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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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i'm still here go into. the forefront. in the u.s. get a briefing from the cia director on the killing of. the saudi crown prince direct to the mode. this is. also coming up. for the. ministers in. the british major defeats as parliament
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begins scrutinizing how that deal. and the u.s. gives russia an ultimatum to save the cold war nuclear arms treaty. welcome to the program senior senators in the u.s. say the time has come for the trump administration to condemn the saudi arabia for the murder of journalist or congress will act it follows a briefing by cia chief hospital to senate leaders those who emerge from the meeting were unified in their assessment that saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered. must be held to account my coming has more from washington d.c. the cia director. paying respects to president george h.w. bush lying in state in the capital. the briefing took place behind closed doors
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only a small group of eight senators invited all in. agreement about one basic fact. i have zero question in my mind the. crown prince n.b.s. ordered the killing monitor and killing knew exactly what was happening planned in advance if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that saudi arabian in the s. are two different entities. if the saudi government is going to. be in the hands of this man. for a long time to come up and it very difficult to be able to do business because i think he's crazy i think he is dangerous and he has put their relationship
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at risk. only a strong response by the united states will send a clear and unequivocal message that such actions are not acceptable in the world's stage and i think that's more important than ever and i hope that senator graham and my legislation which would create a real set of consequences and retore global make netsky a series of sanctions beyond those that exists would be a very strong answer to what has happened last week both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense told the full senate there was no concrete evidence linking the crown prince to the murder senator graham used the term willfully blind and questions are asked to about president trump's ambivalence it would be really easy for the president to walk out into the press room today and just date that. that n.b.s. killed a journalist we know he killed a journalist. we know he ordered it we know he we we know that he
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monitored it these are all people that are very close to him and and that is not acceptable for american standards in the days ahead senators will be discussing what action to take and here there is some division in the senate some one pledge a slave aimed specifically at declaring the guilt of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon others want a y u to bill drawn up which would include economic sanctions against saudi arabia including a ban on all weapons sales only one thing at the stage is clear given the mood up to this briefing legislation there will be mike hanna al-jazeera washington john hendren joins us live now from outside the white house john so what's been the reaction from president trump and officials there at the white house where you are . there's been a real silence here at the white house chair and i went in just
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a while ago to talk to a white house official who said he did not expect there to be any comment this evening and president trump himself went right by where we are so where i'm standing right now after visiting with the family of george h.w. bush which is just across the street here of course his funeral is to be held on thursday and trump did not say anything about that because shoji killing the same came out of the cia and the department of defense this is an administration that is still grappling with what happened on capitol hill today i don't think they expected anything of the magnitude they received or the anger they received from the senators the senate is demanding action and the president is not yet prepared to do anything about it he in the past has said that a relationship the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia was too important to jeopardize well now members of the senators saying the united states reputation is now on the line they would like
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him to take some action and the pressure is only increasing in the coming days i think the president will have to either say something or send someone to capitol hill and we've already gotten indications that gina has but will likely brief the house of representatives they've only got a little more than a week before they take a break and dick durbin a democratic senator said he wants the president's cia director to address the entire senate not just that little group of eight leaders that she talked to today so the senate is demanding action and the pressure is only increasing daryn yes so what all the options john open to president from now given these latest developments. well republicans on capitol hill definitely want the president to take the initiative here that's what they were signaling today but they're also signaling that he if he doesn't do something they will so what could he do he could decline to deal with the crown prince from here on out still deal with saudi arabia but not deal with the crown prince himself he could issue sanctions against saudi
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arabia he could stop ongoing military say sales of thing that he says he does not want to do and he could stop aid to the saudi war in yemen right now the administration doesn't want to do any of those things but on capitol hill there is already a bill that has gone past the preliminary stage with overwhelming support that would invoke the war powers act something that hasn't ever been used it was an act in one thousand nine hundred seventy three in the wake of the vietnam war and it allows congress to stop a war that the president has pursued without their authorization now the president is going to have to act here exactly which of those are options he will take or whether he'll simply offer a message of condemnation and hope that is enough that remains to be seen there and right to john hendren live for us at the white house john thank you. well john jones the form a senior congressional advisor he says it's rare to see sentences from across the aisle and united over an issue. well it's apparent that the
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director at the briefing today presented not only the smoking gun but the smoking saul and the bloody glove members on both sides of the republican and democrat on equal coal and their denunciation of prince mohammed's legit involvement in the murder of mr chris shogi i have not seen senators both republican and democrat this furious since the brett kavanaugh supreme court justice nomination hearings but the big difference is that republicans and democrats are not mad at each other they're frustrated their frustration is like a laser focused on prince muhammad the u.s. saudi relationship goes back seven decades and the policy question will be is there a way to punish and if need be isolate prince mohammed what out affecting the u.s.
