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besides his or thirty we've seen some harsh language coming from him in recent weeks he's been accused of using hate speech and intimidating his opponents he would argue that he's fighting fire with fire he's been given that mandate by the armenian people to take on the corrupt old elites and so he's got to go in hard but whether or not he wins this election with an extremely high majority is expected the question then will be whether he's going to. exercise his or storage the democratically the g.c.c. summit that's the gulf cooperation council is due to begin in a couple of hours from now the six nation block is meeting in the saudi capital riyadh the cattery amir has been invited but has yet to confirm whether he will attend saudi arabia is leading a blockade against cata which is the council's most serious crisis in decades she was weary is the director of girl studies at kettering university he thinks the
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saudis will focus on ending the war in yemen now i think riyadh will try to bring bring that again and saying look we want peace process to move on we need a peaceful negotiation we need the world to be and i think that is a message to washington this is serious i think that is to reduce the level of pressure on them and hush of the case so that it's a play on different cards on the same table and this is also an ending the war in yemen continue in sweden the demands of each side becoming clear among the significant issues that divide the healthy rebels and the yemeni government is the face of president average rebel mansour hadi his is one intercept down but the government thinks otherwise hashim a hobart reports from the tolls in remember just north of stockholm. talks hit a stumbling block just at the time when hopes of progress were growing. yemen's
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rival factions are entrenched warning if their demands are not met the talks will fail and as the negotiations continue the who theater control and the northern part of the country say they're willing to join a national unity government if president obama so hardy steps down so as not out of . the political solution from our point of view should be a new transitional period that has a time frame and must have consensual executive power including the presidency and the government and must work on certain pillars like security and military operations in sharing food control over the yemeni state and solving unsolved problems. the proposal was swiftly dismissed by the government had the loyalists say the houthi rebels seized power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen and therefore their surrender is
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a prerequisite for any future deal if you know what i can. hardly goes do you think that would solve the problem the problem is cool leaders how he was elected and it elections that will decide his fate but if he resigns now that will be dangerous there will be a power struggle there is a third party that is not involved in the talks but whose influence has been on the rise in yemen since two thousand and eleven. these are the secessionists of the solve it movement that wants to break away from the north they are protesting against what they describe as a society occupation of their land but the separatists themselves are divided between those who want independence and those who want autonomy within a federal yemen the talks were always going to be long and strenuous but the millions of yemenis who have suffered bombings starvation and inaction hope the
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warring factions will give diplomacy a chance so that the war comes to an end has. read on the oscar. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including say no to racism with populism on the rise is an anxious time for migrants under attack in a city. africa's largest geothermal energy producer kenya sets an example to the world's biggest polluters but challenges remain. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there it really is very stormy for some of us across europe at the moment there when the firing down from the north west of there particularly strong over corsica there winds for some of us around one hundred sixty kilometers per hour incredibly windy and those winds are also very strong
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over many parts of france through the low countries and across the u.k. as well we're also seeing some heavy downpours aware of all those strong winds but gradually things will improve as we head through the day on monday so monday then a fall calm a day for all of us but still some outbreaks of snow across the alps and some of those are likely to be rather heavy for the eastern parts of europe well here the temperatures generally hovering around five or six for many of us and we've got more wet weather that's working its way down towards the middle east so yes it will rain is expected here for the northern parts of africa were largely fine and dry for many of us here we should have plenty of sunshine across the northwestern parts as we head through the day on sunday nineteen will be the maximum quite a strong wind there making its way towards trinity or so that the temperatures will be tumbling for the eastern parts though the still the chance of seeing want to more showers around the north coast of libya and into egypt so some of the showers here could be rather heavy but then we havea over parts of turkey and that will
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sweep east with as we head into monday. there with sponsored by qatar. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the binary exclude while you're providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof here their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera the u.s. president's chief of staff john kerry has quit donald trump is in talks with the vice president's top aides nick as to replace him the retired marine general has been in the job for sixteen months he says he'll step down at the end of the year. a cleanup operations underway in paris after french riot police squared off with thousands of anti-government protesters on saturday the government deployed heavy security for the latest round of yellow vests demonstrations the fourth straight weekend of protests against president with calls for him to resign. armenians of aging in an historic early parliamentary election is the first vote since mass demonstrations earlier this year ended decades of one party rule the polls suggest a landslide for the acting prime minister nicole passion enough. to provide services to refugees and migrants in italy say there's been an increase in
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racist attacks the rise of right wing politics and nationalists a choose a being blamed and now many of those arriving in this the say they don't feel safe sonia reports from rome. a rallying call for on heard voices for those gathered here it is an anxious time caught in a no man's land they face hostility in a country where nationalism and populism have surged in the past year. activists like and they are who work with refugees and migrants say they have seen the effects face to face and they describe how italy's government has treated those seeking refuge dominated as it is by the rhetoric of the far right deputy prime minister but they are many it's somebody can feel free to do it because they say look we're the cheap of big policing so it's like here take my goods i am defending
