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destroys the dignity of individuals and tears upon the fabric of communities. activist not human and congolese going to college is denis macwhich it has been awarded to twenty eight hundred nobel peace prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence in conflict zones. in an exclusive interview by from all slow we talked to this year's laureates about their fight for justice the nobel interview and al jazeera exclusive. showing a united front u.s. republican and democratic senators introduced a resolution to hold the saudi crown prince to account for jamal khashoggi scaling . down fully back to watching al jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also ahead a high profile arrests of chief financial officer of chinese telecom giant huawei
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is detained in canada beijing wants her immediate release long awaited talks to end the war in yemen are due to begin in sweden and who calls the shots mexico's women in politics say it's not enough just being in congress they want the influence as well. the. thank you for joining us a bipartisan group of six senior u.s. senators has introduced a resolution that holds saudi arabia's crown prince to account for the murder of jamal. the resolution says mom had been soundman was complicit in the killing and urges the u.s. government and the international community to hold him and all other parties involved in the journalist death accountable but it doesn't end there it also says bin solomon is accountable for trying. cities committed during the war in yemen
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which sound eurabia ended in twenty fifteen the coalition has launched more than eighteen thousand strikes which have killed tens of thousands of civilians in yemen the resolution also calls on the kingdom to end the blockade imposed by three other arab states on qatar in june last year and the senators want the release of drugs are rife but women's rights activists and other detained political prisoners john hendren has our report from washington. it's an extraordinary rebuke from the u.s. senate to a long time american ally a diverse group of senate leaders from both parties introduced a resolution that definitively blames the crown prince of saudi arabia for the murder of jamal khashoggi the measure which could be scheduled for a vote as soon as monday condemns kesho g.'s murder demands that the saudi arabian government negotiate an end to the war in yemen and an end to the political dispute with could talk and release saudi blogger rife's by dolly and other political prisoners they have now linked old at least that belies ng actions that m b s says
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they starting with yemen passing by the sharks the murder on took up on any other level it is the latest bipartisan rebuke of the saudi crown prince and president trump support for him we are with saudi arabia we're staying with saudi arabian oil and not look at the king of the same way senators erupted in anger on tuesday after a long awaited briefing from cia director gina haskell sort of hard to call this a cover up given the fact that everybody in that briefing last week knew that tom peo and madison were misleading us knew that there was no way this murder happened without the consent and direction of m.v.s. of the senate is already considering an unprecedented bill to invoke the never before used one thousand nine hundred seventy three war powers act to force an end to u.s. aid to saudi war efforts in yemen. this six page measure would record the view of the senate that mohammed bin solomon is responsible for the murder of jamal
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khashoggi and it urges the u.s. and the international community to hold him and anyone else involved in the killing responsible and a joint statement democratic senator ed markey calls the crown prince a fuck up and republican senator lindsey graham calls him a wrecking ball rare harsh words for the leader of an allied nation. the resolution falls short of calling for regime change in saudi arabia but whether president trump likes it or not the rift between the u.s. government and its ally of eighty five years has rarely been wider john hendren zero washington now the world's news china's embassy in canada has condemned the arrests of the chief financial officer of huawei technologies mang ones who was detained in vancouver on saturday at the request of us police she is facing extradition to the us on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran mang is a deputy chair on hallways board and the daughter of the founder rennes inc face
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while he says it is not aware of any wrongdoing by many of the company is a second not just a communications equipment maker in the world after a samsung it's wanted with almost eighty percent of the world's telecom companies. but a shadow of controversy hangs over it the u.s. has accused me of working with the chinese government to spy on american citizens and are violating sanctions imposed against iran the u.k. new zealand and australia have even brock's part of all or all of the company's operations because of security concerns let's speak to our china correspondent adrian brown in beijing as we said the u.s. and other governments have been investigating hallway for a while now what exactly are they worried about. well what they're concerned about is this company's close links to china's ruling communist party and that's certainly been reflected in decisions that have been taken by governments in new zealand australia and canada the united states and
