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tv   Bosnia Herzegovina Holiday Inn Sarajevo  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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early military which alerted the u.n. peacekeeping agency those crossing the border violate a cease fire agreement that ended the two thousand and six war. the us military says it's killed more than sixty fighters from the group during a series of airstrikes in somalia attacks took place in just south of the capital mogadishu over the weekend it was in coordination with so mali is government has been fighting to overthrow the administration for more than a decade britain's opposition leader has submitted a motion of no confidence in the prime minister after a day of heated debate in the house of commons juries amazes a vote by politicians on how brics a deal will be for the week beginning january fourteenth ruled out the possibility of a second referendum on the u.k.'s membership of the european union. doesn't top stories do stay with us war hotels is coming next thanks for watching. young african footballers are travelling to thailand in hopes of becoming
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professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. when he's the best to do time and football factory on al-jazeera. the holiday inn devorah hotel was our host. people were shot dead on the entrance of the hotel. i do remember a time when hotel was shelled and started but. it is in your fellow your call button below the rest of us to. try. and turn to the coming of my assured with the good they allowed a few. hours of this place continued to function during thirteen a half years of siege. on a day and was the best to tell the people of the world what was happening in syria
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. sorry a vote city of love art and music. but on the banks of the million outscore river the lifeline of bosnia herzegovina history has also been carved in the heart of the balkans. this place has given birth to civilizations and peoples and witnessed wars that have shaped europe. but this historic city where races
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religions and ethnicities have molded together was torn apart in one nine hundred ninety two by a bloody war. it lasted for three and a half years and took the lives of thousands of bosnian muslims serbs and croats. this distinctive yellow building on the front line saw the siege and bloodshed close up but also became a fortress for the world's media. this is the story of sarajevo those infamous war hotel the holiday inn. in one thousand nine hundred two sorry aver was preparing to host the fourteenth winter olympic games two years later. the holiday inn designated for
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v.i.p.'s and senior olympic committee figures was under construction. before the hotel was built the land was called silica splats because visiting circuses used to set up the. can of morrison is a professor of modern history at lester's de montfort university in the u.k. . he's written four books on the balkans including one about sarajevo's landmark holiday in. the design of the building was quite controversial it was designed by this study of architects events that i've seen as buildings you can find all over the city the scale model the original scale model of the hotel was and was built in yellow it was constructed of yellow plastic but when the builders who were working on the building actually started to construct the facade and they saw that the facade was actually yellow events that are said that the it came as quite a shock they didn't expect the building itself actually to be yellow. an
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architect even strauss came up with a new hotel concept what he called a city in a hotel which you have no need to leave. floors in corridors were to open into a spacious lobby giving the illusion of greater size. the holiday inns grand opening was on the sixth of october nine hundred eighty three with the president of the international olympic committee one and tonio somewhere around in attendance. one of the few people who's worked at the hotel since the start is hiero rough channel he's now the hotel's executive director. and olympic skater very smart sent us here to southern florida has been to all of the below deal over double what it was. moment skep to see any of us near got to know that she is not she said more knowledgeable knows me figure out what's on
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the ship to sneak it paul. beau ballistic worked as a translator for foreign media and he's very familiar with the holiday inn she and kenneth morrison visited the hotel while he was working on his new book about the reporting of the siege of sarajevo for me the hotter hiding was always. very important thirst for the olympic games i was really young girl who worked for the for the guests harvests translator and hard tests and in fact for the first time when i get to the heart of holidaying was during the olympic games. the euphoria of the sarajevo winter olympics was short lived. to georgia to roll and not a man years abroad tito had led the socialist federal republic of yugoslavia since one nine hundred forty four. his death in one thousand nine hundred left a political vacuum a worsening economic crisis and led to
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a wave of nationalism. in the early one nine hundred ninety s. serbia croatia slovenia bosnia heard so governor montenegro a macedonia call themselves violently apart. after the one nine hundred ninety elections in bosnia herzegovina three main nationalist parties shared power the muslim s.d.a. led by alyea is a bag of it the serb s.d.s. under rather than carriage and a branch of from new to germans croatian h d z. the s d a n h d zed wanted independence while the serb s.d.s. wanted to remain in the rump of yugoslavia along with serbia and montenegro. so the relationships between nice three parties soon deteriorated dramatically. on the twenty ninth of february nine hundred ninety two a bosnian independence referendum was held. the muslims known as bosniaks and the
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croatians took a full part but the bosnian serbs largely boycotted the vote and rejected the yes result on the first of march the same day a serb wedding party was sporting the serbian flag in downtown sarajevo when it was fired on by a bosnian muslim gangster killing the groom's father. the serb family made for the holiday inn where a number of rooms had become the temporary h.q. of the bosnian serb leader radovan carriages. the bloody wedding episode may have offered the bosnian serbs the opportunity they've been waiting for. that same night they began implementing what was effectively a dress rehearsal for the siege of sarajevo. barricades appeared and armed masked men stalked the streets from his heart but the holiday inn rather than carriage
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which oversaw the action this room room five three of the suite was also used by rather than courage as the leader of the serbian democratic party or s.d.s. he lived here with his family in this sweet cottage which his wife and his two children and they stayed here until the shootings on the sixth of april one thousand nine hundred two after kaddish escaped from the hotel with his family. by monday the sixth of april a large but peaceful protest for bosnian unity had made its way from the parliament towards the holiday inn and carriages base there. were snipers on the upper floor open fire. bosnian journalist sami a corage was nearby when the shooting started. i remember when the shots came from the holiday inn actually we heard cracks we heard some noise and then we so people you know falling down started to running everywhere you know hiding behind trees being. in some small billings and
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everything. snipe at a safe place of you know but tell was sure not a proud. moment. what sally is one of those named guys in my opinion is better but i meant up front just for chip butty about it toby was spotted what about. six civilians were killed on that first day of the c h. carriage a cheese guards and family escaped from the hotel the bosnian police arrested serb snipers in the lobby of the holiday inn which then remained closed for several months. from here to three and a half year war erupted and spread across all of bosnia herzegovina. for it.
