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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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forced into a regular army serbia seeking an emergency meeting with the un security council to discuss the issue kosovo is government says that it has the right to raise an army for self-defense but serbia says that violates international agreements which ended the war between the two countries in the late one nine hundred ninety s. al-jazeera is related to such reports from the great. kosovo's parliament approved the first read of the draft laws on october and during the process cause of a serbian minority remains opposed to the creation of course of the army a position shared by the great which denies course of his existence as a state alexander who treated the president of serbia said he did not understand how anyone in the world could approve the creation of course of his army or turn a blind eye to something as he said entirely in a collision with all international documents he added serbia will not be the war drums but won't allow anyone to humiliate the serbs in cos or vida soupy alleges
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the army's main purpose would be to ethnically cleanse course of a serbian dominated north a claim strongly denied by prishtina prime minister of course it would almost had it in i said the tree laws have a want to ask to protect the territorial integrity of course of all and to protect the citizens of all communities in course of syria deputies begged by belgrade which does not recognize costa was independence have blocked any such move in the past saying creation of a national army required a change to the constitution and the u.s. led nato alliance which has four thousand troops in the balkan country has also in the past urged costs of zero knowledge to create a national army unless the constitution was amended with the support of the syrian minority but true laws promoted by the cost of a government and passed by a parliamentary vote other grated the mandate of the domestic also a security force said to transform into an army something which the government said
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by peres the need to make changes to the constitution a weather update next year and i was zero then parkins prime minister continues to demand more assurances from the e.u. on how briggs the deal. and the christian church stands on the verge of its biggest splits in centuries we'll tell you why. hello there we're seeing some heavy rain push its way across parts of north america at the moment but satellite picture is showing that area of cloud away we're seeing the worst of the weather is in the southeast corner a few days ago we saw a very wintery system has so many snow that surround is likely to melt as the rain falls on it so lots of water around here as we head through the day on saturday by sunday the system should be pulling away so the southeast should be a lot draw it cooler and for the eastern parts here will see some rain and some
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snow on its northern edge as well for the western parts is worth a mention here as well because in the western parts of canada as the incredibly west over the past few days more wet weather expected here as we head through the next few days as well now here's that system that was over the southeastern parts of the u.s. you can see it stretching down a bit further south too and it's going to bring some wet weather for honduras there as we head through saturday and some showers a little bit further towards the south as well not system still with us as we head through sunday to the north of it it's a bit cooler than it has been the southeast documents and hot every head down towards south america we can see plenty of showers with us but that very heavy outbreak of rain that we've seen over parts a year ago i and argentina has now eased a little bit so a little bit bright to have it still plenty of showers for the north stretching from the north east towards the west.
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the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing jails to breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for years awaiting trial one on one east philippines locked up on al-jazeera. on counting the cost we'll assess the state of the u.k. economy is it continues to broker its way out of the e.u. well look at a major milestone for the internet plus an underwater economy in kenya counting the cost on now just. again the main news on al-jazeera this hour there are reports of fighting on the outskirts of the yemeni city of her data just a day off the warring factions agreed to
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a cease fire in the port city early on friday aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute food and humanitarian supplies sri lanka's disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is resigning after just seven weeks in the child the country hasn't had a functioning government for nearly two weeks now that's when a court suspended rajapaksa and his cabinet after they'd lost to no confidence votes but a stray as prime minister scott morrison has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel unlike the us which recognized the whole of jerusalem as israel's capital earlier this year. only recognized the western half of the city. britain's prime minister's reason they still insists that she can get the extra clarification she needs from the european union on her breaks it deal to ensure that it's passed by her own parliament it comes after heated discussions in brussels more talks are now planned but the e.u. shows no sign of moving from its current position john
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a whole reports from brussels. all the talk was of a disastrous summit for to resume a tense exchange is rebuffed by e.u. leaders her pleas for help fallen on deaf ears but the tone from the prime minister reflected none of it the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to be with the deal this is it but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the council's conclusions in fact possible. there is work still to do and we will be holding talks in coming days about how to obtain the further assurances that u.k. parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal prime minister brave face probably preempts the furious reaction she's likely to receive at home having delayed a vote on her briggs a deal this week promising assurances from the e.u. the dreaded northern ireland backstop isn't the trap many m.p.'s fear it is she
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returns from brussels all but empty handed and e.u. leaders aren't doing much publicly at least to help. we have to exclude. opening. mrs may's insistence that legal assurances could yet be forthcoming seems contrary to the events of thursday night the e.u. twenty seven removed language in their pre-agreed conclusions that had pointed to the possibility of future discussions reportedly some simply don't believe there's any way may can get her break the deal through the british parliament the northern ireland backstop is intended to ensure that there can be no hard border on the island of ireland until a future trade agreement is in place between the u.k. and the e.u. it is an insurance policy it has to be open ended it can't be unilaterally breached want to reserve main wants from the e.u.
