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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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concerns lie now well the really the question is you know we're do we go from here you know in the context of syria it is fair to say that perhaps you know the u.s. military house accomplished as much as a can in defeating the islamic state caliphate there's still a readout along the iraq border but but you know this to this decision appears to be based on impulse and not strategy you know if we were you know nothing has changed on the ground of the past six months we're not necessarily on a cusp of a political breakthrough so one of part of the logic of having u.s. forces remain in syria was to make sure that the united states would have a seat at the table whenever there was the prospect of a political solution and likewise in the context of afghanistan as your previous package suggested if in fact this is a gesture that will advance. negotiations between the taliban and the afghan
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government you know perhaps there's a strategic element to this if we don't know but on the surface it just seems to be that you know even as you know the president increased american forces in afghanistan a few months ago he made clear that his impulse was to pull out entirely so the the challenge here is that you know whether there is a strategy going forward that that is not apparent at this point what according to president johnson of america well view that there isn't a seat at the table for you it means that you continue with a droll from countries like syria and iran that potentially allows and the opponents to get a stronger face saying that there is no role played any sort of reconstruction all we building and also seems to mean complete abandonment of allies such as the kurds in syria. i mean no question this is consistent with the
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agenda that president trump promoted on the campaign trail and the agenda that he has pursued. since his arrival in the oval office you know it is testament to the fact that that candidate from meant what he said and he is pursuing you know these policies you know not withstanding that they will be popular with his base here in the united states you know the you know it is the reality that we are rewriting the the rules of american engagement in the world and in fact we are accelerating a retreat you know from america's global responsibilities in the world you know you can ask yourself the obvious question if the united states is pulling back as dramatically as the president is suggesting you know who who is going to lead the effort to resolve the conflict in syria or the conflict in yemen. who is is
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afghanistan going to you know reorder itself in some natural fashion you know absent a significant role by the united states and its nato allies you know the answer is no you know so in this retreat we are leaving a vacuum and that's very concerning in terms of of how these significant conflicts are are going to resolve themselves over time all right well thank you for sharing your insight with his p.j. crowley former u.s. assistant secretary of state for public affairs in washington you're welcome. well there's much more still ahead for you in this news hour from london. protesters clashed with police as the spanish national cabinet meets in the capital and regional capital also as collating ethnic violence that's killed dozens in ethiopia forces thousands to flee across the border into kenya to safety we'll have
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those stories and also christiane a renowned oh in court we'll have all the details on that coming up in sports. the u.s. government is heading towards a shutdown the senate is currently debating a finance bill that includes more than five billion dollars for a wall along the border with mexico but it has very little chance of passing shutdown would mean all but essential government services would cease to function president onil trump says his administration is prepared for a quote very long shutdown unless it gets its way. so now it's up to the democrats as to whether we have a shutdown tonight i hope we don't. hear it for very long. and. this is our only chance it will ever of new york be. the world we reject. you yet. order. of for more on this alan fish in
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washington so allan the president trying to get in his heels how inevitable is a shutdown looking. well you know if you'd asked me a few hours ago as it almost certainly but there's signs of movement i wouldn't start putting the banners yet but we've had gerry krishna who is of course close advisor to president donald trump also his son in law make movie who is the incoming chief of staff and mike pence the vice president they've all been on capitol hill in the last of the be meeting with chuck schumer who is of course the leader of the democrats in the senate and if that is going to be a deal here you don't have to convince republicans you have to convince the democrats and so that is where any deal could be made partly that meeting is just ended no one is saying anything so we don't know what was offered what was accepted what was talked about but it sure is signs that is the possibility that both sides
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are willing to talk so how did we get to this point well on whedon's day the senate passed a continuing resolution which means essentially the government is going to be funded all the way through to february but on wednesday night donald trump starts to get very angry about this idea not least because a number of conservative talk show hosts were saying that he was failing in one of his mediums which was to build a wall between the united states and mexico and the other was seeing that he was gutless because he wasn't pushing this through and the democrats were getting everything and he was getting nothing that is why we saw on thursday emotion in the house which said we want to provide funding for the government until february but we're also including five billion dollars for donald trump's wall no the problem he's got is this goes to the senate in the senate you need to get sixty votes to get it through there are not sixty republicans and so you have to convince some of them some democrats to go on the other side and the reality at the moment is don't trump isn't going to sign any bill that doesn't have five billion dollars for his
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border wall and the democrats aren't going to support any bill that has five billion dollars for donald trump's border wall so that is why would the impasse where that was what just over seven hours to go before the united states government listen to this this is very listen to this very closely before the united states government officially runs out of money and there is no steps forward to continue to fund it going in to morrow. all right thank you very much alan fischer watching those developments there in washington well now the u.n. security council has voted to send observers to yemen to monitor a fragile truce between the saudi led coalition and who see rebels vote concerns the implementation of a ceasefire in yemen's key port city of data and the withdrawal of rival forces from the area it comes off to u.n.
