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there were no prisoners at the control of holiday inn and you control the region around and that's why there's such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. the head of the cia will brief u.s. senators on what she knows about the murder of the saudi journalist jamal. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up after more than fifty years as part of opec cattle is calling it quits leaving the oil cartel in a bid to focus on gas. engines to see fighters are evacuated from yemen raising hopes for talks to end the war. and pressure intensifies on the british prime
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minister to resign may to overturn opposition to have planned a week before parliament votes on its. top story the director of the u.s. central intelligence agency is to brief senate leaders on the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the head of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker says gina housefull will speak about the murder on tuesday she didn't take part in a trumpet ministration briefing on the death of jamal khashoggi last week john hendren has the latest from washington. cia director gina haskell will speak to members of the u.s. senate about the murder of jamal khashoggi that is after she did not appear last week when the secretary of state and secretary of defense held a closed door briefing with members of the senate several members of the senate
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afterwards republicans and democrats alike said they were unsatisfied and an persuaded by what they heard in that room afterward madison pompei oh that is jim that is the defense secretary and mike pompei of the secretary of state came out and said there was no smoking gun that links the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin some on to the killing of chris shoji that is despite reports that the cia has concluded with a high level of confidence that the crown prince did in fact order that killing so members of the senate were dissatisfied they said they wanted to hear from tina haskell the cia director actually flew to is ten ball and listened to the tapes of that killing that the turkish government provided so they believe she will have more information and that she will be more frank with them so they passed a measure that would lead to a vote later on invoking the war powers act that would allow the senate to cut off u.s. aid to the saudi war in yemen that would be an extreme step and it's very far from
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being ultimately passed but the threat of that seems to be what is motivated the trumpet ministration to make kasper available to speak to members of the senate that is likely to be a closed door briefing as the briefing was last week but members of the senate and administration officials are likely to speak about it afterwards so i think we are likely to know what was said in that room well the film a cia officer glenn call says he's not expecting any big revelations from jena aspel. since the report has leaked some i think that she will speak clearly to that and i don't expect that she would go any further than anything that we know she'll never reveal in a briefing like this the sources or or the methods which she will reveal the substance the main point here is that this you can look at this two ways it's the trump administration just as our colleague in washington proved an excellent
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briefing said now it's the from administration backing water or or trying to get out from some of the pressure that it is now under from the congress and it is congress's effort to reassert its part prerogatives that's that's really the news here with trump's continuing to try to carry the water for him have been some if trump can bury it he will clearly what he's doing is trying to relieve the pressure on him from congress with gestures. his standard pattern is to say to deny and then to make a cosmetic change or backing down to tout that and to change the subject and then to move on so he will do what he can to maintain his. shockingly intimate relationship and solomon while congress may pressure him son some more but the advantage in foreign policy always rests with the executive. is quizzing the oil
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exporting group opec saying it wants to expand its position as the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas the government says the move will allow it to concentrate on increasing gas exports from seventy seven million tons a year to one hundred ten million osama bin with the latest. the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel after being an opec member for more than fifty years qatar says the strategic change is needed for its long term emissions to produce more natural gas or announced a decision as the oil producing nations is due to meet on thursday in vienna. opec's expected to cut oil output amid falling oil prices but there is one of opec smallest oil producers its main commodity is natural gas but the world's third largest reserves tensions between qatar and opec's largest producer saudi arabia suddenly increased and the saudis imposed a land sea and air blockade seventeen months ago but the government ministers say
