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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 346  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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to ignore the obvious intelligence we have collected. for the suspected gunman in the christmas market shooting in strasbourg has been named sharif cat who's been jailed twenty seven times for other crimes is being hunted by hundreds of police and soldiers in france two people were killed and eight seriously wounded in tuesday night's attack. police in france have arrested a former leader of a militia in central african republic a tree said awad not go asuna commanded the anti bloc a christian group which targeted muslims he's alleged to be responsible for crimes against humanity five years ago. sri lanka sacked prime minister has won a vote of confidence in parliament but on and will become a single was dismissed by president might the policy to siena in october and replace by former president mahinda rajapaksa. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story.
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the u.n. finally agrees on a road map to help migrants and refugees well why what's called the global compact has just been adopted him out of cash but with and can a compromise with greece with the countries that rejected the agreement this is inside story. hello and welcome to this special edition of inside story from in morocco i'm
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hashim. the global compact for migration was adopted here after two years of intense negotiations but some of the signatories remain divided the compact is not about for the u.n. this is a unique opportunity for well to address the migration and refugee crisis the agreement stresses the need to protect migrants resettle them and allow access to schools and health care by the u.s. italy hungary austria and other countries pulled out of the deal saying it encourages illegal migration and threatens their sovereignty we'll go to our guests shortly but first paul brennan has this report from austria. in vienna and across central europe the traditional christmas markets are well underway a symbolic of a christian heritage in a sense of european cultural identity twenty sixteen the european nations led the campaign for a global solution to the migration crisis but
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a string of populist election victories since then means the u. n. compact which emerged from the crisis is being disowned by its architects first to go was hungry. we see that pack coming into the field of national sovereignty certainly trying to make migration a human right which if you take a closer look is opening pandora's box that's a perspective though that the united nations insists is just plain wrong the u.n. says that the compact is not legally binding and does not create any new human rights furthermore it says national sovereignty over migration is a specific protected in the document so long as it complies with international law it's caviar just like that which has been pounced upon by europe's new nationalists with austria leading the way. research is pointing to a new generation of politicians across europe who understand that migration can
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sway elections it seems that migration is one of the only remaining topics where somehow nation states are seeing how they can make a point this is the reason of control and sovereignty and certainly it's also related to more and more polarized public. after austria followed hungary more fell like dominoes slovakia italy bog area czech republic poland and switzerland of all either withdrawn or suspended their participation why because according to one academic by starting from a pro migration stance the un compact underestimated and ignored the concerns of individual citizens there are no kind of conditions with the limits of migration. it completely ignores the potential cultural aspects which i think i increasingly important for most europeans and i think what we see in in most countries is right
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it's not about the economic side the people a voice about migration i think it's kind of that fear of loss of cultural identity the numbers of refugees entering europe has dropped sharply since the height of the migrant crisis in twenty fifteen but the challenge of how to address future crises remains n.g.o.s a warning that nationalism cannot solve global problems not signing compact means not participating in a solution. being not barb in the solution of the google tell and and if we want to. challenge seriously then they have to be part of the global community christmas is a season of goodwill where families gather and exchange gifts in europe's increasingly nationalistic political landscape their charity begins and ends at home. i'll just vienna. let's now talk to our guests who are joining us here in america yes. even campian
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girl here is the home affairs minister of zambia michel avoid she is the director of the platform for international cooperation on undocumented migrants and lena dial he's a spokesperson of the international organization for migration welcome to you or nah. with a computer to go how significant is the adoption by one hundred sixty four member states or. the global compact for migration. it's in deeds quite significant and i think speaking on behalf of. my president. president it gets a well known good the president of the public could have been here. not been for the recent good. it's it was good for me to represent him because he was among the heads of states. the declaration of new york.
