higher educational or is that we could go to all universities and institutions operating under but this university is going to find it difficult to function in the future is it not probably for the reason that it was privileged in an undue way that privilege is not going for any other university
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or higher education institution in this country. if not the last nail in the coffin certainly one of many sojourner how significant is this. well i think it's a big milestone peter along the road of what viktor orban described after he's came back to power in two thousand and ten as his illiberal democracy he's had a go it civil society it n.g.o.s that refugees and illegal migrants the media but now as well academic freedom and i think a lot of people are very troubled by that not least the students here behind me in parliament square in front of parliament they have built their protest campus you saw it in my report and i'm joined by victor mack one of the students and organizes here victor. has this protest you feel had an effect do you think there may be some kind of last minute reprieve what's in the offing for the universe to know yeah i
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think the chances that there's a last minute signing of the deal are slim but i think that that was always a far fetched goal of ours i think the value of what we've done here is that we've created a space for people to come out for academics to hold classes for civil society organizations to come and do presentations and citizens to come out and start having conversations and discussions and this is been a huge success there's been dozens of these presentations these discussions hundreds of people have participated and these conversations will continue after today when we take down their cue it's sort of the idea of a university in microcosm isn't it get give me an idea of the value to society of an institution like c e u n and consequently the loss to society of its departure absolutely i mean c.e.o.'s established after socialism and it and it's been here for almost thirty years and there's been thousands of hungary and supersede degrees from the university thousands of foreigners who've come to this country and and learnt these values and participate in this education and i think it's a tremendous loss for hungary that this institution is leaving and as you eat away
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at something i couldn't make freedom in society do you get the sense as well that one is eating away at the very idea of democracy absolutely i think and i think that that's what this demonstrated the right that like we're proud of what goes on in our classrooms and that it's important to disagree with you know what these policies that the government's making and to come out and discuss these things and to participate in it and we should have like there's been no response to this from the government and that's that's a problem like they should be acknowledge that people came out here and express their opinions and indeed no response from the government but also no response from the institutions around this government the european union for instance even the united states to be fairly muted. muted in the way that they've dealt with this absolutely and i think like what we can hope is that we came out we had this week despite terrible conditions you know rain for the first four days and then it started snowing and it's been cold. but i think a lot of people were energized by this by these conversations that a group of students did this that you know that they came and pulled off something something very technical and i think that's going to give us energy to continue on
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and continue having those conversations and make noise and draw attention that we're not taking this quietly ok over to mark we leave it there thanks very much for your thoughts we're borrowing a last minute reprieve peter no one expects one the university's board is preparing on monday to declare that it's been forced to close here and i'm going jonah thanks very much. let's take you back to one of the headlining stories so far today here on the news of those protests rights in the middle of the french capital paris the riot police the c.r.'s people deploying tear gas using tear gas you can see there on those live pictures they've also been using water cannon just in the past half hour or so obviously with these live pictures our correspondent david cheats are standing by for us as well in paris david how many people are involved in these protests today. nobody can tell you that because this is being arranged media so it's very difficult for them to get an idea of what numbers they'll face for that tactics.
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have been to search the yellow vests as they try and come into the stands on these say that a certain bunker inside but there's a large majority of the best who are staying outside who refuse to be corralled by the police and the riot police here so as a result as you can see behind the tree on this swirling in fog of tear gas because they are and painting their murderous they're trying to push through the police lines as you say they've had to use water cannon and hundreds of rounds of tear gas canisters to keep the protesters a bay and this is hardly even the start of the protests yet so this is a protest movement without any real leaders there was one person who turned up to talk with the prime minister yesterday and then refused to actually continue the discussion because he wasn't allowed to film it he wanted to go live so this is a very small first organization that the french government is trying to deal with
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and the loudest shouts here this morning about the noise of the gas and they haven't got this has been mackerel reside and i think he'll probably get that message even though he's in the g. twenty he's been determined to carry through with his reforms and the people here a hit. range of people or only united by one thing essentially that they all operate testing against certain policies that michael is pushing through without any cad they say for the ordinary people now the tax hikes on fuel by hitting the poorest parts of the french community hardest the people in the rural communities who rely on that that cost for transport and also the poorest people who cannot afford any increase in their in their fuel costs because it's in their own budget and they have to make cuts everywhere else so it's not just the fuel the
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fuel tax rises i've been hearing here from the justice it's so many of the policy soused trying to push through they feel he's a president for the rich and not for the ordinary people and this is the one feeling that is united most of the people here we don't know you've lost before how many will come but it is building up inside the seans elisei and also outside where you're getting those pictures and briefly david when we talk about those rural areas of these protests being mirrored the length and breadth of france. they are indeed that's an extraordinary reach of the social media the instagram the facebook seven thing else that they can they can organize everything across france so there is going to be a large amount of disruption this is not a day to take to the roads the yellow vests theory everywhere and of course the danger is
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a fog president the manual from spin so that they'll be other organizations coming in the advocates and the extremists trying to recreate those pictures you saw last saturday here on the seans elisei which were described as like a war seat but across france everybody's feeling the strength of this protest. david many thanks. the u.s. says it will cut the number of troops on the border with mexico from five thousand six hundred to around four thousand but to extend the deployment of those left until january on the other side of the border the mexican authorities have been moving asylum seekers from an overcrowded shelter wanna to a nearby event that heavy rain is hampering efforts to ensure everyone has enough food and shelter i did your castro has more now from one of those camps in. u.s. helicopters have been buzzing the border between san diego i'm here to want to mexico even as the u.s. military says it is lowering the number of troops deployed to the border though
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it's tending their deployment until late january this is all happening as the central american asylum seekers who have been counting on this baseball field for more than two weeks are now packing up after two days of rain that turned these conditions unsanitary with outdoor bathrooms and people bathing exposed to the elements unable to keep their children dry the federal government of mexico has now opened an event center about fifteen minutes from here and is working to convince the last of these asylum seekers to board buses to go to that covered shelter that has not been an easy task though there are many here who are refusing to leave despite the conditions they say that because the u.s. border wall is so close their goal within sight that is the vision that drove them to walk more than a mile from their homes in central america to skate violence.


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