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leaving opec is not politically motivated i don't want to politicize it i'm a very practical engineer i have been running kewpie for a long time the way i do business is really practical so we look at you know what is the value and. you know i like to focus on efficiency is always and i think it's inefficient to focus on something that's not your core business and something this isn't going to benefit you long term so for me to put effort and resources and time . in an organization that i'm a very small player and doesn't have don't have. you know seeing what happens in that organization. does not work it's not been a great year for opec its largest members such as saudi arabia ramped up production while others have carried out cuts meaning the worst compliance by members in years opec is a bit like a family and it has all the good aspects of a family the closeness but it also has the best aspects of
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a family which means the squabbles that all if i can family is they all squabble and you all are sad when one of the cozzens the sides to break rank of his departure comes as both houses in the us have introduced and the opec bills the so-called no back bill has gained traction after the trumpet ministrations increased hostility towards opec if passed the legislation would pave the way for opec members to be sued for operating a monopoly. as relations between saudi arabia and russia have improved iran iraq and venezuela have found it difficult to abide by wider opec decisions but there isn't the first country to leave opec but it is the first from the middle east raising questions about whether others could follow some of it job it out as their . dozens of wounded who see fights as have now arrived in amman alf's being flown from yemen for medical treatment the planned evacuation was one of the conditions the rebels laid out to the saudi led coalition ahead of talks in sweden on weapons
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that the u.n. has cold on the saudi crown prince to support those negotiations his poll to judge him. fifty hoofy fighters wounded in the war in yemen evacuated from the capital sana the united nations plane with three doctors on board taking them to a hospital and musk out and oman right and that is. yemen is the responsibility of each and every one of his noble citizens just as we sacrifice our souls our blood and our children you too must do so. iran back to theses took the capital sun during a major uprising in two thousand and fourteen forcing president of a drug months or heidi into exile more than ten thousand people have been killed since the saudi u.a.e. coalition began its air campaign in support of how these internationally recognized government the following year the intervention and aerial bombardment of who the rebels has led to what the u.n.
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calls the world's largest humanitarian crisis the world health organization says yemen is experiencing the worst cholera outbreak with nearly three thousand deaths and more than a million people infected more than three million people have been internally displaced and twenty two million people are in need of humanitarian help now four years on the decision by saudi u.a.e. coalition to allow the evacuation of wounded truthy fighters is meeting a key condition of the rebels for u.n. sponsored peace talks to go ahead in sweden this week. a previous attempt at the goshi ations organized by un special envoy to yemen collapsed in september when the who these fail to attend the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in riyadh. consulate in istanbul may have given western powers more influence and leverage over saudi arabia and iran has announced it backs the talks saying tehran is ready
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to help find a political solution we should always have cautious optimism because i think that the first results that we would we would have to look at is whether or not these peace talks take place we will expect some sort of resolution between the who thesis and the united nations and the saudis over whether the u.n. will take over to management of the port there who died the un's envoy martin griffiths has just arrived in sa not to escort the negotiators to sweden he's hoping to arrange for ceasefire in the port city of her data the entry point for most aid to yemen gryphus is also hoping to reopen the son airport securing a prisoner swap and negotiating for a wider truce now yemenis hope that talk of a transitional government can avert the impending famine and cholera epidemic paul chatterjee on al-jazeera well scott pole is the humanitarian policy lead for oxfam america he says the deal doesn't help the people who need help the most. let's
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remember there are fourteen million people on the verge of starvation in yemen the people who are being let out of prison who are being exchanged who are being allowed to evacuate for treatment these are the men who are closest to the warring parties in yemen as always it's the women and the children who are suffering most and who will come last and we haven't yet seen a concerted effort from the international community that puts them first so that it's a welcome step because it moves the peace process forward oxfam has reached more than three million people with lifesaving assistance over the past three and a half years local humanitarian agencies yemeni organizations have delivered even more and they're the ones who are really on the front lines and the sad reality of all of this is that everything that's needed to solve the humanitarian crisis in yemen is in yemen sure there is there are spare parts needed here and shipments of medicine needed there those are important but this is an economic crisis and the
