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tv   Back to Kinshasa  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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a million sundays drive by shooting near the illegal settlement of it came just hours after the death of a baby who was delivered prematurely by a woman injured in the attack. and in the early hours of thursday an attack in occupied east jerusalem in the old city a palestinian man stabbing and injuring two israeli security forces members before he too was shot dead and there's been further violence through thursday afternoon a palestinian drive a shot dead by israeli soldiers near ramallah in what the israeli military characterized as an attempted ramming attack israeli settlers stoning palestinian vehicles along route sixty the same highway where the earlier shooting took place for months is raising cutie establishment has been warning politicians here of the potential for a renewed eruption of violence in the west bank the events of the last twenty four hours will only have given greater weight to those warnings are a force that al-jazeera westerners. still to come on his era sri lanka's supreme court rules it was unconstitutional for the president to dissolve parliament. i
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guilty play from the marriott bettina the woman accused of acting as a russian agent to influence u.s. policy. the winter cold to spread from east to west in europe the snow is falling out of this talk of cloud here over ukraine he's just about finished with the the rest atlantic zs bringing which whether you have it is going to be rain not snow for the most part except when it's for days and except overnight riggers over the hills of the outs will for example the pyrenees but the position on friday is now one where snow starts to fall in the balkans and serbia to the sudden hungary in pain and beyond still a little bit more to come out in turkey for the most part though it's great dirty and cold high temperature by day one it was sore zero in berlin any fall even
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london should be sunny here at least they are tell you for friday and saturday that is the central med you should look at the rains for drugs it's only towards greece the snow right up into remaining about this time and it's still cold the north the high temperature in vienna minus one this is proper winter stuff and of course from the cold air comes across the still fairly warm waters and that's really it's circling producing thunderstorms and heavy rain that's certainly the case the jury in coastal really trust to tunisia during friday the whole circulation is moving eastward so by saturday just still catching to news a bit more of it is going to be down into northern libya. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing far right
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organization and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine le pen's national party generation hate. the special two part investigation on al jazeera. and one of the top stories here a large zero have been a major breakthrough on the final day of talks in sweden between the yemeni government and the rebels with both sides agreeing to a ceasefire in the port city of her data the u.s. senate is expected to vote in the next few hours on a resolution to end support for the saudi led coalition in yemen. and the israeli
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army is looking for a palestinian who shot dead two soldiers at a bus stop in the occupied west bank came after the army carried out several raids killing two palestinians. the u.k. parliament will hold a vote on to raise a maze breaks that deal as soon as possible in january according to the prime minister's office it comes as to resume is meeting in brussels for two days of talks of the surviving a confidence vote from within her ruling party conservative party it was triggered by m.p.'s who are unhappy with her withdrawal agreement but the e.u. has already cautioned the deal cannot be renegotiated go sheeted only clarified. i'm going to be addressing the european council later and i will be showing the with legal and political assurances that i believe we need to assuage the concerns that members of parliament have on this issue so i know the e.u. twenty seven will also be discussing the deal planning and indeed the government in the u.k. is discussing their geo planning but i think it's i've always said to the best
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arrangement trevor body will face the u.k. and see us to a great deal and get this deal over the line. following events for us in brussels that wants to resume hoping to achieve. what i think she's desperately seeking help she's a political survivor now but her briggs's deal very much needs reviving. so she's come here looking for legal assurances quote unquote look the background is she's got this brigs a deal that she's negotiated painstakingly with the e.u. over the last eighteen months you can't get it through the british parliament because a majority of m.p.'s are very concerned about the backstop that insurance policy against a hard border on the island of ireland they fear the u.k. getting trapped in an e.u. customs union following e.u. rules but not making them indefinitely with no way out she wants a legal assurance that that is not the case the problem is that it. is the case
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because of the very nature of what the backstop is it can't be time limited the u.k. can't have a unilateral exit from it because it wouldn't be much of an insurance policy if they did which is why in summer at the end of this meeting she's unlikely to get very much more than a very very good form of language of the summit conclusion document saying how everybody doesn't like the backstop how they hope it won't come into play and if it does everybody will work very hard to end it quickly but none of that is going to make any difference to feeling at home over the reason may's briggs's deal sojourner if not now then what hope is there for the future concessions. well as ever in negotiations and we've seen them often enough with the e.u. there are last minute eleventh hour concessions now whether there is a game of brinkmanship at play here whether it is theater or whether it is time for the lawyers to sit down and tried desperately and work something out we're looking
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now towards january towards that vote in the british parliament there's already talk of an emergency summit being convened here in india. at which point perhaps a piece of paper will be produced that will. help hopefully to reason make it across the line again it's extremely hard to see how any formulation at all that doesn't fundamentally tinker with the nature and character of the backstop and the e.u. has ruled out absolutely will be of any use to implicating her critics and the opponents of the deal john howard thank you very much. sri lanka's supreme court has ruled that the president's order to dissolve parliament and hold new elections was unconstitutional the case involved more than a dozen petitions that challenge president matter policy were seen as bed to trigger a snap election sure one can descend into a political crisis and serious center sacked his prime minister running away from a singer who in another blow to the president won a confidence vote on wednesday now fernandez has the latest from the capital