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therefore a legal issue and that somehow the backstop isn't. what it is is a legal assurance that can't be given which is why all that was ever old offer from the e.u. with clarifications not renegotiation to reason may still hope some legal sleight of hand can be performed to persuade doubting in peace to back her deal the message from this e.u. summit is probably not journal al-jazeera brussels france's president has paid tribute to the victims of the attack at the strasbourg christmas market emanuel necron visited the scene of the shooting the market reopened for the first time on friday after the attack which claimed the lives of four people the suspected gunman shot checkouts was shot dead by police on thursday after a two day manhunt brazil's president michel tama has signed an extradition order for society but the far left activist who is wanted in italy in connection to
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four murders carried out with the in the one nine hundred seventy s. he's been living in brazil since two thousand and four daniel schreiber reports from one of solace. the president elect. doesn't take office for another two weeks but he's long stated his opposition to what he calls criminal elements within the left wing groups both in brazil and abroad a supreme court judge has now why should an international arrest warrant for interpol for the italian fugitive says. he's been on the run since he broke out of an italian carolynn one nine hundred eighty one where he was serving time for membership of an extreme left wing group proletarians for communism since disbanded he's accused of his part of the playing a part in the murder of four people two policemen a butcher and a jeweler a murder that he says he denies any parted he first went on the run to france then to mexico and later on superville where he's enjoyed a career as a writer quite often of crime novels he also enjoys the protection of the former
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president of brazil luis in asir lula da silva himself now serving time in prison on corruption charges he often says mr but d.c. that he would be tortured if he was sent back to back to italy wants to stay in brazil brazil has long been a haven for those on the run from justice from their own countries. will says it will no longer be a safe haven for those fugitives especially if they are of the left. the u.s. department of homeland security says that a seven year old guatemalan girl who died in border police custody last week appeared healthy when agents found her they say that she was mentally ill loss and had no visible trauma when she and her father were taken in at the southern border with mexico eight hours later she died at a hospital in texas where she was found to have brain swelling and liver failure one of president donald trump's main campaign promises was to build a wall on the southern border he wants to stop undocumented migrants crossing into
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the u.s. people smugglers say the previous efforts to fortify the border have made their work more difficult but it hasn't stopped them. reports now from the mexican side of the border. stopping asylum seekers from crossing into the united states is one of the main campaign pledges of president trump. the t.n.t. one this is a radio war that was first started in the administration played. it stretches from the pacific ocean through to bounty and into the valleys. this is the old wall the new part is higher the razor wire was put up about fifteen days ago so now with the arrival of the caravan they harden the border. this idea one was added during the obama administration but asylum seekers are resilient and find new ways like through these water drainage pipes metal bars have been added on the
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american side but police say some just dug a hole and went in. seven hundred kilometers to the east and we are nogales it lays on both sides of the border with arizona. here toward it's part of the daily life along with the sad stories of tragic crossings this part was built under george w. bush just an hour's drive away from the city and this is how the. looks like we haven't seen any patrol on our way here but anyone can just crawl underneath and on the other side you're in arizona the real challenge is to reach this area that. it was once the territory of now it's under control of its chap a low a cartel. is through here that javier takes asylum seekers on a long trek through the mountains into to us he's been doing this job for more than twenty years. it's the same people on the other side they give us the green light
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to move but it has changed a lot before the journey took three to four hours ten years later it was fifteen to twenty now we can take four or five days it's a big deter it used to be a straight line. these rugged mountains are used to smuggle drugs and people both are done in close coordination but not a decision time. could take leaves people trafficking is a business that involves many on both sides. you have bad guys on both sides are no border guards who kept migrants in their homes or put them in the cars and let them go i saw this happen so build one wall or two walls people will continue to cross and we will continue providing our service. a fortified border added personnel a new technology has slowed the movement of asylum seekers over the past two decades it will take border in
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a war to stop it all together. along the mexican us border. one of christianity's biggest splits in centuries is expected to be formalized this weekend ukraine plans to create a new church independent of russia's influence since the fall of the soviet union ukraine's dominant orthodox church has been divided into factions pro russian and pro ukraine bellus reports. a place to worship god or russia the cathedral of nativity is it the same to over theological rift in ukraine the orthodox faith is split into factions russian lives and ukrainian laid priests and tony's church is one of more than twelve thousand that aligns itself with russia on saturday he must pick sides orthodox priest will meet in q. to civil same trees on ties with russia and creates a new independent church. we will not recognize its legitimacy this is
