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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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parliament and marine the pens national party generation hate. the special two part investigation on al jazeera. a change of leadership in the conservative party will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty but we can beast afford it a defiant to resume a vow to fight a vote of confidence in her leadership of the u.k. which is due to start in two hours. and our intended this is our jazeera live from london also coming up hundreds of police still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a french christmas market killing three people. president former personal lawyer
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michael cohen is about to be sentenced over hush money payments and lying to congress. and calls grow from in march of unease to reuters journalists arrested exactly a year ago while investigating reports of a massacre. in the next few hours to resume a could lose her job as prime minister of the united kingdom she's facing a confidence vote from m.p.'s in her own ruling conservative party many of may's party appeared to have lost face in her leadership after she delayed choose days vote on her breaks it deal fearing defeat andersen's has the latest. to reason finally facing a vote of confidence not imposed by parliament real opposition would form her own party and she intends to forge i will contest that vote with its. thing i've got
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a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it. right she immediately counseled a capitol meeting and called off a trip to dublin where she was meant to have last ditch the talks with the irish prime minister instead she was doing battle. and only once a meaningful days i'll give a one twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen let me believe they are here . yet i mean. totally and absolutely unacceptable the prime minister in a government already been found to be in contempt of parliament her behavior today is just contemptuous of this parliament most of the opposition is about made cooling off of bricks and votes on monday because she didn't have any chance of winning when is she going to start listening to people that want actually to find a constructive solution to this rather than denying parliament the right to debate
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it and vote on her deal that's what we see on the other side of the chamber no plan no two no brakes. this is an extraordinary time in british politics most would say for all the wrong reasons prime minister may who's election campaign slogan was strong and stable back in twenty seventeen now stands accused of being weak and anything but stable except that there's a minority of us in parliament who want to own a decision made by the people in the twenty sixteen referendum and we need a leader of a government is going to make sure that we can stay on that part of the twenty not so much as the basic anxiety that sitting here this isn't the time to be talking about changing leader we're in the middle of a very complex and delicate negotiation with our european partners we're executing something which is a vital importance to the country i stand ready to finish the job. the question is will she get that opportunity time is running out vote is only hours away and drew
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simmons. so what happens next when all three hundred fifteen conservative party m.p.'s can take part in the vote of confidence to resume needs to secure a simple majority to keep her job that's one hundred fifty eight votes if she wins may will remain in office and cannot be challenged again for another twelve months if she loses she'll be forced to resign and can't join the following leadership race if there are more than two candidates to replace a secret ballots will be held among tory m.p.'s until there are just two left they will then face a postal ballot of all conservative party members and whoever wins becomes the next prime minister and that person then has a tough job of uniting m.p.'s behind a bracks a deal which must go before the u.k. parliament by january the twenty first next year. is that lifers outside the houses of parliament as an orange say although it's due to be a secret ballot a lot of m.p.'s have been stating their intentions how's it looking for treason
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they have well yeah and if you believe what they say on twitter and all these places then probably she's going to win though obviously everybody keeps reminding you that it's a secret ballot since people might not be telling the truth of the much change their minds anyway let's have a word with alex dean from inside the conservative companies a former advisor to the bone for mr cameron because of the commentator you think she's going to make it i think it's very likely the prime minister will win as you rightly say it secret ballot and saying you're going to vote for the prime minister doesn't necessarily mean that you will on the other hand it's my firm instinct that there would be that there would be enough people who are going to vote against the prime minister now to mean that she's going to leave office on the some time show each other their ballot papers to just to prove that they've been told the truth about yes they do and i'm sure will be some of that but this is a cohort bear in mind that is strongly weighted in favor of the prime minister's position bear in mind that almost half the parliamentary party is on the payroll vote in some one way or another means to say. their salaries increased was that in