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colombo. the decision that many out here the supreme court. has this story basically found that president. was in violation of the constitution. when he dissolved parliament now the business is. being questioned was the fact that the president according to the constitution could not dissolve parliament before parliament completed and a half years of its term at the point that president seriously in the dissolved parliament it was at least a year and two months short of that time period and the seven judge bench where hearing made a unanimous decision all of them agreed that the president had violated the constitution so what this means is stands basically reinstated the dissolution has been knocked down by the court. now there are still issues yes the entire disillusion of the changing of prime ministers sparked
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a constitutional crisis but there are for the issues which will be coming up in for the day that is the sacking of prime minister. prime minister his successor the former president rajapaksa. has his authority has been questioned in the court of appeal and there is a restraining order stopping him from functioning as prime minister now he has appealed that restraining order but as you can see many things still remaining to be resolved canada has confirmed a second of their citizens has been detained in china with beijing saying he's suspected of endangering the national security. as a chinese based businessmen who specializes in organizing trips to north korea including former basketball star dennis rodman's meetings with kim jong il earlier this week former canadian diplomat michael coverage was also detained during a visit to beijing. the french government has urged yellow vest protesters to
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refrain from demonstrations this weekend to allow police to concentrate resources on finding the attacker from tuesday's shooting at a christmas market in strassburg the demonstrations which began more than four weeks ago over a fuel tax hike quickly escalated into calls for mccord to resign. as more from paris. well the big question is will these yellow vest protests continue in the light of vents of the past week the strasbourg shooting police hunting for a government that's thrown up a whole raft of public safety and security concerns and we've heard from the government advising people not to take to the streets and then of course on monday eman omar called the french president making a very emotional appeal to people in a speech saying that he'd heard the protesters demands he could understand that they were struggling to make ends meet and therefore he offered a whole raft of financial concessions including a higher minimum wage well one of the protesters that began the movement online
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priscilla dosti said that the protests should continue that people should take to the streets again on saturday she said until the government offered even more concessions including tax breaks for low income families. will best demand a significant reduction. in energy housing. that as well as a significant reduction of its all our current and future really good wages and provide elected officials is. now cross france there are still people blocking roads in protests saying that they're definitely going to be out in the street on saturday but there are other protesters who say the time has come to stop the protests perhaps it's not going to be safe but also that the government's offered to negotiate and they should take up that offer and start talking but the problem is there are so many different types of people in this movement it's never
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really been unified and there are no clear leaders and that's of course a real headache for the government because who do you negotiate with and it's worth noting as well that it's a relatively small movement in terms of numbers of people in the streets one hundred twenty five thousand people across france is a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of people that often take to the streets but what's been key has been public support for this movement because it's been very widely supported but whether or not that will continue remains unclear. meanwhile police are continuing their hunt for sheriff shakeout the gunman who opened fire on a christmas market in strassburg on tuesday at least three people were killed and eight others seriously wounded hundreds of police and soldiers have been mobilized . a fire at a warehouse in democratic product of congo has destroyed thousands of voting machines just ten days before elections seven thousand machines which account for eighty percent of the capital kinshasa voting infrastructure have been destroyed or
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voting machines had been a sensitive issue ahead of the vote opposition politicians have held rallies against a use shot betis reports. this is what remains of a large election commission warehouse in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo inside were voting materials distant for polling seem to throughout the city ahead of presidential elections on december twenty third is that it's a dirty trick because they have guards why didn't they call the fire brigade that night but it's all scheme to find ways of pushing back the elections. it started at about two o'clock in the morning local time and he's to make should see even thousand voting machines were destroyed the majority of election materials for other provinces had already been delivered. not impatiently but we have the impression that this may be a criminal act as the fire was the clarity in two places inside the store in the
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same moment we cannot say more for now but we would like to ensure our populations that the equipment from kinshasa that burned here will be replaced there is no worry about the coming elections even though the damage is serious and the voting machines are a sensitive subject in the d.l.c. traditionally elections here are decided by pin and paper ballots they arrived for the first time in february when hundred thousand are being distributed across this vast nation the second largest in africa to be used by forty six million registered voters is the government marketed the benefits saying they would cut costs and speed up vote counting. the protests have been how across the country against the use critics have argued they need power to work and only nine percent of the country has electricity which is often unreliable others say they are illegal untested and easy to rig at rallies in september and october there was backlash. yes. i know. money did deceased them by.