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in april and may nine hundred ninety two dozens of journalists had arrived in sarajevo among the experienced martin bell from the b.b.c. would be here tomorrow shooting for this till. he and his crew first stayed here at the hotel business in ilija near the airport. martin bell lives in north london. he left the b.b.c. in one nine hundred ninety seven to become a member of parliament and is now a unicef ambassador but to those who knew him in bosnia always be the man in the white suit. we arrived in a great rush because the war had already broken out and frankly we were a day late we drove in from belgrade and the obvious place topping place was their job. the first major battle
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of the war took place on the twenty second of april nine hundred ninety two in and around the hotel bills between the bosnian serbs and yugoslav army on one side and the emerging bosnian muslim armed groups on the other. it lasted for ten days. one cameraman was wounded and other t.v. crews rooms were hit by snipers and shelling. martin bell and his crew were trapped inside the hotel with all the journalists guests and staff these red pitches shot by the b.b.c.'s eric powell show bell and the crew doing a live link with london with mayhem going on around them. so we were on the balcony of the hotel and while we were there
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a huge battle erupted all around us. as they have done for the past two years me but it is it is difficult to see that working at the moment because there is not as you can hear around me the bill for instance well you know sometimes things happen and i felt the air above my head something was happening to it a bullets whizzed by and and suck the air out of it and it hit the wall behind me if you'll excuse me i just want to break off because we've had so many side i do want to enjoy the karate. under that point i turned to the camera man i said look let's get the hell out of here for our own safety and we just closed down and went inside and that was the last time we did a live two way in a public space in bosnia for the whole of the war. on the fifteenth of may nine hundred ninety two martin bell and all the other journalists left the hotel
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bus not. and set up their new base at the holiday inn. by the summer of one nine hundred ninety two the serbs were tightening the noose around sarajevo. and the shelling and snipers were relentless and indiscriminate. the holiday inn had become the permanent home for hundreds of correspondents photographers and crews. among them was polo and a bosnian journalist i'm an average age who would become his wife after the war. hire a rough china and welcomed his old friends back to the holiday inn. i think maybe the holding became the war hotel inside the because of a kind of accident but also by design. because of its unique location the sense of the city almost like this kind of fortress the you could look out from all sides on to the rest of the terrain somehow or other we're not never quite sure why the
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hotel managed to keep the supplies of food coming in and it managed to keep itself relatively safe it was shelled and shot at on occasion but in general it was seen as this kind of safe haven in the center of the city. at the hotel was a very strange place i remember when i came here for the first down it it was just amazing there were all this journalist that was there were you know a lot of them were experienced it was like a little town in itself. by the term i came back which was a but the second week in june the holiday inn was more or less put together but i stayed in a flat which actually had a better view than the holiday inn of the nightly pyrotechnics of the fighting in the town. but i felt i needed to be closer to the gossip of the press corps so i also took a room in the newly reopened holiday and followed by the church the second of june
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and that's how i first came to live there and i loved. the people of sarajevo consider the twenty second of july one thousand nine hundred ninety two the fia system bloodiest day of the scene. more than three thousand five hundred shells were fired across the city that day most pictures and video of the bombardment of the city were filmed from the holiday inn. the hotel was hit directly several times by heavy fire from serb posts in go to video and mount tribe of age the side of the hotel that you can see behind me was very badly damaged by shell and sniper fire that was completely uninhabitable so a journalist didn't use that side of the hotel. it is in your. blood on the road the rest there are still. not shoes.
