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and can only have a negative effect i think that when we're dealing with arms that no personal financial dealings should have anything to do the decision and really not even the finances of the country i think selling arms should have to deal solely with our national security not jobs not money nothing and i really think that the war in yemen that we have no vital national security interest and not only that i think our involvement in this terrible war is one of the things that engendered more terrorism as more people die from starvation as people pick up bomb fragments went to school buses killed and on the bomb fragment it says made in america it creates more terrorism so i think it's actually a risk to our national security to be involved with the saudis and we should not be aiding and abetting their bombing of civilian areas after weeks of violence and to government protests the french president is due to address the nation on monday when we will also meet unions and protest groups these so-called yellow vests demonstrations were initially over fuel tax hikes but now they've become an anti
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government mass movement calling from a crawl to resign now the french foreign minister has told the u.s. president to stay out of french politics have to donald trump blame the violent protests on pot piracy climate agreement. i say this to donald trump and the french president said it to we do not take domestic american politics into account leave our nation be. his doublet came from paris all the fallout from those protests. with all of the evidence of violence in paris cleared up now the question many people in france opposing is what can president do to show that he is addressing the concerns of the yellow vest protesters but also of wider society question for him is is there a concession that is the right answer that will placate people here because the violence the evidence of violence is gone but the mix the political mess certainly lingers on that point on monday at the summer in s n l the building behind me the
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french parliament organized political opposition to mr merkel will be manifest in the form of a motion of no confidence in his government being put to the some innocent by the opposition by the left wing opposition there's little chance that will get passed when the vote is held on wednesday because of the absolute majority of mr mccall's government of his party that i can recall march that the republic on the move the problem for him is that the newspaper headlines this weekend have been calling her publique of the republic in flames he has to deal with that but his opinion poll ratings are very low at twenty four percent so for him when he speaks to the nation when he speaks to the unions this week he has to address the concerns that have been expressed not just on the streets but also in wider society plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including can geo engineering help stop the planet from overheating we'll have more special coverage of the global climate summit we
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speak to the commander of ukraine's navy has twenty four crew members are still detained by russia and heads roll out of ghana son's football federation after allegations of physical and sexual abuse those details in sport with peter later. no way has rejected allegations that it breached u.s. sanctions against iran the chinese telecom giant says it communicated with u.s. government agencies on a daily basis to obtain guidance it follows the arrest of one of its top executives name one show in canada on washington's request the detention and extradition process of opened yet another rift between the world's top two economies who are already engaged in a trade war well jim brown has more for us from beijing emin adrian what should we read into china's actions over the weekend the fact that the foreign ministry
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summoned the ambassadors of both canada and the united states. well that in itself so i don't think is an exceptional you would expect in these circumstances the ambassadors of canada and the united states to be summoned to the foreign ministry that had been anticipated but we haven't really heard anything from china's leaders on that front of the response so far has been quite muted i think china is leading it leaving it to its sort of attack dogs in state controlled media to to really do all the talking and we've seen some of that in the global times newspaper that's the nationalistic leaning newspaper here in beijing they have called the arrest and detention of mung a an act of war and i think you know the language is fast going to turn from you know purple to crimson in the days weeks or months ahead if she remains incarcerated so yes a lot of chatter also in social media and last week
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a lot of the posts that we were seeing were very much in favor of mom criticizing the decision to to hold a but now we're seeing it start to swing the other way a lot of people are surprised to learn for instance that she apparently has seven passports for passports issued by the mainland here in china and three issued in hong kong also questions over the enormity of her wealth the fact she has not one but two luxury properties in vancouver that aspect could in fact help her case according to her lawyers at the bail hearing on monday that's two to happen in buying cooper's main hi kai court on monday her lawyers are going to push for her to be released on bail insisting that she has no you know flight risk and they also say that she's suffering from from hypertension which is another reason why they want her to be released also there have been reports here in china that she was
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hanker after when she was moved from the holding center to the court where her extradition hearing was held not just on friday but. also a few days before that that's also stirred a lot of you know a motion online so yes online in the media the the tone is certainly very hostile but the response so far from the government has been restrained there could be a reason for that so perhaps china's government wants to ensure this case doesn't torpedo their on going negotiations between beijing and washington to try to settle their very many trade differences as beijing seems to portray aiming as the victim here there is this train of thought is there not in beijing that the actual whole case is politically motivated and that causes as you say a whole array of problems especially with these ongoing trade talks when there is also a trade war going on at the moment yeah that's absolutely right the reason why they think this case is politically