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then having a dubious vote as. we can all participate in elections that. we know already who will fail because of these voting machines. the election commission has yet to confirm whether the fire was caused by arson and now tasked with salvaging an election that is already long delays and momentous president joseph kabila has been in power since two thousand and one twenty one candidates are vying to replace him what may be the country's first democratic transition of power since independence really sixty years ago charlotte dallas zero. a woman accused of acting as a russian agent to influence u.s. policy has pleaded guilty in a federal court in washington area between our faces a prison sentence and deportation back to russia she's admitted her activities were part of an effort by moscow to influence politics in the united states from
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washington d.c. an official reports it reads like the pages of a spy novel a young woman admits she's a russian government agent in america her mission to ship u.s. politics to make it more favorable to more school maria britain has admitted working to infiltrate the national rifle association a gun rights group with close ties to republican politicians among the people it supported over the last few years president donald trump. britain has admitted this was a concerted effort shaped by senior russian officials the man thought to be behind the operation has been identified as alexander torsion the recently retired deputy governor of russia's central bank he bankrolled the operation prosecutors laid out a plan which run from twenty fifteen to twenty seventeen which are not held parties and lunches and meetings for key people with political influence she even attended a national prayer breakfast in twenty seventeen she told prosecutors the people
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there would help her stablish a back channel of communications between russia and the united states. the prosecution is not linked to the ongoing investigation by special counsel robert mueller into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election something the president don't trump has this missed as a witch hunt just a few days ago and more school russian president vladimir putin. was a russian spy seriously i asked all the heads of our intelligence and special services who issues nobody knows anything about her but you know has agreed to help prosecutors and as a result is now expected not to serve any longer than six months in prison and her cooperation may well be welcomed by robert miller it's likely she'll be deported back to russia at the end of her sentence alan fischer al jazeera washington virgin galactic say they could start commercial space flights as early as next year
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after their rocket plane reached space for the first time on a test flight spaceship tune to watch from the mojave desert in the western united states with the help of its twin piers large carrier plane and find itself eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface into suborbital space for the pilots experiencing weightlessness a successful test comes four years after the crash of the original spaceship two virgin plans to offer a ninety minute space flights costing two hundred fifty thousand dollars quick reminder you can catch up any time with all the stories we're covering check out our website al-jazeera dot com. second a look at the top stories making news around his era has been a major breakthrough on the final day of talks in sweden between the yemeni
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government and hoofy rebels organized by the united nations both sides have agreed to a ceasefire in the port city of her data the main route for food and medical aid into yemen and a deescalation in the city of thais. from the sound on antonio terrors that it's. the u.s. senate in the meantime will vote shortly on a resolution to end support for the sounded coalition in yemen asceticism voted sixty two thirty nine to advance the measure on wednesday a similar move was defeated in march but support has increased since the murder of saudi journalist. has been a series of violent incidents between palestinians and israelis in the last twenty four hours two palestinians were killed in different israeli military raids or two israeli soldiers died after a shooting at a bus stop in the occupied west bank and they've been more casualties in separate
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incidents. the u.k. parliament will hold a vote on to reason may's breaks a deal as soon as possible in january called into the prime minister's office it comes as mayors meeting e.u. leaders in brussels for two days of talks after surviving a confidence vote from within her ruling conservative party gunman in northeastern mali have killed dozens of people over the past week that's according to reports from local officials in minako near the border with tunisia they say at least forty three toric civilians were killed by attackers on motorbikes at several nomadic camp sites. canada has confirmed a second of us citizens have been detained in china with beijing saying he's suspected of endangering their national security michael survivors a chinese based businessman who specializes in organizing trips to north korea during the one for former basketball star dennis rodman's meeting with kim jong il earlier this week former canadian diplomat michael coverage was also detained
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during a visit to beijing relations have been strained since the arrest of huawei executive those are the headlines to stay with a syringe there at the stream is up next i'll have more news for you after i finish . reports on the so-called caravan of people seeking asylum in the united states are often framed as a political challenge for u.s. president donald trump get coverage why so many people have left their homes in central america to head north is less frequent. and i'm really sorry we look at
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life in one of those countries from where thousands of people are fleeing hundred us send your thoughts your twitter and you tube. drive from western honduras to the southern u.s. border and your cover more than two and a half thousand miles but consider what it takes to make most of that journey on foot while carrying young children that is the reality for many honduran so if you left their homes in search of a better life in the u.s. there arduous track highlights the lengths that people will go to escape day to day life in hundred us violent gangs controlled swell of some major cities and one durham police often use disproportionate force according to the united nations meanwhile the country is also my political division in recent weeks people have continued to protest against president obama landed hernandez who stayed in power following an election result deemed for dalit by the opposition