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galleries it only several of. these rare pictures filmed in may nine hundred ninety three show the scale of the destruction inside the hotel where the main entrance and reception with the most dangerous areas. here was the first floor restaurant directly facing the front line. and here an exposed side entrance a virtual no go area. the basement garage itself was sheltered and so was packed with press cars unarmored vehicles but getting in and out every day was extremely dangerous so there was a sense of this being a concrete cocoon which was completely false because people were shot dead on the entrance to the hotel but you know they were kind of certain un and certain unwritten rules you didn't come in through the front entrance and that was what happened to the people who were shot they came in through the wrong and from space . i thought to myself i've got
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a better chance of surviving if i don't enter the hotels through the main door which was in the line of fire from the serbs opposite and i had a further superstition that i was always walk to my room in the clockwise direction i was a long it took rather than the anticlockwise direction and it sort of helped to keep me alive. on the night of the thirteenth of november one thousand nine hundred ninety four the hotel was hit by a barrel of shells and sniper rounds causing a huge fire and turmoil among the journalists i do remember time that hotel boys was a salad and it started burning at the time i was in voters' office and very thick smoke basically overtook the whole floor even on the fifth floor and even if somehow to crawl out for me myself i spent a lot of time outside anyway you know so i felt safer when i came to hard sell than on the streets of sorrento. no no we didn't feel safe there was no no way we could
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have felt safe. the main street between the holiday inn and the parliament building became known a sniper alley. behind me is my old boss name of the dragon of boss now is the name of the street for twenty five years ago this was known as a sniper alley this is one of the most dangerous intersections and inside a hotel sat immediately on sniper alley and of course the journalists were living in in proximity of much of the sniper fire which is one of the reasons why so much footage emitted from journalists around this particular area they were located in the hotel the snipers were particularly active in this area. according to nine hundred ninety five u.n. figures two hundred. twenty five people were killed here sixty of them children and
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over a thousand injured. during the siege the foreign correspondents and photographers became a part of people's daily lives in sarajevo. on the ground the conflict was relentless but the world became increasingly desensitized to people's pain and suffering and. some like martin bell paul marshall and go ballistic stopped wearing flak jackets and helmets while reporting among civilians need to pull my southward flak jacket during the war on our regular work missions during the day because for him as for me was really an decent flak jacket in front of the unprotected people from who were in the street and who were completely exposed to snipers and shellings every single day.
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you're there pretty. unanimous get a full committee which it was a model of the earth sort of gathered on a dollars from sit ups of your sport. but it hopes up. vicious killer computer on many a thug it all called us to me or cornered me are. still photographer polo also captured moments of great power and poignancy. his prime location was at the notorious sniper intersection by alley posher mosque on marshall tito street. here he took one of the iconic pictures of the scene
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of sarajevo where we're standing now is probably the most dangerous place in the entire city to start and so when people wanted to come join the war to get into the main part of the city they had to cross this intersection and the only way could do that was this bridge feel life otherwise you would have been killed. so i showed him exactly this position because i was protected from the snipers in the hills about move forward just a couple of centimeters that i could have been shot from here i was protected by the the term and by this wall and i could stay here relatively safely and suit and shoot and shoot and shoot. stories abound involving journalists and the people of sarajevo. could sure was an
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american journalist who made every one of the holiday inn knew well. one of the most dramatic scenes of the siege took place at lyons cemetery on the fourth of august one nine hundred ninety two. sure because there was a team from reuters covering the funeral of two children killed by snipers. despite the shelling he tended to a badly wounded woman then gotten into his agency car and took at the hospital. kurt schork reported on another tragic story it took place close to the holiday inn at the notorious but banier bridge and became known as the seri a vote romeo and juliet. schor curd about two bodies lying at the bridge and he and samir courage went to get a closer look we went to the scene we had to we had to hide because it was on the
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front line very very front line and we so two young people laying next to each to other argot and obviously that. there was the famous very well known story of sarajevo romeo and juliet. and made a. couple who one day decided they want to leave soror besieged he was a serb she was a muslim they loved each other very much and they decided to leave. somebody probably told them they're safe to leave you know they were killed. kurt schork became very emotionally attached to the families of bosco burkett and that middle east midge. he died with death again five years later when he and three reuters and a.p.
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colleagues were ambushed by militia men in sierra leone in may two thousand schork and his cameraman producer were killed instantly. at his request half of shock sashes were buried in sarajevo the city of his beloved romeo and juliet. the main road to the airport is now named after him. the siege of sarajevo lasted one thousand four hundred twenty five days. eleven thousand five hundred forty one citizens were killed and many more injured. the siege was lifted on the twenty ninth of february nine hundred ninety six following the signing of the dayton peace agreement that ended the bosnian conflict. the holiday inn is still standing under new management and with a new name and remains a landmark in a rejuvenated city
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a symbol of the endure and some fortitude of the people of sarajevo. remembering their iconic war whole town. holiday in sarajevo. it was the ultimate was a night of tell in south side blown away by shot and shell a pattern for the lodging place from hell and yet away from where the mortars fell it did not just survive but cost it spend it was all refuge and it's a as well. to those who ran away that seemed a quest more like ground zero than a place of rest. by normal standards it was quite the worst but it to us was and folk it seemed the best we the believers they the infidels in this most dangerous of all the details and those who stayed there were uniquely best.
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radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i don't know there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera. they want to talk to three billion dollars worth of weaponry that was six billion in. there is no phones and they're more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence
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really united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on al-jazeera. you know i'm fully back to go this is a news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes as ceasefire comes into effect in the many port city of ho data but reports on the ground say there is still sporadic fighting in the wake of jamal khashoggi is murdered canada's prime minister says he wants to stop by on sales to saudi arabia also there's more.


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