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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  ALJAZ  December 19, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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along fight to protect their heritage. the march to progress in the philippines part of the eve find the series on al-jazeera. is this teen sent to kill jamal khashoggi new video released from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul. i'm sam is a dam this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a fragile peace in yemen i mean finger pointing from both sides each other for breaking the cease fire agreement plus south africa issues no arrest warrant for zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe. hundred days to go before breaks it
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and the cals confusion and emergency plans for leaving the e.u. . now a new pictures have emerged on turkish media showing the fifteen men suspected of murdering saudi journalists. the images show the men arriving at the stumble airport in the saudi consulate before and after which of these killing in october saudi arabia has rejected turkey's request to extradite the suspects for trial earlier this week the u.n. secretary general renewed his call for what he called a credible investigation into the case he said those responsible must be punished for more on this let's cross over live to sin and cos all in istanbul so what do the pictures tell us in em. well the pictures
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are in a way different from the previous pictures that have been revealed to the media because these are from different security cameras that have been that are around eighty different points around a stumble from one hundred forty seven different cameras and according to. according to turkish intelligence a stumble bureau technical analysts have gone through three thousand five hours of video recordings in order to get out the order to get the details of this of these people's movements around stumble and the day before democracy of just killing and on the day of just getting want we have in what we have neal is that we have and much clearer titles over those fifteen people who are involved into my office who just killing we have a timeline reported by the same state on a live news agency
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a timeline that suggests what time they arrived in turkey to utter a report from which airlines besides the private says that they have that they have traveled with also. also it shows that the turkish investigators are still out here jim off a ship just in murder case because after the investigations and the searches that the constellation and a residence were finished the case actually got a bit of bad luck because the solid use were in school of rating in a proper way according to the turkish officials that's why it turkey's foreign ministry and turkish presence added on has stated that the investigation should be internationalized international institutions and search parties also should launch investigations against those fifteen men and the person who actually ordered the killing. so now these pictures are very important they are not
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we don't have extremely different pictures maybe but it also shows that turkish security office scholz and turkish a prosecutor's office has a lot more details that they can publish when they are where they want so this actually put some pressure over saudi arabia who neglect sexually who criticize it turkey's stance war towards this investigation and the trial process also the u.s. senate decision against those people who are in mold and democracy of just murder and the allegations against the crown prince mohamed consignment also it is seen as a push on the international community actually to take a quick step to launch for to launch the international investigation in order to have a clearer picture and after their fair trial of. rights and of course all of thanks for. warring parties in yemen are accusing each other of breaching
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a fragile cease fire in the port city of a day the choose day was the first day of the truce there were four explosions in and around the city it's not clear who was behind the blas. forte's. pictures emerging from her data on tuesday show a relative calm at her points documents were requested before people were allowed to pass in some areas streets were largely empty in others the traffic slowed in the meantime and we are optimistic about the ceasefire decision but who is implementing the resolution brokered by the united nations who is implementing the decisions taken during the suite in negotiations the saudi aggression did not implement any of the decisions made in sweden yemenis are suffering what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis where millions are facing starvation.