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britain and also just last year another telecommunications company zed t. was fined some one point two billion dollars in the united states for selling its products to iran and as well as north korea and basically the u.s. government feels that said he and holloway are basically the same sides of the same coin and they want this company placed under really tight scrutiny and that's what is now taking place what's interesting though is the timing of this arrest because it happened on the very day that president xi jinping and president donald trump were sitting down to face each other over that diplomatic dinner in one a series and i suppose the key question is really this did president trump know that this high profile arrest was going to happen and was the rest designed to somehow damage the truce that had been agreed between the two leaders anyway we
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certainly know what some members of the trumpet ministration feel about her way this is what gina hospital the current c.e.o. cia director had to say about the tech firm joining her confirmation hearing in may so i would ask you just as with the citizens that are watching if you are just an everyday american even someone involved in any sort of sensitive work would you purchase a war we phone or connect your phone or computer to a while we are the t.v. network well senator as i mentioned i don't even have a social media account that i wouldn't i wouldn't use while way products say generous been the reaction from the company and at the chinese government. well the reaction from the company has been quite restrained quite mild it says they're not aware that she's broken any laws in the united states or in canada and they've called for her immediate release the response from china's government via
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its embassy in ottawa has been a lot angrier they even go as far to say that they believe that her human rights have been harmed and again that they're calling for her to be released and say that they hope that the legal systems in the united states and in canada will ensure that justice prevails there is a moment a media conference taking place at the ministry of foreign affairs here in beijing this is the daily news briefing and i would imagine we will get more comment from the spokesperson there as the afternoon progresses thank you very much for the moment adrian brown live for us in beijing talks aimed at ending yemen's nearly four year long war is set to begin in sweden who the rebels and yemeni government representatives are to meet in a hotel outside stockholm aside from the fighting and looming famine is also adding to the suffering of millions of yemenis. reports.
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meet polish one of the hundreds of thousands of yemeni children suffering severe malnutrition is being treated at a hospital inside the clinic is struggling to cope with the growing number of image bodies of the young. as five years old but war famine abunda tradition slowed his growth he may never be able to fully recover. and also the way mohammed's health deteriorated over the last year and we rushed him to hospital hoping he would recover and doctors are giving him fluids but he doesn't want that week. the un is brokering a new round of talks between the warring parties in yemen in a bit to ease the humanitarian crisis. after almost four years of fighting between who the rebels and yemeni government troops aided by saudi u.a.e. coalition fourteen million yemenis are on the brink of funny and. now many no less
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than i pad and i pray talks will succeed we have had enough of all aggression and bloodshed we've lost so many people in this war. he met them another minute with a human you should rican sile and we should end the war in the ring of peace. it's the first time opposing sides in the conflict will have met since two thousand and sixteen past talks collapsed because of growing differences between who should play a bigger role in the future of yemen or. the internationally recognized government says a deal will only be possible when the whole thing is hand over their weapons and pulled out of the capital sana'a a demand with jetted by the rebels for say all parties should be prepared to compromise. we're going to talks we made concessions and we want the saudi backed government to make concessions as well the un's special envoy for
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yemen martin griffiths has insisted the wizard a military solution and that negotiation is the only way to find an agreement but it's unclear if with its will be able to succeed where his predecessors failed the talks come at a time when the international community is putting more pressure on the sandy u.a.e. coalition to and its military campaign and seek a peaceful way out but the biggest challenge is to convince yemen's warring factions to set aside their differences agree on a national unity government and a transition that will ultimately and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. the town of rimbaud north of stockholm. the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which led to weeks of violent protests have spread into wider demonstrations against president emanuel macaws economic policies and become his biggest challenge in office so far david chase every for some paris the prime
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minister edward felipe announced the complete abolition of the fuel tax hikes at the end of an address to m.p.'s in the national assembly he was speaking against a no confidence vote from the opposition his party's majority meant it was never going to succeed but he realised the real no confidence vote was being lost in the streets or. to the yellow vests to all french people to you numbers of parliament say that the government is opened with the support of a majority. of the students have now joined the growing fray of protest against president and the demonstrations are spreading right across from it's been set on fire blocking a road in must say the same tactics into lose a high school set on fire. in a suburb of paris another school shrouded by cheap gas and smoke in the city's a pantheon so bomb professors were blocked from entering the campus as hundreds of
