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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2018 3:00am-3:18am +03

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president george h.w. bush has died at the age of ninety four one the stench. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. hell i want to shout as a shot in south again in china little white top cloud see that caving to the southwest must be rather more significance than showers in the typical city of forty min raise a shot maybe more than that every now and again because the system in green is growing at six extends it just slowly north towards colder air needs hong kong dry i think for the most part twenty five degrees low she muti nice time to be in hong kong that is a big area where we are almost without showers and most of the philippines and southeast asia is clearly white top and storms here and they are heading once again towards cairo singapore maybe the southern part of thailand but more especially
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weak down in nice and easy with catching jakarta daily now most a job bodies not see significant wet every day in the same is true through solar ways as it has been to certain long insular ways. the dry pattern of the northeast monsoon is across india and pakistan bangladesh this is it entirely to be expected the few showers that are around will be generated in the northeast monsoon to trust the bay of bengal it seems for lanka and possibly tamil nadu everywhere else it's no more than it should be dry sure it is low but the wind is also light so air quality is not lacquered. the weather sponsored by qatar and nice. over one hundred years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw a map in the second episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set to six because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting
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the people who have to live with it. sykes people lines in the sun on jersey. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories this hour the g. twenty summit in argentina has drawn to a close but perhaps the most anticipated meeting took place afterwards yes president donald trump and china being held a meeting of a dinner to discuss trade they hope to ease a growing trade war that's hurting both their economies. and so he's president use his platform of the g twenty to once again focus a spotlight on the murder of the saudi john mission off the shelves in russia tied
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to one criticize saudi arabia's investigation into the killing and insisted the kingdom extradite all suspects to turkey. meanwhile the french president of money among flies home from the g. twenty had to contend with the aftermath of violent protests and power. as the capital city turned into a battleground on saturday as a protest against marcos fuel tax escalated the buildings torched and vandalized about one hundred people injured two hundred others were arrested. was showdown between yellow vests protesters and riot police at the arc de triomphe. saturday's demonstration exploded into violence police moved in to clear the area around the top of the. streets aflame vehicle set on fire and even this building as the discontent raged on all day. i was. i thousands of the so-called yellow shirts marched in
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paris for the third successive saturday most of them peaceful. others tore down barricades ready for confrontation with right police. a movement spread on social media which has spilled on to the streets with no apparent leader no clear demand but with a lot of support from french people nationwide. motorists started blockading roads in early november against the rising price of fuel and next month's proposed tax rise on diesel president emanuel mcconnell says the tax is necessary to promote more environmentally friendly fuel and cut pollution with support from across the political divide the protests have broadened to include anger at the higher living costs as well as opposition to other policies on your progress.
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but. the people of europe the people of france are being drained little by little taxes and all sorts so we've had enough it has to stop not too long ago we witness the our spring thing now we're seeing the european winter. thousands of police were again deployed. along the shores of putting up barry is firing tear gas and water cannon it's unlikely to douse the anger president clinton has sort of compromised by promising nationwide talks on turning france in twenty zero carbon economy more affordable as underlined by the prime minister. yes. we are open to dialogue and all of those who want to work with the government with the unions with the political structures tools to finding solutions and as a president said they are all welcomed trade union leaders are calling for the scrapping of the fuel tax rise at the moment which some prime echo members of parliament coming around to try and dampen their rage on the streets sunny i ever.
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mexico's new president has been sworn in beginning his six year term in office and the iceman you lopez obrador was the country's first leftist president in over seventy years old so known as the presidential race in july with fifty percent of the vote he's promised to end corruption poverty and violence this plague mexico over the past decade john heilemann joins us live now from mexico city john so the new president is giving a speech now what more is he had to say. you can probably just see the images a few cells here but just behind me is mexico city plaza i mean just packed with supporters about. it's the second speech of the day the first with the congress was more of a. policy speech this one started off as a real thrill to restrict really very much he was saying that is going to make things better and give grants to unemployed this to go to paints him is very
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cynically some industry those in the me in the dairy industry the list sort of went on and on about what he was going to think of that he was going to make that health system here better than in the nordic describe them maybe countries for this is something if you're. an ordinary mexican this is going to be nice but you might be thinking where's the money going to come from what i'm going to is money well look for the average joe says is that by cutting out corruption he's going to be able to pay for all of this without putting up taxes and by morris there are two in the government this is going to bring down his salary and also bring down the some of that other public workers so he's made all these promises john but what about ordinary people in mexico what do they want to see from this new president. i think they want to see this but also there's a big issue in the country which is violence now has been for some time but it's getting worse he's not getting better two thousand and eighteen is projected to have the much worse murder rate own record in mexico we're talking about one
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average someone being killed every twenty minutes in the first ten months of this year so he's going to have to sort that out he's got a national security plan that relies heavily on the military and military police and will be led by the military and the many people especially human rights who can i'd say since that's going to be a real problem another problem for many already mexicans corruption's about it a lot he said he's going to stamp it out is nineteen way of doing that this is going to be his own personal example of crime clean that's going to build some thirty of the government now well in zero doesn't think tanks telling us is really there should be a bit more of a plan to it that has to be something that really touches all of the institutions it goes for a concerted push about this the other thing called mary mexican's of the economy it's been sluggish for a while but on certain inequality in this country they want to see things become closer between the rich and the poor and that's really been something that this
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president now has been all about for a long time he says the poor must come first as ever the devil is going to be in the details over the next six years or so john home and then in mexico city john thank you. now the german chancellor angela merkel and that amir putin also met on the sidelines of the g twenty summit and agreed to a four way talks with the leaders of france and ukraine in the current flare up of tensions around crimea moscow has released pictures of its s four hundred air defense system being deployed on the peninsula crimea was annexed by russia back in twenty fourteen last week russia captured three ukrainian ships and twenty four crew members in the neighboring city of as of this prompted kiev to introduce martial law and ban russian men mention the country but president putin has accused ukraine of exploiting the crisis. it is a plan provocation from the documents it's obvious from the testimony of the sadism of what more can i say there's nothing to add i'm more concerned about the fact
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that previously when large scale events happened they didn't introduce martial law now before the elections they have why in order to limit human rights to limit the political activity of the country now the white house has announced that a state funeral will be held next wednesday for former u.s. president george h.w. bush who has died at the age of ninety four donald trump says he'll send his official jet air force one to texas to transport the former president's casket to washington bush senior's time in office was defined by the end of the cold war and the beginning of a new war in the gulf to kill him looks back at his life. five months ago started this cruel war against kuwait tonight a battle has been joined with those words u.s. president george herbert walker bush staked a place in history his successful campaign to drive saddam hussein from kuwait was the one term president's most significant accomplishment the son of a wealthy republican u.s.
