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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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against apple the court decision bans the important sale of some i phone models in china apple is fighting the ruling and released a statement saying comes the effort to ban our products is another desperate move by a company whose illegal practices are under investigation by regulators around the world or i phone models remain available for our customers in china we will pursue all our legal options through the courts. thousands of central american migrants can thousand mexico's nor giving up hope of seeking asylum in the u.s. . on the border fence and claim political asylum once arrested on the other side. i mean is in the border city of tijuana following a family trying to do just that. if anything mexico's northern border is a symbol of inequality on one side a world of privileges and on the other stories of people in search of an opportunity. this family from el salvador came first in the early morning to check
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to situation climbing is not easy. the boys are petrified and one shouts turd my mama oh my papa. keep on trying in eyesight of the american border patrol who laugh loudly. as they fade and finally walk off exhausted. this part of the wall was built nearly twenty five years ago during the clinton years it's been fortified by seven administrations since the reason why here was added a few weeks ago. if the heavy presence of the american border patrol is meant to be a deterrent it's not working these young men jumped over in a matter of minutes they have nothing to lose. about an hour later another group arrived killing maldonado left honduras with her twin daughters along the way she
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became friends with and her three children they're relying on each other to take the leap across the border colleen was hesitating at first she told her daughter she was risking so much so they could get an education. but then. it goes very quickly the men first then one child another and yet another is now to turn left. it's too difficult the border patrol has a radius around that those who jumped. it's too late for them one of kellin daughters sneaks back through the bars she pushes her back into the united states a desperate gesture by an anguished mother who has little to offer. i have to go to my children she keeps on repeating as a border guard carries them away the rest of the group is also led the way detained
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but now to have the right to claim asylum. is in pain and wonders what will happen to her eighteen month old baby she was still breastfeeding can we ask where the children spend the night i don't know if dns server. then it slowly sinks in the children are in the us but killing an elder are still in mexico separated by the wall they will try again and again this time in search of their children held somewhere in america but at the al-jazeera along mexico's northern border. well still to come on al-jazeera protesters in yemen demanded an end to the blockade on a key ports while the warring sides remained fall from a political solution. and they survived the u.n. calls and genocide thousands of years ynys are still fighting to exist.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across united states one big storm is finally making its way out here towards the atlantic this brought ice snow and winds across many areas down here towards the southeast in the south so we're looking a better conditions here on the eastern seaboard dry conditions there temperatures still quite low we are looking at washington at six atlanta at ten degrees there but up here towards the northwest another storm system in off the pacific brings a very heavy rain to the lower elevations and snow to the higher elevations right there so that is definitely the start the ski season with a nice coating of snow across the higher elevations down towards the south los angeles where you're not looking too bad with a tempter there of about twenty one degrees temperatures are going down across the bahamas and cuba as well one that one storm system that's moving in the atlantic is
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going to be pushing a cold front through so cooler temperatures nesa twenty two degrees as a high here on tuesday and as we go towards wednesday really staying quite low for this time of year normally we're talking about mid twenty's across that area we are seeing some very heavy rain showers down here towards the south anywhere along central america managua we could be seeing some rain showers a few as well thirty two degrees in your forecast there down here towards panama city it is going to be a rainy day also at thirty one but kingston partly cloudy with a temperature of thirty one. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other life. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nace
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documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines this hour they'll be an emergency debates in britain's parliament on tuesday have a prime minister to raise a maze decision to postpone a vote on have brags that he'll you leaders will meet and for safety discuss price or board we know renegotiation. the french president has taken partial responsibility for the anger that led to the worst unrest in decades imagine markhor lawful concessions to pensioners and the working poor stopped short of
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reinstating a wealth tax on the rich he demanded the so-called yellow vests protesters. a top executive of chinese telecom giant huawei will spend another night in custody that's after a judge in canada delayed a decision on granting bail. is accused of breaching u.s. sanctions on iran and faces fraud charges. as yemen's warring sides sit down and talk for the first time in two years al-jazeera has obtained a un document outlining two initiatives aimed at ending the conflict that's been put forward by the un special envoy to yemen martin griffiths who's part of the negotiations in sweden victoria gate and he reports. yemen's rival factions are entrenched warning if their demands are not met the un backed talks will fail this man the u.n. special envoy to yemen martin griffiths is trying to stop that happening to that