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the government this prime minister is growing the government more than that than any other but furthermore she gets to give the kind of rousing speech to the one nine hundred twenty two committee immediately before they vote and there is no other speech there isn't the kind of the opposition speech doesn't get given if she wins then it is assumed that she carries on to whenever the vote is but then would lose the vote so how how i'm not i'm not sure that's right ok i am sure that just a week isn't she she i think that unless she wins very very closely then actually she's not that weak and we don't live in normal times when prime minister margaret thatcher was challenged she won the first round of of the contest against her but she was we consideration that in the end she went those days are gone we live in times when for example jeremy corbyn the leader of our opposition party has a formal vote of no confidence in him by a majority of his m.p.'s and he says well that's very interesting thank you very much i'm better informed as a result and totally ignores it if the prime minister wins this vote tonight and it's the most important thing perhaps to happen in her premiership as far as her
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position is concerned obviously she will simply carry on but she's been waiting for very interesting concessions to get to this point not only does she realize that she won't be the prime minister to lead the conservative party to the next election she won't even be the leader for a whole year under the current rules if the prime minister wins a challenge like this she can't be challenged again for another year and she's basically given an undertaking not to last for another year and if the vote is presumed is later should could possibly make its wards in the end of january and then push comes to shove in islam will either vote for me or you started no deal even even though the. last of the last the leadership vote that you're talking about is the meaningful votes on the day without yearly and union so send so you think she might bounce people eventually into backing the deal not only do i think people quite likely in the end faced with the difference between no deal breaker terms which actually i'm i'm fine with but it seems to be anathema in horror to people in parliament faced with the difference between that and. i think many people are going to vote for her to oh ok thanks very much indeed they were she looks like she is dead in the water all the time or somehow she keeps on swimming
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in fact you know thank you very much. well frustrations are growing among people who voted to leave the european union in the twenty sixteen referendum now parker has visited the county of kent the closest part of the u.k. to mainland europe and the region that voted resoundingly to leave. it is a time of great up he will for britain the people of came to in southeast england voted overwhelmingly to leave the e.u. many here hope breaks it would be the dawn of a new era but they remain in limbo everyone's just disgusted with the government at the moment so i think that's the biggest there because there's not. a lot of hope for a vote for. would if i knew it was going to break this fast it's turning into a bit of a circus for your message for the promise of. it too and we've had to tell him sadly behind the scenes the local council is
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preparing for the worst this produced this document a contingency plan to avoid being potentially crippled by the effects of brecht's it in the event of a no deal there's likely to be major disruptions to border and customs arrangements causing huge disruptions across kent and beyond. eighty percent ninety percent of all the roll on roll off ferries and trains come out of kent so if there is disruption the impact on the current economy is really severe with the roads getting blocked from clogged by having to hold and park twelve thousand lorries at any one time in two thousand and fifteen a strike by french ferry workers lead to kilometers of congestion the report warns that breaks it could lead to an even worse situation affecting not just the delivery of goods but also the collection of rubbish children going to school the registration of births and deaths and even the transfer of bodies to mortuaries
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some of the plans on paper are already being realised the government spent seven million dollars keeping this disused airport available as a potential lorry park for thousands of stranded drivers. this is the nearby port of ramsgate serving mainly pleasure craft and the occasional freighter it's been earmarked to supposable over spill for the major cross-channel ferry port of dover in order to keep the county and the country moving these plans need to be watertight historically the county of canes made its fortune by trading with europe and the rest of the world by keeping its doors open in more recent years the county boards even deeper time with the european union through the euro tunnel trade and travel depends of course upon screen and emails reg said there were absolutely no guarantees that for about was could be on the horizon next new.