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the there's a two thousand and sixty two thousand and sixteen depression which then newcomen that they had the option of two. one for migrants and one for that in fiji and so being here today because that accommodation was two of those two complex adopted within twenty eight in and so having that being done within time and that is give guns and deserves to be commended and we can only appreciate those that we have beyond the negotiations that went on after the. sixteen declaration you know particularly this level i mean we've seen reactions from the united nations secretary-general from member states basically saying that this could be a turning point. you know some two months yes because it really offers a framework for states to show what their commitments are to upholding the human rights of migrants and it shows and twenty three objectives how they should be
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doing that's significant is looking at issues such as access to services including health care education for migrants regardless of status access to justice trying to also prevent irregular migration by developing more regular channels such as in the area of labor migration labor mobility schemes family reunification. academic mobility without having proper regular channels that are accessible to migrants that's actually what's creating the regular migration i mean this is the thing i mean how in practical terms with this compact be able to find answers to questions like basic rights for migrants access to schools health care under a settlement which is a huge challenge i think the important thing is that you have for the first time the international community debating over two years all the aspects of migration so they've looked into all of these aspects from security to border management to
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protection to returns to the rights of children my child migrant so it's a it's a policy in the round. and the important thing is that now you have or you have a joined up thinking at the international level so when problems arise as they will arise and they will rise unexpectedly there is a place to go there's precedent and there's a cooperation agreement i think that's the big thing that there's a framework here that countries can rally around and seek support and the international community can in turn support them now. i mean what's next if the the us under obama in two thousand and sixteen was championing the idea of building bridges between nations has now under trump turned its back on the idea saying that it poses threats to the sovereignty how is it possible to implement the deal when the key player is not on board first of all you did get to board members did to pull out of. the deal but.
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as your member states we have gone for by the fact that information i have so far is that it is nor your member states that i mean to get to that they would pull out of the deal and so before we think oh by the. member states away from the continent of africa we. we have heightened debates around migration issues and focusing on the free movement of people. from one member states to another and so we have going to going to terrorize it within the continent michel you've been working hard to raise international awareness about the plight of the under few months of migrants who seem to be the underdog or overshadowed by the whole this political debate in practical terms what's good news here for them and what's bad news a lot of the objectives in the global compact recognise that migrants have
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fundamental human rights and regardless of migration status and so when we talk about for example access to health care services it draws on what many member states are actually already doing and it really demonstrates what the commitment to be regardless of status access to justice for example an undocumented women who might experience gender based violence many times is afraid to actually go and report that to the police or to go to the emergency room of the hospital or even to go to a women's shelter so this compact actually defines what access to justice should be also for migrants regardless of status and the fact that states are signing up to this represents a strong commitment to recognize and document immigrants you have fundamental rights and that they have to be applied in practice and that's actually through ensuring things such as firewall which is a separation between immigration enforcement and access to services and justice so that they can safely report for example you know it is to possibly the need future
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to reconcile the differences between those who offer to put out saying this is not good for them and those who seem to be committed to move forward with an international platform that would tackle all the issues related to my question and refugees i think if it is of course it is because this is at the end of the day a voluntary agreement it's a voluntary framework and the point is that it doesn't undermine it's untied doesn't it. the fear with the sovereignty of nation states when it comes to migration and that's terribly important because however big you are however small you are you want to be you want to be able to have some control over who's coming in and out of your country i want to be sure that it's safe so over time as this kind of works its way through and us politics change around the world surely some people will come back and maybe some some will leave with the report and point is that the overwhelming majority of the world's countries have decided that there is now rushnell space to discuss migration that's the important thing because in the absence of the supreme and we were left to the kind of rather wild west extremes of
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the far left social media on the far right and all the fake news that's thrown into that mix which tended to run to the agenda now we've had a kind of sit down and they've teased out many of them very intractable issues around migration they're not easy as i'm sure the minister can attest migration affects every country and every community is deeply concerned about it so finding a framework within which you can do that is extremely helpful. it's a couple that i mean in africa you say that you are united as a continent about about the issue of migration and refugees but you know the criticism. advanced against the continent is basically it's political leadership. has been disconnected from reality and it is to blame for the situation had it not been for the poor governance poverty viciously attack people wouldn't ever have thought about moving elsewhere well well well that could be part of the reason many people would front we must also realize that there are other factors
