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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 50  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2018 7:32pm-8:02pm +03

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around the national front movement on ice from the arena the pens the demonization is torn to shreds by these images and the links and the interviews of the people that we see in the film whether she. was not going to show maggie going to eat at bullets you miss you do do you. don't do this is one of them put that to them and. they have that's not i'm not a stand. up when you have spat really on the ladder really. well i've got you. you're never going to. me she's not coming we have a kid testimony from someone who says that we agree with the line promoted by the identity but we cannot express it we can take that and we will see afterwards
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i think that must serve as an alarm for everyone at. home get it done your metallurgy quandaries i let you go then so what if you do. this in the fullness fernanda. if the national front comes to power notably with groups like these in your documentary we can be afraid that racist hate speech gets institutionalized that racist hatred and hatred of other people gets totally left out of this that there would be a sort of into coming over islands or even into ethnic violence which is what the identity ariens obviously want in this country system on is. don't pick. up. the pay. said that since becoming party leader she'd suspended or expelled all
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members who'd been violent racist or anti semitic the pan disagreed with. statements saying the n.e.p. supported a line that members had rejected when they elected her as president. the pen said it was unreasonable to reproach frederick for his involvement with the as a student. of the pan already. has never been a member of a movement and is banned from joining. a merry said party assistance at the regional council we recruited legally. sebastian she said that while the hostel did contact him to say he was not allowed into a political meeting he did not go looking for him. already in the houses lawyer said the citadel did not represent generation identity and welcomed the wide range of members of diverse persuasions. said that being secretly filmed in
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a private place is detestable countries discovery of this it irritated him the hassle did not respond to our request for an interview. so i went to see him. money. but. to me to do what you are going to do it is a very different unction i think he's going to get it to me. and he didn't write almost a hormone policy it. just. means that he was going to. the future and won't be we're. going to. see who. steve. young all of you are. well there since all.
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since our investigation the hassel has been sentenced to five months in jail for assaulting two north african hughes he claims he is innocent and has lodged an appeal generation identity say he's no longer a member. eric dillies and sylvie gordon have left the national rally. after the first episode of generation hate the matter of leo called for the citadel to be closed down the public prosecutor has launched an inquiry.
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from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil walters of southeast asia. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well plenty of showers here across what is out as and that's going to continue today but tomorrow looks a little bit better as we see this frontal system make its way to the north just a little bit for today twenty five degrees heavy rain and your forecast there but tomorrow looking much better and a little bit cooler as well up towards originary though it is going to be rainy for you with a temperature of about thirty four but dry over towards us once again and very hot as well with a tender there of thirty seven degrees well as we make away across parts of the caribbean not looking too bad for many locations here dry across the satellite image as you can see not a lot of clouds except for over cuba the cayman islands jamaica maybe down towards guatemala as well now such twenty five degrees and clouds in your forecast on
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monday getting a lot of a better by the time we get towards tuesday but down here across monoglot down towards panama we do expect to see some very heavy rain in your forecasts and then very quickly appear towards the northwest part of united states it is going to be storm after storm bringing very heavy rain and snow that all the way down from simpson's go even towards los angeles where we could be seeing some clouds as well the snow is going to continue as we go from monday as well as into tuesday we could be seeing some high elevations snow as well down to its end is a go it is going to be a cloudy day with attempt a few of about fourteen degrees there. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. on counting the cost we'll assess the state of the u.k. economy is it continues to broker its way out of the e.u. well look at a major milestone for the internet plus an underwater economy in kenya counting the cost of.
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this is al-jazeera. still wrong and this is the al-jazeera news hour life why of course here in there also coming up in the next sixty minutes. saudi arabia condemns the u.s. senate for kucing the crown prince of jamal khashoggi she's murdered. also act now rights group accuses nigerian security services of failing to prevent violence between herders and farmers. and thousands rally in sri lanka as a show of support for the reinstated prime minister. today in custody of the u.s. border patrol it's better than a life back at home the grim story of a central american asylum seeker. and i'm peter stammered with all your support liverpool drop by in munich at some of europe's biggest clubs around able to avoid
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being drawn against the children champions league last sixteen i'll have a full door for you later this news hour. welcome to the news hour saudi arabia has issued an unusually strong rebuke of the united states senate rejecting its resolution that blames the crown prince for murder the journalist was. killed by what's been described as a saudi hit squad inside the kingdom's stumble consular office in october in a lengthy statement riyadh said the resolution interferes in its internal affairs and is based on unsubstantiated claims and allegations a second senate resolution and calls for an end to the u.s. military support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen now the saudi foreign ministry statement hope that the senate actions will not be drawn into domestic political debates warning it could affect
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strategic relations let's get more on this for sure britain's our correspondent in washington d.c. the saudis are certainly upset at the senate vote last week and seem to be saying sort of relations might be affected by the decision it's going to be interesting to see what sort of comments and reaction come from where you are. right especially because it's precisely because some sentences want to affect strategic relationships between the u.s. and saudi arabia that's the point of the senate resolutions for last week they want those to be affected and they will still be pushing for more action however we should add that as far as this week goes and we are we reaching the end of this year's congressional session we might only see some action the possibility of some action in the house of representatives we know that i won't be a vote in the house on the resolution to and support for the yemeni war but there may still be the possibility of some sort of vote following up on the senate voice