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a year ago more on the challenges faced by people living in hundred us we have jennifer she is a journalist and co-founder of contra accordion de digital media outlets she joins us from san pedro sula in honduras must see a. program director for central america and mexico at the center for justice and international law she is in the costa rican capital of san jose from the u.s. city of oakland we have some of the ok you know here's a journalist and video producer whose work has focused on hundred us avenue honduran capital take us to gallup or we have carlo quaver she is the honduran human rights minister hello everybody it's good to have you here on the stream minister i'm i'm trying to fit in what your caseload must be on a regular basis in terms of human rights cases that you're trying to tackle in honduras you want to give us a little insight into the sort of things that is part of your daily job. ok thank
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you for the opportunity it is very important for your. last minutes and yours is a very small country we have almost any point i mean young people in here in. we have a very young population one of our challenges and human rights only working trying to generate opportunities for the meaning in your people in the hunger in or for great talent only trying to strengthen in institutions trying to generate opportunities that help to use them also an indication also trying to work towards more strained opportunities to generate employment opportunities more thought trying to or in this time trying to create in strengthen the new minister or human right there is
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part of the or the national one my rights protections in it we have a lot of human rights sure i do i am trying to understand in poor mood it is the important to highlight the importance to all our imports trying to combat the one i specially young girls and women in let's look to the. what will it and how. money is really interesting because i also miss a give me an idea of the kind of cases are coming closer desk every day and she should the positive she didn't want to go into the negative i appreciate that but if we're going to be very candid and we're talking about everyday life in honduras what are people having to deal with last year. well they are dealing with a country well first of all thanks for being that. they had this in with a concert with many challenges and basically on daily basis people are afraid to even take a cab for example because they don't know if they are going to be
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a selfish and if they ask help that they ask for example the police officer because many of the police officers i'm balding i must well if you will if they have a program this area help roll them or they saw a car accident they are afraid that they go through a hole through that and they don't get the basic needs that the basic medical supplies if they don't have the money to pay for it so we are talking about families that hand-picked their kids who are not outlets for example from all because they are going to be afraid that something is going to happen to them so this is what is they come from thing on a daily basis and what motivates the higher. levels of violence and flowing then but people who do scandal even act on to when they don't see the right satisfy marci i hear you there and i think what you're describing is why we see things like this we this from young edwin who is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council and he writes after a recent visit two hundred us that hundred us is not
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a country out war yet the violence is comparable to a war zone the toll that this violence takes on the city i am in now can be seen and it can be felt we cannot continue to be surprised that families choose to leave when their children's lives are in danger and he wrote that december eighth so jennifer keep in mind what he says here can you understand can you relate to what he's writing about. i think by and since the lake and never ending cycle it's fresh and because of the impunity we have had level of impunity hearing and duress and that's why people is so this period to leave their neighborhoods when they have a threat from i can't remember or anybody you know every twenty two hours sees a woman. her husband there is someone close to her and she's not in the trusting institutionally to to ask them for help to ask police to
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help her because impunity is still high i think beauty is like the late the main issue here people are protesting and the streets and they tried to protest in the streets because corruption is not getting is it's not getting into into justice and there's no justice for a man or a man kill them for we mean he'll be an answer as for young people killed this year we have more or around four hundred young people under twenty three years old murdered in undress so it's we have a lake at big emergencies situation here we have communities being displaced by nerika in the in the mountains but also struck to vista's projects in the mountains and people is not trusting in to these additional needy they don't have any where to go to to ask for help so. and or the forced option here is to use the fleet and i have heard
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a lot of women saying i need to flee a need to go. to another country because nobody is protecting me and i think they are under an state. has a lack of protection or are the main main part of the population hearing interests especially women and them and young people they're not producing protection under a new government was exacerbating the problem and many times is the problem there's a rampant corruption is jennifer alluded to ninety five percent impunity right what is the government doing about it and they just passed a lot recently last january last year clearing themselves of any impunity in the congress and so who's who should be in jail should be these members of congress that are corrupt that are corrupting the hondurans. and what is i mean when exactly it's interesting that misquote us didn't say that and couldn't allude to a single case that she's brought forth regarding human rights abuses because like