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now that. getting movement of the people. change for example you know and so these are no factors so even when you want to apportion blame. reasons such as what he does it's not everywhere and i think progress has been made on the continent and ensuring that democracy becomes aware of people to choose. leadership in but as you member states as well as in sub regions of the african continent. of course in the past we cannot avoid acknowledging that the challenges which. triggered movements forced movements of people running away from the kind of places called homes in set for some twenty states for peace and these. challenges we we have lived with over some time and i
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think there is also realisation. among is the leadership of the continent to see it's time we stabilized the continent and made sure that our people are able to benefit from the natural capital that this continent is in dog with and that can only be achieved when we were stability and people able to participate together and realizing the potential of their member states michel. an undocumented migrant who's watching us who's stranded in the middle of nowhere and wants to understand how this is going to positively affect his life what a child who has been arrested or detained what his family was trying to cross into from mexico to the u.s. what someone whose family is trying to cross from syria turkey all the way towards
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europe is this deal providing some safeties and guarantees for them not to be arrested or mistreated in the future it's an excellent question and that's the one that we will have to work out through the implementation and the devil lies in the details exactly so basically while this offers a framework the next step is how countries are going to implement it and that will be the biggest challenge so for example one of the objectives talks about providing alternatives to the tension working with civil society to actually development and to develop them so how will those also be carried out in practice governments will have to work with civil society to actually develop them so that children won't be detained and that's actually one of the objective is to work towards ending the detention of children. it also works at providing safe passages for migrants to be able to move regularly but this will also have to be developed and the other point
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that i also want to mention is the cities which levels of government need to also be involved besides the national level local and regional authorities play a key role and especially cities cities actually where many of the migrants are also gaining access to services and justice currently. i'm back earlier with how did this what the whole is the had the migration and border control of the world community seal the interior and i asked him about the significance of the deal and what it means for morocco but also for africa. migration is a human matter it's not a problem it's not a mathematical equation it will happen anyway either we do it in a safe regular and orderly manner or it's going to be done by the traficant and criminal groups so it's an opportunity for everybody to work in the same direction so that we can have. so that we can make migration. a choice not a constraint or an obligation for migrants local has always been
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a transit point for thousands of migrants from sub-saharan africa if europe decides one day because we see the past and the far right and the populous governments in there in europe gaining control let's decide one day to build towards. what would be the next step for morocco morocco has built a great deal of expertise because miracle was a country of origin country of transit and country of this nation so we have differentiated our strategies. depending on what kind of migration we're talking about the last one was in twenty or twenty thousand thirteen with his majesty decided to grant the regularization for fifty thousand migrants there are enjoying our hospitality there are not there are contributing enriching our culture it's not a matter of blocking migrants it's a matter of how we can integrate migrants within our society through the messages
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to the global compact offers an opportunity for the international community to work in a positive way and make migration something positive rather than from think fearful as well the same time we have to be fair to those who are skeptical about the deal . the people in europe or the united states of america would say that this is a world where you have seventy million people forced out of their homes for the four million refugees half of them under the age of eighteen why do we have to pay the price for something we haven't created our own ourselves very important question and i think it's a key question why we rightly support the rights of migrants the human rights of migrants and the rights of refugees and the rights of undocumented displaced undocumented people and those who've been displaced we also at our peril ignore the concerns of the host communities the people living in in places where migrants are coming to it's quite easy you know in one way to be part of the of the
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bandwagon supporting this and we should be but if at the same time we are callous or cruel to our fellow citizens and say time that you've got a job mate you need to recompute harder we're asking for trouble and i think that's actually what we're seeing in many parts of the world we're seeing a reaction to people who are feeling fearful for the future fearful that a migrant by take their job in fact is probably not a migrant but a robot but they might blame the migrants. unless we address those fears head on unless we reassure people that this is a journey we need to make together that the future of so many countries the well being of so many countries and on that. we are in trouble to come to the african union has agreed on a vision twenty thirty and about the need to put an end to these the bitty conflicts wars and the issue of the people displaced in places like sub-saharan africa south sudan different parts of africa and your critics say basically you've failed to address the issues and then you're coming to the richest nations to