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import restrictions are ultimately and the other policies that are sabotaging the economy are just making it impossible for people to access the things that they need to survive people will die of malnutrition with food in sight and they already are that's really the hardest thing to see when you visit yemen. u.s. president for pakistan's help to advance afghanistan's talks with the taliban trump wrote the prime minister imran khan saying relations with pakistan were important in bringing the group to the negotiating table just last month pakistan of not doing enough to help the u.s. despite getting billions of dollars in aid money. mahinda rajapaksa says he'll appeal against a court order that prevents him from being the prime minister in sri lanka a majority of m.p.'s challenge russia pug's as the legal authority to hold office he was installed in october after the president sacked the then prime minister runa wickramasinghe in a move many considered unconstitutional still to come here on al-jazeera protest in
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france against high petrol prices fuel demonstrations in the country's overseas territories. shouldn't be a choice between a bad day our you know day. and old worries resurfaced in northern ireland as britain's parliament considers the brics it. was seen some rare tornadoes making their way across the central u.s. recently see this area cloud this now in the process of easing off the mid atlantic states pulling away from the acbl still lingering having said that just around the panhandle and in southern georgia so some really heavy rain heavy enough to cause widespread flooding here and that's a heavy rain that's been lingering for
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a good couple of days might say a little more over the next couple of days but we should eventually start to see that right just sliding a little further south was at a service of us not main rain bad at tornadic activity that's been pushing across the the central areas to see some very lively weather particularly around illinois writes guys come back a bit high temperatures are going to tumble here as we go through the next couple days cold enough in new york and d.c. just seven single figures there for lads a tuesday is the warm one the one into wednesday we got to get at maybe three or four celsius for a new york and also for washington d.c. montessori and also a cloud of rain that's moving across parts of florida so hopefully little dry here but notice i was told the western side of the state pushing into california we got some wet weather coming in chance of some flooding and snow over the high ground.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking this. week nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. welcome back your without from my name's peter dhabi these are your headlines the director of the cia will brief senate leaders on the killing of the saudi
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journalist jamal khashoggi on tuesday that's according to the man who heads the senate's foreign relations committee bob corker a houseboat had been criticized for not taking part in a government led briefing last week cats are is withdrawing from opec next month first to boost its position as the world's number one exporter of liquefied natural gas cattle petroleum plans to increase output from seventy seven million tons a year to one hundred ten million. dozens of wounded who see fighters have now arrived in oman where they've been flown from yemen for medical treatment rebels insisted on the evacuation in return for agreeing to talks in sweden next week to end yemen's four year long civil war. now the speaker of the u.k. parliament says there is an arguable case the government could be in contempt of parliament that softer it defied a demand by politicians to publish the full eagle advice it's received on the forthcoming breaks that deal parliament has
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a vote next week on the agreement struck by the prime minister to resign may and the e.u. need barca has more from london. there is just over a week to go until m.p.'s decide whether to accept or reject the british government's plans but before all of that happens the government could face a major hurdle a possible embarrassment for the government the opposition labor party has joined forces with other smaller parties accusing the british government of being in contempt of parliamentary protocol by failing to share all of their legal advice that the british government had received for its legal advisor the attorney general geoffrey cogs when it came to coming up with its breath plan in its entirety what does the government even need to share this information with parliament well because m.p.'s voted overwhelmingly to demand that the government do precisely that to allow m.p.'s to make the right decision when it comes to the vote next week but
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only one of the day the attorney general made a very rare appearance here of parliament defending his actions in not sharing all of this information with employees because he said that there was some very sensitive information in that advice that that was not in the public interest he fiercely defended his actions in front of m.p.'s here. i am convinced that in order to disclose any advice that might have been given would be fundamentally contrary to the interests of this country. it's no use pain and shouting our members are busy with what i am trying to do. a good job wreak injury. time. i mean it is time they grew up. while some of the strongest opponents of mrs may's deal with the e.u. are in northern ireland's democratic unionist party of the d u p on which her minority government relies in westminster the u.p.a.