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what human rights abuses have been brought to justice i don't see a single one and i want i want to hear these numbers and i want to see who you're putting away where they are and and and and bring people to justice you know this is this is all you're doing is putting lipstick on a pig you know and it's it's it's that's an american expression where there is this pig and you're just painting making it look pretty and that's not justice come on a station real work. ok i will add on the first first of all that we have been working in. doing a lot of you point. in two thousand and thirteen and i wonder how do. i rate all of them are only. martyrs for one hundred thousand inhabitants right now we have the working. decrease in these
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rates to forty percent but it is very important. drank the will create instrumental institution anality to investigate human rights and you have to understand also that we have our institutions should be strengthened especially that capacity to and nothing. but a national election and in law thought i have to remember that we have one or two particles. already mathy there is what an order which you are taking that. we have a lot of cases we have so on implementing this on corruption in law we have to understand. when we have to our knowledge we are not we have problems yet with bio we have been working on that but also we have to of knowledge we are not denying that we heard our problems of ireland in honduras but are you is it laying the bio and do something about me and my not in two thousand and fourteen
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you will remember the main causes to migrate was buying in we are knowledge not that that's according to you you don't want to keep the crime statistics got the government is the only one that keeps the crime statistics so you can so not everyone was. so you are not going to go out so him and so we are minister let me let me just pause for a moment because you were talking about some of the forces that drive people out of one joyous that they get to a point where they think i cannot bear to live here anymore let me give you an example that have a look at this. plan for the time i left for the future of my children they are already in school and with the violence of the gangs and everything you can't just leave the children to go to school by themselves there is always danger in my family mocking complaining about him. on the highway what is happening in the country where i worked with my brother in law and they killed him they killed both of my brothers in law because they saw them working and they were jealous so they
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killed them and they look for us because they want to do away with the entire family and the hospital and so has a hundred citizens who actually fled to mexico sylvia you will pushing the minister about so what are you going to do about this what would you suggest because you have been in terms of your family you know what it is like to experience that violence in your own family and stop lying about the crimes and just i mean you come up here you lobby the u.s. government you said look or cross that are going down because of your help which is not true like having an independent agency like you did before and look at the crime statistics tell you what the reality is so you that there are the dumbest. you have to share of problems that you're not the only one you're not facing the corruption you're not taking you're not putting people away in jail for christ's sake i mean i didn't join your numbers have any claims that brought president's brother against him in the country no he had to come here to the us to get tried
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convicted so let me just say that with the help i have of jennifer the president's private jennifer tell us about this that story just very briefly to evan is on the same page. there had been like. you know to traffic her is speaking out being and. in the last presidents trial in the united states and tony are not is he is is why i don't understand this brother and if the next years there's a large scale back the traffic now you know there as he goes hat any any any trial that. the attorney there not having a case investigating him or the other related our detractors in underage so these trials are in the u.s. the u.s. just. as telling us about. i don't to want to move
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i also want to get so much that these six that illustrate some of the nations that we have been sucking about in the garden for the simple they. do anything on the. country in that war. with the highest level meeting and of course the square. a level of violence if it was true that the koran liberally said i would for three hundred thousand we have to understand that they were labels that were. less than eight held me tight every one hundred thousand so we are still on higher rates but also we spoke about over the sixty three percent of your patients seem forward and then they tell women first to what are they they factors that that have these this is that the secret of course there is there are factors like dogs. but also
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also there are programs we have in the states i mean home with unfortunately it have very upper retiring a state a diesel powered works on discriminatory basis as peter was saying for example regarding human rights abuses you can see human rights offenders that are the in criminal right because they different human rights but you can see the same level of blues the elegant regarding the person that have died because of the media paris so there is have these coming at her use of the day of the law of the force and on the whole and those are also factors that people. and i understand that people don't trust the station already and the problems that are facing our way beyond what. that means by all means that is because of the rest of us have your state actors as well as all the non-state actors so i understand what that means saying but this is very very small compared with the. rest and so what