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not a council this is a gang of bandits who have gathered to take over the temples and destroy the church what kind of council is. leading up to the meeting ukraine's religious rapture has had consequences the cathedral of nativity and other pro russian churches were accused of whipping up religious hatred and raided by ukrainian security services. thought i told them you serve the devil and i serve god let's see who is stronger and who's going to win. russian clergy are outraged labeling it the biggest split in christianity in a thousand years. they say it's a ploy by ukrainian president petro poroshenko to shore up support ahead of elections next year pushing coded champion the split he signed a cooperation agreement with the head of the church intervene that. there's rabbitohs moscow at the state and the russian church some in clergy robes some in military uniforms or not afraid to commit sin in an effort to disrupt the decision
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but god is with us because we are fighting in iraq just battle. for our independence. pushing cohen is accused of using the church to spread propaganda supporters of the church's split agree with the journal of course we want the ukrainian church to not be on their moscow so that russia does not implement sarah decisions. because of the three hundred year old st andrews church. the pro ukrainian orthodox church survived an arson attack last month but it's not clear if regional politics will be as resilient very. shallow ballasts zero. delegates the cop twenty four quo ball climate change conference in poland will be staying on for at least another day because no final agreements yet been reached
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the u.n. events are spilling over into least saturday as representatives from nearly two hundred nations discuss how to implement the paris agreement will steffen as a climate change expert and counsellor a climate council of australia he says that while nations argue about who's to blame time is running out. it's really clear from the special report on the one point five target that we don't have much time left in other words we only have ten or fifteen years' worth of emissions left before will breach that one point five to retarget so this sense of urgency the sense that the science is saying we have basically squandered two decades of inaction the time is now here for absolutely decisive vigorous action i think that sits right behind the problems countries that have been having and coming to an agreement and it's becoming clear that if we want to meet the one point five and even two to retard it's we have to get out of the fossil fuel business so i think that's an enormously important action that we
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simply have to take and of course it's a very difficult one so that means we need to stop oil exploration need to stop and not conventional gas and gas and need to open no more new coal mines in the past what's happened is we've come out with compromised agreements this is happened year after year we've seen emissions now going up we've seen the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere going up even at a faster rate so this is telling us quite clearly that that this usual tactic of well let's compromise and get everyone onboard simply isn't working so i think the real challenge to this meeting is saying are we going to have a different types of outcome where countries who really want to take big reception are actually to go go out on their own and start doing it and to and maybe even take trade or other actions against those countries that are dragging their feet.
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it is good to have you with us on a major incident here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera there are reports of fighting on the outskirts of the yemeni city of her data just a day off the warring factions agreed to a cease fire in the port city early on friday aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute food and humanitarian supplies. what's in front of us is a daunting task and as ever. in the context of such negotiations one realizes at the end of the gauche ations that the hard work is only about to begin all of us there are different views on this my own is this is not about whether we can trust one or other on this or that commitment this is about helping them both to make it happen and to reporting on their success and noting with those areas where they fall short of that australia's prime minister has formally recognised west jerusalem as the capital of israel but scott morrison says his country won't move
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its embassy from tel aviv for now a strategy that now recognizes western resume being the seat of the knesset and many of the institution is government is the capital of israel which jerusalem is the capital of israel and we look forward to many our embassy west jerusalem when practical in support of and after final status determination trying because controversially appointed prime minister in the rajapaksa is resigning after just seven weeks in the job the country hasn't had a functioning government for nearly two weeks now after a court suspended rajapaksa and his capital is following the loss of two no confidence votes china is suspending additional tariffs on us made vehicles and auto parts as part of a trade truce with washington the suspension will last three months begins on january first and the president of france of money on the call has paid tribute to
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the victims of the attack on the strasbourg christmas market four people died in the attack on tuesday this is a suspected gunman was shot dead by police on thursday as the headlines now want to want to east. al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. in the philippines president wrote regal deter day has declared a war on drugs has left more than twelve thousand people dead. but they're not the only big donors tens of thousands of people are languishing in jail as courts
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struggle to process a record number of drug arrests but unloveable i thought where am i mean why am i here i shouldn't be. what is this place. i'm steve cho on this episode of one east we investigate the shocking conditions inside the world's most congested jails and the inmates trying to survive them. it's early in the morning and a full moon is rising. in the shadows lie thousands of bodies waged into every corner of every inch. welcome to manila city jail one of the most congested prisons in the world.