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saudi relationship and without harming u.s. diplomatic goals in the region especially as it pertains to israel and iran but you could obviously see within the coming weeks legislation path that would reduce or eliminate u.s. support for saudi military forces in yemen that could happen before the christmas break from al-jazeera tony bentleys in istanbul with the reaction from where the murder occurred. i think for sure they're going to welcome this reaction it backs up everything they said from day one i think there's been a lot of dismay within the turkish government about the stand of president trump the you know maybe he did maybe he didn't sort of conclusion about mohamed bin salman and whether or not he was responsible as far as the turkish authorities are concerned without naming him in public they have said that this murder was on the doorstep of the saudi royal court that was in public in private you know left nothing to to to to to conclude they definitely leading towards him on if not him
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who is it they've been asking that question over and over again but the evidence has been so circumstantial the turkish government leaked from basically from the moment they have the audio recordings excerpts from that it put together and piece together what happened to mr karzai and it's very clear as far as they're concerned they've got this kind of you know split situation now they want to maintain a relationship with saudi arabia because there is a very important strategic regional partner but also they want to maintain the pursuit of justice they say happened in turkey and they have a moral responsibility of following that they're very concerned also that the investigation seems to have reached a dead end as far as the turkish authorities are concerned because now the ball is very much in the saudi court and the saudis are saying that eleven people have been charged five of them are facing the death penalty the turkish authorities want those people to come and stand trial in turkey there's no response to that but they've also asked some very important questions if it wasn't had been someone who
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ordered the killing then who was it and where are the remains of mr kosofsky because they have never been found and they're asking the question now it's been eight weeks since he was murdered you got these people in custody why don't we have it in for any information about where the remains are so lots of questions but this news is very important for them because they believe i am sure that this now will reinvigorate the investigation put a lot of pressure on saudi arabia to comply and to cooperate. the u.n. special envoy for yemen on to the rebels have arrived in sweden for the first talks on the war since twenty sixteen it's hoped the negotiations on the beginning of the end of what the u.n. calls the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history pulled to the edge and reports from. the who the delegation which bordered this flight from the yemeni capital sanaa to sweden may be able to prevent more killings by airstrikes and help the millions threatened by famine and disease. u.n.
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sponsored talks due to start in sweden are expected to bring together the hoofy supported by iran and yemeni government leaders backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates we hope now that the u.n. consultations can begin later this week and this is of course significant it would be the first time in more than two years that the parties are meeting now to get the parties to this conflict to to come to one place for crossing patient has not been easy. but is now a decisive step in our efforts to end the suffering in yemen. as a goodwill gesture the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting the who these allowed fifty wounded rebel fighters to be flown to oman for hospital treatment that was one of the conditions for peace to attend the talks similar talks collapsed soon after they began three months ago the people
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who are being let out of prison who are being exchanged who are being allowed to evacuate for treatment these are the men who are closest to the warring parties in yemen as always it's the women and the children who are suffering most and who will come last. the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in yemen described as the worst in the world will even get worse in the new year it's appealing for four billion dollars from international donors to help feed starving yemenis next year we think that twenty four million people in yemen seventy five percent of the population will need humanitarian assistance. airstrikes some bombardments. a cholera epidemic and other diseases as well as starvation is estimated by independent group of researchers to have killed between seventy and eighty thousand yemenis so far in the war. in addition fighting has forced half
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a million people from their homes and to further complicate the disaster people smugglers are using the chaos in yemen as a route to europe now migration arrivals to yemen a country at war will reach about one hundred fifty thousand people this year twenty eighteen this is roughly a fifty percent increase over the hundred thousand the law that arrived last year. aid organizations helping the starving infected and the displaced say some progress in sweden is urgently needed to end the suffering of millions paul chowder gian al jazeera. we know the u.n. is calling for nearly twenty two billion dollars of funding next year to cope with humanitarian crises around the world four billion will be dedicated to yemen the largest appeal among all countries you know what has asians latest report says nearly one hundred thirty two million people worldwide will need aid next year and
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that includes food shelter health care and education. break out has there been a comeback a pledge from ukraine's president to relatives of the naval crew detained by russia last month. and secret videos expose a looming environmentalists asked one of the most remote parts of me and more in the stay with us. from brisk news in few words. to the womb trying groove tubes of southeast asia. we've got thickening clavicle rain and some wintry weather making its way to same through parts of china at moma dance will see se is not see about it so hong kong will see temperatures still getting up around twenty four celsius a little more clout that just driving its way through this thickening cloud really gets is that to gether as we go on into thursday i think you may well see some of that rain turning to snow said the northern flank as it sinks is why further south