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ramsgate kent. frank prosecutors have named the man they suspect shot and killed at least two people at a christmas market in the french city of strasburg hundreds of police are searching for a twenty nine year old named sheck at it has a long history of crime he was injured while fleeing the scene on tuesday night that smith has a back. preparing for christmas and a heavily armed guard strasbourg on wednesday morning noticeably quieter as police continue to hunt a gunman who opened fire on police and shoppers the night before as victims lie on the street other sorts safety in narrow alleyways as the sound of gunfire echoed around the city center. first i heard several shots and i thought maybe it's firecrackers or they're attacking a store i saw a lot of people running scared crying kids and all and i was very very scared
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because it was really quite a lot of shooting there was a moment of panic so everyone was running around there were police officers saying to leave to hide so that's what we did the gunman named by police as twenty nine year old sharif shikata opened fire on a police patrol just as christmas market stalls were closing panicked shoppers ran for cover into shops and restaurants while the wounded gunman a scaped in the confusion. the assailant the town center just a little after eight pm on a cab dropped him off in the new hoff neighborhood the cab driver said the suspect asked to be dropped off without giving a pacific address telling the driver he would guide the cab driver has a tape but then realized he was carrying a gun and was when he told the cab driver that he had opened fire on soldiers and killed ten people. strasbourg is near the border with germany where security has been increased because the gunman may have crossed the open front the police say
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the suspected attacker a served several prison sentences in france and germany his home was raided hours before the market shooting in connection with a robbery in the summer but your cat wasn't there. more than six hundred french security personnel as well as border guards are involved in the hunt for the gunman and the french government has raised its terrorism alert level to the highest possible sharif account is one of twenty six thousand names on a government watch list of people suspected of posing a security risk. with al-jazeera stressful. a member of africa's top football governing body has been arrested in france accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity but. is also a former militia leader and political coordinator of groups in central african republic he was controversially elected to the board of african football in february the international criminal court had recently filed a warrant for his arrest. so. u.s.
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senators prepared to vote as the government faces intense pressure over its involvement in the war in yemen. and we explain why coral reefs like this one in kenya a crucial to our understanding of climate change. hello the cold of winter is reached a long way science in china you wouldn't necessarily know from this it looks like the tide is moving out from the southwest not a cold direction that's fair enough it's allowed to do that the surface temperature is what really counts for most people of course by day was still in the teens by night it went right down to zero in you know and in great joe for example it was still single figures in shanghai would be seventeen in hong kong with a fair old breeze with some cloud in the sky and surprise distant morning fog but the onshore breeze from vietnam has been bringing fairly frequent showers mostly
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light but the persistence is work it's again with this northeastern breeze you are the monsoon reason winter monsoon expect quiet weather for india but that is for like eunice's massive cloud it's been a circulation it's been trying to do something after about a week it's like to stay away from sri lanka to the east but it's rained out may well reach further west eastern and northern sri lanka a particular risk of flooding from this occasionally persistent and heavy rain in the arabian peninsula no chance of showers really to any significant degree except maybe in the red sea surface eritrea and possibly the west coast of saudi arabia cation chassis is likely otherwise it's quiet and the breeze where you are is slowly dropping. online are you looking at. that all parties involved
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that's where we're going to. join us if you could take me around the content way. you don't have to set up your experiment in. the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that community members are going to join the global conversation. around the top stories. british prime minister to resign may has vowed to fight a vote of confidence which is due to take place within hours it was triggered by forty eight m.p.'s from within her own conservative party who are unhappy with her
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deal. prosecutors have named the man accused of killing at least two people at a christmas market in the french city of strasburg searching for twenty nine year old shareef shakeout who fled the scene on tuesday night. and a member of africa's top football governing body has been arrested in france former rebel group leader. is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the central african republic. a sentencing hearing is underway for donald trump's for manoir of paying off two women over their alleged affairs for the u.s. president michael cohen also faces jail time for lying to congress about a possible business deal in russia during the twenty six thousand presidential election campaign or to you know his speech continue to post challenges questions to me as the nation's from new york. federal prosecutors are recommending a substantial term of imprisonment for michael cohen only slightly less than the forty five years recommended by federal sentencing guidelines for his crimes which
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include business related fraud campaign finance violations as well as lying to congress for years for michael cohen have argued that he deserves no jail time because he has been cooperating with the special prosecutor robert muller and because of his stated desire to turn his life around and do what's right for the country but fed prosecutors are saying that he did not fully cooperate he failed to sign a full cooperation agreement which would have required him to disclose other past crimes and other coconspirators they describe him as greedy and devious robert muller also weighed in on this sentencing with his prosecutor saying that the information he provided to them is actually at the core of the investigation of a russian interviewer and in the two thousand and sixteen elections and experts are saying that the memo submitted by the moller team strongly implies that the information given by michael cohen does implicate the president in criminal
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activity last month remember michael cohen a admitted that he had lied to congress about when members of the trump team had met with russian operatives prior to the campaign now the moller team does say however that the sentence handed down should reflect the fact that lying to federal investigators has serious consequences. the head of the cia gina hospital has been addressing members of the u.s. house of representatives on the situation with saudi arabia this as pressure grows for a change in policy of the country's involvement in the war in yemen in the coming hours u.s. senators will vote on a new resolution to end american support for the saudi and led coalition a similar vote was struck down last march after donald trump voiced strong support for the saudis the latest resolution appears to have more backing on capitol hill following an outcry over the murder of saudi journalists. the u.s.