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i think that we have agreed that we have these destructible child that haven't been at variance but we have to also add me that some of these challenge response that big oberman is responsible for if we have cyber monday i want to ask you there because i want to make sure our audience hears what you're saying so there are two huge problems here that we're looking at and one is structural and the other is the day to day violence that people are facing and i want to share with our audience what people online are saying about that so sondre is a journalist who's actually been covering the central american exodus for al-jazeera rights and it's difficult to have a meaningful sample size and socio economic reasons probably are the most cited regarding fleeing from hundred us but by land is a very close second and it's not just the gangs i interview randomly about ten percent of people who cite political persecution and or threats or torture by
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security forces so in in looking at this as twin problems on the one hand you have the violence on the other we've got a video comment from someone who says that the economic situation is just as bad have a listen to what he had to say yes total. employment is practically stagnant investments both national and poor and are stagnant hundreds in terms of great economic recession because of this we see results like the migrant care of him an increase in suicides and even great social problems such as alcoholism and drug addiction. so minister can you talk to us about that economic recession he's saying what can the government do about that. yes i really appreciate that matthew all about. motivation also the violence and also the issue on poverty and we have we're been working in the last four years together with long governmental organization trying to create solutions one phenomenon of the state have knowledge
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that exceed the hundred then go not displeased people related to by allowing we have recently joined people in also how all of those are that are big off these internal displacement especially many have been forced to leave their newborn who would then c.d.'s to another one specially related to the girl in related to violin . in order to be the violence in the country that is also when you are who you ration of opportunities if you remember in two thousand and fourteen the government needed the construction of the respective plant alliance we have been working and trying to all embarrassed almost to cross the million dollars from the national to generate opportunity of agreement you're leaving me
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i can quote so on the national program that are willing to talk about the structural causes of the migration so much going on i'm going to sorry for a moment because everybody else is talking from their experience and you appear to be reading notes to one side and i know they want to get a statue right but i also don't want you to think to give a speech because we're trying to have a real on the conversation here i don't have a speech because i have ours i have been doing the migrant route my understand but you do appear to be reading our team in mexico also or even company toward peace. iran wasn't trying to guarantee that not proportional meaning here's what. they need to buy the entire american mission well you know i mean while the country is in transit not a we've been kind of trying to create these opportunities from programs like the
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twenty twenty and not a lot are trying to create opportunities while these micro illegal. but we have knowledge that we have the will through and our airport yes and i think similarly if i may because time is running away with us one of the things that becomes very clear from everybody's conversation about honduras in in this show is that there is so much work to be done and not much in the way of hope and hope for us so it makes me wonder about what do young people do i want to meet a young man called christian he's a rapper and he doesn't feel there's any hope for him in honduras have a listen. i was in pain from the hunger from the lack of opportunities i have dreams just like everyone else in any other country i want to have a family a house a car these are dreams things that i can never have in honduras you know the more
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you. sell your present then the gun is the sumo that i will be out on the sony move policy. i see a young man with a job working hard giving it his best for his family helping his family move forward if i stay in honduras then in five years i won't be here i could die from hunger i could be killed by gang members i could be killed by the governments of global unison or some of them like jennifer there's a whole generation of young people who are thinking one of my prospects what can i do what are my options if we're looking at the end of this conversation certainly for this show at the moment do you see where there might be hope for progress. there's a lot of people staying in communities in neighborhoods trying to be found there terry tourists and trying to get organized and even they don't have the state protection and we have a lot of let's have examples b.-ball getting organized to defend their territory in
4:43 am
bait. in the mountains that are given to transnationals without consulting people and we are we're looking at this people trying to defend their territories in trying to think about their economic and other economic system or a way of people up and that is not going to violate their they are human rights and there's a lot of people also staying and trying to survive in interest now i mean this is the cen. people that are unemployed they are selling things in the streets trying to survive they're not stealing and they're not they're just trying to give every day food to their families so we have lots of examples in the streets if you only go to the to the main town even some better so that you lose all these young people
4:44 am
trying to survive selling things and trying to make their they are allowed to sleep and they know they don't have this the protection they don't have the police protection and they're in the ice and they're they're just playing by their own i think this is the hope we have people be staying and people leave is trying to survive but i hate just want to make a point here because i want to him to say that we are very worried here as you know that is where we have been talking with a lot of the forty's that are coming back to the same three state fleet before and they have no protection there they're just moving through the country until they have and you know or to anybody and you shands to leave again these all these these deportees they're not. having as the stand they have that small assistance from the government that is not enough to get them away and jennifer thank you for raising that issue because of course that is something that we have covered on the stream here extensively and want to continue to but if we in this on hope where some