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brokered peace negotiations so yemen's warring parties agree to a cease fire in sweden last week while our diplomatic editor james bays is at the u.n. headquarters in new york with the latest. this resolution passed unanimously endorses the deployment of u.n. monitors to yemen i'm told the first advance team could be there in her data in a matter of hours they will then decide how many monitors there should be i'm told mission we were talking about thirty but they could go up to a figure of one hundred sixty seven the other thing the security council hopes this will do is bring momentum to the peace process with more talks to you in january the u.k. ambassador was the one who drafted this resolution and the most important matter now is that we turn to urgent implementation it's vital that the parties finally thier neck commitments to pave the way for a formal mean launch of negotiations and at the same time mr president delivering
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real improvements on the ground that make a tangible difference to ordinary yemenis there were some tough negotiations to get this passed including an unseemly ryle between two allies the u.k. and the u.s. i'm told it even went to the office of the foreign secretary and the secretary of state one of the things that's come out of the original draft resolution drawn up by the u.k. is the provision of accountability for crimes under international humanitarian law that something that would have targeted the saudi led coalition it seems the u.s. has been doing the coalition's bidding and got that section removed. for shasta's have gathered for a mass rally in budapest against a new amendment to the country's labor legislation critics are calling it the slaves or is that allows employers to force people to walk more overtime and even delay payments for up to three yes or robin for say a walker is live for us now in the capital you've been speaking to people out there
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what is the mood this evening. yeah there's a lot of anger a lot of frustration but there's a lot of energy as well amongst the protesters standing with right now difficult to say how many numbers but probably. many thousands it's always difficult isn't it to count at the moment we're outside the presidential palace and this is where people are directing their anger because they're particularly frustrated by the fact that the president signs this law into effect only yesterday that it wasn't just the labor law that the so-called slave law was also a law that many people here just the slow that many people say is basically a further erosion of the independence of hungary's judiciary so forget it cools hungry being a member of the european union. what
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a lot of these protests would also like to see is the european union taking action against feet ice-t. governing party because it's not just the way it's been. eroding the justice system the independence of the justice system but with this labor law with with increasing control over the media here with the interference in the academic institutions and american university that was forced to shut down only a few weeks ago so real concern still on the streets of budapest and there have been protests in other cities throughout the hungry with these governments with these new initiatives that the government. reinforcing through the through part of the you know in recent days. and so robyn how much longer are all these protests likely to continue for because it looks as though the government is not prepared to make any concessions will they
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just keep on demonstrating until they see some sort of change. i think that the government is hoping that it's all going to go away it's christmas time people want to be with their families they're trying to state. that these protesters are somehow being influenced by outside forces. and i think that they're having sawing these bills into effect is a bit like saying we don't care but i get a sense that amongst these protesters we have people from many different backgrounds and from memory and from both sides of the political spectrum from the left and from the right something feels different and they tell us that this isn't a question a person isn't just about a few weeks of protesting they want to stick it out and they intend to challenge this government in many different ways throughout his civil disobedience but we're
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seeing now in the coming weeks and months ahead thank you from the past where the protests continue rather forced to walk. on as a session as in the spanish region of catalonia are once again it all with the central government here after the regional parliament held a breakaway referendum without immigrants approval the prime minister is holding a cabinet meeting in boston well that spot protests from catalan separatists sonic ports. blocked roads by confrontations with police a far cry from the message spain's prime minister hoped to bring to the city headache for the politicians aiming to turn the page on the cats like crisis. if there had been doubts about resolving it and friday's events certainly proved i'm right i don't care about what spain dual i will stay here i will. share my opinion. and i will follow this movement to achieve our