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end he's come up with a series of proposals the first calls the fighting to come to an end in yemen's third largest city tie is one of the front lines in the war two hundred thousand civilians are caught up in the violence there the u.n. wants to revive a twenty sixteen peace agreement the other focuses on who data the rebel controlled seaport where most of yemen's food and medicine. comes in the un wants a halt to all military operations including saudi led as strikes and for all militia groups to leaf these are two major. population the arms and human culture. i'm hopeful that we can reach agreements on the deescalation drink juice forcing in both places. i'm hoping that we can we're not there yet the. warring sides in the yemen war have been meeting in sweden hundreds of yemenis have been protesting outside the un headquarters in the capital
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sanaa calling for an end to the blockade which they say is hampering access to vital goods. we're asking the u.n. to lift the blockade on the raffle and calling for the international community to have some responsibility toward the suffering of the yemeni people because of this blockade and the inhumane practices of the enemy coalition which is blocking access for commercial ships carrying fuel to have day to pull out your blockade is blocking our access to medicine and food. aid is desperately needed in a country which the u.n. has described as facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis twenty million people don't have enough food the u.n. humanitarian chief says all sides are making it difficult in some cases impossible to get aid to people who need it the central problem is that none of the parties are pushing the urgent lifesaving needs of the people of yemen hyun off on their
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list of priorities until that changes it seems difficult to imagine how diplomacy can bring this three and a half year long conflict to an end. there. democrats in the u.s. house so have a majority from january are planning a complete review of u.s. policy toward saudi arabia including the trumpet ministrations response to the murder of jamal khashoggi turkey's president has repeated his call for justice saying the case should be tried on the international law. or the one described saudi arabia's decision not to extradite eighteen suspects for trial in turkey as disappointing three war trophy bells taken by u.s. troops during the conflict with the philippines in nineteen one are being group turned live pictures there of the return of the bells in those boxes they arrived just a short time ago on a military jet the millers and saturday a repatriation ceremony will be held at ballan gago where they were taken from
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hundred seventeen years ago u.s. soldiers seized the bells after a violent counterattack to the killing of dozens of american soldiers. protesters have disrupted an event from out in cold on the sidelines of the u.n. climate change talks in poland. was was about one hundred activists or at the u.s. concert event interrupted opening remarks by president from survivor on energy and climate trumpet ministrations support for coal is at odds with many other government delegations are on the climate talks focused on how to move away from fossil fuels. and nobel peace laureate stennis mccuaig a and niger morag have called for more international actions stop sexual violence being used as a weapon of war and made the plea while accepting their prize in norway kind of
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colleges mccuaig a is treated about fifty thousand rape victims in the democratic republic of congo moron survived rape at the hands of isis fighters in northern iraq. on we're all now works to resettle the the community torn apart by ice or in two thousand and fourteen the struggle continues they say the world has abandoned them most are living in camps for internally displaced people of madison visited one in the hawk in northern iraq. hello to all yes is one of thousands of years e.d.s. once driven to the mountains of northern iraq ahead of an onslaught by ice on the notice twenty fourteen holiday lost thirty seven members of an extended family of course they have to dash out i still had no mercy we were told that my family had been stopped at an isolated point the men were killed and women and children were taken reports of years he's dying from lack of food and water huddled together on
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breaks in john monckton finally provoked other countries to take action western helicopters dropped supplies the u.s. joined the fight against eisel the threat may have receded but you say their struggle to live continues it's estimated there are between five hundred thousand and one million residents in the world most of them are here in northern iraq and many of them live in camps like things they say they've been persecuted for hundreds of years because of their religion they say there's part of their religion which is misinterpreted to the easy to use the ferocious attack by ice on the twenty fourteen was just another attempt at what the u.n. describes as genocide some aid organizations are still working in years eighty camps but global help is dwindling they think that that is over here thought about . taking on the other places but it's not like that because people are still living