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was dragging those temperatures down in the process but some places have plowed into the philippines as well but here is heat of the day showers bring up not too much to speak off here the showers there the seasonal rains there into malaysia into indonesia some of these of course on the life we saw they are generally making their way further westward so expect to see some wet weather just talking in across many areas as we go on through the next thirty does look a dry day for much of thailand bangkok at around thirty five degrees showers they are rolling across the bay of bengal heading back towards towards a southeastern corner of india i mean a little further north actually said we'll see some lively showers under the dash also seeing some of that wet weather and also pushing up towards a dish you could catch some bits and pieces of right but for many it's fine and dry . the weather sponsored by cattle and race. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to meet bollywood so five years ago i decided i
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was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose to lose of my own will and its transformation going behind the lens that's going to sing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera a top u.s. senators say they're more certain than ever the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of the journalist. that came to the conclusion following
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a cia briefing on the murder. the who the rebels and the u.n. special envoy for yemen are in stockholm for long awaited talks the u.n. hopes the negotiations will signal the start to an end of what it calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. now after weeks of violent protests over a proposed fuel tax hike france's government has bowed to the demonstrators demands president mccraw had argued that the goal of the energy tax was to address climate change but what started as a revolt against an increase in the cost of living a spiral into a broader movement against the french president david schaper reports from paris. it was the prime minister edward felipe who was forced into a u. turn in a nationwide television broadcast while president manual macron remained aloof in nearly say palace. for more than three weeks tens of of thousands. french people have been expressing their anger around about tollgates new shopping areas or in the streets of many french towns this anger has deep roots it isn't burning
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for a while it's often stayed quiet other fretty sense or pride today it's been expressed with force and in a collective way one has to be deaf not to see or hear it. but protest as manning the yellow vest blockades were already rejecting the concessions and demanding more from the government. no i don't fit it enough we are extraordinary movement there are too many demands those from pensioners from young people from all cause everyone wants an increase in purchasing power. president macro hopes these concessions will mark the beginning of the end of the protests but the yellow vests believe this could be the beginning of the end for macro the latest opinion poll puts him down a twenty three percent a record low for a man just eighteen months into his presidency. a school on fire in the south of france the protests are spreading on all fronts to the president's ambitious
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reforms and what yellow vests are calling act for the revolt in paris is still going ahead on saturday david chaytor al-jazeera paris. now it's a first for british politics m.p.'s have found the government to be in contempt of parliament that's because it failed to publish the full legal advice it had received on the prime minister's brigs that deal members of parliament began five days of debate on terrorism is proposed divorce plan and are expected to vote on it next week earlier a senior e.u. legal official said the u.k. can cancel bragg's it without the consent of other e.u. member states that mean barbara has the latest from london. or tuesday source a series of setbacks for to resume a and her government it was supposed to see the start of five days of debate on her deal ahead of a parliamentary vote on it for next tuesday but that was delayed because politicians from all of the opposition parties here in westminster and the northern
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irish d u p democratic unionist party as well who have been propping up trees amaze government called for a vote on contempt of parliament saying that the government had broken its own promise in november to publish the full legal advice on this break that deal given to it by the attorney general the chief legal officer all along the government insisted that was not in the national interest but when it came down to it parliament just wasn't convinced. that. the i used to the right three hundred eleven the no use to the left two hundred ninety three so the are you have eight the guys have a lot. of point toward a cure starmer. on
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a point of order mr speaker this house has now spoken and it's off huge constitutional political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the. general's final legal advice in full with the government has now promised to publish the full legal advice from the attorney general but it's also been defeated in another vote in the commons and that was on an amendment to the withdrawal agreement saying that if it's rejected by parliament which is looking more and more likely then the commons will get a vote in january on a plan b. saying that in effect the government should do x. or the government should do y. and what that really means for the labor party in particular is that it will be able to say we do not we were out leaving the e.u. with no deal the so-called cliff edge scenario there was another set back. when the
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european court of justice took advice the u.k. could in theory reverse article fifty the process by which it said it wanted to leave the european union you know actually so that if for example the country did go to a new referendum on the deal or a general election labor's preferred option right now then that could actually happen that's that's opening up a road for people who say that the only way out of the past is to put the question back to the people the us has given russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty or it says it will withdraw from the pact us secretary of state might pay a made the announcement at a nato meeting in brussels he said russia's alleged violations of the agreement what direct menace to europe has more from brussels. well nato is issuing a very strong condemnation of russia it is saying that moscow is in violation of
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the i.m.f. treaty with the united states now this is a treaty which dates back to one thousand nine hundred seventy it was designed to curb land based missiles in europe and therefore help ensure security in europe it is a treaty that the nato alliance is also always supportive people cause of the security aspects but over the past few months the trumpet ministration has repeatedly said that it believes that russia is in violation of the streets but it is the first time that nato has come out and said that it simply agree now with washington and donald trump has made it very clear that he would like the united states to withdraw completely from the treaty we have the u.s. secretary of state might compare saying that the u.s. will suspend the treaty in sixty days unless russia complies the onus now then is very much on moscow says nato to try and comply and save this so-called cold water easy ukrainian president petro poroshenko has met the families of several sailors