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we've been given an extended x. says here to find out why childs in the philippines a so overcrowded and to meet the inmates who've been called monsters by their own government. so tell me about the job just a story here on the south side j. rex preston yera is the jail's chief records office uk even he is shocked by the conditions here right now based on the united nations minimum standards are ideal capacity should be around one thousand one hundred inmates but the actual jail population right now is up to six thousand three hundred inmates. that's almost six hundred percent over capacity. we should be scared you know because we can be outnumbered. and that's not an exaggeration according to international standards this should be one god for every seven prisoners. the ratio
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here is one to about two hundred. to cope officials have adopted some unusual solutions. i think the most unique is when you use the inmates the police are there you know that they elect their own leaders and then we delegate some of our authority again to their need there's. they act as marshals they help us in such a place in order to. post in the era admits the jails here have always been crowded but it has reached unprecedented levels since president rhodri go to to take announced his war on drugs two years ago r.j. population has increased by fifty percent since that since twenty six been a time where he took office five zero fifty percent yeah the percent.
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in the slums of manilla this war has become infamous for the extrajudicial killing of thousands of drug suspects rights groups accuse the police of being involved. but look beyond the blood shed and you find tens of thousands of people who are incarcerated indefinitely after being arrested for drug crimes. to see this campaign in action we joined the drug enforcement agency on an operation to boston a suspected dealer. in a manila parking lot undercover agents away saying in this car to buy crystal meth or shop from the suspect. almost all of them about one of the michelin
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bomb about one. like that it's a tense weiss as agents negotiate the deal so we're still waiting for we're in signal. in the driver of the car. so what will that the lights flash. be agency using to make the rest. they seize just on the hof a kilo of shabu with a street value of about sixty thousand dollars. how much jail time is he looking at . you can be there was he really thought for a few minutes later and then. the operation is a success but our investigation suggests that not all drug arrests this claim.
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since two thousand and sixteen almost one hundred sixty thousand people have been arrested in the anti narcotics campaign. guilty or not they go straight to prisons like manila city jail. jails in the philippines were built to hold around twenty thousand people but today they house it more than one hundred and thirteen thousand most of these people haven't even been convicted of a crime based still waiting for verdicts in the case of. one of the inmates stuck in this limbo is good they're maupassant he's already spent more than two. hundred for a verdict in his drug case. we miss him as he's heading to yet another court hearing. the first time i set foot inside here i felt like i
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was being choked. i thought where am i why am i here i shouldn't be here what is this place. suddenly i found myself crying i was so scared i. was charged with section five and eleven possession and dealing drugs the police report that he. he was busted with zero point two four grams of shampoo but glamour says he was set up by a good cop during a drug operation in his neighborhood only. one a policeman shouted. he has a gun i was like wait i don't have to go. when they didn't find anything the same policeman said i'm going to charge you with five eleven a much more serious crime. says the officers planted evidence against him
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at the police station and i'm going to be on the table there was already the evidence and they told me to point at it so they can take a photo but i refused i said that's not mine why do i have to point out that. they told me do you want us to kill you we should have killed you while ago. they asked me how much can you give i said what do you mean they said just give us two thousand dollars you can bill yourself out. i told them i don't have any money i'm poor. i have to admit i was skeptical of clare my story almost everyone in jail says they're innocent but he says he has no reason to lie he's already pled guilty to the charges. even if you didn't do anything you have to admit to it just so you can plea bargain to be released early
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. we have to bite the bullet we don't have a choice. we're doing this for the sake of our family. there is no bail for drug offenses if clare mo fought the charges he could spend years in prison just waiting for a verdict. by pleading guilty he got a reduced sentence that technically he's already served. and now. because i know i'm in motion and we get there. after a long ways. it's finally go there most turn to appear before the judge. but within minutes. he's back out in the hallway the judge did not grant his
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release he still has to have a mandatory drug test to determine if he's an addict and that could take months. because their mo is devastated. he was sure he was going home to his family i don't know how the body will. start to get that it. normally and out of the number and think we'll. let. you know you're watching the moment it wasn't. right. but the. most muslims out in the beginning. their most not the only one having a rough day at the course how many people here i hear for drugs cases raise your hat. most people ok and how many people here
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had their hearings canceled up a sport raise your hands. so all of these people out hearing scheduled but as you can see a lot of them never got to come before a judge. every time a hearing is perspiring and it prolongs the trial adding months to an inmate's incarceration. the courts a so of a stretch that this happens all the time leaving people stranded behind bars for years. it's enough to push some to suicide by. the. at the jail inmates have set up a support group to help each other cope good morning by me being good. will take months lemons in the shuffle. what that was. like most of the prisoners many here
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were arrested for drugs. that are much. more. these sessions are led by fifty eight year old reyes he's one of the prisons longest serving inmates with his trial dragging on now for more than fourteen years. he says is what's kept him alive. my government. building. among young men a party that people should know drink or knowing i'm. really i was a decorated public servant working for the manila city council but in two thousand and four he was charged with falsifying public documents and embezzling.


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