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. that that really scares me a lot. this little in the way of options for those caught in the asylum system that may come fleeing war or hardship but one thing is certain they do not feel welcome . do. we have to go and sleep in the station or on the streets there are no other choices no where else to go so that's how it is. there have been warnings of a climate of hatred accelerating in italy since the far right went into power the ruling politicians have denied that there is any such crisis but the promotion i have done to my father since has for the right number of italians justified that in the name of law and order. i mean look what the current mood has power with the rise of the extreme right as a pound has been attempting to normalize fascism since the one nine hundred ninety
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s. squatting in the state owned building in central rome the group is part of a wave of white european so-called identity tarion movements they offer classes to disadvantaged youngsters especially men who they say have been left behind in today's italy and the lesson today italy's ancient history astounded subject for a group looking to the past but its focus is very much fixed on the present and future political scenes. we are convinced that cause a pounds role is to guide the government and they know this because if they don't live up to their promises voters may end up voting for us. because the pound may claim to unify all italians but its tactics have exploited divisions within a country that has seen a recent mass influx of refugees and migrants combined with a stagnant economy this extremist movement has found fertile ground to take root
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and incessant cases thrive so new diagonal al-jazeera roam. libya's state oil company the n.a.c. as they announce what it called the occupation of an oil field by protests is local tribes and the threatening to shut down the show rather field which would stop the production of three hundred fifteen thousand barrels a day they're demanding financial assistance for their community in a sea says the oil is still flowing but warned of catastrophic consequences if the field were to close is libya's been in turmoil since the fall of moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven with large parts of the country under the control of armed groups. the catholic church has paid tribute to monks and clergyman who were killed during our dearest civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. the ceremony in oregon saw nineteen people declare martyrs and steps taken towards granting them sainthood the pope sent a message thanking algeria's government for allowing it to take place and hoped it
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would help heal the wounds of the past two hundred thousand people died in the conflict with christian clergy among those targeted by armed groups. that china has warned canada or a severe consequences if it doesn't believe a top executive from one of the world's largest telecoms companies the foreign ministry has lodged a diplomatic protests calling the case quote extremely nasty who our ways chief financial officer among one june was arrested last week on charges of evading u.s. sanctions against iran the canadian courts are deciding whether to head to the united states but she could face thirty years in prison. activists of march to the polish city of kassovitz where a two week u.n. climate summit is underway there calling for more action from governments to tackle global warming but attempts to incorporate a key scientific study into the talks itself failed after it was blocked by
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countries including saudi arabia and the united states and the reform. protesters deliver their message to delegates meeting in poland the un climate change talks known as cop twenty we need something we need action right now not tomorrow not in eleven years but delegates from around two hundred countries are hoping to negotiate a way of implementing the twenty fifteen paris climate accord its goal is to keep global warming below two degrees celsius but saudi arabia kuwait russia and the united states have refused to endorse a key scientific study it's dismayed and angered most delegates. i will not deny that i am very disappointed with this result this was important work done by experts and delegates on this issue i have heard your positions positions of all of the parties and i hear strong voices in the room which feel that the report of the
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i.p.c.c. on the one point five degrees is very important yet we have not achieved consensus on how to respond but energy experts say the targets are insufficient and nations are still squabbling over who will pay for it there's also unease that this meeting is in a country were lined on coal the polish government is planning to increase call production to cut imports we have to shut down fired electricity but there is no place to agree world never mind a one point five degrees. tricity and anything that you decide to build will be a strength. or. blow right through the two degrees. women. protesters say the scale of the threat posed by rising temperatures hasn't been fully grasped by politicians after the last some of the droughts and the heavy rains otherwise most of the citizens realize that climate change is hitting them
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personally but it's the governments that are just protecting the business interests of their local companies or multinationals so that's where the problem is. it's cop twenty four and its first week delegates continue to work on establishing common rules or measuring reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions i do this from around the world who've traveled to catechize say progress has to be made and. algis there are. across the world efforts are being stepped up to develop energy sources that do not rely on fossil fuels and geothermal energy that's basically generating electricity from hot rocks under the surface has huge potential to provide power while reducing carbon emissions in the kenya supplies around forty three percent of its electricity from geothermal power millions of kenyans still do depend on trees to make charcoal but as climate talks proceed in poland the east african nations efforts are an example to the world's biggest misses his malcolm
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with. hot rocks deep inside the earth and the steam shooting to the surface. is piped to a power station here in kenya to generate electricity. sustainable. he doesn't emit any carbon dioxide. and he's expanding president a hurricane yet i came to start construction of a new plant. more than half of kenya's electricity is generated by renewable sources star gets for a quick transformation to renewable energy and to be more specific we as a country have committed us with jane a hundred percent green sufficiency by twenty twenty. the power stations placards on bail. in the delegation drives off in a convoy of diesel fuel cars. ten years fossil fuel