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has been providing logistical and intelligence support to the saudi coalition in the war in yemen since twenty fifteen it began under president obama with the aim of stabilizing the region and counteracting iran which backs the hutu rebels in yemen until recently much of the u.s. assistance was in the form of in-flight refueling for saudi jets bombing yemen that was halted last month when riyadh said it no longer needed u.s. refueling help the u.s. still cooperates with the coalition on intelligence and is the top arms supplier to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. it says its officers advise the coalition on potential targets to minimize civilian casualties but saudi air strikes are still being blamed for the deaths of sap thousands of yemeni civilians it's believed the bomb which killed dozens of children on a school bus inside a province in august was sold to riyadh by the us. was in jordan is live for us now on capitol hill in washington d.c. where else would different about the resolution this time on yemen how much difference what weight makes the vote you think. lorin there are two different
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resolutions that would deal with the u.s. military support for the saudi coalition that's been conducting the air war in yemen and first we need to note that the u.s. military made the decision to not stop refueling saudi fighter jets in that were taking part in the yemeni air war this was not something done at the request of riyadh we should also point out that one of the resolutions that would be voted on at some point on wednesday would invoke the one nine hundred seventy three war powers act a law which essentially codified congress's a military and authority to declare war in circumstances around the world however it has come out in the last couple of hours that on the house side efforts to pass a similar resolution have been substantially weekend because of a procedural measure by the rules committee that means that if there were to be
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passage on the house side the vote that would take place here in this in the senate would not have the same legal authority and possibly would not even make it to president donald trump's desk and dirt roads and as the cia director has said to brief the house song saudi arabia such a state was defending the trump ministrations handling of the case that's right michael pale the u.s. secretary of state has been doing a lot of the politicking as it were for the u.s. stance on the investigation of the murder of jamal khashoggi he appeared on fox and friends the morning chat show on the fox news channel he had this to say and not surprisingly not long after a leading democratic senator came on television to criticize what mr pompei o had to say first the secretary of state. the saudis have already paid the price there
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are the folks who actually committed the murder we've held accountable we will continue to do that no one underestimates how horrible this murder was but remember a iran is running rampant throughout the middle east the death of any one individual is awful the death of hundreds of thousands of people in europe or the middle east of the united states matters an awful lot president trump is committed to protecting america. secretary of state pump a zero discredits himself the state department and our nation with these statements i was one of the twelve senators of both political parties who were briefed by general hospital two weeks ago she of course heads up the central intelligence agency the same agency the secretary pump aoe used to be in charge of and it was clear within minutes of our briefing that this goes all the way to the top and to argue that the crown prince was not involved in this or at least not aware of it and properly directed it is too obviously to ignore the obvious intelligence we have collected. that criticism from senator dick durbin gives you
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a sense of the amount of outrage among senators not just democratic but republican as well again we're still waiting for a time on the vote on the resolution that would stop u.s. support for the saudi coalition's efforts in the yemeni civil war we will bring that result when it happens in the meantime there is a push for people to not vote for that resolution but to vote for another one that was just introduced in the last twenty four hours it would both criticize the saudi crown prince for his overall foreign policy as well as implicate him in the murder of jamal kus sochi but it does not fall under the auspices of the war powers act and it would be considered a non-binding resolution a slightly softer way of issuing the same criticism from the u.s. senate president jordan thank you very much indeed. calls are growing louder for
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the release of two reuters journalists arrested in myanmar exactly a year ago while owner who had been investigating reports of a revenge massacre they were convicted for obtaining a secret state documents and sentenced to seven years in prison for injury report. to win is bringing up her three year old daughter without her husband journalist. one of two reuters reporters imprisoned in myanmar have been met or cleared up our daughter started to ask why doesn't that the lover why isn't he living with her so i tell her he loved the phone much that's why he's working at the prison. is also in jail and missed his wife giving birth to their child. i miss him there are just a lot of things i miss about him all the time and everywhere both reporters were arrested last december they were sentenced in september to seven years for