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undergraduates voted to join the l a vest revolt with a march this weekend. emoted the top left. there is a rising of the people of the race and it's caused by a single recent government policies that only look to take from the poor to people to the region on the mall just north korea. the anger doesn't stop at the case of the university we're facing a problem that touches everybody in society the hell of a supporting us and we're supporting them. and. that these spontaneous demonstrations by groups of students are now breaking out in paris living through the streets all to rise and waving at the work of the sicko by getting support from passing bands. i've even ambulances so this is now
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what. preston mccraw is facing the protest is pretty wayfarer the confessional she's already given and the pressure on him and he's a bit astray she was only growing. president macron though got a very different kind of reception on a visit to the old why did you tell the people gathered by the side of the road to swear at his presidential convoy and shout resign. david chaytor al jazeera paris. still ahead on al-jazeera the forty first us president is made to rest when assess his legacy as well leaders continue kind of talks will tell you about the u.s. silent which is literally sinking. i
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there it's turning wetter for many of us across europe now setting what a win dia but also more mild and you can see why you can see this area of cloud that's marching its way in that's bringing us more disturbed weather but also dragging in that model that say will see the temperatures rise up to fourteen degrees on thursday in both london and paris and then that mild day will spread eastward so it'll turn west so cross many parts of germany and up through scandinavia as well meanwhile someone to the east is staying cooler for many of us had bucharest as a maximum just one degree and forcing kiev will be at minus three so looking a little common brighter and a bit warmer force in madrid and here in the sunshine we should make it up to fourteen degrees and that sunshine spreads for the south as well so we'll see it have a pulse of morocco weeds out geria and you need the other temperatures for many of us on the coast there getting to around twenty or twenty one degrees where they says a bit more in the way of cloud head there's also some wet weather along the east
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coast the mediterranean but on the north coast of egypt and libya will just see one or two showers we'll see more intense rain begin to form as we head through the day on friday say for some of us in the northern parts over libya here it will turn roll the way for the central belt of africa the showers here and now in the southern parts of the north it's not actually fine and dry.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera sixteen u.s. senators have introduced a bipartisan resolution that holds saudi crown prince mohammed bin simon accountable for the killing of jamal khashoggi it also calls on saudi arabia and three other arab states to end their blockade of qatar. china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of technologies man once who was arrested in vancouver on saturday on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran and is facing extradition to the u.s. and who the rebels and a yemeni government representatives to meet in sweden talks are aimed at bringing
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the four year war in yemen to an end the u.n. says the conflict has created the welse why see monitary in crisis. now the body of former u.s. president george h.w. bush has been flown to texas where he'll be barry's this week he died in his houston home on friday at the age of ninety four politicians past and present were among the mourners at a state funeral for the forty first us president in washington d.c. white house correspondent kimberly hockett reports. after lying in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building george h.w. bush made his final journey past the white house he once occupied to a state funeral service at washington's national cathedral friends and dignitaries from bush's decades of public service stood as his flag draped casket entered the cathedral. at times such as this u.s. president typically set aside their politico. differences but as president donald
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trump took a front row seat he shook hands with only some of the former first families former first lady hillary clinton his democratic opponent the twenty sixteen election did not even look his way bush senior's long time friend former canadian prime minister brian mulroney acknowledge the forty first president's time in office as a narrow which saw the end of the soviet union the first gulf war and the introduction of the north american free trade agreement no occupant of the oval shape was more courageous me more principled and more. than george herbert walker bush but it was the eulogy of bush's son george w. bush the forty third president of the united states that delivered the most personal of tributes praising his father's character and public service he was an empathetic man he valued character over pedigree bush closed his speech not as a former president but as a son overcome with grief the best for older assuring her daughter here to.