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motivated is because of what her way is this is a company that is at the center of president xi jinping zambia sions to make china a world leader in technologies of the future and as we know how our way is a world leader in five g. technology and what's been happening in the last few months is suddenly holloway is finding itself locked out of places like new zealand and australia because says china of direct pressure from the united states because the united states is not as far ahead as hard way when it comes to this technology and there's also the continuing threat that holway has been you know making some of its advances based on technology that it's stolen from the united states so this you know dispute between trina china and the united states is not just about tariffs tech is also very much at the heart of it or continue to monitor events with you from beijing certainly adrian in the coming days thank you. now the commander of ukraine's navy says he has no doubt that russia was behind the attack three of his boats accused
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ukraine of deliberate provocation but admiral eat whole lot and change his navy attitude with an international maritime law he was speaking to andrew symonds that ukraine's main naval base of the black sea port of addition. this role is a naval force that son of the strain twenty four of his men who set out from adesa port more in a fortnight ago being detained by russia admiral it. says russia has no right to put them on trial. years in prison not this they have to admit that they took prisoners of war not some criminalize involved in contraband or illegal fishing. for in genco dismisses moscow's charge of ukrainian provocation and. no one recognizes that exception of crimea and even if we did cross the
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twelve miles only we're not to fight the f.s.b. border service we're passing according to our agreements through the strait of curch we're sure the tactical decisions were not being taken by the commanders of the russian ships. genco goes on to say it was clear when russia sees the ukrainian boats the orders were political a claim denied by russia he says the blocking of the strait was due to the accidental grounding of a tanker but was a deliberate act by russia using tugs these are identical sister boats of two of the vessels that came under attack. a captain shows the area of armor penetrated or one of the boats being held by russia ukraine's navy says the crew was being targeted rather than the boats engines which would have disabled the vessel. will isn't optimistic of a quick end to the crisis who wants nato to commit more support to the region.
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we need to keep parity of power it's not about an open confrontation we need containment blacks and the reason need to cool down the fervor the heat of russia's aggression to stop it it's hardly surprising that ukraine is still calling for nato support when you consider how much the size of its navy was diminished when russia annexed crimea in twenty fourteen ukraine lost a lot of vessels and that of the few battleships that remain this is the only frigate. outgunned and outmanned over by russia of this navy has to be defensive its hopes for a quick release of its captured crews have to lie with the offensive mounted by diplomats and political leaders and drew simmons out zero adesa ukraine. has become the latest country to pull out of a un pact aimed at improving global corporation or migration though it's not binding in europe belgians government has been reduced to
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a minority after its largest coalition partner pulled out of the issue the agreement is expected to be adopted in morocco on monday as more. these are tough times for migrants and refugees we live in a world where every two seconds someone somewhere is forced to be displaced because of conflict or particular nearly seventy million people worldwide have been forced from their homes millions of refugees half of them under eighteen's in addition it's estimated ten million people are stateless they are denied nationality or access to basic wives two years ago in new york one hundred ninety three countries adopted a declaration for refugees and migrants to protect their wives help them resettle and ensure the chance of getting a job and education now those promises seem to be in disarray especially because of the rise of far right and populist governments the us italy hungary poland and australia have pulled out of the meeting in their save the un declaration is
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inconsistent with their policies for the millions stranded on borders and in refugee camps the americas conference offered a glimmer of hope for a better and dignified life but that may not happen anytime soon with some of the world's most powerful leaders more keen on building walls rather than building bridges david man is executive director of the refugee and immigration legal center joins me now via skype from melbourne good to have you with us mr mann on the program to talk about the waters closer to where you are in a moment but first we just talk about the mediterranean it seems to be coming more and more now a no go area. well that's right we've seen increasingly and this is part of a global trend governments seeking to you know built walls or wrecked fences and to effectively block access by say by asylum seekers and migrants
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who are in many cases in desperate need of safety and this is a glowing graveled global trend with profoundly concerning consequences and we are seeing generally a pushback from nation states who are appealing to their sort of nationalistic base and they're concerned about immigration this political ramifications do hit lawmakers at home very hard do they not. well that's right but look really the essence here is that that in any era where mike ration including forced migration is one of the great quote challenges. what we need is a new compact we need a new form of international cooperation. dress this major global challenge and that can only come through global solutions and yet what we say is a number of states effectively doing the very opposite and that is seeking to.