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provide you help or to police a world order that you fail to protect yourselves. if i respond to that our debts or so it's too bad. the member states that i give you can under. but you know you can't avoids. to discuss the demographic impact of migration on their own there was doing states. you know very well that it's done to print plans for its people you know. very missed on the demographic. figures are very bored and. needs a plan and here all the services education and all other social. services that acquired to need to be provided to the people by government and so they. unprimed for. arrivals influx of
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people for some strange ordinary and exactly you imagine especially for there was more economies. you've done your own your budgets and from noir you would this huge number of people coming with children. and that minority would occur to me to do them to be assessed in a sustained is what you suggest you do you think there needs to be. a international solidarity fund for example there is a difficult compatibility in short we are saying there was missions and they're sending missions there must be something gained from it because you can do probably with the huge movements before the people on the move if there is me to engage them and i want you to know that's also my second question about. you asking the world to do what you failed to do in terms of and put in anticipate lity conflicts and wars which were the main reason for the influx of thousands and i think we have
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as you know been migrants inside africa i totally agree with you but i think we have made a lot of progress in that regard and i think we have seen the country is now accepting democracy as it we all of. changing the leadership and making sure that people. able to exercise their right to choose people that are able to meet their aspirations in member states we may have challenges in a few countries of course but i think it's our desire ok one make sure that they are continent is stable and then we can explore the potential that lays on the african continent we love i think account for a huge number of metal capital untapped reserves unprecedented definitely michel i mean this is a fast moving political landscape worldwide if you look at the map of europe there are many countries like germany spain. and many other countries where the farmer it
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will definitely use this particular card of the compact here in america to advance their political political agendas if they come to power they will automatically pull out of this deal. is this something that could undermine the who the mammoth task started in two thousand and sixteen and that. in this particular declaration. i don't think that if that does occur it will undermine the whole effort because the whole effort is still the whole of this would still be a minority of countries that in a sense would respond to i think as leonard was describing the fears of many people by truly fearing that they're left out in fear fearing that's because of the economic downturn that happens in many countries almost ten years ago they have felt left out and so it's really important to counterpart the lism and to try to make sense of where people are coming from and to understand their fears but migrants are never escape to go for that migrants are part of the solution to many
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of the problems migrants actually are vibrance they enrich our societies and so that is actually what the world community is recognizing and also recognizing that this is part of our shared humanity i mean it's it is historical that we as a species have always migrated so actually the. adoption today is only one step further and acknowledging what we've always done you know it's not an issue such as you know i'm trying to get so i spoke about the strains of the issue of my wishes not putting on. country is the self like africa europe still has a massive potential solid economy it was able sometimes to handle the issue by questions like optical work come to the top bring huge political and economic process and we've seen the pattern which is basically the increased number of refugees in those places it is something that is alarming for the international no visual my wish and i think you if i may have taken the glass half full approach to
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this thing the contrast i would suggest is that africa is one of the most dynamic parts of the world if not the most and what we've seen in asia what we've seen in china over the last twenty years and in india we will be seeing over the next twenty years in africa as you add. a billion young people to the to the population as megacities grow we're already seeing it. there is an enormous energy in africa is enormous in economic growth of course there are problems undoubtedly there are conflicts to a conflict of course there are but the bigger picture i think is one of great optimism and one of the extraordinary things we see in west africa is the ecowas where you can travel visa free and get on the bus in one country and travel to four or five countries without anybody stopping you and this is not creating problems this is actually creating economic positives so long may that live and long may that be an example to the rest of the world unfortunately we're running out of time looking forward to talking to you in the near future about the implications of this
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major agreement that has been reached here in the city of marrakech in. morocco divin campian go michelle avoid. dying thank you very much for being on the inside story with us and thank you too for watching you can see the program again by visiting our web site al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook for slash a j inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i'll hand it at a j inside story from me hashem about on the whole team here in medicare and in doha by phone now.
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this is al jazeera. this is the news hour live from dog coming up in the next sixty minutes. donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen gets a three year jail sentence for lying in the russia investigation. i will contest that photo with everything i've got. to resign my braces for a leadership challenge unpopular breaks that deal. a.


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