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possessing secret state documents the journalists were investigating reports of a massacre of revenge of alleges by security forces in northern yanmar while on and torso to say they were set up by the police who handed the documents to them moments before their arrest caused an international outcry on the first anniversary of their jailing colleagues are intensifying calls for their release. the fact that they remain in prison for a crime they did not commit calls into question mean mars commitment to democracy freedom of expression and rule of law every day they continue to be behind bars is a missed opportunity for me and mark to stand up for justice social media users have post itself with the thumbs up sign that was the signature pose of the reporters each time they appeared in court with the hash tag free wallow in charge so. human rights advocates say a free press is more important now than ever the turn of the in the not speaking
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out the out there not the in the not recognizing the value of breath white. silence and white. at the moment untenable if we are to our progress freedom the reporters were arrested months after the military launched a crackdown in rakhine state that cost around three quarters of a million rejects to seek safety in neighboring bangladesh a u.n. fact finding mission concluded that the soldiers had acted with what was described as genocidal intent against the revenger committing mass killings and gang rape and the un has called for the prosecution of army commanders florence louis al-jazeera . the. world leaders are racing to try to curb the effects of global warming as the united nations climate change conference is drawing to a close this week if no progress is made at reducing carbon emissions scientists
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predict that ninety percent of the world's coral reefs will be gone by twenty thirty because of rising sea temperatures welcome where before and kenya. every morning kalou make a hindi sets out to sea to catch fish. thousands of people here on kenya's coast do the same. some days he'll make one hundred dollars some days nothing. like you are. you work for yourself you sell it as you choose you sell to women and they make their own money it's been a fitting everyone in this community. the fish he catches depend on nearby coral reefs to reproduce. he went to have a look. at. the world's most diverse ecosystems are found here. and there on the threat because
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of climate change corals are a little bit like tiny upsidedown jellyfish in the sea temperature rises stresses them a bit like a fever and a human being and it causes them to spit out tiny microbes they depend on for their survival and they turned white and they start to die. it looks like this is cool bleaching and it's already happened to about half the world's coral global warming causes oceanic heat waves at our dive instructor franco witnessed one of the worst ten years ago. but know that developing slowly only. the coral here made a remarkable recovery that time but scientists say the heat waves are becoming more frequent and more intense what we'll see is more and more coral bleaching events
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which means more and more coral death and mortality and if we don't change course we can lose up to ninety percent of the world's coral live coral within the next few decades. the incomes of five hundred million people through tourism and fishing. collimating among them. he doesn't make a lot of money and if the coral goes his livelihood goes to malcolm webb al-jazeera on kenya's coast. or minor the top stories on our jazeera british prime minister to resign may as vowed to fight a vote of confidence which is due to take place within hours it was triggered by forty eight m.p.'s from within her own conservative party who are unhappy with her exit deal. a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our
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country's future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it a new leader wouldn't be in place by the twenty first of january legal deadline so a leadership election risks handing control of the bricks in negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament the new leader wouldn't have time to renegotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through parliament by the twenty ninth of march so one of their first acts would have to be extending all rescinding article fifty delaying or even stopping breck's it french prosecutors have named the man they suspect shot and killed at least two people at a christmas market in the french city of strasburg hundreds of police are searching for a twenty nine year old named us sherry scheck at who has a long history of gun crime he was injured while fleeing the scene on tuesday night . a member of africa's top football governing body has been arrested in france accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity that. is also
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a former militia leader and political coordinator of groups in central african republic. donald trump's former lawyer is about to be sentenced for paying off two women over their alleged affairs with the u.s. president michael kearney also faces jail time for lying to congress about a possible business deal in russia during the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign fifty two year old has pleaded guilty to both charges. and in the coming hours u.s. senators will vote on a new resolution to end american support for the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition in yemen a similar vote was struck down last march after dawn trump forced strong support for the saudis there's a top stories do stay with us as their witness is coming up next album or news for you after that of get our website out of there dot com i fear.
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