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effectively not saying to cooperate to withdraw from this great global challenge which requires solidarity countries working together to ensure that migration ysaye that it's regular and that rights are respected but david many countries also many leaders in the west and europe words. argue the fact the to stop migration you need to sort the problems out in the home countries of those individuals who saw angela merkel the german chancellor head to africa this year to say if we can sort the problems out in african nations for example where many of these people are leaving then perhaps the migration wouldn't be so bad it surely has to be a two pronged approach you can't expect europe to be the safe haven for those that are finding difficulty in the african or south asian continent. but things are tremendously complex issues and they are genuinely global challenges to effectively come up with that domestic solution for
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a global challenge is only going to undermine international efforts but what is clear here is that the root cause of forced migration do need to be addressed there is no doubt about that any part that does require addressing the problems that they're you know and the challenges at their root seeing it for example in countries from which people are playing where people are experiencing the that the consequences and the effects of a lot of conflict a protracted conflict of war also of mantua environmental issues and challenges and to end poverty amongst many others to address root causes really the causes which prompts you to leave their home countries is fundamental but it can't be just one thing and i think that we need a multifaceted approach and one that also recognizes the global reality and that is that so many people are leaving their own countries they flame for all of the
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reasons i just mentioned and many more we can't just pretend that it isn't happening it's happening the question is how to actually ensure that that migration you say that it's regular show and there are past bias for paypal which don't involve them being sent back to david until i can help them develop the product. but until i can happen david at the end of the day politicians let's come closer to where you are in australia are quite adamant in some areas that there's only so much a country a nation states can drew australia heads to the polls in twenty nineteen from where you are at the moment and for our international audience to get a sense of what's going on in your country what is the sense of feeling about immigration and migration and how high on the agenda is it as a political theme as australia heads towards the polls because politicians are making hay on this issue. yes well the whole issue of migration and
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asylum have being central political issues for at least two decades have been a major point of political contest and effectively what we have same between the two major parties who by form governments in the last two decades it's really interminable political casting who can have the harsher approach toward people say in asylum in a strat if insecurely by about it and so a lot of the controversy and a lot of that the politics of fear has focused around border protection that is the management of borders and particularly the policies which have sought to block people from seeking asylum bussy in a strata it remains a central issue in australia and what's quite clear is that by political parties major political parties have are in lockstep on the question of a strong border protection that is effectively blocking access for people seeking asylum particularly if i try to get to
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a strand of us say. one of the one of the great challenges however is that really the policies have in many respects pained by stone. politics of fear but they've also fundamentally pain about not responsibility sharing but responsibility should king because the stratus policies have been treated very much by domestic political imperatives of the day and really what's happened is that as foreign policies have shared responsibilities by effectively pushing that pushing the challenges in the problems of the neighboring priest particularly in asia without working cooperatively with those countries on a better scheme to ensure that people are able to be traded decently get a fair process and ultimately be protected but we'll see what does happen in the coming weeks and serving in the coming months as we head towards our general election it'll study for the moment david could get your insight thanks very much for your time from meldon. most come here on the al-jazeera news i'm treating
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increasing anger against migrants later on the program will be reporting from italy where rightwing rhetoric from a populist government is being blamed for so brake system time it's also the man who led armenian style the revolution heads for a landslide victory in the elections and atlanta wins its first major sporting trophy in twenty three years peter will have those details in sports if you stay with us. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the french autumn breeze in the city of la. hello again to welcome back we're here cause parts of china we're seeing some classic on the satellite image and that means we're going to be seeing plenty of clouds and rain as we go towards the next couple of days take a look at the forecast map as we go towards monday rain showers down here towards the south down here cross vietnam the rain continues we have seen heavy rain of the last several days that will continue here as we go towards monday for such
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a china well the rain is going to turn to snow as it makes its way towards the north a lot of single digits here the overnight lows are below freezing so we are going to see that switch over as we go towards the daytime of touching high it is going to be a cloudy not such a wet day for you with the temperature there of about eleven degrees as a break away down here towards the south we are seeing the rain continue anywhere from thailand all the way down here towards parts of malaysia that's going to continue over the next few days with those thunderstorms a really bubbling up as we go towards the afternoon timeframe bangkok rain few at thirty one singapore rain as well continuing as we go towards tuesday and for manila well a partly cloudy day for you with the time to there of thirty degrees very quickly over here towards the southern part of the bay of bengal more heavy rain across the region sri lanka we do expect to see some rain and that is going to be heavy across the region bengaluru that means clouds view with a temperature of about twenty nine degrees. the weather sponsored by cats own and
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peace. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline with illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business boggling sample and they will take this very filling the sand is our parent here you see this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so proud of the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound was on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story began it's the fight against isis is still continuing in the arm bar down there when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by families in their status and wealth has benefited from my interest and so i have people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and life means honest and online.