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usage is increasing to every thousands more people buy cars and take to the roads but like many african countries the harmful carbon emissions here a tiny compared to those of the world's industrialized powers in particular the u.s. and china. can is not contributing much to global warming and its green power programs aren't going to stop it either. only bare their foes if also other countries across the world doing the same because what america does what you do what dana does affects what happens in town so far trying to limit them but. some of kenya's power may be green but the energy sector is mired in corruption scandals. electricity uses pay a high price. about half the population can't afford it their main energy source is
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charcoal made from felled trees another contribution to growing carbon emissions. i would use electricity but i can't afford it i'm taking care of my grandchildren but just one thousand of chuckle is enough to cool all of them. there are no easy answers. but geothermal power helps and if the world industrial powers embraced this kind of technology climate crisis might be mitigated malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. to take a look at the top stories here in. the u.s. president's chief of staff john kerry has quit donald trump is now in talks with the vice president's chief of staff nick as to replacing the retired marine general's been in the job for sixteen months john kelly is due to step down at the
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end of the year. john kelly will be leaving i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the here will be announcing will be taking john place it might be on an interim basis i'll be announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year the cleanup is underway in paris after riot police squared off with thousands of anti-government protest is on saturday the government deployed heavy security for the latest round of yellow vests demonstrations it's the fourth straight weekend of protests against president the calls for him to resign. armenians are voting in an historically parliamentary election is the first vote since mass demonstrations earlier this year ended decades of one party rule the polls suggest a landslide for the acting prime minister nicole fashion yann
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the g.c.c. summit to go for cooperation council is due to begin in a couple of hours the six nation bloc will meet in the saudi capital riyadh the cattery amir has been invited but doha has yet to confirm if he'll attend saudi arabia is leading a blockade against cata which is the council's most serious crisis in decades the catholic church has paid tribute to monks and clergymen killed during our jarius civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. the ceremony in iran saw one thousand people declared martyrs and steps were taken towards granting them sainthood the pope sent a message thanking algeria's government for allowing it to take place and hoped it would help heal the wounds of the past two hundred thousand people died in the conflict with christian clergy among those targeted by groups or out of state those are the very latest headlines for us they're out there coming up next it's talk
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tragic there are. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally valid it's a big business smuggling sam when they go take the sea there in the sand you are there you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand was on al-jazeera. you can. see. i'm adrian brown in taipei taiwan but for the past sixty nine years has been self-governing but this place is also claimed by mainland china and in the past it has threatened repeatedly to take taiwan back by force if necessary they've just had local
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elections here and the ruling party did very badly china it seems may well have been a factor i've been talking to joseph taiwan's foreign minister who has the job of selling taiwan's message overseas at a time when china is doing all it can to isolate taiwan internationally he admits it's a frustrating job i can not think of any other country that has a more difficult foreign policy then taiwan china has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan internationally josephs taiwan's foreign minister talks to al-jazeera. joseph we welcome to talk to al-jazeera the last time i met you you were secretary general of the democratic progressive party you had just secured the presidency the legislature your
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party had done very well in those elections we've just had local elections and things haven't gone so well what what went wrong ruling party we need to care about all kinds of policies and the difficult thing is that if we want to be seeing us a responsible government responsible political party you know we need to carry our policies in a moderate way and taiwan has been seeing moderate country and i want to responsible country but of course that is going to. be seen by our supporters that the reforms the pace of reform is too small and therefore they may not be a supportive as passionate as before but what was the issue the made voters turn away from you do you think was it china was it the economy was it same sex marriage in every major election here in taiwan china is always a factor but it might not be the determining factor in the christian show that of
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course. or the policy has been at the bait it might be seeing more important than in other directions and this is a local election even though we're trying to factor is playing a little part of it but it's not an overwhelming factor in this particular election and china is trying to interfere and we saw that china is gearing up is this information campaign or airing its support for popular candidates and that might be the small part of the china factor is plain and this will actually what evidence is there of china meddling in the election campaign the volume on the internet seem to be heavily influenced by the chinese operation. the ip addresses in china they know things like that for example the ip address in china or somewhere set up by china and they try to infiltrate with their messages
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there's a common knowledge over here in taiwan fifty cent's army in china they are roaming the taiwan internet world for example some of our candidates have their facebook field with the chinese language use in their facebook account and this is being seen us china trying to influence taiwan's election and of course china is also trying to getting connected with some of the local politicians or local organizations trying to. benefit from china things like that has been seeing us china trying to interfere in our election do you think that china's leaders will feel that their strategy of strangling taiwan economically diplomatically is working and that now they're going to double down on their efforts to try to bring about reunification in five to ten years even sooner. that is