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independent they just came here to show us. to show everybody that it is these their homeland and that we don't have anything to do with the spanish government's decision so probably let me think that was according to them supposed to be a symbolic so i'm reaching out to the region but for the independence protestors here it's being seen nothing as more than a from show of force and it's just an example of how the bitter divide between the two sides remains which shows little sign a resulting in. one thousand police officers secured the streets just down the road in the red bull palace surrounded by a sizable security cordon prime minister better sancia held a meeting with his cabinet an area of relative calm away from the outpouring of outside but the spanish government has insisted it's doing this to advance talks
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with the council and leadership because. this is the only possible proposal the situation cannot be solved by continuing to hide one another it will only be solved through dialogue negotiations and of the two a bigger sciences is offering. both sides contra gree how to solve this spain's government continues to maintain the crisis can only be resolved within the law but the catalan government doesn't agree and sees it as a political maneuver to do night for the independence from madrid at this moment we do not agree and what is the origin what is the nature of the conflict and how to fall bit shall we either start talking but i will r.t. seriously and with the best. with the birth aim to keep moving forward or this is not work it has been fourteen months since the outlawed referendum which triggered the current crisis emotions are running high on both sides but no path
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has yet been carved out to resolve the current standoff sony vaio al-jazeera barcelona. still ahead for you on the program the hunt continues for the drone operators who caused havoc a second busiest airport. in gatwick. we are on the streets of havana way cubans are debating an upcoming referendum that could transform the last bastion of communism. in the world cup final could prove to be an extra special occasion for real madrid captain sergio ramos explained why. hello get a welcome back to international weather forecast always seem plenty of wet weather here across central portions of europe all these clouds you to see right here
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a lot of rain in those clouds and we're going to see that really standing to saturday as well was very windy conditions here for berlin it's going be a wet day at nine degrees down towards vienna at about twelve degrees paris it is going to be cloudy but out here towards the west well unfortunately we're going to see another atlantic storm coming into play and that is going to be bring some windy and wet conditions across much of the u.k. paris is going to be wet as well attempt to there of thirteen degrees but across southern europe things are not looking too bad we're going to sing clear skies down towards the south of rome is going to be a sunny day with a temperature there of about sixteen degrees very quickly i want to you over here to the know the part of africa the excel isn't quite nice across much of the area we're going to be seeing benghazi where some clouds in your forecast about ninety degrees over towards cairo clouds as well but we don't expect those clouds to linger too much over the next few days maybe some windy conditions along here across the gulf for parts of morocco though we are going to be seen some fair skies the u. and that is going to extend all the way up here towards algiers with
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a temperature of eighteen degrees down towards the south we're looking at quite nice conditions over towards us one it could be a cloudy day few and we do expect to see a temps there about twenty four degrees. kidnappings a man does in crimea since russia's full stomachs ation of the black sea peninsula . i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into tons have been arrested. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's days he secret on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much employed in contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging to believe but to believe because you have
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a lot of people that are deployed on political issues. the people believe that tell the real story i'll just mend it is to do the work individualism we don't feel inferior we're good audiences across the globe. welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour the u.s. marks a major shift in foreign policy after president trump and al to withdraw its troops from syria and of the military presence in afghanistan is the u.s. government looks to be heading towards a shutdown as the senate debates finance bill which includes more than five billion