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welcome back you're watching the office there and these are with me so robin a reminder of our top stories murdered sidey journalist mark a shopper trees fiance has told our desire that she'll continue her fight to ensure everyone involved in the killing is brought to justice and the details of the journalist last moments of emerged in u.s. media's final words reportedly are i can't breathe. also holloway has rejected allegations that it breached u.s. sanctions against iran the chinese telecoms giant says it communicated with u.s. government agencies on a daily basis to obtain guidance but it follows the arrest of one of its top executives the main one joe in canada on washington's request chile has become the
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latest country to pull out of a un pact into tackling the causes of migration it's due to be signed to morocco this week a whole host of countries are refusing to support it including australia austria and the united states. italy which is one of the main gateways for refugees migrants into europe is also against the pact a rise of rightwing and populist politics is being blamed for an increase in racist attacks so you're going to get reports now from rome. a rallying call on heard voices for those gathered here it is an anxious time caught in a no man's land they face hostility in a country where nationalism and populism have surged in the past year. activists like andrea who work with refugees and migrants say they have seen the effects face to face and they describe how italy's government has treated those
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seeking refuge dominated as it is by the rhetoric of the far right deputy prime minister but they are. it's somebody can feel free to do it because they say look we're the cheap of big policing so it's like here take my goods i am defending. that that really scares me a lot of. this little in the way of options but those caught in the asylum system may come fleeing war or hardship but one thing is certain they do not feel welcome . we have to go and sleep in a station or on the street there are no other choice and nowhere else to go so that's how it is. there have been warnings of a climate of hatred accelerating in italy since the far right went into power of the willing politicians have denied that there is any such crisis but the
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promotion i have done to my father since has for the right number of italians justified that in the name of law and order. i mean to me look what the current mood has power with the rise of the extreme right because a pound has been attempting to normalize fascism since the one nine hundred ninety s. squatting in the state owned building in central rome the group is part of a wave of white european so-called identity tarion movements they offer classes to disadvantaged youngsters especially men who they say have been left behind in today's italy and the lesson today italy's ancient history a standard subject for a group looking to the past but its focus is very much fixed on the present and future political scenes. we are convinced that ca's a pounds role is to guide the government and they know this because if they don't live up to their promises voters may end up voting for us. because
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a pound may claim to unify all italians but its tactics have exploited divisions within a country that has seen a recent mass influx of refugees and migrants combined with a stagnant economy this extremist movement has found fertile ground to take root and in certain cases thrive sony diagonal al-jazeera rome. well as whalen's are voting to elect to run two thousand five hundred newspoll councillors as a political and economic crisis continues opposition parties have been abandoned turnout is expected to be low the poll comes a month after president nicolas maduro won and the election described as illegitimate by the opposition the usa you and most of latin america that media is accused of mismanaging the economy leading to shortages of food running water electricity and medicines staying in the americas peruvian voters have approved a series of political and judicial reforms aimed at stamping out corruption present martin vickery initiated the referendum following
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a series of corruption scandals his predecessor was forced to resign in march while the opposition leader was jailed in november as many as four former presidents are under investigation accused of taking bribes from the brazilian construction company. football fans are celebrating in argentina's capital when a sign reads as you see here in the capital where the river plate or argentine battle for south america's top club tracy the three one win came after the match was moved to madrid from one as i'm is because the violence spanish police stepped up security head off the trees a bow has been following the celebrations in the argentine capital. or here in the center of one side is worth hundreds of people have their rivalry fights of the rain to celebrate the victory of the river plate even though in the past few days there is lots of different chants meant to disappointment that this card is being played in spain in my dream people here say that now it's time to celebrate