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something that many people here in taiwan have been discussing about in time one selection committee seeing. chinese success of their interference then it's going to be very difficult to stop china from trying again and again or double down on the interference in oil action and this is only a little correlation and we have seen china trying to interfere in the election process but when we have the nation oil action in two thousand and twenty china might want to gear up its interference campaign against taiwan but i slice a little bit you know china might ploy a little part in a way lection the most important part is the people's decision and us i see it you know people are intelligent enough to the site you know what is right and what is wrong one thing is clear from these elections is that democracy in taiwan is is alive and kicking this china of course always likes to make mischief at times like
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this and it says that the result shows that actually most people don't agree with your ministrations sort of pro independence tones and how they got a point. they might but they also got it wrong in two thousand and sixteen when the president was elected she was elected on the premise that she would hear to say this quote and therefore this government is going to be very hard to describe support independence if you look at the situation here in taiwan the p.r.c. does not have any jurisdiction over taiwan in taiwan is running by itself you know we have a president we have a part of them and we have free media and therefore taiwan in essence is independent and any government where there is came to government or that the people government is going to run place this. and it's not pro independence or pro
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unification is just taiwan taiwan by itself one thing i don't understand you said the the president except the status quo so if she does the then why is china reacting the way it is because china always says we want taiwan to accept there is but one china and taiwan is a part of it but you are saying the president accepts that no the president accepts the status quo and call it a if you look at taiwan itself we have not being administered. by china for any single day china never has any jurisdiction over taiwan or any single day so the fact of the reality in taiwan or the status quo in between taiwan and china is that two sides are separated and for china to claim that we are part of them and they want to unify us against the will of that one its people and that is against the status quo and of course that it's not going to be supported by our
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people and that is not the point of the government they might support it now other than the election show that perhaps people felt that the stance of your government china was was wrong but perhaps it's time to say we do except we are part of china i mean if you said that. china would loosen the economic news tomorrow and things could go back the way they were if you do a public opinion survey again today and i'm sure people are going to tell you the opposite i think the people are going to say that no we are not part of china and we are not going to pursue indication with china even though some of the local candidates in this election might have the tendency of pursuing better relations with china but seeing them you know pursuing a policy of unifying with china is going to be wrong and after all this is the election and dog the course of relations has not been debated in this election in their. for relations or china factor is not the key factor in this election and
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therefore we should not interpret the election as if taiwan people choose to unify was china or to choose to push through another route was china you're in charge of spreading taiwan's message to the world but how hard is that when taiwan's not part of the united nations you're not part of the world health assembly interpol how difficult is it for you the main the frustrations must be enormous you're absolutely right i can not think of any other country that has a more difficult foreign policy then taiwan china has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan internationally to prevent taiwan from having official relations with other countries or to prevent taiwan from participating in international organizations and china is also trying to change how once there's that nation when
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taiwan is being described by international businesses try to change taiwan from taiwan into taiwan come on china or taiwan province of china and therefore in the ministry of foreign affairs over here we need to develop substantive relations with delight my the countries and we also have to safeguard those countries that are still having relations with us with one. and in the last two years five countries that have relations with you have defected to china that must hurt it is difficult for us and what we try to do is to make sure that the senior government officials in senior government officials in our diplomatic elyse are highly connected and i think most important trait of taiwan is taiwan is that democracy already and we have very proud of that and many of the like my countries continue to priest i want us a beacon and because taiwan is already
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a democracy and therefore we are able to develop closer and closer ties with like minded countries but when former friends like el salvador the king of fast so say sort of we're going to recognize beijing there must be this sort of sense of betrayal because these countries up until then point have been your friends you're your allies that's right when that happened when they decided that they want to establish diplomatic ties with the people's republic of china and sever ties with taiwan of course people here feel betrayed and that that kind of sentiment can be very strong here you know since they decide to choose china you know that's their choice and the important thing for taiwan is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic ilyse remain loyal to taiwan are getting the right thing from taiwan for example education kept his city building job training or agricultural development things like this will continue to help these countries and i think many of the
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countries realize that they are not able to get those kinds of support from the people's republic of china but they are getting state the support from taiwan and those items that i just mentioned what was it a surprise when el salvador defected did you know in advance it was going to happen . we did take some signs that the by negotiating with china and therefore you know we try very hard to see whether there's anything else we can work on so you offer the money what would you do to become like a bidding war did not know this doesn't work that way my deputy traveled to el salvador speaking to see me all fishelson over there and i myself also trouble to salvador speaking to their very senior officials including the president himself and to ask him where there are.


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