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push dried his eyes as the final him was sung and his father's casket was laid in procession out of the cathedral. president george herbert walker bush will be laid to rest along five his wife barbara april he will be buried at his presidential library and. it is the thing for a man who dedicated his life to public for him really helped al-jazeera was. the party propping up the u.k.'s minority government has accused prime minister theresa may of breaking her promise on how bracks it will affect the irish border the democratic unionist party says her agreement with the e.u. separates northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. may has been fighting to convince parliament to support her breaks a deal ahead of a vote next tuesday. the lawyer for the family of an italian student tortured and
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killed in egypt is urging five egypt's shin suspects to come forward italian prosecutors say they are members of the secret service and police and believe they have two adults judy origine in twenty sixteen the twenty eight year old who are researching egyptian trade unions at the time his body was dumped by the side of a highway near cairo. the heads of states of the five sile countries in africa meeting international donors at a summit in mauritania in an attempt to raise billions of dollars for the region for the conflict torn region make less hot for strong mauritania's capital chart. the fight against the insurgency this one house starts here. a u.n. funded to radicalization program in a suburb of iraq shot. these teenagers will not be attending the g. five so how conference and so as an exercise they play out the meeting. president mccall from france sets the agenda the west will give two billion dollars to its
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former colonies if africans stop coming to europe. the chaldean leader agrees always happy to send its troops to war as long as france keeps them in power money stays silent on the insurgency in the north and others burkina uneasy in mauritania are happy to use the money to fight terrorism to buy more s.u.v.s for bigger presidential motorcades the g five said helen for these youngsters is a tragic comedy with an absence of the voices of ordinary people. sure we want human rights and more gender equality but for now we'll do with electricity and jobs and perhaps more leisure centers but we don't get to decide what started as a temporary french deployment in mali to stop armed groups and during bamako two thousand and twelve has turned into a counterinsurgency operation involving un peacekeepers and the armed forces of five nations across a stretch of land as big as the united states six years on intensive military operations may be preventing the insurgency from spreading but it's failing to
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bring peace and stability to the. now the leaders of the sale countries are meeting to raise funds for development projects and then attempt to win the hearts and minds of people and surrounded with young graduates some of them have studied medicine and you will energy in the us tomorrow an employee into the aim of this school science and solicit you into their perception of the. war in. that area to a place of more untapped potential in opportunities. solar and wind energy new hospitals and schools are some of the projects urgently needing. spent funding here really hope that the international community will respond positively because the scenarios are very clear. no migration what regular migration more people dying in the south or crawling in the middle. or in security
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once again donor countries will make pledges but in the past few have kept them it is these empty promises that many believe learned young people to join rebel groups where they say they want most is just to be heard. because hawk algis iraq shot. are. now an island in the middle of the chesapeake bay on the u.s. east coast is literally sinking that residents say climate change has nothing to deal with it has a story. the twenty fourth global meeting in the fight against climate change is underway in poland since the first meeting took place in berlin way back in one thousand nine hundred five the scale of the dangers ahead have become more and more power and this is a problem facing the whole world including the richest economies in the united states an island in the middle of chesapeake bay is literally sinking its inhabitants set to become among the first climate change refugees of north america
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but they refuse to believe that global warming exists. as more. tangier island is no more than a speck in the water two square kilometers of land pummeled by wind and waves shrinking just a bit every day not just talking about saving a peaceful and talking about a community people. james eskridge is a crab fisherman just like his father and his grandfather before him he's also the mayor of this island of seven hundred a community so isolated its inhabitants have retained their own distinctive accent tracing back three hundred years we've been here for a quarter wall would like for a lot longer but the island is vanishing every year meters of soil disappear into the water fifteen years ago the shoreline extended all the way to these wood pilings now sticking out of the water and the fear is that in another fifteen years
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or less the water will reach all the way to the house already entire neighborhoods have gone under it's hard to imagine that where we are now there was actually a thriving community it went on for. more than children playing. probably ten or twelve feet underwater people here know without dramatic efforts to rebuild the soil or break the waves this is the future that awaits the entire island but they disagree with scientists who say global warming is to blame the sea level has been right. and in more recent years it's rising more quickly tangier is politically conservative wisdom here tends to come from experience not studies however things to say involve the doing it all my life i don't see no difference that i would call it climate change i've seen seen. i've seen changes in a weller but i'll say it like to me. the president will talk about