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a time to leave the past behind and celebrate what they say that history gave this whole area surrounded by security forces the government wanted to make sure that this time violence wouldn't take over this food on march over the celebrations and this also this game has also left for questioning about martin fine food bowl food well that is being filled with corruption about the bad i would doubt that and the role they play in society there are a relationship with politicians with security forces and questioning also about the clubs and their role in this country the governmental body so nike has said no that they're trying to pass a law to make i killed the power of god and i don't have a hand in this country but many people or something like this will happen or improve the situation because in this country food what if in many cases associated
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with my lead. the man who led mass protests in armenia that led to the house struck the ruling party nearly twenty years ago when they stopped election prime minister nicole pushy and party is leading with a huge margin in the ninety percent of the vote. robin force a walk or a portion of the capital. even in a suit and tie nickel passion and acted like the ordinary guy just checking in and his local polling station is the person young are you looking for your name on the list a family man is my name your voting as well today with your father. but this is armenia is revolutionary leader on a mission. i can say that we would have preached already general. and it is really free transparent and democratic elections and democracy its general to reach and i think we have already reached out
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and. our general. for future peace to strengthen institutionally armenian democracy nicko passion un demanded free and fair elections when he began a protest march more than six months ago that march ended twenty years of unpopular one party rule but he then he did a mandate to govern he's promised to end corruption and cronyism lift armenians out of poverty and resolve conflict with armenians neighbors this has been the finishing touch of nicole passion yan's velvet revolution that started with a walk and a mass movement and found its logical conclusion at the ballot box turnout was down from previous elections but so too were reports of cheating the joke has been doing the rounds that people are complaining nobody bribe them this time to get out and
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vote. everything is called nine students this election has been legacy liberation i was very happy i was very proud that i can vote for. democratic system. things have improved but everything. it will be clear after the elections. this is the man who was ousted in the spring said. casting his vote for his once all powerful republican party a party now facing annihilation they call passion yan's my step alliance looks set to take this country into a new era of democracy but the hardest part delivering on all those promises lies ahead robyn first year walk al-jazeera year of. seven israelis have been injured in a drive by shooting near or for in the occupied west bank the illegal settlement is built on land belonging to the villages of the wind and i brewed the israeli army
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says shots were fired at a bus stop from a palestinian vehicle british prime minister treason may has reiterated that she will push ahead with her brakes deal ahead of tuesday's parliamentary vote despite growing pressure from some m.p.'s to renegotiate with the e.u. many people who voted in favor of breaks it or not happy either thousands marched through central london to denounce may's deal saying it will it will leave the u.k. tracked and e.u. rules well at the same town. crowd gathered in east london to demand a people's vote on breaks it a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . greenpeace activists have projected a message on to the venue of the un climate conference in poland demanding urgent action from world leaders the first week of climate talks in kind of ended without agreement the intergovernmental panel on climate change recommended global warming be kept below one point five degrees celsius but saudi arabia kuwait russia and the
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united states refused to endorse its report nick clarke has more on our special coverage. despite more than twenty years of climate conferences like the one underway in poland right now the amount of carbon emitted continues to rise so you can say that international political cooperation has so far failed some believe we should put more effort and money into radical scientific solutions to keep climate change at bay we focus now on geo engineering the injection of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere could help limit temperature rises. when mount pinatubo erupted in the philippines in one thousand nine hundred ninety one it spewed twenty million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere the cloud mixed with water vapor and circled the globe for twenty two days average global temperatures for.


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