4:45 am
people are finding help on line is this and via this tweet from ben who says the birth at this is case shows how government military and business interests collude to silence human rights defenders to speak truth to power of course that's not the hopeful part this says he says the conviction as seven men it's positive but future attacks will only end when intellectual authors are prosecuted and that is the case we have covered here on the stream silvio in just about thirty seconds here as we wrap up the show talk to us about hope that you have. well it's very limited when you have people like this you know where he lives they're going to suggest the earlier you know she mentioned earlier that the internal displacement also just as she mentioned that because that internal displacement many times it's caused by the government so that is giving away the land to well to national corporations to displaced people and then create dams or energy products that just does not meet
4:46 am
and so you know right now we don't we don't have a lot of i think it so it's wonderful that there's been seven people convicted but there's a long way to go there still and they'll just about do that sylvia jennifer mascia and minister quaver thank you very much for talking to us about well join us today on the strain and you can i will see you on like take everybody. to. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are out of the h one n one push is it getting what if it gets like you now a w h o s s chest who says don't hear terms of trust that you trust
4:47 am
on al-jazeera. in countries like mine people have been killed to be really united states have privatized the ultimate public function. this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis other arabs when they came to britain to be all to help the past bombs do you love your rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting. shadow coming soon. as britain prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns i've spent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid trouble except people in
4:48 am
power on al jazeera. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. you're watching out a zero where we're monitoring the u.s. senate the vote is expected soon on a resolution to end u.s. support for the sound emirati coalition in yemen
4:49 am
a senators have been debating amendments to the resolution before voting can go ahead on wednesday census voted sixty to thirty nine to consider the measure and similar vote was defeated in march but bipartisan support has increased since the murder of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi well let's bring in our correspondent rosalind jordan who's live in capitol hill for us tell us about what they're doing right now in the senate. well there is still law going through the amendments there are eight amendments they have voted on two of them they then took three and voted on them together to try to speed up the process because of course one thing that the u.s. senate is very good at dealing is using up lots of time on deliberations and on votes but the person in charge of the foreign affairs committee senator bob corker said that he really wants to move this process along so that a vote can be taken on the resolution itself which would address the u.s.
4:50 am
military support for the saudi led coalition that's been fighting in the yemeni civil war there now on the sixth of eight amendments it's a roll call vote which means that all ninety nine senators right now there's just ninety nine senators can actually cast their vote or decide to change their vote once they get through all eight then they will move to joint resolution number fifty four and how development would it be if this actually went through it took us to the significance of it. symbolically it would be a very big deal because it would send a message to the trumpet ministration that the white house's control of foreign policy is no longer going to go unchecked one of the things which one of this resolution co-sponsors senator bernie sanders said was that it has been long overdue for congress to actually exercise its constitutional prerogative to weigh
4:51 am
in on whether the u.s. goes to war that's something that is ascribed to the congress in the u.s. constitution but in recent years certainly since the september eleventh attacks there's been considerable deference from congress to the president on deciding when and where to use military force even if it's in direct support such as what the u.s. military has been doing for the saudi led coalition in yemen how. however there is a real sense among both of republicans and democrats that there needs to be much more input from congress on how the u.s. goes forward and especially in light of the murder of jamal khashoggi allegedly at the hands of the saudi government there is a real sense among legislators from both parties that they need to be much more involved in how the u.s. maintains its foreign alliances maintains its foreign policies and that they do what they can to uphold the u.s. is a legal and moral reputation globally and how much is this set being seen as
4:52 am
a sort of rebuke to saudi arabia and how much difference says they. made to it to people's intent with it with this whole resolution. it's been seen very much as a rebuke to saudi arabia and in particular to the crown prince mohammed bin solemn on even though most legislators from both parties will say that they look to saudi arabia as a bulwark in the fight against terrorism that they have a very important relationship based on energy that they also have very real security alliances with saudi arabia because of its opposition in the middle east and as its role as a bulwark against what the trumpet ministration calls undue and unsavory iranian influence that whole set senators and members of cause of the house of representatives both say that there are limits to how much support there can be when something such as the murder of a journalist just because
4:53 am
a government doesn't like what he was reporting can take place or when people see the video in the images of starving children in yemen starving because they are not able to get the humanitarian aid that is usually made available in the middle of a war they say that they cannot simply sit by and allow these sorts of things to happen and so this is very much a real message to the government in riyadh that it is no longer business as usual that members of congress cannot be considered the protectors as it were of the saudi government and rose i understand that when now on the actual vote itself and just explain to our viewers if we see the figures coming up on that screen there will that be that'll be the result when tit for whether it's gone through or not. right and you basically you know they hold the vote open for about ten minutes traditionally it's fifteen but in an effort to try to move things along they have