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in the camps and they need they need food they need shelter and safe a place. some years it is believe the war against eisel isn't over and that armed fighters are living among them in disguise where they. were not expecting much from the world right now is not giving much to help ease our suffering we feel left behind as it is say that his threats remain and supply shrink their battle simply to exist is being forgotten by the rest of the world rob matheson al jazeera do hawk the northern kurdish region of iraq. the united nations is called on armed groups occupying libya's biggest oil field to leave libya's national oil company says the shutdown of the shut our oil field is led to a production loss of three hundred fifteen thousand barrels a day it's accusing security guards of helping a local militia stormed the premises on saturday accountings underway in regional elections in five indian states that being dubbed
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a semifinal with national polls just months away prime minister narendra modi's b j p is facing a stiff challenge from the opposition congress in three northern states an economic slowdown and a farming crisis in rural areas put the b j p on the back foot a group of protesters have been found guilty of terrorism related offenses in the u.k. for chaining themselves to a plane trying to stop people from being deported to africa the plane was due to take off from london stansted airport when the fifteen activists broke through a perimeter fence so negate force. it was eighteen months ago that anti deportation activists breach security at stansted airport and change themselves to the aircraft to stop it taking off. what charge to the danger and airdrome a criminal offense introduced after obama brought down the plane in the scottish town of lockerbie in one thousand nine hundred eight this woman was about to be
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deported to nigeria despite living in the u.k. for twenty eight years and having offered proof that she had the right to stay when she spoke to al-jazeera she said the protesters had saved her life those people will stop the taking office they are in solidarity with the people who we do people who wasn't of the voice we did. the government are trying to deport years i've been in this country. why do you want to deport me i came to dish contra because i was really a. need. if i wasn't in this country i probably wouldn't be here. defending the human rights of people which the british government should have been protecting under international legal obligations is what the protesters say they were attempting to do these sites are secretive very soul and fairly i was deeply concerned about how the home office people have ongoing claims it's
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frequently horrendous shocks people when they arrive here and they're treated with disrespect and. cruelty. you know systemic racism and brutality over several years successive british governments have created what's become known as the hostile environment effectively blurring the lines between my quince and refugees and asylum seekers it led to wrongful deportations of people from the caribbean known as the wind rush generation and their refusal to allow child refugees in the french port of cali to come to the u.k. to be reunited with family members and also cause people trying to stop asylum seekers from being deported being charged with a criminal offense but the maximum life sentence. the defendants in the case received much support throughout the trial and what often in tears after giving evidence at least one of the people on board the flight
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has now been granted the right to stay in the u.k. the government has now shifted deportation flights from commercial airports to a military base to stop any further protests sony vaio al-jazeera. researchers have recovered more than one thousand five hundred pieces from the debris of a massive fire in september that destroyed brazil's national museum among the objects found were one of the oldest human fossils ever found in the americas and recordings of indigenous languages so of which are no longer spoken the museum in rio de janeiro is one of the world's oldest. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to zero now they'll be the mergence the debate in britain's parliament on tuesday of a prime minister to resign may's decision to postpone a vote on her brags that deal e.u.
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leaders will be told first day to discuss craig's it but warned there will be no renegotiation it is clear that this house faces a much more fundamental question just this house wants to deliver bricks it. was i. and. clear a clear message from the s.n.p. but it's not now stuff. does it want to do so through reaching an agreement with the e.u. if the answer is yes and i believe that is the answer with the majority of this house and we all have to ask ourselves whether we're prepared to make a compromise because there will be no enduring and successful brics it without some compromise on both sides are today. the french president has taken partial responsibility for the anger that led to the country's worst than rest in decades
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emmanuel micron offered concessions to pensioners and the working poor but he stopped short of reinstating the wealth tax on the rich that was a key demand of so-called yellow vests protesters. a top executive of chinese telecom giant who are way will spend another night in custody that's after a judge in canada delay their decision on granting bail mungo one joe is accused of breaching u.s. sanctions on iran and faces fraud charges a legal battle in china between two american tech giants is causing jitters on wall street qualcomm says apple suppliers know it money for its patrons and intellectual property of course in the food joe province has agreed to granting an injunction against apple. three war trophy battles taken by u.s. troops during the conflict with the philippines in once you know one of just returned to manila a short time ago they arrived on three jets on saturday every pad for ceremony will
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be held by leggett go where they were taken hundreds of years ago. on counting the cost castle becomes the first country in the middle east to quit opec un climate talks took place this week in a coal mining town plus why french president emanuel mccormick policies are so unpopular counting the cost of al-jazeera.