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senator bush served in the second world war and was elected to two terms in the u.s. congress in the one nine hundred sixty s. president richard nixon became bush's mentor appointing him in bassett or to the united nations in one nine hundred seventy i shall resign the presidency of nixon resigned in disgrace but bush a savvy political survivor became head of the cia in one thousand nine hundred eighty six after eight years as ronald reagan's vice president bush entered the white house in one nine hundred eighty nine after a savagely negative campaign less than a year after taking office bush sent troops to invade panama to overthrow manwell noriega a corrupt military ruler who had turned against the us sat him was worn over and over again the defining moment of bush's presidency came in august of one nine hundred ninety when iraqi tanks rolled into kuwait he ordered a massive military buildup consulted with allies and worked closely with the united nations. american forces flooded into saudi arabia and established
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bases a development that later was cited by osama bin laden to justify attacks against the us. once underway the war did not last long iraqi forces fled kuwait in a panic to retreat but bush refused to order an advance toward baghdad opting not to topple saddam. in the aftermath of the war bush's popularity quickly began to fade one pledged change to find and haunt his reelection read my lips. that put broken and his chances hurt by a viable third party candidate he was defeated by bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred two. but before leaving office bush ordered one last military adventure invading somalia to end a famine that invasion sparked a guerrilla conflict with mounting u.s. casualties president clinton hastily pulled out the troops radicals came to believe
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america is afraid to fight. in retirement bush nurtured the political careers of his sons george w. and jeb but when george w. became president in two thousand he kept the elder bush at arm's length publicly making it clear he wasn't seeking his father's advice there bush's final years were devoted to charitable works teaming up with his former rival bill clinton to raise tens of millions of dollars for victims of the indian ocean tsunami and later for came katrina's out of office he was a much more popular president than his son honored by the u.s. navy with an aircraft carrier named after him. the word of the nation's highest civilian medal by president barack obama. in his final years he was occasionally hospitalized for breathing issues he told his granddaughter in a television interview he didn't fear death but spoke emotionally reading a letter to his family and i mean. i'll be there ready when you are by the army
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they're ready when you are. how many grandkids to watch. he said he didn't worry about his legacy that would be for others to take up and many of his actions in iraq somalia and saudi arabia had fateful consequences that unfolded years later the war is over with the benefit of hindsight historians will now debate how well george bush served his nation and the world well u.s. leaders past and present and other world leaders are among those paying tribute to george h.w. bush. says bush sr tried to create a new international order based on justice and equality among nations and he never forgot the kuwaiti people and will remain in their memory and speaking of their
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time together on the world stage former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev said it was a time of great change amounting great responsibility from everyone the result was the end of the cold war and nuclear arms race. it's not a quick check of the headlines here now the g twenty summit in argentina has drawn to a close but perhaps the most anticipated meeting took place afterwards u.s. president donald trump and china's shisha and being held a meeting of a dinner to discuss trade they hope to ease a growing trade war that's hurting both economies and turkey's president used his platform of the g twenty to once again focus a spotlight on the murder of a saudi journalist. one criticized saudi arabia's investigation into the killing and insisted the kingdom extradite all suspects to turkey. to get will miss. did. the saudi regime first denied it and then tried to distort facts and finally
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admitted to this murder turkey has adopted a very determined attitude which is help disclosed associate we have never seen this as a political issue and shall never do so for us this incident was a horrendous act of murder and shall remain so canadian prime minister justin trudeau spoke about his conversations with the saudi crown prince at the g. twenty canada has also sanctioned seventeen saudis over the murder. i also. spoke directly to the crown prince to highlight our concerns and our need for better answers on the killing of to show. and also the need for an immediate cease fire and humanitarian aid to go to yemen which is the largest humanitarian catastrophe going on in the world right now and is a subject that we brought up repeatedly in various conversations i mean all the
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french president jim on your flies home from the g. twenty to contend with the aftermath of violent protests in paris. the capital city turned into a battleground on saturday as a protest against macros fuel tax escalated with buildings torched and vandalized. mexico's new president has been sworn in beginning his six year term in office and there is money in lopez obrador as the country's first left as president and over seventy is his promise to end corruption poverty and violence as plague mexico over the past decade. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stage and thanks for watching by fidel.
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the wall street journal says the saudi crown prince was in contact with the team that killed jamal khashoggi does the latest revelation make any difference as mohamad and so on continues to enjoy donald trump support this is inside story. come to the program i'm richelle carey the cia has reportedly concluded the order to kill jamal khashoggi was given by the crown prince mohammed bin salma but wall street journal says it's obtained details of the highly classified c.


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