4:54 am
shortened the time period for these folks you watch the numbers take up and then at the end senators are allowed an opportunity to change their minds once that decision has been made then the clerk tallies the result and it's announced from the president of the senate this is something that happens rather quickly but sometimes if senators want to go off and try to cut deals and corners it can prolong the process and tell me what one has gone through in the senate if it does go through what's the next stage. well basically that's it and that's because earlier this week the house was going to take up its own version of this resolution but then there was a slight procedural change made by the house rules committee which effectively undercut the authority and intent of that resolution a very technical measure but big sickly it made it impossible for members of the
4:55 am
house to pass a similar version of this resolution you can't have just one house or one chamber pass a measure you have to have both houses house would agree on the final text and then send it to the president for his or her signature because the house version is effectively dead for this session they will have to start over in the house of representatives come january the sponsor of that measure has already said that he will be reintroducing the measure now does that mean that the senators here are going to have to start all over again probably and that's because we are at the end of an actual session of congress things typically do not transfer from one session to the next except in extenuating circumstances i don't know that this matter rises to that level so if they do put it through it really will be. victory or for we for the what the ones who want who supported this it'll be a victory in name only. in name only but the anger and the
4:56 am
frustration issued by both republicans and democrats about the way that the u.s. has been engaging with saudi arabia the ongoing complaints about how mohamed bin solomon has been trying to explain to exert his power since he became the crown prince of gear and a half ago they say this is the kind of situation that really the u.s. needs to try to put the situation in hand and not be beholden to someone who would behave in a way that undercuts u.s. values amelle like getting a signal that apparently this measure has passed in the senate but they're voting now excuse me and we should know very quickly perhaps in the next ten minutes whether or not this resolution symbolic though it is now whether or not it has passed and in any case the fact that we are at this moment loren indicates a real sense of pushback from the u.s. congress to the trumpet ministration and to those countries that think the thing
4:57 am
might get cover from the u.s. for their behavior whether it's dealing with human rights whether it's conduct in war zones any number of issues. thank you very much indeed definite time being told now we'll come back to you soon as we get to that result in the senate and meantime let's have an addition to bernie sanders who was one of the sponsors of the resignation let us go forward today the defeat the amendments that are trying to undermine this important resolution and tell the world that the united states of america will not continue to be part of the worst humanitarian disaster on the face of the earth that we want peace in the region we want humanitarian aid in that region and that we don't want any war bombs or destruction. let's take a closer look at the united states' involvement in the war in yemen and washington has been providing support to the saudi erotic coalition in yemen since twenty
4:58 am
fifteen until recently much of that assistance was in the form of in-flight refueling for saudi jets that was halted last month by mutual agreement the u.s. still corporates with the coalition on intelligence and is the top arms supplier to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. it says its offices advise on potential targets to minimize civilian casualties but saudi strikes have killed thousands of civilians including dozens of children on a school bus inside our province in august well meanwhile there has been a major breakthrough on the final day of talks in sweden between yemen's government and the hooty rebels and both sides have agreed to a ceasefire in port city of her data our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations a handshake marking an interim deal for yemen the hoofy chief negotiator and the yemeni foreign minister and some are doubted would even agree to reach these talks will both be the first good news after years of war in
4:59 am
a country that has the worst humanitarian situation on earth. we have reached an agreement on the day the port city which will see a literal really prime meant of forces from the port and the says the and the establishment of a guard moderate governor it wide cease fire out. the u.n. will play a leading role in the ports and these will facilitate humanitarian access in the floorboards to the civilian population and it will improve the living conditions for millions of yemenis the talks in the swedish castle had lasted seven days some of the language in the deal they produce seems vague and there are many details still to be resolved trust between the two sides is clearly lacking both made it clear that they don't need abide by the deal if their opponents did too. oh that we
5:00 am
can look at two agreements signed serious effort has been taken firstly the release of prisoners and those that have been forcibly abducted and the other agreement is they had a good agreement but these are virtual agreements we are assuming that the other party will withdraw and will release the prisoners. while we are ready to implement the peace agreement and give the u.n. a logistical role in running sana airport and what data port but we need more guarantees because the other side keeps sabotaging everything we didn't get anything major in sweden but there were some good developments there is no military solution in yemen and still we can reach an agreement if the other side agrees to a political solution the un special envoy martin griffiths who led the negotiations will now brief the un security council on friday here in new york diplomats are pleased the agreement is seen at the high end of their expectations i think is a.


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