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you know as a voice vote condemning muhammad bin solomon for the death of jamal khashoggi that may happen at some point this week in the house so that's the only congressional action that may still be pending this year i guess what the trumpet ministration on the saudis are hoping though is that this will sort of blow over by next year have the house of representatives the incoming house of representatives led by the democrats say this is just the beginning as far as that concerned but we may see some members of the senate they go ok enough soon enough we care about iran more than we care about saudi arabia so let's just let this go as we might see a reversal in the congressional emphasis on saudi arabia from the senate back to the house of representatives for the moment she had thanks very much and of course will follow events with you from washington d.c. . joins me on set he's the nonresident fellow at the gulf international for a very good of you to join us here on al-jazeera will anyone in the senate really be bothered by what the saudis have to say four days after the senate vote it's important to emphasize that it was inevitable that saudi arabia would issue
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a statement after its strongest rebuke from the u.s. government of today what is their friend now compared to the nine eleven s that after nine eleven the u.s. political stablish went or. unified when he came to preserving the u.s. saudi relationship now that we have seen the difference between now and then is that there's a consensus in washington that the status quo and business as usual cannot continue so this was a strong message and it was not surprising that the saudis responded although it was a watered down statement that took about four days to come up with it to get this feeling that the saudis are under pressure or they have their backs in a corner and they're trying to find a way of fighting back virtually politically diplomatically a statement like this was for domestic consumption only. one can only assume that since these two resolutions passed on thursday last week that there has been
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intense diplomatic engagement between the white house and and the saudi leadership to try to find a path forward in this extraordinary difficult situation of course that is between the white house and. the saudi leadership what we also know in the american system is that there are three co-equal branches of government and one of them is their legislature in this case the senate and the house of representatives will chart their own course independently of what the white house does indeed new calls historically one might look at the relationship between saudi arabia and the u.s. if you look at sort of the sixty's seventy's and eighty's of the great reliance. fundamental fact for why these two countries were very close now that america has the ability to produce its own oil to a certain extent and is trying to pull way in self-reliance is there a newfound sort of freedom in politics that politicians can say we don't need saudi
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arabia as much as we did in the past and now there is the potential to break free i would disagree with that assessment even though you are correct about the energy dynamics what is important to keep in mind the middle east remains extraordinary on stable and stability in saudi arabia is a key u.s. priority and that is certainly how the u.s. government sees it now there's a difference between protecting this ability of saudi arabia and personalize the relationship because the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states is between the governments of saudi arabia in the united states and not necessarily between the heads of these two governments so given the fact that iran and saudi arabia are at odds given the fact that there is a humanitarian crisis in yemen and given the fact that the gulf remains on stable it is imperative for the united states to to work with saudi arabia on a consistent basis while we hear countries such as canada germany the united kingdom even some parts the american establishment saying we don't need to sell we
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need to stop our sales to saudi arabia is the white house certainly very concerned about this because obviously if they step out of the equation there's russia and china on the doorstep waiting to get in is that also one of the concerns that lawmakers have to have even when they do voice their discontent with the riyadh it's important to keep in mind saudi military is fully and depended on u.s. military hardware and a system engineering so in other words even if they were to find their suppliers in russia and elsewhere it would not match up with this system integration so this is this is not really this is more use as a political football if you will to do to ensure. that some of the arms agreements remain in place for the moment we'll leave you see good noboru thanks very much for joining me here on set thank you. canada's prime minister is looking for a way out of a multibillion dollar military equipment deal with saudi arabia as i just mentioned
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justin trudeau is calling the murder acceptable and is demanding answers now he's working out how to cancel a contract for armored trucks it's all part of an eleven billion dollar deal made by the previous government relations have been tense since canada's and bassett was expelled earlier this year in a disagreement over human rights in the arab kingdom and the murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable that's why canada from the very beginning has been demanding answers and solutions on that secondly we inherited actually a fifteen billion dollar contract signed by steven harper to export light armored vehicles to saudi arabia we are in gauged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of no longer exporting these vehicles to saudi arabia relations between the two countries have been at crisis point since august when these saudi when saudi arabia expelled candidates and severed all trade ties and investment ties to
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protest against criticisms about activists being locked up and that is foreign affairs department had tweeted canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women's rights activists in saudi arabia including some are but are we the saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful human rights activists someone maybe is a lecturer in international relations at lancaster university in the north of england he says saudi arabia could face a serious challenge of international pressure continues to mount. well i think if we look at the history of u.s. saudi relations it's been one that's been quite tranquil the saudis on really used to any of this type of. rhetoric from from such a prominent organ of the u.s. government so that quite hurt i think by this it's a very strong move that was that was passed on thursday and they're not particularly accustomed to it and so when you put that alongside what mr trudeau's
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been saying overnight and i think you have there in a very delicate position they're in a position they're not being particularly accustomed to over the past seventy years or so so yeah i think they're in a position where they're having to come out fighting it's important to remember that only canada and germany have said that they are looking into it jimmy has done with regard to some aspects of military hardware and canada has said that it's legal.


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