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compliance with the terms of the paris accord that's president donald trump a fellow global warming skeptics who pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate change agreement last year days after making that announcement trump called tangiers mayor to tell him not to worry about a rise in sea level here the love for trump come second only to the love for crabs we fully support the president on the oil and despite what most people would say is evidence at his door the mayor remains disbelieving i'm just not going along you know people saying so. go along with it but if by the time you see it with your own eyes it's too late. then that that will be good and i'm sure that's what i'll be remembered for that you know i didn't go along with it it's a dangerous wager but one people here are still willing to make this in their beliefs simply run deeper than the water's rising around them. castro al-jazeera tangier virginia. mexico city has sworn in its first female mer
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women now make up half of congress fifteen years after agenda culture system was introduced that many female politicians still face obstacles as john heilemann reports. on wednesday cloudy a shame became excuse city's first female elected meth. it's a historical bluth and just part of a gradual but seismic shift to mix because politics the country now has the fourth highest percentage of congresswoman. take up about half the seats in both chambers of the house a big a bunch for a traditionally male dominated nation but their presence still doesn't mean they're involved in the big coons says lawmaker martha tiredly and is the real decisions us . taken by an organization called the political coordination council and that's still made up of men so the real power in the congress and senate is with this
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group of men the female colleagues is still more likely to be a sewing circle women's issues low that slow be changing in a country with a far higher percentage of women lawmakers in the u.k. and the us this hasn't happened over the years no mix chris i said of the qualities in politics that serve most of the countries in latin america the difference here is that women's rights advocates and lawmakers have worked hard to make sure that those are applied the more strictly the parties just cold get round they have to field and support women candidates that's taken time to filter down less than a quarter of local mayors are women and only three of the thirty two state governors the playing field set up because it's still not equal women face a specific in particular from so of bias right they question their their space they question that question their private life they question the way they dress and not
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the way they act as politicians so they are not they are not measured the same way men and women in politics those who make it into office like their male counterparts also tend to be like to skin the better off indigenous women are how they represent their african american african mexican women are have represented so so there is still a lot of issues that need to be sorted out plenty of challenges ahead but also clear momentum for the country's increasing number of women politicians join the home of mexico city. now again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera a bipartisan group of six senior u.s. senators has introduced a resolution that holds saudi arabia's crown prince accountable for the murder of jamal khashoggi it also calls on saudi arabia to end the war in yemen as well as
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its blockade on qatar john hendren has more from washington. it takes them just six pages to save it in their account by and count the you q.'s the crown prince of saudi arabia of being in charge of the security forces at the time jamal khashoggi was murdered and of being complicit that's the word they use for his killing the resolution goes on to demand an end to the war in yemen and to demand an end to the dispute between saudi arabia and qatar china's embassy in canada is demanding the release of the chief financial officer of technology's main ones who was arrested in vancouver on saturday she's facing extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran main is the daughter of the founder ranks and face brown has more from beijing it's own line they've been quite a bit of chatter on thursday morning on china's equivalent of twitter which is way below one comment said that the united states is shameless another said that canada
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is the united states dog another post says that we should start arresting the u.s. executives here in china but i think the really big question is this it's the timing because what impact if any of if any really could this have on the on the fragile truce between china and the united states in their current trade war who feel rebels and yet many government representatives are preparing to meetings sweden talks are aimed at the talks are aimed at bringing the four year war in yemen to an end the united nations says the conflict has created the borowitz worst humanitarian crisis and the french government is abandoning a fuel tax hike which led to weeks of violent protests a promise on tuesday give us on the rise to six months wasn't enough to quell the demonstrations which are spread into wider rallies against president emanuel economic policies with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year inside story.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. after nearly four years of fighting both sides in the yemen war appear ready to end the conflict government hoody delegations are meeting in sweden for talks but what would a peace deal look like for yemen and what are its chances of succeeding this is inside story. welcome to the program and hasn't it could be the best chance yet for peace yemen's
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hooty fighters and saudi backed government delegates are in sweden for u.n. sponsored talks to end the conflict the murder of saudi journalist and dissident.


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