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found itself at odds with its electorate two years ago in the bronx and referendum the northern island voted overwhelmingly to stay in the e.u. the staunchly progress pro bracks it party is afraid that may's deal could split the united kingdom lawrence lee reports from belfast. in the process to loyalist parts of belfast their loyalty is unquestioned country first the four corners of the u.k. in divisible their problem with the brics it deal is that in theory it could leads with future trade agreements pushing northern ireland closer to the e.u. than the rest of the u.k. that in turn leads to the inconceivable thoughts that northern ireland could be unified with the republic of ireland our whole purpose of union our system and take on the length with the union we fail lots of the best interests of northern ireland long term and of is in our way where unionists we we're british were all an
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irish and therefore anything that takes a side of the united kingdom as extremely honesty about a month sapling for a large ordeal this for good for the politicians who represent these people in parliament of the democratic unionists by the prime minister to prop up the governments after she failed. to win a majority in last year's election they said they would support but they don't anymore they have made it plain they will vote a deal down the simple message go back to brussels and try again try to be very clear we will not support. shouldn't be a choice between our new day we believe that's in the mitchell impressive not just the united kingdom but also the entire of the your opinion and try to get a day what we're trying to said everybody is sensible heads should prevail this isn't good enough it's not just us and not it's many many other people across other political parties as well the state doesn't get enough both sides need to get together terms the european union the united kingdom and get a sensible work for us. it will demonstrate starkly the mess the prime minister is
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in she can't even rely on politicians who are supposed to back inside her own government three's a maze sales pitch deal with the european union is that it's a compromise be perfect but it's designed to leave the european union while bringing together a basically divided united kingdom but this constituency says it will never compromise on its core belief in the sanctity of the u.k. and it is prepared to bring down the deal. the prime minister describes herself as a unionist to the core but she is now in a fight with her own side and they're not the kind of people to back down lawrence lee al jazeera belfast ok let's stay in masses european leaders of the so-called yellow verse protest in france the president emanuel macro on tuesday they're angry at rising fuel prices the demonstrations have evolved into a wider condemnation of presidential policies some of the worst rioting in the
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years took place on saturday and four hundred protesters have been arrested the anti-government anger continued into monday when private ambulance workers blocked traffic in paris is there. blockaded and besieged another landmark in central paris this time the french parliament ambulance drivers are making sure m.p.'s could hear that message a raft of reforms being passed into law or on social security and health care would destroy their job so they said. they stood apart from the yellow vests revolt which has seen so much violence across france but share this concern is with the money you know what the c.d.c. to yellow vests a french citizen says we are we stand in solidarity with any movement that speaks about the suffering of french citizens as the ambulance drivers advanced on the national assembly gendarmes for some back with pepper spray. called. the.
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us senator they shouted back at them we are friends and to prove it they lit flares in the national colors and sang the end of the the. was. was the. in the end the police switched on their own sirens and lights in a show of solidarity with the protest has the pace of the protests to be. the fifty one by having to do with the yellow dust your vote but it is an indication for president knocked off and his administration forbid me to do crazy over injured discontent. students at around one hundred secondary schools right across the country also mounted protest against educational and exam reforms. this
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dramatic footage comes from the body camera being worn by the riot police as they attempted to drive demonstrators away from the uk to trail saturday this weekend the scenes could be repeated unless president macro and his minister. can defuse the crisis david chaytor al-jazeera paris. well the yellow verse protests in the french territory of reunion in the third week with demonstrators demanding the government address unemployment and the high cost of living for me the miller reports. but well that. must go the running call by yellow vis protesters in reunion the french territory government from paris demonstrators in laporte say they feel like second class french citizens. long before she was curious you know we feel like we are calling on so we don't have this notion of. this is a peaceful movement much like this one several demonstrations over the past three weeks have been marred by violence the standoff between protesters here at the main
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cruelty in the union and police across the road has now gone on for hours police have lobbied tear gas they've you stun grenades to try and disperse the crowd but we have heard what the protesters here say they will stay on as long as is necessary they say they're fighting social injustice. sixty percent of young people don't have jobs and imports often cost two or three times more than in mainland france the protests have shut down the main port stopping shipments both in and out protesters say they'll shut down the entire economy if that's what it takes to get the government to hear their demands roads are blocked in parts of the island a headache for commuters but a symbol of resistance for protesters. this yellow vs representatives had a video conference with the french minister for overseas territories on sunday