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aid workers say the situation remains desperate around her data the main gate way for eighty percent of much needed food and humanitarian aid in sweden last week representatives from the who the movement and the saudi u.a.e. backed government the president will months old had agreed not only to withdraw fighters but also to establish humanitarian corridors and to allow for the deployment of un supervised neutral forces the redeployment from the ports of ho data salif russy send critical parts of the city associated with the humanitarian facilities shall be completed within two weeks after the cease fires entry into force the full mutual redeployment of all forces from the city of her data and the ports of her data salif and russ is so shall be completed within a maximum period of twenty one days after the cease fire enters into force it is a responsibility of the parties to fulfill the agreement local leaders in her day
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to say they're determined to ensure the truce no matter how fragile it is holds. and the would have the land and sending the agreement that was discussed thank god we in the province of the data and the local authorities are committed to the ceasefire but there are some violations of aircraft that are still flying over the city despite the reports of explosions and sporadic fighting yemenis in and around the besieged port city are for now at least feeling some small semblance of hope. a high kamala smadi is the editor in chief of yemen post and joins us on skype from sana let's start with the latest reports of four explosions in a day the who's responsible for. it's expected it's been very fragile and it's expected to be fragile for the next couple of days let's not forget that this ceasefire and this deal on what they did was something they thought impossible to
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execute so both sides of living each other i do blame both sides for these attacks as i said earlier they expect it but i do believe that within the next few days these attacks will go since the u.n. . representatives will be on the ground to watch the cease fire these attacks will gradually just disappear to have this i cease fire intact a low is a great success and the basically the only success that was seen in sweden one of the major successes and so we did so we do expect it to remain fragile for the next couple of days but within the yet by the end of the week for sure this will be intact and that the implementation of the cease fire well well start moving how confident are you then there will be a withdrawal of all combatants from the city and port area. it's not the withdrawal of combat it's obvious the existence of militants so why there shouldn't
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be militants being seen as fighters so that's. the difference between what the who these believe and what the saudi allies believe who believe that if they get if they just change the image of the fighters. have them be seen as militants they can be seen as public servants then that would be ok for them so that's what's causing the up and the agere for the saudi to listen so i don't expect that the fighters themselves will evacuate the city or the promise of they dug up but rather of their will change their image from being up fighters until of the more one thousand against the will of the truce hold if there's a difference in interpretation of what exactly has been agreed on who should withdraw or not i do believe it will hold because that's part of the agreement that it does not say that's the whole the withdraw from today that they said that their forces left fighters their militants i not see in the data so they're changing the
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image of their fighter so you want to see any more healthy fighters or militants on the streets and that's what the un proposal or agreement. mentioned so i do feel that this deal will continue but again it's going to be very fragile i even expect it to be fragile for the next couple of weeks but best case scenario by the end of this week at least the will start moving all right i came in less money thanks so much. police in south africa have issued an arrest warrant for zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe it centers on a legit assault in johannesburg last year the wife of former president robert mugabe is accused of attacking gabrielle angles with an electrical cord in a hotel room in august two thousand and seventeen the south african model suffered a serious head injury as a result mrs mugabe has previously claimed she was acting in self-defense.
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joins me now live from harare with the very latest on the story so any updates has she actually been arrested where do we stand with this warrant. what we've just come from a cabinet briefing here in harare and officials refused to comment they're saying they're waiting for more information from these african government now if this arrest warrant is actually going to work is actually going to be implemented this imbibing japanese to be willing to hand her over two dozen africans is no guarantee that is going to happen what we know so far is that grace mugabe is in zimbabwe she recently returned from a trip to singapore where she was getting treatment she's being looked after by the state as the former first lady and as far as you know she hasn't been back to south africa since that incident happened last year so any. gross mugabe's traveling then she is known to travel how does this affect her trips. well here she is known as gucci grace she loves to travel she loves shopping she loves the finer things in