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dollars for a wall along the border with mexico. and protesters are still taking part in a mass rally in hungary capital budapest against a new amendment to label legislation which critics are calling the slave law. now and other stories we're following the palestinian health ministry says israeli forces have shot dead three palestinians including a sixteen year old boy close to gaza fence over one hundred fifty other palestinians awful to have been injured the teen who was shot in the neck has been named as the. palestinians have been holding weekly protest for the right of return for refugees stopped the great march over along the gaza israel barrier for almost nine months. now opposition candidates are calling for calm as large protests gripped cities in the democratic republic of congo the central african countries much anticipated presidential election was again delayed has the report has our report now from the congolese capital kinshasa. god. look
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at it like that all over my all these opposition supporters chant if there's no election by december the twenty third people will be killed. president joseph kabila has left the democratic republic of congo for seventeen years to do to step down for the last two. these months as you would know could be this coming devastating power and there's no election for central jersey but he can't kill us all. and this boy says we want the election it could be that doesn't want it he has to go. people here support felix just a caddy one of the main opposition candidates they've gathered outside his party headquarters in the capital kinshasa. they don't have much patience with the government he said this man is
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a spy from the ruling party sent to stop violence to have it beaten. he was lucky to be handed over to the police. elections that would have been delayed fighting a lot of the people here have been protesting short of actual to be held since before that right there are broken up violently by police they are fed live people by the people here frustrated electoral commission yet another delay and they're waiting to hear what their leaders say. this is the presidential candidates sitting just a credit to kill about the seven day delay. was the only move. we think this possible and win is a way to push supporters to violence to burn election materials so that even the promise of an election on the thirtieth of december cannot be fulfilled. people here in kinshasa are waiting to see if they'll be trouble but leaders have called
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for calm and i think that this is and for this was just two words and this started up until fifty december and the. article sixty four of our forces and asked me about the war. feeling party officials told us then not to allow to comment. a lot of people here are wondering if the election really will happen on the thirtieth and wondering what will happen if you dug. out of iraq in south africa the democratic republic of congo nigerian police say they've arrested the suspected book arar mastermind behind the twenty fifteen bombing attacks in abuja the twin blasts on the second of october ripped through the suburbs of. killing fifteen people and injuring dozens of officers say omar abdel malik and several others who confessed to those bombings were arrested in lagos tribal elders in a town on the kenyan ethiopian border
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a calling for calm after twenty one people died in a week of ethnic violence where alice sits on both sides of the border fighting in ethiopia between ethnic around and somali communities this year has forced thousands of people to escape to the kenyan side same bus driver reports from nairobi. a refugee crisis is playing out on the ethiopia kenya border. last week a decade's old dispute over tribal lands on the if your side of the town of moore yalit turned violent again forcing the most vulnerable to flee into kenya. if you want to go back home but our houses have burnt. the population of a split by an international border that runs through the center of the town a legacy of colonial rule that adds to the tensions in a place divided along ethnic lines for generations continuing fighting this year has forced thousands of refugees into kenya many are still there too afraid to go
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back there. is to. the security situation is being. worked on and if this people stay here most likely the host communities will have a lot of pressure on their food stocks. the tribal elders on the kenyan side say they want an end to the bloodshed and are worried about communities on both sides of the border. what's happened of the ethiopian side. members of the community government as security officials we are making sure what happened on the site doesn't spill over into kenya. peace committee meetings in kenya during the past week involving both romo and somali tribal elders are seen as a key part of maintaining peace on the ethiopian side these communities live on both sides of the international border individual realty is on the if one of the on . the immediate impact on families from.