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government leaders they have asked for time to respond to protesters demands parliament in paris abruptly ended its session last week when opposition politician john yoo rotten on brandished a yellow vest in support of the movement he says the protests are a wake up call for government leaders in france as well as representatives here. for security very well for same district we know of the republic but we feel that we are being discriminated against france is preventing the union from developing so that we remain dependent on them protesters say the demonstrations will continue with no matter how much closer protesters edge towards a target it's apparently bringing them no nearer to a solution for their discontent amid a miller al-jazeera reunion island. but civil sellers in central chile have fought with the police over a new law banning them from selling on the streets protesters threw vegetables at officers who responded with want to count them in the city to move the vendors most of them indigenous women say they've been selling produce on the streets for
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decades. official ceremonies are taking place at the capitol in washington to pay tribute to the former u.s. president george bush sr his body will lie in state until the funeral on weapons day president trump and the first lady melania were among the mourners who paid their respects mr bush died on friday at his home in houston texas he was ninety four during his term as president from one thousand nine hundred ninety one nine hundred ninety three bush oversaw the end of the cold war and assembled the military coalition to remove iraqi forces from kuwait for in all of his ninety four years president bush never lost his love of adventure and he never failed to answer the call to serve this country and we pray that faith will be a source of comfort for all those who mourn the loss of this good man and great american president george herbert walker bush loved his family
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and he served his country his example will always inspire and his lifetime of service will be enshrined in the hearts of the american people forever . the u.n. secretary general has warned nations that their strategy to reduce global warming is way off course and turning good ted has made those comments at a major climate change summit known as c o p twenty fourth in poland world leaders to act decisively to avoid imminent environmental disaster delegates from nearly two hundred nations have two weeks to agree a plan to implement promises made in paris in the climate code meant agreed there three years ago. even as we witness the ever state think climate think back it's causing havoc across the worlds we are still not doing enough not moving
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fast enough to prevent even further civil and get us through our fic climate disruption in short we need the complet transformation of our global energy economy as well as our we manage lands and forests resources. we don't take action the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon the people have spoken the leaders of the world you must leave the continuation of our civilizations. and the natural world upon which we depend is in your hands. three astronauts have arrived safely at the international space station after a six hour flight throttling up. and liftoff
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you have lit up the launch from kazakstan on monday was closely watched after the last attempt ended in failure the crew from canada the u.s. and russia will stay on board the i assess for the next six months in october two astronauts were forced to make an emergency landing minutes after takeoff because of a faulty sensor. welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm peter dhabi these are the top stories the director of the cia will brief senate leaders on the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi on tuesday that's according to the man who heads the senate foreign relations committee bob corker a house bill had been condemned for not taking part in a government briefing last week. katter is withdrawing from opec next month to boost its position as the world's number one exporter of liquefied natural gas cats are patrolling plans to increase output from seventy seven million tons
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a year to one hundred ten million dozens of wounded who fighters have arrived in amman where they've been flown from yemen for medical treatment rebels insisted on the evacuation of the return for agreeing to attend talks in the swedish capital stockholm next week to end yemen's four year long civil war mahinda rajapaksa says he'll appeal against a court order that prevents him from being prime minister of sri lanka a majority of m.p.'s challenge rajapakse as a legal authority to hold office he was installed in october after the president sacked the then prime minister runnel with promising that in a move many considered to be unconstitutional the us president donald trump has asked for pakistan's help to advance afghanistan's talks with the taliban donald trump wrote to the prime minister imran khan saying relations with pakistan were important in bringing the armed group to the negotiating table it marks a change in donald trump's normally tough tone with pakistan just last month q used
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the government in islamabad of not doing enough to help the us despite receiving billions of dollars in aid money. the speaker of britain's lower house of parliament says the government may be in contempt for not publishing the full legal advice on its bricks that deal m.p.'s from six parties one proceedings to be launched after the attorney general only released a summary the parliament says you should vote next week on the agreement with the european union staying in europe leaders of the so-called yellow vest protest in france are due to meet them on your mac on tuesday they're angry at rising fuel prices but the demonstrations have evolved into a wider condemnation of presidential policy some of the worst rioting in years took place on saturday four hundred protesters were arrested you are right up to speed with all the top stories so far i will have more news on this channel for you in a little under thirty minutes between now and then it's witness season a recent u.n. report has given renewed agency to the fight against climate change and release
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threats like sea level rights at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community seize the opportunity to take concerted action saying with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. people know people here when everybody was here and everybody be outside walking around walking their dogs you know and just enjoying you know the suburbs. it was like a small little community hidden and she's very funny you going to show you one clip there for a screwdriver ok it used to be pewter for the.


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