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life and she left to go abroad a lot so what could happen is if she does decide to go somewhere anywhere in the world that country could decide well there's the rest one are free issued by interpol and that's that when government they could then hand over to the south africans that could limit her travel opportunities if that does indeed happen she's no stranger to controversy here in zimbabwe she is alleged to have grabbed many pharmacies having legal battles with gold miners who say she's taking some with a gold mines and she won't give them back they don't belong to her it's a lay she was involved in some kind of ivory poaching scandal she's a knight all these allegations but she's no stranger to controversy certainly this latest issue to hit this latest race one issue by the africans is another perhaps nail in her coffin and of a challenge she has to fight the keeping of course is waiting on the zimbabwean government how are they going to react are they going to be willing to hand her over to the to the south africans given the fact that she is a former first lady. from her own right. so the
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hum on al-jazeera the calm after the storm of protests in nicaragua is the u.s. issue is a new threat plus. we meet the musicians in tajikistan trying to keep the thousand years of tradition alive. hello again well let's start this hour here across northern parts of asia we are looking at still a little bit a messy weather across japan but we do think that over the next few days things are going to improve a lot of clouds here anywhere from sopore all the way down toward the saca even affecting parts of south korea as well but as we go towards friday we do think we're going to start to see some improvement so so will be in sun eight degrees for
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you there up towards sapporo it is going to be a bright day as well two degrees and even tokyo will see some sun and your forecast at about thirteen degrees there what we have seen plenty of rain here across central and western parts of china because of an old dying storm that actually made landfall in india those rain showers are now making their way over here towards the east so for shanghai we do think some rain in your forecast same for the for joe and nineteen degrees on can you're going to be staying out of the rain now but we do think possibly by the weekend some of this rain may be entering into your forecast but until then mostly cloudy conditions at about twenty six degrees and over here towards the philippines we do think we're going to be seeing some more rain making its way up here towards manila tempter for you at thirty degrees mostly cloudy conditions there but by the time we get to friday it is going to start to rain in your forecast thirty degrees there but really not looking too bad out here towards the west with bangkok seeing attempt a few of about thirty four degrees. medieval
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western society it was a feudal society that took haleigh if you keep the lot of them all and as soon as the pope ended his speech some people stood up and said god will sit down and the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in and the crusades an arab perspective at the sold one shop at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now new pictures have emerged on turkish media showing the fifteen man suspected of
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murdering saudi journalists. the images show the man arriving and stumble airport in saudi consulate before and after the show she killing in october. the u.n. says it plans to deploy forces to the yemeni port city of a day there to ensure both sides honor a cease fire agreement warring parties are accusing each other of breaching the truce after four explosions in and around the city occurred on tuesday. and arrest warrant has been issued for zimbabwe's former first lady grace. it centers on a legit assault against the south african model of the hotel in august two thousand and seventeen this is mugabe claims she was acting in self defense. with one hundred days to go before britain is due to leave the european union countdown to bragg's it is getting increasingly chaotic prime minister to resign
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mayence tried and failed to persuade e.u. leaders to sweeten the agreement to leave on march the twenty ninth especially on the irish borders so-called backstop for the e.u. says renegotiation is not an option may says deal is the best available many m.p.'s from all parties say it's a disaster a furred of conservative party m.p.'s voted against her in a confidence vote last week but she survived she's delayed the final parliamentary vote by m.p.'s to accept or reject the deal until the middle of next month where the government now says it's ramping up emergency preparations for no deal at all. now the barber joins us now live from london so expecting some questions and answer time in parliament what can we expect from that interview. well it's certainly expected to be a roundy the key thing to remember is that the meaningful votes on sarees amaze
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withdrawal agreement which she still think she can get some movement on from the european union won't happen until the week of the fourteenth of january and a lot of her own party worried about that let alone the opposition on tuesday her cabinet did agree to speed up preparations for a no deal breck sits in the case that the u.k. were to leave the european union at the end of next march without a deal being passed through parliament and it's an extremely likely that her deal as it stands will be rejected by parliament so the preparations involve putting three and a half thousand troops on standby for any government department that might need them and employing thousands of civil servants to the cost of billions of dollars that the government has said that they're going to provide an extra two over two billion u.s.