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held by russia last month russian coast guard seized three ukrainian ships and their crew after a confrontation in waters of crimea ukraine region annexed by russia in twenty fourteen under simmons reports from kiev. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get the men freed the meeting took place nine days after the twenty two say was a two counter-intelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crimes as was a totally unjustified and. the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth. just as noted in russia he said of the crew men three of whom were injured should be treated as prisoners of
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war covered by the geneva conventions so would you. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to maybe a third of the possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from the ukraine's ports in the sea of as of for the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia had partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive ukrainians as their relatives were moving on for talks at the united states embassy it went all into the evening these men say that exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition only some information from the russian media and messages from crimea
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activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery that's all. isn't letting lawyers or ukrainian diplomats see him. i'm not angry at the russian people it's the russian government because they have allowed this barbaric behavior of their own offices their sailors towards ukrainian sailors in offices. the meeting here with the u.s. ambassador marie event of its when. the relatives say they told her that the americans weren't doing enough to pressure russia to release the servicemen and they say she assured them she were poss on their thoughts to the white house under similar. now farmers in myanmar as northeastern shan state are blaming coal mining to major environmental damage the area bordering china and laos is home to several ethnic
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groups and is only partly on the control of myanmar government activists say mining operations have increased recently brought reports. mines like this one a largely closed off to the outside world and have to be filmed discreetly but the people living near them say there is no escaping the pollution they cause to their farmland and waterways. on farms just a couple of fields that he says are now ruined. since the company started to mine for coal i've lost the water from my farm my land is covered with call dust and i can't grow any crops all around this area indian mars eastern shan state is evidence of mining operations recent changes in regulations mean foreign companies can now invest in medium and large scale mining the government has defended its increasing use of coal to meet the country's electricity needs despite objections
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from environmental groups and civil society groups who have been educating people on their legal rights say the relative stability indian market could lead to a mining boom. at first we thought it's a great idea for development in our community but in fact it's not good it's getting worse and destroying us given the state's proximity to china many investors are chinese but companies from japan and australia are also interested and there are fears about a lack of regulation of environmental and safety standards in this remote part of the country. this underground fire at one mine was filmed by a monk who does not want to reveal his identity for his own safety we don't expect the government to fix this because the problem comes from the government they're cooperating with military and foreign investors and we are very concerned for our safety because we are so. small local group and we're fighting against people who have a lot of money and power opening up to the outside world has been
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a boost for people in other parts of me in ma but for many in this area the existence of coal under their fields and outside investment is proving a toxic combination of mcbride al-jazeera. the headlines here and al-jazeera top u.s. senators say they're more certain than ever the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of the journalist. they came to the conclusion following a cia briefing on the murder. i have zero question of the crown prince m.b.'s ordered the killing monitored the killing knew exactly what was happening planned it in advance if he was in front of a jury he would be convicted in thirty minutes guilty. so. the question is what we do about that. who the rebels in the un special envoy for
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yemen are in stock along the way to talks the u.n. hopes the negotiations will signal the start to an end of what it calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and the u.n. is calling for nearly twenty two billion dollars of funding next year to cope with humanitarian crises around the world four billion dollars will be dedicated to yemen the largest appeal among all countries the organization whose latest report says nearly one hundred thirty two million people worldwide will need aid next year and that includes food shelter health care and education france's president has been to protesters and delayed a fuel tax rise i was led to weeks of protests and manual micro has defended the time saying it was needed to address climate change president trump says the riots prove me right on the floor. but prime minister to resign maine's government has been forced to publish the full legal advice and the breaks that deal m.p.'s found
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it broke parliamentary rules by only releasing a summary politicians have begun five days of debate on the agreement the us has given russia sixty days to comply with a nine hundred eighty seven nuclear arms treaty or it says it will withdraw from the pat u.s. secretary of state might pay zero made the announcement at a nato meeting in brussels he said russia's alleged violations of the agreement a direct minutes to europe and to international credit agencies have downgraded sri lanka's rating by one notch six weeks after the nation was plunged into a political crisis on tuesday supreme court judges began hearing a petition that challenges the president's decision to dissolve parliament last month by the policy response plan to call a snap election won't be allowed to go ahead until there's a judgement all right so those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story station that's a watching. we
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will see. the turkish president. and comments from the main suspects. that will. make any difference. to the program i'm richelle carey turkish president. is not giving up he wants more answers about the murder of. the saudi.


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