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for. i grew up in the terrorists. i grew up with soya with people living by season i grew up with my grandmother planting seeds and cultivating cops so i think it was an attempt to return to something. that would have been lawful cause i thought. before. it started with me trying to collect seeds of things i love that i felt were disappearing. and i started to put them in jars. and so i just would post things on facebook and then slowly people started to become more aware of what i was doing
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and then asking me if i have this either or sharing stories about seeds that their grandmother used to grow or something their mother used to cook everyone had a story. when i sit with farmers who remember this week the oath day of summer is like talking about summer i was summer and there were in the ne some of the dark and handsome so many people talk about him. as this long lost love.
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we just picked up two bushels of heirloom weight this week is called i was somewhat off we're taking it to listen to be in a village in the novice area. this is a very unique wheats because it's a weed that goes with know every geisha and its rain fed. we have farmers who have committed to our plants and this heirloom weeds and we will harvest it in the summer and make bread on our traveling it's an. idea is to bring business writing back to the market and back to our kitchen table.
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into us so that out of a nine billion. a new i hope by what i've. seen these either. of them. sure that is what i am going to study on the stump is the not smart but i would just as i was somewhat as i me little bit. of yellow no could should i have
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centuries and you know. we can have. all of it life like. it's not hard also a bit of me that before me the. people who work the land they really understand certain and spirituality that i think is really beautiful and has a lot to teach us more than religion or anything else so water from the ledge of the commando would visit there were and there were literally. when you ask them for example how do you think they're only going to be this year their answer is always about depends on my service they believe they are serving the tree and i know this all sounds so romantic in some way but actually it's still
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in the language they call it service. it is the relationship based on reciprocity rather than one person using the soil and abusing the soil to get the crops they want. to sell.
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on the ground. i use the farmer in the you know in the meat. coming down. where i am where i am i want my. meat in every spot. we are now instead of growing food was growing poison. so we're trying to go forward again. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah.
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yeah. yeah well although we share the love of the love you know. i have a. big yard here. and can i really thought. about this up. the i'm a good stock not a boss an article you can. have all the most of the public with a coffee. cup of coffee would be a command computer the whole island inside an organ in the opposite i was not
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designed to get in as an inside the mushroom the fourth i'm going to any. sort of you know what you how you. about the some people but we have to look at. all of the problems in. the marriage in the not the land. into come with that in math and i'm sure my whole in law in the end you had the command and then that is why she believes going to the beach you. can eat well and there's wasn't a shallot if you have an additional in. what. buckland is not in love you don't deserve i defy you to just think about the game yet. if i thought the silly part we seriously wanted people couldn't see the smoke about the walk noses and the
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bulk of the pump oxygen to myself we shall see the minute we have to say i was. sure that the added pressure even better because everybody recognizes the morning sure you know if you're just afraid of arizona sun we're going to just shut off and get the nearest you live there especially especially to over come securely and see if you're sorry now to the east or i shall make you look really shaken all the constitution like how that because he in fact i know is that in that line that. that is about the president as it were in the bill of the my last about the we haven't got a bit of a solution that's going to see it that buckley idea and. do less well connected who haven't got a bit of the you of it we've got a bit of meat we probably don't have to digitally the difficult one i have there that he can and with that. i would just lie and does me make you believe that we defended him if you will be
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a promise of often comes along with the other vote no to handle them janitor saw the enemies around been doing them a promise me to give her how could you she didn't and she could but i am not going to kill this day so with the diversion if you can my dislike of the chicken bill coming very big club ahead of me to simulate a mechanism and dash a new community that's made up of here. farmers are always exploring new ways to go the perfect vegetable. and they're always underestimated in the world as these peasants who don't know much but in fact not only are they feeding us but they are also teaching us so much
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about how we can survive in the future so it's important to keep these seeds alive because deceive are the result of this artistic and scientific endeavor that our farmers embarked on ten thousand years ago. this beautiful house that belongs to.


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