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dollars for no deal preparation now that's prompted anger among. top five business organizations in the u.k. they say they're horrified at the way things are going and they've said quote the responsibility to find a way forward now rests directly with six hundred fifty m.p.'s in parliament well the opposition labor party we're hearing pushing now for an emergency debate on this no deal planning saying that basically it would be a waste of taxpayers' money that it would be reckless causing more uncertainty when so many members of parliament outright reject the notion altogether but labor of being criticised by the other opposition parties for tabling. motion of no confidence into reason maybe not in the government they've they the other parties have now done that but it would need. labor's name to it to actually become automatic that there would be
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a debate over that is no confidence motion in the government labor or still sticking to their line that their preferred course of action would be to trigger a general election it's not clear whether they can do that a lot of things not clear on that one thanks arj that the barber yemeni mother unable to travel to the u.s. to visit her dying son has received special permission to do so she's technically banned from entering the u.s. due to travel restrictions on mostly muslim countries placed by the trumpet ministration john hendren traveled to oakland in california to talk to the two year olds father. here in a california hospital the u.s. travel ban his left a two year old motherless as a rare brain disorder carries him into the final days of his life but his second day in the u.s. took him to the hospital and they were shocked how skinny you were as they were us were those doctors and the nurse. when they were seen and like this all time this
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is what's happening back in yemen like his father an american citizen is among the youngest immigrants to suffer from the american travel ban since he arrived in the u.s. in october of dollars u many mother has been unable to see him because of the trumpet ministrations ban on travelers from yemen and six other mostly muslim nations on tuesday the u.s. granted his mother's waiver and a chance to hold abdullah once again but for two years nothing happened until monday when ali hassen in the council on american islamic relations called a news conference to appeal directly to the american people you know we've got a lot of foreign service officers deployed all over the world that are making these decisions on a daily basis and they're trying very hard to do the right thing at all times for the house and the wait has been traumatic ali hassan says it's hard for him to tell such a personal story but he decided if he didn't go public his son would die without
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ever seeing his mother again and she would regret the bed that she gave it to me on september that's when the last time she said she would regret everything so if you had not gone public. what would have happened. i would just see my son dying on on or taking off our mayor mom on. without his mother with eyes and all that after marrying his wife shaimaa two years ago ali was told her visa would soon be approved then came the trump travel ban which brought protesters into the streets and airport waiting rooms until a few months ago little of delish stayed. his mother in yemen growing thinner sicker and sharing hospitals with thousands of victims of the war in yemen. desperate ali brought his son to cairo and then the u.s. for care of my son go through. it's really hard for him i mean he was the number from the mother and then he's facing it just it's crazy you know no matter what
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color you are. family should be together no matter what this fall of villa stopped breathing on his own then closed his eyes for the last time and stop responding entirely doctors say the end is days away a bill is strength and the speed of his mother's plane will determine whether on wednesday evening the hudson family will get that chance john hendren al-jazeera oakland california as well leaders vie for a say in europe's energy market one country is called in the middle denmark's consent is required before the final section of a controversial russian pipeline can be completed but opinion there is divided flow on spot reports from copenhagen. a new pipeline which could double the amount of gas russia delivers directly to germany has kept world leaders busy arguing if europe might become too dependent on russia so about the thought of thousand pipes
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here in carson but in this harbor down in sweden near the danish border where departure stuart the economic benefits of the pipe lanka struction outweigh the concerns now when i have a course on the people here in karl's home think it's a great idea they're happy with it it creates a lot of jobs but in the rest of sweden they're afraid and they said if you let the russians into your harbor the pipeline is divided europe and its allies into those who are for and those against in september u.s. president donald trump criticize germany over to plan and germany will become totally dependent. on russian energy if it does not immediately change course the twelve hundred kilometer route runs under the baltic sea the pipeline will be able to supply to european markets giving russian alternative to bypass existing pipelines running through ukraine with which it has poor relations poland and the baltic states are against the project saying it will damage their economies and leave them vulnerable to russia the pipeline cries permission from scandinavian