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those who escape fighting are safer now living with friends and family on the kenyan side of a divided town but the situation remains fragile for a lasting solution experts say the ethiopian government must resolve the land dispute in more yalit but it is difficult to divorce the fighting in a small border town from the bigger tribal dispute between ethnic or romo somali communities something that's been going on for years and cuts across international boundaries for now aid groups and local leaders here in kenya are trying to make sure that score settling doesn't bring the violence over the border. jazeera nairobi well now another drive temporarily grounded flights at britain's got we kept. on now back on schedule military technology is being used to but the drone pilot still hasn't been found they've baka has law. thirty six hours of transport misery is slowly coming to an end a limited number of domestic and european flights were allowed to leave and land on
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friday but most long haul flights remain counseled the airport is coping with a backlog of tens of thousands of passengers many forced to bed down on the terminal floor overnight the reopening of the airport is being cautiously welcomed i think is something to relate. you know more than causing panic they've made this sort of thing you're going to madrid in an hour and they were saying it's console one another saying we're flying so it's all quite the decision to reopen get with follow the arrival of specialists military equipment on thursday police said they would be willing to shoot the drones down if they reappear again they were thought to be at least two drones described as being of industrial specification in a much better place today than we were yesterday in terms of the options available to us so we are in a really positive position in terms of detecting the drone tracking it mitigates the threat that it poses secondly the last confirmed sighting was just before ten
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pm last night so we've had a significant period of time where the drone hasn't appeared the hunt for the rogue drone operator or drone operators has drawn in multiple government agencies the police british intelligence the authorities say they're all following multiple leads but of keeping these details of the tight control for now airport management to calling the incident commercial sabotage to have us responsible could face up to five years in prison that we had ten thousand passed is he didn't fly on wednesday we had one hundred ten thousand pasties he didn't fly today and we're going to see ongoing disruption today and into it if we can and it's been a very you know situation i just like to apologize to all the passengers an instruction that has been caused to them by this criminal act events here at gatwick have major implications for airport security around the world the union of air traffic controllers is demanding stricter regulations a more counter drone measures to safeguard airports and protect lives. barca
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al-jazeera. or british defense secretary gavin williamson says the black sea does not belong to russia after sending a royal navy ship that to support ukraine's effort against moscow williamson met his ukrainian counterpart during a visit to the port of adesa where the vessel h.m.s. echo docked earlier this week tensions between kiev and moscow remain high after russia sees three ukrainian naval vessels and their crews in the black sea near crimea last month moscow accuses them of illegally entering its territorial waters a charge ukraine denies. thirteen miners have died in a me fane explosion at a coal mine in the czech republic this is the worst mining disaster there in three decades the blast happened about a hundred meters underground in the city of car vienna the other polish. polish president under has declared sunday a national day of mourning. russian hackers aggressively targeted
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african-americans cheering the twenty sixteen u.s. election campaign this is the finding of a report from the u.s. senate intelligence committee it says russian operatives launched a prolific social media effort to suppress turnout among black voters i do joe castro explains. the september twenty sixth scene was a vulnerable time in charlotte north carolina the city was an upheaval over the police killing of a black man in the u.s. presidential election was just over a month away and you feed was among the local activists using social media to organize protesters there was somebody to reached out and said hey can we share this on our on our criminal justice reform page or something like that and i looked at the page and i had about three to four hundred thousand followers you know likes or something like that so you know i'm thinking it's legit but black matter's us was actually made by hackers working for russia's internet research agency or the i
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r a a senate intelligence committee report found the most prolific ira efforts on facebook and instagram specifically targeted black american communities and appeared to have been focused on developing black audiences and recruiting black americans as assets if these people were able to check facebook twitter you sue google cia the f.b.i. the obama administration of course they're going to trick the activists that are on the ground there. but tricked them to do what u.s. intelligence has concluded russia wanted donald trump to win the presidency knowing that african-americans by and large were supporting hillary clinton they need to find some kind of way to intercept that leaders in the black church say russian hackers preyed on african-americans historic disenchantment with the u.s. political system by tying that system to clinton and encouraging
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a paralyzing anger against her they polarize they highlighted the issues of. blacks in america and. again it was divide and conquer the protests that filled the charlot streets garnered national attention and inflamed racial tensions just weeks before the presidential election when it came time to cast a ballot the voter turnout among black americans was down seven percent from the previous presidential election now the question is how much of that was due to russia's influence and was it enough to determine the winner if you think donald trump would be president if the russians had interfered directly targeting african-american voters in the u.s. no i don't think it would be president the u.s. government says there's no way to know for sure but to the people who were targeted
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by russia's influence campaign the answer is already clear heidi joe castro al-jazeera charlotte north carolina cuba's new president miguel diaz is overseeing what's being dubbed as the modernization of socialism cubans have weighed in on a draft constitution which will be rubber stamped by the national assembly ahead of a referendum in february you see in human spoke with locals about some of the changes they hope to see. after six decades the signs of decay in the western hemisphere's only communist country are evident and in recognition that nothing is in more need of modernization in cuba's political system ordinary citizens like roberto rommel's are being allowed to weigh in on the draft a new constitution and there's. something interesting is happening in cuba people have the ability to meet to debate publicly not in a physical space but in a virtual space. drill bit of the who runs.


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