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countries as it will pass through their international waters feelin's and sweden have already agreed but denmark the last country to approve is hesitant we have been pressured from all thought and we are from a very small country russia have been more more aggressive they have annexed crimea . actually waging war as we say against ukraine and then actually also building up militarily against the baltic states were among our one of our dearest and closest friends denmark doesn't need the gas its energy policy calls for self-sufficiency by the year two thousand and fifty but it doesn't want to damage relations with its neighboring countries either this is one of the major foreign policy decisions since the cold war it is because it will somehow signal if we belong still belong to the american camp. or more you pee in german following germany so therefore it's it's
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a very important decision politicians in denmark are looking to brussels for an agreement that she'll start country against the critics of the pipeline with their skinny navy never supporting the project they feel left alone in this decision and their response has been to play for time. tired of waiting the company building to pipeline has proposed a different route that runs just outside danish territorial waters where commercial project is a highway of gas that is going to secure europe with a supply of gas that is needed in the future construction of the pipeline is supposed to be completed by late next year and those building it seem determined to continue no matter how the politics play out here announced al-jazeera copenhagen denmark. has backed down on his demand for five billion dollars to build the wall along the border with mexico the u.s. for as event has been threatening to shut down the u.s. government if his demands weren't met failure to agree on
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a budget could see eight hundred thousand government workers sent home without pay before christmas funding for several agencies expires on friday. the stand has a rich history of music and storytelling dating back a thousand years in the latest in a series of reports from the central asian country charles stratford went to a music school in the capital the shah find out how tajik musicians are keeping their traditions alive. the name of this ancient times folk song is. legend has it that it was first song by a mother whose daughter married a man in a village on the other side of a river but there was no bridge to cross. the
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mother would stand on the bank and sing it in the hope her daughter would reply. means i miss you. know my mom but. this is a gift from god to me and i'm thankful to god for this and so through my fingers i share this with everyone this is not just for me. shop comedy shows me around the go to means museum and music school in. the capital city of tajikistan the school was opened by go to mange zulkey because of a toxic movie star and musician who became famous in the one nine hundred forty s. during the soviet era this is a rhubarb believed to be one hundred years old from bottle a region that stretches from southern tajikistan into northern afghanistan. these type of instruments is believed to have first been played almost a thousand years ago as you can imagine there are stories to be told about these
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instruments this for example is a traditional tactic tongue boar it's believed to be around four hundred fifty years old traditionally the leather supposed to be taken from a killed pregnant horse the strings from a killed a pregnant goat and the main body here the wood taken from an apricot tree that is just about to go into full bloom and the belief is that when the instrument is played you can hear the voices of the infant goat and hoarse calling for their mothers. not only plays these instruments but he makes them to. yeah. handmade craftsmanship is very hard especially drilling and you have to do everything with your hands from the moment i see the wood i magine how that instrument will sound. he's joined by a fairly musicians in his group called all meeting sky. plays
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a role and. plays the dark which is a type of drum. group of over the years to europe and america. they play a piece called the course star composed in the one nine hundred forty s. means news from the mountains. tajikistan. take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now new pictures have emerged on turkish media showing the fifteen men suspected of murdering saudi
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journalists. the images show the men arriving at the. consulate before and after killing in october saudi arabia has rejected turkey's request to extradite the suspects for trial. as the latest from istanbul. we have. cleared titles of those fifteen people who are involved. just killing we have a timeline reported by the same state and all the news agency a timeline that's just what time they ever arrived in turkey to the other two airports from which airlines besides the private says that they have that they have travelled with a also. also it shows that the turkish investigators are still after democracy in murder case the un says it plans to deploy forces to the yemeni port city of her data to ensure both sides honor
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a cease fire agreement warring parties are accusing each other of reaching a truce after four explosions in and around the city occurred on tuesday and arrest warrant has been issued for zimbabwe's former first lady grace mugabe it centers on a legit assault against a south african model that a hotel in august two thousand and seventeen this is mugabe has claimed she was acting in self defense one of the world's biggest stock market flotations japan has flopped. price of softbank fell fourteen percent as the telecom company made its debut on the tokyo stock exchange softbank hope to raise twenty four billion dollars but investors weren't impressed it's inside story.
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a ceasefire in yemen well it's home to millions of yemenis facing famine hope so. almost four years of war. a loss in political settlement talk about mean for the saudi led coalition this is inside story. in a welcome to the program. it's hoped the saucing point four years of civil war in yemen and broken ceasefire has begun in the proceeds port of.


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